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promoted to assistant vice president at St. Lawrence Hospital after it had merged with another hospital. Three years later, Flinn made another move, this time to the greater San Diego area to be the CEO of Pomorado Hospital. “My goal was to run my own hospital by age 40, so at 39, I got my chance in San Diego,” said Flinn. Always the tireless learner, Flinn not only ran Pomorado, he earned a master’s degree in leadership of healthcare organizations at the University of California at San Diego. Flinn’s aspirations and diligence led to other positions in larger health care systems around the nation, including a position as the CEO of North & South Dallas hospitals. “At the time, I had a strong background in not-for-profit hospitals, which is what many of the hospital systems were in California. I wanted to explore the forprofit side of health care, and I had that opportunity in Texas,” explained Flinn.

That experience moved him to Phoenix, Arizona, where he took on larger leadership roles, first as CEO of OASIS Hospital, then to his present position as CEO of St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Healthcare, which is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. IASIS owns and operates 16 acute care hospitals and one behavioral hospital in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Utah.

At OASIS, Flinn had the chance to build a hospital from the ground up.

Flinn is proud of his career and community contributions and enjoys his life with his wife, Amy, and their seven children. He is president of the Arizona Healthcare Executives Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), serves on the public policy committee for the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association Board, and represents Arizona on the ACHE Council of Regents.

“The concrete had just been poured,” Flinn articulated. “I was able to hire the entire staff, secure the certificate of occupancy, and achieved Medicaid and Medicare eligibility with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations for the hospital.” It was his highly skilled reputation at OASIS that led to his current role with St. Luke’s Hospital, in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, both part of IASIS

Flinn’s career path may have taken many turns, but there’s one thing he knows. Every lesson learned will help you find your way in this life’s journey. And his legal education taught him lessons he uses every day.

“I am not a practicing lawyer in the literal sense. But thanks to my education at Cooley, I have the legal background that others do not. In my work, I read letters of indemnity, letters of agreement, and contracts. It’s an advantage that I understand the language.” JIM FLINN


Benchmark | Winter 2016