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Why did you choose WMU-Cooley? They had a

at ISU, I took a law class and after that, I thought it would be interesting to go to law school. I noticed that Cooley had a great reputation and learned of scholarship opportunities.

pretty generous scholarship program that I qualified for, so that was nice. My father Charles Lane (Clark Class, 1979) went to Cooley, so it’s nice to have followed in his footsteps.

What about law school stands out to you the most? Justin Call


What is your position with PwC? I work with the transfer pricing tax group. Transfer pricing is an intriguing and wonderful area of tax. We help multinational entities establish appropriate armslength transaction prices for intercompany transactions.

How has PwC helped you become a leader? PwC has wonderful training and wonderful leaders. They have smart people who have helped me grow as an individual and develop my skills even further.

Why did you choose WMUCooley? Before attending law school, I studied accounting at Idaho State University (ISU). I was always intrigued by law, tax and accounting. While

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I remember Cooley being very tough. They were not easy on your grades. I took two states’ bar exams; Cooley helped me to establish the skill set to pass both on the first try.

Tell us about your family? My wife and I have four daughters. Our youngest daughter is two years old and our oldest daughter is 10. We like camping and water skiing, and we enjoy family time.


Since working your way through the ranks at PwC, currently as director of International Tax Services, how have you grown? PwC has done a lot to help me succeed. The leadership team doesn’t let you get comfortable; you are pushed and encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Andrew Lane

These challenges helped me to become a better leader and grow my career at PwC.

Tell us about your path to becoming a tax attorney. I earned my undergraduate degree in business administration, marketing, and finance at Walsh College. After graduating from Walsh, I entered the Macomb (Michigan) police academy. Once I became a police officer, I had set my sights on becoming a prosecutor so I entered law school. At Cooley I enrolled in a tax class and began paying attention to a more practical perspective of what opportunities existed post law school. Cooley had an LL.M. in tax, and I thought I could get an edge up against other candidates seeking positions in tax law.

What did you like best about law school? One of the things I liked best about Cooley was the professors. The professors, especially in the LL.M. program, take a very practical approach to classroom education. Most of the professors came from tax practices and had fulltime jobs during the day. They taught in their areas of expertise because they were so passionate about it. I actually work alongside some of the individuals who were professors at the time I was at Cooley.

Share a little bit about your personal side. I’m a dad; I have a 16-month-old son. I coach a fifth grade basketball team at my church. I also like to do home improvement projects.

Benchmark | Winter 2016