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The Army Moms Creed: I am the mother of an American soldier. I am a support system and a member of a family much larger than my own. I serve the people of the United States and teach my children the importance of the Army values. My son's heightened morale will remain my mission For I understand that he will not be successful in fulfilling his duties If I stray from mine. I will never give up Nor will I allow my fears To prevent the accomplishment of my duties. I will never allow my son to forget The importance of his role as a soldier. I am disciplined. My faith in God will allow me to remain steadfast Despite the loneliness and stress that are constantly confronting me. I will depend on Him so that my son can depend on me. I will ensure my son never doubts that he is a priority in my life. I will maintain my family, my home, and myself. My son will never have to wonder where my devotion lies. His focus will remain on the security of a nation While mine remains on the security of our family. I will remain faithful in my encouragement and my support. I am the mother of an American soldier.


army moms creed

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