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Sher Muhammad Khan My grandfather was born as Sher Nosh Khan, which means milk drinker in Pashto. At that time there was no official record of date of birth but he was born during the Second World War. Sher Khan was from a village amongst the beautiful mountains of Swat. In Swat they speak Pashto. Sher Nosh Khan’s were not educated therefore they did not know how to read nor write. Sher’s father was a farmer while his mother was a housewife. Sher had two mothers, from his biological mother they were six : 3 boys and 3 girls including him. From his stepmother it was the same. They all lived in a big family house with low facilities. Early education was in the village mosque. He was never bored because he had his siblings. They use to eat: bread, rice, milk, curry and vegetables. When his mother’s brother enrolled him into primary school they changed his name into Sher Muhammad Khan. His life goal was to become a doctor and help people. He went aboard to England and attained high achievements. Later in life he came back to Peshawar, Pakistan, and now is the chairperson of the Red Crescent. He has 3 children and now one of them is my mother. I will never forget him because he means so much to me and would me a lot to you if he was your grandfather.

Sher muhammed khan  

he is amazing and means so much to me!

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