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Helping people - the secret to success at AE Smith Victoria Racing Club sets the pace in the energy efficiency saving stakes Rewarding safe behaviour We need YOU for the AE Smith safety video Local knowledge, national support in Mackay A round of applause HVAC design & construct slashes project costs in Perth Talking about trigeneration Brisbane Melbourne race rivals Helping hand Real world realities Buildings can now tweet their crises Sydney growth Actrol gets behind ace apprentice Happy birthday Greenfleet Bringing cool relief to Ronald McDonald House in far north Queensland






Helping People The Secret to Success at AE Smith Focusing on why we do things rather than what we do has been a powerful shift in thinking for AE Smith – a shift that’s helping sharpen the company’s focus “Our traditional mission statement wasn’t really capturing the true essence of AE Smith,” says CEO Andrew Permezel.

“ Helping people is something everyone can do… and when we’re all focused on helping each other, there’s a much more powerful outcome ”

“Being number one against our competitors is not at the core of everything we do,” adds Andrew, who with senior management sought feedback from across the company to help reshape a new vision for AE Smith into one that resonates beyond business transactions. “In everything we do, we believe in helping people – that’s our driving force, that’s why we’re here.” “This translates to all areas of our business – we help our customers, we help our clients, we help each other. And by doing that in meaningful ways we’re then delivering the most practical air conditioning, building services and energy efficiency solutions in Australia.” Looking at why AE Smith’s in business and what we believe in as a company has helped capture what’s really important – and for Andrew that’s led to a new philosophy everyone can connect with.

2 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

“Helping people is something everyone can do. Every technician, every apprentice, every engineer, every manager can all help each other and our customers – and when we’re all focused on helping each other, there’s a much more powerful outcome.” “I’m excited by our new approach – looking to what we believe in as a company rather than simply what we do – and I’m even more energized by how I believe it will transform our company and our people.” AES

“Our foundations for success in everything we do: • Safety - Safety first; • Teamwork - We always help and support each other; • Communicate - We communicate openly and honestly; • Integrity - We act ethically and with integrity; • Initiative - We encourage and support new ideas; and • Recognise - We recognise outstanding performance and celebrate success.” Andrew Permezel, CEO

Main pic: Brisbane Construction team celebrating. Cover page: Representatives from across AE Smith come together for a special week long training event in April at Crown Metropol in Melbourne.


Victoria Racing Club Sets the Pace in the Energy Efficiency Saving Stakes In the lead up to the 2011 Melbourne Cup Carnival, the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) trusted their long time air conditioning and buildings services partner, AE Smith, to design a pilot program and install an automation system on select refrigeration plant at Flemington Racecourse. The results? Day one energy savings of 94% in refrigerated energy consumption and running costs

“ Day one energy savings of 94% in refrigerated energy consumption and running costs ”

This VRC pilot project is the first of its kind and is aimed at providing on-going energy savings by intelligent control of the refrigeration equipment at Flemington Racecourse. Given the nature of the facility, the refrigeration plant was generally only required during major functions at the racecourse, yet the plant operated under constant full-refrigerated conditions 24 hours a day. “It’s a really diverse venue and our aim is to be a venue of choice that is recognised for more than racing,” said Executive General Manager of Flemington Mark Davies. “Being a venue the size that we are and being such an iconic site we wanted to make sure that the way we ran our business was environmentally sustainable. Over the last few years we have focused on saving water and waste. Now we are focused on saving energy. “We’ve been working with AE Smith for many years now. In particular we have been working on ways to reduce our energy usage after an audit in 2011 showed just how much of our consumption was related to HVAC and refrigeration. It is our third biggest user of energy,” said Mark.

4 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Mark, who has spent nine years with the VRC, the last two in his current role, said he began talks with AE Smith in June. “Our challenge to AE Smith was how to best manage peak demand and cool room temperatures in such a way that it was still safe for food with no wastage or spoilage; while at the same time reduce our running costs and energy consumption. “AE Smith took the time to hear what was really important to us and find the right outcome. They came back with a tailored solution that resulted in a pilot program we decided to trial for a few months. During the trial we saw exactly what our energy habits were and saw what a big difference the solution they came up with made. We also got our catering suppliers involved to make sure we optimised the cooling temperature for service. “We were surprised by how much energy could be saved by varying the temperature by only a few degrees. We knew it didn’t make sense to run the fridges at maximum cooling capacity 24/7, yet we needed to find the right balance and, importantly, automate the process. AE Smith helped us achieve this perfectly.” Mark added that being able to control and monitor refrigeration plant via the Internet has also proved invaluable. “The trial showed that we were conservatively saving energy between 20 per cent and 22 per cent and that was during our peak periods. We expect to find even greater savings as we continue to test more often during non-peak times.” Mark said the next step is to roll out the program across all refrigeration equipment at Flemington, further reducing power usage and the workload of the equipment. “The latter wasn’t a direct goal yet we can see how reducing the workload of the plant and equipment will mean it enjoys greater longevity and saves on maintenance costs too. That was a nice surprise – more productivity and fewer breakdowns. “Being involved in this trial means we are helping to set a benchmark in the field of refrigeration. Being innovative is important to us, not only to save costs but also to benefit the community by being a sustainable business that is kinder to the environment. We look forward to further savings and a reduction of our carbon footprint. “With any supplier that you use you want to get to a stage where you have a partnership and I think this is an example of two like-minded organisations getting together in a way that is much more than a pure transaction. We are working together to solve problems and AE Smith is more than just a supplier; they are part of the team.”

The VRC hosts more than 300 events at Flemington Racecourse annually, ranging from weddings and corporate functions through to music festivals and 23 race meets. In 2011 the Melbourne Cup Carnival attracted some 350,000 people over four days with a huge crowd of 106,000 venturing out on Emirates Melbourne Cup Day alone.

Pic over page: Controls Technician, Tristan Reichelt commissioning the area controller of the Refrigeration Management System (RMS).

From the data gathered since the trial began in September 2011, AE Smith say the project is a first step to implementing sophisticated energy management systems and technology that covers not only refrigeration, but all aspects of the Flemington facility. (Continued on page 6)


(Continued from page 5)

“We developed the Energy Saving Refrigeration System with quite a bit of lateral thinking on our design team’s part,” said AE Smith National Sales Manager and pilot champion, Brad Disher. “By marrying several pre-existing state of the art systems, we were able to achieve the outcome the VRC were looking for with many additional benefits that weren’t even part of the initial design brief.

“ We knew it didn’t make sense to run the fridges at maximum cooling capacity 24/7, yet we needed to find the right balance and, importantly, automate the process. AE Smith helped us achieve this perfectly ” Mark Davies Executive General Manager, Flemington Racecourse

“To design this system our engineers took into consideration the entire Flemington site, both as it is today and where it is likely to be in the future.” AE Smith say the proprietary Energy Saving Refrigeration System piloted at Flemington is intuitive by design. It allows the refrigeration plant to go into energy saving mode when the system is not required, then cooling down to normal operating temperature several days prior to an event and continuing to run as normal for several days after an event, at which point energy saving mode begins again. “On the first day of the trial we only used 6 per cent energy so that was a 94 per cent saving in energy consumption in just one day,” said Brad. “It is a huge saving, especially when you consider the size of some of the cool rooms at Flemington Racecourse. “Based on these results, we anticipate the VRC can save up to 60 per cent in energy over the course of a year. This will easily equate to tens of thousands of dollars in real savings, not to mention the compressed payback period. Even for venues that do run 24/7, they can still expect to save about 10 to 15 per cent of their current costs. “We believe the best part of the system is the interface,” said Brad, “which gives users the freedom to log into the system via the Internet to control and monitor all system components when and if required. Users can easily export trend data for one or more cool rooms, allowing users to accurately report on their energy usage today, last week or last month.”

6 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Brad, who has a background in refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical, was part of the developmental team that created the proprietary Energy Saving Refrigeration System. AE Smith adapted existing building management technology that was previously only available to HVAC and building services, and integrated refrigeration devices to get a superior level of control and reporting on one single system. “VRC is typical of the issues faced by many venues where refrigeration is needed perhaps once a week with anywhere up to a month gap between events. In the meantime cool rooms are idly working away, consuming energy and wearing themselves out. And it’s not as simple as saying ‘well I will just turn it off’. Turning off the fridge to save power gives birth to a whole bunch of other issues in a commercial environment like Flemington Racecourse: mould, odour, ice build-up (from condensation which freezes upon resumption of normal operation) and taking out excess stock until the next event is very labour intensive. “The Energy Saving Refrigeration System logs the temperature continuously and when it passes a present threshold the system will send an alert via email, SMS or even Twitter to notify you of a problem. We can even record and trend when the door has been left open too long. The facility manager now knows exactly when food spoilage has occurred and can track back to who, if anyone, was responsible. Without this system they wouldn’t know until it was too late. “There are industry horror stories of $100,000 plus worth of fresh seafood going off because a fridge decided to stop working or someone accidentally left the door open. Now you can monitor all of this in real time online. You can interact with the system the same way you would if you were standing right in front of the cool room.” AE Smith say the technology has huge potential for all medium to large public venues such as sport stadiums, aquatic facilities, casinos, pubs and clubs, hotels, conference centres, libraries, museums, art galleries and performing art venues.

“ We anticipate the VRC can save up to 60% in energy over the course of a year. This will easily equate to tens of thousands of dollars in real savings, not to mention the compressed payback period ”

AE Smith are currently trialling other energy saving systems to suit smaller public venues such as restaurants. “We want to help people conserve energy wherever possible. We’re delighted with the outstanding results the Energy Saving Refrigeration System has achieved for the VRC, but we’re excited because it’s only the tip of the iceberg,” Brad said. “Our team is already pushing the System to provide extra benefits to our customers who trust us to help them save energy. For the right customer, soon there’ll be new tools like predictive efficiency analysis, conditionbased maintenance and contractor performance management tools. Each building on a foundation of energy saving systems and practices; all designed to reduce costs. “Significantly, we believe the Energy Saving Refrigeration System helps the VRC to not only deliver better than expected energy savings, but also provides immediate and tangible benefits to the way VRC proactively manages their facility,” concludes Brad. AES


“ These teams are to be commended for their safety behaviour and the effort that has been required to achieve these milestones ”

Rewarding Safe Behaviour Safety Bucks award winners and three AE Smith teams show their “way” to safety The Safety Bucks program – AE Smith’s incentive initiative designed to increase participation and to generate ideas for safety improvement – announces its December and March quarterly winners, as well as acknowledging the example and progress that three teams have made in our journey to Zero Harm: • • •

Sydney Service who have achieved greater than 1200 LTI free days Brisbane Factory who have achieved greater than 1100 LTI free days Perth Service who have achieved 800 LTI free days

“What’s so encouraging about these milestones is that it takes a concentrated effort of everyone – from apprentices, workers, supervisors, managers – to create this positive outcome,” says National Safety Manager, Danny O’Reilly. “The employees in these teams are to be commended for their safety behaviour and the effort that has been required to achieve these milestones,” adds Danny. Quarterly Safety Award winners have also been announced, with two employees winning a $250 Safety Bucks voucher, as well as being eligible for the annual Grand Prize of $1,000 Safety Bucks to be announced at the end of June. 8 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

December Quarter Safety Award Winner of the December Quarter Safety Award was Travis Young of Victoria Service, who’s efforts initiating a ‘stop work’ at a work place where he identified asbestos highlighted the proactive, self managing and effective approach of AE Smith’s Zero Harm target. “Travis’s approach is certainly one we like to promote – due to his positive actions, workers at that site averted exposure to asbestos,” adds Danny. March Quarter Safety Award Winner of the March Quarter Safety Award was Mark Carroll of Brisbane Construction. During a site inspection along with his manager, Mark came across a scaffold open for access that was being utilised at the same time as it was being dismantled. “Thanks to Mark taking the initiative by identifying and then reporting this incident to the principal contractor, work ceased so the scaffold could be made good to use as an egress facility safely,” comments Danny. “There were many more nominations for our Quarterly Awards that also demonstrated our commitment to Zero Harm. Congratulations to Travis and Mark for winning each quarter.” AES Pic left: Travis Young (left) was nominated by Matthew Mytton. Pic right: Mark Carroll (right) was nominated by Shane Donoher.

How to win Safety Bucks: 1. Demonstrate leadership in regards to safety. 2. Continually and effectively involved in toolbox talks, WHS meetings, site specific safety meetings, site inspections and development of safe work method statements. 3. Receive positive feedback from clients, principal contractors or other external parties about your safety contribution. 4. Provide a positive and effective safety initiative or solution. 5. Immediately involved in the prevention of a safety incident. 6. Provide effective and thorough analysis of a ‘near miss’ or closing out of a hazard. Speak to your manager or safety representative for more information.


Safety Story We Need YOUTBA for the AE Smith Safety Video When it comes to the safety of you or your loved one working at AE Smith; what are YOUR EXPECTATIONS of Safety?

“ Short two minute safety videos that capture real people, sharing real expectations, will help refocus our attention on putting Safety 1st in the AE Smith workplace ”

“That’s the question we’re inviting all AE Smith staff and their families to ask themselves and seriously consider this winter,” said Andrew Permezel, CEO and project champion of the new “My Expectations” safety video AE Smith will be filming around the country over the next six months. Designed to create a fun and engaging activity that generates positive word-of-mouth amongst staff and their loved ones, the creation of short two minute safety videos that capture real people, sharing real expectations, will help refocus our attention on putting Safety 1st in the AE Smith workplace. “Somewhere in the community, there will be a fatality, serious injury or the need for first aid in the workplace,” said Andrew. “We have legislation, codes of practice and standards to follow yet major accidents still occur. “To help put Safety 1st and achieve Zero Harm in the workplace YOU need to set your expectations…. Because your loved ones have an expectation of you,” emphasised Andrew.

10 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Starting 21 May, AE Smith General Managers and their safety representatives invite you and your family members to get involved and tell us what YOUR EXPECTATIONS of safety are. For example: • • • • • •

A wife of a staff member shared, “My expectations of my husband is that he loves and provides for me and our family.” “I expect my dad to drive me to cricket on Saturday mornings,” said a staff member’s seven year old son. One mother said, “My son has begun an apprenticeship and I’m trusting that his employer will do him good and he will in return work hard for them.” “Friday nights are our nights at the movies. I expect my partner to come home safe,” said the fiancé of a staff member. A husband said, “I expect my wife to come home every night and give me cuddles and be the awesome mother she is to my kids.” “I expect my workplace to provide a safe and healthy environment for me and my work mates,” said a staff member.

“There’s no right or wrong answer. The important thing is that you and your family consider the question and start talking about your expectations of safety,” said Andrew. From the many submissions we hope to receive, each film location will select 15 staff, partners and children to deliver their answer captured on video and made into a short film titled “My Expectations”. Filming will take place at AE Smith offices in: • • • • • •

Melbourne (including Tasmania) Brisbane (including Gold Coast) Mackay Townsville (including Cairns) Sydney Perth

27 June 7 August 30 August 19 September 11 October 1 November

The finished safety videos produced by each location will premier at the end of the year staff Christmas parties. Please send your written submissions to “Closing dates for submissions vary for each office. So don’t wait. I encourage you and your family to participate,” added Andrew. The production of the AE Smith safety video is a unique and powerful opportunity to reinforce and communicate the importance of Safety 1st in an authentic, engaging and fun way. “In a split second everything can change. Think about what you’re doing. Don’t take short cuts. Look out for your work mates. Go home safely to your loved ones. Most importantly, stand up and set your expectations,” concluded Andrew. For more information speak to your General Manager or local safety representative today. AES

First introduced by National Safety Manager, Danny O’Reilly at the 2011 AE Smith General Manager’s Conference, Danny showcased a two minute safety video produced by Fairfield Services titled “My Expectations”. The GMs decided they liked the Fairfield Services video so much they wanted to produce their own AE Smith version to reinforce and reinvigorate Safety 1st in the minds of AE Smith staff. Now championed by CEO, Andrew Permezel, our hope is that producing short AE Smith safety videos will super charge the effectiveness of this “safety communication tool” beyond mere marketing into a positive word-of-mouth experience that actually has impact and is something we are all likely to talk about.


Local Knowledge, National Support in Mackay The AE Smith Mackay office is continuing a company-wide policy of ‘practicing what they preach’, with their recent move into a new, purpose-built office and workshop that brings to life a host of eco friendly features.

“ We don't rely on subcontractors at all for any of our work. This is of immense benefit when completing local projects as all of our work from design to engineering is completed by local staff, right here in [Mackay] ”

General Manager, Mike Mulherin says the new office was designed and built with a focus on eco-friendly and energy-efficient technology. “After 15 years in our former, rented premises, it is really exciting for the whole team to now be moving into a building that reflects the very things we talk to our clients and customers about every day,” Mike said. Amongst a raft of eco features, the open-plan office includes the latest in motion detection to control lighting; a video conferencing system to assist with reducing offsite and interstate meetings; and the latest in building maintenance system to control the efficiency of the air conditioning system. AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel, others from across AE Smith and selected suppliers and customers flew in to be with the local team for the office’s ‘grand opening’ and joined Member for Mackay, Tim Mulherin who officially opened the building. Andrew spoke of AE Smith’s vision for the region and the expanding services being offered as a part of the move.

12 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

“The new premises will ensure AE Smith Mackay can continue to deliver on the excellence for which they have become known and continue to enhance the national delivery capabilities of AE Smith around the country,� added Andrew. The opening of the new building didn’t go unnoticed by the local media in Mackay either with the Daily Mercury printing a five page feature on 13 April reporting: Locally-based staff: New [Mackay] building opening shows the faith of business in region In their new building amid Paget's bustling industrial landscape, AE Smith Mackay's staff of 70 is a constant hive of activity. Mackay general manager Mike Mulherin is proud of the contribution AE Smith has made to the growth and development of the region in recent decades. "AE Smith primarily specialises in commercial projects and developments. Locally, there aren't too many landmark buildings we haven't worked on," he said. When you enter through the doors of the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre, Caneland Central, the Mackay Base Hospital, the Mater Hospital or apartment complexes such as Rivage, and step out of the tropical heat to feel the rush of air conditioned bliss, you have AE Smith to thank. "AE Smith has a fully-functioning operation based locally. We don't rely on subcontractors at all for any of our work. This is of immense benefit when completing local projects as all of our work from design to engineering is completed by local staff, right here in Paget," Mr Mulherin said. "We have 70 staff including 16 apprentices - all employed from the Mackay region. AE Smith has a strong and stable workforce, which is a reflection of the ethics and professionalism of our entire operation."

Main pic: Mike Mulherin, General Manager, AE Smith Mackay. Above (L to R): AE Smith CEO Andrew Permezel and Member for Mackay Tim Mulherin unveil a plaque to officially open the new Mackay building on 15 March.

With 26 cars on the road, AE Smith holds a visible presence in the region's commercial and industrial sector. Mr Mulherin believed Mackay's commercial and industrial precinct was continuing to gain momentum and he was pleased and proud to be at the helm of a locally based company, able to provide service and solutions that would help propel the future of the industrial sector. AE Smith offers services for commercial projects from small-scale to large apartment, commercial or retail complexes, and is backed by a nationwide company. See more pictures of the opening celebrations in the centre spread of this newsletter. AES


A Round of Applause AE Smith launches new series of annual awards to recognise the outstanding contributions of staff members from around the country The 2012 AE Smith Recognition Awards were launched at Melbourne’s Crown Metropol during a major training event on 18 April where representatives from every AE Smith office in the country came together.

“ The individuals who’ve received these awards are people that have embraced and embody the [AE Smith] Foundations of Success in the work they do ”

Group General Manager Service, Aldo Cevaal presented the awards to the worthy inaugural recipients, each of whom Aldo said had contributed significantly to the success of the wider team. The new awards join the AE Smith National Training Achievement Awards, which have been running since 2005, and were introduced to encourage and acknowledge young trainees and apprentices within the organisation. Aldo said the awards scheme reflected the priority that AE Smith places on its ‘Foundations for Success’, which guide everything that the company and its employees do. “In everything we do, we believe in helping people,” Aldo said. “The way we help is by taking the time to hear what is really important to them. We accept personal responsibility to use our resources; to find the right outcome. We care about people’s welfare; believe in family values and do what we say we are going to do.”

14 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Aldo said AE Smith’s ’Foundations for Success’ embody six actions: • • • • • •

Safety - Putting safety first Teamwork - Helping and supporting each other Communicate - Communicating openly and honestly Integrity - Acting ethically and with integrity Initiative - Encouraging and supporting new ideas Recognise - Recognising outstanding performance and celebrating success

It’s the latter that Aldo says was the impetus for the new Awards scheme: “The individuals who’ve received these awards are people that have embraced and embody the Foundations of Success in the work they do for the company,” he added. AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel commended each of the recipients for their contribution over the year and congratulated them on the awards. “Individual success is invariably a product of great teamwork and the respective offices of each winner should also be recognised,” said Andrew. 11 people were recognised on the day including five Honourable Mentions in addition to the individuals who were presented with AE Smith Recognition Awards for initiative, performance and teamwork: •

Bryan Little (Brisbane Service) Recognition Award for Teamwork Highest YTD cooperative sales

Daniel van der Ent (Sydney Service) Recognition Award for Teamwork New account business development

Brian Webber (Perth Service) Recognition Award for Performance Highest YTD individual project sales

Brett Sorenson (Brisbane Service) Recognition Award for Performance Highest YTD individual maintenance sales

Wayne Long (Perth Service) Recognition Award for Performance Account management

Brad Disher (Building Technologies) Recognition Award for Initiative Solution development

See more pictures of the Recognition Awards and Crown Metropol training event on the next page. AES

Main pic (R to L): Aldo Cevaal (centre) congratulates 2012 Recognition Award Honourable Mention recipients: John Venardos (Brisbane Service) for Safety, Ash Carmichael (Melbourne Service) for Performance - Highest individual Service contract sale, Eric Roessler (Brisbane Construction) for Performance Highest individual contract sales, Frank Booysen (Brisbane Service) for Performance - Best start in a new role, and Neville Reddy (Brisbane Service) (not pictured) for Performance Exceeding customer expectations. Pic top (R to L): Aldo Cevaal and Brad Disher. Pic Above (R to L): Brett Sorensen, Frank Booysen, Bryan Little, and Neville Reddy.


16 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12


HVAC Design & Construct Slashes Project Costs in Perth The $15m conversion of a 7000m2 former BBC Hardware site in the Perth suburb of Cannington to a 16,500m2 bulky goods outlet was always going to present problems in terms of air and mechanical services, particularly when it came to meeting the individual requirements of retailers

“ The major benefit was having a one-stop-shop for design and construction of air and mechanical services ”

Developer Dome Property Group had previously used AE Smith for minor mechanical services projects on the original site and decided that a design and construct arrangement would be more cost and time efficient than calling in a design consultant for the re-development. Because sites had been leased off the plan up to 12 months in advance of construction, time was of the essence and Dome Property Group has no doubt that utilising AE Smith saved at least four weeks just in the mechanical services area. Dome Property Group, who have worked on a diverse range of shopping centres, apartment and office blocks and medical centres, said that AE Smith’s designs also afforded significant savings over an initial proposal from a builder. “From our point of view the major benefit was having a one-stop-shop for design and construction of air and mechanical services. That was an effective strategy in this particular case,” Dome Property Group said.

18 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

The project required the installation of mechanical services to some 20 separate areas which were a mix of separated commercial offices and shops, each with its own inverter ducted split system with external fresh air make up. To add to the difficulties, the main retail areas, averaging 2000m2 each, had a range of differing systems. Some had industrial evaporative coolers sized on 45 air changes delivering over 400,000m3/hr while others had ducted, refrigerated cooling by way of 80kW roof-mounted units. Plus, as major tenants came on board their respective requirements differed. For example The Good Guys wanted to have all feature internal “oval” spiral wound ducting and due to the height above the finished floor this required manufacturing diffusers to get the conditioned air down 10 meters to the sales area. By comparison, Anaconda required visible feature “round” spiral ducting. Here the height necessitated side wall stand-off boxes to get the double deflection side wall diffusers set pointing down at 30 degrees. The site had its fair share of difficulties with mezzanine floating floors and difficult “delta–core laminated structural beams.” In addition to the core work, AE Smith was also called on for washing and toilet facilities mechanical services throughout the complex, in total some 60 pieces of plant worth more than $1.2m. Despite the complexities the project was completed on time and on budget. Dome Property Group said that apart from AE Smith’s advantage as a one stop shop for design and construct projects, the firm’s expertise in the areas of NABERS and Green Star ratings was a real plus. “If we were to buy a rundown building we’d definitely call AE Smith to advise us how to improve the building’s rating. “Because AE Smith can provide a turn-key service it makes our life easier. “The fact that they can provide design and construction services at a competitive price and deliver within a reasonable time gives them a competitive advantage as we don’t have to go down the traditional path of engaging a mechanical/electrical consultant and then go out to tender to various mechanical contractors.” Since the completion of the Cannington Bulkyplex complex, AE Smith has been appointed to look after the facility on an ongoing basis under a service contract. AES

Main pic: The Bulkyplex development is located approximately 10 km from the Perth CBD in the heart of the expanding corridor of the Cannington bulky goods precinct. The development is anchored by Fantastic Furniture, Anaconda, The Good Guys and Furniture Spot. Pic above: Ian Lamont congratulates Brian Webber (left) for winning the AE Smith Recognition Award for Performance. Brian Webber championed AE Smith’s resources to help Dome Property Group find the right outcome for them.


Talking about Trigeneration An innovative building power system at Queensland’s new $1.2 billion Children’s Hospital could herald a shift to the smarter use of electricity in large commercial buildings across Australia.

“ A big strength for AE Smith is that we have a team in place right now with the right experience to deliver the complete cogeneration or trigeneration package for our customers ”

AE Smith believes the use of a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) or trigeneration energy system it is developing at the new Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane will become a showcase for the future use of the technology which promises to radically cut energy costs while improving efficiency. There is nothing new about making large commercial buildings run efficiently and more comfortably for tenants. Builders and designers have been doing it for centuries. AE Smith has been helping building owners solve their heating, cooling, mechanical and energy efficiency challenges for 114 years. Privately owned AE Smith has contributed to some of Australia’s iconic buildings. It believes that aside from the obvious carbon-reduction benefits of trigeneration, the new hospital will potentially reduce its exposure to an increasingly volatile and expensive electricity supply market characterised by higher network charges and new emissions trading costs. The company says trigeneration will: help customers improve efficiency; reduce bills; cut greenhouse gas emissions; and aid those looking to attain high green-building credentials such as Green Star and NABERS energy ratings. AE Smith is at the forefront of providing this promising solution for Australian building owners.

20 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Trigeneration is easily described as the simultaneous production of electricity, heating and cooling for buildings using a single fuel source (see diagram). Typically, the single fuel source is gas, which is much cleaner and more sustainable than most energy sources. The design, installation and implementation of cogeneration and trigeneration energy systems has become a major part of the company’s portfolio of solutions. Federal government reports indicate commercial buildings in Australia account for 19 per cent of energy use and just under 10 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. The same reports estimate Australian cities could save up to 540 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years if more commercial buildings used cogeneration technologies. Decentralised power generation such as trigeneration used in commercial buildings currently accounts for about 5 per cent of Australia’s total energy production, compared with over 40 per cent in The Netherlands and 55 per cent in Denmark. AE Smith says the evidence suggests use of trigeneration technologies results in buildings functioning with more energy efficiency and lower tenant energy bills, attracts higher-quality tenants, and ultimately adds to the capital value of the property. AE Smith points out there are three key benefits to trigeneration: less reliance on grid energy (energy security), lower CO2 emissions resulting from the elimination of long-distance power transmission, and long-term operating cost savings. Large energy-intensive buildings such as hospitals, shopping centres, airports and hotels which are in constant use have the most to benefit from trigeneration, which utilises energy more efficiently than grid-delivered electricity. The benefits of AE Smith’s trigeneration expertise and technology will be showcased in the new $1.2-billion, 350-bed Queensland Children’s Hospital, with the first patients due to arrive in 2015. It is the latest addition to AE Smith’s impressive aged and healthcare portfolio, which includes iconic sites like the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Townsville General Hospital, and the new Royal Children’s Hospital recently opened in Melbourne by HM Queen Elizabeth II. AE Smith says its work for the hospital will be large and complex and represents a milestone in the company’s commercial and technology development. AE Smith Project Director Ashley Robinson believes the use of a trigeneration system in the landmark hospital will have a significant and long-term effect on the building and construction industry in Queensland and the rest of Australia.

There’s a big difference between knowing and doing when it comes to helping our customers achieve their commercial onsite power objectives. Main pic: AE Smith’s cogeneration team (L to R): Ali Manouchehri, Wayne Howden, Ashley Robinson, Mark Medley, Tim Flanigan, Peter Wise, Mark Jacobson. Pic above: Artist impression of the Queensland Children’s Hospital trigeneration plant.

Main article extracted from “Australia’s Best Building and Construction” magazine, January 2012, pages 27-31.

How has the Queensland Children’s Hospital project been progressing thus far? Ashley: As AE Smith was only awarded the contract towards the end of 2011, (Continued on page 22)


(Continued from page 21)

we are still in the very early stages; however, it’s been progressing well. We are currently in the design phase, which includes detailed design and full service coordination of the facility. Can you give readers more details about the hospital’s trigeneration plant? Ashley: The hospital’s trigeneration system will be the biggest of its type in Australia. Its 6-megavolt amp CHP unit powered through gas-fired engines produces heat for all the heating systems, chilled water for air conditioning, and 4.8 megawatts of electricity as well. Why do you believe trigeneration is so important for the future of the building industry?

“ Our in-house capabilities include both electrical and mechanical engineering – electrical for grid synchronisation and power generation controls ”

Ashley: Until we come up with alternatives, gas-fired energy is an economical, clean energy solution. The technology has been around for a long time. It has a lot of support in the marketplace already in terms of design capability, installation, and also service, which is very important when considering the maintenance of the system during its life cycle. It’s also an easier solution to implement on a new or existing facility than a lot of other clean-energy solutions. There is a lot of opportunity out there in the market, so naturally there is a lot of competition developing. A big strength for AE Smith is that we have a team in place right now with the right experience to deliver the complete cogeneration or trigeneration package for our customers. Our in-house capabilities include both electrical and mechanical engineering – electrical for grid synchronisation and power generation controls. We have demonstrated that we can provide a single-source solution for the design, installation and implementation of decentralised power systems. For example, owing to our in-house capabilities with regard to electrical and power systems, we secured the confidence of the Queensland Children’s Hospital to install 12-MVA stand-by diesel power generators – a significant undertaking normally split between separate mechanical and electrical contractors, in this case assigned to AE Smith who will deliver a single source solution. What does the future hold for the Queensland Children's Hospital and AE Smith? Ashley: With a wealth of hospital construction experience already under our belt and runs on the board with cogeneration plants delivered at King George Central and HQ Development, the Queensland Children’s Hospital project will be a career-defining moment for many in the AE Smith team. It is the single largest project ever undertaken by AE Smith. Yes, there are challenges ahead, but we are taking them on at full throttle and putting all the right people in place to deliver. Undoubtedly, the Queensland Children’s Hospital will find a special place in the hearts of many Queenslanders in the decades to come, and for AE Smith it already represents a pinnacle of achievement in our 114-year history so far. AES

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Brisbane Melbourne Race Rivals AE Smith’s Melbourne and Brisbane offices have rekindled a rivalry begun at the 2009 Corporate Triathlon World Championships, when each office entered teams to go head to head in a good natured interoffice challenge Melbourne came out on top that year, and at the instigation of Brisbane’s Special Projects Manager, Martin Ross, the two fitness foes will once again face off in the 2012 Nissan Corporate Triathlon Series, with each individual participant required to complete a 400m swim, 10km cycle and 4km run leg. Three teams from Melbourne competed in the Victorian event on 4 March, while the Brisbane office took its turn on 5 May. AE Smith Marketing Manager, Raymond Lee – also a participant – said the enthusiastic involvement of so many employees reflected the company’s recently reiterated ‘Foundations for Success’, encouraging initiative, celebrating successes and of course, reinforcing teamwork. In congratulating the efforts of the Melbourne participants, Martin Ross said that while events of this nature are always challenging, the weather in Melbourne had made this instance particularly trying.

Main pic (L to R): Team Melbourne - Lee Jones, Ivan Cukanic, Peter Kinsella, Leonard Alvarez, Ash Carmichael, Raymond Lee, Jason Goodman, Stewart King, Matt Younger (not pictured). Pic above: Martin Ross crosses the finish line on the Gold Coast. For the record Melbourne’s A Team finished in 2:22:36 coming 333th place overall out of 1631 teams (a top 20% finish). Brisbane’s A Team consisting of Ben Higgins, Nicholas Mortensen and Martin Ross raced in perfect conditions to finish in a remarkable 2:15:22 coming 39th place overall out of 1036 teams (a top 4% finish).

Days of rain in the lead up and heavy weather on the day resulted in organisers cancelling the swim leg for the safety of competitors and replacing it with a gruelling 800 metre beach run on top of the run and cycle legs. AES


“ Thank you to Peter McCarthy and his Melbourne team for AE Smith’s fantastic support of Baptcare and this very important fundraising event ”

Helping Hand Helping those who help others brings special joy to the Melbourne AE Smith team sponsoring the 2012 Baptcare Golf Day in April AE Smith was delighted to again help its aged care customer raise more than $25k to go towards Baptcare Sanctuary which provides supported transitional accommodation for male asylum seekers living lawfully in the community awaiting the outcome of their Protection visa application. Baptcare Sanctuary was recognised as an international model of bestpractice for humane approaches to housing immigrants and asylum seekers in Australia, and as a result, has been used as an example in the reform of the United States’ detention and housing model for asylum seekers. “Baptcare’s position and response to asylum seekers is driven by values that acknowledge the inherent dignity and equality of all people regardless of their circumstances, the equality of opportunity and consistency of outcome for all, and consistency between word and deed,” said Mary Quirk, Baptcare Bequest Officer and Golf Day organiser. “Thank you to Peter McCarthy and his Melbourne team for AE Smith’s fantastic support of Baptcare and this very important fundraising event,” added Mary. To learn more about Baptcare and the amazing work they do in our community, please visit AES

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Real World Realities AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel and Engineering Manager, Peter Kinsella were invited by Melbourne University to present to the Masters of Construction students recently on ‘the real world interaction’ between builder and contractors

“ [There are] practical advantages of building strong relationships at the outset and ‘sanity checking’ costs as early as possible ”

The presentation was offered to students undertaking the Building Services and Operations unit, which focuses on the integration of services and energy efficient strategies into the fabric of buildings and the construction process. Titled “As Good As You Let Them Be…”, Andrew and Peter’s presentation was built around the premise that the parameters and circumstances established in the procurement and contracting process will lay the groundwork for a project’s practical success in the long term. Andrew and Peter reinforced the practical advantages of building strong relationships at the outset and ‘sanity checking’ costs as early as possible, while also advocating due diligence and attention to details in contracts, documentation, procurement and construction management. Peter Williams, who heads up the Building Services and Operations course at the University, said the opportunity for the students to gain first-hand, practical insights from some of the best minds in the business, and people who could speak to the ins and outs of the every aspect of the area, was invaluable. “It’s always inspiring to meet and talk with the industry representatives of the future and provide valuable insights that will help them learn more about the practicalities of the construction field,” added Peter who is also Vice President of CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) international. AES


Buildings Can Now Tweet Their Crises Technology is coming to the aid of building owners at an unprecedented pace, even to allowing automatic reporting from air and mechanical systems via Twitter or e-mail direct to remote building maintenance people.

“ It's only when you put in a decent control system to measure, monitor performance and store data that you have the information to tell you how the building's actually performing �

With smart building technology it is possible for a central facility to monitor buildings globally. These smart buildings translate to real hard cost savings in energy consumption and maintenance as well as to boosted returns in terms of tenant quality and asset value. Adam Bek, General Manager of AE Smith Building Technologies said that the tweeting building is a reality that's representative of the advances in smart building technology. Established in 1989, Building Technologies is an independent division of AE Smith, Australia's largest privately owned mechanical services contractor and a company with no peers in terms of the diversity of inhouse services it offers clients. Building Technologies is the Australian master dealer for American Auto-Matrix, who are leaders in building control systems, and is a major dealer for Niagara which is regarded as the father of open source building automation processes and systems.

26 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

From its birth as an AE Smith division established essentially to support the mechanical business, Building Technologies has grown rapidly and is now independently active in the wider market place helping to improve the efficiencies of buildings and their reporting capability. Their role is to not only help buildings comply with legislative requirements, but with energy targets. According to Adam, they are often called in to a building in the first instance specifically to help with making it comply with various codes or to ascertain ways to improve the building's NABERS Energy rating. "We're very much a first point of contact because we provide the means to measure and control the building's HVAC and mechanical services. It's only when you put in a decent control system to measure, monitor performance and store data that you have the information to tell you how the building's actually performing," Adam said. Such systems are vital to provide the data necessary for developing an acceptable NABERS Energy rating. Adam, who is also an NABERS Accredited Assessor, said that one of the overlooked factors in both new buildings and refurbishment projects was the proper set-up of a metering system. "It doesn't save you energy but it helps you better identify where your energy consumption is and use this information to implement energy saving initiatives. It also allows you to maximise your NABERS rating outcome through excluding applicable energy consumption. He said one of the fallacies in the industry was an overly long payback on the costs of services upgrades to achieve a desirable NABERS rating on an old building. "The problems faced by decision makers is not the cost of energy consumption but tenant churn, the value of the tenancy and the value of the asset and it’s here that a NABERS rating helps.

The ranks of AE Smith CBD and NABERS accredited assessors is constantly growing with many from each office having already started and/or waiting formal accreditation. See the list at

"For example, some Government department may not be able to lease a building with a NABERS rating less than 4.5 stars. Get your building to 4.5 stars and the quality of tenants improves, the return from tenants increases and the value of your asset increases," Adam said. Adam’s comments are backed by research reported in 2011 by The Australian Financial Review stating “a 5 star NABERS Energy rated building delivered a 9% value premium to those buildings without ratings… Discounts in rents were seen for [buildings with] lower NABERS Energy ratings.” The cited research made “a clear link between enhanced green premiums in value with the high rated NABERS energy rating categories.” AES


“ I have talked to many potential suitors over the years and until now, I have never really been happy with selling the business because I couldn’t be satisfied that my staff and our clients were going to be looked after the way I wanted them to be looked after ”

28 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

Sydney Growth Exciting expansion is in the Manager wind for AE Smith withConstruction the recent Victoria, Peter Kinsella, Engineering of AE Smith acquisition of respected airworld conditioning contracting has been appointed Vice Sydney-based President of the wide peak body - the and servicing business, Conditioning Chartered Institution of Withers BuildingAir Services Engineers (CIBSE) Founder, Michael Withers, an industry veteran with more than 45 years’ As the international professional body for the building services profession, experience, “Having decided to retire,inselling the business I started CIBSE has asaid membership of over 17,000 87 countries. with my own hands some 30 years ago is a milestone achievement. However, the right sellVice to has not beencomplements an easy task. Kinsella’s finding appointment as business the one oftotwo Presidents his role of Regional Chairman for Australian & New Zealand for the same “I have talked His to many potentialcomes suitorsatover thewhen years there’s and until now, I organisation. appointment a time increasing have never been happy with selling the business because spotlight onreally the role Australia and New Zealand are playing in theI couldn’t be satisfied that my our helping clients were going to be looked after building industry andstaff howand we are set the international agenda. the way I wanted them to be looked after. “The building services industry is facing a major change of focus from “Havingprice met tendered AE Smith,work talked its people comeefficiency to learn about lowest to to projects that and consider and the way they treat–their staff and help customers, I just know my sustainability it’s an exciting timetheir to be at the coalface and bringing our customers are going to the be happy with them and come to trust AE Smith regional perspective world table,” comments Kinsella. the way my customers have come to trust Withers,” concluded Michael. With over 10 years at AE Smith leading the Engineering team, Kinsella is Newly AE Smith Manager in Sydney, John Shearsby also a appointed qualified Green Star General Accredited Professional, a director of ARBS is as excited about the well as holding anacquisition: Honours Degree in Building Services Engineering from the United Kingdom. “This opportunity is a great fit for our two organisations and we’re looking forward helping Wither’s customers findhis theprestigious right outcome for them AE Smithtocongratulates Peter Kinsella on appointment. when it comes to delivering practical solutions in air conditioning, For moreservices information about CIBSE visit building and energy efficiency.” AES

Actrol Gets Behind Ace Apprentice AE Smith supplier shows support for National World Skills Competition Finalist The Brisbane Service department aren’t the only ones keen to celebrate Electro Technology– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning apprentice, Joshua Boehm’s impressive showing in the World Skills Australia Competition. AE Smith supplier Actrol has donated a selection of tools to Joshua which they hope will help him take top spot at the National World Skills Competition taking place in May. Having missed out on first place by a single point in late 2011, the second year apprentice has now made it to the National event where he’ll represent AE Smith at the Nationals where he’s hoping he’ll go one better. Brian Hopper, Actrol’s Queensland Account Manager presented Joshua with the tools, saying it was a determination for nurturing talent and enthusiasm among apprentices that would ensure the industry continued to improve and attract the best people. “We’re really pleased to be able to assist Joshua and we wish him every success in the national finals,” Hopper said. AES

Main pic above (L to R): Michael Claydon, Joshua Boehm and Brian Hopper. AE Smith Brisbane Service Manager, Michael Claydon said Actrol’s contribution was a great display of faith in the young apprentice, and testament to the long standing, collaborative relationship between AE Smith and a preferred supplier. “It’s a really proud moment for all of us to see him doing so well, and I can’t think of a more deserving apprentice than Joshua to be rewarded for his eagerness, enthusiasm and application,” Claydon said.

Main pic on page 28 (L to R): Gordon Tomlinson, Anthony Jones, John Shearsby, Alan Blues & John Michelakis.


years & growing

Happy Birthday Greenfleet “In 2010, AE Smith achieved its goal of planting 10,000 trees by 2010.

When Greenfleet was launched in 1997 it was the first program of its kind – helping Australians offset the impact of their vehicle use on the environment

“In 2012 their new target is to offset CO2 emissions from the entire national Service fleet of 100 vehicles and 1,000,000 km of air travel with Greenfleet.”

For 15 years now, Greenfleet has been working towards a low-carbon future for Australia.

Sara Gipton CEO, Greenfleet

Cool Breeze is a newsletter published by AE Smith & Son Pty Ltd ABN 54 004 274 793 for its staff and customers. Subscription is free and available directly from AE Smith. ©2012 AE Smith & Son Pty Ltd. Important Notice: The information contained in this newsletter is given in good faith. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither AE Smith, its employees or contractors accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any person acting on information contained in this newsletter. This newsletter should not be used or relied on as a substitute for detailed professional consultation with AE Smith.

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Greenfleet has grown from a project to an organisation, which has now planted more than 7.5 million native trees in species-rich forests around Australia to soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and deliver other benefits to Australia’s unique environment. The environmental charity has also educated thousands of people and organisations to help them avoid and reduce their emissions. AE Smith is pleased to be part of this program, offsetting the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet with Greenfleet. So far we’ve offset more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2-e. You too can take action to reduce your vehicle, household or organisation’s footprint by offsetting any CO2-e emissions you can’t eliminate with Greenfleet’s native tree planting program. It’s easy to do via Greenfleet’s website and costs less than a tank of fuel per year for the average car – and it’s tax deductible. We’re proud to be supporting this innovative program and wish Greenfleet a very Happy 15th Birthday. Here’s to another 15 years of success, biodiverse forests and growth (in every sense of the word). AES

Bringing Cool Relief to Ronald McDonald House in Far North Queensland AE Smith continued its ongoing support of Ronald McDonald House with Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service Manager, Alex Mailiff recently leading a team that worked on Ronald McDonald Family Retreat – Palm Cove and Ronald McDonald House Townsville Helen Tarttelin, Executive Officer of Ronald McDonald House North Queensland, hailed the continued contribution of AE Smith to the facilities as ‘invaluable’. She says families of children experiencing serious illness are often placed under immense emotional, physical and financial stress. “No one is ever prepared for the devastating news that their child us seriously ill. It is an emotionally draining time for the entire family,” Helen says.

Providing free services to Ronald McDonald House around the country is a way of fostering AE Smith’s strong family values. The special relationship means the Houses supported by AE Smith in North Qld, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth will no longer receive bills for air conditioning service and maintenance, saving up to $10,000 every year for each house.

To help relieve this burden, Ronald McDonald Family Retreats were created to offer a place for families with a seriously ill child to enjoy time together, take a break from the stresses of hospital and deal with their new life situation. “AE Smith’s contribution of free installation and servicing of the air conditioning at our unit is incredibly valuable and allows us to provide the special things, in addition to accommodation and support services, to families with a seriously ill child,” Helen adds. For more information or to make your own donation to a Ronald McDonald House in your state, visit AES




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32 Cool Breeze May-Aug 12

AE Smith COOL BREEZE May-Aug 2012  

AE Smith's newsletter for staff & friends: Helping people - the secret to success at AE Smith | Victoria Racing Club sets the pace in the e...

AE Smith COOL BREEZE May-Aug 2012  

AE Smith's newsletter for staff & friends: Helping people - the secret to success at AE Smith | Victoria Racing Club sets the pace in the e...