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Be Safe and Happy New Year Continuous Improvement Sees AE Smith Staff Upskill in the Aged Care Environment 400 George Street Delivering on Green Design Excellence Queensland Lead the Way in Revolutionary Clean Air Technology Right Choice in Safety & Safety Bucks Winner HQ Development Wins Engineering Excellence Awards Helping Hand at the Baptcare Children’s Christmas Party Strenuous Safety Compliance for Shell Brisbane Supports Ronald McDonald House Helicopter Lift Gets Tricky Job Done in Mackay New President for Mechanical Peak Body Cool Solution to Community Need in Townsville AE Smith Mackay Supports Kidney Network New Support for Environmental Charity

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“ I want you to feel that AE Smith does work worth doing; that we have a culture worth belonging to; and you are led by people worth following ”

Be Safe and Happy New Year Another year stretches out before us, and with that lies new challenges and new goals to achieve In the past few years, AE Smith has responded to the demands for energy efficient buildings and the need to reduce the impact of HVAC on the environment. We’ve worked with existing and new customers to develop specialised design, construction and maintenance of landmark green buildings three of which include the multi-award winning 6 star Green Star HQ Development, the 5 star NABERS Energy rated 400 George Street building, and the Ecosciences Precinct at Boggo Road Urban Village in Brisbane. All of this and more ensuring AE Smith stays at the forefront of our industry. As we look ahead to a new year, safety remains top of mind and a key issue for everyone at AE Smith to respond to. In December last year, AE Smith underwent a safety audit to retain our AS/NZS 4801 certified Safety Management System. It placed a fresh focus on safety standards – what we do, how we do it and in our ongoing effort to continuously improve, the reaccreditation process helps equip us with the tools we need to improve our safety record. But don’t be fooled. Safety audits and formal certification processes in and of themselves are no substitute for a safe working attitude.

2 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

Yes – it’s vital to have the right tools, and I’m pleased to say we have some of the best safety tools available, but the key to improving safety ultimately rests with each and everyone one of us and the decisions we make every day at work. Safety is everyone’s responsibility – and something we can all bring to every facet of what we do. From AE Smith technicians driving with courtesy and respect on our busy roads, to mechanical plumbers on a construction site or our administrative staff at offices around the country, working safely is key to the company’s well being, your well being and ultimately that of your families. In the next 12 months, you’ll be seeing various initiatives roll out that continues AE Smith’s commitment to Zero Harm from training and workshops to the planned production of a unique AE Smith safety video. Where you can, I urge you to take part and get involved.

“The provision of a safe, healthy and secure workplace for our people is fundamental to our business success and is an important demonstration of the respect we have for our employees and their families.” Andrew Permezel, CEO

Main pic: Brisbane Construction factory team. Cover page: Brisbane Construction Queensland Children’s Hospital team.

As we continuously improve in this area, as we have in other areas affecting our business, we’ll maintain our position as a leader in our industry. Importantly in 2012, I want you to feel that AE Smith does work worth doing; that we have a culture worth belonging to; and you are led by people worth following. Be safe and Happy New Year. Andrew Permezel, CEO


Continuous Improvement Sees AE Smith Staff Upskill in the Aged Care Environment AE Smith’s continuous improvement philosophy will see the company undertake specialist training over the coming year where key managers, technicians and frontline service personnel will be skilled on the specialised knowledge and unique challenges inherent in supporting aged care facilities

“ the training will help staff better appreciate many of the issues faced by older people in the community and ensure a higher level of service to aged care customers and their residents ”

The “Working with the Elderly” training, designed exclusively for AE Smith by Aged & Community Care Victoria, is focused on helping improve the ability of AE Smith to work with the elderly and communicate with respect and understanding, according to General Manager of Business Development, Doug Binns. Doug says the training will help staff better appreciate many of the issues faced by older people in the community and ensure a higher level of service to aged care customers and their residents. “We want to help our aged care provider customers to achieve the highest possible standards in providing a safe and comfortable environment as part of their formal accreditation,” he said. “We do this through a range of innovative solutions that help control costs by improving the management and productivity of critical heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and building infrastructure controls.” The training covers aged care communication issues and strategies; as well as background on the funding sources for residential aged care – critical issues surrounding accreditation requirements for residential aged care providers.

4 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

“We know we can help aged care providers meet more onerous and expensive building standards and accreditation requirements and retain their operating margins, while creating higher quality accommodation for baby boomers and others who are used to air conditioned spaces,” Doug added. “We can show aged care providers exactly where they are with the condition of their mechanical services and help them to enhance their performance.” “This helps to improve their workforce’s productivity, especially around compliance and accreditation processes through our simplified automated reporting systems.” Doug said owners could also defer large capital investment in major retro-fits and replacement of existing buildings or infrastructure through the use of tailored maintenance programs which take into account the specialised requirements of the industry. “Through our simple and cost effective regular maintenance programs, aged care clients can ensure their existing HVAC systems and other mechanical services operate more efficiently,” he said. Southern Cross Care Building Services Manager, David Blackie agrees: “AE Smith has been working with us over several years and the service and contracts they offer allow us to plan and manage our building maintenance costs.” Southern Cross Care is regarded as one of the leading providers of aged care in Western Australia, providing quality care, support and accommodation to over 3,000 Western Australians. But it’s not only the bottom line that appeals to AE Smith’s aged care clients. Rob Preisig, Project Manager with RSL Care WA, says the shared values between the organisation and AE Smith mean they can be confident that the solutions being offered reflect an understanding of the challenges being faced.

“ the shared values between the organisation and AE Smith mean [RSL Care WA] can be confident that the solutions being offered reflect an understanding of the challenges being faced ”

“AE Smith’s work to maintain and manage our property assets is always carried out to the highest standards,” he said. “They bring an impressive level of professionalism, understanding and involvement in ensuring that everything RSL Care does is the best it can be.” Sentiments echoed by another client, Brightwater Care Group’s Physical Services Manager, Peter Holder, who says the stringent checks and balances of the industry mean strong relationships with suppliers like AE Smith are essential to funding. “In the business of aged care, it is vital that we demonstrate to the Department of Health and Ageing that there are appropriate levels of maintenance in place for each piece of equipment,” Peter says. “The service AE Smith provides Brightwater enables us to provide the relevant documentation to the accreditation assessors and outline in detail what is planned in terms of service and maintenance.” AES


400 George Street Delivering on Green Design Excellence

“ [We] work with customers to ensure their investment in green design and energy efficient technology is not lost by mismatched servicing and maintenance that fails to comprehend the intricate requirements to maintain a high NABERS Energy star rating �

6 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

Attaining and retaining a 5 star NABERS Energy ratings AE Smith in Brisbane has been involved in the development of one of the country’s most innovative Green Star buildings - and is now integral to the buildings ongoing energy efficiency. 400 George Street, hailed as a new generation office tower in Brisbane’s CBD – was awarded the coveted 5 star Green Star Office Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) when it was first completed in 2009. Two years on, the building that set new benchmarks in ‘green design’ has recently achieved a 5 star NABERS Energy rating for energy efficiency as well. “We were very proud to be involved in the design and construction phases of this project, but to then ensure the building is serviced and maintained to achieve the highest energy efficiencies is just as important,” comments Matthew Steele, General Manager, AE Smith Service in Brisbane. “It has been very satisfying to be part of the team that helped the building managers, Knight Frank, secure the NABERS 5 Star rating,” said Matthew. “It was a team effort but was certainly nice to get some recognition from Peter Gill, Director, at Knight Frank who wrote, ‘thanks to you and the boys particularly Jock and Clint for their assistance at working at resolving issues that have helped us achieve this great result.’” “Our goal is to work with customers to ensure their investment in green design and energy efficient technology is not lost by mismatched servicing and maintenance that fails to comprehend the intricate requirements to maintain a high NABERS Energy star rating,” adds Matthew. “It’s one thing to have the best designed building but ultimately retaining a high NABERS ratings comes down to ongoing preventative maintenance that’s done by energy competent service providers.”

The ranks of AE Smith CBD and NABERS accredited assessors is constantly growing with many from each office having already started and/or waiting formal accreditation. See the list at

AE Smith’s growing expertise in maintaining Green Star and NABERS rated buildings is seeing landmark buildings such as 400 George Street foster specialised energy efficient servicing and maintenance of building management and HVAC systems. “Our message to customers is simple, you’ve worked hard to achieve these ratings, let us help you keep them.” “AE Smith’s experience in servicing NABERS rated buildings with their specialist requirements means we’re an integral part of keeping a building’s NABERS Energy star rating, ensuring buildings stay as efficient as possible and deliver the best return on their investment.” “We’ve enjoyed being part of the team that helped Knight Frank achieve their 5 star NABERS Energy milestone and coupled with the sustainable building design, 400 George Street is a great best practice example of how design and maintenance come together,” adds Matthew. AES


Queensland Leads the Way in Revolutionary Clean Air Technology

“ Independent studies have also shown reduced allergy and asthma symptoms triggered by biofilm and mould; reductions in staff absenteeism; and improved productivity �

8 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

AE Smith clients in both the Townsville and Cairns regions are recording impressive results just six months after the installation of UV light powered Steril-Aire technology AE Smith North Queensland General Manager, Vic Riella, says this revolutionary US technology’s ability to mimic the sterilization qualities of the sun has provided a host of benefits to the air conditioning systems of select AE Smith customers. “After just three months, cleanliness and efficiency on even the worst evaporator coils has been reinstated to about 98% using this technology.” But there are also some added benefits for employing this technology adds Vic: “It saves a great amount of energy so the pay back is very quick; it kills 99% of all viruses in the air; and it cleans the evaporator coils thoroughly, reducing maintenance and doing away with harmful chemicals – so it ticks all the boxes.” Steril-Aire provides a very high output in the UV-C band, which works by destroying DNA, thereby killing the entire food source for any mould and bacteria growing in AC units. Vic believes Steril-Aire technology complements AE Smith’s other service areas, offering customers a solution to the resource draining area of maintenance. “Duct cleaning has been either reduced or eliminated, depending on the severity of contamination and filtration standards,” Vic adds, pointing also to the positive flow on effects noted in customers’ workplaces. “Independent studies have also shown reduced allergy and asthma symptoms triggered by biofilm and mould; reductions in staff absenteeism; and improved productivity.” He adds that the UV-C system can also be installed in water tanks, giving peace of mind to schools and community groups. “The UV-C light is so strong that nothing lives in it. The bacteria are killed and the water is cleaned so well that you could drink it safely.” He says the technology is an important step in rectifying inherent issues in air conditioning in any building. “No one wants to say they have air quality issues, but people need to understand that all systems are the same. It is actually nothing to be ashamed of to say ‘I have mould and bacteria growing in my aircon’, because everybody does… A cool, damp, dark space is a perfect nursery for mould and bacteria.” AE Smith is a preferred Australian supplier and installer for the American Steril-Aire technology, working closely with Malcolm Cain, the Australian representative.

Main pic: Vic Riella, General Manager, AE Smith Townsville holding one of the smaller UV-C light emitters Pics above: Before and After pictures of evaporator coils. The coils from this distribution centre in Sydney were cleaned every two months prior to UV-C light technology being fitted. After Steril-Aire Emitters were installed, the same coils have been kept in a as new condition since installation three years ago—importantly achieved without the use of chemicals.

Cain says that while the technology is mature in the States, it is still very much in its infancy in Australia. But he adds we are now in the next phase, which includes installing Steril-Aire in whole buildings: “Ideally, the results like those seen at Auckland International Airport can be replicated, which achieved the targeted 20% reduction in carbon footprint, reduced maintenance costs and met their bio security obligations for air quality.” “Since they installed Steril-Aire throughout the whole airport, they have seen energy savings in excess of $270,000 per year,” Cain says. AES


Right Choice in Safety

“ Whilst there were many Safety Bucks nomination – all of them admirable and worthy – this particular incident demonstrates that safety is not separate to our normal duties with AE Smith, but rather an integral part of who we are and what we do ”

10 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

Christmas and New Year have come and gone. For many, there’s still holidays to be had, shopping to do and parties to attend. It’s not known as the ‘silly season’ for nothing though, and one of the perils of this time of year is that we get wrapped up in all of that and fall into the trap of making poor choices when it comes to our own safety and that of others Safety is a responsibility we carry with us in all aspects of our life, not just in the workplace. The same cautionary and sensible approach in any part of our life, and a focus on making good decisions when it comes to safety, will ensure good outcomes both in and out of the workplace. Equally, our safety focus within the workplace and our commitment to Zero Harm should not be limited only to the scope of our specific job-related tasks. We are in a high risk environment at all times, and being prepared to make the right decisions will enable us to positively contribute to the safety of ourselves and others. Safety Bucks Winner This is particularly reflected in our most recent quarterly Safety Bucks winner, John Venardos of the Brisbane Service team (pictured above far left). John’s application and diligence in both safety and customer service were on display when, in the course of a technical visit to a major Brisbane client, QLD Newspapers, he came across a fire which had started on the customer’s premises.

John took charge of the initial response and subsequently coordinated the broader situational response, containing the fire and thus minimising the damage and risk that stemmed from it. Whilst there were many Safety Bucks nomination for the quarter – all of them admirable and worthy – this particular incident demonstrates that safety is not separate to our normal duties with AE Smith, but rather an integral part of who we are and what we do. Safety at AE Smith continues to be a critical component of how we do business. The importance of us considering the safety of ourselves and our fellow workers comes to the fore when other pressures come to bare. AE Smith’s record in many areas demonstrates that this is understood and to a large extent applied across our business activities. Safety Milestones I’d like to also recognise and celebrate a number of milestones for the most recent quarter – the Brisbane factory has marked 1000+ days LTI free, a symbol of the application and diligence of every person in that workplace over the last three years. Sydney Service has also now reached 1100+ days LTI Free while Perth service has marked 600+ days. Reaching these sort of milestones is the result of much effort. Congratulations to all involved. Safety on Show In early November 2011, AE Smith was again invited to present at the Marcus Evans National Zero Harm at Work Conference 2011 in Melbourne. This invitation was a product of our successful presentation to the same conference in the year previous, and it was interesting and enlightening to observe the level of interest among conference delegates in the challenges we’ve experienced and solutions we have applied in this area at AE Smith over the last 12 months.

“Congratulations to John Vernardos for being the Safety Bucks Winner for the last quarter in 2011 and winning a $250 Safety Bucks voucher.” Danny O’Reilly, National Safety Manager

Next Steps In 2012 we’re pleased to be implementing a range of continuous improvement measures including specific safety attitude testing at the time of employment to ensure that at each hiring opportunity we’re progressing our Commitment to Zero Harm. Through our incident analysis processes we continue to work at identifying and embracing opportunities for improvement. As a result, we are continuously modifying and refining our company processes accordingly.

Main pic (L to R): John Venardos (Safety Bucks Winner), Glenn Mitchell, Byron Scott, Gavin Lane, Trevor Dunbar.

An analysis of contributing factors to injuries or near misses with regard to manual handling activities over the last quarter has revealed that the choices being made our workers are invariably also significant in those occurrences, and it really underscores the need for every individual to work at ensuring they’re prepared to make the right safety decision every time. Brisbane Construction, in concert with an external provider are currently developing specific manual handling induction training and competency assessment testing that is intended to address shortfalls that we’ve (Continued on page 12)


“ Such level of pro-activity is rarely seen in a service provider these days and John Vernados displayed the qualities of an individual who has a vested interest in providing a critical and primary role in assisting the business to avert a potential catastrophic scenario! ”

This initiative, along with a range of training and competency assessment for other high risk activities encountered in operations of the business, will go a long way to fostering our organisation-wide commitment to Zero Harm.

Wayne Wanstall Facilities Manager QLD Newspapers

Commitment to Zero Harm is something we have worked on across the business with all AE Smith employees – it is a part of the AE Smith language and something we expect all employees will embrace personally, while also feeding into all aspects of their work.

(Continued from page 11)

become aware of in the relationship between manual handling and the incident frequency rate.

AE Smith is currently in discussions with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Queensland regarding the development of a Case Study outlining the success of a business improvement project conducted at the Brisbane factory. This exercise examined the link between safety, productivity and job satisfaction among those employees. The Case Study is to be added to the WHS Queensland’s Zero Harm website and AE Smith has again been invited to present to construction industry CEO’s on the process, challenges, successes and outcomes achieved as part of that Business Improvement Project. Safety Endorsement Over the last few months we’ve also been acknowledged by a number of major business partners around the country for our contribution to Safety:

12 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

A senior representative from Lend Lease Australia was on hand to present at the recent AE Smith GM’s conference, while Abi Group have also recognised our safety credentials with an elevation of our status in the tender selection process. Shell Australia, Queensland Newspapers and the Melbourne Cricket Ground have also commended AE Smith’s work and commitment in the safety environment arena. Right Choice in Safety Whilst incident and injury frequency in the last quarter of 2011 has in fact been higher than the previous quarters, through technical analysis and the collection of anecdotal evidence on these issues we have been able to identify and better understand the reasons behind those incidents. What has been overwhelmingly apparent is that as an organisation and as individuals, we need to continue considering each choice we make which has the potential to impact on our own and others’ safety. The big challenge is to make the right choice in safety every time, and that is a responsibility that we all share. Danny O’Reilly, National Safety Manager

Main pic: Safety Bucks winner John Venardos, AE Smith Brisbane, Service technician. In a letter of thanks, Wayne Wanstall, Facilities Manager at QLD Newspapers wrote: “I would request that you consider formally commending John for the exceptional (a word not lightly given!) level of detection of the source of fire, monitoring of the incident, situational awareness and displayed fire-fighting skills carried out under my direction… “His key participation in a successful control of the incident cannot be understated and there can be little doubt as to his extraordinary use of common sense in utilising his judgement.”


14 Cool Breeze by AE Smith


HQ Development Wins Engineering Excellence Awards AE Smith’s commitment to excellence in providing sustainable building services and construction solutions that deliver energy efficient results has once again been recognised with three 2011 Queensland Engineering Excellence Awards

“ there is a big difference between knowing and doing when it comes to helping customers achieve their cogeneration commercial objectives ”

Brisbane Construction’s work on HQ Development by Leighton Contractors took out awards in three categories at the prestigious event for Buildings & Structures, Environment; and Sustainability. The acknowledgement follows recognition by the Green Building Council of Australia of the project as a world leader (6 Green Stars) in environmentally sustainable office design, having attained a 60% reduction in greenhouse emissions and a top energy ranking from the National Australian Built Environmental Rating System (NABERS). A landmark twin tower development located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, HQ has set new standards in environmental design and construction. Other features of the development that heralds sustainability and user comfort include 50 per cent more fresh air than normal office buildings; atriums to maximise natural light and foliage; the use of low volatile organic compound fittings as well as rainwater harvesting and water-efficient fixtures. According to Steve Jackson, General Manager of Brisbane Construction, the development – which comprises 41,200m2 of commercial office space, 2,800m2 of retail outlets, and a 2,500m2 central public plaza – represents a new approach to smarter, greener buildings.

16 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

“In challenging best practice in the built environment, this development achieves significant energy and water efficiencies, emission and waste reductions and demonstrates a high quality indoor environment,” Steve said. He adds that the AE Smith Brisbane team are particularly proud of their involvement in the installation and integration of a progressive cogeneration plant as part of the development, which is recognised world-wide as an important step forward in the sustainable building design. Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electrical energy and thermal energy, also referred to as combined heat and power (CHP). Cogeneration and trigeneration power plants have a third of the emissions associated with producing electricity from coal power plants and the increased efficiency resulting from cogeneration means less greenhouse emissions. Mark Medley, Design Manager - Power Generation in the Brisbane office, says the HQ ‘cogen’ plant (pictured left) uses a 2-stage absorption chiller, utilising reclaimed heat from the gas engines’ exhaust and jacket water. “The unit installed at HQ uses a gas burner – an optional element – which can directly fire the absorber to either run the absorber while the engine is off, or ‘top-up’ the heat coming from the engine as required,” Mark explains. “This unit, manufactured by Broad, produces chilled water from the heat recovered from the engine for use on site,” he adds. Next on the list of groundbreaking projects for AE Smith in Brisbane is the billion-dollar Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) development, which will see a trigeneration system capable of delivering up to 6MVA of electrical energy to be utilised on site or optionally any excess electrical energy can be supplied and sold back into the network. The trigeneration system will also deliver up to 2.1MVA of recovered thermal energy for use throughout the QCH project. The QCH project represents the first time AE Smith (or any competitor) have been contracted to delivered a total turnkey cogeneration solution to the market. Past projects required the clients specified scope of works to be split between the mechanical and electrical contractors when delivering a cogeneration solution. AE Smith can supply our clients a "One Stop Shop" for design and delivery of turnkey co/trigeneration projects. Steve Jackson says AE Smith’s experience and ability to integrate cogeneration into broader systems is crucial in remaining on the front line of construction and service delivery for clients. “Historically, electrical contractors were typically responsible for delivering the cogeneration elements in a commercial office building project,” he says. “What this and AE Smith’s previous successes involving cogeneration mean, is that we now have the demonstrated capability to design and install cogen as part of our broader mechanical services delivery.” “While there are undoubtedly other mechanical services companies that share the knowledge around this technology, there is a big difference between knowing and doing when it comes to helping customers achieve their cogeneration commercial objectives,” Steve says. “We are all about the doing – and these Engineering Excellence Awards alongside our other successes show that what we do, we do very well.” AES

Pic above: The aim of HQ was to achieve innovative environmental benchmark performances by way of economical efficient means, acting as a catalyst for future green building practices. The project has been awarded a 6 star Green Star—Office Design v2 rating and a 6 star Green Star—As Built v2 rating. The application of a 1.55MW gas-fired cogeneration plant supplies 95% of energy requirements for the building by utilising waste heat from exhaust gases and assisting in reducing costs for their air conditioning plant. Source: Engineers Australia Queensland Division, 2011 Queensland Engineering Excellence Awards Commemorative Edition.


Helping hand at the Baptcare Children’s Christm Pic (R to L): Viragi Arnold and Tiffany Laughlin join Marita Scott, Mary Quirk and Hayley Robinette from Baptcare at Moonee Valley Racecourse to help out at the 2011 Baptcare & AE Smith Children’s Christmas Party.

AE Smith’s Melbourne Service team was the gold sponsor of the annual Baptcare Children’s Christmas party in December, where more than 300 children with a disability or in foster care and their families were brought together by the charity at Moonee Valley Racecourse for a day of fun and games Now in its fifth year, this popular community event provides activities such as a jumping castle, clown, magician, face painting, pony rides, balloons, food and live music to brighten up the day of hundreds of children – with a visit from Father Christmas a crowd favourite. A long time AE Smith client, Baptcare is a not-for-profit organisation based in Victoria and Tasmania. The charity supports children in Melbourne’s North and West through foster care, disability care and a range of other family services. Baptcare’s GM Family and Community Services, Marita Scott said the difference it makes to children and families living with disability or in foster care is obvious for all to see on the day: big smiles, laughter, running around and carefree fun. She said many of the families cared for experience financial hardship and social isolation which is heightened over Christmas. To reduce this stress each year, with the help of the community, Baptcare provides a free Christmas party so that they can join in the festive season. “For families struggling, a fun-filled day is a welcome distraction and thoroughly enjoyable,” she said. “We are very grateful for AE Smith’s

18 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

mas Party support. Without support from sponsors and donations from the community, we simply couldn’t hold the Children’s Christmas party, and we’re really thankful to AE Smith and our other sponsors for being involved this year.” Baptcare began in 1945 when a group of Baptist women joined together to raise £4000 in a time of war to open Australia’s first Baptist home for older people.

“ While they are also a long time client, we take great pride in being able to provide additional financial and in-kind support to Baptcare and our other community partners ”

Today, the charity provides care to children, families, people with disability, older people, financially disadvantaged people and asylum seekers living lawfully in the community. AE Smith’s General Manager, Melbourne Service, Peter McCarthy said his office’s involvement with the Christmas Party was a small but important part of their broader community focus, and something all of the staff really enjoyed being a part of. “Some of our staff joined in with volunteers from associated schools and entertainers to bring real Christmas joy to the children and families,” Peter said. “While they are also a long time client, we take great pride in being able to provide additional financial and in-kind support to Baptcare and our other community partners. It’s something that’s really important to us, and we look forward to continuing this partnership into future years.” AES


Strenuous Safety Compliance for Shell AE Smith in Melbourne has recently completed an arduous but ultimately very rewarding process of achieving a level of Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) compliance which will enable it to work with Shell Australia – something few other Australian mechanical services or air conditioning service contractors have reached

“ Shell will only work with companies which have been granted a B grade (70%) or above. AE Smith currently holds a percentage of 90.5% ”

The compliance, which is regulated in Australia by Safety Services Company, ISNetworld, is recognised as a benchmark for WHS safety in the industry and has the potential to open up major opportunities for AE Smith teams right around the country. And according to Melbourne Service’s WHS Supervisor, Paul Strong, who spearheaded the project, the accreditation process has also contributed added benefit to AE Smith’s own WHS practices. “I suppose the key point about this accreditation is that it demonstrates AE Smith is very much at the forefront of safety procedures and policies, which we’re very proud of,” Paul says. “It shows that the AE Smith Workplace Health and Safety Management System, when put under scrutiny by an independent third party, stands up very well.” “But that being said, going through this process of compliance meant that we identified certain areas of improvement in our existing systems also.”

20 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

“It’s a reflection of our philosophy of continuous improvement, that there’s always an opportunity to make systems better no matter how good we think our WHS currently is,” he adds. Paul says the process of gaining the accreditation was not dissimilar to a tender process in the level of detail required when responding to the criteria. “It was very time consuming. I alone spent upwards of 60 hours working on it over a three month period, and that’s in addition to other members of our team and the time spent by our National Safety Manager, Danny O’Reilly, who rewrote a number of our procedures as we went through the process to refine and improve them further.” ISNetworld scrutinises the WHS processes of applicants, granting them a percentage mark for compliance with the stringent standards required by Shell Worldwide. That percentage then corresponds to a grading, and Shell will only work with companies which have been granted a B grade (70%) or above. AE Smith currently holds a percentage of 90.5%, placing it within striking distance of being upgraded to an ‘A’. Paul Strong points to the numerous flow-on benefits from the time spent on this compliance – for both Sydney and Melbourne Service as well as other AE Smith branches around Australia. “Because we use the same processes and procedures throughout Australia, the compliance creates opportunities for every AE Smith office in Australia,” he says. “They’d need to be accredited themselves, but the ground work has now been done.” Equally important though, is this stringent accreditation process with Shell means AE Smith has the credentials to impress other companies of that calibre with similar requirements and expectations, even if they’re less formalised.

Main pic: Peter McCarthy and some of his Melbourne Service technicians: (L to R) Karl Lemaine, Peter Cooke, Dallas Cooper, Ross Duggan, Lucas Thomoas, Peter McCarthy, Jermaine Pasnin. Pic above: Paul Strong, WHS Supervisor, Melbourne Service.

“It really puts us in the front row when working with any petro-chemical company, and more broadly it simply says to us that we are doing things right with our WHS processes, and that’s really important,” Paul adds. “Ultimately, it’s just been really personally satisfying and rewarding to have gone through this process, driven the various steps and achieved our safety goals.” AES


Brisbane Supports Ronald McDonald House AE Smith in Melbourne has extended their support of the charity.

AE Smith in Brisbane has joined forces with our Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Townsville teams to provide support to their local Ronald McDonald House (RMH)

“We’re now providing pro bono air conditioning service to Ronald McDonald House in Parkville, near the new Royal Children’s Hospital, in addition to the House we already take care of at Monash,” says Peter McCarthy, Melbourne Service General Manager who’s team has been a long term supporter RMH Monash for many years.

AE Smith is providing pro bono air conditioning service and maintenance – ensuring the house is kept comfortable during Brisbane’s hot and humid weather.

For more information about the Houses visit

“We pride ourselves on providing a home away from home for families facing one of the toughest challenges of their lives,” says Vicki Meyer, House Manager at RMH Mater in South Brisbane. “Making the House as comfortable as possible is a very big part of this goal.” “We’re pleased to be continuing AE Smith’s support of Ronald McDonald House in our city, there’s such admiration for their work in our community,” says Brisbane Service General Manager, Matthew Steele. Beyond the pro bono work, the Brisbane Service team are also conducting fundraising activities to provide additional support to Ronald McDonald House. “We’re also doing some fundraising within the team, demonstrating we’re behind Ronald McDonald House on both a personal and professional level,” says Matthew. AES

22 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

Helicopter Lift Gets Tricky Job Done in Mackay When it comes to tackling challenges that inevitably crop up on construction sites, the AE Smith team in Mackay look beyond traditional solutions Employing the services of a helicopter lift, AE Smith were recently able to complete a tricky installation project for Caneland Shopping Centre, a site that presented a host of access difficulties. AE Smith were recently commissioned to manage the air conditioning installation at the new shopping centre, where a high roof and entry points meant typical delivery by crane became problematic. A first for any Mackay construction site, the AE Smith team called in a helicopter team – which also required a special insurance policy – to carefully manoeuvre the new units through the air to the difficult site.

The move also grabbed the attention of local TV station, who filmed the chopper helping install new air conditioning systems to the site. Using helicopters is not often thought of for accessing difficult sites, but presents a very cost effective alternative to time consuming and expensive cranes that also require huge logistical support around road closures.

“The traditional option for such an installation would be closing roads down and using cranes to get access,” comments AE Smith Mackay’s Rick Larsen, who notes the close collaboration with client Lend Lease meant the helicopter lift became a relatively easy exercise “Using the helicopter lift was also exceptionally fast – they were able to do three lifts in just seven minutes, whereas a crane would have probably taken at least a day,” adds Rick. AES


“ Peter’s appointment comes at a time when a host of training initiatives and certifying industry standards are set to roll out, something he’s looking forward to spearheading ”

New President for Mechanical Peak Body AE Smith’s Peter Kinsella, Peter Engineering Staedler has Manager been appointed of AE Smith to lead Construction AMCA in Victoria, has been appointed Vice President of the world wide peak body - the Victoria Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) AE Smith Construction General Manager in Victoria, Peter Staedler has As theappointed been international as the professional Victorian President body for the of the building Air Conditioning services profession, and CIBSE has aContractors’ Mechanical membershipAssociation of over 17,000 (AMCA). in 87 countries. Peter’s appointment Kinsella’s appointment comes as the at one a time of two when Vice a host Presidents of training complements initiatives his role and certifying of Regional industry Chairman standards for are Australian set to roll & New out, Zealand something for he’s the same organisation. looking forward His toappointment spearheading. comes at a time when there’s increasing spotlight on the role Australia and New Zealand are playing in the buildingare “There industry many and training howprograms we are helping we’re set looking the international to implementagenda. in the coming two years that are suitable for both large and small companies,” comments “The building Peter. services “From industry coursesis for facing project a major managers change and of focus training from on legal lowestand price IR issues tendered to pre work and to projects post apprentice that consider programs, efficiency the extensive and program sustainability we’re–planning it’s an exciting to roll out timewill to help be atimprove the coalface the skills and and bringing our standards regional perspective of a varietytoofthe trades,” world table,” he adds. comments Kinsella. Staedler With overis10 hopeful years at hisAE two Smith year leading tenure will the not Engineering only see an team, increase Kinsella in is training also a qualified offered Green for theStar industry, Accredited but theProfessional, addition of Building a director Information of ARBS as Modelling well as holding (BIM)an that Honours will create Degree established in Building standards Servicesfor Engineering the industry. from the United Kingdom. “I’m keen for AMCA to take up the challenge to financially support this modelling AE Smith congratulates and then roll out Peter subsequent Kinsella ontraining his prestigious to coordinate appointment. all of the services in our industry,” adds Peter. For more information about CIBSE visit “I’m honoured to be appointed and look forward to what we can achieve for our industry in the coming two years.” AES

24 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

Cool Solution to Community Need in Townsville The Townsville AE Smith team has developed a creative solution to the community’s cool room needs, while at the same time offering an added service for clients In response to ongoing requests for event sponsorship from community groups in the region, the Townsville office has built a large, portable trailer-mounted cool room and made it available for the local community to borrow at no cost.

“ [AE Smith’s] portable cool room means we can now offer support to those many community events with a product that’s in keeping with our core business, while also having a backup unit on hand should AE Smith customers ever find themselves in need ”

“Like many businesses, we are often approached for sponsorship or financial support of community initiatives, but often it was difficult to know exactly where those dollars were going and how they were actually of benefit,” says Vic Riella, General Manager, AE Smith Townville. “Building this portable cool room means we can now offer support to those many community events with a product that’s in keeping with our core business, while also having a backup unit on hand should AE Smith customers ever find themselves in need.” Vic says the cool room, which measures 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.8m high can also be on site within the hour should an AE Smith customer have an emergency, while also ensuring community events have access to a top of the line facility. “We’ll drop it off, set it up and plug it in for them, and then collect it at the end of the event,” he adds. “All we require is a deposit and it’s available to any community group.” AES


AE Smith Mackay Supports Kidney Network

For more information about the Kidney Support Network visit

Local Mackay businesses have collaborated to provide a specially equipped transport vehicle for the Kidney Support Network AE Smith was amongst those who donated their time, resources and money to provide much needed support to patients requiring specialised transport to and from hospital and medical appointments - one of the many services offered by the Kidney Support Network. The Kidney Support Network is a community based charity that provides information and resources, transport and accommodation and support groups to those affected by kidney disease. AE Smith were quick to rally with other local organisations to sponsor the much needed transport vehicle to help Mackay patients, who rely on the Kidney Support Network’s transport services.

Cool Breeze is a newsletter published by AE Smith & Son Pty Ltd ABN 54 004 274 793 for its staff and customers. Subscription is free and available directly from AE Smith. ©2012 AE Smith & Son Pty Ltd. Important Notice: The information contained in this newsletter is given in good faith. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither AE Smith, its employees or contractors accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any person acting on information contained in this newsletter. This newsletter should not be used or relied on as a substitute for detailed professional consultation with AE Smith.

26 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

“We happily donated the time of subcontractors to help install a special hydraulic lift chair in the Kidney Support van,” says Mike Mulherin, General Manager, AE Smith Mackay. “We’re always keen to either donate our time, resources or skills to help our community and it’s great to see this van in use,” adds Mike. AES

New Support for Environmental Charity 100 vehicles and 1,000,000 km of air travel to be offset in 2012 AE Smith has expanded its existing arrangement with environmental charity, Greenfleet in 2012 to further contribute to offsetting the company’s impact on the environment.

“ offset CO2 emissions from the entire national Service fleet of 100 vehicles and 1,000,000 km of air travel ”

In 2010, AE Smith achieved its goal of planting 10,000 trees by 2010. In 2012 a new target has been set – to offset CO2 emissions from the entire national Service fleet of 100 vehicles and 1,000,000 km of air travel. AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel says 2011 also saw the implementation of the video conferencing technology to further reduce the need for air travel between AE Smith offices. “Reducing emissions and environmental impact are core to our business, and we believe strongly in ensuring we operate by the same credo as we advise our customers,” he said. Sara Gipton, Greenfleet CEO says the charity is dedicated to helping the community reduce the environmental impact of travel, business and lifestyle choices by adopting low-carbon alternatives and biosequestration. “To see an organisation such as AE Smith actively taking steps to make a difference is heartening, and should act as a fine example to other organisations around the country,” said Sara. AES




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28 Cool Breeze by AE Smith

AE Smith COOL BREEZE Jan-Apr 2012  

AE Smith's newsletter for staff and friends: Be Safe and Happy New Year | Continuous Improvement Sees AE Smith Staff Upskill in the Aged Car...

AE Smith COOL BREEZE Jan-Apr 2012  

AE Smith's newsletter for staff and friends: Be Safe and Happy New Year | Continuous Improvement Sees AE Smith Staff Upskill in the Aged Car...