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Area 51 Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer

Excerpt 1 We Have  Rift    

Chapter One Roland fired the M-240 from the hip—not approved procedure for accuracy, but he was a former Special Forces weapons man with three combat tours, and every 7.62-millimeter round went directly at the seventeen-inch screen of the laptop. The golden iris emanating from the screen sucked the bullets in like a raging ocean absorbing rain, without the slightest ripple or effect. The laptop rested on a boulder at the foot of a mesa fourteen miles outside of Tucson. A generator was stuttering nearby, providing power to the laptop and having supplied energy for the initial opening of the phenomenon protecting the computer. Roland was still in his jump harness, having just completed a highaltitude, low-opening parachute drop through the night sky. “Confirming a Rift,” Roland yelled into his throat mike. “Six Fireflies are out.” Moms’s unflappable voice replied in his earpiece. “Roger. Inbound.” Roland released the trigger after wasting a second fifteen-round burst, knowing bullets were now useless against the Rift. His head was on a swivel. He’d spotted six golden sparks come out of the screen just before his feet hit the ground, and who knew what they’d gotten into? The Rift was Doc’s problem now. The Fireflies were the real danger. The Snake came roaring in, wings rotating from horizontal to vertical, jet engines pulsing, almost eerily silent as the thrust passed through sound dampeners. Doors slid open on both sides of the delta-shaped aircraft and fast ropes were tossed out. Four figures slid down. The fast ropes were released and the Snake rose to over-watch height. A door slid open at the nose of the Snake and the chain gun extended into firing position. Racing from the discarded ropes, Moms—the team leader—led the way, her MP-5 submachine gun at the ready. Nada was on her right with his sub, along with Burns armed with an M-203, and Doc brought up the rear, carrying a

military-hardened laptop of his own along with a small dish transmitter. “Eagle,” Moms ordered the pilot, “get a Wall in.” The Snake banked and raced in a clockwise circle, five hundred meters around the Rift, firing down probes every three hundred meters of the circumference. When the last one was in, they were activated, forming a Wall around the area of operations, and the Snake returned to over-watch. Out of the corner of his eye, Roland caught movement as he shrugged off his parachute harness. He wheeled as a coyote launched at him from twenty meters away. An unnatural leap for a coyote and plenty of distance for Roland to stitch it with a solid burst. But close enough that the rounds weren’t enough to stop a creature taken over by a Firefly. The bullets barely slowed the coyote’s flight. It landed on Roland, teeth snapping, claws ripping at his body armor. Moms and Nada fired at the coyote on top of him, making the Delta Force live-fire training for hostage rescue in the Kill House at Bragg look like child’s play. Every round hit the beast, not a one scratching Roland. The combined force of the fusillade knocked the coyote off Roland and he rolled in the opposite direction, bracing for what he knew would be next. “H.E.,” Burns warned as he fired the forty-millimeter grenade launcher underneath the rifle barrel of his M-203. The high explosive round hit the coyote center of mass, blowing a huge chunk out of the creature’s chest and stunning it for the moment. It had been dead since Roland’s initial burst, but the Firefly still had enough to work with. “Doc, forward!” Moms ordered. “Nada, cover him. Burns, finish it. Eagle, we got one in a coyote, scan for anything living.” Doc—a short, balding man with thick glasses—was completely out of place among the military personnel blasting away with weapons all around him. And yet he ran toward the growing golden iris in front of the offending laptop. He dropped to his knees and opened up his own computer. He scrambled to connect a FireWire cable to the dish.

Roland ignored Doc, firing his M-240 at the coyote, but despite the damage, the remains of the coyote came toward Roland. Burns fired again and this round blew the remnants to shreds. Roland slid the machine gun on its sling over his shoulder and grabbed the pistol grip attached to the tank of napalm on his back, pulling it out of its asbestos sheath. He flamed the remains, charring it to ashes. A golden spark of light, four inches in circumference, lifted from the corpse, then disappeared into a wisp and then nothing. “How many?” Moms was at Roland’s side as he slid the flamer back into its holster and readied the machine gun once more. “Six. One down.” “You certain?” Moms asked as the two went back-to-back to gain 360degree coverage. Nada was hovering over Doc, head turning to and fro. “Yes.” A new voice came over the team’s net. “Got two hot to your west, moving in tight to each other toward you,” Eagle reported from the Snake, hovering a hundred feet overhead. “Targeting. Looks like more coyotes. I’ve got a Wall surrounding you at five hundred meters.” End of Excerpt

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About the  Author     NY  Times  bestselling  author  Bob   Mayer  has  had  over  50  books  published.    He  has   sold   over   four   million   books,   and   is   in   demand   as   a   team-­‐building,   life-­‐changing,   and   leadership   speaker   and   consultant   for   his   Who  Dares  Wins:    The  Green  Beret  Way   concept,   which   he   translated   into   Write   It   Forward:   a   holistic   program   teaching   writers   how   to   be   authors.    He  is  also  the  Co-­‐Creator  of  Cool  Gus  Publishing,  which  does  both  eBooks  and  Print   On  Demand,  so  he  has  experience  in  both  traditional  and  non-­‐traditional  publishing.       His   books   have   hit   the   NY   Times,   Publishers   Weekly,   Wall   Street   Journal   and   numerous   other   bestseller   lists.   His   book   The   Jefferson   Allegiance,   was   released   independently  and  reached  #2  overall  in  sales  on  Nook.   Bob   Mayer   grew   up   in   the   Bronx.   After   high   school,   he   entered   West   Point   where   he   learned   about   the   history   of   our   military   and   our   country.   During   his   four   years   at   the   Academy  and  later  in  the  Infantry,  Mayer  questioned  the  idea  of  “mission  over  men.”  When   he   volunteered  and  passed  selection   for  the  Special  Forces  as   a   Green   Beret,   he   felt   more   at   ease  where  the  men  were  more  important  than  the  mission.     Mayer’s   obsession   with   mythology   and   his   vast   knowledge   of   the   military   and   Special  Forces,  mixed  with  his  strong  desire  to  learn  from  history,  is  the  foundation  for  his   science   fiction   series   Atlantis,   Area  51   and   Psychic  Warrior.   Mayer   is   a   master   at   blending   elements   of   truth   into   all   of   his   thrillers,   leaving   the   reader   questioning   what   is   real   and   what  isn’t.   He   took   this   same   passion   and   created   thrillers   based   in   fact   and   riddled   with   possibilities.   His   unique   background   in   the   Special   Forces   gives   the   reader   a   sense   of   authenticity   and   creates   a   reality   that   makes   the   reader   wonder   where   fact   ends   and   fiction   begins.   In  his  historical  fiction  novels,  Mayer  blends  actual  events  with  fictional  characters.   He  doesn’t  change  history,  but  instead  changes  how  history  came  into  being.   Mayer’s   military   background,   coupled   with   his   deep   desire   to   understand   the   past   and  how  it  affects  our  future,  gives  his  writing  a  rich  flavor  not  to  be  missed.   Bob  has  presented  for  over  a  thousand  organizations  both  in  the  United  States  and   internationally,   including   keynote   presentations,   all   day   workshops,   and   multi-­‐day   seminars.     He   has   taught   organizations   ranging   from   Maui   Writers,   to   Whidbey   Island  

Writers, to   San   Diego   State   University,   to   the   University   of   Georgia,   to   the   Romance   Writers   of   America   National   Convention,   to   Boston   SWAT,   the   CIA,   Fortune-­‐500,   the   Royal   Danish   Navy  Frogman  Corps,  Microsoft,  Rotary,  IT  Teams  in  Silicon  Valley  and  many  others.    He  has   also   served   as   a   Visiting   Writer   for   NILA   MFA   program   in   Creative   Writing.     He   has   done   interviews   for   the   Wall   Street   Journal,   Forbes,   Sports   Illustrated,   PBS,   NPR,   the   Discovery   Channel,   the   SyFy   channel   and   local   cable   shows.     For   more   information   see      

Copyright This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Area51: Nightstalkers COPYRIGHT © 1999 by Bob Mayer, Updated 2011 Published by 47North All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the author (Bob Mayer, Who Dares Wins) except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Area 51: Nightstalkers  

Staff Sergeant Winthrop Carter has just been drafted into the Nightstalkers—an elite group of soldiers that... Actually, he’s not quite sur...

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