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254 Kings Highway, Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport

Oceanfront dining on Goose Rocks Beach Vibrant dining room, bar and social scene Re-Opening May 11th

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Craft Beer Brewery/ Restaurant

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Owner and Executive Chef Coast2Coast Caterers 207-646-2087

Federal Jack’s Brew The perfect blend ofPub flavor & se 207-967-4322

From Executive Chef Danie | 207.646.2087 | 835 Sanford Road, Realtor Betsy Ames Fitzgerald

Mortgage Lender

Sold on Betsy, 4322 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 207-967-5558

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Serving dinner nightly, 5:30–10pm 354 Goose Rocks Road Kennebunkport, ME 207.967.6550



MAY 2018


From the Publisher's Desk

Recipe Corner An exclusive

magazine serving

the residents

of Kennebunkport,

Cape Porpoise

and Kennebu


The Dries Fam


Live, Love, Laugh at Triple L Fami

ly Farm

To Raise a Magazine


by David Bates


MAY 2016

On a cold afternoon in mid-March 2016, our staff went out and interviewed and photographed the Dries family at Triple L Family Farm in Kennebunkport for what would become the very first edition of Neighbors of the Kennebunks Magazine. I was so anxious and excited about our first edition. I was concerned that our photos, which were shot by David Bates, would include some of the snow that is typically still on the ground in late winter/early spring. The photos would also show the Dries family children wearing winter jackets instead of the spring wear they would don in May when the edition came out. So much work and effort went into making this first magazine possible. I spent four months drumming up support from the business and nonprofit community with a whole host of activities that included everything from cold calls and networking to home improvement shows and meetings. At times I felt like a candidate running for office. When the final commitment was secured in February 2016, we were on our way. With a readership of slightly less than 2,700 homes in Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise and Kennebunk, the May 2016 edition that featured the Dries family set against a barn door was brilliant and served notice that we had arrived! Two years later, Daniel Crook, the owner of Coast2Coast Caterers in Wells, and his family grace the cover of our May 2018 edition, and we couldn’t be prouder and more pleased with how far we have come. But we certainly didn’t do it alone. Thanks to the support we continue to receive from many businesses and nonprofit groups that stretch from Portland to Sanford and from our readers, we have grown our readership from 2,700 to more than 6,000 addresses and counting. That readership combined with our more than 1,700 Facebook followers gives us a total direct reach of nearly 7,000. Neighbors of the Kennebunks is now enjoyed by audience members who also reside in Arundel, Wells, Biddeford Pool and the Camp Ellis and Ferry Beach area of Saco. Some 45 businesses have worked with

Corned Beef Isn’t Ju st for St. Patrick’s Da y


our magazine since we introduced our publication to the community with the help of our parent company, Best Version Media. In the last two years, we have also welcomed new contributors, writers and photographers who have helped us bring you more stories about the people and places that make this region so wonderful. As the publisher, I continue to strive to find new ways to bring this magazine to all those want to welcome it into their homes and businesses. One of the most satisfying things I experience is that when we roll out our latest edition, we often receive messages via our Facebook page from people from all over Maine, New England and the country who want to be added to our direct mailing list. We also send our magazine to people who live in several countries including Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Ireland and Argentina who have vacationed here and want to keep up with what is going on in our neck of the Maine coast. Because we add new readers who want to receive our magazine, I can say with great confidence that we enjoy a growing fandom that is the result of our commitment to stay true to our mission. In truth, it really does take a village to raise a magazine, just as it takes a village to raise a child, which is so keenly expressed in Hillary Clinton’s book, “It Takes a Village,” published in 1996 when she served as the First Lady. Thanks to all of the businesses and groups that have supported us and continue to support us, we will continue this great adventure together so that we may share more of your stories and convey an even greater understanding and appreciation for this place we cherish and call home.

One of my favorite meats to work with is corned beef, and although some only partake of it during Saint Patrick's Day, it's actually quite a frequent meat that appears on my family's table. Served with cabbage, carrots and potatoes is just one of the ways my family enjoys it. The famous Reuben sandwich is always a delight at our house, as well as corned beef and hash in the morning with our breakfast. But I must say one of the most popular one is my Reuben casserole. It's a layering of the boiled dinner and the Reuben sandwich all in one.

Make bread crumbs by placing them in a sealed plastic storage bag and rolling a rolling pin over them. Then spread the crumbs evenly over the top of the casserole dish. Bake in a 375-degree oven for one hour. Let the casserole set for five minutes when done. Enjoy, and I promise this will be a hit for everyone!

This, like a lot of my casserole dishes, can be easily made the night before or the morning of so all you have to do is pop it in the oven when you get home, and you have a delicious meal within minutes. This dish is a favorite of young and old alike, so let's get layering this scrumptious dish, which will feed six to eight people.

INGREDIENTS: 5 lbs cooked corned beef 1 loaf rye bread


3 eggs


When slicing the corned beef, always slice against the grain to get the best tenderness. Corned beef is a fibrous meat that is high in protein, iron and zinc. By slicing against the grain, you make the fibers of the meat shorter, which makes it more tender.


When purchasing Swiss cheese, it's always better to buy right from your deli department in solid form and shred the cheese yourself. Not only is it cheaper but it makes Swiss cheese stay moist and not dry out. This rule applies to many cheeses.

3 cups of thousand island dressing 1.5 cups of milk ¼-cup dijon mustard 1 cup chopped pickles 2.5 cups sauerkraut 2 tbsp pepper 2.5 cups shredded Swiss cheese


Publisher, Neighbors of the Kennebunks

Remember we are seasoning between every layer with the pepper. You'll notice there is no salt added to this recipe. That's because all the salt you need is already in the corned beef.

Debbie Meier grew up in Canada and has always had a passion for culinary arts, cooking and sharing the delicious foods she prepares with others. She is well known in the Kennebunks for her delectable meals. Her focus is on simple and easy tips that save time and money in the kitchen. Look for her monthly feature “Deb’s Culinary Tip of the Month” right here in Neighbors of the Kennebunks magazine.

Heat oven to 300 degrees, and grease your casserole dish.

Betsy Betsy Betsy Ames-Fitzgerald, Ames-Fitzgerald, Ames-Fitzgerald, CRS CRS CRS

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Layer half of the corned beef next. You can either chop it or slice it. I prefer chopped because it's much easier to handle when you're eating. You then are going to spread the sauerkraut and half the Swiss cheese over the top of the corned beef. Then spread the pickles on top of the sauerkraut followed by the remainder of the chopped corned beef. Finish off the layering with the remainder of the Swiss cheese.

207.967.5558 207.967.5558 207.967.5558

Now that you have all your layers together, mix the eggs and the milk together and pour over the dish.

f | | 207.967.5558 | 207.967.5558 207.967.5558 4

Take three slices of the rye bread and place them in the oven to toast for the topping. While they are toasting, tear the rest of the loaf up into bite-size pieces and layer the bottom of your greased casserole dish.


By this time, you're three slices of rye bread should be nice and crispy. Increase oven temperature to 375 degrees.



Open Wed. to Sat., 9am - 5pm 207-502-7021 4 Industrial Dr. | Kennebunk, ME 04043 | w w w . r e s t o r e . h a b i t a t y o r k c o u n t y m a i n e . o r g MAY 2018


May Feature Crook likes to reminisce about his sailing trip in 2001. “It was so great,” he says. He and his cousin sailed a 40-foot sailboat, planning to end in Australia. “Of course, things don’t always go according to plan.” They left San Diego late and ran into some extremely bad weather along the way. However, Crook was able to spend a lot of time island-hopping and diving. “Every day I was swimming with sharks,” he says, recalling one particular time when he was exploring Christmas Tree Coral and came nose-to-nose with a Black Tip Reef Shark. “He scared the hell out of me, and I scared the hell out of him,” Crook says, remembering how swiftly they both swam in opposite directions. Though he lived, cooked and had an active social life in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Hawaii, Crook had to come back to Boston to meet his wife, who is from Thailand. His Thai friend Alex — his favorite assistant chef and buddy — introduced him to Suree at a wedding rehearsal at her sister’s restaurant. Strangely enough, Crook didn’t meet Suree during the two trips he took to Thailand with Alex, even when he visited the Grand Hyatt where she worked in Bangkok! Suree was only visiting her sister and her in-laws to help out with their Thai restaurants in Boston, but Crook was able to persuade her to stay in the U.S. much longer than she had planned. Suree became a U.S. citizen in 2012. “I can’t run the business without her. I really lucked out,” he says. “And yes, I get ribbed about finally deciding to settle down.” Today, Crook is a busy business owner, happy to be working for himself as the owner and executive chef of Coast2Coast Caterers, which he named after his travels. The business is now in its fourth year and earning a stellar reputation for those not-to-be-forgotten special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. At one recent event, Crook and his team served everything from a barbecue to a breakfast brunch featuring an omelet station and Pacific Rim-inspired cuisine. In addition, they had

CHEF DANIEL CROOK BRINGS HIS EPICUREAN ASIAN DELIGHTS HOME TO THE KENNEBUNKS JENNIFER SAUNDERS | PHOTOS BY MICHAEL D. WILSON Even if you can’t be a globetrotter right now, it is possible to eat delicious food cooked by Daniel Crook, a world-renowned chef, right here in Southern Maine. His globally influenced food is a sumptuous adventure you can enjoy without a passport or a flight halfway around Earth. Crook, chef and owner of Coast2Coast Caterers in Wells, says, “I’ve been a French chef, an Italian chef and an executive chef. I can cook many types of Asian food and Asian fusion. I’m just not a pastry chef!” So, anyone can eat Crook’s amazing food at his place on Route 109 in Wells — when the food truck opens — or at your own specially catered event. Sitting down over coffee on a mild Saturday morning, Crook smiles as he recounts the life story that took him from his start as an entrepreneurially minded Kennebunk High School student to working as an executive chef and to a stint sailing on an (almost) all the way around the world trip. From California to Hawaii to Tahiti and back, Crook has quite a story. What made him leave world travel and warm weather to come back to Maine? “My parents,” he says with a smile. “I was born in the Boston area but grew up in Kennebunk from the age of three months.” 6

Crook credits his father with his love of owning his own business. “I asked my Dad when I was really small if I could borrow the lawnmower and go out and get some mowing jobs around the neighborhood,” he recalls. His Dad’s response, “If you pay for the gas, no problem.” From there it was running a takeout on the beach in Ocean Park with his siblings. Crook first understood he was destined for a career in food when he did a school assignment observing his father’s friend at his job. “When it was time for me to leave Mark’s sandwich shop — Vic & Whit’s in Saco — I was hooked.” Then Crook worked in the kitchen at the former Landing Restaurant in Kennebunkport and went on to graduate from the acclaimed Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute with honors. After college, his work took him to both coasts, in venues including the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, and the Grand Wahilea, Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons Resort in the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Lanai. While working with Master Chef Jean Joho in Boston, Crook took part in the Edible Arts Competition. He laughs, explaining that while they didn’t win that year, “We were the most fun, so they put us on CNN with Julia Child.”


2 0 7. 2 5 1 . 0 5 5 8 W W W . T E R R A P I N LA N D S C A P E S . C O M

MAY 2018


Social Media


live-action cooking stations where they made the food right in front of the guests. “That’s the best part of it,” Crook says.

Crook also has a food truck in the works, which he plans to use in conjunction with the function hall and other events.

Now Suree works with him while his son Tyler attends school in the communities where he grew up. His dad, a retired CPA, handles administration for the business. “He helps us with whatever we need,” Crook says. He added his father is also an aspiring photographer, showing off one of his stunning greeting cards. “He’s 81 now, and he’s still throwing down!”

“We plan on offering all kinds of different foods: A hoisin beef noodle dish, hamburgers, hotdogs, soba noodles, miso salad, barbecue. Our plan is to vary the menu and offer specials as much as possible,” he says. “We just want to keep growing and have people enjoy our food and our service. We bring the best of local ingredients, the best comfort foods and the best of world cuisine directly to you. No worries, though — no Thai cooked crickets!”

In addition to functions with Coast2Coast, Crook is working with a close friend on a barn restoration, turning a donated early 19th-century barn into a future function hall and venue in York. “We’re looking at an October opening,” Crook says. “We have plenty of space, which is great. We hope to concentrate on weddings and conventions.”

With all the negative press about Facebook, people are asking, “What’s the alternative?” While some followers will never leave Facebook, others are looking for a place to go. Most ask, “If I leave, where do I go and will my friends come with me?” We all know the stories of networks such as Instagram that became overnight sensations. However, most social networks are built by early adopters who bring their friends along with them, and then grow slowly over time. This creates a personalized vibe and makes the space even more attractive. Take Nextdoor for example, the social network devoted to neighbor-to-neighbor communication in a tight-knit geographical area. Nextdoor is not a Facebook alternative based on its exclusive appeal to neighborhoods, but it serves as a solid metaphor for growth. Nextdoor launched in 2010. By social network standards, Nextdoor grew incredibly slowly. Despite that, Nextdoor became one of the few tech companies to be valued at $1 billion without earning any revenue because the number of people networking on the platform eventually added up, one neighbor at a time. Great movements develop over time because a social network’s longevity and profitability depend on worthwhile, trusting relationships between its users and the network itself. Recently, Myopolis, a very viable alternative to Facebook, subtly and quietly opened their doors offering Citizens (like “friends”) the chance to become pioneers of their community and build trust amongst one another. Citizens sound off on topics they care about and are heard by others who care about the same topics. The Leaderboard is a popular component because it shows the leader in each category at the Local, State and National level. Early adopters will be at the forefront of the latest social movement. The problems Facebook experienced will likely be void because it is centered on the user’s ability to filter out what they do and do not want to see and read. A cool bonus is that the original founder of every town in North America will be noted in Myopolis records as the Founder. Now is the time to be a BIG fish in a smaller pond until Myopolis is an ocean. At that point, we will see if Myopolis can stay ahead of the problems Facebook faces today. One can hope.

Jennifer Saunders is content coordinator for Neighbors of the Kennebunks Magazine. She can be reached at

The perfect blend of flavor & service From Award-Winning Executive Chef Daniel Crook | 207.646.2087 | 835 Sanford Road, Wells, ME 04090

Realty Sales Inc.

“Experience you can count on & Advice you can trust”

Residential | Multi-Family | Commercial | Hotels & Motels 8

| David Trottier | Broker, Owner, Realtor

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MAY 2018


Real Estate

Expert Contributor


Mortgage Rates: The Time To Buy Is Now


It’s no understatement that we’ve grown a bit accustomed in recent years to exceptionally low mortgage rates. This year, however, we may be seeing an end to that good fortune. Mortgage rates have increased by about a half percent so far this year. The good news is that most homebuyers haven't been priced out of a home purchase or refinance — yet. Mortgage rates at highest levels in four years After hitting historic lows, average mortgage rates have now reached their highest levels in more than four years. They hit an average 4.45 percent for 30-year, fixed-rate loans as of March 22 according to Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Market Survey. This was the highest they've been since Jan. 9, 2014, when they were an average 4.51 percent. Taken in context, though, current rates are still near half their historical average of over 8 percent. Why is this happening? A frequent question I’m getting these days is, "Why are mortgage rates rising?" In a nutshell, interest rates usually rise when the economy is doing well. As stocks perform well, there is a flow of funds from the bond market to equities, causing debt rates to increase. The current economy has made a near-full recovery since the Great Recession, when the housing downturn took its toll. The unemployment rate has decreased by more than half and the stock market has been booming. Some analysts predict that if economic expansion continues, we could see 5-percent rates in 2018. How will this affect our housing market and home values? Rising rates will likely not deter home shoppers able to afford the increased costs. For a variety of reasons, often when homeowners are ready to sell and buy, there are changes in life circumstances that will supersede the cost of increased interest rate payments. Higher rates are also indicative of a stronger economy. I’m working with clients now who held off from purchasing during the recession because they were worried about their job stability or couldn't afford to buy. Now with better financial stability and job situations, we’re seeing them re-enter the market. With respect to home values, counterintuitively, there is historic correlation to rising mortgage rates and property value appreciation. Since 2000, each time mortgage rates increased by 1 percent, median home prices


have increased by an average of about 10 percent. This past year here in York County, we’ve seen median sales prices increase by 3.8 percent to $252,250, but with approximately 16 percent fewer available listings, according the Maine Association of Realtors®. The relative shortage in inventory has also fueled price increases. It’s a great time to list your home with less competition. With mortgage rates still low, “buyers are anxiously awaiting the increased for-sale inventory that spring traditionally brings,” says Kim Gleason, 2018 president of the Maine Association of Realtors®. What I’m recommending to clients Firstly, I ask about my client’s long-term plans for the property and when they will likely pay the debt off. Understanding the likely life of the loan impacts the type of loan product I’ll recommend. With rising rates, there will be greater interest in adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) that have a fixed rate for three, five, seven or 10 years. ARMs offer lower rates during the fixed period than traditional 30-year fixed mortgages. If my client knows that the debt will be paid within three years, why should they pay the higher interest rate of a traditional 30-year mortgage? The next thing I strongly recommend in an increasing-rate environment is to lock in the interest rate as soon as possible. Clients are then protected from any subsequent rate increases prior to closing. Floating the interest rate in today’s market is a gamble. We offer extended locks for longer closing periods and for people in the process of building a new home. These are also prudent choices in today’s rate climate.

Tony Cilea serves as the vice president and branch manager at Guaranteed Rate in Kennebunk. He has helped hundreds of families buy and refinance real estate. He loves living in the community where he works and welcomes clients to meet him in person in his Lower Village office for consultations. He prides himself on delivering an honest, well-communicated and knowledge-based lending experience for every client.


Sold Price

1,661 3,654 1,620 2,006 1,722 1,396 2,241 1,176 1,479 2,200

3 6 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 3

2 5$560,000 2 3 2 2 2 1 2 3


Sq. Ft.



Sold Price

2,266 1,550 2,636 1,848 4,024 2,100 1,850 2,177

3 3 3 3 7 3 4 3

3 2 3 3 8 2 2 2

$380,000 $329,000 $350,000 $306,500 $310,000 $406,000 $315,000 $292,500

5 Emmons Rd, Kennebunk 2/2a Mousam Ridge Rd, Kennebunk 4 Huckleberry Ln, Kennebunk 4 Flagship Cir, Kennebunk 6 Flagship Cir, Kennebunk 796 Pool St, Biddeford 11 Durrells Bridge Rd, Kennebunkport 85 Limerick Rd, Kennebunkport 8 Connor Dr, Wells 1913 Tatnic Rd, Wells

Sold 19 Warrens Way, Kennebunk 25 Mill St, Kennebunk 6 Roaring Brook Dr, Kennebunkport 40 Fritz Ln, Kennebunkport 1024 Portland Rd, Arundel 179 Libby Ln, Wells 33 Hiltons Ln. Wells 379 Chick Crossing Rd, Wells

KS 1804 MortgagePrintAd_NeighborsMag Ad-3.65x5.pdf



2:56 PM

$415,000 $549,900 $519,900 $429,000 $549,000 $258,000 $399,900 $255,000

Best Version Media does not guarantee the accuracy of the statistical data on this page. Any real estate agent's ad appearing in this magazine is separate from any statistical data provided which is in no way a part of their advertisement.

Tony Cilea

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O: (207) 209-2562 C: (207) 370-4043

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Stop by any of our branches, call or apply online today! 800.339.6573 ·


OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF PORTLAND 533 Riverside Industrial Parkway • Portland, ME 04103

NMLS ID: 211228 ME - 211228 - SLM11302, NH - NH211228 - 13931-MB • NMLS ID #2611, (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System • ME - Lic #SLM11302 • NH - Guaranteed Rate, Inc. dba Guaranteed Rate of Delaware, licensed by the New Hampshire Banking De-partment - Lic # 13931-MB


Ready for your perfect home? We’re ready too. Our mortgage lenders will help guide you every step of the way into your next home!

Your hometown mortgage lender, located in Lower Village



Finally, and most significantly in my view, I get a good handle on my client’s budget and finances. If a client tells me they do not want to spend more than $2,500 per month on their home’s carrying costs, I help them understand the maximum loan amount and purchase price to achieve their goals. This helps them set realistic expectations during their home search.

Financing the Kennebunks, one home at a time

2 Christensen Lane, Ste 8A Kennebunk, ME 04043

Sq. Ft.

APRIL 2018

10 PME doors neigh kennebunks 7_28_16.indd 1

7/29/2016 11:38:51 AM

Business Profile

Builder Honors the Past, Enables the Future






BY BRENDA POLLOCK Carolyn Sherman has fond memories of Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport. The summer home she grew to love originally was a barn that was converted into a modest three-bedroom, one-bath home in 1944. “Five generations have enjoyed this home,” Sherman says. “We mostly spent summers at the house when I was a child. A few years ago, we visited the family home during the winter. Snow came through the walls with every storm. We realized something had to be done if we hoped to continue our family tradition with our grandchildren and for future generations.” Sherman reached out to Jonathan Trudo, owner of Creative Coast Construction, to discuss a potential fourth project for her. “I would never have considered this project without Jonathan. He is a great problem-solver and always thinks ahead,” she says. “I trust him and recognized this was going to be a complicated and complex project that absolutely required his creativity and skillset.” Trudo teamed up with Eric Peterson of Peterson Design Group, an architectural firm. Together, they would present Sherman with a plan that accomplished exactly what she was looking for: honoring the past and enabling the future. “I wasn’t looking for a bigger footprint,” Sherman explains. “I wanted to preserve the family tradition of time spent in Maine.” Challenge number one for Trudo was a stipulation Sherman insisted upon at the start: “Save as much of the original house as possible and reuse it in the new design,” she says. “My hope was to maintain the warm heartedness of the original home.” 12

The building permits were submitted in October of 2017, but due to the complexity of the project and its waterfront location, obtaining the required permitting was a long process. “I had every confidence in Jonathan’s knowledge to dot every I and cross every T,” Sherman says. “He is so conscientious and meticulous. It’s apparent he loves what he does and probably why he’s so talented at his craft.” Creative Coast Construction raised the original house twelve feet in the air. The ground below was excavated and footings were set in place. The Floating House Project was to be completely renovated high above the ground once safely attached to its new open foundation footing.


The Floating House Project is expected to be complete in May. “I would not nor could never have entered into such a project without Jonathan,” Sherman says. “He’d call about a situation, so I’d ask if he had it figured out. He always had the right solution.” Creative Coast Construction was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Trudo. Visit their website at

After the house was secured, the roof was completely removed, as well as most of the walls.

Carolyn Sherman Kennebunkport, ME

Jonathan Trudo


Devoted to customer satisfaction.

Such a challenge sparks Trudo’s creative side and allows him to shine. “Working on this project has been a welcome challenge, requiring a lot of problem-solving,” he says.

Carolyn Sherman Kennebunkport, ME

Jonathan Trudo


Devoted to customer satisfaction.

Trudo managed to honor Sherman’s wish to preserve doors, original woodwork and more from the original home to incorporate it into the new home. “Carolyn asked her family and anyone who worked on this project to sign an inside wall with a positive message,” Trudo adds. “It’s nice working with a great family.” “I have two sons and four grandchildren,” Sherman says. “I’m thrilled they’ll all get to spend more time in the new house. We’ve upgraded it to a three-bedroom, three-bath home, but every room will still have visible memories of the past.”


MAY 2018


May 2018

SUN., MAY 13


@Seashore Trolley Museum Enjoy free admission for Moms visiting with their children. Time: 9am-5pm Cost: Varies




@Animal Welfare Society Join the AWS on Thursdays when school is in session in the Humane Education Room, where preschoolers are invited to discover the exciting world of animals with stories, playtime, crafts, songs, movement and animal time. Time: 10-11am Cost: Free, but donations are gratefully accepted.




@Seashore Trolley Museum Enjoy 50 percent off admission for residents of the Kennebunks, Arundel, Biddeford and Saco. Time: 10am-5pm Cost: Varies


@Garden Street Municipal Lot Time: 8am to 1pm Held every Saturday from May 5 to Nov. 17


@Johnson Hall The Kennebunk Land Trust's Annual Auction will be held at Johnson Hall, located at 2713 Post Road in Wells. Please join us for this Kentucky Derby-themed event. Time: 6-9pm or call 207-985-8734

@Saco Valley Shopping Center Time: 9am to 12:30pm Sats.: 7am to 12 noon, Weds.: 7am to 12 noon




@ Multiple Locations This year’s festival will feature all the popular, family-oriented activities enjoyed for years and some fun new additions. Time: 8am-3pm

SAT., MAY 12

@6 Hearthstone Dr., Kennebunk This is the yard sale you don’t want to miss! All proceeds directly support animal care at the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk. Time: 8am-1pm Cost: Free admission



@Nonantum Resort Join the chamber at the May Business After Hours event for networking, light refreshments and door prizes! Time: 5-7pm Cost: $5 for chamber members and $10 for nonmembers



@Rear lot of Wonder Mountain Fun Park, Route 1 Time: 1:30pm to 5pm

SAT., MAY 26, TO MON., MAY 28


@Seashore Trolley Museum Enjoy 50-percent off admission for all veterans during this special weekend. Time: 10am-5pm Cost: Varies

MON., MAY 28

Be a part of Kennebunkport’s annual observance of this important holiday. Time: 9:30am Cost: Free


@Veterans Memorial Park The parade begins in Saco and ends in Biddeford, at the Veterans Memorial Park at the corner of Pool Road and Alfred Street. Time: 10-11:30am Cost: Free


@Main Street Be a part of the annual observance of this important holiday in Kennebunk. Time: 2pm Cost: Free


@Wells High School Time: 9am Cost: Free Parade route goes from Wells High School to Ocean View Cemetery on Route 1.



@ Vinegar Hill Music Theatre Kevin Nealon sets himself apart from other comedic performers with his unique sense of humor, dry wit and likeable demeanor. Nealon is best known for his nine-year stint as a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Time: 8pm Cost: $60-$70



Ben's Flooring & Design Center We Design, Plan, Schedule, Install & Guarantee Our Work. Specializing in Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Custom Window Treatments Visit Our New Showroom Today!

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Independent Volvo, BMW & Mini Cooper Repair Shop and Dealer Repair specialist with more than 60 years of combined experience in fully servicing Volvo, BMW and Mini-Cooper models. Used car dealer.

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Please Call for an appointment - (207) 324-9223 9 Roy Dr., Sanford, ME 04073 |

massage facials laser hair removal makeup energy medicine: reiki, IET n


A curated selection of natural & organic skincare, makeup, bath & body products available. 207.502.8033 | | Kennebunk, Maine

Photography courtesy of Robert Dennis

Grocery Deliveries to Kennebunkport, Kennebunk & Arundel - shop On line at* or By phone from Boulangerie bakery or Down East Wine Imports

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Visit: Call: Annette (207) 702-7877 or Donna (207) 702-7888

S t e v e Br y a n t & S o n Tr e e a n d Br u s h *FillourFridge is not affiliated with Hannaford Supermarkets

N o Tr e e Scares Us!


Fully insured licensed arborist 207.282.9535 or


Tr e e r e m o v a l , p r u n i n g , s t u m p g r i n d i n g , c h i p p i n g

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