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aking place in the kitchens for centuries ”sauce”, whose arising falls on the Renaissance period, bringing





gastronomy, especially French has managed to become one of the most valuable touchstones of the world cuisine. The master chef Taillevent, who lived in the 14th century of Charles, led this flavour movement, complementing the period with the description of 17 sauces in the book “Le Viandier de Taillevent”. Thanks to Marie-Antoine Careme's venture, inventions and theories in the 19th century, the sauces nowadays continue to leave unforgettable aromas on our palates through modern recipes. While chariot of history always keeps on rolling forward in our 11th issue we give place to special cocktails, desserts and meals prepared with sauces. Thanks to everyone who have been following us for the last 10th issues and who are with us now.

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Poseidon’s Blue words & photos İzem Armağan


nce April or May knocks the doors, little sea creatures begin taking their place in the menus of Istanbul’s favourite venues along the Bosporus. One of the most popular among them is of course the shrimp. In fact its names has derived from Greek, which has evolved from the ancient word “karis”, with the same meaning.

a skewer so they won’t fall down. You could also cook the small shrimps in your oven or on the grill. There are some fine points you need to know when cooking shrimps. First you should keep the wooden skewers in cold water for about thirty minutes to prevent them from burning. Secondly cook your shrimps in middle level of fire; otherwise your shrimps would just burn in a blink of an eye.

I would like to share a recipe of “Grilled Shrimp with Dried Tomato Sauce”, which shows one of the best techniques that makes it the most delicious. For this recipe, you can use the largest shrimps you can find in the fish markets. If you could not find large shrimp, string the small ones on


Grilled Shrimps with Dried Tomato Sauce Ingredients For marinating; - 3 tbs white wine (you may prefer wine with low acidity). - 2 garlic cloves - 1/2 teaspoon olive oil - 2 branch of fresh bay leaves For dried tomato mayonnaise sauce; - A handful of shrimp shells (head and tail portions) - 1 small glass of good quality vegetable oil - 2 tablespoon lemon juice - 2 egg yolks - 1 tea spoon english mustard - 1 tea spoon tabasco - 1 teaspoon salt, black pepper - 1 tablespoon dried tomato - 1 tablespoon of powdered paprika Preparation 1/ Marinade Put all of your stuff in a container and let it sit for an hour. 2/ Preparation of mayonnaise sauce Throw a handful of shrimps and shells into the steel saucepan and cook well until the juices come out and the pan gets brown. Add salt, pepper and tabasco in it. - Pour oil, and continue cooking it for half an hour on medium heat, and then filter it with a strainer. - In a glass bowl, whisk egg yolk, lemon juice, mustard and a pinch of salt. - Continue to whisk very quickly without pausing as you add the drop of shrimp oil you prepared in very slowly. - You will see that the oil and egg slowly begin to solidify and the color begins to whiten slightly. That means the mayonnaise is on the way. - After this step, start adding the oil in larger quantities. - Continue in the same way until you pour in all the oil and add the remaining salt. - Add the dried tomato and paprika powder into the prepared mayonnaise mixture and mix well. Mayonnaise is now ready! A wonderful dip sauce for your grilled shrimps. Note; keep chilled and use in 3-4 days, as the sauce does not contain any preservatives.




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From A Genius Mixologist ROOM + RUMOURS

Çağrı Yılmazoğulları, who was ranked 2nd and 7th in Cocktail Competitions in Turkey, is one of the members of the Room + Rumors family. Having received the City & Guilds certificate which is valid worldwide after the training of bartending and mixology, Çağrı also attracts attention in global cocktail competitions.

interview Sinem Uysal photos Alice Grigoriadi

I observe that cocktail culture is developing faster in terms of alcohol consumption in comparison to the old days. I guess people are more enthusiastic to experience different tastes. What is your thought about this topic? How are we in this regard in Turkey? The mobility that started with the privatization of the alcohol sector in our country is also affecting the art of cocktail. The increase in the use of internet and social media has caused both the consumer and the manufacturer to evolve the vision. The expansion of drinking brands sold in our country has also opened up the industry in term of supply. Cocktails trends in Turkey are also in a big shall change. Every day we see more ideas and practices. However this is not just a change that can be acted on by the bartenders, moreover consumer needs to be conscious for keeping up with this trend.

Does the lack of the tropical fruits in Turkey restrict your creativity and cocktail varieties? Obviously the absence of tropical fruits leaves us more in the half-way of making cocktails and affects our creativity in an unpleasant way. We could also do cocktails with syrup and puree of fruits. My way of doing cocktails is increasing my own variety with homemade liquors, bitters and infusions on local fruits and vegetables. The creation of natural aromas in cocktails has been very much in the foreground in recent times. What do you use to catch different flavors? The El Turco cocktail that I have made it for the World Class Contest, I have created a balance that you wouldn’t imagine, like aubergine,


honey and mustard. In the Master’s competition, using honey, cream and milk has brought me the second place. Apart from this, I specially investigate Ottoman and Mediterranean cuisine for different tastes. My new favourite is the Ottoman sherbets. The sauces are quite a big deal in the meals. Can we say the same thing for cocktails? Are sauces used in most of them? Could you inform us a bit about this? The sauces always seem to me like cocktail in cocktail. Sauces are the heart of the most important elements in a good quality cocktail and they are the most important aroma in cocktails. Basically Sauces are almost in every cocktail. What should we pay attention to when deciding about the food and the cocktail? How should we do with our choices and what should we pay attention to? First of all, we have to be tolerant and open-minded. We shouldn’t have doubts when deciding what would it be a good choice. Taste it’s an immense trail board. But in our menus we are making recipes to match the oily and acidity and cooking style for content of the food. Sometimes even season trend can interact. We should get support from Bartenders for this issue. My personal opinion says that everyone should have an aperitif and digestive cocktails. I believe Love Hurts has a special place for you. Is it included in your blog? We are wondering about the story? The name comes from its own story. This phrase has a tragicomic meaning in our own language. For this reason, we have made it clear how much love can hurt by giving our guests the chance to choose the degree of bitterness for this question.” How do you understand the pain of love”? We have given our guests a chance to make an open comment for it. Questions like “Did you suffer as much as non-alcohol drink”, “Let see the pain of love”, ”I have been hurt so many times that now blow on the cocktails”. These make Love Hurts so popular.

Which type of food would you recomend the visitors of R + R to try with the 'Love Hurts'? Love Hurts is in great harmony with all the meat dishes, specially a medium spicy Love Hurts along with a medium rare tenderloin steak, it’s one of among by favourites.






LOVE HURTS Sweet and Sour Sauce Ingredients: for 1lt - 40 cl lemon juice - 10 cl lime juice - 10 cl orange juice - 200 gr sugar - 20 cl water - 2 egg whites Cocktail Ingredients: - 3 pieces of blackberry - 2.5cl Sweet and Sour Sauce - 2 slices of fine red mexican pepper - 5cl Bourbon Whiskey - 2,5cl Almond Liqueur - 5cl Grapefruit Water Sweet and Sour Sauce Preparation: We mix all the ingredients in a blender. Cocktail Preparation: 1/ Banish blackberry, sweet and sour, mexican pepper with the help of muddle. 2/ All ingredients will be shaked with plenty of ice in the shaker. 3/ Pour to the julep glass on the broken ice. 4/ Decorate with dried grapefruit slices.


White City: BELGRADE words & photos Başak Meriç Yazar

If you are looking for a different destination to get away from the city you live in, Belgrade is not far away! Situated on the plat of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade is a shining star of the Balkans with its strong history, lush nature and intellectual identity.

If you want to spoil yourself to new flavour, you can visit Zona Industrial a coffee shop that draws attention with its interior design of Varchar region. Freshly brewed coffees as well as variety of local “craft” beers and homemade lemonades are on the menus. It is quite joyful to have morning coffee at one of the tables on the pavements and watching around. Another local Belgrade coffeehouse chain is catching my attention. Although there are six different locations in the city, the Aviator Coffee Explorer located in the Drool is a great for a long coffee break and try out the coffee brewed using variety techniques. Jazz Baste is a hidden bar in the old building that connects Belgrade city centre to

Savamala. When the weather is good you can spend a beautiful evening in the pleasant garden, at other times with a lovely dimly light lit interior you can enjoy wine, cocktails and tasty snacks indoors. Different live performances are held and also host different jazz groups and artists. Located just little further from Jazz Baste, Gedo 0rganic offers dishes made of entirely of organic products. For those looking for other tastes rather than traditional Serbian cuisine, There are choices of salads, soups, fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and vegetarian options on the menu that attracts attention with its simple decoration. The weekends are accompanied by live jazz and soul music.

Olbia Reeds La Santa de Belgrade at Karadjordjeva street, inspired by the architectural history of the city and the reconstructed buildings of its history. If you are looking for a reason to explore this city, time has come to set out discovering the secret beauty of the court yards of majestic and cold building.

Savalama B&B is a great accommodation option in Sava lama, which is popular as Belgrade’s design and cultural discreet where daytime is calm and nights are trendy. Meticulously designed lobby also serves as a café and bar. Belgrade’s role in art also attracts attention. One of the most exclusive example of street art was made by Glom 22/23


A warm living space is hidden in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Karadjordjeva Avenue in Belgrade!




J A Z Z B A S TA A place right next to the Brankov bridge, one of the most beautiful places in the old town, touching French decor that feels traditionalism and romance...

Everyone who walks in the Savamala streets is aware that it is an isolated system full of details that has the respect of the city!







luxurious Puglian experience with elegant, spacious and white interiors. Its bohemian Mediterranean touch that needs to be spotted in your to be discovered list. Masseria Moroseta is a hidden 500 hectares area surrounded by olive trees and easily connected to a rural stream.

I ta ly

THE MASSERIA words Sinem Uysal photos Salva Lopez


Masseria is a white farmhouse where the olive trees turn their faces to the sea. Masseria was built using traditional techniques and local materials and combined with modern architecture where it placed on 500 hectares of 500 years old olive trees has a unique combination of relaxation and rural simplicity. Just like it is in a traditional farmhouse, everything spreads over a place starting from a middle patio, sea facing lounge and patio, terrace reaching stars, minimal rooms on either side overlooking private gardens astonishes the guests at first glance. The bonny tannery and stone floor seating lounge, open kitchen, barbecue, patio, pool, gym and spa, keeps the place cool even on the hottest days. It welcomes all expectations with its cosy corners, which provides a simple solitude while encourages the personal interaction at the common areas. Masseria Moroseta, with its traces of the past, the Puglia region that bounds to the traditions of the countryside invites you on a journey back in time with its special ties.



Overlooking private gardens on one side and the fields on other, the place astonishes its guests by the room views. Masseria Moroseta located on a peaceful settings with elegantly furnished modern country houses its idyllic place to watch sunset of Ostuni. Farmhouses surrounded by five hectares of organic olive trees give tranquil residential area combining peace and rural simplicity.



Eco-Friendly: Masseria Moroseta is designed with environmental care. One meter thick walls made 0f recycled and environmentally friendly insulation provides minimum need of ventilation during the hottest days of the year and minimum warming in the winter. Living areas with cross ventilation windows do not require any air conditioning as the solar panels provides enough electricity and heat for the entire building. Organic agriculture has its own water resources. All materials used in the construction are provided by local tradesmen therefore all food and beverages are either grown organically or bought from local farmer or tradesmen. Masseria embraces not only kitchen, but also the way of life in Mediterranean-Puglia region. Food, social interaction, rituals and the right kind of exercises with fresh air are out and under the sun. In the morning you will enjoy the eggs they get from chickens with the stone-pressed olive oil bread and jam prepared in winter. You are invited to banquet every evening at the common table to taste locally grown organic vegetables, sourced meat and fish taken from the sea every morning. 200 year old stone ovens are perfect for baking. Continuous fresh water flows from the well; supplies opportunity for Chef Carmen to treat you with 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables dominates the kitchen for Cite slow menu. October is time for olive harvesting in Masseria Motoseta! It is right time to be there to experience traditional methods of harvesting local cold stone- press and more.



Area: Masseria is located in the heart of Puglia countryside and it is only 3km from city of Ostuni, facing the sea. Puglia is famous for its fresh seafood and also for its own vegetables based cuisine. The historic towns of Cistern no, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Lecce and the stunning Polignano al Mare are also short drive away. Architectural: Masseria Moroseta was designed by Andrew Trotter for three –year period to explore the heart of Pugliese,s construction and traditions. The owner, Carlo Lanzini wanted a building so modern that it would look outstanding between the olive trees. Mass colleting work was done in the region and modern and minimal architecture has been compared in terms of simplicity while using local materials. The result perfectly suited the area and piece of modern architectural work was produced. This is a modern farm that based on a contemporary life. The local and traditional sandstones “Tufo� is used in all places and each room has a vaulted ceiling and wall with a thickness of 80 cm to ensure that building is cool, even if it is 40 degrees outside. All stones were recycled from the land during the excavation. The rooms on the right have private terraces overlooking the olive grove while rooms on the right are filled with orange tress.


Driving your way past an old surrounded by centuriesold trees, you will come to Masuria Moroseta a white stone house proudly standing on a ridge overlooking the Adriatic sea nearby Ostuni town.



Design Speaking of design Masseria Moroseta , Andrew Trotter’s first architectural structure. Before returning to England Trotter studied interior design in Australia from 1990 to 1994. He has developed the Open house concept primarily as a design store in Barcelona and then Mari Luz Vidal as a contemporary photo gallery. Open house Magazine has been launched in 2014 to discover creative people who open their homes and private spaces to the public. The magazine has been published twice a year and been sold in more than 600 stores worldwide. Masseria Moroseta, touched by individual beauty at every point, is waiting to steal your heart away in the south of Italy with natural beauties as well as local delicious dishes.




V 1 1



P T- S A C E U


In 21st century, when the nature and words are starting to lose their meaning, do not forget to inspire yourself with the nature while combining simple pieces that reflects soft tones and mods to complement your soul.


How close are you to brining the sky, the colour palette of soil and green forests to your conceit. When you explore nature, make a fresh start to feel the harmony, interaction, aesthetics and balance of everything.


words & styling Sinem Uysal photos Ä°brahim Ă–zbunar production assistant BertuÄ&#x; Erdem hair Emir Baydak make up Cuma Polat clothes COS




LEMON CHIFFON: Lemon Curd Sauce: - 2 large lemons (lemon juice and peel to be used) - 3 eggs - 3/4 cup sugar - 100 grams of butter Lemon Curd Sauce preparation: 1 / Put eggs, lemon peel and sugar in a heat resistant glass container. Whip the sugar up to the melt with a whisk. 2 / Place the container in a pot with boiling water and add the lemon juice. Continue to cook until on the low heat until browning. 3 / Stir the mixture you have prepared by adding butter for another 1-2 minutes. 4 / Store in a glass jar when reached the room temperature. Cake Ingredients: -

7 egg white 165 gr. sugar 1/4 tea spoon salt 1,5 tea spoon cream tartar 7 egg yolk 165 gr. sugar 125 ml lemon juice 55 ml water 125 ml oil 2 teaspoons of tea bag bergamot tea 1 lemon peel 1/2 small spoon baking powder 275 gr. flour

Cake Preparation: 1 / Prepare the egg whites and beat up with salt. Continue to add sugar to change color of the egg. Add a cream tartar on it and beat up to froth. 2 / Add the sugar to egg yolk and beat until it gets white. Add oil, lemon juice, water, lemon peel, sifted flour and baking powder. 3 / Mix egg yolk, blend with egg whites divided in 3 parts, and mix with a spatula. 4 / Grease the base of a large cake pan. (No need to grease if you have a Chiffon pan) 5 / Pour the prepared dough into the pan and bake in a preheated to 165 degrees oven for 50 minutes. 6 / After you get the cake out of the oven, wait till it cools down, take your resting cake from the pan. (You can easily remove the edges with a thin knife.) 7 / You can serve it by adding 'lemon curd' moss you prepared, on the cake.






LAVENDER BLUE Icelandic Fashioned

Lavender Syrup Ingredients: - 16 oz water - 4 oz (volume) lavender - Some honey Lavender Syrup Preparation: 1 / Boil the water and add the lavender. Boil for about 10 minutes. 2 / While still hot, add equal amount of honey to lavender juice and mix until honey is dissolved. 3 / Keep one week to rest inside a glass jar.

Cocktail Ingredients: -

½ oz Lavender Syrup 2 Angostura Bitters 1 soda 2 oz Vodka (Reyka)

Cocktail Preparation: 1 / Add lavender syrup, Angostura Bitters, soda and vodka to the shaker. 2 / Fill the shaker with ice and shake for 2025 seconds. 3 / Add a cube of ice and pour the cocktail, decorate it with lavender pellets on the side.


Ballet Fitness Starting the day with Chopin or just the opposite - finishing your day with Mozart or Dvorak throwing all your stress away, you will have the body you want, and you will run away from the real world for a while and feel yourself a fairy tale. Ece Candan Studio invites you to a tremendous journey.

words Sinem Uysal photos İbrahim Özbunar


ce Candan’s name doesn’t sound unfamiliar to ears. Until recently very strong woman profile with considerable role in fashion world comes to our imagination. Ece spreads her wings from the shimmering but so tiring world to an art and sports branch to nourish her soul. We started to see black swans, accompanied by elegant movements and classical music on Instagram. The key word that supports this slow life exercise is “Slow”. Getting late, having not enough time, being unable to live the moment are common points of those who complain the most. Ballet Fitness, inspired by ballet figures and discipline is a program combine of targeted functional exercises. Instead of dancing, it’s a lesson in which butt, legs, arms and back works on the whole body with very repetitive movements in terms of ballet. These movements correct the bad posture and help to stand right. Besides it is also a multi-purpose rather than challenging exercise discipline improving balance and power control while increasing flexibility.

It is important to emphasize that Ballet Fitness is a very difficult program although it looks very elegant and delicate. Contrary to used GYM everything fast or slow must be discipline. Briefly, knees and butt is tight and you have to pointe on your toes while the movements must be in the right rhythm. I can tell you from my experiences that after first lesson following few days are quite painful. Once your body gets used to it you feel the change very quickly. As the flexibility improves, the muscles stretch and also help to get rid of the aches in our everyday life. Moreover due to slowness and elegance movements your body language is also affected.

One of the most important details for dancers is to look slim in front of the mirror. It is quite troubling to experience gas floating with tight clothes. Consumption of foods that keeps full, suppresses the hunger and prevents the digestive problems at the same time is significant. It is extremely crucial to consuming appropriate food when dealing this kind of exercise. On top of Ece's list is to quit alcohol.

"Alcohol is completely out of my life so my body does not retain water."

The results of the long and difficult lessons increase the motivation in studio and bring out George Balanchines’s word “First you sweat then beauty comes out."



"Feel music, feel your body, enjoy this moment." Ece whose childhood and adolescence dream was to become a ballerina therefore she has refused giving education to changes its form and adapting her life now saying “Today at this age, I have realized that to change and touch some people’s lives, to share beautiful things and see the change in them is significant feeling”. Now she is not afraid to put her own change in words. You can’t say I am not doing any changes for future development, enlargement and evolution. There are many examples of interest in the world for online education form .It is inevitable to touch the soul of more people since the interest grows day by day.

Apart from this, ballet outfits are also very popular. One of the basic pieces literally screams to be combined with every outfit. This interest has changed Ece to prepare a collection for the brand plus has already formed a small mass. Ballet fitness where ballet figures are transformed into sports branches brought together with created sequences and Seems to be the Pole Star in the near future.


Cooklife Balat Real Caramel Sauce

chef Sevcan Erdem photos Emre Uyanık *Adapted From Pure Dessert (Artisan Publishers, 2007) by Alice Medrich

Flavor variations: Honey Caramel Sauce: Substitute 1/4 to 1/3 cup honey for an equal amount of the golden syrup or corn syrup. Lavender Caramel Sauce: Stir 1 tablespoon of dried lavender into the cream. Cover and refrigerate for 8 to 12 hours. Strain the cream, pressing on the lavender to extract as much liquid as possible. Use the infused cream in place of the cream in the recipe. Cardamom Caramel Sauce: Omit the vanilla in the recipe. Add 1/2 teaspoon crushed cardamom seeds (from about 15 cardamom pods) to the cream before heating it. Strain the cream when you add it to the caramel; discard the seeds. Salted Caramel Sauce: Add extra salt to the finished caramel, carefully, to taste. I like the sauce salted, not salty -- but it’s your sauce! Makes 3 to 4 cups - 1 cup golden syrup or light corn syrup - 2 cups sugar - 3/8 teaspoon salt - 2 cups heavy cream - 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into chunks - 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Preparation 1/ Combine the syrup, sugar, and salt in a heavy 3-quart saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring with a silicone spatula or wooden spoon, until the mixture simmers around the edges.

2/ Wash the sugar and syrup from the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush. Cover and cook for 3 minutes. (Meanwhile, rinse the spatula or spoon for use again later.) Uncover the pan and wash down the sides once more. 3/ Attach the candy thermometer to the saucepan, without letting it touch the bottom of the pan, and cook, uncovered, without stirring until the mixture reaches 305° F. Meanwhile, heat the cream in a small saucepan until tiny bubbles form around the edges of the pan. Remove the pan from the heat and cover it to keep the cream hot. When the sugar mixture is at 305° F, remove it from the heat and stir in the butter chunks. 4/ Gradually stir in the hot cream; it will bubble up and steam dramatically. Put the pan back on the burner and adjust the heat so that the mixture boils energetically but not violently. Stir until smooth. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, to about 225° F (or 228° F for a sauce that thickens like fudge when poured over ice cream). Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the vanilla. 5/ Serve the sauce warm or hot. Store in the refrigerator (it keeps for ages) and reheat it gently in the microwave or a saucepan just until hot and flowing. You can stir in rum or brandy to taste. If the sauce (after reheating) becomes too thick or stiff to serve over ice cream, it can always be thinned with a little water or cream.


Vanessa-Catering words Sinem Uysal photos Melissa SiviloÄ&#x;lu


atering companies have a mysterious and special place in the sector. You cannot talk about it deeply, it cannot be photographed and it cannot be tasted by everyone. Vanessa Catering, who has been keeping this mystery for years, is actually opening its kitchen doors to everyone who wonders. The company with a boutique approach that was named after Vanessa, makes her eyes sparkle when telling us about it, the professional approach of the culinary team and delicious food leave an unforgettable taste in our palates.

Can we talk a about Vanessa Catering cuisine? What do you do? Who are you serving? How many people do you work with? What international cuisines are available? Vanessa Catering is a catering firm that serves with a boutique kitchen approach. We provide personal and business service on demanded menus, either in stylish presentations, at our point of installation with our own staff or by delivering the desired meals to your desired location.

As Vanessa Catering, we are doing business intensively for both corporate companies and private events. We have no sharp edges about what we do; we do all the work to realize what you imagine. We are a team of 50 people with our chefs, service staff, marketing team. Unfortunately, the traditional tastes of our country have been forgotten over the years, and the recipes of our grandmothers remain on the pages of old cookbooks. We bring all these recipes back to life and blend them with world cuisine to bring out the flavors that suit Nouvelle Cuisine.


We know that sauces play a major role in French cuisine and the gastronomy. How are things with sauces in your kitchen? Since I'm graduated from Le Cordon Bleu I'm very conscientious with French cuisine and sauces. I think that sauces complement the dishes and add flavor to them. For this reason I can always say that we are creating a flavor festival with sauces in our kitchen.

Sauce is thought to be a companion that adds flavor to the meal, but it is said that it should not go ahead with your meal, is this approach right for you? Or your vote is for equality? What is your approach in Vanessa cuisine? The sauce, of course, should not overtake the meal, but in some products, for example, in CafĂŠ de Paris sauced rib steak, sauce should be more dominant as it is the most important thing. Our approach to this issue is entirely product-oriented. I make the spontaneous decisions.

As a taste architect, which word would you chose if you wanted to explain what sauces express in your dishes?

We think that a sweet dish is a difficult flavor combination with a salty sauce. There are many examples of this, of course, according to the rules of your kitchen, what should we pay attention to in terms of food and sauce? Is there a trick here? Especially in the last 5 years, I observe that the sweet-savory combination is used very often. We are also constantly making new experiments on this issue in our kitchen. Obviously, we like to make some bold innovations out of classics.


I think that we are not accustomed to sauce culture other than the sauces prepared for salads in traditional Turkish cuisine. Maybe it is necessary to encourage people to use their own homemade sauces instead of using ready-made ones. How can they develop themselves in this matter? I think that the ready-made sauces sold in the grocery stores are completely devoid of flavor. Although it may seem to be very difficult to prepare sauces at home, it is actually not as hard and difficult as one might think. For example, after cooking, a great sauce can be prepared from unused or extra vegetables. The recipes of sauces are now almost everywhere; everyone can easily make great sauces from their materials with their own creativity. One of the biggest problems of the Turkish kitchen is to reach quality materials and presentation, would you tell us about suppliers or local producers? Where do you shop for your kitchen? We are not confined only to İstanbul; we also use the riches of other cities in our country. For example, we bring pomegranate sour sauce and spicy cottage cheese from Antakya's locals. Having fresh fish is very important for my kitchen. After many trials I can say with a clear conscience that the fish taken from Eminönü is the freshest. I bring some products we use in presentation from abroad. Can you give examples of trend sauces in world gastronomy? I can say these days the trendiest sauces are the ones made with lime-kaffir. You should not forget the beetroot of sunchoke and the artichoke. If I need to give a small trend alarm, the mix of essences from the Far East cuisine and a mixture of classic and French classic sauces will be spoken over the next few years. "For this reason I can always say that we are creating a flavor festival with sauces in our kitchen."


Sauce on a bed of sauteed fresh herbs Balsamico Strawberry Extraction


- 50 gr. Balsamic Glaze - 75 gr. Red Wine - 15 gr. sugar - 5 gr. basil - 150 gr. strawberry - 50 gr. Balsamico - 20 gr. Agave Syrup Preparation:

1/ Boil all the ingredients except basil for about 1 hour on a low heat, until the strawberries are well pelted. 2/ After that take the cane and add basil as whole leaf and mix thoroughly in blender. 3/ Afterwards sieve in the strainer and go on cooking on a low heat until we get a sauce consistency.


Ragù alla Bolognese Ingredients:



1 / Chop the onion and garlic thinly. 2 / Peel the tomatoes and chops thinly. 3 / Peel the carrots and chop them in cubes. 4 / Add meat bullion bay leaves into the boiled water, mix and take off the stove. 5 / After sautéing onion and garlic for 5 minutes, add carrots and cook for 5 more minutes. 6 / Add the minced meat to the mixture you prepared, cook until it changes the color. 7 / Add the wine, mix tomatoes and tomato sauce. 8 / After adding fresh mint and broth, cover and cook for up to 1.5 hours. 9 / When the sauce gets thicker, add paprika, cinnamon, salt and thyme. 10 / Add the spaghetti to the boiling water with broth you have added and cook al dente. 11 / When spaghetti is ready, make them sautéed with the olive oil. 12 / Add a little sauce on the pasta, serve it with powdered parmesan and fresh mint.

3 medium onions 2 carrots 1 kg tomato 4 cloves of garlic 500 gr. ground beef 2 tablespoons tomato sauce 300 ml hot water powdered parmesan 2 cubes meat bullion 2 leaves of fresh mint 1 tablespoon dried thyme 1 pack of spaghetti Sunflower oil Salt Black pepper 1 teaspoon red wine 1 small spoon chili pepper 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 small spoon paprika


Complementary Flavors of Meals words Ayça Kökçü

Whether it is bitter, sweet, sour, or creamy, the sauces we enjoy with our meat, grilled vegetables, chips and fried bread as a starter are irreplaceable complementary flavors of our meals! As in our country stew type of meals are more common, sauces had entered a little bit late. The first source of sauces that dates back to around 200BC is based on Romans. In fact a Roman ApiceTry, who was also known as a great gourmet had demanded that “Nobody should understand what they eat at the table” by deepen the meaning of good sauces. The sauces were used to cover the bad tastes of meat and seafood as the food was not stored chilled as it is now. After that period until 14th century sauces matured and expanded. French has laid five basic sauces that become to surface. Literally the word “Sauce” comes from a Latin word “Salus”, meaning salted. With the French ownership the sauces, which are like an additional flavour created beside your food are spreading all over the world. French five basic main sauces; Béchamel sauce, white sauces (we can call it Béchamel brother that must be

prepared with meat or chicken broth), tomato sauce, brown sauce (also called as demi glace sauce, is prepared by adding roasted flour to meat broth and mixing it with vegetables and wine. It takes the name “Glace “because of the wine, a partner of meat and oven dishes) and the 5th sauce the yellow sauce is Hollandaise. This sauce is made of yolk, butter and white vinegar. Even it resembles with mayonnaise and it’s a good match for white meat.

Coming towards Latin America and Mediterranean countries, the colour of the sauces gets redder whereas the taste of spices is more evident. As you reach Far East sauces are mixed regarding varietes of bitter and sour, bitter and sweet or a mixture of all of them.

As the meals have archaeology, the sauces expand even more by being travelled around different countries and cultures. This development also evolves with the palate delights of the countries. Ketchup, for example first used by Chinese and 19th century started made in America. Despite of being used first by Romans, French started the production. When English tasted mustard, they found it too spicy so they mixed mustard with honey. The Japanese, who preferred sweeter sauces, loved it and were the reason for spreading it globally. As you see, the sauces change according to the taste of different cultures. The Germans like soft tastes therefore the sauces are made of recipes that include less salt. 88/89

French cuisine, considered as the most sophisticated cuisine in the world, witnesses the arrival of the Crème Brûlée, also known in French as burnt cream, catalan cream or trinity cream, which is found in the 'Cooking for the Royal and the Bourgeoisie' cookbook written by François Massilot in 1691 to our days.

The Symphony of Creamy Perfection recipe Merlin Yılmaz / Merlin Mutfakta photos Zuhal Özkan location Cooklife Balat/ Studio


Crème Brûlée Ingredients: - 225 ml milk - 225 ml cream - 2 eggs - 2 egg yolks - 120 gr. sugar - 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Preparation:

1/ Use a deep bowl and pour sugar, eggs, egg yolks and vanilla extract into it, whisk well with a wire whisk. 2/ Heat the milk and cream in a saucepan until it reaches the boiling point. Take away from the stove just before it starts boiling, pour over the egg mixture and stir. 3/ Place ceramic pots on the griddle and distribute the Crème Brûlée mixture equally to them. 4/ Pour enough water into the griddle so the water would come halfway up the sides of the pots. 5/ Cook for 30 minutes in a 150 C heated oven. 6/ Wait for the Crème Brûlée to reach the room temperature, and spread the sugar evenly over each one. Use a torch to melt the sugar and form a crispy top before serving.

92/93 52/53



Morocco; A stylish goddess where the colours and spicy aromas are intertwined and also the coast of the south France are intertwined with the Berber culture. The mysterious Marrakech, a symbol of diversity in the cultural, historical, Sporting, entertainment and gastronomy fields, under the influence of Morocco’s proximity to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Trying to solve the codes of this country that is blend of nothingness and affluence is an adventure by itself.

MYSTERIOUS MARRAKECH words Sinem Uysal photos İbrahim Özbunar


Marrakech, which means “City of Gods� in Berber language, is one of the most exotic cities in North Africa. Leave a side, each country in the world has its own unique details; Morocco deeply sinks into mind and leaves deep mark in mind and palate. You can lose yourself in its magical photos but soon you realize that you are in a place where you can combine, scurvy, rage and peppermint while the smell of the food in the air brings you to Jama El Fan square. This square protected by UNESCO, opens up to the streets connected to each other and the market called Soul. You can meet up with warm and loving people who speak English well enough to bargain despite French and Arabic are the two dominant languages.


The red city name comes from the natural glitter of desert sand covering almost all the buildings construction that used in 11th century for 19 – kilometre city walls.


Influenced by the culture of Andalusia Spain, France and Arabic food, Moroccan Cuisine has a food culture that is not far from us. I can say that there are many alternatives to taste the meals in the city where hundreds of different kinds of spices are found. 'Tajin', the most known of the traditional delicacies is cooked in a pot made of clay with a tapered lid on it. Seafood, meat or chicken varieties are cooked together with vegetables in these pots. We can suggest 'Kaliya' for lamb lovers, 'Harira' or fish soup for fish lovers and 'Pastilla' for pastry lovers. The mint tea in the silver teapot that comes after meals is a good way to experience the culture even if it does not fit everyone's taste. I can say that street food is also very tasty. A large amount of snails are consumed in Muslim neighborhoods. It is said to be a cultured meal that came from the French. Although it is not tempting, it might be an ideal choice for those who love the spice and want to discover a different flavor.


Essaouira; formerly known as Mogador is a city with Portuguese influence on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This bay is part of the fish paradise between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean protected from winds by the Purpuraires Islands.


A Weekend in NEW YORK words & photos Müjgan Afra Özceylan


f travelling has become something so ordinary as breathing that means you have come to an end. The pleasure of exploring, the luxury of being able to devote time to yourself, to be alone with your soul. Then the feeling of confidence comes from the mix of all of them; in yourself, in nature, in people. Even the smallest detail facing the streets you walk is strange to you, faces, paving stones and smells. I think it's the best way to go, not just to escape from anything. Just go for the sake of going. Is there anything better than walking among buildings, people, leaves and sky with the excitement of discovering something new and always with a thought that you are making your first steps in a new place? Wherever I go, I find myself in a search of a café where I can sit for hours. Even though my friends were grumbling all the way to the Brooklyn Green point on Sunday morning they certainly did not regret once we entered to Amman Café. Wooden tables tied to the wicker like a swing, blue cups which we adored

the design of impressed us the moment we entered inside of café. Whether you would like to have a healthy brunch with delicious alternatives, coffee or desserts Amman Café is a warm place. As I was walking around Manhattan the other day I came across this café again. It appears they have few branches around the city. I sat down for hours by the window in their location in Soho, watching people go by while sketching. When I moved to Toronto I was thrilled to found out there was a branch too. Our next stop Soho Le Pain Quotidien was one of the idle places to go and work with your laptop. Under favour of people it is not possible to get bored while you are inside. If you would like to meet somebody or chat with a stranger randomly we strongly recommend you to sit in the long table middle of the room. Do not forget to order the croissants before they run out.

smiled without exchanging a word. TO connect with someone without saying a word was quite unbelievable. My friend were already out of café waiting for me so not to make them wait longer and disturbing the lady I only took a single picture without knowing how it looked. As I walking down the street first thing I have done was looking at picture and realized unforgettable moment was captured. I thought New York was a city that was crowded, hectic and made of skyscrapers. As I discovered it, I realized it was not like that at all. In fact my expectations were very low but it has turned out to become the city I liked most. Brownstone building, smiling people and lovely cafes fascinated me so much that it wiped out my Wall Street images and become a warm home.

On my way out of café, I was trying secretly to take a photo of stranger who was deep in thoughts until she noticed me. We looked at each other and 110/111


I would also want to leave myself in the arms of nature when I want to get away from the city. I can’t leave without visiting the botanical garden in every city. Actually it makes me feel like I have been in the fairytale world. The botanical garden in Brooklyn was incredibly beautiful especially with the special section they had reserved for cactus lover like me. Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee bar in West Village it’s an idle place for book readers. It is a calm and cosy and perfect café for spare time for you, long friendly chats while drinking hot splendid coffee. It feels like you are living in this neighbourhood for many years when you feel the atmosphere of the place, pictures hanging on the wall and energy of happy people around you matches with a fabulous aroma of coffee.

Yorker, he had been to Turkey and certainly would like to go again. One of the things I liked most about New York is that, you could meet all kind of people everywhere and anytime.One small detail that I've noticed much later, he was actually Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode! There are moments when your foot drags you out of your wisdom. I felt exactly like this when I passed in front of this store. I turned to a friend at my side and asked if she could smell the same thing as I did when we noticed Le Labo Fragrances. Actually we both knew this brand from Istanbul. We did not have in mind to find it in New York. The brand now has branches in many parts of the world, such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai and Berlin. Every shop has been designed referring to interior products that will make it irresistible not to buy one. Even if you don’t feel like buying one, you should absolutely give it a visit for smell that you will not regret.

The man next to me captured my attention the moment I entered the café. Then he sat next to our table. We started to talk as I asked if I could take his picture. Indigenous New 114/115




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