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$2 Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Acquittal after fatal accident Accused claims he swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle ARORANGI resident Peter Met-

uakore has been acquitted of all dangerous driving charges. A week-long trial came to an end yesterday after the jury found Metuakore not guilty of dangerous driving causing the death of his wife Carolyn, and three counts of dangerous driving causing injury to his two children and an adult passenger. The charges related to an accident which occurred on the night of July 5, 2008 in Arorangi. Before the jury deliberated,

the Crown and defence summed up their cases before Justice Hugh Williams. Crown prosecutor Kim Saunders said the defendant made a “conscious decision” to drive the rental Ford Explorer when he knew it was unsafe. “He had driven it at least five separate occasions and knew it had bald tyres and spongy brakes, he was so concerned about it he told his wife it was unsafe, this was a man with 27 years experience of driving in the Cook Islands and New Zealand.”

During the trial a witness Metuakore gave evidence before the court saying the crash gave evidence of what she saw occurred after an oncoming mo- that night as she was travelling tor vehicle had driven into his from Nikao to Arorangi. She lane and blinded him with their had said he was speeding and as he passed h e a d l i g h t s. Metuakore gave evidence the Sunhaven He said he before the court saying café saw him swerved to the the crash occurred after lose control right to avoid and veer to colliding with an oncoming motor the left. either the movehicle had driven into “S h e h a d torcycle or car his lane and blinded him five seconds before losing with their headlights. to think what control and crashing into a flamboyant tree. am I going to do? If I don’t do “The defendant claims the something here that car is going crash wasn’t his fault, they (de- to hit me. She decided to speed fence) say he had to take evasive up and the car missed her by action to avoid the oncoming inches,” Saunders said. “She was asked when she first car,” Saunders said.

saw Metuakore’s vehicle coming in the opposite direction, did she see any other vehicle on the right that night. She said, ‘no.’ If there was a mysterious vehicle I suggest she would have seen it.” The witness did admit a motorcycle overtook her earlier but the court had heard it was not near the scene during the time of the accident. Prosecution continued saying none of the Crown witnesses said they saw another vehicle. However each one testified that Metuakore had been speeding between 80kph to 100kph. “They didn’t say he was going a little bit fast but they said

he was going very fast,” said Saunders. A report was submitted during the trial by a mechanic Teokotai Strickland. It stated that despite the rented Ford Explorer having a current warrant of fitness, it had three major problems. These included bald tyres, modified rear shackle hangings and bald joints. “The crash didn’t occur because of a tyre blow out or worn parts. Those modifications did not cause the accident but the actions of the accused driver,” added Saunders. - Dana Kinita

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ADB loan to help fast-track infrastructure GOVERNMENT has secured a $13.4 million ADB loan that promises help address some of its most pressing challenges -the need for investment in infrastructure such as roads and harbours is one of these. In the ADB board president Haruhiko Kuroda’s September report recommending the loan, the country’s infrastructure master plan priority investments were outlined. Under the new ADB loan, higher capital expenditure to boost economic activity is one of five outputs.

While government hasn’t decided how much of the loan will go towards infrastructure investment, Kuroda’s report describes the loan as being able to help speed up dealing with a backlog of infrastructure and building investment. Government has noted that shortcomings in infrastructure have increased the cost of doing business and constrained development in the country and this is one of the reasons it wants to fast-track investment now. “The road network in the

tourism-intensive Rarotonga which quotes information proand Aitutaki is a priority. Up- vided by government. Health problems from polgrades are needed to meet the demand from rising vehicle lution in Rarotonga’s lagoon ownership and tourism, to are also providing government early warning lessen congesTourism development in of the potention and the some parts of Rarotonga and tial cost of not incidence of serious crash- in Aitutaki has been curtailed addressing the es (including by insufficient water supplies environmental stresses fatalities), and to climate-proof the roads created by expansion in tourism. “Such episodes may become from possible coastal erosion as a consequence of the rise in more frequent if solid and liqsea levels induced by climate uid waste management infrachange,” says the ADB report structure is not upgraded. Tour-

ism development in some parts of Rarotonga and in Aitutaki has been curtailed by insufficient water supplies, and both islands are susceptible to water shortages during dry periods because there is little storage capacity.” And government believes the Avatiu harbour has reached the end of its useful life and is in urgent need of major investment to allow the berthing of larger vessels. Airport upgrades are underway but apart from the terminal more investment is needed to

replace outdated aviation equipment. The ADB report notes that while telecommunications coverage is good, the quality of service is poor and prices are relatively high. Energy costs in the Cooks are also among the highest in the Pacific. Among government’s priority projects over the next year is investment in harbours, government buildings, airports, roads, sewerage and waste management. - HG

$10,000 taken in café burglary POLICE attended to five thefts

and five burglaries on Rarotonga, in the week to Sunday. Burglaries reported included $10,000 taken from Café Salsa last Tuesday morning. Police say forced entry was made through a door at the rear with the case still under investigation. On Thursday, an International Backpackers room was broken into in Arorangi. A wallet containing credit cards, $NZ50, a $50 traveller’s cheque, Cook Islands driver’s licence and German identification was taken. A home in Arorangi was also burgalred on Thursday. Clothing, a DVD and two pairs of

board shorts were among the items missing. A holiday home in Ngatangiia was broken into on Saturday. A black wallet holding a gold visa card, cashpoint card, $NZ20, a Chilean social security card and various photos were taken. Another holiday home was burgled on Sunday. Two wallets were stolen containing $150 and $50 each. A pig was reported stolen in Turangi last week after the owner went to feed her animals and noticed one missing. On Thursday, a tourist had their property taken from underneath their motorcycle seat

that was parked outside What- cycle seat completely ripped off. A black backpack, clothes, a ever Bar and Grill. Taken was a gold earring, a black Everest towel, mosquito repellent and jacket valued at $140 and a Sony reading glasses had all been stolen. Erickson phone worth $299. Visitors had their bag taken A motorcycle seat was also when they left broken into A pig was reported stolen it unattended on Thursin Turangi last week on the beach day at Vara’s after the owner went to in Arorangi Backpackers on Friday. in Muri. feed her animals and Items stoItems taken noticed one missing. len included a were a white compact Sanyo camcorder Sony camera, credit cards, departure tax ticket, a pink wallet, worth $450 and $US500 cash. On Friday, a tourist returned $NZ420, a packet of Pall Mall to their scooter parked oppo- menthol cigarettes and a lighter. Four motor vehicle accidents site Youth With A Mission in Titkaveka to find their motor- occurred last week with the ma-

jority caused by careless driving. A pickup truck collided into a car in Takamoa as it was reversing on to the main road on Thursday. Both parties received no injuries. On Friday, a female driver of a Hiace van collided into the back of a bus in front of the court house. The driver was distracted by someone calling out her name just as the bus came to a stop at the roundabout. There was minor damage to the bus. On Saturday morning, two motor cycles collided in front of Central Motel in Avarua. Minor injuries were sustained by a male driver however the other

driver fled the scene before police arrived. He has been identified and both parties will be interviewed to determine the cause of the accident. Two motorcyles also collided in Nikao around 3.25am on Saturday. Again one of the drivers left the scene while the other had to be taken to hospital. Police said the accident was still being investigated. Senior sergeant Nga Pouao said the contributing factor for all crashes this week was careless driving. “People need to be more aware on the roads and need to look where they’re supposed to be,” he said. - DK Ph 24979



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worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO iPhone thief sends photo to victim

UNITED STATES, December 8 – A US teenager who used a stolen mobile phone to snap a photo of himself that was automatically sent to the victim, has turned himself in. Eighteen-year-old Kadeem Cook is the main suspect in an armed robbery on October 7. The victim’s mobile phone was taken during the robbery. The 20-year-old woman had programmed her phone so that it would automatically send photos to her home computer. Some time after the robbery, she received a photo of a young man holding a large handgun to his head. After the photo was released, the gunman was identified as Cook and an arrest warrant was issued. - AP

100 British deaths in Afghanistan LONDON, December 8 – British

prime minister Gordon Brown has pledged to “stay the course” in Afghanistan, as the British military death toll there this year reached 100. A British soldier was shot dead in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, on Monday, raising the total to 100 since January, the government said.

British troops have been involved in a US-led assault on a Taliban stronghold in Helmand in the last few days. In a statement, Brown said honouring the memory of soldiers who died in Afghanistan meant “staying the course, doing what is right for Britain, and seeing this mission through”.

“Our military presence in Afghanistan means that alQaeda cannot use the country as a base from which to plot terrorist attacks against Britain,” he said. This year has seen the fiercest fighting of the eight-year Afghan conflict and the rising military death toll has undermined public support for the

mission in Britain and other countries. More than 300 US troops have been killed this year. The United States and Nato allies are sending tens of thousands of new troops to Afghanistan to try to turn the tide in the battle against Taliban insurgents. Britain is sending another

500 troops, raising its force to around 10,000, including special forces. Brown, who faces an uphill struggle to win an election due by next June, has been accused of failing to give British troops adequate equipment and failing to set out a clear justification for their mission in Afghanistan. - AP

Big waves crash Hawaii’s shores HONOLULU, December 8 – Thousands of spectators and surfers are flocking to Hawaii’s beaches to see the biggest waves in years crash ashore. Heavy traffic backed up for


FLORIDA – Fifteen mature environmental activists from Florida aged 44 to 78 - have taken off their clothes for a fundraising 2010 calendar called Women Sustaining the Earth. “It took a while to get used to the idea,” said 74-year-old Shirley Freeman, a former mayor and commissioner of Monroe County. “I’ve always tried to present myself as professional and with good judgment. But this is a different side of me I really never have explored. And, it’s for a good cause.” The original 500 calendars have been sold - raising $US8,000 ($A8,627) for the “community garden” fund of the non-profit organisation Green Living & Energy Education. But organisers are willing to print more if there’s a demand. Erika Biddle came up with the calendar idea after she heard California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger’s comment that the green movement needed to get sexier and watched the 2003 true-life movie Calendar Girls, in which older British women posed nude, or nearly nude, for a calendar to raise money for leukaemia research. “When I saw the movie, I thought: ‘Why don’t we do it?,’ “ said Biddle, 63.


PARIS – One of the oldest giant tortoises in Europe has died at its home in Paris at the age of 146, its carers said. Kiki, a male tortoise, was brought to France fully grown from Mauritius in 1923, Michel Saint-Jalme, director of the wildlife centre in Paris’s Jardin des Plantes where the animal lived, said. Kiki stayed in Paris throughout the German occupation in the World War ll right up to his death from an infection due to lesions in his gut - something not unusual for a tortoise of his age, Saint-Jalme said. Kiki weighed 250 kilograms (550 pounds) and had to be moved around using a fork-lift machine. Saint-Jalme said he believed Kiki to be one of the biggest tortoises in Europe - among some 375 of the endangered species of giant tortoises in captivity and 150,000 in the wild. “We are all rather moved by his death, because he was one of the stars of the gardens,” Saint-Jalme said.


NEW YORK – A New York City woman faces charges that she tricked her husband’s pregnant mistress into taking a drug that would cause an abortion. Police say Kisha Jones of Brooklyn used a doctor’s prescription pad to order the medication, then phoned the victim pretending to be from her obstetrician’s office and told her to pick up the drug at the pharmacy and take it. The woman fell for the trick, took the drug and went into labour, authorities said. The baby was born two months early, but survived. Jones then tried again, according to prosecutors. They say that, posing as the baby’s mother, she sent a man to the hospital with two bottles of tainted liquid, saying it was breast milk, and instructed nurses to feed it to the baby. Hospital staff grew suspicious and called police.

miles (kilometres) Monday along roads leading to Oahu’s North Shore. Some of the world’s most daring surfers took on the powerful and dangerous waves, which forecasters say could reach heights of 50 feet (15 metres). The surf grew so large that a few beaches on Oahu and Maui were closed because lifeguards feared inexperienced sightseers could drown, according to state

officials. “After the water comes in, it can drag you back out with it,” said Eric Basta, a manager at Surf N Sea in Haleiwa. “Be mindful of how powerful the surf really is.” As violent as the waves were, they may grow in strength by Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. The high waves are expected to continue through Wednesday. A legendary big wave surf-

ing contest, the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, may be held Tuesday for the first time since 2004 if waves reach a minimum of 40 feet (12 metres), organisers said. The event is only held in perfect conditions, and the waves weren’t quite big or smooth enough yet Monday. “The swell energy is continuing to grow, and the waves may get larger,” said Robert Ballard,

a forecaster for the National Weather Service. “A large storm over the North Pacific has sent a wave train at us.” Hawaii hasn’t seen such large waves since 2004 or 1998, he said. Teams of towin surfers - who use jet watercraft to race into waves too big to paddle - are flying to Maui from Brazil, South Africa and Australia, The Honolulu Advertiser reported. - AP

Dubai’s government refuses to sell assets DUBAI, December 8 – Dubai’s government will not sell any assets to meet the obligations of state-owned Dubai World, but the conglomerate itself might sell some of its foreign assets, Dubai’s finance chief told Al Jazeera television. “Part of obtaining finance is selling assets ... belonging to the company and not the government,” Abdulrahman al-Saleh, director general of Dubai’s Department of Finance said in an interview posted on the news network’s website on Monday. “There is confusion in the media that the government plans to sell assets ... the company has foreign investments and

real estate investments abroad. There is nothing to prevent selling these assets.” Dubai World has local assets that could be earmarked for sale to meet the debt, Saleh said, reiterating that the government does not guarantee the debt of the conglomerate. Government-owned Dubai World requested a payment standstill on November 25 for $3.52 billion worth of Islamic bonds maturing this month as it looks to restructure $26 billion worth of debt. Saleh declined comment on Dubai World’s talks with creditors or previously announced plans by the government of the

emirate to raise a further $5 billion in bonds. “It is better to leave this in the hands of Dubai World’s management, the consultants and the other parties (creditors),” he said, adding that the emirate was capable of meeting it sovereign debt obligations, estimated at about $20 billion. Government-linked entities debt is estimated at another $70 billion. Answering a question about whether the Dubai Financial Support Fund could offer backing to Dubai World, Saleh said the group had already received support from the body, adding that it was “communicating” with it, but did not

elaborate on the nature of their correspondence. Dubai set up the fund in July to support the emirate’s government entities in the face of the global financial crisis. “The outcome of the restructuring is left in the hands of the management of Dubai World and the consultants and contacts with relevant parties -- investors and creditors,” he said. “The main goal of the restructuring of Dubai World is to guarantee its continuation in a new framework,” Saleh said, adding that it was “premature” to speak about specific plans about Dubai World’s restructuring. - AP

Eight killed in Chinese school stampede BEIJING, December 8 – Chi-

nese media say eight students have been killed and 26 others injured in a school stampede in the central province of Hunan. The reports say the students

were leaving evening study sessions at 9.10 pm, Monday night at Xiangxiang city’s private Yucai Middle School when one fell on the steps, bringing down others.

City authorities immediately removed Xiangxiang’s education bureau head and were questioning school officials as part of an investigation. Such schools tend to have large class sizes but

poor emergency exits and other safety features. Evening revision sessions are a standard requirement for advancement in China’s gruelling, exam-centered education system. - AP

Christmas dinner


BEIJING – Chinese authorities have offered rewards of up to 10,000 yuan ($A1,579) to internet users who report websites that feature pornography. However, the censors’ latest campaign against content that harms public morality appears to have encouraged internet users to look for porn online. Within the first 24 hours, a hotline set up by the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre was flooded with more than 500 phone calls and 13,000 online tips, the official Xinhua news agency reported. The centre is looking for websites and mobile phone-accessible sites that contain obscene material or advertise sex products, the report said. Rewards will go to the first person to report each website, the centre said. China has launched several internet crackdowns on pornography, con artists and political activists in the past.

Today’s Daily Bread The day of the Lord is near; the day when the Almighty brings destruction. What terror that day will bring! - GNB

Read: Joel 1:13-20

Text for the day: v15

GERMANY: Geese are pictured at a farm-yard in the northern German town of Warmse on December 7, 2009. All of the 2000 birds are to be slaughtered and will be sold at the Christmas markets in the region. AFP PHOTO


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worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO



Irish police vote on wage cut strikes DUBLIN, December 7 – Ireland’s

police union will ballot members for a rare and probably unlawful work stoppage against the government’s plans to cut their wages in Wednesday’s budget, union leaders said. Ireland’s unions last month held a one-day strike against the government’s proposal to cut public sector wages in a bid to help stabilise the soaring budget deficit. Police officers, who can get fined or jailed if they engage in industrial action, did not take part in the strike but showed their solidarity by not performing non-essential duties such as issuing penalty points to motorists. The Garda Representative Association (GRA), which represents over 10,000 rank and file officers, said it would ask them to decide whether to “withdraw their labour” in case of further public sector strikes against the 2010 budget measures. “They will be given the opportunity to make up their minds fully aware of the conse-

quences of the decision they will make,” GRA general secretary P.J. Stone told reporters. Justice minister Dermot Ahearn said the government would take legal action against police if they decided to go on strike. “If the guards (police) proceed with this type action, obviously the government will have to take action and considerable action given the fact that it has not happened before in the history of the state”, Ahern told Irish radio. The government on Friday rejected unions’ proposal to achieve savings through unpaid leave instead of a straight pay cut and said it would proceed with its own plans to cut pay by a total 1.3 billion euros ($NZ2.7 billion) . “We have effectively been ignored in negotiations,” Stone said. “The public servants, members of police included, have contributed ... almost 2.3 billion euros to the exchequer in terms

of wage cuts so far. They cannot simply sustain any further cuts”. Public sector union leaders, who last week agreed to defer a new strike in the expectation that the unpaid leave option would be agreed, are considering more protests. Four-fifths of Ireland’s police called in sick in 1998 to demand better wages in what was called “an outbreak of blue flu”. Prime minister Brian Cowen has insisted he will deliver a total 4 billion euros of savings on Wednesday, a third of that from pay, despite resistance from unions. But he needs to convince independent MPs and rebels from his own party to get the budget passed. A senior MP from Cowen’s centre-left Fianna Fail party said he was confident of getting the necessary support. Failure to do so would lead to a snap election that would be almost certainly won by the centre-right opposition Fine Gael party, according to opinion polls. - Reuters


s e l g Steg

Leg Quarters



16 1

North Korean officials Bosworth will meet in Pyongyang during his three-day trip, though he is widely expected to sit down with Kang Sok Ju, the first vice foreign minister, who is considered reclusive leader Kim Jong Il’s chief foreign policy strategist. “The main question is whether Bosworth will meet with Chairman Kim Jong Il,” said Kim Yong-hyun, a professor of North Korean studies at Seoul’s Dongguk University. “Such a meeting would demonstrate that both the US and North Korea intend to resolve the nuclear issue.” US officials would only say on Monday that the North had promised high-level meetings for Bosworth. The State Department, briefing reporters

ahead of Bosworth’s trip, said that the US envoy had a narrow mission - to find out whether the North would return to the stalled disarmament talks - and would be carrying no inducements meant to lure the North back to the negotiating table. While Chinese and North Korean officials have suggested that Pyongyang might be willing to return, US officials maintained that Bosworth did not know what the North would decide. US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton told reporters on Monday that she hoped Bosworth would be successful in persuading the North Koreans to return to the nuclear talks and that the North would work for “a new set of relationships with us and with our partners.” - AP






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$ .20 WASHINGTON, December 8 – After a year of tensions, US president Barack Obama is sending a veteran diplomat to North Korea for the highest-profile talks between Pyongyang and Washington since he took office pledging to reach out to America’s adversaries. A key question is whether Stephen Bosworth can extract a firm commitment from Pyongyang to rejoin nuclear disarmament talks - whether North Korea is serious, this time, about peace on the peninsula. Bosworth is scheduled to fly from a US military base near Seoul to the North Korean capital on Tuesday to see if the North will return to the international disarmament talks that it abandoned earlier this year. Neither side has said which


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Ireland’s police union will vote on whether to strike in protest against the government’s plans to cut their wages.


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regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Roo and emu chips degrading SYDNEY, December 7 – A barbecued coat of arms as a chip flavouring is not to every Australian’s taste, it seems. The Advertising Standards Bureau has heard a complaint that Smith’s Crisps proposed kangaroo and emu flavour was ‘’degrading’’ to native wildlife and would trivialise the plight of creatures already facing habitat destruction, natural predators, illegal hunting and disease. Smith’s included the BBQ Coat of Arms flavour as one of four finalists in a competition it ran to find a new variety of chips. The other contenders in the competition, which nets the winner $30,000 plus one percent of sales revenue, are late night kebab, Caesar salad and buttered popcorn. The anonymous complaint to the industry-run watchdog said that the flavour ‘’depicts the national coat of arms in a manner which could be termed as ‘degrading’ for native wildlife and offends on social values. ‘’It implies that it is perfectly OK to

kill kangaroos and emus, just for fun!’’ But Smith’s hit back, saying the new flavour in fact honours native Australian animals. ‘’Far from belittling our coat of arms, as expressed by the complainant, the kangaroo and emu joining in the BBQ is a creative way of celebrating our Australian heritage while expressing the flavour of an Aussie BBQ ,’’ the company said in its formal response. It also made an admission that the chip did not actually contain any emu or kangaroo, rendering it suitable for vegetarians. The advertising watchdog rejected the complaint, finding most people would see the idea as humorous and that it did not denigrate Australia or breach the advertisers’ code of ethics. The complaint was one of 22 heard last month by the Advertising Standards Bureau against a variety of companies including Cadbury, Tooheys and Hoyts. All were dismissed by the watchdog. - SMH

Upset Aussies complain over Smith’s Crisps proposal of kangaroo and emu flavoured chips.

Light smacks okay: Key AUCKLAND, December 8 – New Zealand prime minister John Key says a new review gives parents the goahead to lightly smack their children without the fear they will be investigated and prosecuted for doing so. Key yesterday presented the findings of the review into how the antismacking law is being used, ordered after a referendum heightened calls for the legislation to be repealed. The review panel - child psychologist Nigel Latta, police commissioner Howard Broad and Ministry of Social Development chief executive Peter Hughes - found police and social workers were acting proportionately and one-off complaints about light smacking were not investigated unless other circumstances were at play. Key said it showed parents were still able to lightly smack and he personally believed it was already acceptable, despite the strict letter of the law. If that changed, he said, he would change the law, as he had promised. “Lightly smacking a child will be in the course of parenting for some parents and I think that’s acceptable. It is up to individual parents to

A new review gives parents the go-ahead to lightly smack their children without fear of prosecution. Irish Times

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decide how they’re going to parent their children ... Some people will continue to lightly smack their child for correction, some will not. It is up to them to decide.” Latta was given access to all police and social welfare files for the cases the Family First lobby group used in its bid to overturn the law. It had claimed the parents in the cases were inappropriately investigated. However, Latta said although some seemed at first glance to be an overreaction, after viewing all the background information he believed investigation was justified. All had aggravating factors, such as a history of domestic violence, that Family First might not have known about because it had no access to the files, he said. Other features included a child giving a different version from a parent’s of the scale of violence - such as a case where a father said he smacked his 13-year-old once on the leg, but she said he hit her on the head with a telephone book and punched her. Said Latta: “In all the cases, there wasn’t once where I thought the only reason they investigated was because of the law change. In every case, when

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I looked at the police file, it was blindly obvious why they had.” He said one-off complaints about light smacking were not enough to trigger an investigation unless there were other circumstances. Most cases, if not all, would have been investigated under existing abuse provisions, whether or not the smacking law existed. While there was potential for overreaction, that had always been the case and it was safer for police to err on the side of caution when making decisions about the safety of children. Family First spokesman Bob McCroskie said the review was a “government-funded sales pitch” that ignored the real concerns about the law. It required too many “compromises, guidelines, helplines, reviews and parental education”, he said, and he urged the government to adopt Act MP John Boscawen’s private member’s bill, which would specifically allow light smacking. Key said the government would adopt the recommendations in the report, including a a helpline for parents facing investigation. - NZ Herald

The United States ambassador to Papua New Guinea (PNG) Teddy Taylor has assured his government is committed to working with the Papua New Guinea government to strengthen its national response to the HIV epidemic. Taylor, when addressing the World AIDS Day celebrations in Port Moresby last week said the HIV fight was a global fight and US people through the US president’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) support more than half of the four million men, women and children

on antiretroviral treatment in low- and middle-income nations. The US government supports various HIV/AIDS programmes in the country and he said it would be renewing emphasis on partnering with PNG and build PNG’s national HIV/AIDS response, including helping to make HIV treatment accessable. “The US Embassy in PNG has seen the importance of country ownership, and we will continue to work together with all sectors of Papua New Guinea as you craft strategies and programmes to stop HIV/AIDS.

“And through P E P FA R, America will also support PNG’s leadership as it works to make universal access a reality,’’ Taylor said. “But we know that HIV/ AIDS programmes will not defeat this disease. As part of the United States’ Global Health Initiative outlined by the US president Barack Obama, PEPFAR will support Papua New Guinea’s work to expand health care services, such as tuberculosis, malaria, maternal and child health, family planning and HIV/AIDS programmes in the community.’’ - Post Courier



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Accused not aware of mechanical faults DEFENCE counsel Norman

George told the jury during the Peter Metuakore case that if they returned with a conviction, then it must be made “beyond reasonable doubt”. A week-long trial came to an end yesterday after the jury found Metuakore not guilty of dangerous driving causing the death of his wife Carolyn, and three counts of dangerous driving causing injury to his two children and an adult passenger. The charges related to an accident which occurred on the

night of July 5, 2008 in Arorangi. “If you have any doubts in your mind for any reason you must acquit,” submitted George in his closing summary yesterday. George said the defence had tried to add a new ground that the accused was aware the vehicle was faulty. “My client is not a mechanic, the defendant did not have the benefit of reading the Strickland report. “He was an ordinary layman



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and drove it as it had a current warrant of fitness.” George questioned how witnesses could put a figure to the speed Metuakore was doing. The defendant has said that he was driving at 40 to 50kph, said George. Those that testified for Crown had said they judged the speed by how fast the headlights passed a nearby fence, the gush of wind they felt when the car passed them or by the way it was coming towards them. “You could say it was medium or high speed but you couldn’t put a figure on it,” submitted George. The defence counsel said that something going past at night can give an exaggerated speed as well as the high pitch whining sound the automatic transmission was making that night. George said the Strickland re-

port and testimony by Teokotai ter roll on the left then ended Strickland was critical to the de- on the roof.” George said when quesfence case. “Mr Strickland was called tioned, one Crown witness said to the scene straight after the she sighted the Ford Explorer accident happened to tow the 200m away outside the Mormon church. vehicle away. “Then she said she was over“There was heavy downpour during the night but when he taken by a mystery motorcycle,” submitarrived at the George questioned how ted George. scene there “If she was was a light witnesses could put travelling 30 rain,” he said. a figure to the speed to 40kph, the Strickland Metuakore was doing. mystery mogave evidence that the Ford Explorer was too torcycle would have been travrisky to be rented out or driven elling 50kph or more. It overon the road. The court heard took the witness and entered the how only one tyre was at the oncoming lane, my evidence it came back to the left lane – that legal thread limit. “I ask you to judge for your- was the motorcycle that created self the dangerous condition of the accident.” George asked the jury what the vehicle. It wasn’t driven at great speed otherwise it would decision they would have made have rolled over many times. given the options Metuakore This occasion only did a quar- faced that night.

“Would you have stayed there and faced imminent injury or deal with it by swerving away so you may have a chance? “On top of this add the conditions, the drizzle are going, the blinding affect of the headlight in your face all happening in milliseconds. That was the position faced by my client, add to it the shocking mechanical condition of the vehicle.” Geroge said the defendant had to take evasive action but because of the poor mechanical condition of the car and the conditions it was a “combination of nightmares”. Justice Williams gave a summary of the legal aspects of the case before the jury retired to make their decision. After more than three hours they returned at 3.30pm, acquitting Metuakore of all charges. - DK

CIP policy from way back Dear Editor, Peto Nicholas’ ideas on government employing everyone are not his. They are a fundamental part of mainstream Cook Islands Party policy going all the way back to Albert Henry. In Albert’s days, there were very few privately owned businesses, (even frozen meat was imported and sold from a government owned store). The only job qualification that really counted for advancement was membership of the Cook Islands Party. Albert knew that if everyone

worked for government, then he could control how they voted and ensure his and his family’s re-election for ever. Geoffrey Henry followed the same policy and eventually bankrupted the country. Peto asks the question, where will these people go if government doesn’t employ them? Well, I don’t know if Peto has noticed but there are nearly 800 workers mainly from Fiji and Philippines in Rarotonga already, so there’s 800 jobs for a start. The outer islands are different because there is no private

sector there to employ people. But that is because the outer islands members have been very happy to follow Albert Henry’s policies and suppress commercial activity for their own political future. Government needs to be stronger in promoting commercial development in the outer islands and must make sure local members do not sabotage this. The Demo government is meant to know better because their roots are in the private sector, but some of their members are playing the same game. Unless government starts trim-

Letters ming the cost of the public service, this country we all love will very soon be bankrupt once again and that will once again result in the collapse of employment in both government and commercial sector. Peto needs to wake up and learn from what happened before, otherwise he will be the one responsible for the next major exodus of Cook Islanders from their home. Serpico (Name and address supplied)

Check your heart first Dear Editor, With reference to ‘Stop whining about the Sabbath day’(Friday November 27) I wish to convey my thoughts. The scriptures quoted from the Old Testament were a commandment to the Hebrews or Jews as we say, not us. It was for a physical Sabbath for those who were circumcised in the flesh. As you quoted Exodus 20:11; please note that the translators had adjusted this scripture to try to help us understand it. In this case they hindered it. The word in as ‘in’ six days the Lord ….. was added. Also, where it said that God ‘rested’ on the seventh

day, should have read resteth, rests or ceasing (aorist, not past tense). There is no eighth day with God. There is a spiritual meaning to this. This Sabbath law to the Hebrews as with the other laws and physical rituals given were but a shadow of good things to come. See Hebrews 10:1. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. Hebrews 4:10-11. We need to stop doing our

Inspect the piggeries Dear Editor, Now that it is tutaka time again, I want to ask public health while checking our homes to take a side tour and inspect all local piggeries. There is a real stinker inland in Tikioki and another one in Vaimaanga. If I flushed my toilet straight into the stream, public health would have me in court

- how come it’s OK for a piggery to flush the mess from 20 to 30 pigs into the stream every day? And how about inspecting the dump in Turangi. If I was a mosquito looking for a place to breed, that’s where I would head for with my mosquito lover! Stinky (Name and address supplied)

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

own physical and religiosity works by coming out of the shadows (darkness) and into His light, where there is peace. The physical Sabbath was for the physical Jews and unbelievers. The true Jews were circumcised of the heart not of

the flesh. See Romans 2:28-29. What is our real motive for anything? We need to check our hearts first. Stop hiding behind rocks and shadows and step into and seek His plan -- not ours. Tangaroa Williams Deniliquin, Australia


SATURDAY’S CINews mentions the Cook Islands delegation to

the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, will leave Rarotonga this week, led by PM Jim Marurai with Environment minister Ngamau Munokoa and others. It also mentions that several National Environment Service staff members are already in Copenhagen ahead of the main delegation. If that’s the case, one reader wonders why Aunty Mau didn’t save plenty of carbon emissions (and airfares) by travelling directly to Copenhagen from Monaco – where she was very recently attending a meeting in the seaside principality – rather than flying back to Rarotonga and then a few days later heading back to Europe? “The distance from Monaco to Copenhagen, as the crow flies, is 1,390 km. Compare that with the combined distance from Monaco to Rarotonga (17,281 km) and Rarotonga to Copenhagen (16,141 km), giving a total of 33,422 km, or 24 times further!”

Managing Editor John Woods Senior Journalist Moana Moeka’a Reporters Helen Greig Dana Kinita Matariki Wilson Edna Takaroka Administration/Advertising Liz Woods Advertising Advertising Office Manager Tere Joseph Office Staff Edith Nicholas Bathilde Winchester Tangi Tauira Production Maxine Kokaua Kate Ngatokorua Tony Feao Daniel Rolls Printer Dan Johnston


TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAREA

Tuna Commission calls for tighter controls PACIFIC Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) members are calling for tighter controls on fishing at the 6th Regular Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting which opened today in Papeete, Tahiti. A delegation from the ministry of marine resources is attending the meeting. Pacific Island countries are the owners of the last remaining healthy tuna stocks in the world and manage a marine area of 30 million square kilometres, supported with technical support and services from the FFA. Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Council Brendan Pasisi from Niue said the delegates come to this meeting as custodians of the tuna resource and that their interest is in sustainable fishing for the benefits for Pacific Islanders. “We also seek to make sure the rights and interests of small island developing states are respected by the Commission as we sit together with fishing nations and discuss the fisheries management rules for the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.” The FFA says regional fisheries management includes several measures to control illegal fishing such as the creation of a Vessel Monitoring System to track electronically track fishing vessels, a Regional Observer Programme to put independent observers on fishing vessels to report on fishing practices and Regional Surveillance Operations to survey vast tracks of ocean by pooling surveillance equipment and capabilities of many countries. This year Pacific Islands are

presenting to the Commission ideas to tighten controls on illegal fishing such as: • Change the rules to ensure prosecutions and penalties for illegal vessels are to the satisfaction of the state where the vessel committed the offences (this follows the experience of Tonga last year which argued at WCPFC that Taiwan’s penalties for a vessel found fishing illegally in Tongan waters was not adequate – instead Taiwan agreed to pay the fine imposed by Tonga). • Make provisions so countries where ships are flagged are responsible for making sure they are on the WCPFC Register. • Amend the WCPFC Conservation and Management Measure on Swordfish including making more effective the so-called ‘penalty clause’ which stipula-tes that a country that catches over its limit one year must make up for it the following year by taking a cut in their allowable catch. Pacific Islands have been at the forefront of developing innovative measures to manage fishing including the establishment of the Commission and its rules to cut fishing of bigeye tuna (subject to overfishing), put fishing observers on board fishing vessels, establish a high seas vessel monitoring system, close some high seas pockets and introduce measures on sharks, seabirds and turtles. The Commission is a decision making body for management of tuna fishing in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. Conservation and management measures (CMMs) of the Commission are legally binding and apply to all WCPFC members

and the Western and Central Pacific Ocean which was the source of 54 percent of the world’s tuna catch in 2007. Members of the WCPFC are Australia, China, Canada, Cook

Islands, European Community, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, France, Japan, Kiribati, Korea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea,

Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Chinese Taipei, Tonga, Tuvalu, United States of America, Vanuatu. Also at the WCPFC are participating territories including

American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna. - FFA/Helen Greig

Government is still pursuing a settlement from the Japanese longliner Koyu Maru 3 which Greenpeace caught on camera illegally fishing in Cook Islands waters in October. The Cook Islands is a member of the WCPFC which is meeting this week to discuss tighter controls on fishing and illegal fishing in the Pacific. Photo Greenpeace. 09101521

Fire service warn about lighting up THE PUBLIC is being asked to take care when lighting fires in the open during this dry spell on Rarotonga. Chief fire officer Nga Jessie says they were called out to three fires on Saturday – two involving rubbish fires and a third involving a small shed in Pue. The shed fire and one of the rubbish fires in Matavera were reported at the same time. However Jessie says fire rescue staff attended the shed fire and advised those who rang in about the other to attempt to put out the fire themselves. Fire staff checked out the rubbish fire later in the morning. The third fire was reported from Titikaveka. “This is not something new,” says Jessie. “But I guess the public needs to be reminded.

“With drought, there will always be dry vegetation and once ignited, the fire can spread very fast. “The public should just be careful about lighting fires especially when you are burning a fire near your neighbour’s place. “The best advice is when you light your fire, stay with your fire.” As well as lighting fires, Jessie says smokers should ensure that cigarettes are put out properly. He adds that fire staff believe that the shed fire may have been started by a discarded cigarette. Rescue fire staff have been called out to put out a number of rubbish fires over the past two weeks. Last month a Matavera home was destroyed by fire. - Moana Moeka’a

NHRD initiate course THE TUMANAVA programme

mentioned in Monday’s paper was initiated by the Department for National Human Resources in collaboration with a working group with representatives from police, justice, education, Te Kainga, internal affairs, Tauranga Vananga, and Kevin Iro from Cook Islands Sports Academy.

Funding for the programme, which targets youth at risk, is obtained from NZAID. While NHRD is the coordinator and facilitator of training resources for Tumanava, the implementation of the programme is still monitored by the working group under the management of CISA through Iro. - Moana Moeka’a

Rescue fire officer Mark Pierre puts water to an out-of-control rubbish fire in Tupapa last week – the fire service is asking the public to take care when lighting fires outside. 09120120


TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Contestants leave sponsors speechless AFTER wowing the crowd at the Punanga Nui market on Saturday, the Miss Tiare contestants blew everyone away with their powerful speeches that night at the Edgewater Resort and Spa. The five contestants featured in their first judged evening at the resort where each girl talked up their respective sponsor. Miss Tiare pageant coordinator Rutera Taripo says that the girls were amazing during the sponsors speech section which left sponsors speechless. Taripo says that pageant judges are already having a tough time with all five contestants equally confident, talented and outgoing. Taripo adds that the young women are very culturally-orientated This is sure to make for an exciting finale evening this Thurs-

day at the National Auditorium. Tickets for the show are now on sale at the ministry of cultural development at $7 for adults and $3 for children. On the night the ladies will show off their talent as well as execute their pareu gown walk before answering a question in which they will showcase their general knowledge of current affairs. The five contestants are - Miss Tiare Tipani (frangipani) Tuane Hosking, Miss Tiare Taria (bougainvillea) Ebony Richard, Miss Tiare Kaute (hisbiscus) Nicholle Ama, Miss Tiare Taina (gardenia) Tekea Akava, and Miss Riri Vai (water lily) Tevananga Upu Pere. So show your support for our five young contestants who’ve taken up the challenge of the Miss Tiare Pageant. - Matariki Wilson

Miss Tiare Taria (bougainvillea) Ebony Richard.

Miss Tiare Riri Vai Tevananga Upu Pere makes her way to the stage on the arms of a warrior. 09120608

A confident Miss Tiare Kaute Nicholle Ama.



Miss Tiare Taina Tekea Akava acknowledges the market goers at the Punanga Nui market on Saturday. 09120612

Miss Tiare Tipani Tuane Hosking was pretty in pink.


HeliRaro waiting on licence approval THE MINISTRY of transport is still in the process of reviewing HeliRaro Ltd’s application for a licence to operate a scenic flight service in Rarotonga. Early last month the application was filed and the ministry invited public submissions on the venture. The proposed service will be to offer scenic flights around Rarotonga as a tourist activity which will consist of a 20 minute flight with landings for photo opportunities and guided walks. The NZ based director of civil aviation for the Cook Islands, John Jones arrived in Rarotonga this week to carry out checks on the helicopter and the proposed venture. Local couple Kevin and Tina Iro are teaming up with NZ couple Brian and Jacque McBride in the

proposed helicopter operation. The McBrides have been involved in aviation for 20 years. Brian McBride has a commercial helicopter licence and has been chief pilot for an NZ company for the past six years on the Franz Josef Glacier. Iro says over the weekend McBride carried out some flights to familiarise himself with Rarotonga and things are looking good for having the operation approved and running soon. He says the civil aviation authority has to carry out some formalities before they will likely hear back from government on when they can get the venture rolling. The company hopes to operate six days a week and charge around $180-250 per person for a scenic flight and $1800-2000 per hour for general hire. - HG

The helicopter was out and about at the weekend as pilot Brian McBride familiarised himself with the lay of the land in Rarotonga. If HeliRaro’s licence is approved the venture will soon be up ad running with daily scenic flights over the island. 09120701


TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Mauke growers work in with environment NGARA Aratangi is using the ex-

perience gained from Mangaia to help him grow pineapples on Mauke. Aratangi is aware of the erosion damage caused by intensive pineapple production and believes this is why it is important to grow in one area for no more than three years. He is starting off new rows each year and once the first rows complete three years they will be taken out and the ground given rest to revitalise the soil, then other crops planted. At the high use end farmers can put on enormous amounts of fertiliser, which once in waterways, causes terrible environmental damage. Aratangi uses only small amounts, at the base of each plant to reduce the chance of excess fertilizer reaching ground water below. He is also experimenting with natural fertilisers and ultimately, aiming for organic growing practice. In Queensland there is a lot of public concern over the amount of spray used on pineapples for

disease control. But on Mauke diseases and pests have not been a problem so far, so sprays are not used. Ants on plant ripened fruit are good testament to their sweetness! These are cleaned off before they are sent to Rarotonga. What Maukeans have learned is that healthy plants, like healthy people, are naturally more disease resistant. If one does not kill the natural organisms in the ecosystem with sprays and man made products, there is a good chance nature will look after itself. In the past some growers gave up exporting because of problems with middle men. But with the middle man cut out and Aratangi hopes that now growers see exports really happening again they will join in and give it a go. Besides the long-standing weekly maire exports to Hawaii, just a handful of Mauke growers export to Rarotonga, which include produce such as limes, juice, peppers, and now pineapples. - June Hosking on Mauke

Small area, big yield with mixed crops and rotational planting.

Travel Une heads home with locally grown produce.


Clatan Tua helps load Tura’s chillies for export to Raro.



Tagged Mauke pineapples ready for stores in Rarotonga. 09120433

Clatan Tua and Christian Fifita show the maire and crafts from Mauke ready for export. 09120432


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classifieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classifieds is



1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Notice is hereby given that Mr Ben Bergman on behalf of Hidies Bar has filed an application with the Liquor Licensing Authority for a Bar Liquor Licence to provide for the Sale of Liquor on the premises at: Avarua (Village) Rarotonga (Island) Days and Hours of Trading: Mondays to Thursdays inclusive and on Saturdays between the hours of 11.00am and 12.00 midnight and on Fridays from 11.00am to 2.00am Saturday. Any person who objects to the said application should do so in writing addressed to the Secretary, Liquor Licensing Authority, P O Box 61, Rarotonga by 18 December 2009.

Raromart Repair Service We wish to notify our customers, who have electronic equipment, either repaired or not reparable, to collect their items from our Repair Service Department. You are hereby notified that should your item not be collected within 6 weeks, it shall be sold to defray expenses.

Xmas is around the corner get your septic tank cleaned. Quick service. Ph 50188.

Brand new 3 bedroom house, fully furnished, Matavera backroad. Long term preferred. Ph 28810 (Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm), 52755.

41744 / /2037

41725 / /2011

41705 / /2480

Manava Holiday Adventure. Programme for kids & teenages. Enrol now, ph 73230 for more info. 41556 /8794 /1931


Studio units & 2 bedroom house in Turangi. Ph 79460. 41625 /8919 /1931



41740 /9080 /2140

For lawn mowing services. Call 52505.


Yamaha AG100 Motor Cycle Bike can be viewed at TAU Office between 2.00pm and 4.00pm as of Monday 07th till Friday 11th Dec 09. Contact Rangi Nooana, on 20054 for more information. Address tender: “Motor Cycle Tender” CEO TAU Rarotonga Closing date Friday 11 Dec 09 at 3pm. 41663 / /1823


Community Health Service Notice Environmental Health Inspection Tutaka program for Rarotonga starting on Monday 7 December, 2009 to Wednesday 16 December, 2009 Porokaramu Tutaka no Rarotonga nei, akamata Monite ra 7 Titema, 2009 ki te Ruitoru ra 16 Titema, 2009 Day/Date. Area/Village Ra/Tuatau Ngai/Oire Day 2. Tue 8.12.09 1. Panama 2. Avatiu Town 3. Avatiu Valley 4. Ruatonga 5. Tauae Day 3. Wed 9.12.09 1. Tutakimoa 2. Teotue 3. Takuvaine Valley 4. Takuvaine Town 5. Parekura Day 4. Thur 10.12.09 1. Tupapa 2. Maraerenga 3. Pue 4. Kiikii 5. Ooa i Uta Day 5. Fri 11.12 09 1. O oa i Tai 2. Tuarai 3. Matavera 4. Turangi 5. Avana Day 6. Mon 14.12.09 1. Muri – Ngatangiia 2. Tikioki 3. Titikaveka 4. Turoa 5. Vaimaanga Day 7. Tue 15.12.09 1. Rutaki 2. Aroa 3. Kavera 4 Betela 5. Akaoa Day 8. Wed 16.12.09 1. Ruaau 2. Inave I Uta 3. Inave I Tai 4 Black Rock 5. Tokelau. The cooperation of everyone in the community is requested to further clean and destroy the breeding and resting places of mosquitoes and other pests. Areas of concern includes dwelling houses, overgrown vacant sections, neglected vacant houses, hedges, streams, sports fields and all working places Te pati akaaka iatu nei ta tatou tauturu e te iti tangata note tama e te takore atu I te au ngai anau e te akangaroi anga o te au tu manumanu ravarai e totoa ana I te maki i roto i to tatou au ngutuaare Ka tutaka pakari ia teia au ngai nei koia oki ko te au enua vai ngangaere, ngutuare kare e noo ia ana e te vai tita nei, au pa kapaie roroa, kauvai, te au ngai tarekareka tipoti e te au ngai angaanga katoatoa Meitaki maata Tuanga Paruru Maki 41407 / /1720

Banana Court Complex Spaces For Lease BC Bar The Banana Court Company is seeking an energetic lessee for the area currently occupied by the proprietors of the BC Bar & Nitespot. If you have what it takes, please submit your proposal to the CIIC office, MFEM building, by 4pm, Wednesday 9th December 2009. Office/storage space A shop is also available for lease located next to Salon de Hermies. This area is suitable for an office and/or storage area. All enquiries to Ruth Wainohu, BC Property Manager, phone 76779 after 4pm. 41636 / /1948

2 bedroom house, fully furnsihed in Matavera, long term preferred, short term ok. Ph 52241/21398. 41742 /9082 /1931


Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.



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Washing machine repair All brands - industrial, domestic, gearbox recondition, best service. Ph 56243.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Wednesday & Thursday 8am on inland from P & D Electronics Atupa - 55222. Tyres, tools, 30 cup rice cooker, van parts, Typhoon parts, tables and much more. 41732 / /1931

FOR SALE Standard bar fridge Fisher & Paykel $250, fridge freezer $450. Ph 28336. 41736 /9073 /1931

Washing machine for sale: Hoover 7.5kg immaculate condition $750 Ph 56243. 41741 /9081 /2140

Equipment for Sale, Water Blasters Petrol type 2700PSI $1400, Nilfisk Alto Electric type 1850PSI $750. Concrete Mixer Electric Motor $750, Hand Mixer for mixing grout electric type $400, Mig Welder $600, Electric Motor 1 HP $400, B&D Hedge Trimmer $200, Makita Electric Chainsaw $350, Table Saw 10” $500, Bandsaw $500, Bench Grinder 8” $295, Drill Press 13mm Chuck $295, 5.5L Gas Water Heaters $300 Trader Don 22919.

Pre Cooked Xmas Ham $85 iPhone 3G, 16GB $1200 Seagate 500GB Hard Drive $250 Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive $350 Western Digital 500GB Plug n Play HD $350 Brand New Acer notebook $1000 19L Drink Igloo $100 Large 142Ltr Chilly Bin $350 8 Seat BBQ tables $400 Dickies Clothing from $35 Kids 20inch bicycles $250 Ladies cruiser bicycles $350 Deposits welcomed for a Craftsman 20HP Ride on Mower $4700, Large 8ft ex Military trailer $2900 and LG 50inch Plasma Television $4000 These products can be viewed in Arorangi, located next to Manuia Beach. Ph: 21-390 or 51-025. 41672 / /2444

Yamaha Outboard, 2hp, still in excellent condition,hardly used selling @ $850 ono, Phone Chris on 29990.

A fantastic opportunity will become available from the 3rd of January for a Main Front Office Person/ Sales Rep at Coconut Tours in Muri Beach. This role will involve all-round duties so applicants must be flexible, reliable, responsible, honest have great personality and show excellent customer /communication skills. Full time from Monday - Saturday You must be able to work in a fast paced hands-on team environment . Mature aged persons preferred. Phone 24004 or 55579. 41611 / /1800

Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health has a vacancy for a Finance officer (preferably a graduate). This position reports directly to the Finance Manager. Written applications including a comprehensive CV with 3 referees should be addressed to Human Resources, PO Box 109, Ministry of Health, Rarotonga. Phone 29-664 Email: Copies of the job description and application forms are available on request. Applications close 18 December 2009. 41603 / /1720

41670 / /2270


Happy 12th birthday Tiare-Allice Luv u heaps From your Dad, Mum, Uncles, aunties, brother, sisters, Nani in Mauke, cousins, nieces and nephew.

41542 /8822 /2058

1x TV & DVD player, 1x TV 18” + CD, 1 Honda Daelim 100cc + 2 spare engine 1 cupboard w/drawer med 2 mowers (1x w/catcher, 1x masport) 1 freezer med large. Phone 22710 8am to 12noon, 22490 after hours. 41734 / /1736

VEHICLES FOR SALE Typhoon 125 $600. Ph 22637. 41724 / /1931

Toyota Lite Ace van , seat 8, good condition, $7000 ONO. Ph 25965. 41731 /9075 /1931

Happy 2nd birthday

Charlie Jeremiah




Wishing you all the best and more birthday to come. Love Papa, Mama & great grandma, sisters & brother & all the families. SERVICES

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning seeks tender proposals from suppliers for the supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads. Tender documents including specifications can be collected during work hours from the MOIP office in Arorangi. Tenders close 3.00pm Tuesday 22nd December 2009 and must be submitted to the MOIP Office in Arorangi in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads, Supply Contract C06/10” and addressed to: The Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 102 Arorangi Rarotonga Enquiries to: Tangi Taoro, Phone 20034, Fax 21134 email 41589 / /2009

Cook Islands Premier Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Company

We stock & install Daikin & Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units. THESE TOP OF THE RANGE UNITS ARE THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT & RELIABLE UNITS ON THE MARKET. We also stock Air Curtains & Portable Aircons & handle all refrigeration & air conditioning work & white ware servicing. For the best deal & service on the island call into our depot at Panama or phone 24240.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News




Baby Tai Tekeu Nga Love you heaps Mummy & Daddy, grand parents, Great grand parents & everyone here, Atiu, Aust, NZ. Ngatuakanakore Nga Love you heaps Mum & Pops, Dad & Tia, Grandpa & Grandma, brothers & sisters & everyone here, Aust, & NZ.

Happy birthday to

Jayson-Lea Vavia Lots of love from Dad, sis Mavalea, cuz Horst and all the families around the world especially from your beautiful guardian angel in heaven (mum).

Women’s cricket to hit off the ins and outs of cricket. Stevic says that with only Japan, Papua New Guinea and Samoa the only other nations with women’s cricket teams – the Cook Islands could dominate the division. The women’s competition commences on January 7 and will run each Thursday evening for the month. Teams are 7-a-side with modified rules, which means fast action packed games. The cricket association encourages women to either register into an existing club offering women’s teams or alternatively you can register your won team be getting 7 girls together and contacting the cricket association on 20144. Players wanting to make contact with local clubs to register their interest can contact Oliver Syme 22055 (Muri), Sepa Tangimetua 55553 (Turangi) or to get into the Avatiu-Nikao club call Shane Thompson on 22482 or Edith Nicholas on 51744. Come on ladies – give it a go! - Matariki Wilson/CIC

WOMEN’S cricket is set to take

centre stage soon with the first Rarotonga Women’s League competition set to start in the new year. For the first time, Cook Islands Cricket will be establishing a regular women’s cricket competition on Rarotonga. Cook Islands Cricket Association general manager Alister Stevic is excited about the growth of women’s cricket that can be achieved in the Cook Islands. “Cook Island women are world renowned as gifted and passionate athletes and we are excited about the growth we can achieve because of that. “With the significant increase in popularity we have received this season, we believe that this will translate to an increase in female participation,” said Stevic. And if you haven’t played cricket before – that’s not a problem. The cricket association will supply playing and training gear, run the competition and provide you with coaches to teach teams

New Zealand women’s cricketer Lucy Doolan in action – soon Cook Islands cricketers could make it on the international cricket scene. 09120702

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AKL .AM AKL .PM AKL .AM FRI

Air Rarotonga

International Filghts



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TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News


Athletes fly out to NZ schools champs A TEAM of six athletes will head

to New Zealand today for the New Zealand secondary schools track and field championships to be held in Timaru on December 12 and 13. Making up the group are four outstanding athletes from Aitutaki -- Turuariki Baxter, Noni Watt, Tokoono Jessie and Daniel Tutai -- plus two Rarotonga athletes Patricia Taea and Harry Ivaiti. Turuariki Baxter will compete in the senior boys 100m and high jump events. The young man placed fourth overall in the Pacific Mini Games high jump and he’s also the current national record holder in the open men’s high jump with his record standing at 1.89m. Daniel Tutai, who will compete in the javelin and discus events, will want to defend his gold medal won at last year’s NZ secondary schools athletics javelin competition. Tutai is the current holder of the national javelin record

which stands at 59.88m in the open men division and 60.33m in the under 18 division. Noni Watt will compete in the junior girls 100m and 200m while fellow Araura College student Tokoono Jessie will compete in the senior boys 100 and 400m races. Harry Ivaiti from Tereora College will compete in the senior boys 100m and 200m races while Titikaveka College student Patricia Taea will race in the senior girls sprints over the two distances. The team will be accompanied to New Zealand by team manager Ina Marsters. The young athletes will be staying with Joe Marsters and the Cook Islands community in Timaru. Parents and supporters who would like to make contact with the team while they are away can call Ina Marsters on 0064212948967 while the team is in New Zealand. - Matariki Wilson

Members of the Cook Islands secondary schools athletics team (from left) Daniel Tutai, Ina Marsters (team manager), Noni Watt, Tokoono Jessie and Turuariki Baxter are ready for New Zealand athletes. 09120709

Women’s soccer semis this weekend IMPRESSIVE soccer skills have been seen in the

women’s soccer competition this year with teams playing with more confidence and providing some thrilling performances. At the weekend’s knockout round Titikaveka, Tupapa and Arorangi all registered wins with only Nikao Sokattak getting a second life via being in the top two. The Titikaveka women edged out a tough Nikao squad 1-0 while the Wild West ladies from Arorangi knocked in two goals to beat Takuvaine 2-0 and take the win. At the swamp in Avatiu, the dragonflies tried hard to contain Tupapa but when they took their eyes off the ball, Tupapa struck – twice to knock Avatiu out of the running 2-0. Tupapa were given much needed mobility through their youthful strikers Rai Nganu and Ngarima Areai with Areai scoring an outstanding solo goal. Tupapa will face Titikaveka in this weekend’s semi final while Arorangi will face off against the Nikao Sokattak ladies. The winner from the two semi finals will then proceed to the season grand final next weekend. Tupapa’s Ngametua Tei (with headband) was in the thick of things against Avatiu last weekend. Above left she tangles with Avatiu’s Julz Westrupp - Matariki Wilson and then (at right) looks to bang the ball towards the opposition goal. 09120705 and 09120704

theWEATHER te REVA Weather Forecast to Midnight

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: An east to southeast wind flow prevails over Southern Cooks. A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over the southern parts of Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate east to southeast winds. Fine apart from few cloudy periods. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Mainly fine. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from few cloudy periods today. Rain expected over the northern parts tomorrow Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Moderate east to northeast winds. Cloudy periods with some showers and possible thunderstorms about Pukapuka, Nassau, Rakahanga and Manihiki. Elsewhere, fine. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Mainly fine.


Rarotonga Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TUE High .AM .M .PM .M


.M SW

.AM .M .PM .M

Low .AM .M .PM .M

Sun & Moon


V First Quarter DEC 


Full Moon DEC 

Last Quarter DEC 

Sun Rise .AM Sun Set


Sunshine hours

New Moon DEC 

.PM .M SW

Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM

WED Sun Rise .AM Sun Set .PM

.M NW


WED High .AM .M .PM .M

Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM

Humidity TUE

WED Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday

Front Key:





.M .M SW


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, December , 










° NE KTS


° SE KTS


° N KTS



° N KTS

° SE KTS


° N KTS

Tue 8 Dec 09 CI NEWS  

Cook Islands News, Tuesday December 8 2009.

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