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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Thursday, December 10, 2009

Popular bars shut down

TWO N IGHTCLU BS remain closed after they were forced to shut down last weekend. The Hideaway Bar and the Banana Court Garden Bar and Nightspot are no longer operating after decisions were made by respective authorities. Police superintendent Taivero Isamaela says the liquor licence authority made the decision to close Hideaway Bar last Thursday as they had “failed to comply with conditions of their licence”. Isamaela, who is chairman of the authority, says breaches included operating while the licence holder was not on the premises and the area being too open. The bar was officially shut down at 12pm on Saturday. “The owners had been informed of these problems and the condition of the licence is

whoever manages has to be on the premises – it’s not transferable,” he said. “The main concern of the authority was the layout of the area. The street and bus stop are right in front so if it’s not properly enclosed it gives opportunity for people to wander and pass drinks out, it was too much of a risk.” The Banana Court bar also ceased operating on Saturday believed to be due to unpaid rent. The crown-owned complex is managed by Cook Islands Investment Corporation. CIIC chief executive Lloyd Miles said given that the matter involved private commercial interests it might be unfair and unwise to comment at the time. “(But) we’re moving on now and we’re looking for new tenants,” he said. - DK

Graham (pictured) will hand over her Maine Tiare crown to a new recipient tonight. Tonight is the grand finale of the Miss Tiare pageant to be held at the National Auditorium starting at 7pm. Five young Cook Islands women are vying for the Maine Tiare crown and after the ladies perform their talent, executed their pareu gown walk and answered one question – a new

GOVERNMENT – not the Eu-

The Hideaway Bar was forced to close on Saturday after a decision made by the liquor licence authority board. 0912092

ropean Union – will fund any shortfall in the cyclone centre project being proposed for Pukapuka. The EU agreed to fund a centre which will cater for 460 people. However government felt that the project should be extended to cater for the whole population (500-plus). The EU regional representative in Fiji, Robert De Raeve who met with the DPM, said he would try to source funding to cover the shortfall. But this was not to be. The DPM then indicated that the shortfall would be met by government, according to the DPM’s office. - Moana Moeka’a

Cookies in Copenhagen

Maine Tiare finale tonight

MISS Tiare 2008-2009 Lindsay

Cooks to fund shortfall

Miss Tiare will be crowned. The Miss Tiare contestants are Miss Tiare Tipani (frangipani) Tuane Hosking, Miss Tiare Taria (bougainvillea) Ebony Richards, Miss Tiare Kaute (hibiscus) Nicholle Ama, Miss Tiare Taina (gardenia) Tekea Akava, and Miss Riri Vai (water lily) Tevananga Upu Pere. Tickets are on sale at the ministry of cultural development at $7 for adults and $3 for children. - Matariki Wilson

Yes, Cook Islanders are amongst the thousands who have turned up in Copenhagen, Denmark for the climate change conference. Pictured above are from left Tania Temata, Mii Matamaki, (not known), Ulamila Kurai-Wragg, Nanette Woonton, Helen Maunga and Lisa Lahari-Williams. 09120803


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THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO Xmas cheer pays for fine BERLIN, December 9 – A young woman in Germany who burst into tears when police fined her for speeding received an early Christmas present when another woman caught for the same offence paid the charge. Authorities in the western city of Aachen said the older driver was so moved by the woman’s crying at the police station that she pulled out her purse and handed over the money. “It is Christmas soon after all,” local police quoted her as saying. - Reuters

UN pledge $US424 million for emergencies UNITED NATIONS, December 10 – Rich and poor nations pledged a record $US424 million on Wednesday to a United Nations fund aimed at responding quickly to humanitarian emergencies around the world. UN humanitarian chief John Holmes said it was the largest amount ever raised at a donor conference for the Central Emergency Response Fund, and a significant increase from the $380 million raised at last year’s conference. “That’s extremely encouraging, particularly when you


TOKYO – A Japanese brewer has come up with a beer that’s truly out of this world - one made with barley grown from a line of seeds that once orbited the Earth aboard the International Space Station. Sapporo Breweries Ltd says orders have flooded in for the special edition of 250 six-packs of its new Space Barley. The company says the amber brew was made from the fourth generation of barley seeds that had spent five months in the Russian laboratory on the ISS. A six-pack of the beer retails at Y10,000 ($A120), or $A20 per bottle. The beer is the fruit of joint research with Russia into growing edible plants in space to prepare for a future when humans can spend extended periods of time out of this world - and when they might like a cold beer after a space walk. Researchers found no differences between Earth-grown and space barley. “Some people may expect the space beer to taste very different, but its selling point is that it’s the same,” company spokesman Yuki Hattori said.


AUCKLAND – A washing machine so violent that it scares children has won top spot as New Zealand’s most viewed online auction. Kiwis apparently loved the humour of the advertisement which described the thunderous 1980s machine as a frightening beast that “makes guests scared and children cry”. “Once, while washing a load of towels, it got a bit out of balance and so out of control for a minute I swear I actually saw a porthole (sic) to another dimension open above it and, just for a second, there were dinosaurs on the other side and they looked scared too,” wrote the owner. The listing went on: “On heavy duty spin cycle it sort of sounds a bit like the tortured howls of 1000 undead writhing in the sulphury pits of hell mixed with a train with carriages full of scrap iron sliding down the road with no wheels, on fire, into a bell factory”. He said if “you’re either completely deaf or hate your neighbours this baby is for you”.


GERMANY – A circus trainer is fighting for his life after being mauled by a trio of tigers during a performance in front of 170 horrified spectators. Christian Walliser, 28, stumbled in the enclosure containing the big cats and “as a spontaneous reaction” three of the five Bengali tigers took this as a signal to “play”, the Hamburg venue said in a statement. In the 30 seconds that it took circus employees to beat the animals back with fire extinguishers and hoses, the tigers ripped off Walliser’s left hand and inflicted serious head and upper body injuries. Circus chief Stefan Pagels said that the tigers would not be put down and expressed hope that Walliser would soon be back at work. “First of all, the tigers did nothing wrong. Secondly, we never punish our animals, we only ever reward them. Punishing them would serve no purpose and there is no reason to put them to sleep,” he said on news channel N24.


KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian man is facing trial for allegedly seducing another man’s wife - a charge under a rarely used law that defence lawyers criticised as archaic and tantamount to sexual discrimination. A decades-old law dating from the British colonial era calls for a two-year prison sentence for any man who “entices away” a married woman with the intention of having sex with her. The law was invoked for the first time since the 1980s when businessman Ryan Chong initiated a criminal case against Choy Khin Ming earlier this year. Chong accused Choy of having a 14-month affair with his wife, television celebrity Daphne Iking, between 2007 and 2008. The case has been transferred to the High Court, which Choy’s lawyers said was more suited to hear a case that involves complicated constitutional issues. The law might be considered unconstitutional because it violates the principle of gender equality and is based on the “assumption that women are mere chattels and incapable of a rational choice as to their male companionship”, according to the defence lawyers’ written statement submitted to the court.

Today’s Daily Bread But even now,” says the Lord, “repent sincerely and return to me with fasting and weeping and mourning. - GNB

Read: Joel 2:12-27

Text for the day: v12

consider that we’re doing that against the background of a major economic and financial crisis which has affected the budgets of many donor countries,” Holmes said. The General Assembly revamped the fund, known as CERF, in December 2005 after world leaders decided to make up to $US500 million available

so the UN could act quickly respond to emergencies instead of waiting for donors to supply aid. Holmes said he is confident the UN will reach the $US450 million target for 2010. The other $US50 million is in a revolving loan fund. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon opened the pledging conference calling the fund “one

of the world’s leading tools for disaster response.” Britain’s Minister of State for International Development Gareth Thomas said natural disasters increased fourfold between 1987 and 2007. “The numbers of people affected by disasters are predicted to rise from some 250 million a year at the moment to 375 mil-

lion by 2015,” he said. On Wednesday, 63 donors pledged $US424 million to CERF including five new donors - Russia which pledged $2 million, Madagascar, Mauritania, Singapore and the Sovereign Order of Malta, a lay Roman Catholic order founded with a pilgrims’ hospice in 11th century Jerusalem. - AP

Missing Americans investigated for terror links WASHINGTON, December 9 – Five young Americans captured in Pakistan are under investigation for possible links to organised terror groups after their families found a disturbing farewell video the missing men left behind showing scenes of war and casualties and saying Muslims must be defended. Frantic relatives and worried FBI agents have been searching for the five men for more than a week, since their disappearance in late November. The missing men, ranging in age from 19 to 25, have family roots in the northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., area. One, Ramy Zamzam, is a dental student at Howard University.

Two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss the case, said the five are believed to be under arrest in Pakistan. In the aftermath of charges having been filed against a man in Chicago, Illinois having been accused of plotting international terror, the case is another worrisome sign that Americans might be recruited within the United States to enlist in terror networks. Leaders of an Islamic American group said the families of the five men asked the FBI for help and were particularly disturbed to see the video message. “One person appeared in that

video and they made references to the ongoing conflict in the world, and that young Muslims have to do something,” said Nihad Awad, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. “The video’s about 11 minutes, and it’s like a farewell. And they did not specify what they would be doing. But just hearing and seeing videos similar on the Internet, it just made me uncomfortable,” Awad said. The video has not been made public. Before they left, they did not seem to have become militant, a local imam said. “From all of our interviews, there was no sign they were out-

wardly radicalised,” said Imam Johari Abdul-Malik. In Pakistan, police officer Tahir Gujjar said five Americans were picked up in a raid on a house in Sarghoda in the eastern province of Punjab. He did not identify them, but said three are of Pakistani descent, one is of Egyptian descent and the other has Yemeni heritage. SM Imran Gardezi, press minister at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, said the men “are under arrest in Pakistan. The investigation is to see whether they had any links to any extremist groups.” No charges have been filed. - AP

‘Santa’ tries to kidnap school girl CLEVELAND, December 9 – US police near Cleveland say a man dressed as Santa Claus tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl walking to school. Anthony Russo was later arrested wearing the Santa suit,

complete with pillow and beard, and carrying a sack, a large box of candy canes and a unicycle with Christmas decorations. Parma Police Capt Robert DeSimone says 46-year-old Russo has been jailed pending charges ex-

pected to be filed on Thursday. DeSimone says Russo was hiding in bushes on Wednesday in costume and jumped out at the girl. He says Russo tried to get the girl into the bushes, but she walked away.

DeSimone says the man followed the girl and grabbed her arm before she entered a store and reported the encounter to a worker. Police say Russo was arrested on a transit bus. - AP

Pensioners ‘torture’ money advisor GER MANY, December 10 – Charges have been laid against a gang of pensioners who kidnapped and tortured their financial adviser when their fortunes dipped due to the global crisis. American-born James Amburn, 56, was ambushed outside his home in Speyer, western Germany, bound with masking tape and bundled into a car boot after being bashed in the head with the zimmer frame of an elderly client. ‘’It took them quite a while because they ran out of breath,’’ said Amburn, who was driven to the Bavarian lakeside home of one of the gang, who lost close to NZ$4.5 million.

Another couple, retired doctors, joined the kidnappers in the cellar where Amburn was chained and tortured for four days in June. ‘’The fear of death was indescribable,’’ he said. Amburn was rescued when he sent a fax to release funds from a Swiss bank and scribbled a message on it for the receiver to ‘’call police’’. Police in Germany said the gang - popularly known as the ‘’OAP Mob’’ (old-age pensioners) - had received fan letters since the kidnapping but that ‘’nothing could excuse’’ their violent behaviour. Two of his kidnappers, Roland Koenig, 74, and Willy

Dehmer, 60, attacked Amburn and bundled him into an oversize cardboard box that they wheeled on a trolley to their waiting car. He was then stuffed in the boot of the silver Audi saloon and driven 480 kilometres to Koenig’s home in Bavaria. They were among five pensioners who said they lost their ‘’nest eggs’’ through Amburn’s investment firm Digitalglobalnet. After he was bundled into a cellar another couple, retired doctors Gerhard and Iris Fell, aged 63 and 66, arrived to assist his kidnappers, who also included Koenig’s wife Sieglinde,

aged 79. ‘’I had known these people for 25 years. I had no reason to be afraid,’’ Amburn said. ‘’But as I went into my home I was jumped from the rear and struck. They bound me with masking tape until I looked like a mummy.” The kidnappers each face a minimum of five years’ jail for illegal hostage taking and grievous bodily harm when their trial begins next year. Chief public prosecutor Volker Ziegler said: ‘’They were angry because they invested money in properties in Florida and Kuwaiti funds and he lost it all. - The Age

DENMARK: Un unidentified Chinese non-governmental organisation delegate looks at her computer on December 9, 2009 on the third day of the UN Climate Change Conference in the Bella Centre in Copehagen. Negotiators at the UN climate marathon tried on December 9 to smooth over a furious row over an early draft text which highlighted the summit tensions between rich carbon emitters and the world’s poor. AFP PHOTO


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO

Police suspect militia in massacre MANILA, December 9 – Police

named 100 government militiamen as additional suspects in the Philippines’ worst political massacre Wednesday as prosecutors filed rebellion charges against a powerful clan accused of ordering the brutal attack on a rival’s campaign convoy. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s top cabinet officials appeared before lawmakers to defend her proclamation of martial law in southern Maguindanao province, where 57 people were killed, some left sprawled on the ground and others buried in mass graves. Critics called the martial law declaration a dangerous precedent, but cabinet members said it was needed

to stave off a rebellion by the Ampatuan family, the main suspects in the November 23 killings, and their thousandsstrong private armies ready to fight the government. The Ampatuan clan gained notoriety for intimidating political opponents and protecting their turf, which until the massacre made any action against them impossible. The head of the Philippines’ independent commission on human rights, Leila de Lima, said her office had received a letter from anonymous citizens blaming the Ampatuans for at least 200 other killings in the area in the past decade. De Lima cautioned that the allegations had not been

validated and did not provide details but said she would investigate. She said her office had asked the elder Ampatuan to comment on the allegations but he never responded. Witnesses in custody have identified Andal Ampatuan Jr., a scion of the clan, as leader of a group of government militiamen who attacked a rival’s convoy in Ampatuan township, said national police chief Jesus Verzosa. The dead included 30 journalists and their staff. According to the witnesses, Ampatuan himself shot some of the victims. The bodies bore bullet wounds in the mouth and chest fired from close range, Verzosa

said. Police said the bodies of some of the 21 female victims were mutilated, including their sexual organs. Authorities earlier had said at least five women may have been raped. Among the total of 161 murder suspects are about 100 newly identified militiamen, only two of them in custody - Esmael Kanapa and Takpan Dilon of the Civilian Volunteer Organisation, a police auxiliary force, police officials said Wednesday. About 30 have been arrested. Ampatuan Jr., a town mayor and the only one charged with multiple murder so far, turned himself in three days after the killings and denied involvement. - AP

A policeman arranges the tarpaulin showing pictures of Philippine Civilian Volunteer Officers (CVOs), members of a group assisting the police force in Maguindanao province who are thought to be private militias loyal to a local clan, who the police accuse of being involved in a massacre.

Man and dog united after bomb IRAQ , December 10 – The own-

the attack and all his family survived. Only a few portions of the home remained standing - including one section of the roof where Liza was chained. The dog’s water bucket also remained by her side, but was empty when Muhei’s brother, Fuad, climbed over the rubble to unchain the dog and carry her down. The dog was waiting calmly and even yawned as he approached. But Liza appeared to be shaking with joy as she was reunited with Muhei, 46, whose

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face was laced with cuts. The thirsty Liza then began to lap water from a puddle. “After we crawled out of the rubble of our home, I said to my son, ‘the dog is dead’,” said Muhei, who sells candy and small items in the local market. “But my son said, ‘No, I saw her.’ I came back today to rescue my dog.” Muhei said he purchased Liza as a puppy six years ago in Baghdad’s main pet market. That market was hit by two suicide bombers in February 2008, killing at least 100 people. -AP





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least 127 lives. “Lots of neighbours thought I was dead,” said Farouq Omar Muhei after his dog, Liza, was carried down to the street and began lapping at a puddle. Iraqi police and rescue officials initially said Muhei and his family were among the victims. But he surprised neighbours when he returned with his 14-year-old son, Omar, after being treated for cuts and other injuries. They were the only family members home at the time of

G l o e o e Fthis Christmas d LINGERIE


Baghdad has been hit with more bombings. AFP

er of a dog that miraculously survived a massive bombing, has returned to his collapsed home to be reunited with his pet, stunning neighbours who thought he was dead. The ginger-coloured dog was spotted chained to a roof railing and standing on a wall ledge over the collapsed home after Tuesday’s huge blast near Iraq’s finance ministry leveled shops and houses. The attack was part of co-ordinated bombings around Baghdad that claimed at

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climate change conference COPENHAGEN

THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

UNDP assists in climate change challenges

UNDP resident representative and UN resident coordinator Knut Ostby. 09112607

A N EW project on climate change agreed to by the government of Tuvalu and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will address the country’s increasing climate change related threats, particularly to its highly vulnerable, low-lying atoll island communities. Tuvalu’s livelihood opportunities as well as the islands’ natural resource base are seriously undermined by the combined effects of sea-level rise, drought, rapidly progressing coastal erosion, increasing crop damage, and reductions of fresh water

supply. Tropical cyclones appear to have increased in frequency, and it is also reported that there is a high risk of further climate change related damage including irreversible loss of habitable areas of land. The new “Increasing Resilience of Coastal Areas and Community Settlements to Climate Change in Tuvalu” project aims to address these issues. UNDP resident representative and UN resident coordinator Knut Ostby said climate change represents a significant challenge to many vulnerable pacific island countries.

“We can no longer only look at how to lessen the impacts of climate change, now it is time to identify and focus on how the exposed islands can best adjust to these changes. UNDP will support Tuvalu with a number of measures to assist the country in better adapting to climate change with long term measures,” Ostby said. The four-year programme (2009-2013) started last month and seeks to assist Tuvalu in adjusting to climate change, aiming to protect the marine, land, water resources and environmental services. UNDP

will support the country at the local and nation levels through a number of measures, such as training of government officials, conducting technical assessments of each island, creating community awareness, and systematic documentation, analysis and applying of lessons learnt from the policy process. Increasing climate change awareness in the communities is also a priority, as well as implementing projects such as coastal erosion protection (like tree planting), crop production and water conservation techniques in all islands.

The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) by and will be implemented by UNDP in collaboration with a number of line ministries and departments. This project is one of three top priorities within the National Adaptation Programme of Action to Climate Change (NAPA) in Tuvalu, the two existing being the “increasing subsistence pit grown pulaka productivity”, and “adaptation to frequent water shortages” projects. The total NAPA budget is US$7,800,000. - UNDP

Youth, water, and a touch of climate refugee in Kiribati COPENHAGEN, December 9 One in every 100 infants in Kiribati dies before their first birthday because of contaminated water in the low-lying atoll nation. The grim statistic was part of a slideshow given by climate change officer in the Kiribati ministry of environment, Micheal Foon during a COP15 side event hosted by Kiribati. Statistics suggest that Kiribati has the highest infant mortality rate in the Pacific followed by Papua New Guinea and Marshall Islands. “How many more children will die before we do something about it?” asked Foon in the emotionally-charged moment.




Kiribati is one of the Pacific nations already bearing the brunt of sea level rise worsened by climate change. The lack of fresh water is becoming a threat requiring international assistance to help officials implement adaptive measures. Tessie Eria Lambourne, is working with the Kiribati ministry of foreign affairs. She says Australia and New Zealand have been helping the adaptation process. “We have a programme called the Kiribati – Australia Nursing Initiative (KINA) which trains our young people to get Australian university qualifications in nursing,” she said. The KINA program not only educates the

students, but provides them with opportunities to stay and work in Australia. “This is the model that we are trying to get all the developed countries to assist us in training our people to your standards and international standards so we can help you fill your labour gaps,” she appealed. In the meanwhile, youth have been working in cooperation with the ministry of environment in Kiribati to help in adaptive measures. Foon said youth in the environment youth club were involved in all sectors of the environment. - Rachna Lal, Climate

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Tessie Eria Lambourne from the Kiribati Ministry of Foreign Affairs talks about the challenges of climate change faced by the small nation. 09120912


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THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Cook Islands issues wake up call with dance COPENHAGEN, December 9 “We are part of the group that contributes less than one percent to the carbon emissions yet we are the ones to face the drastic impacts – so help us save not only our land, but also our culture,” say Pacific youth who used dance and performance to capture attention at COP15. Luana Bosanquet-Heays and Rikana Toroma of the Cook Islands performed a traditional dance to the Cook Islands song ‘Moemoea’, meaning ‘to sleep’. Their performance was a symbolic call on world leaders to wake up and take action to stop climate change. Climate change not only threatens the existence of the small islands in the Pacific, it also threatens their diverse culture unique to them. With the hope of standing up to the threats of climate change and its impact on the vulnerable Pacific

Islands, the two Cook Islands teens are part of Project Survival Pacific, a youth team who are in Copenhagen this week to campaign for their future as well as that of the generations to follow. In one of the exhibitions, they told of their fears for a Pacific future through story telling. Youth from Papua New Guinea, FSM, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji gave different accounts of how their countries were being faced with new challenges as a result of climate change. Their message: that land is not only an asset to them but also their identity and now the need is to save it. “The Pacific is at the forefront of climate change and it is imperative to get a positive outcome from the COP15 here in Denmark,” says BosanquetHeays. - Rachna Lal,

Climate Pasifika

Tania Temata from the Cook Islands pictured at one of the sessions in Copenhagen. 09120901

Tuvalu stirs up COP15 COPENHAGEN, December 9 - In an unprecedented move, Tuvalu called for the suspension of the Conference of the Parties (COP) plenary session in Copenhagen. The COP plenary session is the main body that is considering proposals from member countries for amendments to the Kyoto Protocol. Tuvalu and Papua New Guinea submitted proposed amendments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat in June this year. Addressing the COP plenary, chaired by Denmark’s minister responsible for climate change, Connie Hedegaard, Tuvalu’s chief negotiator Ian Fry reiterated his government’s position for a legally binding agreement. Tuvalu’s proposal, Fry said, is an amendment to Kyoto to ‘make it clear.’ “We call on all leaders to put pen to paper and sign two legally binding agreements in Copenhagen – amendments to the Kyoto Protocol and a new protocol to be called the Copenhagen Protocol in honour of this great city. “Tuvalu has delivered, we have an agreement, we have the means. Let us pull out the red carpet, put ink on our pens and drag out the signing table.” But, Tuvalu’s attempt to re-

fer any detailed discussion on its proposed amended Kyoto Protocol to a contact group, to be set up by the Conference of the Parties (COP) was refused by the chair. “The blocking came from China, Saudi Arabia and India. They don’t want any discussion in the contact group,” said Tuvalu’s spokesperson, Taukiei Kitala. “The contact group will allow for a more transparent and open discussion on our proposal for a legally binding agreement. It will also allow for a greater view point from both the parties and NGOs to present their views. The plenary session is only confined to parties, said Kitala. Solomon Islands, a member of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), which supported Tuvalu’s call, agreed that there needs to be greater transparency in the COP process. Ambassador Colin Beck told the Pacific communications team here in Copenhagen there was some understanding about Tuvalu’s proposal. “The proposal is to amend the protocol but not kill it off totally. In essence it called for the extension of the legally binding agreement.” If we are going to have a positive outcome, it needs to be legally binding. The extension

Tuvalu’s chief negotiator for climate change Ian Fry called for a new climate change protocol. 09120913 needs to be part of the package, otherwise it will not be a success. Even though we have the financing mechanism, we should also have the commitments. It is really one of the breakers of the negotiations here. “We are positive of a good outcome from consultations this evening so we can proceed tomorrow (Thursday 10 Dec),” said Ambassador Beck. Fiji’s minister for environment, Colonel Samuela Saumatua also declared his country’s support for Tuvalu’s move to suspend today’s session to allow for the chair and other parties to consult on the best way to deal

with amendments to the Kyoto Protocol. “I lend my support to the concerns of Tuvalu delegation and their desire for a legally binding agreement and have a conclusive outcome. “Fiji commends Tuvalu for this initiative and we hope the contact group will enable the realisation of Tuvalu’s proposal,” said Saumatua. Connie Hedegaard told the afternoon plenary consultations would take place through the evening “and we hope to give you all the good news tomorrow”. - Makereta Komai,

Climate Pasifika

Tiny Tokelau at UN meet COPENHAGEN, December 9 From the atoll of Fakaofo to the Bella Centre, it has been a long journey of over four days for Faipule Foua Toloa, the Ulu, or titular head of Tokelau. Toloa has come to Copenhagen, Denmark hopeful that his small island nation accessible only by sea, will be given observer status with the Alliance of Small Islands States (AOSIS). Toloa is attending the COP 15 as a member of the New Zealand delegation. Tokelauans like Cook Islanders and Niueans are all New Zealand citizens. Toloa is joined by Lili Tuioti who is also representing Tokelau within the New Zealand delegation. Both members arrived on day three of the climate change negotiations. “We are the only territory of New Zealand who have not been involved with discussing environmental issues when we would be the first, like many other countries in the Pacific, to go under water from the rising sea levels,” said Toloa. “There are very important issues regarding climate change and we haven’t been involved from the beginning, but we are coming here now. As the new leader of Tokelau, I see that climate change is a top issue and I am putting that as a priority.” In July the census estimated a population of just over 1400

Faipule Foua Toloa. 09120911 which reside on three atolls of the country which is currently under New Zealand administration. Tokealu lies in the Pacific cyclone belt and the highest point for the island’s nation is five metres. The impacts of climate change are a serious threat to the survival of the people of Tokelau, says its Ulu. “Even though we are part of the New Zealand delegation I am hoping we can have some understanding on this issue of climate change. At the same time I have appealed to AOSIS, the voice of the Small Islands Developing States so that at least we can be heard.” - Nanette Woonton,

Climate Pasifika

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Family receives assistance after fire

A FAMILY were given $13,000 to help rebuild their home that was destroyed by fire last month. Ben Peau Williams and his family accepted a cheque at the Bank of Cook Islands yesterday of the proceeds raised through a recent radiothon and food sale. The money will help with restoring their family home in Matavera which was gutted by a blaze on November 13. Fundraising organisers Willie John and Vaitoiti Tupa says the call for help has been successful. “The money raised in a short amount of time shows the generosity of the community and of the Cook Islands people,” John said. “This has been a great success with people given freely – we

haven’t had to chase them down for the pledges made during the radiothon,” Tupa says. A six-hour radiothon was held two weeks ago on Radio Cook Islands. Host Nga Teao said it was her seventh radiothon this year and yet people still dug deep to give a helping hand. “We would like to thank everyone for their generosity especially at this time of year, people need the money for their families yet they still gave,” she said. Those who still wish to make a donation or those who need to honour their pledges can still do so by either calling John on 53804, Vaitoti Tupa at the ministry of environment or depositing money at the BCI bank account for the Williams family. - Dana Kinita


“WITH China now vigorously opposing the Cook Islands and other

Small Island States voices at the Copenhagen conference, will our team buckle under as China calls in all the favours its done for us in the last few years?” a reader asks. “Guess it will depend on whether it’ll be the environmentalists or the politicians who call the Cook Islands’ shots.”


ONE reader says he can tell everyone in one word why ministers like Aunty Mau and others travelling on the public purse take the longest route possible. “Airpoints!”

Keep the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals will be accepted by email (, text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999.

Ben Peau Williams (centre) and his family have something to smile about after their Matavera home was destroyed by fire last month. The money was raised with the assistance of Vaitoti Tupa (far left), Willie John (second from right) and radiothon host Nga Teao (far right). 09120902

Catching burglars is not rocket science Dear Editor, I am glad the police department got a new forensic kit. I hope they put it to good use. I tried to get equipment in the past to the Cook Islands police department, but they were not very receptive. That was a few years back. I use forensic tools regularly. I hope that the police department does not think this equipment is going to solve their high crime

rate such as burglaries. Good old fashioned police work solves burglaries. Get the officers out on foot. Walk around, check that doors are locked, look for broken windows. Listen to the sounds of the night. Burglars make noise breaking into establishments. Catching burglars is not rocket science. Hide in the shadows and

watch what is going on at night. As a police chief I would be totally embarrassed if a business (Cafe Salsa) got broken into a block from my headquarters. I would be having a serious chat with my officers who were working the night the Salsa was broken into. Right now all I read about in the Cook Islands News is burglaries after burglaries. If it’s predictable, it’s preventable.

Letters And right now burglaries are very predictable. Time to catch some thieves. I will again offer my services next year including time. A friend of the Cook Islands and true supporter of law enforcement. Jeff Gunter USA

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

MP critical of warrant of fitness checks RENTAL vehicle warrant of fit-

ness enforcement is concerning says lawyer Norman George. The opposition MP says there appears to be a failure to monitor the system. This week Arorangi man Peter Metuakore was cleared in court of dangerous driving charges causing the death of his wife, and three counts of causing injury. Metuakore had been driving a rented Ford Explorer when the tragic accident occurred on the

night of July 5 last year. “While defending the case in the high court recently, it was apparent that warrants of fitness are being issued willy-nilly without following the legal checklist,” he says. George claims in that case the 1996 Ford Explorer was issued with a warrant of fitness on June 3 last year which expired on December 3. “When the vehicle was involved in a fatal accident one month later, a check by a highly

qualified mechanic resulted in the discovery that the vehicle had three bald tyres, no spare tyre, a oil seepage in the brake master cylinder, rear suspension spring shocks were home-made and in poor condition, the front suspension had a worn joint, with the right upper ball joint badly worn,” he says. George says he learnt the leaking brake master cylinder can lead to spongy brakes – likely to cause brake failure. “The mechanic expressed the

have been done. “I raise this issue in the public interest, how often are the issuance of warrants of fitness checked by the police, are there checks made on the age, mechanical conditions and suitability of rental vehicles being used for public hire and transport?” “There is pressure on crash helmets, speed limits and road conditions; but what about vehicle safety? Can you imagine what the reaction is if a tourist

opinion that whoever issued the warrant of fitness is totally incompetent and unfit to do so as the vehicle should not have been issued with one or permitted on the road. “The fact that it was rented to tourists and to the public requires a much stricter scrutiny.” George says although police were asked to follow up on the person who issued the warrant of fitness and to check the maintenance and hire record of the vehicle this does not appear to

dies through a motor vehicle failure like three bald tyres?” George says Metuakore’s trial revealed the poor mechanical condition of the rental car contributed to the accident last year. “I am sure the Road Safety Council will share my concern. I intend to raise this matter in parliament later, and hope the commissioner of police will give this problem urgent attention.” - Helen Greig

Call to end discrimination on Human Rights Day A CALL to end discrimination against people with disabilities is just one way locals are taking part in Human Rights Day today. The theme for the sixth international day is ‘Embrace Diversity, End Discrimination.’ Kairangi Samuel of Punanga Tauturu (CI Women’s Counselling Centre) says the organisation has worked with disability officer Nono Numanga at the ministry of internal affairs to promote the call to end discrimination against people with disabilities. “It’s about people with disabilities having the right to work and the right to have social support,” says Samuel. A series of 30 second television promotions are being completed through the cooperation which should air on local TV soon. The Cook Islands is one of less than 100 countries in the world that has formally agreed to comply with the principals of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Government made this agreement on May 8 this year and celebrated a month

later when it came into effect. Disability minister Ngamau Munokoa lauded it as another significant milestone for the country. “It’s not just for the government to drive it, but it takes each one of us to make it work, not for our own benefit but for the benefit of our children and our family,” she said.

Human Rights Day takes place every year on the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris on 10 December 1948. The Regional Pacific Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is calling on the governments and people of the Pacific to end dis-

Human Rights Day takes place every year on the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris on 10 December 1948. Last year government introduced the disability act which provides a law to protect the rights of persons with a disability, prohibits discrimination against them and ensures they have access to public buildings throughout the country. Persons with disabilities make up the world’s largest and most disadvantaged minority group. There are an estimated 650 million persons with disabilities worldwide, or 10 per cent of the global population.

crimination and uphold human rights of all. Matilda Bogner, regional representative at the office says“ Discrimination lies at the root of many of the world’s most pressing human rights issues and is often a major obstacle for socioeconomic and development efforts. It is an unfortunate reality that no country is immune from it, including the countries of the Pacific”. “In the Pacific region gender based discrimination has been an issue that has received much

attention, while gender based discrimination is a problem in the region, people with disabilities, the poor and minority groups also face discrimination. It is important that we all recognise and respect the human rights of all.” UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says, “Discrimination targets individuals and groups that are vulnerable to attack: the disabled, women and girls, the poor, migrants, minorities, and all those who are perceived as different. But these victims of discrimination are not alone. The United Nations is standing with them, committed to defending the rights of all, and particularly the most vulnerable. That is our identity and our mission.” All around the world, millions of people face a daily struggle against discrimination – both directly, through laws and policies, or indirectly, through societal attitudes and prejudice. When taken to the extreme, such discrimination has even resulted in policies of ethnic cleansing and genocide. - Helen Greig

Last week Trader Jacks installed the country’s first wheelchair lift to improve disability access – there is now a new law to ensure access for people with disabilities to public buildings too. 09120314

Noumea meeting looks at gender mainstreaming A STOCK take of gender mainstreaming in the Pacific meeting is currently being held in Noumea, New Caledonia. It is hosted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Asian Development Bank. The Cook Islands delegation is presenting the country’s stock take results based on work carried out in November by SPC

women’s development adviser Sivia Qoro and Vaine Wichman. Director of gender and development division, Ruta Pokura and senior policy analyst Repeta Puna supported the presentation of the Cook Islands stock take. The team was tasked with conducting research and interviews in the country with key agencies, non-government or-

ganisations, and donor partners to assess how far gender equality practices and analysis has been established within government and civil society agencies. They met with 12 government agencies and held focus group meetings with women’s associations and the Religious Advisory Council. Preliminary findings coming through for the country

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Alongside representatives from the Solomon Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Tonga, Marshall Islands, and Papua New Guinea, the delegates expect to develop their country reports and discuss common issues in each report as well as highlight findings unique to each country with the aim of developing strategies to upscale the work to improve gender

show that though some good work has been done in the last 10 years supported by donor partners, a lot of this work has not been institutionalised into the processes and practice of government agencies and as a result the organisation culture to support gender mainstreaming did not develop to carry the initial work begun in the late nineties.



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equality in these islands. The SPC is keen to support the outcomes of the meeting in terms of developing a program to support in-country work. Donor partners attending this meeting include AusAID, UNIFEM (UN fund for women), ADB (Asian Development Bank) and PIFS (Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat). - VW

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Hospital expecting extra pressure over Christmas THE PUBLIC is asked to be mindful of the extra pressure usually put on hospital services during the festive season. Typically Christmas and New Year is a time when the frequency of more serious accidents and emergencies can occur, so the hospital is expecting extra demand on its staff after 8pm each day. A reminder is going out that after 8pm, Rarotonga hos-

pital prioritises patients who believe they need urgent medical treatment and accident and emergency cases. Director of hospital health services Heather Webber-Aitu says the hospital won’t turn away people who believe they need to see a doctor urgently – no matter what time of day or night it may be. She says the reminder to the public is prompted by concern

that emergency patients need to take priority in the late evening without having even more of a load put on busy staff by those seeking treatment for minor ailments. Those who want to see the doctor for a general or non urgent consultation are asked to come to the hospital between the hours of 8am and 8pm, to help lessen the potential strain over the festive season. - HG

Talks target Pacific heart disease HEART disease and rheumatic fever prevention and treatment is the focus of Pacific medical practitioners at a workshop in Auckland today. Rarotonga hospital GP Dr Mareta Jacob and clinical services senior nurse Ngariki Teaea are taking part in the talks targeting medical professionals from the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, and Niue. Dr Colin Tukuitonga, CEO of New Zealand’s Pacific Islands Affairs ministry told Radio NZ yesterday that he hoped the talks will help improve the prevention and treatment of rheumatic fever and heart disease.

Tukuitonga says rheumatic fever is closely associated with poverty and often strikes people in developing countries. It is hoped talks with specialists in NZ about groundbreaking treatments and better preventative measures will benefit the four Pacific nations. “We managed to get money from NZAID to bring health professionals from the region to New Zealand to discuss ways of preventing and managing rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. It’s still a very real problem for Pacific and Maori young ones in New Zealand so and it’s the same in the region

hence the need to do this, to get everyone together to think about how we might be more effective in preventing the disease,” said Tukuitonga. Rarotonga hospital’s director of clinical services, Dr Zaw Aung says the Cook Islands population does not suffer as bad as other Pacific Island nations when it comes to heart disease. The one day workshop will, however, help improve the prevention and treatment methods used here. The workshop is being held at the University of Auckland’s Tamaki campus at the School of Population Health. - HG

Rarotonga Hospital will be prioritising patients who need urgent medical treatment over the festive period. 09120710

Pacific Biocontrol workshop looks at pesky pests ‘BIOCONTROL’— it’s not a term you hear every day, but when successful it’s extremely important to your every day life. It is a method of using natural enemies to lower the population of pests (invasive species) affect-

ing our natural ecosystems, agriculture and forestry. Last month, 10 Pacific islands countries and territories including the Cook Islands were represented at a Pacific biocontrol strategy development work-

shop in New Zealand, along with over 30 other delegates including plant health experts, scientists and Pacific invasive information managers. The workshop helped lay the foundation for a regional

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approach for implementing biological control work in the Pacific. “One of the main highlights was to see and realise there is a significant number of successful invasive species projects using bio-control happening in the region at present and scope for much more,” said Mark Bonin, the interim coordinator of the Pacific Invasives Learning Network (PILN). “There are already projects employing successful biological agents that can, in the very immediate future be shared amongst other countries that have similar problems. Of course we first would have to overcome the financial, legislative, and logistical constraints but there is great potential for

doing something very soon and quickly that would enable Pacific Island countries and territories to share expertise, experiences and at least in part, resources.” The workshop also looked at identifying and addressing issues related to the biological control of weeds and insect pests affecting agriculture, forestry and biodiversity. A dramatic example of the economic impacts of invasives was seen in Samoa in the 1990s, when taro leaf blight, a fungal disease, arrived and decimated taro production, a key part of the Samoan economy. It is estimated to have cost Samoa US$40 million, more than the impact of three cyclones, to replace domestic consumption,

lost exports and the cost of measures to control the disease. “One of the main targets for us now, after this workshop is to work with our member countries to help prioritise their invasive species, including both plant and animal pests, for biological control. Then we can start looking seriously at the commonalities between countries in the Pacific and work together to help minimise the expense of an often expensive invasive species management project,” said Bonin. This week Cook Islands entomologist Dr Maja Poeschko, who attended the workshop, alerted the country about the presence of a pest – the Cuban laurel thrip – on Rarotonga. - SPREP

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Pacific representatives gathered in Auckland last month to talk about controlling invasive species – Cook Islands entomologist Dr Maja Poeschko is seated centre in the second row from the front. 09112703


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Work progressing on Avatiu meeting house

John Henry (left) and carpenter Charlie Tamangaro inside the toilets which are being worked on now. 09120502

A new ceiling adorns the main hall of the Avatiu meeting house. 09120501 RENOVATION work on the Ava-

tiu meeting house is expected to be wrapped up in March of next year. Avatiu pu tapere John Henry says work commenced in July and a small band of volunteers, under the supervision of carpenters Charlie Tamangaro and Tua Henry, has been making progress a few hours every Saturday morning since then. “We’ve finished the ceiling and inside the main hall,” says

Henry. “We are now working on the toilets and the kaikai area.” Henry says the last day of work for this year will be on Saturday, December 19 and they hope to recommence work on the first Saturday in February 2010. “I’ve been happy with the work that has been done to date, despite the few hands helping out on Saturdays since the renovation started. We hope to see more hands on these last two

Saturdays and the same when we start work again at the beginning of February and then finish what we have to do in March.” Henry says $20,000 was budgeted for the renovations – the first since major work was carried out on the building in the early 1980s. A new roof was put on the historical building in 1998. Electrical work was completed by a contractor and local resi-

Victim support focus for Punanga Tauturu VAINE Arioka was re-elected as

the president of Punanga Tauturu Inc (Cook Islands Women’s Counselling Centre). At the annual general meeting late last month Arioka focused her report on partnership building as a major outcome of the NGO’s work in the last year. She said PTI had strengthened its relationships with the police as evidenced in this year’s White Ribbon Day commemoration. The Pacific Police Domestic Violence programme also showed its support through funding for the activities. The focus for PTI in the next year is to improve collaboration with stakeholders in the provision of victim support. A national stakeholder consultation is being planned in collaboration with the Ministry

of Internal Affairs and Crown Law on a Civil Family Law Bill scheduled for January 2010. The appointment of Myra Patai as PTI patron, has been noted as unusual given that she is a young woman. But PTI manager Kairangi Samuela says Patai was nominated because of her wide experience in gender issues from both government and the NGO sector – and she is also one of the longest serving members on the PTI executive. A notable highlight this year has been the Koka programme through the outer islands with Shona Pitt of CITV. The response from the public has been outstanding and generally congratulates PTI on bringing the outer islands and their experiences to people here in Rarotonga, especially those who have never visited these

islands. PTI’s outer islands programme was to document stories of women and their economic contributions to the island economy – the main theme being women’s participation in economic development but not being included in some formal decision making areas. PTI thanks Pitt for producing the programme in her own time using her own resources. Arioka said that PTI has been able to be proactive in its activities with its funding and support from NZAID. The other newly elected members of the PTI board are vice president Inano McMurchy, treasurer Ann Taruia, secretary Melina Smith and committee members Kathy Koteka, Sarah Milne and Louisa Savage Taylor. - PTI

Café to open next year

THE COOK Islands Christian Church is offering an opportunity for someone to start up a café at the newly renovated Takamoa Mission House. CICC secretary Nga Mataio says he has fielded a number of inquiries from the public and he hopes that the café can begin operating early in the new year. Mataio says there are a number of conditions attached to the running of the Mission Café, which will be the name

of the venue. While water and power are installed on the premises, the tenant is required to provide all chattels, tables and chairs which will remain the property of the operator. The café, which is in the western wing of the mission house, can operate between 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday only. The successful applicant will be given a term of three years, with rights of renewal for two further terms. The rent is negotiable.

Mataio says there is still some work to be done on the premises but this will be completed once a tenant is finalised. Tenders close tomorrow, Friday, December 11. The mission house at Takamoa is the oldest Europeanstyled building in the Cook Islands. The two-storey structure undertook major renovations and was re-opened on October 26 – Cook Islands Gospel Day. - Moana Moeka’a

dent papa Teme Bishop carried out the plumbing. Henry says in 2007, villagers agreed to demolish the old structure and build a new building based on plans by government to widen Avatiu road which boarders on to the verandah. While plans have been drawn up to accommodate a new building – pushing it towards the CITC Building Centre – Henry says they are still awaiting to hear what government’s plans are for

widening the road. Henry says the current renovation programme has taken into account the plans for the new building. “We have put our new meeting house plan on hold but we are prepared should government decide to widen the road.” Henry says he has been heartened by money and donations in-kind which have been made over the past five months. He will gladly accept any donations

on behalf of the project. Henry is also interested in getting any information or old photographs on the current meeting house which was opened November 23 1923. It is understood that building started around October 15, 1919. So if you hear the chime of the bell early on Saturday morning, it is the wake-up call for work to start at 8am on the meeting house. - Moana Moeka’a


MAINE TIARE FINALE Thursday 10 December 2009 National Auditorium - 7pm MC: CLEE MASTERS

7PM - Opening Prayer - Pastor Ngarima George Guest Artist : Maine Tiare 2008/09 - Lindsay Graham MAINE TIARE CONTESTANTS THIRD APPEARANCE

“TALENT” 1. Tiare Kaute — Nicholle Ama 2. Tiare Tipani —Tuane Hosking 3. Tiare Taria — Ebony Richards 4. Tiare Riri Vai — Vananga Upu Pere 5. Tiare Taina — Tekea Akava GUEST ARTIST : INTERMISSION Maine Tiare Contestants final appearance “PAREU GOWN WALK / QUESTIONNAIRE” 1. Tiare Tipani —Tuane Hosking 2. Tiare Kaute—Nicholle Ama 3. Tiare Riri Vai —Vananga Upu Pere 4. Tiare Taina —Tekea Akava 5. Tiare Taria - Ebony Richards - Finale walk for Maine Tiare 2008/09 - Lindsay Graham - Maine Tiare and contestants item - Closing Remarks by the Minister of Cultural Development Hon. Robert Wigmore. - Announcement of winner and presentation of prizes - CROWNING OF MAINE TIARE 2009/2010 Closing prayer - Pastor Ngarima George


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Pacific Islands tighten controls on illegal fishing ILLEGAL fishing controls have

been tightened in the Pacific by a new requirement for flag states to make sure their registered vessels are listed as authorised to fish in the region. The members of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) members successfully negotiated the tighter measures to combat illegal fishing at the 6th regular session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting which closed yesterday. The meeting was held in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Pacific Island countries are the custodians of the last remaining healthy tuna stocks in the world and manage a marine area of 30 million square kilometres, supported with technical support and services FFA. The Cook Islands and other

FFA members take part at the commission meeting along with other fishing nations (such as Asian nations, EU and US) to set rules for fishing in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. The commission maintains a register of fishing vessels authorised to fish by WCPFC members and a ‘blacklist’ of fishing vessels which are illegal, unreported and unregulated (known as the IUU list). Every year members of the commission can nominate fishing vessels found illegally fishing to the WCPFC ‘blacklist’ and this year FFA members initially nominated eight vessels, six from China and two from Chinese Taipei. Marshall Islands nominated a Chinese Taipei fishing vessel which had fled their waters in a dramatic chase which caused

damage to the patrol boat (which was from Federated States of Micronesia). Chinese Taipei was also concerned that this vessel had been untraceable since the chase and assisted Marshall Islands, by providing the name of the captain and other information to try and help detection. The fishing vessel is still at large and all WCPFC members agreed to put it on the blacklist. In making the case for the vessel’s listing, Marshall Islands head of delegation Glen Joseph said, “The flagrant disregard for our laws, the failure to stop when ordered, the damage inflicted on our surveillance asset, and the disappearance of the vessel means that this matter still needs to be resolved. “This is a special case that we are seeking assistance from

WCPFC so that any member finding the vessel may board and detain it. In this way, we might be able to take action in response to the very serious violation of our national laws.” New Zealand nominated six Chinese and one Chinese Taipei fishing vessels for the IUU black list but withdrew the nomination after the two countries provided documentation they had taken significant steps to ensure fishing vessels were on the WCPFC record of authorised vessels. Both countries agreed to support an FFA proposed amendment to the commission rules to ensure flag states (countries where fishing vessels were registered) take responsibility for making sure their fishing vessels are on the commission record before they commence

fishing beyond their exclusive economic zone. If vessels are not put on the commission record of those authorised to fish in the region they are liable to end up on the IUU black list. Niue’s Brendan Pasisi, chair

of the FFA council said the tightening of the rules for listing of fishing vessels will help the region’s island nations make best use of the IUU blacklist as a tool to use against illegal fishing. - FFA/HG

Four days to go

Technicians take on block course Santa and an admirer at last year’s Xmas in the park – the 2009 event will be held on Monday. 08121603 THE EXCITEMENT is building for Christmas in the Park which will be held on Monday at the National Auditorium. There will be loads of food stalls and entertainment has always been stellar with this year sure to be no exception. “Come down, have fun and great food with the family in the spirit of Christmas,’ says Christian Mani acting vice-president of Rotaract. This year there will be an extra special Santa’s corner, where the guy in the red suit will be taking all your Christmas wishes. And if you want to capture your moment with the jolly fellow, this year

Santa’s corner will be offering two photos for just $5 thanks to the sponsorship of Fuji Image Centre. It makes a perfect gift for relatives overseas or maybe one just for your record books! Lolly scrambles, face painting and spot prizes will be given for costumes following this year’s super easy theme of White Christmas. Admission is $5 for those over 13 years and $2.50 for those aged between three and 13 years. All proceeds will go towards Rotaract’s ‘Think Twice’ youth awareness campaign. - Edna Takaroka


TUTOR Wicliff Charambira from the Open Polytechnic in Wellington, New Zealand goes over a few points with Jesse Totini (left) and Charlie Tamangaro. Eleven technicians from


Telecom Cook Islands are currently undergoing a one-week block course as part of studies towards a certificate in communications. The block course focuses on


practical applications to the theory the participants have learned to date. The technicians have been taking night classes since the beginning of the year under



resident tutor Tino Vaireka and next year they will undertake specialist telecommunications studies to complete the certificate. - Moana Moeka’a


















































Schedules are subject to change without notice.Close–off dates before ship departure: LCL 9 days • FCL 2 days • Break bulk & motor vehicles 2 days Phone 20735 • Fax 20734 • Email:

Tuatua Akakite E tuatua akakite teia kia tatou e noo nei ki roto ia Muri mei Vaii, Aremango, Areiti, Nukupure, Aroko e pera te tapere Avana. Ka raveia tetai akakoroanga koikoi manako na roto i to tatou au ngutuare no runga i te turanga o te vairanga repo tangata e te vai repo. Te akakoroanga o teia kimikimianga mari ra, no te akara atu i tetai au ravenga no te akameitakianga i te turanga o to tatou tai roto i Muri. Ka akamata teia kimikimianga a te ra 10 o Titema 2009 ki te ra 13 Tianuare 2010. Te pati ia atu nei tatou katoatoa e noo nei ki roto ia koe e Muri e Avana Nui kia taokotai mai no teia akakoroanga kimi puapinga. Meitaki Maata Keta Williams Pu Tapere o Muri

Public Notice As part of the European Union Muri Water and Sanitation Project, the public is hereby advised that a public survey will be conducted over the period 10 December 2009 to 13 January 2010 for the sub districts of Muri from Vaii, Aremango, Areiti, Nukupure to Aroko and Avana. The purpose of the survey is to gather baseline data on the condition and state of water and sanitation systems for this area with a view towards restoring and improving the current state of the Muri Lagoon. The project team and Muri Environment Care committee would sincerely like to request the public for your full cooperation during the survey. Thank you Keta Williams Pu Tapere o Muri 41800 /9110 /2066


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

classifieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


PUBLIC NOTICES Land Agents Registration In the matter of the Land Agents Registration Act 2009. In accordance with section 12(a) of the above Act I, Mark Brown of Tupapa, Rarotonga (Manager) have applied to the Land Agents Registration Board for registration as a Land Agent. In accordance with section 12(b) of the Act the application will be heard within 14 days of copies of the application being received by Board members. Any person objecting to this application may serve notice of their objection to the Secretary of the Land Agents Registration Board at the Ministry of Justice, Avarua. 41798 /9118 /1796

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Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

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DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classifieds is



NZ Qualified builder with reliable and capable gang of workers ,available for all your construction requirement Ph 73824.

41771 / /1931

Brand new 3 bedroom house, fully furnished, Matavera backroad. Long term preferred. Ph 28810 (Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm), 52755. 41730 / /1736

Studio units & 2 bedroom house in Turangi. Ph 79460.

3 Bedroom Executive Home available now. Fully furnished with ensuite. Secluded location and minutes drive to town. Located upper Tupapa, backroad. Short term weekly rental or Long term. NEGOTIABLE. Contact Edith: 51744.

41625 /8919 /1931

41755 / /1762

41778 /9103 /1931


41769 /9115 /1931

41775 / /1780

Furnished 3 Bedroom house in Tupapa minutes to town. Ph 21556 after hours.

2-bedroom house, fully furnsihed in Matavera, long term preferred, short term ok Ph 52241/21398.

41746 / /1655

41742 /9082 /1931

41770 /9116 /1931

2 x office space for rent & cafe to rent. In Tupapa, two minutes to town, call Mata Mob: 55602.



41663 / /1823

SERVICES Lawn Mowing Services - Get yourself ready for Tutaka Inspection or for Festive Season. Call 52505. 41725 / /2011


Public Notice

Christmas in the Park When: Monday 14th of December Where: National Auditorium Time: Opens at 4:30pm Theme: “White Christmas” Come along and enjoy the biggest Christmas Event in the Cook Islands. We will have loads of fun, great food & fantastic entertainment. We will have face painting on again this year for the kids and Santa’s Corner. For more information contact Christian Mani on 54054. Rotaract. 41796 / /2153


Cook Islands Premier Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Company

We stock & install Daikin & Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units. THESE TOP OF THE RANGE UNITS ARE THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT & RELIABLE UNITS ON THE MARKET. We also stock Air Curtains & Portable Aircons & handle all refrigeration & air conditioning work & white ware servicing. For the best deal & service on the island call into our depot at Panama or phone 24240.

This week’s Rarotonga value selections Section waterfront Matavera Road side Café Nice house Matavera Three deluxe villas seaviews Quality Arorangi House Muri total luxury villa 2 Muri Beachfront lux. Villas Beachfront house Vaimaanga Retail mall excell. returns Top icon restaurant Exec. house sea views 5 houses on one block House Matavera waterfront House Arorangi waterfront Café town House Titikaveka Motel Arorangi Section Muri …And many more listed Peter 55289 Carey 55678

$195k ($195,000) low $100k’s offers $1.7m $395k $1.5m $950k $670k $1.2m $450k $750k $690k sold sold sold sold under contract sold


Community Health Service Notice

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning seeks tender proposals from suppliers for the supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads. Tender documents including specifications can be collected during work hours from the MOIP office in Arorangi. Tenders close 3.00pm Tuesday 22nd December 2009 and must be submitted to the MOIP Office in Arorangi in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads, Supply Contract C06/10”and addressed to: The Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 102 Arorangi Rarotonga Enquiries to: Tangi Taoro, Phone 20034, Fax 21134 email

Environmental Health Inspection Tutaka program for Rarotonga starting on Monday 7 December, 2009 to Wednesday 16 December, 2009 Porokaramu Tutaka no Rarotonga nei, akamata Monite ra 7 Titema, 2009 ki te Ruitoru ra 16 Titema, 2009 Day/Date. Area/Village Ra/Tuatau Ngai/Oire Day 4. Thur 10.12.09 1. Tupapa 2. Maraerenga 3. Pue 4. Kiikii 5. Ooa i Uta Day 5. Fri 11.12 09 1. Ooa i Tai 2. Tuarai 3. Matavera 4. Turangi 5. Avana Day 6. Mon 14.12.09 1. Muri – Ngatangiia 2. Tikioki 3. Titikaveka 4. Turoa 5. Vaimaanga Day 7. Tue 15.12.09 1. Rutaki 2. Aroa 3. Kavera 4 Betela 5. Akaoa Day 8. Wed 16.12.09 1. Ruaau 2. Inave I Uta 3. Inave I Tai 4 Black Rock 5. Tokelau. The cooperation of everyone in the community is requested to further clean and destroy the breeding and resting places of mosquitoes and other pests. Areas of concern includes dwelling houses, overgrown vacant sections, neglected vacant houses, hedges, streams, sports fields and all working places Te pati akaaka iatu nei ta tatou tauturu e te iti tangata note tama e te takore atu I te au ngai anau e te akangaroi anga o te au tu manumanu ravarai e totoa ana I te maki i roto i to tatou au ngutuaare Ka tutaka pakari ia teia au ngai nei koia oki ko te au enua vai ngangaere , ngutuare kare e noo ia ana e te vai tita nei, au pa kapaie roroa, kauvai, te au ngai tarekareka tipoti e te au ngai angaanga katoatoa. Meitaki maata. Tuanga Paruru Maki.

41589 / /2009

41407 / /1720






HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO KING DAVID ATETU Happy Birthday Lil Bro Today you have gained your degree In Making Us Crazy about you Just dont drive mum even NUTS her and dad have already started getting old, I am sorry I forgot but better late than never.

BE A GOOD BOY Love Always from Mum, Dad, Boaza, Louison, Maliza, Papa n Mama and a BIG one from your big sista n brada n law n Raro and all da families in Mangaia, NZ.





PH 22 314 PH 22 279 PH 22 279




All U Can Eat SUN MON


Using the finest ingredients


are made fresh daily.




SUNSET BBQ from 6pm


PH 22 215








PH 26 141 PH 23004 PH 22 415 PH 23 609 PH 23 953 PH 27 189


Business Hse Golf 4.30pm  COURSE MEAL 

to SAT





PACIFIC DIVERS 2 Dives a Day Discover Scuba Diving. Great experiences everyday

Monday to Sunday MURI  PHONE  


Safety is our #1 Priority

Rarotonga’s No. 1 “You want the best we give the best” PHONE 23 629

The Original Lagoon Cruise Operator Snorkelling & Island Show 11am FREE Transfers and BBQ Adults $70 Kids $35

Monday to Saturday PHONE  


See Raro in 4x4 jeeps

MAIN Chicken Steak Fish

& Transfer included TOURS START AT 9AM

$70 Adults & $30 Child

PH 20 952

Arorangi Mon - Sat 8am-5pm Muri Mon - Fri 8am-3pm Sat 8am - noon PHONE  & 



8am & 1.30pm Dives 7 days

Free Pick Up & Drop Off MON TO SUN PHONE 21 873

DESSERT Ice Cream Sundae Choc/Straw

Pub Nite from $16.50

Sunset BBQ $35 6pm


Book 10 get 10% discount

“Fa m o u s


LIVE String Band

$30 6pm Bookings Recommended

steak night

& Salad bar 6pm


Lamb Curry on the island - $14

Try the Best


Call us ph 23 609

Sunday BBQ


“WHAT’S ON” every Monday & Thursday - To advertise contact BRIAN ph 55 921

S u n d ay B B Q ”



Kia Orana, S-J here. There has been a new influence in my life thanks to the “What’s On” page. One of my family’s goals while living on Rarotonga has been to try out all the dining options now available to us. Discovering the quick reference “What’s On” column, I was able to smugly tick some venues off as having “been there”. We seem to have a new challenge to work through now with even more choices that we hadn’t thought of. We find a new “What’s On Adventure” column and realise we’ll be busy in the coming months trying to experience everything that Rarotonga can offer us to do, as well as to eat. So join us in the challenge – go round Raro and do the list!


* Bookings Essential Kids 1/2 price

PH 20 590




ENTREÉ Calamari Chicken Nuggets Spring Rolls


PH 23 000


Chicken, Pork, Beef Stirfry + Fish & Chips plus more


PH 26 621 PH 26 487 PH 22 772


Mai Pie


UMU Lunch



PH 58606


Lunch Phone ORders ph 24 094




Lunch with “Ru and the Boys”

Mai Pie’s

Xmas Bookings available contact Dorothy


cAll us for XMAS options!




Beach Side Lunches - 10am - 3pm




* Reservations Required

Julian Young on the keyboards


PH 20 621


Open Dinner 6pm

Open Dinner 5.30pm

Leave the hassels to us call Lynette Ph 23000

Seafood Platter for 2 $62


Dinner 6pm

Lunch Specials 11.30am - 2.30pm


Dinner 6pm - we are a great xmas option

Live Entertainment Wed - Sat




Open Mon to Sat -Dine in or Takeaways




to SUN



book your XMAS functions now!




Cold beer Great company

PH 26 240


PH 21 003 PH 27 349


PH 24 094



Special-Indo Asian Buffet $15pp Indian buffet $15 pp




THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

Monday to Saturday Half Price Toll Calls Replay of the best weekend Sports and $3.50 Drinks


own by the beach, nestled in amongst the Sunset Resort accommodation is the Anchorage Restaurant. It Dis surrounded by a pretty garden and lawns. The building has a feel of a grand marquee; is spacious and airy. Lanterns and fresh flowers adorn the tables and the overall feel here is relaxed. Friday is themed as a ‘Pub Nite’ menu with a live band (Ravs & the Boys) strumming out a few well known melodies. The Happy Hour lasts all night and has $1 or more off all drinks. So think good English Pub meal and you will find on offer a choice of two starters, a curry, a lasagne, a steak meal etc. We enjoyed the following: Bangers and Pomme Puree served with Onion Gravy; Stir Fried Vegetables served with Steamed Rice & Roasted pine nuts; and Catch of the Day which was grilled with Fries and Garden Salad and a lovely Tartar Sauce. The meals were well presented and we cleaned up our

plates! Mud cake dripping in chocolate sauce and served with ice-cream was our dessert choice for the evening. Dishes were being whizzed down to tables on the beach as they were also catering for a wedding party, but we managed to grab five minutes with the new Manager/ Head Chef, Anzaar, and have a chat. He said the popular choice at the Restaurant was ‘Catch of the Day’ and that the Sunday BBQ with buffet was also busy. He is really keen to talk to anyone about what The Anchorage can offer locals for their Xmas Party or family functions. We found the price range moderate – therefore good value for the food and nice service we received. I would encourage you to go round to The Anchorage and see what Anzaar and his staff have on offer at this attractive venue. S-J




ph 20 623 or mob 50 563 • Carpenter 52261 • Car Rentals 58034 • Roaster 20623 • Realtor 55678 • Plumber 22199 • Laundry 20952 • Lawyer 51231 • Ad Producer 70958 • Electrician 56626 • Mechanic 20288 • Sheet Metal 50563 • Matman 55921


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News



For sale puppies lab cross $20 each for info ring 22640.

Toyota Lite Ace van, seat 8, good condition, $7000 ONO. Ph 25965.


41763 /9088 /1931

Pigs for sale. Range of sizes, priced from $100. Contact Ph 22640/56612. 41749 /9085 /1931

NZ$125,000, includes all chattels, equipment, artwork, furniture, recipes and inventory. For further information, call Bruce @ 26480 after10am. 41758 / /1805

FOR SALE Standard bar fridge Fisher & Paykel $250, fridge freezer $450. Ph 28336. 41736 /9073 /1931

Ride on mower Mercury Masport 20HP, 40inch cut, excellent condition $4200 ono. Ph 20272. 41739 /9069 /1931

Equipment for Sale, Water Blasters Petrol type 2700PSI $1400, Nilfisk Alto Electric type 1850PSI $750. Concrete Mixer Electric Motor $750, Hand Mixer for mixing grout electric type $400, Mig Welder $600, Electric Motor 1 HP $400, B&D Hedge Trimmer $200, Makita Electric Chainsaw $350, Table Saw 10” $500, Bandsaw $500, Bench Grinder 8” $295, Drill Press 13mm Chuck $295, 5.5L Gas Water Heaters $300 Trader Don 22919. 41542 /8822 /2058

1x TV & DVD player, 1x TV 18” + CD, 1 Honda Daelim 100cc + 2 spare engine 1 cupboard w/drawer med 2 mowers (1x w/catcher, 1x masport) 1 freezer med large. Phone 22710 8am to 12noon, 22490 after hours. 41734 /9079 /1736

Typhoon 125.9, Dalim 100cc for sale $1800 for two contact 23551.


knockout semi final will kick off today at the CIFA complex in Matavera at 4.15pm starting with the under 13 boys match

41731 /9075 /1931

MGTF Replica sportscar. Cutest car on Raro! Going well. $3000. Ph 27928 After hrs.

between Titikaveka and Takuvaine. Junior divisions will play their games today and tomorrow, Friday December 11, with

41776 /9097 /1822

Yamaha Crypton motorcycle, good condition. Inquiries contact mob 75371. 41752 / /1904

GARAGE SALE Monster Garage Sale Will be held at General Transport on Saturday 12 December, at 8am and onwards. Household, clothes, TV and much much more.. Everything must go!! 41805 /9126 /1853


41767 /9095 /1931

Stunning wedding dresses size 10-12 pure silk cream cinderella style wedding dress never worn worth $1500 will sell for $800 ono. Size 14 off the shoulder cream wedding dress-very slimming $350. Size 12 beautiful cream dress slightly stained make an offer phone Tina on 79368 to veiw.

Soccer semis start today

Baby sitter wanted from January 2010. Interested person from Rarotonga/Southern group island invited. Ring 58897/26450. 41794 /9113 /1931


41804 / /2046

Typhoon 125 $600. Ph 22637.

3-4 Bedroom house (preferably 4 bedrm). Fully furnished, executive style, long term preferred. Please contact Chris Wicks on ph:21750 extn:239 w/h, Mobile: 54053 a/h.

41724 / /1931

41806 / /1631

Taro pai $80 a bag Ph 26140. 41803 / /1931


Action from the Nikao-Tupapa premier match last month – this weekend Nikao takes on Arorangi and Tupapa play neighbours Takuvaine. 09112304

the senior semi finals for both women and premier men to be played on Saturday December 12. - CIFA Thursday December 10 at the CIFA complex – 4.15pm Under 13 boys Titikaveka vs Takuvaine, ref-Tutai Taurarii assisted by Aturangi Hosking and Junior Arioka, 5pm under 14 girls Titikaveka vs Arorangi, ref-Aturangi Hosking assisted by Ua Aberahama and Tuteru Nikoro, 5.45pm under 16 boys Titikaveka vs Matavera, ref-Lai Gukisuva assisted by Tutai Taurarii and Junior Arioka. Friday December 11 at CIFA complex – 4.15pm under 13 boys Tupapa vs Nikao, ref-Lai Gukisuva assisted by Paavo Mustonen and Tino Napa, 5.00pm under 14 girls Tupapa vs Avatiu, ref-Tupou Patia assisted by Ua Aberahama and Tuteru Nikoro, 5.45pm under 16 boys Tupapa vs Takuvaine, ref- Maara Kaukura assisted by Robert Savage and Terry Piri. Saturday December 12 at CIFA complex – 12.30pm women Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 2.00pm women Nikao vs Arorangi, 3.30pm premier men Takuvaine vs Tupapa, 5.15pm premier men Nikao vs Arorangi.

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES THURSDAY  DECEMBER NZ AKL .AM NZ AKL .PM DJ AKL .PM FRIDAY  DECEMBER DJ AKL .PM SATURDAY  DECEMBER NZ AKL .AM NZ AKL .PM GZ PPT .PM NZ RAR .PM




.AM .PM .PM .PM

Air Rarotonga

International Filghts

Flight Times 1 Voyage details 1 Currency Rates RARO TO ARR DEP THURSDAY  DECEMBER  AITUTAKI DAY TOUR






































$ Currency






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle


HÄGAR the Horrible



By Dik Browne

By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


NEED MONEY? CALL ADVANCE PAY  WE BUY WE SELL . . . . Best foreign exchange rates in town . . Mana Court Phone 29907 Downtown . . Avarua Rates updated 10.30am daily . . THOR PACIFIC V  ETD AUCK , ETA RARO . THOR PACIFIC V  SLD AUCK , ETA RARO . THOR PACIFIC V  ETD AUCK , ETA RARO .


THURSDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News


Arorangi to play Tupapa in cricket final off for 3rd and 4th. The winless Avatiu Nikao side grabs – the first of the top four matches at the weekend was a was out to end the season with a bang when they travelled to take one sided affair. After winning the toss the on the Matavera side. AvatiuMuri cricket team elected to bat Nikao skipper Shane Thompson first against the visiting Tupapa won the toss and elected to bat first, despite a good partnership side. Tupapa captain Davis Tein- between Thompson (22) and aki applied the pressure early Mark Crawford the side couldn’t get any momentum and were (5 wickets for 10 runs). The inform Tereinga Maoate dismissed for 93. Stephen ‘Moko’ Kavana again was the first man out, quickly followed by the rest of the Muri led the charge for Matavera collecting three wickets for 21 runs. middle order. Not to be deterred, AvatiuThe recently returned Conrad Hunter (35 runs) had a great in- Nikao came out strong and apnings but it wasn’t enough for plied pressure to the talented the Muri side as Teinaki had Matavera line up, young Tom done too much damage and Wicks was outstanding (3 wickets for 15 runs) and ably assisted Muri were all out for 89. Realising that a win wouldn’t by his team mates to make the necessarily guarantee the Tu- run chase difficult for the Matapapa side a place in the finals, vera side. Matavera opener Taki the batters came out with the Anaru played well to anchor intention of getting the runs the innings assisted by Campearly to improve their net run bell Hockin as Matavera went on to win the rate. The Tupapa side was match with The Tujust two papa side clinical in their run wickets to was clinical chase and knocked off spare. in their run the total within 11 overs. In the last chase and of the bottom knocked off four matches Tupapa took on the total within 11 overs. Arorangi played Turangi in Takuvaine. Takuvaine struggled early the other of the top four comon until Terry Williams came petition games. Arorangi who were unbeaten in and hit a magnificent 56 with in the top four competition bat- Bruce supporting him at the other end. ted first. However once Bruce went Apii Mamanu’s boys didn’t disappoint as a number of the Williams ran out of partners and players made good contribu- the team ended all out for 198. Great hitting from Titiri (57) tions including Nga Emile 39, Daniel Webb 41, Lelei Patia 59 and Maru (51) got Turamatuitui and Tom Vea 55 from 21 balls off to a great start however Aro to take the total through to 283. had other ideas and after a fiery With three previous matches spell of bowling he collected this season played at Turangi five quick Turamatuitui wickets reaching scores in excess of 350 and effectively won the game for runs the game was far from over. Takuvaine as the Turamatuitui The Tangimetua trio of Elia team fell 12 runs short. This week William Tommy’s (35), Vane (31) and Sepa (32) were in good form and Ratu Mato top Matavera side will battle it out scored for Turangi with 47 runs. with Turamatuitui for bottom But it wasn’t enough as Turangi four 1st and 2nd honours while Avatiu-Nikao look for their first fell 47 runs short. Arorangi will now face Tupa- win when they take on Takupa 1 in the finals this weekend vaine for 3rd and 4th. - CIC with Muri and Turangi playing

WITH a cricket finals spot up for


Pictured here are most members of the touring junior golf team at the Coco Putt course for a presentation by supporting sponsors parnz – a New Zealand Corporate golf event and holiday company. (From left) Wendy Cooper, Tony Turua, Karika Karika, Stanley Urlich, John Cooper, Ned Howard, William Howard, Teariki Smith, Jojo Karati and Ana Howard. Not pictured are Rotana Howard and Leo Roa. 09120920 NINE local junior golfers will depart our shores today for two junior golf championship events in New Zealand. The team includes Stanley Urlich, William Howard, Teariki Smith, Tony Turua, Jojo Karati, Karika Karika, Anna Howard, Rotana Howard and Leo Roa of Aitutaki Golf Club. The young golf stars will be led on tour by managers Ned Howard and Ewan Smith.


The team will take part in the Auckland age group championships on December 14 and 15 to be played at the Howick Golf Club. The golfers will then compete in their second event – the Whitford junior golf championship on December 17 and 18. This week, the team of young golfers were presented with TaylorMade brand caps, Titleist golf tees and twenty dozen

acknowledge the golf business house teams who’ve supported the team’s food sale fundraiser at the Rarotonga Golf Club. The fundraiser for the tour will continue at the club while the group are away on tour and the members of the Rarotonga and Aitutaki Golf Clubs would like to thank everyone who has supported the development of junior golf in the Cook Islands. - Matariki Wilson

top grad Pinnacle golf balls by supporting sponsors John and Wendy Cooper, directors of parnz as New Zealand corporate golf event and holiday company. The team would like to thank their sponsors and supporters Maritime Cook Islands, Air Rarotonga, CISNOC, Chris and Kurai Foster, Budget, Wiri Timber and the strong support from Turtles Sportswear. The golfers would also like to

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

Rarotonga Thursday, December 10, 2009

THU High .AM .M .PM .M


Low .AM .M .PM .M


High .AM .M .PM .M


Low .AM .M


.M SW



V Full Moon DEC 

Last Quarter DEC 

New Moon DEC 


Sunshine hours

First Quarter DEC 

THU Sun Rise .AM Sun Set .PM

 

.M SW

Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM


Sun Rise


Sun Set


Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM

Humidity THU

 

.M .M NW N


Sun & Moon

FRI Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Junior golfers to New Zealand


Weather Forecast to Midnight

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A trough of low pressure lies slow moving to the north of Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, an east to southeast wind flow prevails over the group. A moist east to northeast wind flow affect Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate east to southeast winds. Cloudy periods with some showers and possible thunderstorms. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Mainly fine. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Thunderstorms likely. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Moderate east to northeast winds. Cloudy periods with few showers about Pukapuka, Nassau, Rakahanga and Manihiki. Elsewhere, fine. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Mainly fine.

Mamanu Emile of Arorangi prepares to sweep away a Turangi bowl during the two clubs clash at the weekend. 091209909

Front Key:





.M .M SW


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, December , 










° SW KTS


° SE KTS


° S KTS



° S KTS

° NE KTS


° S KTS

Thur 10 Dec 09 CI NEWS  

Cook Islands News, Thursday December 10 2009.