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$2 Saturday, December 12, 2009

Households take advantage of subsidy home owners must visit the MOIP office in Arorangi and fill out an application form. The process can be made easier if the applicant has already obtained a quote or invoice for the water tank they want to purchase and can show this at the same time. Tangianau says once each applicant’s property is visited for a residential check, he and his colleagues at MOIP process the applications and notify the ministry of finance of those that are approved. Applicants will be telephoned by MOIP to provide notice of whether they will receive the subsidy or not.

Talks slow

CITC Building Centre is expecting more Rotaform water tanks in its next shipment due to the already growing demand after the launch of the government subsidy this month. Pictured here are 2000 litre tanks and a larger 6000 litre tank - both popular sizes for households. 09121028

tiations at the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark has been described ‘painful’ and ‘slow’. The Cook Islands, as a member of the negotiating bloc AOSIS or the Alliance Of Small Island States, has teamed up with other small island countries to push agendas at the Conference of the Parties (COP) on climate change. Cook Islands negotiator and government’s chief policy advisor Liz Wright-Koteka says that the negotiation of the ‘shared vision’ text has been slow due to the many ways it is being translated. “Progress in shared vision has been painfully slow due to the great divergence in perception of what the shared vision is and its structure and content. Prior to this COP the naysayers were saying that shared vision was all that we would get out of Copenhagen. - Govt delegation

AT LEAST 60 families in Raro-

tonga have applied for the government subsidy to purchase a household water tank. Government announced the $600 subsidy on December 1 following news of the island’s vulnerability to a critical water shortage over the next three to four months. To be eligible for the subsidy, a residential household should not already have a water tank. At present those living in the side of the island from Rutaki, through town, to Tupapa are assumed to be most at risk of running out of mains supply water.

Since Monday, applications for the subsidy have been flooding in at the ministry of infrastructure and planning (MOIP), keeping the water works division staff busy this week. On Thursday Cook Islands News spoke to water works officer Otheniel Tangianau who was confident that by next week many of the water tank subsidy applications will be approved. Tangianau says applications could be processed within three days, but generally it will take around five working days before approval. To apply for the subsidy,

When a subsidy is approved, the applicant is required to visit the ministry of finance (MFEM) office in Avarua to receive written confirmation that the subsidy is being paid to the supplier of the tank. After this the resident can go straight to the

supplier to pay the difference on the purchase price of the tank. Tangianau says generally the ministry will approve subsidies on tanks that are at least 2000 litres in size because this would support a household for a time if they were relying solely on

tank water. He says more applications for the subsidy are being received and processed everyday. Government hopes that the subsidy will help households better endure dry spells – both present and future. - HG

Ebony is Miss Tiare

THE CURRENT rate of nego-

Ebony Richards was crowned the new Miss Tiare on Thursday night after a jaw-dropping and energetic talent performance. The 16-year-old also won the gown section with a tivaevae-inspired creation. More on page 8 and 9. 09121108

ON THE STREET Are you going to take advantage of the water tank subsidy ($600) the government is offering?

Maria Tuoro

Nida Mirabel

Peta Ngari

Yes, we are right on the main road of Arorangi where water isn’t very good.

We already have a water tank, we installed one five years ago.

I’ve already applied this Yes, so we get more water week. I think it’s a good to store seeing that Aroridea that the government angi has been drying up. has recognised this need. Our water tank cost $880.


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Probably, the last few No, I haven’t experienced Not immediately because No, our water is alright. days we haven’t had any any water problems in I’m renting but when we water in Pue. I’ve got a build, definitely. Titikaveka. tank but it’s not very big.

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worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO Ban on full body veils

SWITZERLAND, December 11 – The mayor of a Swiss town says city workers will stop serving women in full-body veils because it is too difficult to identify them. Grenchen mayor Boris Banga says he has decided to ban head-to-toe and face-covering veils after a 19-year-old Muslim woman appeared fully veiled at city hall to register. Banga said on Friday the woman had to come to an extra appointment and lift her veil in front of female staff members in order to be identified, creating extra work. Grenchen is a town of about 16,000 residents in western Switzerland. Burqas and other body veils aren’t common in Switzerland. Swiss citizens recently voted to ban the construction of minarets, drawing much criticism from Muslim and European countries. - AP

Chinese dissident indicted BEIJING, December 11 – A

high-profile dissident who has called for political reform in China has been indicted on subversion charges and will likely be tried within four to six weeks, his lawyer said Friday. Liu Xiaobo, 53, is a literary critic and former university professor who spent 20 months in jail for joining the 1989 student-led

Shang said the indictment cites as evidence six articles on political reform that Liu published on overseas web sites since 2005 and also an appeal he co-authored that calls for sweeping political reforms, known as Charter 08. The charter demands a new constitution guaranteeing human rights, the open election

of public officials, and freedom of religion and expression. It also calls for the abolition of the criminal code that allows people to be imprisoned for inciting subversion - the crime Liu is charged with. Some 10,000 people have signed the charter since it was made public a year ago, though a news blackout and Internet cen-

sorship have left most Chinese unaware that it exists. There have been numerous international efforts to secure Liu’s release since he was detained on December 8, 2008, including an appeal signed by dozens of scholars and literary luminaries including Salman Rushdie, Nadine Gordimer and Wole Soyinka. - AP

Corpse of former president stolen NICOSIA, December 11 – Grave

robbers have dug up the coffin of former Cyprus president Tassos Papadopoulos and stolen his corpse, police said Friday. Mounds of fresh earth lay at the site of the robbery in the Deftera village cemetery in a southwestern suburb of the Cypriot capital, Nicosia. Police investigators cordoned off the


KUALA LUMPUR – A top minister has slammed Malaysia’s taxi drivers, saying they are more of a problem for the tourism industry than the nation’s notoriously filthy toilets. “The complaints by tourists about the taxi drivers’ behaviour are more than toilets now, so in that context the taxi drivers are worse than dirty toilets,” cabinet minister Nazri Aziz said. Complaints about taxis are common the world over, but it has become a hot topic in Malaysia where frustrations are vented on blog sites and in letters to newspapers. In a survey by the local magazine The Expat last year, some 200 foreigners from 30 countries rated Malaysia the worst among 23 countries in terms of taxi quality, courtesy, availability and expertise. The respondents lashed the fleet as “a source of national shame” and “rude bullies and extortionists”.


CANBERRA – Good news for women with the finding that reaching middle age could take longer than it used to, with new data showing a rise in the nation’s median age. On the downside, finding a man could be tougher, with the nation’s gender ratio on the decline, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows. The median age - at which half the population was older and the other half younger - was 36.9 years in 2009, up more than five years from 1989. The rise was attributed to the ageing of the population, but the median age differed by more than eight years depending on where we live. Tasmania had the highest median age of 39.6 years, and the Northern Territory the lowest of 31.2 years. The snapshot of the nation’s population also looked at the the gender ratio between 1989 and 2009. During that period the ratio decreased from 99.5 males per 100 females, to 99.1 males per 100 females.


MELBOURNE – A colony of rare legless lizards has been found in central Victoria, one of only five known populations in the state. The Hooded Scaly-foot lizard species is threatened with extinction due to the loss of habitat in northern plains grasslands. The latest finding was detected in Kerang, about 275km northwest of Melbourne. Senior scientist Dr Geoff Brown from the Arthur Rylah Institute described the finding as significant. “The Department of Sustainability and Environment recently acquired an area of remnant Northern Plains Grasslands where the endangered reptile has been found,” he said.


AMSTERDAM – A man who says he spent two decades collecting Ecstasy pills of all colours and shapes as a hobby has turned to police for help after they were stolen – because he says some of them are poisonous. Police say the 46-year-old man, who was not identified, decided to report the theft despite the illegal nature of the collection because he was worried about the possible consequences if anybody swallowed one of the poisoned pills. It was not immediately clear why about 40 red-and-white pills out of the 2,400-pill-strong collection would be poisoned, but the police say they fear the drugs could be lethal if swallowed. A report in De Volkskrant daily on the same day said the man claimed he was not a drug dealer or user. “I’ve tried it before but didn’t like it,” the report quoted him saying. “My passion for collecting comes from the varied collection of colours, shapes and logos that are printed on the pills.”

Today’s Daily Bread By his Aramean concubine, Manasseh had two sons, Asriel and Machir. Machir was the father of Gilead. - GNB

Read: Chronicles 7:11-22

protests in Tiananmen Square. He was detained in December. Lawyer Shang Baojun said prosecutors informed him Friday that Liu will be tried on the charge of inciting subversion of state power. The vaguely worded charge is routinely used in China to jail dissidents and carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

Text for the day: v14

area and were searching the site. The motive was unclear. Saturday is the first anniversary of the death of Papadopoulos, who was Cyprus’ president from 2003 to 2008. “The grave of the former president has been violated and the body robbed,” said police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos. Investigators believe the body was taken either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. The motive is unclear. Graverobbing is rare in Cyprus. “What happened is macabre and utterly condemnable. I am honestly still trying to comprehend what kind of warped minds could even think of doing

such a thing, let alone actually carry it out. This is a perverse act that will sicken society in Cyprus,” said the head of Cyprus’ ruling AKEL party, Andros Kyprianou. “It is my hope that those responsible will be caught and made an example of. Society needs to remain calm,” he added. Kypros Chrysostomides, who served as justice minister under Papadopoulos, also expressed outrage. “I totally condemn, with all my soul, this barbarous act of sacrilege,” he said. “I cannot understand why somebody would want to do such a thing. ... Such barbarous acts only do damage

to Cyprus.” Papadopoulos, a hardline president who ushered the ethnically divided island into the European Union after rallying Greek Cypriots to reject a United Nations-brokered peace deal, died a year ago on Saturday from lung cancer at age 74. He served as president from 2003 until March 2008, when he lost the presidential election to current president Demetris Christofias. A British-trained lawyer, Papadopoulos was a veteran of Cyprus politics whose career spanned most of the island’s turbulent history since gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1960. He was a leader of the Greek

Cypriot guerrilla group EOKA, which waged an anti-colonial campaign, and served as the youngest cabinet minister in the island’s first post-independence government, at the age of 26. The former president is probably best remembered for an emotional televised appeal to Greek Cypriots to reject a reunification plan brokered by then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, which he vilified as entrenching the island’s division rather than ending it. Three quarters of Cypriots obliged him in an April 2004 referendum. Two-thirds of Turkish Cypriots accepted the plan. - AP

98-year-old woman charged with murder UNITED STATES, December 11

– A 98-year-old woman has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge that accuses her of strangling her 100-year-old roommate in a nursing home. A grand jury on Friday re-

turned the indictment against Laura Lundquist. A judge sent her to a state mental hospital for a competency evaluation. Her roommate, Elizabeth Barrow, was found dead with a plastic bag over her head at the

Brandon Woods Nursing Home on Sept 24. Barrow’s son, Scott Barrow, declined to comment on the indictment. He has said Lundquist made threatening remarks to his mother about the number of

visitors his mother received and said she would outlive Barrow. Nursing home officials have said the women refused chances to switch rooms and were friendly to each other. - AP

Mine collapse kills 19 workers ANKARA, December 11 – An

explosion caused the collapse of an underground chamber of a Turkish coal mine, killing 19 workers, the government said Friday. The blast at a mine in northwestern Turkey buried the miners nearly 220 metres below the surface on Thursday night, said Labour Minister Omer Dincer. The explosion was triggered by the use of dynamite during the digging in the mine, said

Governor Sahabettin Harput of the western province of Bursa. “We lost all 19 workers. The chamber was entirely collapsed,” Dincer said. “We have only been able to pull out two of the bodies so far. It does not look possible to recover other bodies for now.” Dincer said workers were trying to re-erect supports to reach the dead miners and the job could take a day. Hundreds

Polar pledge

of logs used to support the ceilings and walls of the shafts were piled outside the entrance of the mine in the village of Devecikonagi in Bursa. “They have to do it very carefully, slowly,” Dincer said. Hamza Baskurt, one of the rescue workers, said they saw bodies in the rubble but could not take them out. “It was a big explosion, it is obvious from their faces, hands and clothes,” Baskurt, an ex-

hausted miner with a blackened face, told NTV television. Mothers and wives of the miners wailed near the entrance of the mine. Four workers who were outside the chamber at the time of the blast survived the accident, Dincer said. The rescue work had been complicated by the high concentration of flammable gas inside the mine. - AP

UNITED KINGDOM: Animal sculptor Mark Coreth waves to onlookers as he sits on top of a life-size ice carving of a polar bear in Trafalgar Square, central London, on December 11, 2009. The sculpture was part of a campaign by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to highlight the plight of polar bears in the Arctic, where melting ice is threatening their survival. EU nations are set to give more than six billion euros (nine billion dollars) to help the developing world tackle climate change in the next three years, British prime minister Gordon Brown said Friday. AFP PHOTO


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worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO

Pope to write letter to Irish Catholics VATICAN CITY, December 11 – Pope Benedict XVI is deeply disturbed by a child sex-abuse scandal in Ireland and will write a letter to Catholics there on the church's response to a report that found the church shielded more than 100 child-abusing priests from the law, the Vatican said on Friday. Benedict met at the Vatican with senior Irish clergy to discuss a possible response to the devastating report issued last month. A Vatican statement released after the 90-minute talks said the pope studied the report carefully and expressed his "profound regret," "He was deeply disturbed and

distressed by its contents," the statement said. "The Holy Father shares the outrage, betrayal and shame felt by so many of the faithful in Ireland." Attending the talks at the Vatican were Irish Cardinal Sean Brady, Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the Vatican's representative to Ireland, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza. "The Holy Father invited the Catholic world to pray for the victims, the survivors of child sexual abuse, and he said that the Holy See will be following very closely to discover how this tragedy took place," Brady told reporters after the meeting. The report found that church

leaders in the Dublin Archdiocese failed to inform authorities about sexual abuse by priests, while police failed to pursue allegations under the belief that church figures were above the law. The damning revelations led to private debates among Catholic bishops over whether any of their number should resign. Martin said the church had "introduced huge measures regarding child protection" over the last years and resignations were not the most important response to the scandal. "It isn't just the question of heads rolling. I have said very clearly people assume their own responsibility... and it's good to

see that that has begun with people doing it actually in public," he said. "That's quite a new thing in the Church in Ireland." The Vatican statement made no mention of any possible resignation. It said the church would "continue to follow this grave matter with the closest attention" and examine how to "develop effective and secure strategies to prevent any recurrence." Benedict's letter to the faithful of Ireland "will clearly indicate the initiatives that are to be taken in response to the situation." The 720-page report found that dozens of church leaders in Ireland's most populous diocese

kept secret the record of child abuse by more than 170 clerics since 1940. Police and social workers charged with stopping child abuse didn't start getting cooperation from the church until 1995. This opened the floodgates to thousands of abuse complaints expected to cost the Dublin Archdiocese euro20 million (US$30 million). - AP

Pope Benedict XVI will write a letter to Irish Catholics after reading a report that found the church shielded child abusers from the law. Dallas Observer

Divisions destroying party: Mugabe Robert Mugabe

Open Parachute

ZI M BABWE December 11 –

Zimbabwe's president said on Friday that internal divisions are destroying the party that has kept him in power for nearly three decades. Robert Mugabe told about 10,000 delegates at a gathering of his ZANU-PF party that infighting cost them their parliamentary majority in last year's contested polls. Mugabe, 85, has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980. He was forced into a unity government with the former rival party, the Move-

ment for Democratic Change, or MDC, following the 2008 election. "The reason why we lost in the March 2008 elections to the MDC is because of the many factions in the party," he said. "We have many groups opposing each other, fighting each other. This is destroying the party, eating it ... this is how the party is losing power to the MDC, who are supporting this factionalism which is working in their favour." Mugabe's tongue-lashing of his comrades comes as concerns

mount that the unity government is doomed to fail as the long-time leader scrambles to hold on to power. The party also has been long divided over who should eventually succeed Mugabe and these are now coming to the fore as many feel the liberation hero is losing his grip on the country. The party congress will end Saturday when Mugabe is expected to be re-elected as its leader for another four years. This is the first time Mugabe has had to face his party since the formation of the unity govern-

ment in February and observers say the organisation is severely weakened. Election officials declared a runoff was necessary after the 2008 vote but opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dropped out, citing attacks against his supporters. Mugabe was later declared the winner, but he formed the unity government in February with Tsvangirai as prime minister. Zimbabwe is struggling to emerge from political gridlock, economic collapse, and international isolation and sanctions.

Critics blame Mugabe for Zimbabwe's economic meltdown that began after he ordered the seizures of thousands of white-owned commercial farms in 2000, disrupting the agriculture-based economy in the former regional breadbasket. The unity government saw many Mugabe cronies lose lucrative positions. Their businesses also have been hampered by international sanctions and they fear they will not benefit from the influx of cash that rebuilding efforts are starting to bring in. - AP


SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

climate change conference COPENHAGEN

US, China won’t agree to 1.5 degrees

COPENHAGEN, December 11 The United States says the push by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) to limit global temperature to well below 1.5 degrees Celsius is ‘not in the realm of what we can agree to’ in Copenhagen. Todd Stern, the US chief climate change negotiator told the

international media that any agreement expected from Copenhagen must focus on the two percent degree Celsius ceiling. “I don’t want to criticise the position of small island states but the US maintains the two percent and we see it as an initial step.” “We need to keep a close

China vice foreign affairs minister, He Yatei. 09121102

Climate could trigger ‘planetary Pompeii’ COPENHAGEN, December 10

- Island-nations raised their voices at United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen today, warning of a “planetary Pompeii” as a result of climate change if current treaty negotiations aren’t more productive. Higher temperatures and heavier storms are already hurting the countries, Dessima Williams, the Grenadian ambassador to the UN who leads an alliance of 43 island-states, told reporters in the Danish capital. Rising seas are swamping coastal areas and encroaching on groundwater supplies, coral reefs are dying off and fish are migrating from warming waters, she said. The low-lying countries are calling for a legally binding treaty that keeps global warming from boosting temperatures more than 1.5 degrees Celsius from industrial times. The 27-nation European Union, the US, Japan and developing nations including China and India have endorsed 2 degrees as a target. “It will be a planetary Pompeii if we don’t do anything,” Cape Verde envoy Antonio Lima said, referring to the Roman

town buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. “If we do nothing, we know we are going to die. We are negotiating our lives.” Williams said her bloc cannot accept a 2-degree target and delegates have an obligation to recognise the needs of the UN’s most vulnerable members. She noted many of the island alliance’s members aren’t included on the large globe in the atrium of Bella Centre in Copenhagen where the talks continue until December 18. “You know where we are not displayed?” Williams asked. “On the globe here in the conference. How can you have a meeting when 43 countries aren’t even on the map?” The globe at the conference lacks many Pacific islands as well as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Delegates have added dots in the mid-Pacific to show missing islands and someone has scrawled Cook Islands onto it. Richer nations need to put more money on the table to finance efforts to protect coastal people against climate change, according to Williams. - Bloomberg

eye on the sciences and if it’s ramped up later, then we can revise. If we do a deal here, two percent will be good.” Since arriving in the Danish city a few days ago, Stern has met with a number of the groupings within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to discuss the US position. “I spent some time talking with folks from AOSIS. Nobody has more legitimate concerns than them. I see that the proposed draft from the chair of the ad hoc working group on long term co-operative action under the convention (AWG-LCA) has a review period to take place in 2016. Item 8, under the shared vision for long term co-operative action, the draft proposes a comprehensive review, which includes an evaluation and update of the long term global emissions reductions. “The first comprehensive review shall take place in 2016 and shall be informed by the findings of the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).” China, on the other hand showed some sympathy towards the AOSIS proposed Copenha-

gen protocol but did not want to go into commitment details. Instead, its vice foreign affairs minister, He Yatei spoke of the need for developed and rich nations to deliver funding commitments, required under the Kyoto Protocol. “We understand the unique concerns of small islands developing states and we have great sympathy for them. Their concerns are the same in principle to ours. There is lack of implementation by developed countries to the Kyoto Protocol. Apart from the European Union, all other developed countries under the Kyoto Protocol have not met their commitments.” He said, for small island countries, climate change means their survival as a nation. "UNFCCC executive secretary, Yves de Boer was upbeat about the draft text by the chair of AWG-LCA. The proposed draft paper captures the beginning of a climate change framework. "Developed countries need to take more responsibility for a legally binding fund. This is not a donation or charity but developed countries must fulfil their international legal responsibility."

US chief climate change negotiator, Todd Stern. 09121101 He clarified that numbers have not been finalised in the draft as the negotiations will put some flesh into the text. Responding to the draft negotiating text, Kim Carstensen, leader of WWF Global Climate Initiative said the text provides a basis to make the right political decisions. “It contains many gaps, exposes rifts but also clearly shows that an agreement is possible. The gaps are now visible and need to be filled by political will and concrete financial commitments. We still don’t know how

much money there will be and where it will come from.” Carstensen said countries need to fill these gaps as soon as possible. “Copenhagen can only come to an agreement if negotiations will be fair, open and transparent. While we understand that a large number of parties were not happy with the way this text has been proposed. We believe it is important that the text is now there and that its content has the potential to unlock the stalled talks,” he said. - Makereta Komai

Cook Islands vacates seat in UN expert group THE COOK ISLANDS is vacating

a seat, it held for three terms, on the Expert Group on Technology Transfer within the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC). Climate change negotiator and environment’s international manager Tania Temata says that the Cook Islands, through Tom Wichman, served on the expert group for three terms. He was nominated by Government as an expert from the Pacific to represent Asia and the Pacific region on the group. “That seat has now come up for re-election. Last year we received a counter proposal from another Asia-Pacific country for this position, and given that our Asia Pacific Group is such a huge group, Cook Islands will not be seeking for re-election,” says Temata. “Given the length of term the Cook Islands has served on the EGTT, it was only appropri-

ate that other Pacific Islands be given the opportunity as well.” The Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT) was established with the aim to enhance the implementation of this framework and to advance the technology transfer activities under the Convention. Over the last five years, the work of the EGTT has become results -oriented, with the production of targeted and instructive products that Parties can use as they formulate their specific climate change mitigation and adaptation technology strategies Technology needs and needs assessments are a set of countrydriven activities that identify and determine the mitigation and adaptation technology priorities particularly of developing countries. "The Cook Islands is lucky to have someone like Tom Wichman, who has a passion for simple technology development

and innovations for small islands, and his representation on the EGTT was widely supported by our Pacific neighbours,” says Temata. “We have very high regard for him for the knowledge he has in this field and is highly respected within the climate change circle" Elections were carried out at the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen yesterday. - Government Delegation,


Tom Wichman served on the Expert Group on Technology Transfer within the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention for three terms. 09121146

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localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAREA

Dishonesty lands youth back in prison A 19-year-old has been sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for a raft of dishonesty charges. Teremoana Saddler appeared in the high court on Thursday before Justice Hugh Williams. He was sentenced for six burglary charges, three counts of unlawful taking and escaping from lawful custody. The offending occurred over a three week period between October 19 and November 7 this year. Defence counsel Lavenia Rokoika made submissions before the court that none of her client’s actions were violent and acknowledged that Saddler had entered the premises unlawfully. “The counsel submits that the circumstances of the offending were not aggressive on the part of the prisoner and it stemmed from factors including coercions, desperate circumstances and idleness,” she said. “These were not premeditated acts where the prisoner planned to commit the crimes but to some extent walked into the situation without much thought.” Saddler has been previously

convicted for burglary, contempt of court and unlawful taking and was serving a three month sentence before escaping from prison on November 7. In mitigation, Rokoika said the cooperation of Saddler gave police should be taken into consideration. “The prisoner freely gave the information that was required from him and he made no attempt to hide any information from the police. He was not represented by counsel and he agreed to most, if not all of the facts that were put before him.” She said her client was barely over the juvenile age and had better prospects of reform and rehabilitation. Saddler had previously pleaded guilty to burglary of a house in Nikao in the early hours of October 19 this year. While the complainant was asleep, he stole a bottle of brandy, a cordless phone and a stereo sound system. Only the stereo has been recovered. Saddler then took the resident’s Ford Courier truck to transport the stolen goods to his friend’s place.

The undamaged vehicle was later abandoned in a vacant area next to the complainant’s house. The same afternoon, he broke into a house at Tereora. A PlayStation valued at $150 was stolen. The item has not been recovered. On October 23, he pleaded guilty to the two burglaries and was remanded in prison for sentencing. However he escaped from custody on November 7. During his time at large he broke into another house in Nikao and made a phone call to a friend. He then took a Rip Curl cap valued at $25. The same evening he broke into the ministry of infrastructure and planning building in Arorangi. During a police interview, Saddler said he was looking for a bunch of keys to gain entry to the workshop. He gave up his search and instead broke

into the workshop through the ceiling. A motorcycle was taken from the premises which he failed to start. He abandoned the bike nearby at Snowbird Laundry. Around 12.45am the next day, Saddler burgled the Sun-

Prosecution said a substantial term was warranted because of the prisoner’s “complete lack” of understanding and remorse. haven Beach Bungalows office. Food items and alcohol worth $100 was taken. The prisoner then walked out the main door and got into a Nissan van which had been parked with the keys in the ignition. The van was later recovered undamaged. “This type of offending

is on the rise – especially in Rarotonga,” police prosecutor Tuaine Manavaroa submitted. “This offence has the ability to negatively affect communities; including our tourism market which is the backbone of our country.” Prosecution said a substantial term was warranted because of the prisoner’s “complete lack” of understanding and remorse. “The general public is not safe if he is released in the community.” In sentencing, Justice Williams said Saddler’s family had written a letter to the court saying they have done what they can for the prisoner. The letter stated they had lost faith and trust in him and did not know what else they could do to turn his ways. Justice Williams also repeated Saddler’s excuse of being forced to steal and give the goods to

some criminal overlord who was threatening to harm his parents. “Even if that was true you will no longer be under his influence in custody,” he said. “You’ve shown very little remorse on your part and people have worked hard and saved for their goods and you just bowled in and took it from them. “The sentence needs to denounce, deter and punish you for what you’ve done.” Saddler was ordered to serve three years and three months in prison for the burglary charges after his age, early guilty pleas and his time in remand taken into account. He was given one year and eight months for all other charges. All sentences are to be served concurrently. The conviction is to be accumulated on to his previous three month sentence. - Dana Kinita

Police reward its own LONG service and excellence in

the police force was rewarded yesterday. The Cook Islands police (pictured below) held its monthly parade and medal ceremony at the Telecom Sports Arena. All officers in full uniform

took centre stage at the Tereora indoor stadium with outstanding contribution recognised within the force and meteorological service. Acting prime minister Tangata Vavia and Bishop Tutai Pere also attended.

Those awarded included administrator Mii Hosking, superintendent Taivero Isamaela, detective sergeant Roimata Peraua and senior sergeant Tuaine Manavaroa. Also honoured were meteorological service officers Roro

Taia, Ngatokorua Rauraa, Kake Ioane, Tekii Lazaro, Maara Vaiimene and director Arona Ngari. Taia was given a premier medal award for 40 years of service. - Dana Kinita










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Dancing down memory lane

Island Night on Saturdays with island food and show

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SOME people have been busy this week polishing shoes, dusting off suits and pressing ball gowns and colourful muumuu – and practicing ballroom dancing moves that may have become a little rusty over the years – as they will soon be taken back to a bygone era on Rarotonga. It’s all for a very good cause as friends and family of the much-loved matriarch of the Karika family, Mama Margaret Karika Ariki, gather in the national auditorium this evening for a ball to celebrate her 90th birthday. It’s been a big year for Mama Margaret as earlier this year she celebrated another major milestone: her 60th anniversary as Karika Ariki. Happy 90th birthday!


WITH Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Friday this year, the public holidays for Boxing Day and the day after New Year’s will be carried forward to Monday December 28th and Monday January 4th respectively. Those who normally work Mondays to Fridays will get two nice long weekend breaks, but those working in for instance the retail trade won’t if they’ve pulled the short straw and are rostered on to work the Saturdays in between, which are not public holidays.

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AFTER reading the cricket news this week in the Cook Islands News,

a reader congratulated the CICA manager for doing a good job in promoting the sport of cricket in the Cooks by appointing his buddies as ‘umpire coordinators’ and umpires. “I’ve never seen the vacancy for these positions and no one from a ‘strong field of applicants’ applied. Sorry for those who have been true cricket supporters and fans since cricket started in the Cook Islands.”

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Maine Tiare finale spectacular THE SMALL but vocal crowd at

the Miss Tiare finale and crowning on Thursday night weren’t disappointed as the five contestants put on a spectacular show. But it was 16-year-old Miss Tiare Taria (bougainvillea) Ebony Richards that came up trumps to win this year’s Maine Tiare pageant. The Maine Tiare crown topped off Richard’s mindblowing and energetic talent that left spectators breathless. A stunning gown, inspired by the traditional tivaevae quilting method with a twist of modern fashion, also saw Richards win the gown section. During the questionnaire section of the evening, Richards left spectators speechless with an articulated answer in both Maori and English, on why it is important to maintain the Cook Islands culture and language. In fact, judges had a torturous night as all five contestants were beautifully presented, well spoken and enthusiastic about the night’s Maine Tiare finale. First runner-up Miss Tiare Taina Tekea Akava was graceful and fluid in her presentation of the Cook Islands culture during her talent section. Her natural talent for Cook Islands dance saw Akava take out the Miss Talent award plus she was chosen by her fellow contestants as the deserving recipient of the Miss Congeniality award. Akava then returned on stage in a graceful green gown which

portrayed her flower with herself as the blooming tiare taina. Second runner-up Miss Tiare Tipani Tuane Hosking showed off her musical talents with a melody to start her talent section which led into a seductive tipani dance capped off with a dramatic finish, dancing on the knee of her male chaperone. Hosking also walked away with the Miss Deportment award. Third runner-up Miss Tiare Kaute Nicholle Ama was positively radiant in yellow and orange when she performed in a stunning yellow and orange traditional costume in her talent dedicated to her sponsor, the Taakoka Dance troupe. She then sashayed down the catwalk in an orange strapless gown with hand-painted kaute representing the five members of her family. Miss Kaute also received the Miss Sponsors Speech award. Miss Tiare Riri Vaka Tevananga Upu Pere was without a doubt the crowd favourite. The young maiden from Takuvaine made raking rubbish look like a joy as she portrayed her daily task as set by her beloved ‘Nane’. Upu Pere was so vivacious and energetic that she had everyone cheering as she went about her daily chores and deservedly took out the Miss Personality award. She then stepped out in a gorgeous black gown with pink water lily diamantes with water lily jewellery. - MW

Miss Tiare Taria Ebony Richard gets a congratulatory kiss and hug from Miss Cook Islands Engara Gosselin after being announced as the new Maine Tiare. 09121109

Miss Tiare Tipani Tuane Hosking was stunningly adorned with blooming tipani flowers.

09121124 / 09121125

Miss Tiare Kaute Nicholle Ama was positively radiant in her yellow and orange traditional costume which she wore during her talent performance dedicated to her sponsor the Taakoka Dance Troupe. 09121128 / 09111229


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Miss Tiare Taina Tekea Akava performed Cook Islands dance gracefully and with pride. Tekea won the Miss Talent award with her fluid performance plus she took out the first runner up Miss Tiare award. 9111220

Miss Tiare Tipani Tuane Hosking capped off her stunning talent performance with a dramatic finale by dancing on top of the knee of her male chaperone before falling backwards into his arms. 09121126

Miss Tiare Taria (bougainvillea) Ebony Richards was exquisite in her gown inspired by the traditional tivaevae with a twist of modern fashion. 09121112

Personality plus! Miss Tiare Riri Vai Tevananga Upu Pere was a real crowd-pleaser on Thursday and for her outstanding efforts, the young lady from the valley was dubbed Miss Personality. 09111235


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Commander leaves Cooks for next challenge Commander John Navin of the Australian navy has left for Darwin after a three year term as marine surveillance advisor to the Cook Islands. Commander Navin spent his last week in Rarotonga performing handover tasks for new maritime surveillance advisor lieutenant commander Chris

Cooper, who was here this past week. Cooper has officially taken over the position and he will be based in Rarotonga with wife Juliette and son Robert, aged 11, from next month. Navin will commence as the commanding officer for the Assail Two crew, in the Armidale

New maritime surveillance advisor lieutenant commander Chris Cooper, left, takes over from commander John Navin. 09121008

class patrol boat for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The Armidale class patrol boat is comprised of four divisions. Each division has four ships and six rotating crews. The Assail division, with the maxim ‘Cut Deep’, provides border protection against illegal fishing and people smuggling in Australia’s northern waters according to the RAN website. All four of the vessels which the six Assail crews are assigned to, are armed with two 12.7 mm machine guns and a Rafael Typhoon 25mm naval stabilised gun deck. Navin admits it will take a period of adjustment going from a strictly advisory role back to commanding a patrol boat and a crew but he is looking forward to it. “I’m looking forward to it, it’s back to what I consider normal,” he said, referring to a defence force career in the RAN spanning twenty years. He recommends a defence force career to any young person leaving school or at a time when they are considering career options. “It opens up a lot of doors in terms of professional training and trades skills as well as an adventurous sort of life. The defence forces are a viable career option.” Navin said that there are a number of highlights of his time as maritime surveillance officer for the Cook Islands. These include overseeing an increased rate of effort and deterrence by Te Kukupa patrol

boat within budget. He says Te Kukupa has been over-achieving on the baseline of expected sea days by averaging 80-85 days in a twelve month period. This rate of surveillance ranks the Cook Islands in the top five percent for the Pacific Islands. “The guys are doing very effective work, going out with planned operations and achieving quality sea days in terms of surveillance,” said Navin. Professional development initiatives for both the commanding officer and operations officer at maritime surveillance Cookislands are ongoing. Navin said the capacity-building initiatives cover work in both sea and

shore-based surveillance activities, and take into account the continued growth in regional operational developments. Operations Kurukuru and Tui Moana were highlights in terms of attaining increased regional capacity. Navin said this reflects the growth in multi-lateral surveillance and increased engagement with other Pacific patrol boats, and regional cooperation for maritime surveillance. The United States coast guard, New Zealand and Australia provided aerial surveillance support to those operations. The posting of maritime sur-

veillance advisor was Navin’s first in the Pacific. He said that it has been great in terms of quality family time with wife Melanie and son Ryan, now aged four to have had his preschooling days here in Rarotonga. His involvement with the paddling community received special mention particularly for the friendships formed which Navin said he would always cherish. “The hospitality and friendliness of the Cook Islands people is second-to-none and I say that with all integrity.” Navin departed Rarotonga this morning for his next career challenge. - ET

Navin, second from left, paddling with Te Tupu O te Manava – outrigging was a time of “cherished friendships”. 08100507


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Endangered species

This old limestone home in Avana has been symbolically wrapped by local artist Krick Barraud to create awareness of cultural landscapes. CREATING awareness of the cultural landscape is the aim of a visual art piece in Avana titled ‘endangered species’ created by local artist Krick Barraud. With the permission of home owner Edward Karika and family, Krick has ‘wrapped’ the limestone shell of the building to draw public awareness to the plight of old limestone homes which she says contributes to the cultural heritage and history

of the Cook Islands. “The binding and bandages that wrap the home have been symbolically placed as protective covering for this endangered and wounded species,” explains Krick. Krick says that ideas for the installation relate to her current project in completing a master of arts and design through the University of the South Pacific and the Auckland Uni-

versity of Technology in New Zealand. “The aim of this visual art project is to create awareness of the cultural landscape through the use of found materials.” She says this will happen through the exploration of the space between lost and found in relation to the cultural heritage on the island. “Permanent and temporary installation and assemblage



work will be made in response to site-specific places and situations with the intention to identify and reconfigure materials to create a conversation about the culture and environment.” The ‘endangered species’ installation uses the existing historic coral limestone building which was constructed during the late 1800s. “The cloth and binding on the house are symbolically


placed to protect what might be lost from history.” “The bindings represent the bloodlines, family ties that bind the people to the land and their community.” Krick used 130 metres of white mull fabric to wrap the house, with the able assistance of her son Tex Amos, Josh Mangakahia and James Shepherd. Approximately 150 metres of

white and black raffia binds the building. The work will remain for two weeks when it will be replaced by another work which will highlight other important environmental issues. All Krick’s installation works are photographed and will be presented as part of the final thesis to external examiners in August 2010. - Matariki Wilson



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Mauke and Mitiaro harbours checked out makes access to the harbours ernment officials visited Mitiaro more difficult from both land and Mauke this month to gather and the open sea. The lack of protection makes information for the redesign of harbours on the respective is- conditions in the harbours rough and dangerous for boat lands. The upgrade of Omutu har- handlers. This requires slower, bour on Mitiaro and repair of more cautious handling of Taunganui harbour on Mauke goods to avoid damage as they have been a priority for the are brought ashore and to enCook Islands government and sure people’s safety. The engineers measured targeted for NZAID funding water depth and harbour size, since the 2005 cyclones. B ECA engineers Richard observed wave patterns, the conFrankland, Katie Sherning and dition of the sea bed, assessed David Anstiss visited Mitiaro materials, and saw firsthand how the barges from DecemNZAID, through function in the ber 1-4 and AMD and the MOIP, is harbours. Mauke from funding the redesign and David AnDecember 4-7. stiss invesThey were acreconstruction of both companied by these harbours. The current t i g a t e d t h e Taukea Raui allocation is $4.25 million. availability of local materi(ministry of infrastructure & planning), als for making concrete, which Steve Barrett (aid management could reduce what will need to division), Julie Affleck (NZAID) be brought in from Rarotonga, and Pip Robertson, a Wellington helping to keep construction -based NZAID communications costs down. However, the BECA engiadvisor. NZAID, through AMD and neers’ visit was not just about the MOIP, is funding the rede- measurements and materials. Equally important was meetsign and reconstruction of both these harbours. The current al- ing with the communities who use the harbours and have long location is $4.25 million. In both harbours, cargo ships term knowledge of the sea conanchor beyond the reef, and ditions. Being on the island in perbarges transport goods back and forth to the harbour where they son was vital for their understanding of how the harbours are unloaded. The damage sustained to function, how they have been slipways, wharfs and sea walls damaged, and how they can be


improved to meet the needs of the island communities. “Hearing this local knowledge and having time to observe the harbour is what makes coming here worthwhile,” Richard Frankland said. “We have learned so much from being here. We could not have designed the harbours sitting in our office in Auckland, as we would have got a lot of

things wrong.” On both Mitiaro and Mauke, meetings were held with the island representatives, officials, fishermen, and harbour workers. Design drawings were laid out on the table and different options for the redesign were proposed and debated and different elements prioritised. The BECA team will now de-

Taunganui harbour in Mauke. 09121034

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in the world 2


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goods is essential for the economies of the two islands, as well as for the well-being and quality of life of the islands’ residents. It is intended that NZAID’s investment in these harbours will improve the efficiency of inter-island transport of goods and make the harbours safer for all who use them. - NZAID/MM

The BECA team discussing options for the harbour with Mitiaro fishermen and members of the community. 09121036

From left Katie Sherning, Julie Affleck, Richard Frankland, David Anstiss and Pip Robertson during their recent visit to Mauke and Mitiaro. 09121035


sign the harbours based on the information they have gathered. The communities in Mauke and Mitiaro will have the opportunity to give feedback on the designs before they are finalised. After that, the next stage will be detailed design and then tendering for the harbour reconstruction. Reliable, safe transport of


6PM & 8.30PM


Omutu harbour in Mitiaro. 09121037


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Fashion shows, pictures and art WHEN the lease of the Kenwall

Gallery expires in April, Lorna Walters will shut up shop. It’s the end of an era but Walters says simply that “everything has its time”. It’s a time spanning 30 years and Walters accordingly sees Rarotonga as home, more so than her native Canada. The gallery in Ruatonga today stocks art supplies and a wide selection of work by local artists, as well as that of overseas artists. But it was initially - and continues to be - a picture framing gallery borne of late husband Ken and Lorna’s lifetime in Rarotonga and combined experiences. It is a lifetime which has seen a significant contribution to the visual arts as well as a loving approach to framing. “The framing should enhance the art and not take away from it in any way,” says Walters, “We’ve always tried to frame art as if it were our own”. This stems back to the business beginning as a sideline enterprise from home and alongside the-then Raro Pharmacy where Ken worked as the pharmacist. Ken was also a keen photographer and more often than not the official picture-taker for most Rarotonga events. "In those days very few people here had the necessary camera equipment which is one of the reasons why I got the job," he was quoted in a past Cook Islands News article. Obviously he had a sense of humour but wife Lorna also recalls a very meticulous nature within the “friendly pharmacist”. It was a precision which served to save old photographs very well. “These were peoples’ precious pictures, some of their ancestors or their parents at a time when not a lot of photos were being taken.” Some photos, she adds, were taken at the turn of the last century with some not faring well due to the heat and humidity.

Walters recalls her foray into dressmaking under the Manu Manea label as “a lot of fun” with fashion shows in collaboration with other designers. “I was always fascinated by textiles and colours and I had ideas. Ken pointed out that I wasn’t a dressmaker or a designer but I was lucky to work with talented people. Cook Islanders could look at fabric and see a pattern then make it -- I had never seen that before. I was fortunate to have skilled people around me.” The fashion shows were complicated, she recalls. “They were a production -they really were and so many people helped. We had choreographers, music, staging …” In one show, a friend, who was a hat-maker, designed a fabulous hat with the model

It is a lifetime which has seen a significant contribution to the visual arts as well as a loving approach to framing. strutting out to Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ tossing $50 bills from her décolletage. Another show saw whitehooded garments lit only by neon tubing being thrown off to reveal expose swimwear which Walters stocked. Yet another at the-now Club Raro, saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse bursting through castle gates. “We didn’t sell a lot of clothing through the shows but we raised money and it was so much fun. Some of the ideas were hooky looking back but it was great at the time!” After 12 years, Manu Manea wound up. “We couldn’t compete anymore but we had our day,” smiles Walters. The gallery was formulated into Kenwall Associates, with framing continuing alongside prints and artworks. Gradually, the art collection came to include a variety of art from abroad and Rarotonga, as

well as the importing of art supplies which Lorna has continued to this day. “Ken always believed that young artists should be encouraged and that local art should be encouraged,” she says, “It grew in leaps and bounds,’ she muses. “I didn’t understand until an artist told me ‘you know this gallery is the first of its kind here’. Then I thought about it and went ‘oh, I suppose we were’.” The connection to the arts is as much about people as it is about business for Walters who says the gallery has never been just about selling. “In a way we have been a conduit, being able to connect artists with people and vice versa. The suppliers have not really changed much over the years and over time you get to know each other quite well. “Art speaks to your heart and your soul before it speaks to your head. It enriches because it shows things that you don’t usually see.” Walters adds that she and Ken reached a point where they decided “no more art” for their personal collection. “Then we’d walk out of a gallery with more,” she laughs. They have walls dedicated to regions as well as the stock in the gallery. Walters has begun scaling down the gallery stock and the personal collection, and a 50 percent sale on most items has begun. The gallery will also incorporate a garage sale of non-gallery items next Saturday. Walters says the sale is an opportunity for people who may have seen something they like to come down and get a bargain. It may also be an opportunity to grab a piece of iconic history and support a lady who is bowing out as gracefully as ever with memories of fun times and nothing but praise for the community she is so much a part of. - Edna Takaroka

Lucky tipani

Lorna Walters, a long-time resident of Rarotonga outside the Kenwall gallery which will close in April next year. 09120827



Christmas Day Luncheon $55 adults and $30 children (under 10) – 3 courses. Exquisite Menu from 12 noon – last orders 2.30pm Spending Christmas alone? Come and join our friendly family atmosphere at the Coral Club where you will experience the warmth and friendliness of our staff and guests on this special day.

Coral Club Festive Opening Hours Christmas Day – open 7.30am – close 3.00pm – no dinners Boxing Day – open 7.30am for breakfast, lunch and dinner Hogmanay – open 7.30am for breakfast, lunch and dinner New Year’s Day – closed Jan 2nd – open 7.30am for breakfast lunch and dinner The staff and owners would like to thank you for your support and business and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This seven-petalled pink frangipani flower was picked from a tree at Etu Moana Beach Villas in Aitutaki by Latoya Neale earlier this week. The photo was sent in by assistant manager at the villas, Terresa Lockington, who said that Neale felt lucky to find the flower. 09121044

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Ei, dancing and awards at Takitumu THE RAIN didn’t stop

the celebrations during parents’ day at Takitumu Primary School on Thursday. Every student, from preschool to year 6, were decked out in ei and colourful attire for the prize giving. Takitumu principal Engia Pate says it was a successful event with many parents attending. “We also had a lot of positive comments for the dancing and how they enjoyed the whole programme.” Year 6 student, Uriahiti Beniamina was named school dux. Pate says she was presented with the award after doing “outstandingly well” in all areas of her curriculum. With the theme, ‘Around the Pacific’ the pupils practised for two weeks to perform dances from around the region such as Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, and of course Cook Islands. Engia said the weather didn’t dampen their day as the rain started pouring just as they had finished - DK their items.

VIRTUES the gifts within

Creativity Tu Manako ora

“Let us use the different gifts allotted to each of us by God’s grace…” Romans 12:6

Dressed in white were preschoolers Teau Maui, Clotilda Moetaua and Melany Maroro with warrior Akamoeau Temakopi at the back. 09121011

Creativity is the power of imagination. With creativity, people can discover new ideas, new thoughts that might never have been thought of before. Creativity is a way to use what the Creator has given you, to bring something new in to the world. It is seeing something in a new way, finding a different way to solve a problem or get something done. I am practising creativity when I… • Discover the gifts I have • Use knowledge and training to develop my gifts • Use my imagination • Have the discipline to practice • Take time for dreaming • Do things my own creative way. I am creative. I have special gifts and I am willing to discover them. I use my imagination. I take time for inspiration. I am happy to be myself.

Decked out in ei, the preschoolers played their part in Thursday’s parent’s day. 09121015

Akono meitaki i taau tamariki e kia kite koe i to ratou aereanga i teia tuatau orote.

Mutu-kore te oraanga apii

Takitumu dux of the year, Uruhiti Beniamina with her mum Nana Short. 09121020


SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News


Sonny’s musical life remembered SON NY Tutai o Poko Maru

Sonny Terei with his daughter Miriam (at right) and Vero Andrew, who he taught to play piano for the Apostolic Church. 09121144

Avatar premieres in London DECEMBER 11 - James Cam-

eron's sci-fi extravaganza "Avatar" was getting its public premiere in London, and the movie industry is watching intently to see whether it will match the success of the director's blockbuster "Titanic." Stars Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana were expected to join the crowds in London's Leicester Square before Thursday's gala screening. The 3-D epic about humans taking extraterrestrial form as they explore a distant world is reportedly one of the most expensive movies ever made, with a price tag well in excess of the $200 million spent to make "Titanic."

It uses cutting-edge digital technology to create dizzying special effects. Cameron said the movie, which is set in the future on an alien planet being pillaged by humans for natural resources, deals with how indigenous people are treated by newcomers. "It's a way of connecting a thread through history. I take that thread further back to the 16th and 17th centuries and to how the Europeans pretty much took over South and Central America and displaced and marginalised the indigenous peoples there," he said. "There's just this long, wonderful history of the human race written in

blood going back as far as we can remember, where we have this tendency to just take what we want without asking," he said. Cameron conceived the story for Avatar in 1995 then waited a decade for technology to catch up so he could film it. The film mixes live action and computer animation to create an eye-poppingly vivid alien world. The industry is watching closely to see how audiences respond to Cameron's first narrative film since 1997's "Titanic," which won 11 Academy Awards and has taken $1.8 billion worldwide at the box office. "Avatar" opens around the world next week. - AP

Tamariki Nootu Teatuairo Terei - one of the country’s most respected composers and musicians –passed away in Rarotonga last month. Terei, who was born on August 27, 1933 in Ngatangiia, was a member of ‘Pepe and the Rarotongans’ which gained popularity amongst the small Cook Islands communities in New Zealand, and back in the homeland. In 1947, Sonny as he was commonly known, left the Cook Islands for New Zealand to further his skills as a trainee power linesman and ended up marrying Pepe Taimata Pekamu Maoate, on May 29, 1955. It was to be the beginning of a relationship that launched Pepe and the Rarotongans with Viking Records in New Zealand -- one of the first Cook Islands musical records produced -- in the late 1950s. The story goes that when Terei turned up to an Auckland studio to back a female singer who did a no-show, the producer asked if the musician’s wife could step in. The rest, they say, is history. Music was very much in Terei’s blood and he never stopped playing and composing songs. He was always on hand to encourage, teach and assist

anyone who asked of him even now in his later years. Local musicians who have come under his influence include Mann Short and John Lindsay. In 1977 upon the request of the-then premier Albert Henry, he was invited along with his wife Pepe to return home, to provide entertainment for the newly opened Rarotongan Hotel. In 1981 Terei was approached by the Rev Teariki Vaerua to assist and teach the choir/music at the Titikaveka Cook Islands Christian Church. It proved to be a winning combination, with the church taking out the Constitution Celebrations choir competition four years in a row. In 1984 both he and his wife toured New Zealand with the Titikaveka CICC choir under the leadership then of Rev Tutai Pere (known today as Bishop Pere) for a fundraising trip. He remained a devout dedicated Christian until his untimely death on November 25 as a member of the Apostolic Church of the Cook Islands. He was invested with the title of Terei Mataiapo in Teimurimotia. “He was a man of principles who was a tireless advocate for the cause of Christ, very hum-

ble and was always keen to give his knowledge and talent to those who asked for help and at the same time was stern and disciplined as he demanded perfection and dedication from everyone he taught,” says family spokesman and musician Rangi Henry. “A strong committed worker who gave so much and yet received so little in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of the Lord, his strength and shield was indeed within the riches of his heart.” Henry says Terei leaves a legacy, a family, a church, a nation and a wife whom he loved so much. “So much of what was accomplished in his lifetime was through his wife’s untiring support beside him,” adds Henry. “This was, I believe, a match made in heaven – one as a musician and the other as a singer.” Henry says we will no longer hear his voice and his uniquely left-handed strumming/playing of the guitar. “But Heaven is certainly rejoicing and celebrating as they receive their latest inductee Papa Sonny into the heavenly choir and orchestra of eternity.” Aere ra e Papa Sonny - aere ki te rekareka anga o toou pu. - MM

‘Terrorist’ sues Baron Cohen WASHINGTON, December 11

- A Palestinian shopkeeper and father portrayed as a terrorist in the movie Bruno is suing film star Sacha Baron Cohen for libel and slander. The lawsuit filed by Ayman Abu Aita in federal court seeks $US110 million in damages. In the movie, Cohen plays a gay Austrian fashion journalist trying to make it big in the United States. To achieve worldwide fame,

Bruno travels to the Middle East to make peace. He interviews Abu Aita, and a caption labels the Bethlehem shopkeeper as a member of the militant Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade. Abu Aita is also suing CBS and talk show host David Letterman over an interview before the film's release where the Late Show host and Cohen discussed Bruno's encounter with a "terrorist." Abu Aita is prominent businessman, a Christian and a

"peace-loving person who abhors violence," the latest lawsuit states. Before the film, he "enjoyed a good reputation for honesty and a peaceable nature" in his community, Abu Aita's lawyers wrote. They go on to write that any accusations or insinuations that Abu Aita is or ever was associated with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, or any other terrorist activity is "utterly false and untrue." - AP

Alien world The sci-fi movie Avatar is reported to be one of the most expensive movies made.

On Saturday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night

Rapper N Sync decade’s robbed most popular

US, December 12 - Police say a man broke into rapper Nelly's house in suburban St. Louis and stole electronics and video games. Authorities say the Grammy-winning artist was not home when during the robbery early Friday morning. St. Louis County police spokesman Rick Eckhard says a man used a window to get in and out of Nelly's home and was able to get away with a duffel bag of electronics. - AP

US, DECEMBER 12 - The top

album of the decade came from an act that's not even around anymore - N’ Sync. Billboard magazine says the boy band led by Justin Timberlake had the decade's best-selling album with "No Strings Attached," which sold more than 10 million copies. The most popular song of the decade was Mariah Carey's ballad "We Belong To-

gether." Eminem was named the top artist of the decade, while Nickelback was named top group. For 2009, Taylor Swift had the best-selling album with "Fearless," while the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" was top song. Billboard released those chart-toppers plus others for the decade and 2009 on its Web site on Friday. - AP


Superb Feast Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm

a m Ora by inment ta r te n e ight ig Island N

Tuesday Island Night features Ta’akoka e t l la

YZE til


with TA tainment

featuring delicious local food


Live ente

Edgewater Resortt

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from anywhere on the island.


SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

QR hosts Christmas party at Turoa APPRECIATION We, Mr & Mrs Apii Vakai would like to acknowledge the following people who made our wedding day possible, Bishop Stuart O’Connell, father Loni, Christian brothers& sisters, the Catechists,music Ministry, Miss Anna Rauru and all your helpers for the first part of the matrimony.

IT’S NOT often that you’ll find the Queen’s Representative Sir Frederick Goodwin take a backseat at his own function. But with members of the Creative Centre and Are Pa Metua being invited to Government House, Sir Frederick and Lady

Goodwin, and staff of the office of the head of state did just that for their guests at a Christmas party last Thursday. Sir Frederick said that those present at the function were lucky as they are the only members of the public who are invited

to the official residence at Turoa on an annual basis. And to cap things off, all guests – which numbered 33 – were personally handed presents by Lady Goodwin. Mama Mere Pakitoa and George Rata responded on

behalf of the visitors, before everyone tucked into a spread prepared by the Queen’s Representative, with entertainment provided by Jake Numanga. - Moana Moeka’a

Annie Bonza and Here Charlie for our beautiful bridal gowns, Avarua bakery (G.D.S) catering, Andy & Flora Rauru for the beautiful setup, Papa Ngarima and the Manihiki clan for the aumohi. Our MC George George,Pa Epi,Vaitoti Tupa, Mama Matai,Mokoroa Mama Taina Tuteru and all you helpers Mrs Anna Savage,Mrs Vainu Savage,Toru Mateariki and your team to those who have not been named but played a part also and to all the families and friends from overseas and here who were involved in making our special day memorable MEITAKI KOREREKA Special love and thank you to our mums and dads, Vakai & Tangimama Ezekiela,Tangi & Ngamata Napara. Lady Goodwin embraces Tapu Metuarau before giving her a present. 09121041

Meleina Ringiao Murphy dances to the sounds of Jake Numanga at the QR’s Christmas party. 09121040


COOK ISLANDS MOTOR CENTRE LTD Are you looking for a new and challenging career to kick off 2010? The Cook Islands Motor Centre is a long established and highly successful company. We have 2 positions currently available and this is an outstanding chance to join a great company!

Sales Manager We are looking for an experienced Sales Manager with a marketing flair to take the reins of the busy and challenging Sales Department. If you are ready to step up and take on a challenge with loads of variety then this is the position for you! As an integral part of the management team this is a varied and interesting role: managing a team of 9 staff, international product ordering, researching new product lines, advertising and marketing as well as protecting & promoting our existing product lines. An experienced and supportive management team is on hand to ensure your success. This is an exciting role for an experienced manager with strong team-building skills, enthusiasm, superior customer service and attention to detail.

Sales Consultant We are looking for an experienced Sales Person who is looking for a new challenge. The position is for a front line sales person with sound computer knowledge to join our busy team who specialise in the sales of Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Whiteware and Power Equipment. The main duties will include, Frontline Showroom Sales, Record Keeping & Computer Data Input, Maintaining our client database, keeping our Showroom and Yard Display’s looking attractive. You Must Be outgoing, friendly and positive, be able to work in a team environment, Have a Car and Motorcycle licence Do either of these jobs sound like you?????? If so please send your CV to: General Manager Cook Islands Motor Centre PO Box 74 Avarua Rarotonga or call Diane for a confidential discussion on 22055 41872 / /1916

The Queen’s Representative Sir Frederick Goodwin chats to Ngatuakana Aerenga (at left) -- Ana Hoff at right. 09121039


SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News

classifieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL




PUBLIC NOTICES Land Agents Registration In the matter of the Land Agents Registration Act 2009. In accordance with section 12(a) of the above Act I, Mark Brown of Tupapa, Rarotonga (Manager) have applied to the Land Agents Registration Board for registration as a Land Agent. In accordance with section 12(b) of the Act the application will be heard within 14 days of copies of the application being received by Board members. Any person objecting to this application may serve notice of their objection to the Secretary of the Land Agents Registration Board at the Ministry of Justice, Avarua.

HO!HO!HO! SANTA SUITS for hire. $30.00 donation for Hospital Comforts. Ring Elf Annie ph 23358/23356 41716 /7471 /2165

Upwind will be closed for business from December 15th until January 11th. 41822 /9130 /1946

Cook Islands Game Fishing Club, Inc. The Weighmaster’s Trophy Fishing Tournament, sponsored by the Weighmaster and the Fishing Club, will be held on Saturday 19 December from 0500 hrs to 1700 hrs. A registration fee of $20 per boat must be paid at the Fishing Club, Tupapa by 11pm on Friday 18 November. This tournament is for boats owned or skippered by members of the Game Fishing Club. All fish must be caught using rod and reel. Prize giving is from 1830 hours Saturday 19th. Prize winners must be present. Live band Saturday night. 41745 / /1956

Answers to crossword on page 19

41798 /9118 /1796

RAC Notice Due to RAC Chairman Bishop Tutai Pere’s absence overseas, all contacts and matters regarding RAC throughout the Xmas and New Year holidays be forwarded to Pastor Bobby Matapo - the new RAC Chairman for the New Year 2010. His phone contact is 25225 and email: Praying for all to have a Safe, Happy, Prosperous and Jesus Blessed travels, vacations, reunions and festive occasions both at home and abroad. A Cyclone-free, much reduced crime and road accident, and a much replenished water situation throughout the summer months. Best wishes to all - from all Church leaders of the RAC. 41798 /9118 /1796

LOST Nokia N95 Black Mobile Phone lost at High Tide on Friday night. Reward offered. Please Ph 53164. 41792 /9114 /1931

MISSING Missing puppy six week old last seen Wednesday 10am -1pm onemaru road, Aroa black top with brown and wearing a brown cat collar with silver bells. Blue dog leash and black rubber handle connected to offwhite rope please ring 28558 41877 /7721 /1931

41864 /7662 /1733


FOR RENT Fully furnished 2 Bedroom house Tupapa, Long term preferred. Ph 51615, 24424 or 58778 41829 /0 /1931

3 bedroom house, fully furnished, Arorangi contact 58992, negotiable. 41771 / /1931

3 Bedroom Executive Home available now. Fully furnished with ensuite. Secluded location and minutes drive to town. Located Upper Tupapa, backroad. Short term weekly rental or Long term. NEGOTIABLE. Contact Edith: 51744 41755 / /1762

Lawn Mowing Services - Get yourself ready for Tutaka Inspection or for Festive Season. Call 52505. 41725 / /2011

2x units in Arorangi, singles only, $135pw incl power, 1 unit available from 7 Dec and 2 unit available 22nd Dec 2009. Ph 71660/29144.

Manava Holiday Adventure. Programme for kids & teenagers. Enrol now, ph 73230 for more info.

41444 / /2380

41556 /8794 /1931

41746 / /1655

Nane Brown available for colours & cuts @$65.00 Ph 22593/58644

1 bedroom peaceful furnished unit in Matavera. $185pw excl power & Gas. Mob/or text 75738 or Wrk 21619 ext 3.

41814 /9133 /1931

Swimming Pool Services (Outrigger Ltd) Testing, balancing, cleaning, chlorine, salt, spare parts. Is your Pool GREEN & UNHEALTHY? Green pool Specialist Ph Tony Heays 56599. 41816 / /1708

Want to do something different? REEF SUB! Group discounts, vouchers for Christmas, local rates. Ph 55901. 41557 /8623 /1931

Xmas is around the corner get your septic tank cleaned. Quick service. Ph 50188. 41705 / /2480

AUTISM Cook Islands PH 24065/55976

Furnished 3 Bedroom house in Tupapa minutes to town. Ph 21556 after hours.

41866 / /1780

2 double bedroom furnished, Akaoa, Arorangi. Long term, Available in January. Phone 20141. 41861 /7112 /1931

AVANA CONDOS is renting its 3 & 2 bedroom condominiums and suites at reduced rates for extended stay tenants. Weekly-rental for 2 bedroom for min term of 1 mth is $665 or for 12 mths tenancy is $385. Enjoy high standard seaside apartment accommodation, fully furnished with pool and on- site manager for security. For inquiries, ph Tony on 56599, or go to www.avanacondos. 41854 / /1645









WHEN: Monday 14th of December WHERE: National Auditorium TIME: Opens at 4:30pm

C hristmas"

ome along and enjoy the biggest Christmas Event in the Cook Islands. We will have loads of fun, great food & fantastic entertainment. We will have face painting on again this year for the kids and Santa's Corner.


For more information contact CHRISTIAN MANI on 54054. ROTARACT


41550 / /1645

‘ Six fishermen” who are they? What did they catch? Preacher”: Brian Chitty new hope church Sunday 10.30am Sunday 10.30am all welcome

Christmas in the "White

Sunday December 13 - Sunday School all ages - Worship - Minister Tai Joseph - Radio ministry - Minister Teiaa Potoru 2.30pm - Prison ministry Pastor Iliesa Ma’afu 4.30pm - TV ministry - Apocalypse continued - Pure Reo Kuki Airani Diakono Ina Temata - Evening Hospitality Service Contact: Pastor Iliesa Ma’afu 21777 or 79315 Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome!


Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in good condition on 23-yearlease, close to town. Ideal home for large family or home/ office. $115,000 ono. Ph 75661






41864 /7662 /1733


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

Fax 

Property Sale by Tender By direction of the Court, tenders are invited for approximately 56 year lease of land being a prime beachfront vacant section containing ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY EIGHT SQUARE METRES (1,388m2) in the land known as ARERENGA PART SECTION 1, ARORANGI. (For further details phone Charles Little 21619). Tenders close on Friday 15 January 2010 at 4pm. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Submit written tenders to: The Registrar Ministry of Justice PO Box 111 Rarotonga 41326 /8826 /1796

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classifieds is


Notice is hereby given that our clients, Orbis Holdings Limited of LPG Building, 34 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda are the owners and sole proprietors of the following trademark:

TARCEVA And have entered into a license agreement allowing Orbis Investment Management Limited, also of LPG Building, 34 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda to use the mark in connection with the organisation and operation of mutual investment funds; investment and portfolio management; purchase and sale of stocks and shares; investment advisory services; insurance, reinsurance and insurance brokerage; investment trust services. Our above mentioned clients have instructed us and wish us to bring to the notice of the trade and public that they attach singular importance to their above mentioned Trade Mark and that legal action will be taken against any person or persons who act in infringement of the rights of our clients. Any inquiry relative thereto may be referred to ourselves being their agents: Hilborne, Hawkin & Co. 2875 Michelle Drive, Suite 170 Irvine, California 92606 United States of America Telephone: (714) 283-1155 Facsimile: (714) 283-1555 Email:

Public Notice The Public is hereby advised that the National Environment Service will: • Close for the festive season on Thursday, 24th of December 2009 and; • Reopen on Tuesday, 5th January 2010 During the closure period, skeletal staff will be available for work-related matters. CITES permits (Shells & Paua) and Building permits, please call: • Mr Turori Matutu – Mobile 55500 • Mr Phillip Strickland – Mobile 55316 • Mr Tuamotu Matamaki – Home 28629 • Mr Keri Herman – Mobile 54250 Island Futures/International agreements or Projects… etc, please call: • Ms Tania Temata – Mobile 55507 Administration and Finance: please call • Ms Ina Kamana – Mobile 55506 Please KEEP our public areas CLEAN and GREEN through out the festive period and don’t forget to sort and recycle your waste. “O au, e MAKONA Aorangi” “I’m an Environment Champion” On behalf of the Minister of Environment Hon Ngamau Munukoa, the Rarotonga Environment Authority and all staffs of the National Environment Service, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke and Rarotonga, I sincerely wish everyone a Safe and a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, 2010 Mr Vaitoti TUPA Director 41694 / /1807


Community Health Service Notice Environmental Health Inspection Tutaka program for Rarotonga starting on Monday 7th December, 2009 to Wednesday 16 December, 2009. Porokaramu Tutaka no Rarotonga nei, akamata Monite ra 7 Titema, 2009 ki te Ruitoru ra 16 Titema, 2009. Day/Date. Area/Village Ra/Tuatau Ngai/Oire Day 6. Mon 14.12.09 1. Muri – Ngatangiia 2. Tikioki 3. Titikaveka 4. Turoa 5. Vaimaanga Day 7. Tue 15.12.09 1. Rutaki 2. Aroa 3. Kavera 4 Betela 5. Akaoa Day 8. Wed 16.12.09 1. Ruaau 2. Inave I Uta 3. Inave I Tai 4 Black Rock 5. Tokelau. The cooperation of everyone in the community is requested to further clean and destroy the breeding and resting places of mosquitoes and other pests. Areas of concern includes dwelling houses, overgrown vacant sections, neglected vacant houses, hedges, streams, sports fields and all working places Te pati akaaka iatu nei ta tatou tauturu e te iti tangata note tama e te takore atu I te au ngai anau e te akangaroi anga o te au tu manumanu ravarai e totoa ana I te maki i roto i to tatou au ngutuaare Ka tutaka pakari ia teia au ngai nei koia oki ko te au enua vai ngangaere , ngutuare kare e noo ia ana e te vai tita nei, au pa kapaie roroa, kauvai, te au ngai tarekareka tipoti e te au ngai angaanga katoatoa Meitaki maata Tuanga Paruru Maki 41407 / /1720



SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News



Eye catching pot plants, new blooming hibiscus varieties, colourful rauti, decorative palms, desert roses, also open on Sunday. Ph 23548.

Stunning wedding dresses size 10-12 pure silk cream cinderella style wedding dress never worn worth $1500 will sell for $800 ono. Size 14 off the shoulder cream wedding dress - very slimming $350. Size 12 beautiful cream dress slightly stained make an offer phone Tina on 79368 to view.

41706 /9013 /2397

Just arrived, Parrot Fillet Fish For Sale contact phone 20560 or 54465 41823 /9145 /1762

Studio Musical sound system & accessories NZ$3000.00 ono 3n1 solid wood “alibaba sleigh” cot with mattress & protector NZ$350.00 ono DVD casings, shelvings and accessories NZ$1000.00 ono Clothes tumble dryer NZ$200 ono. Ph: 24758 or 50755 41868 /7622 /1931



41804 / /2046

Great Christmas present P.S.P with 10 games $1100. Assorted timber $200, the lot. Phone 21390. Ride-on mower Mercury Masport 20HP, 40inch cut, excellent condition $4200 ono. Ph 20272. Ice cream display Freezer, curved glass, excellent cond. Worth $2500. Make an offer phone 58046. 41857 /9146 /1931

Holden Roden canopy excellent condition call 22212 or 53477. 41765 /9089 /1931

Car 1992 nissan sentra 4 door hatch 5 speed manual no rust rego’d & warranted 164 thousand km $4000 or nearest offer. 41813 /9129 /1931

"Cook Islands Realty LTD"


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic

approximately 58 year lease on a vacant waterfront section located alongside the airport runway. KARAAU PART SEC 55 VAITUPA, AITUTAKI. Survey plan RO520 (1768m2). Send written tenders in a sealed envelope to: TENDERS PO BOX  RAROTONGA. or hand deliver to CIs Realty. Tenders close 4.30pm, 6 Jan 2010. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For further details phone Brent 23358/55154



Nissan Serena van 8 seater good condition As is, $6,500. Ph 22382.

Te Marae Ora is seeking the services of a full time Ambulance Officer. The successful candidate will need to be fit and active and possess excellent people skills. Ideally the applicant should have had experience in a healthrelated environment and hold a current first aid certificate. You will be required to work shifts on a rotational basis. For a copy of the job description and application form please contact Human Resources on 29664 or email m.anguna@ Applications close 21 December 2009.

Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health has a vacancy for a Finance officer (preferably a graduate). This position reports directly to the Finance Manager. Written applications including a comprehensive CV with 3 referees should be addressed to Human Resources, P.O. Box 109, Ministry of Health, Rarotonga. Phone: 29-664 Email: Copies of the job description and application forms are available on request. Applications close 18 December 2009.

41848 / /1928

96 Honda Civic, good runner $5,995 ono. Ph or call in to Pickering Motors, Tutakimoa to view for further details. Vacuum Cleaners for sale $100 Trader Don open all day Sat ph 22919.

41841 /8813 /1931

41583 /7275 /2058

41858 /8992 /1931

41739 /9069 /1931



Pre-Cooked Xmas Ham $85 iPhone 3G, 16GB $1200 Seagate 500GB Hard Drive $250 Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive $350 Western Digital 500GB Plug n Play HD $350 Brand New Acer notebook $1000 19L Drink Igloo $100 Large 142Ltr Chilly Bin $350 8 Seat BBQ tables $400 Dickies Clothing from $35 Kids 20inch bicycles $250 Ladies cruiser bicycles $350 Deposits welcomed for a Craftsman 20HP Ride on Mower $4700, Large 8ft ex Military trailer $2900 and LG 50inch Plasma Television $4000 These products can be viewed in Arorangi, located next to Manuia Beach. Ph 21390 or 51025. 41672 / /2444


2008 suzuki scooter 50cc bought NZ new great condition $2200 ono ph Dan 57008 41878 / /2171

1998 Subaru Foresta 2L, mags 16’s, excellent condition $12,000 plus 1 free bike, Suzuki GN125 ono. Mob 74819. 41859 /8946 /1931

GARAGE SALE Monster Garage Sale Will be held at General Transport on Saturday 12 December, at 8am and onwards. Household, clothes, TV and much much more.. Everything must go!! 41805 /9126 /1853

WANTED 20 foot refrigeration container, should be good condition call 22212 or 53477 41764 /9089 /1931

Yamaha Crypton motorcycle, good condition. Inquiries contact mob 75371.

Babysitter wanted from January 2010. Interested person from Rarotonga/southern group island invited. Ring 58897/26450.

41752 / /1904

41794 /9113 /1931


SERVICES MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Cook Islands Premier Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Company

Vacancies Applications are invited from qualified, experienced and motivated persons with relevant qualifications for the teacher positions at the following schools: 1. Titikaveka College – HOD Commerce/ICT 2. Nukutere College – Inclusive Education Coordinator 3. Tereora College – Teacher-aides/Ancillary staff (3 positions) All positions start at the beginning of 2010 school year. Information package for the teaching positions are available from the Office of the Ministry of Education. Applications close with the Secretary of Education, Ministry of Education on Monday 21st December, 2009 at 3pm, Ph 29357/Fax 28357 or email John Teao: jteao@

We stock & install Daikin & Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units. THESE TOP OF THE RANGE UNITS ARE THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT & RELIABLE UNITS ON THE MARKET. We also stock Air Curtains & Portable Aircons & handle all refrigeration & air conditioning work & white ware servicing. For the best deal & service on the island call into our depot at Panama or phone 24240.

41865 / /1795





41774 / /1720

41603 / /1720


WANTED TO BUY Old and unwanted jewellery and scrap gold for cash. 9ct 14ct 18ct Top $ paid Phone 54436. 41621 / /1969


3-4 Bedroom house (preferably 4 bedrm) Fully furnished, executive style, long term preferred. Please contact Chris Wicks on ph:21750 extn:239 w/h, Mobile: 54053 a/h. 41806 / /1631


Puaikura Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committees wish to thank:1. Past supporting members. 2. Internal Affairs for one lump sum support. 3. Our Puaikura Members of Parliament Constituency fund support. 4. Current supporting members - Aroa Beachside Inn, Arorangi Timberland, Big Boy/Rite Price, Budget, Dive Rarotonga, Edgewater Resort, Friendly Mart, Heritage Holdings, Kikau Hut, O.T.C.Ltd, Puaikura Reef Lodges, Polynesian Bike Hire, P.T.S. Plumbing, Raina Beach Apartments, R.N.Store, Rarotongan Sunset (donation), Snowbird Laundry, The Dive Centre, The Cook’s Oasis, Wholesale Vehicles. 5. New Potential Customers - Sivanis Food House, Phab Phamacy, Roadhouse bar & Grill, Carworx, 6. New Potential Offers to support - Magic Reef, Kia Orana Hair Salon, Tumeke Movies. Thanking you all for your heart to support. We are not the Police to arrest, Security to secure but eyes, ears, hands and feet only to patrol, watch, check out and report. Just doing our little bit as a deterrent factor - for a Safer, Peaceful, Crimefree and Harmonious Vaka Puaikura. 2009 is fast passing, 2010 fast approaching - A big Thank You Maata, Peace and Goodwill throughout the entire festive season. Keep rolling that funding support in to help extend our service. Chairman: Bishop Tutai Pere Treasurers: Judy and Barry Warners Wardens: Pierre Makikiriti, Michael Jonassen and Mapo Matapo. Core Committee: Pai Chambers, Doreen Boggs, Mii Makikiriti. Local Police: Officer Alan Rua.


Attention All School Leavers!!!!!


Have you recently completed 7th form and wondering where to next? Are you interested in finance & commerce but don’t know where to start? Would you like real work experience before heading off to University or for further studies? Well guess what? Our Young Achievers Programme can offer you a broad range of opportunities and career options to choose from within the Finance & Commerce sector… What you need to do? Apply for a position by sending in your applications and CV’s to Teu Teulilo at MFEM or email teu@MFEM.GOV.CK. Our successful candidates will be headed for an exciting and very rewarding experience with our dynamic team at MFEM. 2 positions are up for grabs…so apply now. Applications close on 18th December 2009.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning seeks tender proposals from suppliers for the supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads. Tender documents including specifications can be collected during work hours from the MOIP office in Arorangi. Tenders close 3pm Tuesday 22 December 2009 and must be submitted to the MOIP Office in Arorangi in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Road Sealing Binding Materials for the Construction/ Maintenance of Rarotonga Roads, Supply Contract C06/10” and addressed to: The Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 102 Arorangi Rarotonga Enquiries to: Tangi Taoro, Phone 20034, Fax 21134 email

The Office of the Public Service Commissioner (OPSC) invites applications for the position of Secretary, Ministry of Marine Resources. The Head of Department position is on a contractual basis for a term of up to 3 years. The application form, position description and Business Plan can be downloaded from our website http://www.psc. Applications must be in by Friday 18 Dec, 2009 to be considered. For more information please contact Priscilla Maruariki on phone 29421 or email

41657 / /1843

41589 / /2009

41698 /7392 /2091


Secretary of Marine Resources


SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News



The WeekEnd Crossword


26.09.1900 - 12.12.1961 You are always in our hearts, and we are remembering you today”. MUCH LOVE Maria Nicholas Henry (Tauirariki Rangatira), Teremoana Nicholas Mataroa and families. “GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS LOVE”


Happy 3rd birthday to our Taira Lady Tangaroa

Miss Tiare 2009 1 6 8 9 11 14 15

Happy 1st birthday Ethan!

We thank our Heavenly Father for the blessing you are in our lives! Love from all your family across the globe Love from Nana & Grandpa Love, cuddles & kisses from Mum & Dad & Hannah-Lei

16 18 19 20 23 25 26 28 31 32 34 35 36 37 38 39

IN MEMORIAM Fredrick Charles Tei

Lots of hugs & kisses on your special day. Love from Mum & Dad, Mama in NZ & all your uncles, aunties & family.




7 June 196912 Dec 1979 since you left us 30 years today we never stop loving you son everyday we see your smiling face on the well, every day we wish that you’re stil with us but God only knows what’s best for you’re the lord has taken you, to your heavenly home where there’s no pain and suffering we will always cherish those last moments we shared together, forever till we meet again rest in peace son. Mum & dad, your brothers & sisters.

MMVIII Miss Tiare Graham’s (8) Moby Dick Captain (4) Note of debt (3) Pearl stuff (5) Hiding infinitive (2,4) Wan or pallid (5) House Speaker’s in Washington (7) State Ins. Office (3) Really angry asp sound (5) 2001’s computer (3) Trail (5) Vietnam city (5) Want (with for) (5) I have, conversationally (3) Embarrassment (5) SA Rugby player (3) How do you get by? (1,6) Ukulele’s uncle? (4) Parliament place (6) Out of oolong? (2,3) AB prop Brown (3) Billy or nanny (4) Miss Tiare Taria Ebony (8)






8 9











18 21




25 28

29 32




31 33


34 36 37



©2009 Another RCI Original: CI News 12 December 2009

Down 2 3 4 5

Miss Tiare Kaute (7,3) Dinghy (4) PM Robert’s wife (3) Short take off & landing aircraft (4) 6 Wrong (5) 7 It’s untidy (1,4) 9 Japanese pear (5) 10 China’s continent (4) 11 Miss Riri Vai Upu Pere (9) 12 Miss Tiare Tipani Tuane (7)

13 Car current divider (11) 17 Canonised laugher? (2,5) 21 Norma__ (3) 22 __ blimey! (2) 24 Tiare Taina Akava (5) 27 Cast a ballot (4) 29 Aquatic pachyderm (5) 30 French painter Edouard (5) 33 Unit. St. of __ (4) 34 British sports car (4) 36 Japanese play (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori ANSWERS ON PAGE 17



.PM .AM .PM





.AM .PM

Air Rarotonga

International Filghts

Flight Times 1 Voyage details 1 Currency Rates


RARO TO ARR SATURDAY  DECEMBER  AITUTAKI   AITUTAKI   AITUTAKI   AITUTAKI   ATIU   MANGAIA   PENRHYN  RARO TO ARR 2315 Aitutaki 0005


DEP        DEP 0025







     RARO    ARR DEP TO ARR 0110 (subject to change)

$ Currency

Shipping Medium


Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

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Answer to Friday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible




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SATURDAY, DECEMBER ,  Cook Islands News


net Soccer semi-finals promise much Fast at Avatiu

TODAY’S Knockout Cup soccer semi-finals at the CIFA complex in Matavera promises to be a festival of football for all followers of the game on Rarotonga. With the junior finalists already decided, the focus is now on who will go through to the senior finals to be played next Saturday. The men’s semi finals provide an intriguing uncertainty with Takuvaine facing Tupapa, and round cup champions Nikao Sokattak going up against Arorangi.

Takuvaine turned on a powerful second half performance in their last game against Avatiu and will fancy their chances of toppling a Tupapa team which has lost some of the rhythm that they showed earlier in the season. Nikao Sokattak must be favourites to go through to the final, when they confront Arorangi, but after confidently disposing of Matavera in the last round Arorangi will fancy their chances of causing a shock defeat. In the women’s section, the

well organised Titikaveka team will start as slight favourites against Tupapa. However, if Tupapa show the same fighting qualities that they displayed against Avatiu in the last round, then they could well cause an upset. The second women’s semifinal seems more certain, with round cup winner’s Arorangi facing a Nikao team which has only qualified on ‘best loser’ status. Arorangi, with its nucleus of under 20 Cook Island squad

players, should comfortably go through to the final. All things considered, the ‘great uncertainty of football’ is bound to provide enough thrills and excitement to keep players and supporters well entertained, and with the promise of a place in next week’s finals at stake there is no room for error. The first match will kick off at 12.30pm sharp between the Titikaveka and Tupapa women. Admission fee for today’s matches is $2 for spectators and players, and children under 10

years are free. - Striker Today’s knockout semi-finals draw and referee appointments - 12.30pm women Titikaveka vs Tupapa, ref-Tutai Taurarii assisted by Tino Napa and Paavo Mustonen; 2pm women Nikao vs Arorangi, ref-Tupou Patia assisted by Junior Arioka and Aturangi Hosking; 3.30pm premier men Takuvaine vs Tupapa, refMaara Kaukura assisted by Mike Mouauri and Terry Piri; 5.15pm Nikao vs Arorangi, ref-Robert Savage assisted by Lai Gukisuva and Tino Napa.

Making a substitution – the ‘fast-net’ netball competition at Avatiu promises to be fast. 09120402 THE AVATIU netball court is the place to catch all the fantastic ‘fast-net’ netball action today. The Avatiu netball club will be holding their ‘fast net’ netball fundraiser with four teams signed up for the high speed and energy form of netball. Games will start at 9am with 12 games in total to be played throughout the day. The competition includes women and mixed teams and should be loads of fun. Food stalls will be set up at the Avatiu court to feed the family. If you are planning to support the inaugural fast-net – don’t forget your shoes as some teams may need extra players. - MW

Tupapa’s Matangi Matangi (left) and Takuvaine’s Eddie Nicholas pictured during last month’s clash between the two clubs – which team will go into next weekend’s final will be decided today at Matavera. 09111504

theWEATHER te REVA Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Situation: A trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Southern Cooks while an east to southeast wind flow prevails over the group. A moist east to northeast wind flow affect Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate east to southeast winds. Some showers and a few thunderstorms over Rarotonga, Mangaia and Mauke. Elsewhere, cloudy periods with few showers. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Few showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers and few thunderstorms. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For the Northern Cooks: Moderate northeast winds. Fine apart from some brief showers. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Mainly fine.


Forecast Map 2pm Saturday

SAT High .AM .M .PM .M


.M SE

Low .AM .M .PM .M



.AM .M .PM .M

Sun & Moon


V Full Moon DEC 


New Moon DEC 



Sunshine hours

First Quarter DEC 

Sun Set

.PM .M SE

Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM



Last Quarter JAN 

Sun Rise


Sun Rise


Sun Set


Moon Rise .AM Moon Set .PM





.M .M NW NW


SUN High .AM .M .PM .M


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Saturday, December , 

Front Key:




.M .M SE SW



Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, December , 










° E KTS


° E KTS


° E KTS



° E KTS

° NE KTS


° E KTS

Sat 12 Dec 09 CI NEWS  

Cook Islands News, Saturday December 12 2009.

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