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Cooking with Kids educates and empowers children and families to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods.

Started in 1995, Cooking with Kids works in classrooms and cafeterias, teaching thousands of elementary school students every year in Northern New Mexico. We offer training and support to educators around the state and nation, extending our reach to many more kids. Local chefs and farmers share their passion and expertise with our students, helping us inspire the next generation of healthy eaters. Research shows that Cooking with Kids works! When kids help make healthy foods, they are more likely to eat and enjoy them.

2017-2018 Annual Report

On the Menu

Our schools

Cooking Classes

1,584 Hands-on Nutrition 70 Lunchroom Tastings i

• Watermelon Pizzas • Homemade Applesauce • Fettuccine with Basil-Parsley Pesto • Potatoes Persillade and Spinach Salad • Mediterranean Hummus, Sesame Flatbread, and Tomato Cucumber Salad

Tasting Classes Apples • Pears • Peas • Seeds

Our students

4,984 students participa Santa Fe and Española.

Lunchroom Tastings impa

Our families

With approximately 1,26 in cooking classes this ye Kids builds a classroom-t to support healthy eating

Lunchroom Tastings Cabbage • Carrots • Cherries Edible Flowers • Fennel

Garbanzos • Hummus • Kohlrabi Mixed Lettuces • Snap Peas

Sunflower Sprouts • Turnips

I love cooking be it makes me hap and it smells goo —Simon

n Education Classes in 14 schools in Santa Fe and EspaĂąola.

in 17 schools.

ated in Hands-on Nutrition Education Classes in

pacted over 7,600 students in Santa Fe.

60 family volunteers

ear, Cooking with to-kitchen bridge g efforts at home.

because ppy od. n, age 9

Kids at Risk

We take care of o

• In Northern New Mexico, approximately one-third of 3rd grade students are classified as overweight or obese.


• Children living in poverty are especially at risk for diet-related chronic illness. • 88% of students who participate in Cooking with Kids qualify for free or reduced price school meals.

I like to make good food for my


Cooking with Kids is good beca learn how to cook, and you exp and try different kinds of foods healthy for you.



• Cooking with Kids curriculum is aligned with National Health Education Standards and was adopted for health education in 2017 by the New Mexico Public Education Department Instructional Materials Bureau.

Cooking with Kids is an awesom I think it is important to expose healthy foods in order to promo wellness in the home. I have see impact in my own son at home Cooking with Kids. He has beco in cooking at home and often as foods he has not had interest in

• 100% of students participate in Cooking with Kids activities during the regular school day free of cost to their families.

In a recent survey*, classroom t strongly agreed that Cooking w increases students’ knowledge eating behaviors.

—6th grade teacher, San

*Rating scale, average survey respons

10 = strongly agree; 1 = strongly disagr

ourselves when we cook.

y body.

riah, age 10

ause you plore s that are

Families I volunteer with Cooking with Kids because it is important to teach our kids how to cook healthy meals as a team safely in the kitchen. It is a great learning experience we can learn and do at home. This program has taught my two boys the importance of eating healthy and being safe in the kitchen.

min, age 10

me program. the students to ote health and en a positive because of ome more involved asks about new n before.

n Juan Elementary

teachers with Kids e of healthy

se = 9; gree)

—Parent, Gonzales Community School

Experiential Learning • At the heart of all Cooking with Kids programming is a focus on hands-on learning. • Students are engaged in learning and are able to see real time results in their work. • Many students who are otherwise challenged in school are successful in Cooking with Kids classes.

“What I like best about Cooking with Kids is the hands-on learning. Everyone is engaged, including the parents. Cooking with Kids is THE most integrated form of experiential learning in our school today.” —3rd grade teacher, Amy Biehl Community School

We use math and

My students love Cooking w students to work with fracti also have to listen to each o covers everything from core

My favorite thing about work as a team to make

I think cooking is one of the students to be engaged wit chemical and physical chan

César Chá

Cooking with Kids speaks to that young children learn an their learning. It is hands-on becomes a part of each stud that is inescapable. They ac learning! Cooking with Kids best parts of school.

—2 Turquoise Trail Charter E

d science when we cook.

with Kids. It offers hands-on learning opportunities for ions, geography, and more. They work in teams so they other and speak clearly and respectfully. Cooking with Kids e subjects to basic manners. —4th grade teacher, Gonzales Community School

Cooking with Kids is that you get to e a meal for everyone in the class. —Saul, age 11

e best ways for th measuring and nges on a daily basis.

—4th grade teacher, ávez Community School

o the way nd remember n and actually dent in a way ctually eat their s is one of the

2nd grade teacher, Elementary School

Integrated Curriculum Our bilingual Spanish/English curriculum is designed to correspond with students’ developmental levels and is aligned with Common Core State Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. Research-tested and nationally acclaimed, Cooking with Kids curriculum is implemented by schools and organizations across the United States!

83% of teachers surveyed in 2017-2018 reported that Cooking with Kids’ focus on international foods and cultures provides an appropriate emphasis on geography.

We learn about o Local Focus

Cooking with Kids celebrates Mexico’s rich agricultural trad and supports our local farmin economy in a variety of ways

6 Local farmers visited 15 clas

12 Local farms provided prod classrooms and cafeterias*

4 “Featured Farmer” lessons p as part of cooking classes

Local Food Day in Santa Fe Pu Schools on October 12, 2017

Support of increased local foo procurement by Santa Fe Pub Schools Student Nutrition an continued training in nearby s districts to implement similar food procurement practices *funded by New Mexico Department Agriculture Specialty Crops Grant

our world when we cook. Global Perspective

s New ditions ng s:


duce for



od blic nd school r local of

Through food, language, and music, kids learn about new people and places in the world and make connections between different cultures and their own. This year we explored Italy, France, the Middle East, PLUS foods that first grew in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.

In school classrooms “I really enjoy showing the kids that farmers don’t always look like old MacDonald. Farming is open to all genders and sizes and it’s really cool watching all of the girls pay special attention when I talk about farming as a woman. —Ash Abeyta, Silver Leaf Farms Corrales, New Mexico

In school cafeterias “From a farmer’s point of view, it’s another market to sell the produce, because you can only sell so much at the farmers’ market. And from the kids’ standpoint, I like that they get to eat some good local food.” —Danny Farrar, Rancho La Jolla, Velarde, New Mexico

The program allows students to try new foods, encourages healthy habits and opens their eyes to a wider world. —Kindergarten teacher, Amy Biehl Community School For a complete list of participating farmers, visit

Building a Community • Children participate in hands-on nutrition education classes as part of the regular school day multiple times throughout the year. • Schools provide a dedicated cooking classroom space, with many schools designating a flex classroom with kitchen equipment. • Cooking classes provide a non-intimidating environment where family volunteers feel they can contribute with their knowledge of food, cooking, and a desire to help their child. • Principals report to us that Cooking with Kids brings in more volunteers than other programs associated with the school.

2017-2018 Partici

Nutrition Education Cla Española Abiquiu Elementary School San Juan Elementary School

Santa Fe

Amy Biehl Community School at R

Aspen Community Magnet Schoo Carlos Gilbert Elementary School

César Chávez Community School El Camino Real Academy* Gonzales Community School* Kearny Elementary School* Nava Elementary School* Piñon Elementary School* Salazar Elementary School* Sweeney Elementary School*

Turquoise Trail Charter Elementar

*schools also participate in lunchroo

ipating Schools


Lunchroom Tastings Santa Fe Acequia Madre Elementary School Atalaya Elementary School Chaparral Elementary School E.J. Martinez Elementary

Rancho Viejo*

Nina Otero Community School


Ramirez Thomas Elementary School


ry School*

om tastings

I feel Cooking with Kids is a wonderful opportunity for family involvement in the school. Families are eager to come participate in these activities when it is sometimes difficult to get families involved at school. I think Cooking with Kids really helps add something different to the school and makes a positive impact on the whole school community. —Kindergarten teacher, Sweeney Elementary School I like to come and cook with my son. I like to spend time with him, see that he is interested in learning how to cook new things, and also to see the teachers’ interest in teaching the children more about healthy eating. —Parent, César Chávez Community School

Expanding Our Reach Welcome Española Public Schools!

Summer Pro

Cooking with Kids welcomed Abiquiu and Ohkay Owingeh to our food-loving farmily this year! We are grateful to the generous and determined efforts that have made it possible for us to reach more kids in Northern New Mexico than ever before!

• Santa Fe Com Cooking Class

• Collaboration Network & SIT

• K-3+ Camp Ex (4 Santa Fe, 1 E

• Hands-on Her


• Museum of In supplies and t Middle Easter as part of this lesson.

• 21st Century E Cooking with support, and m Cooking with

• Santa Fe Bota Partnership to gardening cur elementary gr


mmunity College Summer Camp ses

n with Community Educators TE Santa Fe in 2 SFPS schools

xperience in 5 schools Española)

ritage Program at 1 SPFS School

y Partnerships

nternational Folk Art provided training for students to create rn “khamsas” or “good luck hands” s year’s Middle Eastern hummus

Extended Day Learning: h Kids provided training, on-site materials to 3 school districts for h Kids afterschool programming.

anical Garden: o develop “Living Lab” cooking/ rriculum and program pilot for grades.

New Mexico’s SNAP-Ed Network Cooking with Kids receives funding from USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education - SNAP-Ed. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nutrition assistance to people with low income. We are part of a larger statewide network in New Mexico that includes the following SNAP-Ed implementing agencies: •

New Mexico Human Services Department

New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service

New Mexico Department of Health

University of New Mexico Prevention Research Center

Kids Cook!

Las Cruces Public Schools

Expanding Our Reach: Superchefs

My favorite made bec

In school classrooms

In school cafeterias

“I love Cooking with Kids. It’s all about having fun with the schools. I’m hoping to show others that we need to feed our kids better, to make something fresh, natural, simple and beautiful. Since I have kids, this work has become more and more important. It’s our future and we need to take care of it.”

“When we met with Cooking cafeteria team, we understo eating well and actually eati important to the cafeteria st their kitchens teaching them execute quality recipes, and layers of flavor. We have bon they have such a place in ou Kids is such a meaningful an for the future of food, comm

—Chef Kai Autenrieth, Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado

—Chefs T

Superchef Cooking with K generation of che

For a complete list o visit cook

e thing about Cooking with Kids is eating the food you cause you get to see how good of a chef you are. —Lucian, age 8

g with Kids and the ood that the kiddos ing their food is so taff. We have been in m efficiencies, how to d how to simply add nded with them and ur hearts. Cooking with nd essential program munity and the kids.”

fs Jen & Evan Doughty, The Palace Restaurant

efs volunteer for Kids to inspire a new efs and healthy eaters.

of participating Superchefs,

In the community Superchefs are Cooking with Kids ambassadors! They strengthen our ties in the culinary community, help with fundraising events, and spread the word about Cooking with Kids. First debuted in 2015, our annual Superchef Dinner features the culinary talents of Santa Fe’s finest chefs! Each year, at least seven local chefs volunteer their time and donate food for a multicourse feast.

In the Works Making Room to Grow

New Initiativ

As our 25th anniversary quickly approaches, Cooking with Kids is positioned for even further growth in Northern New Mexico. In the next year, we will be expanding our programming reach, local food purchasing, and community engagement, and—with the help of generous supporters—we will continue to do so in the years to come!

• Launch of “Liv with Santa Fe Implementati cooking/gard Biehl Commu Trail Charter E

• Alignment of c Next Generati With support Laboratory Fo Kids will enha include an em

• Expanded Sch Cooking with to School initi local farmers a exciting new c cafeterias acro even more loc

• Exploring new Moving Arts E Kids are pilotin Owingeh Com fall. Food, mov great learning

• Community co Fall 2018, Pres Cooking with cooking classe Medical Cente


ving Lab” Pilot Project e Botanical Garden: ion of recently developed dening curriculum at Amy unity School and Turquoise Elementary

curriculum with ion Science Standards: from Los Alamos National oundation, Cooking with ance existing lesson plans to mphasis on science concepts.

hool Cafeteria Collaborations: Kids is ramping up our Farm iatives, and with the help of and chefs, we’re creating collaborations with school oss the state. Expect to see cal food on school menus!

w partnerships: Española and Cooking with ng a new program for Ohkay mmunity School students this vement and art, all tied into g experiences for kids.

ooking classes: Starting in sbyterian is partnering with Kids to provide free family es at their new Santa Fe er Teaching Kitchen.

Next Year’s Menu: Cooking Classes • Watermelon Salsa • Homemade Applesauce • Blue Corn Tamales with Red Chile Sauce • Minestrone and Breadsticks • East Indian Lentils with Carrot Rice Pilaf and Chapatis • Japanese Rice Bowl & Crunchy Cabbage Salad

Tasting Classes Apples • Citrus • Salad

I love to cook because I can express myself in a way with foods. Also because I get to see what foods go well with each other and have great taste! —Carmen, age 11

Here’s how we keep the fridge and pantry stocked. Income 69% Government &

6% 25%

Foundation Grants

25% Donations & Events 69%

6% Earned Income

Sales & Services

Expenses 85% Program



7% General &



8% Fundraising

We are working hard to diversify our income sources and create a sustainable financial future. Every new donation helps! Thank you!

There are never too many cooks in our Major Funders, Grant Awards, & Collaborations


USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) through the NM Human Services Department New Mexico Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant City of Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission EspaĂąola Public Schools (EPS) and Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) Los Alamos National Bank Presbyterian Center for Community Health Santa Fe Botanical Garden Santa Fe Community Foundation, SFCF Donor Advised Funds Santa Fe County Youth Education/Recreation Program Grant The Santa Fe Downtown Kiwanis Foundation Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta SFPS Student Nutrition Services Communities in Schools of New Mexico 21st Century Extended Learning Program


Committees of the Board















Events Committee Susan Nelson Blakely

Alison Brushaber

Linda Spingler


Natalie Bovis

Matt Bunkowski

Gloria Zamora


Development Committee


Alison Brushaber

Kristina Martinez


Matt Bunkowski

Jodi Vevoda


r kitchen.


ard of Directors

Linda Apodaca, Educator

ria Zamora, Chair

Deborah Barbe, Educator

tt Bunkowski, Vice-Chair

m Foster, Secretary/Treasurer

san Nelson Blakely

son Brushaber

ny Gerlicz

n Jones

stina Martinez

da Myers

Emily Ewings, Educator Anna Farrier, Executive Director Skye MacCallum, Educator Cathy Rey Montoya, Educator Bethany Muller, Assistant Program Director

di Vevoda

Brianna Ortiz, Educator

dvisory Board

Clare Price, Educator

eryl Alters Jamison

Suzy Reeder, Educator

e Collins

Mariela Rodriguez, Educator

onica Garcia, Ed.D.

na Gonzales-Pacheco, DCN, RD

la Lopez

l Luff

borah Madison

Rachel Shreve, Communications Coordinator Jane Stacey, Program Director Shana Woodworth, Farm to School Coordinator

net Poppendieck

chael Roach


We are grateful beyond measure!

Cooking with Kids thanks our wonderful supporters, whose generosity sponsorships, and inkind contributions. Thank you! Other major funder $5,000+ Other major funders listed on previous page Presbyterian Center for Community Health Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta William Jr. & Georgia O. Akers Private Foundation

Al & Kathy Jahner Kristina Martinez & Hayden Rector Linda Nonno Jodi Vevoda & William Prull Alan Webber & Frances Diemoz

$1,001 - 5,000 Anonymous (1) Lynn & Lars Balck Bentley Holden Fund Paula Bertino & Neal Skiver Richard Blakely & Susan Nelson Blakely Matthew Bunkowski Cliff & Holly Chapman† Anne Collins Tony Gerlicz & Diane Friedman Barbara Goede Grandview Foundation Brad & Belinda Karp David Lamb Los Alamos National Bank† Bruce and Anne Legler Joa Dattilo & Janie Oakes Jeffrey & Barbara Paine The Santa Fe Downtown Kiwanis Foundation† Natalie Bovis, The Liquid Muse Carla Lopez & Michael Vigil Wells Fargo Gloria Zamora

$101 - 500

Anonymous (1) ABCD Fund*† Alison & Philip Brushaber CineFesta Italia† Gail Dobish & Maris Veidemanis edible Santa Fe Anna & Paul Farrier Fred & Shelly Glantz

Anonymous (2)† Anonymous (4) Carol & Will Akers† Thomas Armistead & Danial C. Martin Nicholas Barral Clarice & Scott Berhost Kenneth & Karen Bunkowski Dolores Lee Burciaga & Gerald Lee Jay Bush & Peggy Rudberg Susan Carter Ayan & Kalonji Diop Tim Foster Jennifer Fresquez Veronica Garcia Sarah Grant John & Sarah Bienvenu Fund*† Alan Jones & Jennifer Berkley Tom & Edie Klingner Los Alamos National Laboratory Community Partnerships Barbara Lohse Kathleen Longwaters & Robert Long Katherine H. Loo Cindy & Richard Mares Cabe & Allyson Martinez Michael Milone Leon Morris & Liz Rees, MoRe Spirited Goods Patrick & Laura Mulvihill† Judith Newton OM Spirits

*Santa Fe Community Foundation Donor-Advised Funds

†Donors at the top of specified giving level

$501 - 1,000

Soren Pape Jacob Perea & Ann Bust Kristen Peterson Mary Ann Qualia & Mich Liz Rees Barbara Richardson & The Honorable Bill Kari & John Rives Bernadette Roybal Joseph & Vicky Shreve Rachel Shreve & Gene R Al & Kathie Shultz Cindy & Kurt Sommer Linda & Andy Spingler Carolyn Stoklosa & Dav Susan and Conrad De J Diana Trujillo Joan Viele, Kitchen Dim Mark Wallace Lynn Walters Jayne Weiske Kim White, Statements Lighting/Kitchen/Floo Peter Whitman & Susan Nancy Wirth Lisa Young

$1 - 100

Anonymous (7) George Ancona† Linda Apodaca David & Margaret Ater Joy Berkley & Lisa Mor Mary Beth Bigger† Anne & Jack Burton† Lynne Cannine Leslie Carpenter† Bill & Georgia Carson† Lisa & Aaron Clauset†

y takes many forms—donations, ticket and auction purchases, event rs listed on previous page.


hael Martinez†



vin Quinn Jong Fund*†


s in Tile/ ooring n Feiner

r† roz

Susan Curtis Jimmy & Jennifer Day Sharon Doye Dave Duncklee Amy Galanter† Carlos Gallegos, Jr.† Bruce Galpert & Heather Wood Galpert Sarah Heartt Linda Hickley† Robert Innis Carol & Thomas Johnson† Patricia Karlovitz† Rachel Lopez† Meredith & Steve Machen† Bethany & Carlos Muller Aida Noble Elise Rosenhaupt Noble Stefanie Page Owen Perillo† Margaret Peters† Al Rey & Cathy Rey Montoya† Kay Riley† Rosemary Riley† Don & Sally Roberts

Fr. Earl Rohleder Harry Shapiro & Peyton Young, Harry’s Roadhouse Betsy Shiels, Santa Fe Party Rentals† Jane Stacey† Josie Stern & Vic Middlekauff† Barbara Storper T.L.R. and Associates† Marla Thompson Molly & Wolky Toll Jerry & Robin Ward† Robin Weir

Every spoonful counts! Memorial & Tribute Gifts Los Alamos National Bank, in honor of Fernando Olea Anonymous (1), in honor of Kate Isabel Noble Anonymous (2), in honor of Diana Trujillo’s birthday Brad & Belinda Karp, in memory of Henry Wayne Cox Dolores Lee Burciaga & Gerald Lee, in memory of Edward Lee Robert Long, in honor of Kathleen Longwaters Marla Thompson, in honor of Diana Trujillo’s birthday Kim White, Statements in Tile/Lighting/Kitchen/Flooring, in honor of Diana Trujillo’s birthday Robin Weir, in honor of Robert Spitz

InKind Contributions Allegra Printing Natalie Bovis, The Liquid Muse, LLC Noé Cano, Santa Fe School of Cooking James Campbell Caruso, La Boca Kate Collins, grapeful Mark Connell, State Capital Kitchen Evan & Jen Doughty, The Palace Restaurant & Saloon Rocky Durham, The Blue Heron at Sunrise Springs Four Seasons Resort at Rancho Encantado edible Santa Fe Eun Hong, CPA Bruce Galpert & Heather Wood Galpert Javier Gonzales

Xavier Grenet, L’Olivier Ideas and People Cheryl Alters Jamison Just the Best Produce Brad and Belinda Karp Local Flavor Gabriella Marks Cabe & Allyson Martinez Mission Linen Supply Cristian Pontiggia, El Nido SFPS Student Nutrition Department Santa Fe School of Cooking Smith’s Food & Drug Stores Johnny Vollertsen

We make every effort to accurately acknowledge all of our supporters. Please let us know if there is anything on this list that needs to be changed. 505.438.0098.

I like to cook because it brings me joy. —James, age 12

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2017/2018 Cooking with Kids Annual Report  

2017/2018 Cooking with Kids Annual Report