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Greaseless Fryer for Home Use: A Review Written by: Caitlin Carter – If you and your family love fried foods but hate the health risks they bring, you'll want to hear about the Greaseless Fryer that has been making waves in the kitchen gadget world. Most of us know that a medium-size serving of deep-fried french fries can provide or even surpass an entire day's caloric limit, never mind the hit of artery-clogging saturated fat that comes with that tasty snack. Fried foods are popular treats, because quite simply, fat makes food taste better. Our love affair with fish and chips, southern fried chicken, crispy french fries and those surprisingly good deep-fried Mars bars is slowly but surely taking its toll on our nation's health. And then came the Home Greaseless Fryer. Not that this revolutionary cooking gadget is new to the scene. Restaurants and hotels have long recognized the benefits offered by the commercial greaseless fryer. Up to now, however, the technology has only been available at the commercial and industrial level, and so the new breed of greaseless fryers for home use that have recently been introduced on the market have been welcomed with open arms by home cooks everywhere. Make way for healthy french fries! This healthy cooking technique is made possible with the use of a fryer that uses a combination of a moving paddle and forced air heat. Together, these two features – assisted by a small amount of cooking oil drizzled over the food – make it possible to coat each piece of food with a thin layer of cooking oil. Heated air moving over and around the food surfaces ensures even cooking, completing the process. The greaseless fryer makes it unnecessary to immerse food in a deep layer of cooking oil, as required in traditional frying methods. All that is needed is to place the food in the removable container, drizzle a small amount Greaseless Fryer for Home Use: A Review

of cooking oil, close the lid, press the switch, and the unit does the rest. Users report no noticeable loss of food texture or flavor. The benefits, aside from healthier food, is more economical use of cooking oil, fewer spatters making for easier cleaning and safer handling, no preheating, and no frying odors. The home greaseless fryer has opened up a whole new world of healthy menus, and makes a great addition to kitchens of Atkins dieters, weight loss hopefuls and healthconscious individuals. With these health benefits and the great price points, the greaseless fryer is sure to become a favorite kitchen gadget in many homes.

Greaseless Fryer for Home Use: A Review

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