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There's not only Thai basil here ! These pies are gluten free, lactose free, sugar free and fully vegan! Thai basil gives an agreeable freshness to this pie and tastes delicious with coconut milk.



Vegan Pie Crust:

Vegan dates and nuts crust:

- 14 fresh Dates

In a pan without oil, roast pecan nuts and almonds. Set aside.

- Mix of 150g almonds and pecans nuts - 50 g sesame seeds - 1 tablespoon coconut oil Purple potatoes and coconut filling:

In the same pan roast sesames seeds. Set aside. Blend almonds, pecans and sesames in mixer on small pieces. Set aside. Blend dates until smooth.

- 350g purple potatoes

Mix dates and nuts together. Set aside.

- 150 ml unsweetened coconut milk

Here, you can choose one 22-24 cm pie plate or three smalls pie plates. Use an with removable

- 1 teaspoon Agar Agar powder - 1 vanilla pod

bottoms pie plate to remove the pie easily for serving. Melt the coconut oil, brush the pie plate and flour a bit the pie plate.


Divide the dough into 3 pieces and line them with the dough. Leave the crust in fridge

- Fresh Thai basil leaves

until tart filling is ready.

- Coconut flakes - Toasted sesame seeds

Purple potatoes and coconut filling: Boil or steam the potatoes. Then, mash potatoes with a fork until smooth. Cut the vanilla stick open and scrape the seeds out, with the point of a sharp knife. In a pan, mix potatoes mash, coconut milk, vanilla seeds and agar-agar. Cook the mixture on low heat for a few minutes (4-5 minutes). Stir constantly.

Remove from the heat, add rum and mix well. Let cool and then, fill it into the pies plates. Chill the purple potatoes-coconut-tart for at least 2 hours in the fridge. Just before serving decorate with coconut flakes, grilled sesame seeds and a few Thai basil leaves. SERVINGS: 3 PIES