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Consider some of these ideas when looking for a new fitness environment to stay active in!

Looking for some interesting ways to spice up your fit lifestyle? These days, we are surrounded by various ways to get fit, with there being something for everyone! With upbeat group classes, personal training for specific needs and technology led training, it is first important to know exactly what your needs are. Things to consider: Are you able to motivate yourself to get active or do you need some accountability? Are you someone who will be working out in the morning, evening or overnight? Do you require day care? Do you want to workout in a co-ed facility? What is the overall goal you are looking to achieve? What are activities you enjoy to help you reach these goals? These are important factors in meeting your goals and the facility you choose needs to meet these requirements for you to have a successful workout program. Once you have written out what you are looking for, it is time to start the hunt! Big Box Gyms Every city has them and there will always be a place for these gyms with machines and free weights! These gyms can now be found at almost every main intersection in any city.



Many of them are now providing additional services such as cycling classes, dance workout classes, meditation and stretching classes as well as personal training if you require a bit of guidance. Various pricing options now allow for anyone to join a nearby gym without cost becoming a barrier. Many of these gyms are now offering 24 hour service for those that need to hit the gym at non-traditional hours, shift workers can now focus on their fitness too! Pro Tip: First check with the company you work for, they may have a discount deal with one of the local gyms. Go for a tour of the facility. Things to ask and look out for would be how well kept is the facility? Is it clean? Is the equipment well taken care of? Do people seem friendly? Do the staff talk to the customers? Personal Training Studios There are private gyms hidden throughout the corners of every city. These gyms have been developed by personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who have made the decision to combine their passion for fitness with entrepreneurship. These facilities often come with non-traditional styles not seen in the typical gyms. If you think you would find interest in flipping tires or pushing a weight sled across turf, this might be the place for you! Pro Tip: Call ahead and arrange a time for consultation. Find out what other services they provide as they may be teaming up with other services within your community such as meal planning or massage therapy. High Intensity Group Training These classes are great for someone who is tight on time and needs a push to work hard. With a trainer on hand to guide you through the workout, you can be sure to get an intense workout while meeting others and developing friendships along the way. These classes come in a variety of styles with dance, cycling and weight training being most common. Just like the private training studios noted above, many of these group classes will also offer non-traditional styles of training that include anything from tire flipping to cycling in a dark room with amped up music and disco lights! Pro Tip: Look for classes that include resistance training to get more from your workout. All-In-One programs that also include help with diet will help you to create a healthier lifestyle and give you more bang for your buck! Keep your eyes open for programs designed to give you complete guidance and support if you are unsure of what to do outside of the gym.

Lastly, take advantage of as many free offers as possible while searching for the perfect spot! Jump around to different classes and programs and give them all a try! You will stay active for a few weeks without paying a cent and you will be able to find the program and atmosphere that is right for you!

Happy fitness hunting!

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Cooking Green Goodness Magazine | April 2019 A Season Unapologetic  

A COLLECTOR'S ITEM Your Mini Cookbook! Recipes for Your Wellness.

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine | April 2019 A Season Unapologetic  

A COLLECTOR'S ITEM Your Mini Cookbook! Recipes for Your Wellness.