Cooking Green Goodness Magazine

Toronto, CA

Cooking Green Goodness is the first black-owned 100% vegan food and wellness magazine in Canada. Our digital readership is worldwide. Our contributors hail from around the globe. This magazine is inspired to provide a platform where we can highlight the vegan food and culture that exists in the Caribbean community, and amplify voices in the conversations surrounding veganism. Each $2.95 purchase of a digital issue on Issuu helps to support our mission to: Create writing and journalism opportunities. Manage projects to highlight the latest news and developments in veganism, such as the different factors that afford us the opportunity to enjoy the many substitutes available for all the animal products that vegans and even non-vegans can enjoy. Inspire a shift in thinking about how we choose to nourish our bodies. Expand this magazine’s reach by building a community willing to learn about the many ways to embrace veganism. See our unique and relevant form of activism.