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Disadvantages of Social Networks By: Alejandra Muñoz Mena

Around 1,153 000 people live in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) and have access to the Internet with frequency; out of this group, 29% use the Internet every day.¹ Thus we can see how much the Internet is used in this country and we cannot deny that it is a very simple way to help ourselves with any kind of information or any kind of work that we need. Social networking is a very good tool these days, and each day people have more access to this, but it is important to know that you have to use it carefully because there are many dangerous disadvantages. For example, you can become a victim of crime like identity theft, become too much exposed, or you can become addicted to social networking. The first disadvantage of social networking is that you can become a victim of crime. When you use social networking, you have to give some information to these sites. In many cases this information is personal like the ID, cell phone number, address, bank account, etc. The problem is, if you are not careful, this information can be used by other people with bad intentions. This person could be a thief and you can be a victim of crime, which is called identity theft. This happens when your information is stolen and someone else uses it for buying expensive things. For example, with your credit card and all your personal information, she/he or they can buy electrical devices, jewelry or just clean out all your money from your account.

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The second disadvantage of social networking is that you can become too much exposed and lose your privacy. A lot of people, who use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, etc, almost always post what they do, what they eat, where they go, where they are, and every kind of information jeopardize them, because people who have access to this information can know too much about these things that users post. And users put their lives in the hands of strangers, who many times can be persons with bad intensions and who can cause damage. For this reason it is important to be careful with what kind of information you want to share. It is obvious that in social media people share photos and their information. But also it is important that people get conscious about how much information is necessary to share and what kind of information is dangerous to share. The third disadvantage of social networking is that you can become addicted to this. If you are 24/7 in front of a computer, if you read, comment, or share someone´s post without any reason, check in on Foursquare everywhere you go, when it is the first thing that you do in the morning and when you update your status always, it is because you are an addict. If you usually do all this, it is probable that you are addicted to media, and it is a big problem that you have to notice and do something about it. You are spending too much time on things that are not important in your life; you are ignoring all the important things to do. The problem is that you put in danger your work, your studies, your family and your friends because you do not spend time with them, and you put in risk even your health because being in the Internet for too much time can cause problems to you, like difficulty to get focus, headaches, or pain in your hands and all your body. In conclusion, the previous three negative factors of social networking cause victims of crime, because of becoming too much exposed, losing your privacy and becoming addicted to this. We can see now how dangerous social networks are, but nowadays it is impossible to not be part of social networking, and day by day it becomes very powerful and useful. However, we have to be conscious and be prepared to overcome the negative and dangerous factors that this technological tool brings. Some advice could be to be more careful with the people who we add to our profile and to post only necessary information and not something that will put us in

danger. As another example, we could post only few pictures and little personal data. Also, do a schedule of how much time we will spend on the Internet in order to not become addicts. Finally, social networking is useful yes, but it also has disadvantages, really dangerous disadvantages; however, if we know how to be careful and smart with it, we can enjoy quietly and without hazards.

Environmental Problem Here By: Natalia Miranda Environmental problems in this world are a difficult topic. Most people do not know how important the life in a clean and healthy world is. The world is destroyed by trash and smoke. People are not conscious about the fact that the rivers are contaminated with agrochemicals, that the marine resources are overexploited. An example is that in houses we do not recycle and throw trash the everywhere. The environmental problems are affecting the property and quality of people's lives and the people are sick because of the pollution in the air and the water. Therefore, citizens must become more aware of the problem, demand respect for the environment and contribute to its preservation. How can the world be contaminated by the presence of garbage or smoke? The main cause of the great quantity of pollution is the lack of education of the population, because it is a fact that there are few people who take care of the environment. Another cause is that garbage accumulates on the sidewalks and this causes floods, on the other hand when the trash reaches the rivers where the fonts are contaminated and this causes the water to become impossible to consume. In addition, we must remember that some laws have attempted to reduce the waste produced by people. However, there is only a small amount of people who have tried to reduce the consumption of polluting products. The lack of culture and education are at the root of the problems of environmental pollution. The constant assault on the environment is a concern because it has become "a fashion" and there are few people who take action to combat it. Nowadays people do not mind throwing away no matter whether they cause damage, pollute rivers and do not recycle. Therefore, it is evident that the problem begins at home, in schools and work places. The higher authorities should act quickly and with concrete and immediate actions to improve the quality of life for all, including strong laws that have a bad consequence. To discuss measures to prevent pollution we must to remember that exist some laws that prohibit and punish to individuals and companies that contaminate

the environmental but the real solution is that the law be fulfilled and punish heavily and in a timely manner to the responsible. On the other hand some actions in recent years have contributed to the protection of green areas and reduced consumption thus reducing the production of waste and environmental damage. Governments around the world have implemented some practices such as separating waste by category, reusing waste and safer health policies available to citizens. All these measures should be practiced by everyone not by compromise but by education and love for the planet. Separating, recycling and disposal are simple techniques that anyone can put into practice. The importance of taking action is important to help planet and to allow better life, cleaner air, among other advantages. Finally, after mentioning problems with environmental pollution we must remember that each person must commit to the trash scraps; simple actions like sorting trash and worrying (gerund) about the amount of products we consume are examples of preventive measures to improve the planet. According to statistics companies and individuals who implement plans to reduce pollution levels in the environment help to reach those ideas spread rapidly between different societies and thus soon the idea can be distributed worldwide. Some simple ideas like saving energy are not implemented by people despite being an action of general purpose and simple. The interest of the government can also help to diminish the pollution and we have such a company in Costa Rica called RITEVE that small actions contributing to the reduction of car emissions. Other actions such as social initiatives are acclimated programs that were created as programs dedicated to waste collection with the help of the same people who are interested in the welfare of your community.

In short every person is obliged to worry about finding control

measures because waste is produced every day and also to reduce the high consumerism that the global society is facing.


This newspaper is about two problems that you have to be conscious, social networks problems and environmental problems


This newspaper is about two problems that you have to be conscious, social networks problems and environmental problems