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Today's cakes can be as unique as your imagination. What will you choose? A traditional white Wedding Cakes, or one chocolate exotic and colorful f lowers?

ď‚— Before going to any pastry purchase bridal magazines

and wedding and take a look at the designs of cakes. Copy or cut the cakes that you liked. When you have several, share your favorites. Sure they are showy, your partner, so more or less choose which you think you will like them too. There is a possibility that a design, a sense or an element of both like cake. ď‚— Now if you can go to your bakery to make you new

ideas or suggestions.

ď‚— Would you like a cake shaped high tower? Feel like a

more "fashion"? Do you prefer something simpler and smaller size? Remember how your cake is basic to the environment and style of your wedding. Definitely something sober for a classic and elegant wedding, and something more "cool" party environments and young people.

ď‚— With eyes closed thinking about the color you like. We

already mentioned that there are a million options. Dreaming of a white cake? With touches of color? Or a delicious chocolate? Your imagination is the limit.

ď‚— Do you prefer chocolate, vanilla or how about fresh

strawberries? Your partner prefers something more sophisticated. Take a minute, close your eyes and imagine the flavors of cakes. Think of the flavor you enjoy and that awakens your senses. Nowadays any kind of cake is ideal for weddings, do not go with the idea of the traditional white cake with vanilla bread. You can choose, chocolate, cinnamon, carrots and etc... ď‚— Remember if you go figure, a good pastry can shape

your cake.

ď‚— Your cake will be served as the only dessert, or any

they’ll include? How this can be overbearing for your guests? Make a survey of your family and even check other weddings. What if I can say is that the cake is elementary and for anything you are going to be replaced by a single dessert.

ď‚— How much you want to spend on your wedding cake?

Well this also depends on the type of cake, clear design and the number of guests. Usually you will find cakes from 100 to 250 people. Even if the size increases, it is logical to most people and increases the price. Before getting your quotes double check your final list of guests to order a cake suitable for your wedding.

ď‚— Ok, now if you already have an eye on the type of cake

you want, you should check the bakeries that can make. Go with your cuts, talk to the bakers and check whether they can do. Tell them you would like to try one of their cakes. The bakeries usually make an appointment with you (and perhaps other boyfriends) to try their creations. Do not look if you get a slice or a miniature cake, the case is to know its flavor and texture. These tastings should be no cost to you, do not try several types to not confuse your palate. Try Chocolate Cake only if you bring the idea.

ď‚— The number of guests will influence the size of the pie,

as well as the decor of the room. If the event is for many guests and arrangements are great, ideally a big cake, accompanied by flowers and tablecloths.

ď‚— The icing on the cake will depend on the reception

venue, because if the wedding is in a garden or fifth some polishes can melt, it would be best fondant frosting for a wedding outdoor decoration: flowers, ribbons, monograms, pearls and many more options to help your cake look unique and special that day so important to you.

ď‚— It is very important that you define your cake baker

delivery and delivery time and place. We also suggest that you pay more attention in terms of logistics in the room, the time that will be served and the manner in which to save the rest of the pie.

For details call 9560600056 now and REGISTER for the weekday/ weekend classes. Address: Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi Website: E Mail: Thank You!

The Basics For Your Wedding Cakes  

Today's cakes can be as unique as your imagination. What will you choose?... A traditional white Cake, or one chocolate exotic and colorful...

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