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May | June 2018


Hello from Mackenzie

I am stoked to bring to you Mixer’s 30 under 30 edition — a magazine that I hope spotlights some of Greenville’s shining stars. It features 30 people under 30 years old who are making a difference. These pages are for the people of Greenville. The people who are working hard each day to make Greenville a better place for us all. I got to meet people who do truly amazing things. From successful entrepreneurs who are only 19 years old to a couple making enormous strides in helping young boys who suffer from domestic minor sex trafficking. I was blown away every single day as I put this issue together both by the passion of these young individuals and the talent and dedication it takes to do what they do. I have an immense amount of gratitude in my heart for each individual that assisted in this idea. A couple of months ago, this was exactly that — an idea. It was simply a thought in the back of my mind, and it truly makes me smile to see it alive and in print. This would not have been possible without each and every person featured in this magazine and also for each and every person who helped me compile this list. So thank you. You all rock and much love to you! Working on this issue brought me so much joy. I am super proud of it, and I hope you find as much magic in these pages as I do.

Love & Light!

- Mackenzie Tewksbury

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mixer May | June 2018


Job: Owner & Designer, Simple & Sentimental, LLC Major: Business Management What you do in the community?: I am a student and small business owner in Greenville. I get to be a part of people’s special moments through my business. We provide products for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between. I feel lucky to play a part in these sentimental times. Our growing team of five operates out of the Simple & Sentimental office in Greenville, and we love running our business here. We are creating jobs, internships, and bringing a new business to the city. Why do you do it?: I absolutely love what I do, and I love seeing the impact it has on other people. When I'm at the office, it doesn't feel like work! I get to take all of my passions, and bring them together in one place. What are some things you are passionate about?: My biggest passion is my love for Jesus. He is why I started this business, and He is the reason it's going as well as it is. If it wasn't for Him, I would not be where I am today. My church, Greenville Christian Fellowship, plays a huge part in my walk with Christ. I got baptized there my freshman year, and it's felt like home ever since. Through my business, I get to spread the Gospel, make disciples, and create beautiful artwork. I couldn't be more blessed. Why it is important?: Everyone deserves to feel special, and that's exactly what my products do. We spread hope and joy through hand lettered goods. Knowing that someone thought of you, and got you a personalized gift on your big day means everything to people. Their reactions are priceless. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself??: I'm engaged to my best friend/business partner, Nick Walden. He is a full time student as well, studying engineering. We love running the business together, and taking my rescue puppy Dunkin for walks on the Greenway!

Job: Operations Manager, LimeBike. I am the primary point of contact for the University with regards to our operations on campus. Major: Master of Public Administration, Certificate in Development and Environmental Planning What you do in the community?: A lot--I've got a constant drive to be doing more. I'm currently the team lead for the Farmville Greenway Initiative, a collaboration between ECU's Department of Urban & Regional Planning and the Town of Farmville to develop a comprehensive Greenway Master Plan. Also at ECU, I'm a lead organizer of the Green Fund Campaign, a student-conceived and led a campaign to institute a minimal sustainability fee, and a participant in the ongoing Sustainability Master Plan development. Away from campus, I'm a board member and volunteer with Love a Sea Turtle, an environmental conservation and youth leadership development nonprofit that's really doing great things with our local youth. Within Love a Sea Turtle, I am the founder of cycLAST, which focuses on bicycling as an instrument of youth leadership development. What are some things you are passionate about?: Good local government, civic engagement, economic development, environmental stewardship, youth leadership development, active transportation; bicycling, bicycle tourism, hiking, kayaking, fishing, good coffee, bluegrass -- I'm a total locavore and love our growing local food/ beer scene. Why it is important?: Greenville is at an important period in its development, and I hope that the work that I'm doing plays a role in pointing our community in the right direction: towards a safe, active, healthy community with great places and people. On another note, I had the privilege of being given opportunities to lead and grow while I was still a youth, and I think it's important that I pass those same opportunities along to our next generation of leaders. ECU PHOTO BY RHETT BUTLER


Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: Married to Leah Arnold, Staff Attorney with Legal Aid of North Carolina in Greenville. Two dogs: Paloma the Pug and Luna the Lab!

May | June 2018


Job: Co-Founder and Lead Instructor at Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design What you do in the community?: I’m the co-founder and lead instructor at Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design, a school for Cosmetology and Esthetics here in Greenville. I co-founded the school in 2009, and our mission is to improve the lives and opportunities of people seeking professional careers in the beauty industry. Since opening, we’ve enrolled over 200 students with industry-leading licensure, job placement, and graduation rates, and been honored with national Excellence in Education awards for five years in a row. Why do you do it?: Teaching is my passion. I love being able to work with students from the very beginning of their new careers and watch them grow their skills, learn, graduate, and earn success. I also love the beauty industry because it gives you the ability to be creative, work with all kinds of people, and change the way they feel about themselves. What are some things you are passionate about?: Other than teaching, I love the outdoors, and I love traveling. I try to travel to as many new places as I can because life’s too short to stay in one place. Why it is important?: Careers in beauty allow people to be in charge of their own success, and many people even go on to become employers themselves. Jobs in beauty are projected to grow at a rate faster than the job market as a whole, and our industry also employs women and minorities at a higher rate than the overall job market. The beauty industry represents opportunity and empowerment for a lot of people, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: When I’m not teaching, I also organize an outdoor adventure group called the Greenville Adventure Social Club. It’s a public group for anyone in the area interested in getting outdoors, traveling, and crossing things off the bucket list. We do anything from hiking and kayaking to skydiving and rock climbing, and we also do Dogs and Drinks events where we take donations for the animal shelter.

Job: Earlier last year I worked as the first children’s programming director and the Arts of the Pamlico in Washington, NC. Now I am currently the first elementary theatre teacher of Pitt County at WahlCoates, school of the arts. What you do in the community?: I work with young people in Beaufort and Pitt County using the art form of theatre. I use theatre to inspire self-confidence, critical thinking, and social skills. Whether it is performing or working on the tech that goes into putting on a production I access theatre’s ability to make an impact on young people by providing them a safe and exhilarating place to be creative and work collaboratively. Why do you do it?: I teach and direct theatre for children because of how fulfilling it is. I’m inspired by my students every day. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to take the stage and ask the world to watch and judge what you do. Helping build that confidence and acceptance of one’s self-give me hope that more children will grow up loving who they are and others for who they are. I also really enjoy it! I have fun being creative like any other theatre artist while being able to work with young minds and their creativity. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am very passionate about the arts. I also enjoy language and history. I think one of my biggest passions is traveling and I wish I got to do more of it. I’m an avid reader, hiker, kayaker, and enjoy playing music and composing in my free time. Lastly, I am passionate about children with special needs. I work with them in my current job and it’s one of my favorite things about my job.

mixer May | June 2018

Why it is important?: I have watched children grow so much in class. While working at the Turnage I was able to interact with an entire community of children and give those young artists a place that according to them, “Feels more like home than my actual home.” With my special needs students, I see them becoming more independent and using theatre movement and voice techniques to overcome some of their challenges. I find that amazing and hope that what I teach them in class will stay with them so they feel confident communicating with the people around them.


Job: Coordinator for the Free Speech and Membership Development department, with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Major: Political Science What you do in the community?: Since transferring to ECU from Marshall University in 2015, I served as a student conduct board panel member, Student Government Association Community Outreach Director, Student Government Association Chief of Staff, President of Turning Point USA at ECU, and Founder of the NRA Collegiate Coalition at ECU. During my tenure, I sponsored various bills designed to protect student rights on campus (e.g., Syllabus Bank Resolution, Keep Dowdy Hydrated, and the Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech bill). Additionally, I effectively spearheaded efforts to abolish restrictive speech zones on campus and eventually the entire University of North Carolina system. I hosted various events, one being Tomi Lahren in Hendrix Theater – resulting in a community conversation regarding the nature of speech. It garnered national press and partly aided in the NC General Assemblies efforts to restore and preserve the First Amendment in North Carolina. Lastly, I expanded NRA membership from one student to over 150 students – engaging the campus in the form of providing over 60 students with free concealed carry classes, self-defense classes, panel discussions, discounted trips to the shooting range, raffles, and competitive shooting opportunities. In addition to establishing the second-ever NRACC in the nation, I raised over $5,000 in local donations and membership dues that were all re-invested in the local community. Why do you do it?: As I began to get more involved in politics, I discovered that the politicians we elect to serve and protect us didn't necessarily care about their constituents. The more I delved deeper into the world of politics, the more I realized how easily people were corrupted by money, fame, and power. So, I decided early on to dedicate my life to ensuring the protection of our civil rights and liberties.

What are some things you are passionate about?: There are two main courses of political ideology that drive the purpose of the U.S. government: to ensure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the American people. The first ideology can be described by the desire and capability to grow the government to protect and provide for a collective citizenry. The second ideology can be described as shrinking the government and decentralizing it in order to maximize the liberty and freedom of the individual through personal choice. I lie in the camp of the latter. Every issue, policy, or decision I defend can be boiled down to limiting the government and expanding freedom. To me personally, the 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment, and free market capitalism are the issues I care most about (in that order).

Job: Director of the Jack Minges Unit of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain Major: Graduated from ECU in 2012 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Child Development and Family Relations What you do in the community?: I oversee a program that serves nearly 250 members ages 6-18 years and lead and develop a staff of over 20 employees. I strive daily to provide our members with a sense of belonging and a safe and positive environment, and to enable their full potential through quality, intentional programming and a Club experience that reaches our outcomes of academic success, a healthy lifestyle, and strong character and leadership skills. This work is not possible without a strong, engaged team of leaders. I have found a passion (and continuous area of development) in leading and developing staff, and I have learned that the key elements (i.e. recognition and supportive relationships) that I instill every day in our youth are also important to instill in my staff. Members vote with their feet, and research shows that one of the top reasons youth come to the Club is because of the staff. Why do you do it?: I want to be a child’s biggest fan, and for them to always know that I am unconditionally there for them. What are some things you are passionate about?: My career – it is a lifestyle!; my family; my two spunky dogs, Darla and Zoe; education; mental health; equal opportunity for all; hot sauce! Why it is important?: Our youth are our future, and the work we do provides a platform to inspire and showcase their awesomeness, to become great leaders in our communities and agents of positive change, to assure success is within reach for every child, and to provide an unlimited amount of support in fostering their great future.


May | June 2018


scene around First Friday Artwalk on April 6

photos by Ryan Harper for Mixer



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Job: Entrepreneur & Residential Solar Salesman Major: Business Management, Entrepreneurship What you do in the community?: I am a senior who will graduate in May from ECU. I have been an active part of the Miller School of Entrepreneurship and developed a small solar company: Safrit Solar, LLC. I am involved with several other startups in Greenville and serve on ECU's Sustainability Committee. I have recently begun working with a residential solar installer and excited to provide affordable clean power to Eastern North Carolina. Why do you do it?: I work hard to fulfill myself and better my community. I want to challenge myself and inspire others to do the same. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am passionate about sustainability and solar energy. I am also passionate about building innovative new businesses. Why it is important?: I believe that sustainable technology like solar is going to be a cornerstone in the coming decade. I want to help make a positive impact in my community, country, and the environment through solar to better the lives of those around me. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: Contact info: psafrit@

Job: Student Organization Resource Team for ECU's Student Activities & Organizations Major: Communications (Concentration in Public Relations) & Political Science, and a minor in French What you do in the community?: For the community, I have taken part in many voter drives. I've managed a city council campaign here in Greenville, registered voters, helped organize protests for certain bills such as HB2, and have been an active member of ECU's student body. I have been president of the GLBT Student Union (LGBT group on campus) where we increased membership 150% and doubled our bank account. I have also been a volunteer for the LGBT Resource Office since my first semester in college, and I earned the ECU LGBTQ+ Samantha Hamilton Leadership Excellence Award my sophomore year here. I have been a part of the NC Civility Summit Committee for the past 2 years where we have brought civil conversations to ECU in the form of speakers and sessions that promote civil dialogues with diverse subjects and perspectives. I also served as the student representative for the LGBT Resource Office for the Pledge Purple Committee (ECU's initiative to stomp out sexual assault & bullying on campus.) I have also been Vice-President of College Democrats at ECU, Press Secretary for College Democrats of North Carolina, and I am currently Deputy Press Secretary for College Democrats of America. I am currently Secretary of French Club and was just voted in as Student Government Association representative for the College of Fine Arts and Communications and the Director for Equity and Intercultural Engagement. My most recent position as President of Pi Lambda Phi, a new fraternity that just recolonized here at ECU. Our philanthropy work is the Elimination of Prejudice and we look forward to bringing that work here to Greenville. Why it is important?: I believe what I do is impactful because I enjoy seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they realize they can truly be their best selves no matter what sort of minority group they belong to. One of my happiest moments was in SGA when we passed the Banner-Self service update which granted a preferred name section into ECU's systems to allow Transgender students the option to modify the name before their first day of class. I wish for everyone to feel like a pirate; gay, straight, democrat, republican, or any other creed, gender, sexuality, etc. You are a pirate and an American first, our goal should be to make you feel at home here.


May | June 2018


Job: Events and Branding Director for Uptown Greenville What you do in the community?: Uptown Greenville is the voice of the downtown. We exist to promote quality cultural, residential, and economic development. We produce over 60 community events annually. This gives residents and visitors the opportunity to gather in the public sphere and celebrate their city. Our goal with community events is to drive foot traffic to the Uptown district promoting feet on the street and diners in the seats. Why do you do it?: Community events are immensely fulfilling. I find creating an atmosphere where all attendees celebrate where they live rewarding. By creating a place to live, play, eat, shop, and invest, people can truly love where they live. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am driven by building a city of choice and making Greenville, NC a place to be desired. Why it is important?: Greenville is in exceptional growth mode. The work that Uptown Greenville does helps create an area of quality cultural, residential, and economic development. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: I am an ECU alum and chose to build my career in Greenville because I believe the city you see today is not the city you will see in 5 years.

Job: Graduate Assistant at Ledonia Wright Cultural Center Major: Masters of Counselor Education What you do in the community?: Currently, I am involved with the campus community with a focus on diversity and inclusion. My goal is to create a comprehensive leadership program on the campus of East Carolina University that not only influences passion and involvement among multicultural students on campus, but also influence the impact in the community as well. The goal is to develop the leadership within those on campus and put that leadership to practice in local schools and community programs around the Greenville community. Why do you do it?: I do it because I have a true passion for leadership and diversity. Why it is important?: I believe this is important because our society today has almost lost its sense of leadership due to the pageantry that comes with the role. I believe that leadership needs to be used in order to effectively solve the issues of diversity and inclusion in our society today. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: I am also in the process of starting my own clothing brand called Noir. We intend on creating fashion pieces that are appealing through design and comfort. But our main goal is to encourage Generation Mental Wealth through various strategies that highlight the importance of one's mental health. No One Is Ready.

mixer May | June 2018


Job: Community Outreach Director at the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children What you do in the community?: As the Community Outreach Director for the Partnership, I am responsible for ensuring that quality early childhood education for all children is a priority in our community. I plan and organize outreach events, speak to various organizations and businesses, attend community meetings, and work to increase the grants and private funding to benefit early childhood education initiatives. Why do you do it?: I have a bachelor’s degree in communication with a double-focus in public relations and multimedia journalism, and a master’s in communication. My passion for storytelling, graphic design, and community engagement culminated in the perfect storm that led me to my current position. My job brings together my talents and education in a way that allows me to have an incredible impact on the community as a whole. Why it is important?: Nearly 90% of a child’s brain development occurs during the first 2,000 days of life — roughly the time between birth and the day a child enters kindergarten. Although I always joke about only being a dog mom, I can’t stress enough the importance of investing in the success of our community’s children. The experiences that our children have during their first 2,000 days are a defining factor in their successes, or failures, later in life. Children who have access to high-quality child care are less likely to be retained in grade, less likely to be referred to special education, less likely to go to jail, more likely to graduate high school, and more likely to attend college. When we support and love these families, we better the future of our community as a whole. That’s one of the most important things in the world to me.

Job: Fire and Life Safety Educator/Public Information Officer at Greenville Fire/Rescue What you do in the community?: I believe in the mission of life safety and injury prevention. When I’m not working, I’m typically contributing to the community through education. I am privileged enough to work with people in all walks of life. I maintain the community fundraising efforts GFR hosts including blood drives, fundraisers benefiting the United Way, and Operation Santa Claus, a toy drive serving hundreds of underprivileged children in Pitt County. Why do you do it?: Integrating my work into the community is the most rewarding aspect of my job. It allows me to interact with the people we are serving and impact their lives. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am a mentor to a youth program entitled SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). This program launched in all Pitt County middle and high schools in 2017. I believe the teenage years are a truly formative and difficult time for kids, now more than ever. Any guidance we can give them to make informed decisions is life changing. Why it is important?: I serve on several local and state committees catering to educating children and the elderly. My roles include: Co-Chair of Pitt County Safe Kids, the ChairElect of Safe Communities of Pitt County, the Eastern Region Representation for the North Carolina Fire and Life Safety


Education Association, a member of the Remembering When Fall and Fire Prevention Coalition, and an Advisory Council Member of Mental Health America of Eastern Carolina. I impact the community through installing smoke alarms, teaching kids to “get low and go” through engaging activities, facilitating CPR classes, identifying fall hazards for senior citizens or spreading safety messages through social media. The goal of each role is to make the community we live in a safer place.

May | June 2018


scene around First Friday Artwalk on April 6

photos by Ryan Harper for Mixer

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mixer May | June 2018


Job: Student, Chemistry Tutor at Pitt Community Major: Public Health, Pr-Medicine. Certificate in Global Understanding What you do in the community?: Within my college community, I have worked throughout my four years at East Carolina University to create a more inclusive environment that fosters diversity. I am the president and founder of No Lost Generation at ECU, a group that aims to help refugees locally and abroad. As the Directory for Equity and Intercultural Engagement in Student Government Association, I drafted and passed legislation to create a preferred name option within the Banner System and a resolution to educate the ECU community about and endorse the use of gender-neutral language. These pieces of legislation were aimed to benefit the LGBTQ+ and international student population at ECU. Additionally, as Director, I spearheaded the planning, implementation, and evaluation of ECU’s first Introduction to Global Competence Workshop to engage students in global thinking. Why do you do it?: During the second semester of sophomore year, I studied abroad in the Netherlands and spent time volunteering at a refugee camp that housed families from Syria, Iran, and Iraq. What are some things you are passionate about?: In spite of a major language barrier, I connected with the individuals at the camp and the shared humanity that I discovered inspired me greatly. This experience led me to create a refugee help group at ECU and continue to serve individuals in my community. I found my voice and courage through helping others and became devoted to promote acceptance in any capacity that I am able to. I feel extremely fortunate for these experiences that allow me to interact with people unlike myself, and I believe it is my civic responsibility to share the knowledge I've gained from these interactions to educate others.

Job: Freelance Artist What you do in the community?: For now, I paint advertising and repaint murals for Farmville. It started as a summer thing after I graduated we with my BFA in Painting and Drawing, but it's kind of snowballed into an amazing opportunity and I couldn't be happier. I've also done a painted Piano for Greenville, but I'm itching to get on those walls downtown at some point. Why do you do it?: I do it because it's more fun than almost any other job. I'm also my own boss to some extent, which can be a good or bad thing at times. What are some things you are passionate about?: Besides painting, I do some pottery on the side. I'm also very passionate about eating. Why it is important?: I think what I do helps create interest in the area; it adds personality to the town and hopefully it makes people proud of where they live. Also, it helps when giving people directions. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: Well, I'm fortunate enough to where I have support from my family, my friends, and members of the Farmville and Greenville community (I know friends and community members were two different things, but just consider yourself a friend too.) Discrediting luck and being in the right place, at the right time, they're a major factor in how I came to be where I am currently; so, thank you to those individuals. You're all super neat.


May | June 2018


Job: Barista/Server @ The Scullery, Full-Time Student Major: Psychology Minor: Drug & Alcohol Abuse Studies What you do in the community?: Other than being a part-time waitress at The Scullery, I work with an amazing non-profit She’s the First. She’s the First fundraises money by selling cupcakes, having percentage nights, and donations at other local events, to completely sponsor girls in developing nations to be the first girl in their family to go to school. I hold the position GAP chair- GAP stands for global understanding program, I make presentations on current issues women are facing locally and globally to discuss at biweekly discussions. Why do you do it?: To be a Latina woman and to be a firstgeneration student I felt so inspired by these girls fighting wars just to prove their worth as a human, to get an education. I cannot be a global activist but I am being a local one, I love educating others and giving them power in their voices. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am passionate about reading, feminism, boxing, and Gordon Ramsey. Why it is important?: STF is all about the girls, this past year we sponsored 6 girls! Each scholar costs $400 to fully cover the years school fees. That’s amazing!

Job: Audit Assistant at Habitat for Humanity, Campus Director for Hult Prize@ ECU Major: Accounting What you do in the community?: While working for Habitat for Humanity as the audit assistant, I also serve as the campus director for Hult Prize@ ECU. Habitat for Humanity is an internationally known non-profit, aiming to provide everyone with a decent place to live. Similarly, Hult Prize aims to serve those less fortunate, however, it is through social enterprises founded by student entrepreneurs. As campus director for one of the top 5 ideas changing the world, it is my responsibility to find, support, and guide teams of socially conscious student entrepreneurs while building and empowering the social entrepreneurship community across East Carolina’s campus and Greenville. Why it is important?: Prior to becoming campus director, participating in the Hult Prize changed my life. It opened my eyes, ideas, and thoughts to the possibility of helping people through business: social entrepreneurship. I feel as though I owe it to not only the Hult Prize but the ECU student body and community to inspire the same drive and call to action that was given to me. Social entrepreneurship is the future, and I feel it is important to try and fuel the initiative across campus. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: Go Pirates!

mixer May | June 2018


Job: ECU Ambassador President Major: Business Management What you do in the community?: I’m an ECU Ambassador and we work to serve the ECU and Pitt community. As an ambassador, we participate in many events but my favorite is our annual special populations prom. Before becoming the president, I had the pleasure of planning and coordinating the event. It is one of the most humbling and exciting events that we do and it brings so much joy to my heart. Why do you do it?: My entire life my parents have raised us to have a servants heart. I believe that everyone is called to do something and I believe that I was called to serve. Volunteering is one of my favorite things to do because it’s such a simple thing to do to leave a tremendous impact on someone’s life. I think that what I do is important because I have been blessed and fortunate enough to have the things that I do and participate in the experiences that I have and by giving back I can make a big difference in someone else’s life and maybe one day they can be in a position to return the favor to someone.

Job: Owner/Operator of Cable Paradise Park, LLC, A cable wake-boarding park and water-sports recreation facility in Ayden, NC. What you do in the community?: My business offers the community a place to participate in an activity that they may otherwise not have access to wakeboarding. Cable Paradise offers wake-boarding lessons for beginners, as well as ramps and rails for more experienced wake-boarders. Additionally, I have tried to create a place that the whole family can come out and enjoy during the warm months of the year. Cable Paradise has a man-made beach, a swimming area, and all types of other games and activities. I will be hosting events throughout summer like a movie on the water nights (watch a movie on our big screen while floating on the water in an inner tube!), wake-boarding competitions, food truck festivals, and more. Follow Cable Paradise Park on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about upcoming events and offerings! Also, come out and try a wake-board lesson or contact me about group packages. Why do you do it?: I set out to open Cable Paradise Park to share my love for wakeboarding and the joy I get from doing it with as many people as possible. Without access to a boat or cable wake-board system, you can't wake-board. Cable wakeboarding is a growing industry, but there aren't parks around every corner like there are baseball fields. I have always gotten so much joy out of wake-boarding and pushing myself to nail a new trick. I wanted to share that joy with the citizens of Pitt County and surrounding areas. Teaching someone how to wake-board or how to execute a new trick at Cable Paradise is what keeps me pushing this dream. Seeing the excitement on my customer's faces when they learn something new on the water is priceless.


May | June 2018


Job: Student Body Treasurer through the Student Government Association, Student Worker in ECU's Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Student Worker in ECU's Adventure Program through the Student Recreation Center, President of ECU Model United Nations Club, volunteer special-education teaching-assistant at a local elementary school Major: Sophomore; double major in Economics and Accounting What you do in the community?: My favorite position on campus is definitely my Treasurer position through Student Government. SGA receives a portion of student tuition and fee dollars and my role is the feed that back into the student body through student organizations. ECU has 400+ undergraduate and graduate organizations, and while the role can get demanding sometimes, it is so amazing to be able to have a backseat view and an opportunity to work with some awesome students and to see what all of these organizations are doing on campus. Through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, I plan and create events on campus that are focused on civic education and participation. One example, last year, a co-worker and I saw a dire need for a discussion about racial issues. We wrote a curriculum and developed a program called Race in Our Space which is a forum-styled event focused on having discussions about how race affects us in different situations. We plan on continuing the program but have modified it to allow discussions for more broader issues that are also happening in our world.

What are some things you are passionate about?: Wow, things are constantly gaining my interest and attention so this one will be hard to narrow down. I am passionate about macroeconomic related issues, voting rights and civic participation, food security, and the prevention and elimination of chronic homelessness.

Why do you do it?: I try and make sure that whatever I am doing, I am 100% passionate about it. The short answer to this would be that I am completely invested and passionate about the things that I involve myself in. I also get to be surrounded by some pretty amazing and special people while doing it and that makes me happy.

Job: Sales for a major Wine and Spirits Broker Major: Masters of Counselor Education What you do in the community?: Currently, I on the Greenville City Council for District 3. My personal goal while on the council is to retain as many graduates of ECU and Pitt Community College as possible. I believe that focusing on bringing better jobs, entertainment, and recreation opportunities to Greenville will help accomplish his goal. I also purchased a house on Elm Street this past year and have been working on bringing the 1950’s house back to life. Renovations have included a full gut job in the kitchen and bathroom, restoring the original hardwood floors, and clearing and landscaping the completely overgrown front and backyard. Why do you do it?: I serve on the City Council because I am putting down my roots in Greenville. I believe that Greenville still has a lot of its story left to write and I want to be a part of making the city even better than it already is. My favorite part about the city is its youthfulness, which is especially evident in District 3. I believe the key to continuous growth for Greenville is the retention of the younger populous once they graduate. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am passionate about my FiancÊ, Larkins Joyner; we are set to be wed in October of 2018. I am also passionate about the outdoors, specifically the ocean and rivers. Having spent my entire life living in a city with either a major river or beach, I understand the impact that these bodies of water have on the cities they border or run through. I would like to see better utilization of the Tar River as Greenville grows, it is a wonderful natural resource and he thinks it can be used as a draw for tourism and recreation alike.

mixer May | June 2018


Job: Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina Major: Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management with concentrations in Special Events and Lodging What you do in the community?: The Ronald McDonald Houses of Eastern North Carolina provides a temporary home away from home for families with seriously ill or injured children receiving treatment in area medical facilities. Our Houses are built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their head at night to rest. We provide a place for comfort and care for not only our community but for 49 surrounding counties as well. Why do you do it?: I believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the strongest medicine prescribed. Families are stronger when they are together and I truly believe being close by your child and their medical team without the stresses of grocery shopping, cleaning or cooking meals helps families focus on what matters most and that is the health and healing process of their child. I love being able to be a part of a mission that provides hope to others. Why it is important?: I believe that what I do is impactful because it directly improves the health and well-being of others. This is important because many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children; this is a long time to be away or to divide a family. And, for children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having mom and dad close by for love and support. Our Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost.

Job: Part-time Community Outreach Specialist for the Girl Scouts of Pitt County, a Part-time student at ECU Major: Public health What you do in the community?: I am one of the wonderful Community Outreach Specialists for the Girl Scouts of Pitt County. My job allows me to travel to schools, boys, and girls’ clubs, and various daycare facilities around Pitt County, Beaufort County, and Martin County to help start, lead and maintain Girl Scout troops all over but most them are concentrated in Greenville. I teach girls how to build courage, confidence, and character by various troop activities and badge work that focuses on topics that the average student doesn’t learn during the public-school curriculum. Just recently I have started volunteering at the Greenville Community Center, and I have been able to be a part of the awesome projects and programs they are implementing the homeless community in Pitt County. At the Center, I love to spend time in the new Respite Room serving, connecting, and interacting with the residents who need a little more special attention and nurturing during the afternoon with various wellness needs. Why do you do it?: My personal mission statement is: “To live my best life with an open and compassionate heart to positively influence those I encounter with altruistic efforts to contribute to the cultivation of a better world confidently.” Girl Scouts contributed to a lot of the character and goals I have for myself now so I feel like it’s my duty to give back to our future girl leaders and innovators that Girl Scouts creates. I love working at the homeless shelter because my time is of great value to me so in my free time I am always looking for ways to learn while serving others. Everyone I meet there has been a great teacher to help me build my knowledge about anything I can’t get from my regular schooling in the classroom.


May | June 2018


Job: Police Officer (Patrol- West Zone) What you do in the community?: I answer calls, helping people with whatever problem they are calling about. I am also apart of the Adopta-School program so I work with administrators at an elementary school occasionally and interact with students. Why do you do it?: I want to make a difference in the community I grew up in. I had experiences as a child and influences in my life that made me want this career path for myself. What are some things you are passionate about?: It sounds cliche, but helping people. I am also passionate about family, whether that be blood or work relation. Why it is important?: I don’t think people realize we are constantly dealing with an issue. People don’t call the police because they’ve had a good day. We are called because there is a problem, whether it be big or small, or someone is going through a crisis. It is our job to be whatever that person needs and do our best to resolve the problem. We wear many hats. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: I received an award for Outstanding Police Performance in January 2018 for the way I handled a call in December 2017 involving a suicidal individual.

Major: Elementary Education, East Carolina University What you do in the community?: I have been a Riley’s Army volunteer since I was 15 years old. I have been actively involved in their children’s hospital meal delivery program and coordinating volunteers for events and fundraisers. In 2016, I started a not-for-profit dance program through Operation Sunshine Inc., where each girl was able to learn tap dancing free of cost, in addition to homework help and snack Monday-Friday. Why do you do it?: My passion for encouraging children began when I fell in love with a little boy battling cancer halfway across the country. The lack of normalcy in his life resonated with me so deeply that I began to do research, and found that there were thousands of other children fighting a similar battle, as pediatric cancer takes the lives of at least 4 children in America each day. I promised myself when he died that I would give away part of who I am to every child who needs it, and use my voice to be an advocate for every child (no matter the circumstance) who needs to be heard. What are some things you are passionate about?: Simply put, I am passionate about loving people. I love encouraging others and finding the goodness in people. I am also passionate about treating children with respect and dignity, guiding them but never making them feel inferior. Every passion and dream I have stems from loving fearlessly, and so that is my dream, to love everybody always without expecting it in return. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: I spent a month in Uganda, Africa in 2017 serving in their children’s hospital, and have plans to go back as soon as possible to help start a school for youth who do not have access to education. I found my love for teaching after changing my major 4 times at ECU, and have not looked back since. I am planning to pursue a Master's Degree in Elementary Education as soon as I finish my undergraduate degree.

mixer May | June 2018


scene around

Plain White T's at PirateFest on April 14 photos by Scott Davis for Mixer


May | June 2018


scene around

Plain White T's at PirateFest on April 14 photos by Scott Davis for Mixer

Hot Dog Special Hot Dog Special (2 Hot Dogs, Chips & Drink)



Tailgate Special

Choice of Mustard, Onions, Ketchup, Hot Spicy Chili, or Mild 10 or more Hot Dogs Meat Chili


Cold-Cut Subs, Pizzas, Homemade Lemonade & Apple Turnovers also available!

ECU & PCC Students – 10% OFF w/ Student ID

Call In Orders Accepted 252-752-3647 (DOGS) 1938 N. Memorial Dr., Greenville

mixer May | June 2018


Job: Research & Teaching Assistant at East Carolina University What you do in the community?: I am a graduate student at ECU studying Coastal Geology and Micropaleontology. I’m a teaching assistant at ECU — I instruct an introductory Geology laboratory every week. I helped teach a 6-week long topographic field mapping course in Colorado and New Mexico over the summer at the North Carolina Geological Field Course. I am a member of the Epsilon Phi Chapter through the Department of Geological Sciences. I also volunteer with other graduate students by running hands-on “sandbox” demos for youth programs, taking rock/mineral/fossil specimens to local schools in order to provide information on geology and careers in geology, and volunteer with Science Olympiad. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?: Aside from geology, I volunteer as a mentor for youth-at-risk through the Darden Enlightenment Center in Farmville and play music with friends.

Job: I hold 5 jobs. What I enjoy the most of the 5 is coaching ice hockey. I work at Christy's Euro Pub, Ricci Law Firm, and on occasion the Convention Center. When I'm not on the clock or sleeping, I'm at the rink. What you do in the community?: I co-coach all of the youth programs as well as coach the ECU club team. Why do you do it?: I coach because I love the game. I don't coach for championships. The kids play for those. I coach to watch these kids do something they weren't able to do a week ago. To see them work together as a team and build confidence in themselves. To teach them that they are capable of great things if they put in the work. To also be someone else in their lives that are there for them. I believe in them. The rink has always been my home away from home and I hope the kids get that feeling. I coach the ECU team to also be there for kids who are now getting their first taste of life away from their homes.



May | June 2018


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Job: Massage Therapist and Skin Care Major: I have certificates in massage therapy, yoga, thai massage, and esthetics (as of June 2018) What you do in the community?: I help people to de-stress and feel better! I use a blend of relaxing techniques, stretching, and offer a relaxing environment where I work at Schroko's Hair Studio. The vibe at Schroko's is unlike anything else as far as art, comfort, and uniqueness. Why do you do it?: Because I love it! I fell in love with doing massage when I was 16 after my mom took me to my first massage. I love the calming environment and the overall zen of what I do. I also LOVE helping people! I have no greater joy than seeing someone come in stressed and leave feeling better!'s awesome! What I get to do professionally is an overall mood lifter as well as helping people physically feel better. What are some things you are passionate about?: Helping others, learning, finding mantras or positive things to go into my day, and being a mom. Also, I am DAILY learning how to be a better person...because that's important and should be a conscious passion for everyone! Why it is important?: It helps the community when people support local small businesses. It also is a way for people to practice and learn self-care. Preventative medicine and maintenance is the best medicine! For example with skin care, if you start at a younger age with a good skin care routine it can really benefit you later in life and save you money on treatments later down the road. Something as simple as making sure your morning moisturizer has 30 SPF in it. This will help to prevent age spots and hyper-pigmentation. We only have one body so we have to invest in making it healthy and beautiful.

Job: Owner of Truly Yours Boutique What you do in the community?: I own the clothing store, Truly Yours located in Uptown Greenville. This business started as an online business while I was still in college in 2011. I focused on trunk shows and online sales to grow the business. It grew very quickly and I was able to expand and open up our physical location In 2015. Why do you do it?: We focus on trendy and fun apparel and accessories that are also affordable. We want everyone to feel welcome in our store and we think everyone should be able to afford to look in style. What are some things you are passionate about?: I am passionate about giving back to the community and helping to make Greenville the best city it can be. I love to connect with the students of East Carolina as much as possible. We allow internships throughout the year for multiple students so I can mentor them on how to work in retail and run a business. I also serve on the Merchandising Advisory Board for East Carolina where I can help give back in many different ways to the students and the college. As well as connecting with the students on ECU's campus, I like to serve others in the community too. I am a member of the Junior League of Greenville where we focus on fighting food insecurities here in Eastern North Carolina. I spend many hours volunteering at different places such as the Food Bank, the Ronald McDonald House, and with Meals on Wheels. Why it is important?: I think I am able to reach many people in different walks of life through my business and my volunteerism. I hope I can help inspire another young girl to go after her dreams like I did. I hope I can help someone like a new mom feel great after finding a new outfit in the store. I hope I can help a struggling family by providing a warm meal. I hope I can continue the efforts of the revitalization of Uptown by being one more successful business in the area.


May | June 2018


Job: Anna, President/Co-Founder & Chris, Director of Engagement Co-founder What you do in the community?: We are Co-founders of nonprofit Restore One, that seeks to open shelters that offer faith-based residential recovery program free of cost to American boys who are survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking. Chris and Anna pioneered The Anchor House, a program of Restore One, that is committed to providing residential care that is specifically for domestic minor sex trafficked boys, ages 12-18. Why do you do it?: According to Shared Hope International 2012 Shelter Report there are no long-term recovery safe homes within the United States designated solely for male DMST and CSE victims. Restore One recognizes the need for safe homes designed specifically to serve these boys. What are some things you are passionate about?: We are passionate about seeing people live free and fruitful lives. We believe healing is possible for everyone, no matter age, gender or situation - it is possible. Why it is important?: The Anchor House will be our first long term care safe home that provides refuge and restoration to adolescent boys, ages 12-18.

mixer May | June 2018


scene around

Pirate Alumni Road Race on April 21 photos by Marlen Lizeth Luna for Mixer


May | June 2018



414 S. Evans Street Greenville, NC 27858 252-758-SOJO (7656) |


114 E 5th St, Greenville, NC



Play Shop

SPECIALS (DINE IN ONLY 11AM MONDAY: - 3PM) Ch ic ken Caesar TUESDAY: Wrap Avocado Pe sto & Egg WEDNESDA Sandwich Y: Roast Po rk Sandwic THURSDAY h : Philly Ch eesesteak FRIDAY: Ca tfish PoBoy SERVED W ITH YOUR CHOICE OF SIDE $


Eat local


SUNDAY: $2 Domestic Bottles $5 Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s MONDAY: $2.50 SoCo and Lime $3 Craft Drafts TUESDAY: $2 Tequila Sunrise $4 PBR Pitchers WEDNESDAY: $10 Bottles of Wine $3 Glasses of wine THURSDAY: $3.50 Smirnoff Bombs $7 Yuengling Pitchers



MAY 3 EAST COAST WINGS FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company

MAY 4 DAVID DIXON AND ANITA'S FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company BIG RIVER BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: in Uptown Greenville

MAY 5 CINCO DE MAYO PARTY, CUZ'N KIRK EXPERIENCE AND Y'ALL EAT YET? FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company PALEFACE: at Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery MANDY MEARS: at Uptown Brewing Company D-N-R: at A.J. McMurphy's MIKELE BUCK BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall


MAY 10 EAST COAST WINGS FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company

MAY 11 GEN-X: at Pitt Street Brewing Company JOHN, JB & PAM: at A.J. McMurphy's ELI CRAIG BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall

MAY 12 LITTLE STRANGER AND ANITA'S FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company MAMA'S BRATS: at Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery BILL LYERLY: at A.J. McMurphy's THEM DIRTY ROSES: at Buccaneer Music Hall

MAY 13 BEER + YOGA AND BRUNCH AND BREW: at Pitt Street Brewing Company


MAY 17 EAST COAST WINGS FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company

MAY 18 BEN SUTTON DUO AND WHAT'S THE DILLA FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company CURTIS GRIMES: at Buccaneer Music Hall





CHRISTY’S EURO PUB: Open mic night

MIKELE BUCK BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall


“PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 2 and 7:30 p.m.

JUNE 10 “PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 2 p.m.


UPTOWN BREWING CO.: Half-priced wine specials

SABIN SHARPE: at Buccaneer Music Hall

TIEBREAKERS SPORTS BAR AND GRILL: Beach music DJ and shagging, 7 p.m.

“PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 7:30 p.m.

REAL ROWDY: at Buccaneer Music Hall

MAY 25 PIERCE EDENS AND ANITA'S FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company ELIJAH'S MANNA: at A.J. McMurphy's DAKOTA BLUE: at Buccaneer Music Hall

MAY 26 COMEDY SHOWCASE: at Pitt Street Brewing Company MOONSHINE: at Buccaneer Music Hall

JUNE 1 JOSH BRANNON: at Buccaneer Music Hall

JUNE 2 SPANK: at A.J. McMurphy's DIGGERFOOT: at Buccaneer Music Hall FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: in Uptown Greenville

JUNE 8 MISS GREENVILLE AMERICA: at Crave JUSTIN DUKES: at Buccaneer Music Hall “PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 7:30 p.m.

mixer May | June 2018

FIRE AMERICAN TAVERN: Karaoke with Krazy Karaoke, 9:30 p.m.


TRICKJOHNNY: at Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery


PITT STREET BREWING CO.: Open mic night comedy night, 8 p.m.

BIG RIVER BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall

WINGSKIS FOOD TRUCK: at Pitt Street Brewing Company

WEDNESDAY BUCCANEER MUSIC HALL: Big Show with Nicky Harris, 7 p.m.; Mikele Buck, 10 p.m.

“PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 7:30 p.m.

IDLEWOOD SOUTH: at A.J. McMurphy's

MAY 24

TIEBREAKERS: Hollywood trivia, 8 p.m.

“PURLIE”: at Magnolia Arts Center, 2 and 7:30 p.m.

JUNE 22 MATT ROGERS: at Buccaneer Music Hall


UPTOWN BREWING CO.: Wednesday night pub runs, 6 p.m. TROLLINGWOOD TAPROOM AND BREWERY: Bring Your Own Vinyl night, 7 p.m. UPTOWN GREENVILLE: Umbrella Market, 5 p.m.

THURSDAY CROSSBONES TAVERN: Singer/songwriter night

ELI CRAIG BAND: at Buccaneer Music Hall



TROLLINGWOOD TAPROOM AND BREWERY: Thursday night pub runs, 6 p.m.

MOONSHINE: at Buccaneer Music Hall

JUNE 30 RURAL ROUTE ROMANCE: at Buccaneer Music Hall

WEEKLY EVENTS SUNDAY TIEBREAKERS: World Tavern Poker, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.



FRIDAY A.J. MCMURPHY'S: Live music BUCCANEER MUSIC HALL: Live music BUFFALO WILD WINGS: After 5 office party CRAVE: Draw show, 11 p.m. and midnight CROSSBONES TAVERN: Live music TIEBREAKERS: Live music

SATURDAY A.J. MCMURPHY'S: Live music BUCCANEER MUSIC HALL: Live music CROSSBONES TAVERN: Live music CRAVE: Draw show, 11 p.m. and midnight TIEBREAKERS: DJ Captain Morgan Karaoke

BUCCANEER MUSIC HALL: Open mic night with Jerry Coyle CROSSBONES TAVERN: Open mic night PITT STREET BREWING CO.: Team trivia night, 7 p.m. TIEBREAKERS SPORTS BAR AND GRILL: 30 Second Rocks, 7 p.m


Mixer May/June 2018