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Bridal 2020

Dear Readers, For the last 20 years I have planned and directed weddings for hundreds of brides, and in 2008 started officiating ceremonies as well. I love everything about weddings, the pomp and circumstance and joy that surrounds the day. I remember watching Princess Diana’s wedding in the early 80s with my mom. It was enchanting and many times I played dress-up in my grandmother’s silk gown. Weddings are treasured occasions and it reminds me of my parents' love story that started 47 years ago. It was the middle of winter in a church with no heat in Vermont when my parents said “I do” to love. Even though my grandmother broke her ankle the day before, and the heater at the church broke, they laughed and promised to love through the good and bad because marriage is more that just your wedding day. It’s promising to love and nurture one another no matter what. Love and marriage is work. It's not always chocolate and roses. Love is an action word. It's composed of light and dark, happy and sad, beautiful and ugly. It's the ability to love unconditionally and open your heart up to the unknown and loving a person's past, present and future. The wedding is the symbol of the promise to love one another and the rest of your marriage is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. In this special bridal issue, we will showcase Kathryn and Anthony Engrassia’s Fall wedding, you will learn about seasonal wedding trends, how to budget for your special day, couples communication techniques and many other helpful tips to help you prepare for your wedding. So go forth and be married. Best wishes from Her!

Christina Ruotolo — editor


Meet our team Christina is an advertising account executive and Hot Dish writer at The Daily Reflector, Barnes & Noble bookseller, and creative writing instructor at Pitt Community College. She has over 20 years experience as a wedding planner and is a certified wedding Brandi Callahan Christina Ruotolo officiant. Christina’s favorite part Designer about working weddings is eating Editor cake and dancing the Wobble.

Martha Brown Contributor

Luyao Yan Contributor

Martha is a board certified chaplain and interpersonal communication instructor. She has served in various governmental and private institutions. In October, Brown was a recipient of the N.C. Governor's Award for Excellence in the category of human relations. Nicknamed by a coworker, Chaplain Extra, Brown plays as hard as she works. When not living up to her nickname, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling (by plane, train, automobile or ship), reading, and laughing. Elizabeth Glisson Contributor Luyao has a masters degree in business administration and is a financial consultant at Sound Partners in Greenville. Sound Partners has locations throughout eastern North Carolina and their goal is to help customers efficiently accumulate, protect and transfer family wealth. Luyao’s areas of practice include retirement planning and asset protection. Luyao can be reached at Luyao@sound-partners.com

Brandi is a graphic designer at The Daily Reflector. Her interests include loud music, surreal art and good food. Contact her at bcallahan@reflector.com.

Elizabeth is an event floral designer from eastern North Carolina who has specialized in wedding florals and décor for 30 years. With a background in design and event planning, she incorporates her creative passion for flowers and decorating to create unique and amazing weddings and corporate social events. She is the owner of Cotton Sails Design and Events in Washington, N.C.

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26 Her Finance: 3 Steps Toward Financial Health In Marriage 28-29 Her Style: Cinderella Approved Shoes

Meet Her

13 Her Panel: Weddings Over The Years 30 Kathryn Engrassia 14-18 Weddings Through The Seasons 20 Her Advice: Dishes, Gift Cards and Communication Skills 22 Her Business Spotlight: Will Preslar Photography 23 Crossword 24 Her Alternative Health: Freeze Yourself To Life 25 Her Recipe: Power Berry Smoothie Bowl

Contact Her Christina Ruotolo | Editor | 329-9532 Craig Springer | Advertising | 329-9632 Brandi Callahan | Designer | 329-9598 Email: cruotolo@reflector.com

Her — February 2020


By Christina Ruotolo Photos by Will Preslar

It’s a brisk day on Nov. 9th. More than 100 people are seated outside the Coral Bay Club in Atlantic Beach, waiting for the wedding ceremony of Kathryn Manning and Anthony Engrassia to begin. Waves from the Autumn ocean raise their voice over the petal soft sand dunes and love fills the air. Jim Brickman’s piano rendition of From This Moment On plays as a black Labrador retriever named Zoey, her neck wrapped in flowers, makes her way down the aisle. In a few moments, two hearts will join as one. The couple will say their vows, exchange rings and seal their marriage with a kiss. Friends and family will clap, dance, take pictures and make memories during the reception that follows inside the elegantly decorated ballroom. For years to come, family and friends will remember this day as the day Kathryn and Anthony said “I do.” Many years earlier, Kathryn and Anthony were teenagers in high school and although they knew each other through friends, they had never met in person. They attended different high schools just three miles apart. A few months after their wedding, Kathryn and Anthony sat down to look back on how they first met. Kathryn: “I remember being in English class and Anthony sent me a Facebook message that said ,'Hey.'” Anthony: “Scrolling through Facebook, I thought ‘She's cute’ and sent her a message.” Kathryn: “We texted for a few weeks and he picked me up from my high school color-guard practice one afternoon. The first day we met he also met my parents for the first time — they put him to work moving boxes because we were renovating. We hung out by the pool for the rest of the night. Anthony kissed me for the first time that night but actually missed! I let him try again and I’m sure glad I did. We officially started dating a few weeks later.” When Kathryn first saw Anthony, she thought he was cute. “I remember I opened the door to his car and noticed his smile and his glasses. He had a pair of white sunglasses he loved and he was wearing them that day.” They have been together almost nine years and in those years they have traveled and built many beautiful memories that have shaped and molded their relationship resulting in a beautiful marriage. “We’ve gone to Atlantic Beach almost every weekend, every summer for the last eight years. We studied abroad in 2014 in Tuscany, Italy, for three months traveling to nearby European cities like Venice and Rome and even spent our spring break in the Netherlands. Our families have included us in traveling around the United States over the years 6

Her — February 2020


and we’ve been to South Carolina, Virgina, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and multiple areas of California.,” Kathryn says. Anthony loves to hunt, and they have even hunted together twice, but Kathryn decided after those two times that hunting was not for her. They are both Carolina Hurricanes fans and love going to the games together and concerts including Bon Jonvi, Dave Matthews, Khalid and the Transiberian Orchestra three times. Kathryn: “On our trip to Nashville this year we even got to attend the Grand Ole Opry and see the Debut of Austin Berke.” Anthony: “We both love Christmastime and enjoy binge watching Hallmark movies together during the holidays and eating popcorn. While Kathryn was living in Greenville and going to ECU, we enjoyed going to Greenville events like PirateFest and the Umbrella Market and date nights at Luna Pizza or a local brewery. When asking Kathryn about her favorite characteristics of Anthony, she said she loves that he is funny and has a contagious laugh and that he can make friends with anyone. For Anthony, he simply says, he likes her butt and “She’s very patient and pays attention to all the little details.” Love encompasses all things and when you find the right person, that love expands even if you have differences. Kathryn isn’t much of a cooker and Anthony doesn’t like to do laundry. “Honestly we get along really well, were best friends and we kind of just fit. Our differences aren’t big. I would say the biggest is the heat vs air conditioning, and I don’t know if you’d call it a happy medium because we still go back and forth with the thermostat. We're best friends and we keep each other laughing,” Kathryn says. Love is a beautiful thing and, for Kathryn and Anthony, it means many things. For Kathryn it’s sticking by someone’s side through anything, and for Anthony, love is someone you want to wake up to every morning. Love is also about showing the person you love them, too. Kathryn: “I like to get him things to let him know I was thinking of him. too. I hug and kiss him randomly.” Anthony: “I cook for her every day. I

surprise her with things like Reese's cups when I go to the store or a T-shirt when I go on a trip.” After seven years of dating and a lot of secret planning on Anthony’s part, he put together a well-thought-out proposal plan with help from friends and family without Kathryn knowing a thing. “He told me we were going to have a friendsgiving the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11-24-18), so my friend Liz and her boyfriend, who’s name is also Anthony, come into town early for lunch and to go to the friendsgiving with me. After lunch in my hometown of Nashville, we drove to Anthony’s house in Battleboro. But first I had to stop at the grocery store to grab the ingredients for the buffalo chicken dip I was supposed to make. Next, I took Highway 64 to get to his parents house like I always did, then halfway through my trip there was traffic at a dead stop at Highway 95, where I was about to get onto, which meant I had to skip that exit and go to the next place to turn around. I ended up being about 45 minutes late for the surprise. Oops! When I got there, his dad was in the garage asking about a car parked in the driveway and insisted I tell our friend Garrett to move it. As I walked up to the door, I noticed a sign that said "A little over seven years, going on infinity. I love you along with our first photo on it." A little confused, I opened the door and heard Ed Sheran singing over the speakers and hundreds of balloons were floating in a line with photos of Anthony and me together over the past eight years we had been together at the time. Along the floor was pink and red rose petals and a path of mason jar tea lights. He had strung photos in a path through the kitchen, dining room, entryway and living room — he also had a friend recording my reaction in each room; so thankful he did that — which ultimately led me to him and my sweet fur baby, Zoey, with the ring tied to her collar, by the Christmas tree. After he asked me, and I, of course, said yes, he told me to turn around because I hadn’t noticed that in the meantime tons of friends and family were coming out their hiding places — on the back porch, in the hallway, upstairs looking over the whole thing! I was so surprised. Both of our parents, siblings and closest friends had helped in our engagement and we spent the night eating our friendsgiving meal 8

(because they really did bring food) and celebrating!" Fast forward a year and it was finally their wedding day. The planning was complete, tables set, food ordered, a cake decorated, even a miniature cake made to look exactly like their dog, and the scene was set to commemorate Kathryn and Anthony’s love. They chose to get married at Atlantic Beach since they both love the beach. They invited friends and family and the moment Kathryn started walking down the aisle accompanied by her father, she beamed, love radiated from her cheeks and Anthony was just as excited. Kathryn: “I couldn’t stop smiling. I just kept looking at him thinking ‘He’s gonna be my husband.'” Anthony: “I was thinking she was beautiful and started to cry.” Kathryn: “While I was waiting to walk down the aisle, I peeked around the corner and saw my two flower girls proudly fulfilling their responsibility by first emptying their flower baskets and then picking them back up off the grass and tossing then into the air again. I was laughing so hard! Kathryn and Anthony made sure to incorporate special dances into the reception, and they learned to shag, creating a small routine for part of first dance. Their parents took the lessons with them. Kathryn: “After we did our father-daughter dance and mother-son dance, we would dance together, so I danced with Anthony’s dad, Tony, Anthony danced with my mom, Sandra, and my dad, Mike, and Anthony’s, mom, Marie, danced together. I love that we did that, it was really special.” Anthony: “I enjoyed that we created the dance with our parents and that we had a donut wall with five kinds of donuts, one of them with bacon flavor.” Planning a wedding can be stressful, so it’s important to remember you are doing this because you love each other and want to honor that love with vows and happily every afters. Kathryn and Anthony agree that couples planning weddings should do the unique or fun things that show your personality. “We decided we wanted to have a doughnut wall as an added desert,” Kathryn said. “Be thrifty with your decor if you can. I didn’t want to go overboard with the decorations, so I used flowers and small candles on the tables to keep it simple and romantic. I also used photos and different kinds of E’s to represent our last name to decorate the lobby, which made it sweet and personal, plus I used those to decorate our home later.” She goes on to remind couples that “even though this will be the most wonderful day of your life, it's probably going to be stressful so try to relax, take in all in and don’t be afraid to step away from greeting people to step back and watch your friends and family celebrating together. You’ll want to remember that.” Anthony’s advice is true to his humor and tendancy to be straight to the point. “Just say yes,” he says.

Her — February 2020


Now that the honeymoon is over, gifts have been unpacked and the bridal portrait is hanging on the wall, Kathryn and Anthony are looking forward to years of wedded bliss. Their favorite part about marriage so far for Kathryn is getting to spend the rest of her life with her best friend. “I know I always have him to count on. Plus he cooks for me,” She says. For Anthony, once again his humor comes though with “the tax breaks, always having someone to talk to and rant to.” From teenagers at high schools three miles apart to now building a life as a married couple growing in love and memories, their future is bright. They hope to buy a house near Wilson to be close to family and hope to start a family at some point and have a couple children and possibly get another dog. Anthony hopes to advance in the field of business as a financial planner and being a little league coach. Kathryn also hopes to use her design background to pursue art in some way and possibly start something on her own. No matter what the future holds for these newlyweds, their high school love story will help them live happily ever after.

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Elite Properties

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1420 B East Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC 27858

Her — February 2020


Elite Properties

633 Red Banks Road Arlington Village 252-321-7000 RobinsonJewelers.com www.reflector.com/her

WEDDINGS OVER THE YEARS panel 1. PORTIA PITTMAN Portia Bright-Pittman and Reginalad Pittman Oct 20, 2018 Rock Springs Center Greenville


2. SHANNON STOVAL GRANT Shannon Stoval Grant and Steve Grant July 5, 2004 Emerald Isle 3. APRIL FOLEY April and George Foley Sept. 15, 2012 Ocracoke Island




4. ARON DANIELS Aron and Amy Daniels June 20, 2008 Sylva 5. HAP AND GINGER Hathaway Cross Jr. and Virginia Huff (Hap & Ginger) July 3, 1965 Fairmont 6. KRIS FAY Kris & Patrick Fay May 19, 2018 Blue Creek Chapel Grimesland 7. SANDRA MANNING Micheal & Sandra Manning July 11, 1987 Castalia Baptist Church Castalia 7.




Her — February 2020


Tis’ the season! Wedding season that is! Once upon a time, it was considered posh to be a June bride. You can thank Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery for that, and the 1948 movie “June Bride.” As the years have passed, we have seen so much change, growth and diversity in the wedding industry. We see trends that indicate that May and October are actually the months of choice today. No matter the month that you and the love of your life have chosen to celebrate the beginning of your matrimonial journey, each season offers an amazing selection of floral and décor options. By Elizabeth Glisson

White Astilbe


ressions, Inc. Exp al or Fl

The classic bride will always love a spring wedding. April, May and June yield beautiful weather and a phenomenal selection of flowers. Spring weddings are perfect for the bride that loves soft hues and full flowers. Peonies and hydrangeas are always a wedding favorite during these months. If you are a classic bride that loves pinks, blush and creams, this is the season for you. Your guests will feel the romance and the sweetness of your love from your color choices and softness.

:C ox

White Ranunculus

Spring B ouq ue t

Peach Spray Rose

Dusty Miller

Peach Stock Bold Pink Ranunculus Pink Sophie Rose

Her — February 2020


Su mm er

Party Time! We often see our July, August and September brides are the more outgoing by nature and love all things vibrant. Summer wedding trends lean toward more themed celebrations. If this is your season, we are glad to get sand between our toes on the beach with you or transform an outdoor space into a temporary paradise. We are not surprised at all to see protea and anthuriums in your bouquet. Your guests will simply be awed that you chose a mix of vibrant pinks, corals and oranges with a tropical flare that compliment the summer sunset perfectly.

elyn's Flowers Mad : t ue uq o B

Wax Flower

Cabbage Rose


Peony Spray Roses Willow Eucalyptus


Her — February 2020


Fall Bou que t: White Lisianthus

Va le r ie


ur Perfect ith Yo Day er w ng Co

Drum roll please ‌ October, November and December brides, you ladies have a flare for the dramatic. Rich hues of burgundy dahlias, the softness of antique cabbage roses, mixed shades of greenery, earthy accents of curly willow and always a unique twist on the tried and true. You are bold and you choose a season that reflects your spirit. No one will be surprised at the amount of candlelight, the warmth and the enchantment of your day. We love the abundance of warm colors, texture and statement pieces that make your day truly unforgettable.

White Graden Rose

Ruscus Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Her — February 2020

White O'Hara Rose


Blue Thistle Burgundy Peonies

Last but not least, the winter bride. You are our confident bride. You defy nature, you dare it to compete with your most special day. January, February and March brides are bold, yet dreamers. You love the beauty of winter and the visions of winter wonderlands just as much as you love to be eclectic. We are never surprised when you choose stark contrasts in colors such as red, black and gold. We are never surprised when you want the certain flower that speaks to you, such a white anemones with black centers or crimson roses dusted with a mist of gold glitter. Your day always makes a dramatic statement and guests are truly enamored.

Safari Sunset

Seeded Eucalyptus

Willow Eucalytpus White Ranunculus

Burgundy Dahlia

:C o vent Floral Des ls E ign eta lP ta as

White Graden Rose

Winter B ouq ue t

Silver Dollar Eucalytpus

Bridal Akito Roses

Each season offers and abundance of beautiful and delightful choices to suit your dreams and vision of your most special day. Partnering with the perfect wedding professionals will ensure that your day is nothing short of perfectly magical. Choose your season, hand pick your perfect wedding professionals, and relax. Elizabeth Glisson is an event floral designer from eastern, NC who has specialized in wedding florals for 30 years. She is the owner of Cotton Sails Design and Events in Washington, NC.

Corner of 14th and Charles 252-353-6006 www.shenandoahgraphics.com

We cover rustic to elegant and everything in between. If you are looking for an outdoor/indoor venue offering you views of the countryside and the feel of the farm but close to everything!

Please contact us for all of your event needs.


Her — February 2020


By Martha Brown Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, rolls and a lemon pie. It was the first meal I cooked for us as a married couple. The placemats were set, the food was on the table in serving dishes just like I had been taught, and I sat down at the table next to him ready to bow my head and close my eyes for the blessing. I waited, he was silent for a moment and then he spoke. “You don’t love me.” I was puzzled by the comment and asked him what he meant. He would go on to explain I had not placed the food on his plate. His words did not sit well with me and now the food grew cold seasoned with frustration as we went back and forth as to whose meal tradition was right. This would not be the last conflict as we navigated as best we could the sea of becoming one. Some may say premarital counseling or living together would have prevented this disagreement. I will never know. What I was to discover was the food was not the only thing that went cold that day, my heart did too little by little over time. Prior to the day I said “I do” I thought I had planned for marriage. I had registered and received nice dishes to serve the meal, but I did not have conflict resolution skills to address the argument. I needed problem solving skills to work through unexpected events and decision making skills to determine which path to take. I used to work out at a mixed marital arts gym and sometimes I would be around when the fighters came to train for a competition. The trainer said the following two things to his fighters that stuck with me. First he said to them, “Quit looking for the knockout. A knockout is a series of events leading to the final blow.” The second thing he said to them, “Quit thinking you are not going to be hit. Prepare for it, expect it.” I thought what great advice for life. Communication both verbal and nonverbal either builds or erodes a relationship overtime. Knowing how to talk (output) and listen (input) are necessary skills to possess for a healthy relationship. Whether it is discussing finances, sex, parenting, in-laws or work, it is important to understand that overtime if these topics are not communicated with care, it can result in the dissolution of the marriage. It is also important to not take offense when conflict occurs during your discussion. Couples will not always agree because two different homes shaped the life view of each person. Here are three communication skills I wished I would have possessed prior to marriage: self-awareness, other awareness and the different styles of communication. 20

• It takes two whole self-aware people to create a whole self-aware couple. This does not equate to a perfect couple. It builds the foundation for two people to become one. It reduces mixed messages and misunderstanding because each person is able to speak for oneself and not be over or under responsible in the relationship by not using one’s voice to relate one’s story, experience, feelings and wants. For instance I could have shared how important the mealtime had been in my family without discounting my partner’s experience. • Other awareness helps to value your partner’s experience and story. Listening without evaluation and reaction and being open to what your partner is sharing are important skills to possess. On the surface his comment sounded like an attack. However, asking open ended questions and summarizing what I heard may have made a difference in the outcome of the discussion. • Finally, I wish I knew the different styles of communication. His statement was hurtful and critical and because I did not consider his intention I fought back. If I had knowledge of the different styles of communication, I could have shifted the conversation and approached the conversation as a conflict to be solved not a battle to be won. If life was a rehearsal and I could do a redo, I would have spent more time in premarital counseling and more importantly I would gain some communication skills. In fact my wedding registry would consist of dishes, gift cards and communication skills.

Her — February 2020


Happy Girls Offers

Custom bra fitting by appointment or walk in. Assistance with choosing the right bra. Styles to flatter a variety of figures.

5VFT'SJtBNQN 4BUtBNQN 518-B Greenville Blvd. SE Greenville NC 27858 252-364-8729 happygirlsbandb GBDFCPPLDPN)BQQZ(JSMT#SBT

Martha Brown

Couples Communication Instructor


Sandy Jackson, Broker/Realtor Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Prime Properties (252) 702-5391 (cell) sandyjacksonhomes@gmail.com

Martha Brown is a board certified chaplain and interpersonal communications instructor. She is the creator of the company I Planned 4 Marriage and currently offers courses for individuals, couples, and businesses. For more information, visit the website www.iplanned4marriage.com or email Martha at info@iplanned4marriage.com.


2625 Charles Blvd. Greenville, NC 27858

Her — February 2020


business spotlight

Will Preslar Photography

Will Preslar is a photographer based out of eastern North Carolina. He has been shooting professionally since he was 22 years old while he attended East Carolina University. He actually got his start right here in Greenville at The Daily Reflector shooting Scene Around photos. He constantly thanks editor Bobby Burns for giving him real-life training and putting him in situations where he had to excel. Since then, he's photographed countless events, weddings, families or miscellaneous needs of his clients. One slogan that’s stuck with him is, “It’s all about supplying lifelong memories.” Will said, “I fully believe the relationships I’ve been able to create are equally as important than the images I've created.” For more information send an email to will@willpreslarphotography.com 22

Her — February 2020


CLUES DOWN 1. __ Blyton, children’s author 2. Colleague 3. “The African Queen” writer 4. Crater on the moon 5. Toward 6. Overhang 7. Identifies something close at hand 8. Sign language 9. Unbroken views 10. Ancient Greek City 11. Stretch out to grasp 12. Alcohols that are unfit for drinking 14. Humorous stories 17. Long song for a solo 20. Barrels per day (abbr.) 21. City of Lights 23. A place to sleep 25. Advanced degree (abbr.) 26. The back 27. Furniture-makers Charles and “Ray” 39. Sabin 41. Recovered 44. Sula 45. Saros 46. Nam 48. Mob 49. CB 51. Maw 52. Saris 54. Hopeh 56. Moderates

60. Adit 61. Braes 62. Baal 63. Sere 64. Inks 65. Debra 66. Eder 67. Das 68. Bring

SOLUTIONS DOWN 1. Enid 2. Peer 3. Agee 4. Crewe 5. To 6. Eaves 7. This 8. ASL 9. Panoramas 10. Elea

Her — February 2020

29. Songs to a lover 30. Gland secretion 32. 10 meters 34. Disfigure 35. Stores grain 37. Sacred book of Judaism 40. Catch 42. Promise 43. Challenges 47. Russian space station 49. Banking giant 50. Served as an omen 52. Drenches 53. Type of sword 55. Minor planet 56. Messenger ribonucleic acid 57. Japanese ankle sock 58. Obtain in return for services 59. Waste matter 61. A proposal to buy at a specified price 65. Unit of loudness

21. Poach 22. Epics 23. Car 24. HS 25. Pre 28. Dad 29. Soras 31. Head 33. Sometimes 36. Mamet 38. Tar

11. Reach 12. Meths 14. Anecdotes 17. Arias 20. BPD 21. Paris 23. Cot 25. PHM 26. Rear 27. Eames 29. Serenades

30. Sebum 32. Decameter 34. Mar 35. Silo 37. Torah 40. Nab 42. Vow 43. Dares 47. Mir 49. Chase 50. Boded

52. Soaks 53. Saber 55. Pire 56. MRNA 57. Tabi 58. Earn 59. Slag 61. Bid 65. DB


38. Slang for cigarette 39. Vaccine developer 41. Returned to health 44. Toni Morrison novel 45. Period between eclipses 46. Veterans battleground 48. Gang 49. A radio band 51. Jaws of a voracious animal 52. Elaborate garments 54. Chinese province 56. Checks 60. Horizontal passage 61. Steep hillsides 62. Fertility god 63. Dried-up 64. Signs a name 65. __ Winger, actress 66. German river 67. Gov’t lawyers 68. Take something somewhere

SOLUTIONS ACROSS 1. Epact 6. ETA 9. Perm 13. Negro 14. Aahs 15. Alee 16. IEEE 17. Anvil 18. Neat 19. Drew Brees

CLUES ACROSS 1. Indicates number of days 6. When you hope to get there 9. Hairstyle 13. Black (Spanish) 14. Expresses pleasure 15. Away from wind 16. Tech pros organization 17. Wile E. Coyote is familiar with it 18. Clean 19. Saints’ signal caller 21. A way to hunt 22. Poetries 23. Automobile 24. Secondary school (abbr.) 25. Indicates before 28. Male parent 29. Short-billed rails 31. It pays to keep yours 33. On occasion 36. David __, US playwright


Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are many moving parts and details which for many can become overwhelming. Before you say “I do” and finalize the details of your special day, it’s important to take care of your body by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. Many brides-to-be seek alternative methods to reduce stress and anxiety in order to go into their wedding day feeling their very best. One alternative healing method that may benefit a bride-to-be is whole body cryotherapy.

Alternative Health



Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. The individual will stand in an enclosed cryochamber that surrounds their body but has an opening for their head at the top. They will remain in the cryochamber for 2-3 minutes as the temperature drops to negative 240F. Many people receive various health benefits from routine cold therapy treatments. Just 3 minutes in a chill chamber and you may find benefits that are listed below:

General Health and Wellness • Reduced muscle pain and inflammation • Improved antioxidant levels in the blood • Increased metabolism and caloric burn • Improved immune system • Aid from depression and mood disorders • Aid for central nervous system disease • Reduced migraine headache symptoms • Increased overall well-being and quality of life

Beautificaiton and spa • Aid in natural biological regeneration • Healthier and tightened skin • Cellulite reduced • Fewer skin blemishes • Increased metabolism and caloric burn • Increased collagen production • Stronger and fuller and nails • Increased libido • Treatment of dermatitis and psoriasis • Quicker recovery from surgical procedures • Boosts lymph draining and blood circulation

Before starting any new fitness routine, it is best to visit with your doctor to make sure this option is right for you. 24

For more information about cryotherapy, visit Cryo252 in Greenville at 123 W. Fourth St. Cryo252’s sole mission is to promote health and wellness to all individuals in the Greenville area and beyond through cryotherapy and other holistic methods. For appointments or any inquiry call 252-414-4747 or send an email to: mike@cryo252.com or holly@cryo252.com.

Her — February 2020


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Po w er

l Ber w o ry Smoothie B



1/2 cup orange juice

In a blender, combine

1/2 cup pomegranate juice

the first 8 ingredients;

1 container (6 ounces) mixed berry yogurt

cover and process for 30

1 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries

seconds or until smooth.

1 cup fresh baby spinach

Pour into chilled bowls;


1/2 medium ripe frozen banana, sliced

top as desired.

1/2 cup frozen unsweetened blueberries

Serve immediately


2 tablespoons ground flaxseed


Nutrition Facts Optional: Sliced fresh strawberries fresh blueberries flaxseed granola

1 cup: 172 calories 3g fat (0 saturated fat) 3mg cholesterol 47mg sodium 35g carbohydrate (28g sugars, 4g fiber) 5g protein

123 W. 4th Street Greenville


www.cryo252.com www.reflector.com/her

Source: www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/power-berry-smoothie-bowl/ Her — February 2020



3 Steps

Toward Financial Health in Marriage Weddings can be both exciting and stressful. Navigating through merged financial responsibilities can be an even more daunting task. Planning early is a great way to ensure the financial health of your marriage.

It is important to have open and honest communication regarding primary financial priorities with your partner. You and your partner should discuss spending and saving habits, financial security and the servicing of debt. Setting common financial goals before marriage can help build a solid foundation for the future, whether your priorities are paying off debt, joint retirement planning or saving for a home. Money topics can be contentious, so talk regularly about it and be honest with your spouse and yourself. Keep in mind that you are a team now and you are no longer planning for yourself.

Once you know your goals, you will need to examine all the assets, debts and income to help formulate a budget plan and to-do list. A budget sheet can be used to track monthly expenses and monitor cash flows. It is important to include an emergency fund and try to pay off debt sooner to save on interest and to begin building assets. Also consider making a to-do list with your partner. Decide whether creating a joint bank or credit card account is right for your marriage, or if keeping assets separate is a better fit. Remember to update your beneficiary designation for insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other investment accounts. Also consider having a will drafted.

It is also a good idea to review your insurance coverage and update your insurance plans. For example, life insurance proceeds can replace lost income, pay debts and assist with funeral expenses. Begin accumulating wealth for the family and plan for your retirement. Start out with contributing regularly to your retirement accounts and establish savings habits. Consider working with financial professionals to explore different investment options and create a family wealth plan.

The choices for long-term financial health are important for a happy marriage. To construct a successful strategy, consider utilizing the assistance of a qualified financial professional — someone who has the knowledge and experience to help guide key decisions you’ll be making as you map out your financial future. Luyao Yan - Sound Partners, 1105 Corporate Dr STE A Luyao Yan is a financial consultant at Sound Partners in Greenville. She has a masters degree in business administration and her area of practice includes retirement planning and asset protection. Luyao can be reached at Luyao@sound-partners.com. This discussion is for informational purposes only and it is not to be considered tax or legal advice. AXA Advisors (its affiliates) and associates do not provide tax, accounting or legal advice or services. You should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax or legal advisor. Luyao Yan offers securities through AXA Advisors, LLC (NY, NY 212-314-4600), member FINRA, SIPC. Annuity and insurance products offered through AXA Network, LLC. Individuals may transact business and/or respond to inquiries only in state(s) in which they are properly registered and/or licensed. AGE-150267(01/20)(exp.09/20)


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The BARN at Nooherooka, our new event venue on the farm, may be used for gatherings, festivals, reunions, parties and dances, and wedding ceremonies for up to 400 people. The BARN is fully screened and is handicapped accessible with adjacent temperature controlled restrooms. Contact us for more information and availability for The BARN.

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KATHRYN MANNING ENGRASSIA 24, Wilson, NC Tell Me About Your Family: Before I got married, my family was my mom and dad, two older brothers and two older sisters (plus our 12 nieces and nephews). Now it includes my husband, Anthony Joseph Engrassia, and our 3-yearold black lab, Zoey

Who is your style Icon? I wouldn’t say I have a style icon. I would say my style is boho chic, with a little glam and a hint of edge every now and again. Your favorite food: Any kind of pasta but specifically Ramen noodles — the oriental flavor. Although, an iced doughnut with sprinkles and a strong cup of coffee is the way to my heart. Of course you know we had to have a doughnut wall at our wedding. Favorite movie: I don’t really have a favorite movie but you could say favorite TV show, which would be “Friends.” This is also Anthony's and my favorite TV show to binge watch together. He’s my lobster. (That is a Friends reference — Phoebe says that Rachel is Ross’s Lobster because “Lobsters fall in love and mate for life.”)

What is your anthem? Everything by Michael Bublé. It was our first dance song at our wedding. It fits our relationship. We rely on each other, we support each other and sometimes we carry each other. We have been through so many ups and downs together … but at the end of the day we are still each others everything. What is your Job: Advertising coordinator at The Daily Reflector Signature Scent: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This is also the perfume I wore on my wedding day. 30

Favorite vacation spot: Atlantic Beach. My husband's family has a house in Atlantic Beach and we spend most summer weekends (and even some weekends during the colder months) at the beach as a family riding jet skis, playing cornhole on the beach and line dancing in their garage at night.

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Come experience the elegance of Yankee Hall. Built in 1877, Yankee Hall has been restored to its original charming beauty. Hosted On Yankee Hall’s Property, You’ll Find The Original Home Which Can Accommodate Smaller Events Such As Rehearsal Dinners And Social Events. Attached To The Home, You Will Also Find A Grand Ballroom Perfect For Weddings, Corporate Events, And Large Social Events.

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Custom Catering Packages for Wedding Events, Corporate Events, And Everything In-Between With over 25 years of experience, Special Affairs Catering has provided high quality service and delicious food. We specialize in modern food with a southern twist.

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Her Magazine February 2020 Bridal Issue  

In this special Bridal issue, we will showcase Kathryn and Anthony Engrassia's Fall Wedding, you will learn about seasonal wedding trends,...

Her Magazine February 2020 Bridal Issue  

In this special Bridal issue, we will showcase Kathryn and Anthony Engrassia's Fall Wedding, you will learn about seasonal wedding trends,...