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May 20th

Reception duties, June,July and August June Reception & Count Mrs. P.McWilliams Mrs.E.Hamilton Reception Only Mr.R.Gilmore Miss J.McKnight

July Reception & Count Mrs. A.Stuart Mrs.I Burns Reception only Mrs.B.Reid Mr.I. Marshall Mrs.I. Carlisle August

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Follow Me Children’s Day in Cooke was just great. There was an obvious enthusiasm when the young people “did their thing” and everyone in the congregation was really entranced by what was being done. The theme from beginning to end was “follow me”, those unforgettable words of Jesus. Pete, was Peter ever called that I wonder!!, told how it had all started for him and we had some wonderfully acted incidents like the time the storm threatened to sink the boat, and then Jesus stilled the wind and the waves. Roger MacNeill playing with the amplifiers had me convinced Cooke had just been hit by a tornado….until the wonderful silence when Pete spoke those words “even the wind and waves obey him”. I was very impressed by it all and it was a great pleasure to be part of it. We left Church that day in good heart because we enjoyed the children but also because we had been reminded of a great truth. When the boat was in the storm, and seemed about to sink, Pete was doing his best to bale water out of the boat. He had a big problem….. “There’s a hole in the bucket” he yelled to the others. I suppose we all feel like that at times. We haven’t got the right equipment to do the job…….at least that’s what we think. Things aren’t as black as we think though. Where is Jesus? Know what….Jesus was already in the boat, and as the old chorus has it “with Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm”. I continue to be very impressed at the work that is being faithfully carried out in Cooke. Many of those who do it ask for no recognition, and at times feel that there’s a hole in their bucket. In all Church life there is a particular gift for which we should pray, that’s the gift of “continuance”. Just keeping on keeping on is what is asked of us. Even if we feel there’s a hole in the bucket. And you know what the ship is actually safe and secure because Jesus is in it!! To go back to those words “Follow Me”. The Jesus who calls us to do that, will never leave us with unusable equipment, he will always use precisely what we offer him for the good of His Church. And he is always with us on the journey. That was the wonderful lesson that the young people had been taught and shared with us on Children’s Day. And we wouldn’t teach them anything we didn’t believe ourselves….would we?

Derek Boden.

Flowers for the Sanctuary JUNE 6th In memory of Wesley Davidson 13th

In memory of Joseph & Florence Matthews


Thelma Webb


Florence Kinghan

JULY 4th

In memory of Thomas & Mary Gilmour


Mrs. Joy Burns


In memory of Dorothy McCartney


In memory of Ruth Patterson


In memory of Wesley, Warren and Brian Ferguson


In memory of Tommy and Elsie Hamilton

There are still some “vacant" Sundays for flowers. If you would like to supply or subscribe for one of these Sundays please put your name and dedication (if any) in the flower book on the table in the vestibule. You can also contact Maureen Marshall on 90666772 who will be happy to answer any questions.

New ways of communicating news about Cooke … Cooke Flyer You may have noticed a new “Cooke flyer” in the Church Reception area. These were designed for us by Matthew Riddel and we think that he has done a great job. They will be distributed to the residents of the new apartments and flats that are now starting to be occupied around Ballynafeigh during August to give them a “taster” for life at Cooke. Cooke E-Newsletter The Cooke website has become a very useful link for those who want to find out about events or to communicate with us and we receive emails on an almost daily basis through it. Because so many people are making use of it, Matthew has designed a new e-newsletter which can be “ordered” by anyone who visits the Cooke website if they provide their email address. They will then be sent regular monthly updates of Cooke events and activities to keep them up to date with our news. Information about Organisations A lot of visitors will pass through our premises over the next few months and we want to have information about our various organisations on display for their information. A new display was in place in the vestibule of the Church during the Plant Sale and will be in a prominent, visible position, together with the new flyers for visitors at the forthcoming Book Sale and Model Railway Exhibition. We want to publicise the activities that are available at Cooke and are making use of technology to do this, but the best means of communication is free and easily available – Through YOU By RECOMMENDATION and shared by WORD OF MOUTH.

Cooke “Voter’s List” One of the things that a congregation which has received approval to call a new minister must do is to ensure that it has an accurate list of members who are eligible to participate in the voting process. The Kirk Session has been working with the Rev Boden, the Convener of our Vacancy, to ensure that we follow the guidance and procedures set out in the Code of the Presbyterian Church and a list of voting members of the congregation has been prepared and an announcement to this effect was made on Sunday 16th May when paragraph 175 of the Code was read. The “Voter’s list” has been on display for inspection in the Reception Area of the Church on Sundays 23rd & 30th May 2010 and any member of the congregation who claimed to be a voting member and who desired to make an objection regarding any name on the list, or omitted from the list, was asked to lodge their objections, with their reasons, in writing, to the interim moderator, Rev Boden, by the close of the morning service on Sunday 30 th May 2010. Any comments or objections received will be investigated, and corrections made if required. Thank you for your help with this task, on completion, we will be another step further along on our vacancy journey. Elaine MacNeill

Saturday 5th June 2010 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ormeau Churches Together/Ormeau Corrymeela Group Last year the local Corrymeela group ran a very successful book sale in aid of Christian Aid, Trocaire and Corrymeela. Christian Aid supporters in Edinburgh have been holding an annual book sale for over thirty years, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds. Although on a much smaller scale, our wee book sale was a great success, raising over £1600. We were grateful to Cooke for the use of the halls and for the great support from Cooke members on the day and in providing books for the sale. We are holding another sale on Saturday 5th June 2010 at Cooke from 10am until 4pm. We will have a wide selection of good quality second-hand books for every taste: fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, first editions, special interest books. We will also have CDs and DVDs. Tea and coffee will be available so that you can take a break from your browsing!! This is a great opportunity for you to clear out your old books and get stocked up for your summer reading! We will take any second-hand books, DVDs or CDs in good condition. Unfortunately we don’t have space to store books far in advance, but we will be able to offer a collection point in Corrymeela House, or in Cooke on Sunday 30th May 3-6 p.m. or Friday 4th June 5-9 p.m. If you would like to help out on the day or would like further information or posters or flyers, please contact me on 90648909 or by e-mail at

Cooke Bowling Club

The indoor bowling club season since our A.G.M. in January has certainly flown. Min Johnston, Larry Gould, Bob Minnis and Jim Baker entered the annual rinks tournament at Fisherwick Presbyterian Church. Min Johnston and Irene Shannon entered the South Belfast zone championships and got as far as the semi-finals. St. Moluas visited us for a friendly match in February. The Valentine Tournament, which has become very popular with the bowlers in Belfast was again hosted by Cooke, we had 75 visitors and members who enjoyed the bowling, had a lovely supper and plenty of craic. In March, 2nd Saintfield visited us for a friendly and we were guests of McCracken Memorial. A number of our members entered the over 55s pairs tournament at Ballycairn. Our annual dinner at Ormeau Golf Club brought our season to a close with the Rev. Jim Campbell and Ruth attending and presenting trophies to: in our weekly competition  Eleanor Wilson 1st lady.  Jane Laverick 2nd lady.  Larry Gould 1st gentleman.  Jim Baker 2nd gentleman Singles tournament  Rose Gilmore 1st lady  Joan Hamilton 2nd lady.  Bob Minnis 1st gentleman.  David Lowham 2nd gentleman We have had a busy but entertaining season, and would encourage you to join us, make new friends and enjoy the craic.

FROM THE JUNIOR BADMINTON CLUB We have reached the end of another season, but sadly our numbers are rapidly diminishing and we would like to build up our membership again. If you are between ages 8-16 please come along and join us in September - and bring your friends! Most of our members are from outside the church and we would love to have more involvement from those connected with Cooke - perhaps you have children or grandchildren who you could encourage to take up a new sport or improve their game by coming to the club? We have our own coach, Paul Reynolds, who would welcome the opportunity to teach young children from the age of 8 who have never played Badminton and we can supply junior racquets if required. As has been mentioned, young people up to the age of 16 can join, with or without experience, and they will also be able to get coaching. As usual we entered a team in the League, but unfortunately we lost overall arranging matches this season was a problem as our team members were not always available and we had few reserve players. This was compounded with difficulties our opponents had in arranging matches. We registered again for the Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs vouchers and would like to say a big thank you to all those who have supported us by donating their vouchers. Our end of season Tournament was held on 17 April and was supported by parents and friends who came to watch the finals. Mrs McBurney, our club President, presented the prizes and we thank her for her support during the year. The winners of the final were Niall Callaghan and Daniel Hamilton and the runners-up were Joan Caves and Aoife Foster. The other awards were as follows:    

The McBurney Cup for Seniors, awarded for loyalty and good play, was presented to Joan Caves The cup for Runner-up was presented to Daniel Hamilton The cup for Most Improved Boy was presented to Ahmed Elshibly The cup for Most Improved Girl was presented jointly to Sarah Withers and Aoife Foster

The club will re-commence on Saturday 11 September 2010 at 10.30am. Hope to see you there!

The 2010 Belfast City Marathon … The Belfast City Marathon was a spectacular event. Thousands of runners and spectators were on the streets of Belfast in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Many congratulations to those connected with Cooke who completed all, or part of, the course - David McWilliams who took part in a Relay team and Stefan Treacy (Jim & Pat Wilson’s son-in-law) and Ditanya Martin who both completed the whole course. A lot of money was raised for some very good causes. Well done! Well done also to those who served hundreds of cups of tea / juice and biscuits to the many supporters who gladly took the opportunity to sit and chat and have a welcome rest. It was a great opportunity to raise the profile of Cooke among the community and to offer hospitality which was appreciatively received. A lot of people asked if they could see inside the church building and we took the opportunity to show them around and tell them about Cooke. There was a “buzz” in the air and a lot of obvious activity around the church as people worked in the grounds and brushed up paths. These visible signs of activity were evidence of our church community at work and were a witness to those standing outside our gates. A comment from one of the marshals was that this was the first time our church had ever had its doors open during the marathon and he was pleased to see it. We learned from that single comment that people notice when we do something and also when we do not! We will continue to look for new ways to raise the profile of Cooke in Ballynafeigh in the months ahead. The “Tell it again” Mission Development Team

Alan Wilson has recently been awarded the title "Chevalier des Palmes Académiques" – ("Knight of the Academic Palms") by the French government in recognition of his work in promoting French language and culture in his teaching and for his leadership of the exchange programme between Ballyclare High School and the Lycée Camille Sée in Colmar, France. Alan received the insignia officially from the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom in London on 29th March

Children’s Day 2010 Sunday 16th May was our annual Children’s Day service and it was a wonderful service! The children sang out loudly, the congregation enjoyed joining to sing the chorus “I will make you fishers of men” and the young people spoke the words of their poem, prayers and Scripture readings clearly. The band and Ditanya Martin led worship for the hymn “Lord I lift your name on high” and their participation was appreciated by everyone. Michael Morrow and Ben Tombs enacted a most effective drama in the roles of the disciples Peter & Andrew and this was enhanced by the sound effects produced by Matthew Riddel and visual effects displayed by Rachel Tombs. The message from “Pete” was that Jesus had changed a rough and ready fisherman to a committed disciple with the words “Come and follow me” and He can still do that today if we “Follow Him”. How do I know all this when I wasn’t there? … Because so many people have told me so! This was the first Children’s Day service that I had missed in, perhaps 30 years … but did anything fall apart because I wasn’t there? Of course not! We have a wonderful team of committed Sunday School & Bible class leaders and super children and young people – but of course you know that already! They had a message to share and praises to bring and they did it with great enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone for their participation on such a special day and especially to Rev. Boden for leading our worship. Some additional information – Sunday School will continue until Sunday 20th June 2010 During the summer period a “Children’s zone” will be set aside within the Church Reception area where children of primary school age can gather with supervision to do puzzles, colour in pictures, read books etc. We hope that you will continue to worship with us as a family throughout the summer months and look forward to welcoming you to the summer services. Sunday School will re-commence on Sunday 5th September 2010. Finally - “Good luck” - to all our young people who are preparing for various exams – we wish you all well, and hope that you find the questions “easy” in whatever exams you are taking so that everyone is able to do their very best. Elaine MacNeill

GLU 2010 is coming soon! Summer is almost here and so it will soon be time for the GLU volunteers to go out into the community of Ballynafeigh again! GLU stands for “God Loves You” and this is the message we will be bringing to the people in Ballynafeigh in a practical way. Volunteers come from all five churches of Ormeau Churches Together – all just ordinary people trying to reach out to others around them and show them God’s love through action. Would you like to be part of one of the teams? This will be GLU’s third year, taking place from Wednesday 7th July to Saturday 10th July, and is one of the projects to which we in Cooke are committed as part of Cooke’s Mission Plan. There is something to suit volunteers of all ages, though under 16’s will need to have a parent or guardian sign up with them and be with them at all times. There will be a wide range of activities on offer. Gardening is undertaken for those who are unable to look after their gardens, perhaps through illness or old age or who feel their garden is too much for them or has got out of control. Car Washing and Litter picking are carried out around the area and wherever they find graffiti, GLU volunteers will eliminate it. Dog walking is a new venture this year, which we hope will prove popular. A café will be held every afternoon in the Methodist Church – and for those who do not come to us for tea and coffee, there will be “Coffee on the Move” which will be served in the parks, at bus stops or wherever we can find people who would welcome some refreshments. There will be plenty of activities for young people too. We will have an organised day programme for Primary School children and, in the evening, an organised programme for teenagers will be held in St John’s. Football will be on offer, both afternoon and evening, in Cherryvale and Ormeau Park. The elderly are not forgotten either, as there will be an ‘Engage with Age’ afternoon programme especially for them. Our halls at Cooke will be a venue for two events. In the afternoons we will have a facility for “Parents and Tots” – that is, children of pre-Primary school age and their parents. In the evenings there will be cinema showings, which will include refreshments.

On Saturday we will have our biggest event, when all the volunteers get together in Cherryvale Park for the Fun Day and we serve free hot dogs and burgers, with plenty of entertainment provided for children. Every day during GLU the volunteers start by meeting at lunchtime in St Jude’s Church Hall - they will first be provided with lunch and, at the end of the afternoon activities, they are then served dinner and helpers will be needed to prepare and serve these meals. So what can you do to help? Well, all the activities mentioned need volunteers to make them successful, GLU cannot happen without the support of those who are connected to the various churches in the area. If you are free on all four days you can sign up to do

something different every day (or even do the same each day) - if not, perhaps you could spare time on one or two days. We need help in other ways too. If you are not available, or are unable, to volunteer for GLU perhaps you would be able to give a donation to help with the work that will be taking place. Prayer is also a very important way you can help, as we try to reach out to other people around us. We need to advertise GLU, so before the GLU event takes place we will need volunteers to deliver fliers in the area between 14 June and 5 July, if you think you can help with this please see Patricia Emerson. If you have any questions about GLU an Enquirers’ Evening will be held on Tuesday 1 June at 7.30 pm in St Jude’s Church Hall on the Ravenhill Road, refreshments will be served and there will be no commitment required at that stage. The GLU representatives in Cooke are Raymond Gilmore, Karen Curran and Patricia Emerson and there is a GLU Volunteers Sign-up sheet in the Reception area in Cooke where you can add your name (also without commitment) if you are interested in volunteering. GLU needs U!

Family News

Congratulations to Mattie McAdam of 5 D Willowbank House, Cregagh, who celebrates her 90th birthday on August 2nd.

Congratulations to the following couples who will celebrate their Golden wedding anniversaries. Mr. & Mrs.Dessie Moore, 6 Thorndale Road South, Carryduff, on 23rd August. Mr. & Mrs.Rawley, 118 Saintfield Road, on 9th July Marion Ferguson and family. Would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us at the sudden death of our beloved Brian. Despite the fact that our hearts are broken, our pain is somewhat eased by the overwhelming number of messages, visits and condolences that we received. We thank all those who attended his very large funeral. A special word of thanks to Rev. Dr. Jim Campbell who conducted the service. And Rev. Dr.Mark Gray And Rev. William Haslett for their comforting words in the home. We trust that this acknowledgement will be accepted by all as a token of our appreciation.

The Kettle Prayer A special request to every member of Cooke…….. Something you can do in your home to help in the search for a new minister, which is now under way. Would you pray this prayer every time you fill your kettle and put it on to boil.

LORD, IN YOUR MERCY, PLEASE BRING TO US IN COOKE THE NEW MINISTER YOU WANT US TO HAVE. THANK YOU. AMEN. Perhaps you could cut out this prayer and pin it up somewhere in your kitchen where you can see it, as a reminder to pray. In this way we can each play our part in finding the right person to lead us in taking forward the ministry of Cooke in Ballynafeigh. Paul gives this encouragement to the early Church in Philippi: DO NOT BE ANXIOUS ABOUT ANYTHING, BUT IN EVERYTHING, BYPRAYER AND BY PETITION, WITH THANKSGIVING, PRESENT YOUR REQUESTS TO GOD (Philippians 4:6) Let’s just do that.

TIME TO THINK WHAT IS THE VALUE OF? The value of ten years: ask a newly divorced couple.

The value of four years: ask a graduate.

The value of one year: ask a student who has failed a final exam.

The value of one month: ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

The value of one week: ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

The value of one minute: ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

The value of one second: ask a person who has survived an accident.

The value of a sister/brother: ask someone who doesn't have one.

The value of a friend or family member: lose one.

Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special. Remember........ Hold on tight to the ones you love!

Free will offering To date


This is £597 down from last year (A drop of 2.2%) Property fund From envelopes


Christian Aid street Collection £1,450 Plant sale £ 925 The cost of the plants has still to come off this figure. Teas, car wash and carpet squares


Missions Church Planting (Glass Bottle) £36

Diary Page JUNE, JULY and AUGUST 2010 6th June Dr Will Patterson 13th Dr Will Patterson - Communion Service 20th Rev D Boden 27th To be announced. July and August morning services are yet to be arranged. Meeting of the Congregation Under paragraph 46 of the Code, the Kirk Session with the agreement of the Vacancy Commission has called an important meeting of the Congregation to take place at 7.30pm on Monday 21st June 2010. Following the granting of “Leave to Call” by the Union Commission of the General Assembly, the purpose of the meeting is “to determine the next steps in filling the vacancy and if required to appoint a “hearing committee”. The Kirk Session is giving this extended notice so that as many members as possible can be informed and attend. United Evening Services: Summer Rota 2010 Date July 4th. 11th. 18th. 25th. August 1st. 8th. 15th. 22nd

Venue B’feigh Methodist Newtownbreda St Jude’s Cooke Newtownbreda St Jude’s B’feigh Methodist St Jude’s

Preacher Wilfred Orr Norman Jardine (Cooke supplies) Jane Nelson (Cooke supplies) Ruth Patterson Wilfred Orr Ruth Patterson

Cooke - Summer Magazine 2010  
Cooke - Summer Magazine 2010  

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