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Whether you’ve been a loyal customer for years, or have only just discovered us....

We’ve made it to the grand old age of 15, still COOKing using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home so everything looks and tastes homemade

COOK • The COOK Kitchen, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HH • Tel: 01732 759010

We’ve long since realised that keeping track of our own birthdays is a recipe for gloom. But notching up an anniversary for COOK is a good excuse to celebrate. Fifteen years ago we had an idea for a business and not a clue about much else. Sometimes ignorance can be a good thing, and so we just got on with it.

Chicken Alexander

with mushrooms and peppers and a cream and white wine sauce

Co-founder Dale was so proud of this dish he named it after himself – Alexander being one of his middle names. His other middle name is Colchester but, in the days before The Only Way Is Essex, ‘Chicken Colchester’ didn’t have much appeal.







m mid-M arch

Four years ago we set out to create the very best lasagne money could buy. It’s everything a lasagne should be: rich, creamy, meaty, comforting – a fail-safe crowd-pleaser with nothing more than some dressed salad and warm garlic bread.



New Grown Garlic Up availab Bread le fro

Caribbean Pot

We can hardly remember what lunch was like before we launched our One Pots last year: well-balanced meals for one that go from freezer to fork in five minutes. The Caribbean Pot, with its sweet and smoky spices, even picked up a Great Taste Gold Award.

That COOK is still here, proudly independent, is testament to the talented bunch of people who’ve joined us over the years. It’s also down to every customer who has parted with hard-earned cash for our food. It means we can still come to work each day doing something we love. Thank you. Hundreds of recipes have come and gone over 15 years of COOKing. Here are our favourites.



Lasagne Al Forno

We quickly discovered how tricky it is to make frozen food that looks and tastes homemade, but we stuck with it and gradually got better. Ironically, our first tiny kitchen is now a McDonald’s while our second is a proposed site for a supermarket.







(Co-Founders) Edward & Dale

Chicken Tikka Masala

It took a visit from an experienced Indian chef to school us in the art of cooking great curries, but we haven’t looked back since. Chicken Tikka Masala may be mild and creamy but it’s the nation’s favourite for a reason. Forget the local takeaway and check out our Indian Range.

v o ur

The favourite comfort food of co-founder Edward








Apple & Blackberry Crumble Fa



Pork Dijon

Banoffi Pie




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Raspberry Pavlova







It’s the most important meeting in the business: the daily taste panel at which we sample a portion of every single dish we’ve made the day before. Nothing gets through unless it tastes just right.

Moroccan Harissa Chicken Perfect with our


minted couscous and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds

v o ur


v o ur



Beef Bourguignon

Tender, slow-cooked beef in red wine and port, with bacon and mushrooms

Green Thai Chicken Curry


Carrot Cake


Perfectly balanced Thai flavours with just the right amount of heat

Cheese Soufflés


v o ur


v o ur

Sweet, moist and irresistably moreish with cream cheese icing and a dusting of cinnamon with red onion marmalade From freezer to oven and 25 minutes later a gorgeous, melt-in-the-mouth cheese soufflé

Smoked Haddock & S weet Potato G ratin with bacon, broccoli, corn and a hint of chilli

The favourite of Jamie, our development chef. He says: “All the flavours just work perfectly together: the saltiness of the fish, the sweetness of the potato and the background heat from the chilli. It’s simply delicious.”

Our founding statement in 1997: 'To COOK using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade.>

Today, nothing>s changed.

Hearty Fisherman’s Pie with smoked haddock, cod and salmon

A fish pie with pink sauce may be bordering on a food crime, but it’s been that way for so long that we can’t bring ourselves to change it, particularly as many of you have grown fond of its unusual pinkness (all down to tomatoes in the sauce).

Mum>s Big Day Off may want Mothers reading this ve it about to absent-mindedly lea nt position the house in a promine No mother in the land should be chained to the kitchen on Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed is basically the law, but lunch and supper can prove a culinary bridge too far for dads and offspring. Send them in our direction and our shop staff will ensure they leave with the perfect Mother’s Day menu, which will be virtually foolproof to prepare (“virtually” because one should never underestimate the human capacity for foolishness). OGETHE TT R EA







"Perfect Sunday Roast for 7 today: shoulder of Lamb highly recommended! And gorgeous Chocolate Fondant & Pear pudding. And no washing up....heavenly!" Liz on

There are some puds whose sweet perfection is enough to induce a trance-like state of transcendent pleasure, often accompanied by murmured expressions of deep joy. Our limited edition White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake on a dark chocolate, biscuit base is just such a pud. What’s more, for every one sold, we will donate £1 to CLIC Sargent, a national charity providing care for children suffering from cancer and their families.

To take part in CLIC Sar gent’s national Yummy Mummy Week from Ma rch 10 to 18, go to www.yummymumm

Life doesn’t get much better than a posh, Sunday roast shared with family and friends. The full works for 6 from $4.50 per head: Slow-roast, Stuffed Belly of British Pork with a fennel-infused gravy 16.99 Slow-roast, Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb with a rich redcurrent gravy 24.99 Parmesan Parsnips & Honey-Roast Carrots 4.99 GF Goose Fat Roast Potatoes 4.99 GF

We believe cooking should be a pleasure and never a chore. So whenever you lack the time, talent or temperament to cook a great tasting meal from scratch, let us COOK for you.


Men u l st n g

L i g h t D is h e s & S t a r t e r s


Soy Chicken in a Ginger & Sesame Sauce (1) 3.99 only

Soy Chicken, Tenderstem Broccoli and Soya Beans with Nanjing and Camargue Rice in a Ginger and Sesame Sauce

Butternut Squash with

New Beetroot & Feta (1) 3.99 v


In an Agave and Balsamic Dressing

Risotto with Peas & Mint (1) 2.99 / (2) 5.95 v only

Share one portion as a starter for two

COOK C L A S S I C S Recipes we’ve made our own

Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

Chicken Alexander 3.85 / 6.99 / 12.95

Marinated chicken pieces in a white wine sauce with mushrooms & peppers

Moroccan Harissa Chicken 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

A delicately spiced North African classic with dates, chickpeas and almonds

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine 4.99 / 8.99 / 17.95


A slow-cooked, aromatic stew of spiced lamb with chickpeas, apricots and dates

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine 2.99 / 5.95



With aubergines, ginger and a blend of Moroccan spices

Lasagne al Forno 3.75 / 6.99 / 12.95 Lamb Moussaka 3.99 / 6.99 / 13.95 Minced lamb layered with sliced potatoes, roasted aubergines and a bechamel sauce

Smoked Haddock & Sweet Potato Gratin 4.50 / 8.50 / 16.99

With bacon, broccoli, sweetcorn and a hint of chilli in a white wine sauce


v Vegetarian

Microwavable GF Gluten Free LTD Limited Edition ‘Warm me up’ spicy ‘Nice and spicy’

Cheese Soufflés with Red Onion Marmalade (2) 4.99 Smoked Salmon & Pesto Tartlets (2) 3.99 Smoked Haddock & Rocket Fish Cakes (1) 3.99 Butternut Squash & Spinach Tartlets (2) 3.99 v Handmade Pâtés: Salmon 4.99 GF Chicken Liver 4.99 GF


Slow-cooked and packed with flavour Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

Catalan Chicken 3.99 / 6.99 Chianti Chicken 3.99 / 6.99

A classic Italian stew of chicken leg and thigh braised in Chianti with black olives, cannellini beans and sun-dried tomatoes

Chicken Dijon 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

Chicken breast marinated in thyme and wholegrain mustard in a white wine sauce with caramelised red onions

Coq au Vin 3.99 / 7.50 / 14.99

Succulent leg of chicken cooked slowly in red wine with back bacon and mushrooms

Pot Roast Chicken (1) 3.99

With root vegetables in a flavour-packed gravy

Beef Stroganoff 4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70

Tender strips of beef in a brandy and paprika sauce with chopped gherkins and roasted mushrooms

Beef Bourguignon 4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70

Pork Stroganoff 3.99 / 7.35 / 14.70

Salmon & Asparagus Gratin

Pork Dijon 3.99 / 7.35 / 14.70

In a white wine and herb sauce topped with potatoes and cheese crumb

Red Lentil & Mixed Bean GF Casserole (2) 4.99 v

4.75 / 8.99 / 17.95

Braised Beef in Brandy & Mushroom Sauce 4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70


Chicken on the bone with chorizo, potatoes and vegetables in a sherry jus

Lamb Bordeaux (4) 17.99 Lamb Casserole with Minted New Potatoes 4.99 / 8.99

Huntsman’s Chicken (4) 16.99

Individual chicken breasts with mushroom pate stuffing, wrapped in bacon with a red wine sauce

COM FORT Favourite recipes for cosy nights in Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

Chicken & Mushroom Lasagne



Serves One / Serves Two

Serves One / Serves T

Goan Chicken Curry 3.85 / 6.99



A vibrant southern Indian curry of boneless chicken thigh marinated in a blend of spices with tomatoes and tamarind

Saag Chicken 3.85 / 6.99

LTD Drunken Prawns 4.75

Sweet, salty and fiery Th prawns, noodles, baby co of booze! Winner of our Competition, entered by


A fresh, light curry of chicken breast cooked with subtly spiced spinach, mint and yoghurt

Green Thai Chick

Chicken & Tomato Pasta Bake

Brinjal Bhaji (2) 2.99

Chicken Pad Thai

Chilli con Carne

Tilapia Fish Curry (1) 3.99

3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

(1) 3.85 / (4) 11.75

3.25 / 5.25 / 9.99

Spiced aubergine curry with chickpeas and crispy onions

Spaghetti Bolognaise (1) 3.50 Liver, Bacon & Onions 2.85 / 5.60

Prawn Karahi 4.75 / 8.99

Minced pork and rump steak with red pesto, chilli, basil and garlic

Macaroni Cheese 2.75 / 4.99 / 9.75


With Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne 3.65 / 6.50 / 12.99


Wild Mushroom, Spinach & Butternut Lasagne 3.75 / 6.75 / 13.50


Cauliflower Cheese (1) 2.75 v Succulent Sticky Ribs 6.99 2 main course, 4+ buffet portions

p ies

Cottage Pie

New 3.65 / 6.99 / 13.50 Shepherd’s Pie

S id e


to suit every recipe in store

New 3.65 / 6.99 / 13.50

Steak and Red Wine Pie 4.50 /7.99 / (6) 21.99

Hearty Fisherman’s Pie 4.50 / 8.50 / 16.99

Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie 3.85 / 6.99 / (6) 19.99

Tender chicken, sweet leeks and a hint of salt from the ham, beneath shortcrust pastry

A classic, aromatic Tha noodles and stir-fried ca

Sweet Chilli Chic & Noodles 3.85 Indonesian Veget


Fillets of sweet, meaty, freshwater fish topped with Indian spices with lightlycurried lentils and vegetables

Meatballs in Rustic Tomato Sauce 3.50 / 6.99 / 12.95

3.85 / 6.99 / (4) 13.95


3.50 / 5.99



A light, fragrant curry of Tiger Prawns with blended spices, coriander and spinach

Yellow curry with roast beans and toasted cashe

Roasted Vegetable & Chickpea GF Curry 2.99 / 5.95 v

3.85 / 6.99

Garlic Chicken Curry (1) 3.85

Red Thai Chicken

Chicken Panang Cu


A fragrant Thai curry in lemon grass, lime leaves Coconut & Lime Leaf R

A deeply flavoured curry with tomatoes, sweet garlic and coriander

Chicken Tikka Masala 3.85 / 6.99



Chicken Jalfrezi 3.85 / 6.99


Pieces of breast marinated in yoghurt, garlic and paprika in a spicy tomato sauce

Chicken Korma 3.85 / 6.99


Lamb Dupiaza 4.99 / 9.95


Aloo Gobi Saag (2) 1.99


Cauliflower, spinach and potatoes cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices GF Saffron Rice 1.25 / 2.45 v Vegetable Samosas & Onion Bhajis 1.99 v Handstretched Naan Bread (2) 1.50 v Pappadums (8) 1.99 v GF

Quiches & Canapes

Quiches 16.99 10-12 buffet portions Quiche Lorraine Roasted Pepper & Goat’s Cheese

Serves One

Thai Pot 3.49 New A mild green curry

chicken with water vegetables, green split pe

Italian Pot 3.4 New A sunny blend of ch

Marinated lamb with tomatoes and plenty of onions v



in green pesto, with auber tomatoes, cannellini bean

Jambalaya Pot 3.49 Vietnamese Pot 3.49 Moroccan Pot 2.99 v Oriental Pot 2.99 v Caribbean Pot 3.49 Mediterranean Pot 2. Indian Pot 3.49 GF Mexican Pot 3.49

Canapés Box of 12

Goat's Cheese and Caramelise Cheese Soufflés 6.25 Chicken & Mango Chutney F Beef Wellingtons 6.75

F or Special N i g hts In


n Noodles with


hai flavours with tiger orn and not a drop Remarkable Recipe y Carla Boakes.

ken Curry

Sea Bass with Asparagus Tips & Linguine (2) 13.99 in a Lobster & Saffron Bisque

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shanks with Root Vegetables & Roast Potatoes (2) 12.99


i 3.85 / 6.99

ai dish with egg abbage

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms, Lemon & Sage only Butter (1) 3.99 / (2) 6.99 v


table Curry

Slow-Cooked Lamb with Spinach & Shallots

ted vegetables, green ew nuts

(1) 6.99 / (2) 12.99

n Curry

urry (2) 6.99

Restaurant quality in the comfort of your own home

Roasted Confit of Duck with a Juniper Berry Sauce (1) 5.99 / (2) 10.99


nfused with ginger, s and garlic Rice 1.25 / 2.45 v

2 Monkfish Wellingtons (2) 14.99 GF

with Mediterranean vegetables

2 Beef Wellingtons (2) 15.99

with a mushroom & brandy duxelle



y of Thai-marinated r chestnuts, stir-fried eas and black rice

49 GF


hicken breast marinated rgines, peppers, ns and red rice.


Baked Cod with Peperonata

(1) 5.75 / (2) 10.99

Haunch of Venison with Crushed Celeriac (1) 7.50 / (2) 12.99 LTD

LTD Corn-fed Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing (1) 5.99 / (2) 10.99




COOK For Kids

only only

SAUCES FOR 2 $3.50




v GF


only only

ed Onion Galettes 6.50

Filo Rolls 6.50


Vanilla Panna Cotta Puds (2) 3.50 GF Chocolate Fondants (2) 4.50 v Caramel & Hazelnut Tart (6-8) 8.50 v Pear & Almond Tart (6-8) 7.99 v Chocolate Truffle Torte (6-8) 7.50 / (12+) 14.99


Chocolate Chip Pavlova (6-8) 7.99 v Blackberry & Cherry Pavlova (6-8) 7.99


v GF

Rich Lemon Tart (8) 8.50 v Winter Pudding (2) 4.50 / (6) 8.50 v Eton Mess (6-8) 10.99 v GF Lemon & Lime Pavlova (8-10) 11.99 v Raspberry Pavlova (8-10) 11.99 v GF Chocolate Roulade (8-10) 11.99 v GF Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade (8-10) 11.99


v GF

Normandy Apple Tart (10) 13.99 v Lemon Cheesecake (2) 2.50 / (10) 13.99 Chocolate & Toffee Cheesecake (2) 2.50 / (10) 13.99

Banoffi Pie (2) 2.50 / (10) 13.99 v Mousses (2) 3.50 Chocolate • Lemon


Cranberry & Orange Sponge (6) 7.50 v Chocolate & Pear Fondant (6) 7.99 v GF Apple Strudel (6) 7.99 v Sticky Toffee (6) 6.99 v Bramley Apple & Blackberry Crumble (2) 3.25 / (6) 6.99 v Bread & Butter (2) 3.25 v Belgian Chocolate (2) 3.25 v

Just add rice, pasta or potatoes


meals for one from $2.60

Chocolate • Carrot • Cappuccino Seville Orange • Victoria all 4.49 N ew Cherry & Almond 4.99

So Baby Organic Baby Food from £2.75 only

Feeding hungry little monsters

Small Cakes (4-6)

Big Cakes (12-16) v



Coming Carrot 13.99 • Chocolate 14.99 Soon Chocolate Birthday 15.99 Traybakes Boston Brownie (6) 4.50 v Millionaire’s Shortbread (6) 4.50 v

What’s COOKing? Drunken Noodles


with Prawns

Our Pudding Maestro From the earliest days of COOK, our pudding maestro has been Liz Dove. She started making puds for us from her house kitchen in suburban Surrey. Ten years ago she quit the big smoke and moved her family to a farm in Somerset where she converted the barns into kitchens big enough to keep up with our growing number of shops. It’s just about the most idyllic pudding-making location you could imagine – perhaps the secret ingredient that makes Liz’s puddings taste so good. She says her fondest memory of COOK is the opening party at the farm: “On a very bright, cold January day, a coach load of COOK arrived. We should have made more mulled cider as no-one wanted coffee. Then Elvis materialised out of a freezer. All in all, a perfect day.”

Carla Boakes' Drunken Noodles with Prawns is the winner of our Remarkable Recipe competition. It’s an intoxicating mix of bold Thai flavours - sweet, sour, aromatic and fiery - although Our Remarkable Recipe Winner when we first made it the amount of chilli and peppercorns nearly blew our heads off. We’ve toned it down so it should appeal to anyone who likes a little bit of heat, rather than just those with asbestos coated tongues. Carla says she makes it most weeks as it’s a great way to use up the dregs of vegetables from the fridge and works just as well with pasta or rice. There’s no booze in the recipe – the name apparently refers to the fact it’s a dish beloved of late night revellers on the streets of Bangkok.

Emma The Illustrator

The lovely illustrations in this menu are by Emma Shoard, our first ever Illustrator In Residence. Right is her quick sketch of co-founder Dale (looking rather distinguished!)

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Our Difference

At COOK we make remarkable food for your freezer, prepared by hand at our Kitchen in Kent using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home. It means our food looks and tastes homemade (maybe even a bit better). And on every COOK dish you’ll find the name of the chef who prepared your food.

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