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Royal Salmon Galettes • Salads Canapés

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Summer is for...



Welcome A confession: for 15 years we have lived in fear of summer. We scan the long range weather forecasts obsessively, praying for grey skies and rain. Sunshine is the enemy; we are the merchants of gloom. This state of being is clearly bad for the soul and not very ‘COOK’ at all. The problem is that 15 years ago we set up a kitchen and company to focus on making hearty casseroles, using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home. Not a bad idea, as it turned out, except that when the sun shines, people generally don’t crave a hearty casserole for supper. Our shops become quiet and, being rather one dimensional, this makes us miserable. But this year is different. We are poised in our speedos and singlet praying for a long hot summer as, for the first time in COOK’s history, our shops are packed with delicious food that’s perfect for when the sun shines. Read on to discover what we’ve got in store. Have a nice summer – we will for the first time in 15 years! All the best, Edward & Dale (founders)

Delicious new dishes for summer... Galettes p. 12

Royal Fillet p. 9


BBQ Chicken Wings p. 14


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Thanks to Emma Shoard, our first ever ‘Illustrator in Residence’, for all the drawings Very occasionally we might have to change prices, ingredients or symbols before our next edition of the COOK Book for which we apologise. But all prices, ingredients and symbols were correct at time of going to print. Please refer to the packaging for the most up-to-date information. There may be products temporarily unavailable in shops. Not all products are available for home delivery (please go to or phone 01732 759020 for more details).


The COOK Kitchen, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HH • Tel: 01732 759010

Remarkable Ravioli


The best filled pasta you can buy. The fillings are the stars of the show: simple, bold flavours that sing in your mouth. Serve with olive oil and freshly-ground black pepper for a deliciously simple summer lunch or supper for two. Or try our new Tomato, Rosemary and Chianti Sauce. Ravioli filled with Beetroot (2) 3.50

serve with fresh mint leaves and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Ravioli filled with Pumpkin

Ravioli filled with Pea & Shallot (2) 3.50 serve with fresh mint leaves

Ravioli filled with Spinach & Ricotta (2) 3.50 serve with fresh basil

Ravioli filled with Pumpkin (2) 3.50 serve with fresh sage, grated Parmesan and a sprinkling of chilli flakes Tomato, Rosemary and Chianti Sauce for Pasta (2)


(available in May)


Simply Summer (and surprisingly easy) For our new, summer recipes we’ve come up with simple, step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful plates of food. It really is surprisingly easy. You just need a few garnishes and the odd kitchen implement. Pick up a card in store and let us know how you get on.

Japanese Salmon (1) 4.85 / (2) 8.99


in a Soy Sauce marinade with Edamame beans and Nanjing rice

Put a metal ring into the centre of a shallow bowl, and spoon in the dish (a ramekin will work just as well). Pat it down gently. Leave for a minute for the sauce to seep out and pool around the base of the ring. Remove it carefully, leaving behind a neat cylinder of salmon, rice and beans. Garnish with finely-sliced leek and fresh coriander.

Or simply...

Serve in a bowl with some steamed or stir-fried Chinese leaves (choi sum, pak choi) or broccoli. Garnish with coriander leaves, finely-sliced leeks or spring onions.

It’s surprisingly easy to make a basket from a tortilla or pappadum (pick up a card in store). Garnish with crème fraîche and chopped coriander

Create a leaning tower of pasta by twirling linguine round a long-twined fork. Slow roast cherry tomatoes on the side

Jerk Chicken

(1) 3.99 / (2) 6.99


with a Pineapple Chutney & Turmeric Rice

Prawn Linguine

(1) 4.85 / (2) 8.99

Jerk Chicken


in a Puttanesca Sauce with Olives, Capers & a Hint of Chilli

Serve in a bowl, garnished with fresh basil. Bring out the flavours by making your own salsa of raw garlic, courgette and shallots

Pesto Chicken

Marinated Loin of Cod (1) 4.85 / (2) 8.99

with Chorizo, Roast Peppers and Spinach

Pesto Chicken

(1) 3.99 / (2) 6.99

in a Light Basil & Lemon Broth with Brown Lentils & Haricot Beans

Marinated Loin of Cod

Prawn Linguine

Serve with warm crusty bread and salad or crushed new potatoes. For something fancy make some aubergine crisps while your cod cooks


Eating Outside Just add fresh air and pretty much anything tastes a little bit better. Here are some of our favourite al fresco suppers.

COOK goes Camping

Braised Beef in Brandy & Mushroom Sauce

Most of us pretend camping is about the great outdoors and getting back to nature, when really it’s about buying loads of kit and trying to recreate the great indoors in the middle of a field. To make a supper that’s the envy of the campsite, let one of our casseroles defrost then heat on your stove til piping hot.

Beef in Brandy far left; Moroccan Harissa Chicken in the pot

For Specia l N i g hts I n


Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms, Lemon & Sage Butter (1) 3.99 / (2) 6.99 v only Sea Bass with Asparagus Tips & Linguine in a lobster & saffron bisque (2) 13.99 Slow-Roasted Lamb Shanks with Root Vegetables & Roast Potatoes (2) 12.99 Slow-Cooked Lamb with Spinach & Shallots (2) 12.99 Share Roasted Confit of Duck with a Juniper Berry Sauce (1) 5.99 / (2) 10.99 something 2 Monkfish Wellingtons with Mediterranean vegetables (2) 14.99 a bit extra 2 Beef Wellingtons with a mushroom & brandy duxelle (2) 15.99 special


The smoky, sweet flavours of north African cuisine come into their own on a warm, summer’s evening

Moroccan Harissa Chicken 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

A delicately spiced North African classic with dates, chickpeas and almonds

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine 4.99 / 8.99 / 17.95

A slow-cooked, aromatic stew of spiced lamb with chickpeas, apricots and dates

Light Dishes & Starters

Soy Chicken in a Ginger & Sesame Sauce (1) 3.99 only Butternut Squash with Beetroot & Feta (1) 3.99 v only Cheese Soufflés with Red Onion Marmalade (2) 4.99 “Light, fluffy and wonderfully cheesy” says BBC Good Food magazine

Risotto with Peas & Mint (1) 2.99 / (2) 5.95 v only

Share one portion as a starter for two

Smoked Haddock & Rocket Fish Cakes (1) 3.99 Butternut Squash & Spinach Tartlets (2) 3.99


Smoked Salmon & Pesto Tartlets (2) 3.99

Catalan Chicken 3.99 / 6.99

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine 2.99 / 5.95 v


Chicken on the bone with chorizo, potatoes and vegetables in a sherry jus

With aubergines, ginger and a blend of Moroccan spices


Salad. Lasagne. Warm Garlic Bread. A glass of something chilled. Someone to share it with (or just some peace and quiet). Summer. Simple.

Lasagne al Forno 3.75 / 6.99 / 12.95

Chicken & Mushroom Lasagne 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne 3.65 / 6.50 / 12.99


Wild Mushroom, Spinach & Butternut Lasagne 3.75 / 6.75 / 13.50


See listing at back for more ideas

Mad dogs and Englishmen eat roasts in the midday sun


COOK Slow-roast, Stuffed Belly of British Pork ROASTS with a fennel-infused gravy 16.99 Slow-roast, Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb with a rich redcurrant gravy 24.99 Parmesan Parsnips & Honey-Roast Carrots 4.99 Goose Fat Roast Potatoes 4.99


Summer is for... Thai We’ve given our Green and Red Thai curries a makeover in a bid to recreate the intense flavours of authentic Thai cooking - a perfect balance of sweet coconut, sour citrus, salty fish sauce and hot chilli. It means our Green Thai Chicken Curry now has a bit more of a kick while we’ve toned down the heat in the Red Curry. But if you want to spice up your life, feel free to eat the whole birdseye chilli we’ve used to garnish both.

New Green Thai Chicken Curry 3.85 / 6.99 (4) 13.95

with bamboo shoots, peppers and a garnish of red birdseye chilli and lime leaf

New Red Thai Chicken Curry 3.85 / 6.99

with bamboo shoots, peppers and a garnish of red birdseye chilli and lime leaf

Tilapia Tom Yum Broth 4.50

Fragrant Thai-style broth with Tilapia fillets, shredded vegetables and Nanjing black rice

Chicken Pad Thai 3.85 / 6.99

A classic, aromatic Thai dish with egg noodles and stir-fried cabbage

Sweet Chilli Chicken & Noodles 3.85 Indonesian Vegetable Curry 3.50 / 5.99

Clockwise from top left: Goan Chicken Curry, Saag Chicken, Brinjal Bhaji

Yellow curry with roasted vegetables, green beans and toasted cashew nuts

Chicken Panang Curry (2) 6.99

A fragrant Thai curry infused with ginger, lemon grass, lime leaves and garlic

Coconut & Lime Leaf Rice 1.25 / 2.45

indi a n

Serves One / Serves Two

Goan Chicken Curry

Garlic Chicken Curry

A vibrant southern Indian curry of boneless chicken thigh with tomatoes and tamarind

A deeply flavoured curry with tomatoes, sweet garlic and coriander

3.85 / 6.99

Saag Chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala

3.85 / 6.99

A fresh, light curry of chicken breast cooked with subtly spiced spinach, mint and yoghurt

Brinjal Bhaji (2) 2.99

(1) 3.85


Spiced aubergine curry with chickpeas and crispy onions

Tilapia Fish Curry (1) 3.99

Fillets of sweet, meaty, freshwater fish topped with Indian spices with lightly-curried lentils and vegetables

3.85 / 6.99

Chicken Jalfrezi 3.85 / 6.99

Pieces of breast marinated in yoghurt, garlic and paprika in a spicy tomato sauce

Chicken Korma 3.85 / 6.99

Lamb Dupiaza 4.99 / 9.95

Marinated lamb with tomatoes and plenty of onions

Prawn Karahi

Aloo Gobi Saag

A light, fragrant curry of Tiger Prawns with blended spices, coriander and spinach

Cauliflower, spinach and potatoes cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices

4.75 / 8.99

(2) 1.99 v

Roasted Vegetable & Chickpea Curry

Saffron Rice 1.25 / 2.45 v Vegetable Samosas & Onion Bhajis 1.99 v Handstretched Naans (2) 1.50 v Pappadums (8) 1.99 v 7

2.99 / 5.95


Summer is for Red, White & Blue It’s going to be a Great British summer of shared experiences, what with the Jubilee and Olympics. So much has changed during 60 years of Elizabeth Regina, not least the diet of the nation. We’ve picked one of our recipes to represent each decade.

Celebrating 60 Years of Great British COOKing...


Coronation Chicken

Beef Bourg u


Thanks to Elizabe th in the ’6 David, 0s we conque red our innate na mistrus tional t of French cuisine

60s “Your excellent Coronation Chicken would have been approved by the creator of the original, my Aunt, Rosemary Hume.” A COOK Customer

I n di a n


With Madhur Jaffrey blazing a trail on TV, Indian food exploded in popularity and the weekly curry became a national fixture


Vegetable Tagine

Chicken Alex Co-founder Dale was in his pomp (some might say he never recovered). His Chicken Alexander recipe is based on the popular Chicken a la King


We fell in the love with the flavours of the Med. Not just France and Italy, but Spain, Greece and North Africa

Limited E


Smoked f o t e l l i F Royal 7 mon £1th l a S h s i t e t Sco e c ia l fo r

g e x tra s p m id -M a y ) S o m e th in (a va il a bl e r e m m u J u b il e e s

Cut i n and s to cubes erve with cucu rolle mber d in d ill.

Our tas tes ge global a t increasingly Caribbe nd eclectic – an Thai, V , Moroccan, ietnam ese …

Caribb ean One Po t


0 00


From th e fa Smoke mily-run Inve house i n the sh rawe of Ben C ad ruacha n on th ow Coast o e W fS Fillet is cotland, the R est a prime oyal whole s ides of loin cut from Scottis smoked h salm slo sourced wly over oak on, lo from lo cal fore gs sts.

British make Great Slice thick to ish with some n sashimi. Gar e for d salmon ro an h horseradis starter ial canape or an extra-spec e cold vodka shot). an ic (served with itional fine, like trad a blini Or cut very on e , and serv on lm sa ed smok chives. cheese and with cream


arties P r e m m Su hould r bash s


summe intrepid The big for the r a e f o ezer hold n ith a fre w d e m r host a food. ur party . full of o ade easy tering m a c s s a M

o Fruity C

Smoked Salmon Terrine (350g) 10.00

Smoked salmon and trout mousse, topped with flakes of roasted smoked salmon and finished with a slice of smoked salmon

Sm o Ter ked S alm rin e on

nean Mediterra alad S n a e Three B


Ham Hock, Pea and Mint Filo (6-8) 16.99

with crème fraîche & mustard Lebanese Salad

Roast-at-home Side of Scottish Salmon

25.00 (4-6 main course, up to 10 for a buffet) dressed with sun-dried tomatoes, red pesto and pine nuts

Honey-Glazed Gammon Studded with Cloves

on Coronati n e k ic h C

23.00-28.00 (depending on weight)

Award-winning, British breed hams with a traditional Wiltshire cure. Feeds 20 with ease

Quiche Lor


Quiches (10-12) 17.00

Quiche Lorraine Roasted Pepper & Goat’s Cheese v


NEW Mediterranean Three Bean Salad (8) 8.50 / (16) 17.00 v with slow-roasted vegetables

HoneyGlazed Gammon

NEW Lebanese Salad

Beetroot Galette

(8) 8.50 / (16) 17.00 v with feta, mint and giant couscous

NEW Chorizo and Lentil Salad (8) 10.00 LTD v with roasted peppers and a balsamic dressing

Don’t forget the canapés - next page 1

Fruity Couscous salad (8) 8.50 / (16) 17.00 v

Coronation Chicken

(2-3) 3.99 / (8-10) 11.00 / (16-20) 22.00








Frozen Salads

We appreciate that the idea of frozen salads is a little bit odd, but embrace the weirdness and you won’t look back. There’s more flavour in one of our salad bowls than in a lifetime of limp lettuce – just leave them to thaw for 36 hours, give them a good stir, and away you go. They’re brilliant for feeding a crowd at a buffet, as a side dish for lunch or supper, or even on their own with some crusty bread.

nese Leba d Sala


Ham Hock, Pea and Mint Filo (6-8) 16.99 with crème fraîche and mustard A Great British flavour combination for summer, with the saltiness from the ham hock balanced by the sweet pea and mint. Add a subtle crème fraîche and mustard sauce and wrap it all in golden filo pastry and you have a stunning centrepiece for lunch, supper or buffet.


2L0 r o f t e f f u B lazed Gammon • Quiche orrauicinhee

Chori z & Le o ntil Salad

eese Q Honey-G & Goat’s Ch er p ep P ed on x 2 Roasted R Scottish Salm of e id S e om ous Salad Roast-at-h ruity Cousc F • en k ic h C ean Salad Coronation ean Three B Mediterran Pâtés x 2 Handmade ead


£8.65 per h

Luscombe Drinks 3.49

e -home Sid Roast-atish Salmon of Scott

Still and sparkling organic juices

Mediterranean Three Bean Salad


.. . r o f is r e m Sum

s e t t e l a


Golden, puff pastry tarts with intensely-flavoured toppings that are perfect for sharing this summer. Share one between two; two between four; cut into fingers for a buffet; or into 12 little squares and share as a canapĂŠ. 1

Available from early May

Canapés All our canapés cook from frozen in 20 minutes or less Beef Wellingtons 6.99 New Salmon Wellingtons 6.75 New Thai Chicken Filo Rolls 6.50 lable New canapés avai mid-May

New Goats’ Cheese, Red Pepper & Thyme Tarts 6.50


New Pea & Ham Tarts 6.50 (Box of 12)

DIY Our handmade pâtés make the perfect DIY canapé or starter. Serve in ramekins or kilner jars with some of our new Crosta & Mollica toasted Italian breads.

Handmade Pâtés Salmon 4.99 Chicken Liver 4.99 Smoked Mackerel 4.99 Crosta & Mollica

Chicken Liver Pâté with homemade melba toast

toasted Italian breads Linguette 1.99 Bruschettine 1.99 Crostini 1.99

Roasted Beetroot, Feta & Mint Galette 4.99


with a Balsamic Reduction

Asparagus, Pesto & Regato Cheese Galette 4.99


Mixed galette canapés

with a Sun-dried Tomato Coulis

Kiln-Roasted Salmon Galette 4.99

with Rocket, Lemon & a Horseradish Crème Fraiche


Summer is for...


Classy, cook-from-frozen meat dishes to add a touch of sophistication to your back garden burn-up. Cook them in the oven and finish on the barbeque. Or share them for supper without needing to singe your eyebrows or don a Hawaiian shirt.


B B Q C LA S S I C S Succulent Summer Ribs 6.99

Marinated in honey, mustard and soy, four mini-racks of meaty pork ribs. A generous supper for two, or share between four or more at a BBQ



Sweet & Sticky Chipotle Chicken Wings 6.99 Throw out your prejudice, it’s OK to love chicken wings. Really. When they’re this good… Available late May

COMING SOON: Indian-spiced Shoulder of Lamb with a Mango Salsa Vietnamese Belly Of Pork with an Aromatic Tomato Chutney



t on’



th get r o f



An exotic meat feast for two, or shred and share between four or more inside flatbreads or warmed rolls with a dollop of chutney (imagine an Asian-inspired hog roast and you’re half way there)



ond m l A & Pear ÂŁ7.99 Tart

It’s the final flourish that leaves everyone with a smile on their face: an indulgent, hand-prepared pud to share. Remember our motto: You Deserve Pudding! 151

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

Eton Mess

Chocolate Chip Pavlova (6-8) 7.99

v GF

Blackberry & Cherry Pavlova (6-8) 7.99

v GF

Lemon & Lime Pavlova (8-10) 12.00

v GF

Raspberry Pavlova (8-10) 12.00

v GF

Chocolate Roulade

(8-10) 12.00

v GF

Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade (8-10) 12.00

v GF

Pear & Almond Tart (6-8) 7.99 v Chocolate Truffle Torte (6-8) 7.50 / (12+) 15.00


Rich Lemon Tart (8) 8.50 v Summer Pudding (6) 8.50 v Eton Mess (6-8) 11.00 v GF White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake (10) 14.00 Normandy Apple Tart (10) 14.00 v Lemon Cheesecake (10) 14.00 Chocolate & Toffee Cheesecake (10) 14.00

Banoffi Pie (10) 14.00 v


Summer is for... 1

Indulgent Puds

for 2 Summer Pudding 4.50 v Vanilla Panna Cotta Puds 3.50 GF Chocolate Fondants 4.50 v Lemon Cheesecake 2.50 Chocolate & Toffee Cheesecake 2.50 Banoffi Pie 2.50 v Chocolate Mousse 3.50 v Lemon Mousse 3.50 Bread & Butter Pudding 3.25 v Belgian Chocolate Pudding 3.25 v Apple & Blackberry Crumble 3.25 v

r e m um

Sis for Ice Cream

The nation’s best artisan ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurt. Flavours for every occasion

jude ’ s Lighter, contemporary, dare we say more youthful ices, made in Hampshire


Double Choc Mango Crush Strawberry Tease Very Vanilla

120ml tubs 1.80

Rich, indulgent, grown-up ice cream made with thick Herefordshire cream

Vanilla Honeycomb Cinnamon Ginger Gooseberry & Elderflower 500ml tubs


befo y Tr

re you



Very Vanilla Strawberry Tease Salted Caramel Mango Sorbet Natural Yoghurt 500ml tubs

just ra chel


ice cream Parlour


st ask in sto


New Yummy Lollies (6 per pack) 3.99

100% Real Fruit Ice Lollies 2 British Apple & Raspberry 2 Apple & Mango 2 Strawberry & Banana


Bake-at-Home Cakes

Bake-at-Home Puds Chocolate & Pear (6) 7.99 v Apple Strudel (6) 7.99 v Sticky Toffee (6) 6.99 v Bramley Apple & Blackberry Crumble (2) 3.25 / (6) 6.99



Bread & Butter (2) 3.25 v Belgian Chocolate (2) 3.25 v 1

There’s no better smell than the aroma of freshly-baked cake or pud. We love to bake, but sometimes don’t have the time or ingredients. Which is where our bakeat-home cakes and puddings come in. The mix is done - you just take it out of the freezer and pop it in the oven. An hour later, you have a delicious, warm slice of sweetness, ready to serve... Apple & Cinnamon Cake (6-8) 5.99

Packed with Bramley apples

Banana Loaf Cake (6-8) 4.99

Chock full of soft, sweet bananas

Ginger Loaf Cake (6-8) 4.99 Bursting with crushed stem ginger

Banana Loaf Cake

New Available late May


Summer is for...


New Chocolate Cake (6+) 10.00 / (12+) 16.00 New Victoria Sponge with Cream (12+) 15.00 New Chocolate Brownie (6+) 3.99 / (15+) 10.00 New Raspberry & Coconut Slice (6+) 3.99 Carrot Cake (6+) 9.00 / (12+) 15.00

Apple & Cinnamon Cake

Ginger Loaf Cake

Coconut and Raspberry Slice


W h at El se? There wasn’t room for pretty pictures of everything - so here’s a list of what else is on the menu.


v Vegetarian

COOK C LAS SIC S Recipes we’ve made our own

Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

Chicken Alexander Marinated chicken pieces in a white wine sauce with mushrooms & peppers

Moroccan Harissa Chicken 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

A delicately spiced North African classic with dates, chickpeas and almonds

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine 4.99 / 8.99 / 17.95

A slow-cooked, aromatic stew of spiced lamb with chickpeas, apricots and dates

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine 2.99 / 5.95 v

With aubergines, ginger and a blend of Moroccan spices

Lasagne al Forno Lamb Moussaka 3.99 / 6.99 / 13.95 Minced lamb layered with sliced potatoes, roasted aubergines and a bechamel sauce

Smoked Haddock & Sweet Potato Gratin 4.50 / 8.50 / 16.99

With bacon, broccoli, sweetcorn and a hint of chilli in a white wine sauce

Salmon & Asparagus Gratin 4.75 / 8.99 / 17.95

In a white wine and herb sauce topped with potatoes and cheese crumb

Braised Beef in Brandy & Mushroom Sauce

Gluten Free Limited Edition



‘Warm me up’ spicy ‘Nice and spicy’




A mild green curry of Thaimarinated chicken with water chestnuts, stir-fried vegetables, green split peas and black rice

Italian Pot 3.49

Chianti Chicken 3.99 / 6.99

A classic Italian stew of chicken leg and thigh braised in Chianti with black olives, cannellini beans and sun-dried tomatoes

Chicken Dijon 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

Chicken breast marinated in thyme and wholegrain mustard in a white wine sauce with caramelised red onions

Coq au Vin 3.99 / 7.50 / 14.99

Succulent leg of chicken cooked slowly in red wine with back bacon and mushrooms

Pot Roast Chicken (1) 3.99

With root vegetables in a flavour-packed gravy Tender strips of beef in a brandy and paprika sauce with chopped gherkins and roasted mushrooms

Beef Bourguignon 4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70

Pork Stroganoff 3.99 / 7.35 / 14.70 Pork Dijon 3.99 / 7.35 / 14.70 Red Lentil & Mixed Bean Casserole (2) 4.99 v Lamb Casserole with Minted New Potatoes 4.99 / 8.99 Individual chicken breasts with mushroom pate stuffing, wrapped in bacon with a red wine sauce



Chicken on the bone with chorizo, potatoes and vegetables in a sherry jus

Huntsman’s Chicken (4) 16.99

4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70

only - Microwave only

Catalan Chicken 3.99 / 6.99

Beef Stroganoff 4.50 / 8.35 / 16.70

3.75 / 6.99 / 12.95


Slow-cooked and packed with flavour Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

3.85 / 6.99 / 12.95

Thai Pot 3.49



A sunny blend of chicken breast marinated in green pesto, with aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, cannellini beans and red rice.

Jambalaya Pot 3.49 only Vietnamese Pot 3.49 only Moroccan Pot 2.99 v only Oriental Pot 2.99 v only Caribbean Pot 3.49 only Mediterranean Pot 2.99 v Indian Pot 3.49 only Mexican Pot 3.49 only


Favourite recipes for cosy nights in Serves One / Serves Two / Serves Four

Chicken & Mushroom Lasagne 3.85 / 6.99 / 13.95

Chicken & Tomato Pasta Bake (1) 3.85 / (4) 11.75

Chilli con Carne 3.25 / 5.25 / 9.99

Spaghetti Bolognaise (1) 3.50 Liver, Bacon & Onions 2.85 / 5.60 Meatballs in Rustic Tomato Sauce

3.50 / 6.99 / 12.95

Minced pork and rump steak with red pesto, chilli, basil and garlic

Macaroni Cheese 2.75 / 4.99 / 9.75


With Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne 3.65 / 6.50 / 12.99


Wild Mushroom, Spinach & Butternut Lasagne 3.75 / 6.75 / 13.50


Cauliflower Cheese (1) 2.75


COOK Shops

SAUCES FOR 2 Just add rice, pasta or potatoes

Beefy Bolognese • Meaty Chilli Lamb Tagine • Chicken Casserole Feeding Chicken Korma all 3.50

hungry little

meals for one from 2.60 monsters Chicken Biryani • Starship Stew Macaroni Cheese • Fish Pie Chicken and Mash Pie Beef Lasagne • Cottage Pie Meatballs & Spaghetti Chicken Curry with Rice So Baby Organic Baby Food

from £2.75



Cottage Pie

3.65 / 6.99 / 13.50



Shepherd’s Pie New 3.65 / 6.99 / 13.50


Steak and Red Wine Pie 4.50 /7.99 / (6) 21.99

Hearty Fisherman’s Pie 4.50 / 8.50 / 16.99

Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie 3.85 / 6.99 / (6) 19.99

Tender chicken, sweet leeks and a hint of salt from the ham, beneath shortcrust pastry

S I D E S : Dauphinoise Potatoes (1) 1.50 / (2) 2.99 v • Rustic Potato Wedges (2) 1.99 v Creamy Mash (1) 1.25 / (2) 2.45 v • Alsacienne Potatoes (2) 1.99 Goose Fat Roast Potatoes (2) 1.99 /(6) 4.99 • Plain Basmati Rice (1) 0.99 / (2) 1.95 v Minted Couscous (1) 1.50 / (2) 2.99 v • Vegetable Rice (1) 1.25 / (2) 2.45 v Mangetout, Petits Pois & Carrots (2) 1.50 v • Oven Roasted Vegetables (1) 1.50 / (2) 2.99 v Braised Red Cabbage (2) 1.99 / (4) 3.95 v • NEW Garlic Ciabatta (2) 2.49 Parmesan Parsnips & Honey-Roast Carrots (6) 4.99 Cabbage, Bacon & Pinenuts (2) 1.99 / (4) 3.95

COOK For Kids


We know the sides are on their side - we thought it was funny...

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Banstead 01737 357852 • Barnes 020 8392 2060 • Battle 01424 777279 • Billericay 01277 626271 New Beaconsfield 01494 681333 • Bournemouth 01202 765560 • Bromley 020 8166 8364 Cardiff 029 2049 4166 • Cheltenham 01242 571464 • Chichester 01243 790737 • Chiswick 020 8994 2820 Clapham 020 8675 5369 • Clifton, Bristol 0117 317 9748 • Dorking 01306 743674 • East Grinstead 01342 821000 Edinburgh 01314 471736 • Epping 01992 800000 • Epsom 01372 742999 • Farnham 01252 719191 Formby 01704 830400 • Godalming 01483 550000 • Guernsey 01481 729566 • Harpenden 01582 764414 Harrogate 01423 705263 • Haslemere 01428 652760 • Haywards Heath 01444 810000 Henley 01491 411410 • Horsham 01403 230449 • Hove 01273 720221 • Ilkley 01943 605256 Jersey 01534 601855 • Leigh-on-Sea 01702 470037 • Lewes 01273 483450 • Lightwater 01276 850044 Lymington 01590 672480 • Maidenhead 01628 799004 • Marlborough 01672 513970 • Midhurst 01730 817090 North Leeds 01132 370377 • New Northwood 01923 842224 • Oxford 01865 554268 • Oxted 01883 712900 Petts Wood 01689 839100 • Radlett 01923 856551 • Reigate 01737 243801 • Romsey 01794 329000 Rustington 01903 890127 • Sevenoaks 01732 452554 • Sittingbourne Kitchen Shop* 01732 759 010 Stamford 01780 766051 • Surbiton 020 8399 2208 • Taunton 01823 323001 • Teddington 020 8977 7223 Tonbridge 01732 359841 • Tunbridge Wells 01892 523840 • Wells 01749 677726 West Dulwich 020 8670 4077 • Weybridge 01932 845294 • Windsor 01753 866668 • Witney 01993 835001 *Open Mon-Fri, limited range Coming soon: East Sheen National Home Delivery Service • 01732 759 020 1


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Our Difference

At COOK we make remarkable food for your freezer, prepared by hand at our Kitchen in Kent using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home. It means our food looks and tastes homemade (maybe even a bit better). And on every COOK dish you’ll find the name of the chef who prepared your food. The COOK Kitchen • Sittingbourne • Kent ME10 3HH • Tel: 01732 759010 •

Summer COOK Book 2012  

Our summer menu - including new Galettes, new Royal Salmon Fillet and new Salads. Out in store from 23rd April 2012.

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