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Introducing Sir Bakealot and his Merry Cooks... In a faraway kingdom Sir Bakealot and his band of Merry Cooks bake and cook for the knights of the land. With Sir Bakealot’s golden spoon he turns sugar into delightful treats, fit for a king to eat. Armed with a shield, a spoon and a whisk, Sir Bakealot battles with the best ingredients to cook a grand feast.

The Miniamo range offers children a wonderful channel for developing their imagination and creativity in the kitchen through a selection of exclusively designed and co-ordinated cooking, baking and dining items.

Introducing Fluttercup and Friends

Step into the land of fairies and enter the mystical, magical forest with Fluttercup, Sparkles and Rainbow. These delightful fairies like to cook and bake and with a simple wave of their wand turn mixtures into cakes. The fairies have their very own kitchen charm using spells and sprinkles of fairy dust to create perfect treats and cakes.


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