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It's Easy To Run A Four Post Car Lift Whether you’re a homeowner or a luxury car garage owner, you may enjoy the key benefits of using a four post car lift. Car lifts can double the parking space without making dramatic structural changes. A lot of the four post models will even double for wheel alignment checkers after your car or truck is in place. Here's a few good tips when working with these convenient automobile lifts. Selecting the Best Size Once you’ve made a decision to invest in a car lift, the first step in the process is determining the model with the most appropriate height and weight specifications for your requirements. You'll want to think about the vehicle that you will be parking below the lifted one. Because lifts come in a number of heights, you'll want to determine the height of the lower vehicle as a guide. After you have that figure, you’ll need to include about six to twelve inches of buffer space between so cars are not stacked directly on top of each other. It is also important to think about the weight capacity. Some of the lifts will hold weights around 7,000 pounds and will go all the way to around 40,000 pounds. Installation After determining the best weight and size details for your car lift, the next step is installation. Since the lift doesn't need to be mounted on the floor, a four post car lift is going to be one of the easiest to install. Many four post lifts are available with optional casters, or wheels, so you can move the lift around easily. For installation, you can choose to either follow a manual or get the assistance of a certified technician. Whichever route you decide on, you'll have to assemble the lift frame, runways, hydraulic system, and safety measures. It is very important to get the proper installation; make sure you get the help you need from an experienced professional. Mounting The Vehicle Once your lift is assembled and you've double-checked to ensure everything is safely in place, it’s time for the enjoyable part. To get your vehicle on the lift, slowly drive it onto the runways. Runways will usually be made with a two track system to align with the wheels of your car. If a lift doesn’t have runways, it might just have a flat bed. Once the front wheels meet the front frame of the lift, you will know the car is secure. After you've done that, you'll be able to shut off the ignition and get out of the car. The Lift It will be time to lift your car, once you have it positioned correctly. Don’t worry, the hydraulic system will do all of the work. You'll be able to lift your car with a simple flip of a switch. You will simply need to press the raise button to activate the hydraulic system, which will move the car upward. When you want to lower it, just press the button or switch to lower. That’s it! When you raise or lower your vehicle to the first time, it’s a good idea to stand out of the way if at all possible so you’re safe in the unlikely case that something malfunctions. There might be a couple of additional safety bolts to attach, after your car is raised. Review your manual to make sure your car and lift are both secure. Evergreen Auto Service Equipment

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It's Easy To Run A Four Post Car Lift

The Store When your vehicle is raised, you are able to utilize the space beneath it as you please. You can park a second car below it or save the area for automotive tools, as examples. These are just a couple of tips when you work with a four post car lift. Locate an inexpensive four post car lift in Seattle by shopping at Evergreen Auto Service Equipment. For additional details on Evergreen Auto Service Equipment, see them at their website,

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It's Easy To Run A Four Post Car Lift