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Disability Action Plan 2012 – 2013 Contents 1. Introductory Statement 2. Convoy Community Playgroup aims and objectives / services 3. Commitment to effective implementation 4. Effective engagement and consultation 5. Action Measures 6. Publicising and Promoting the Disability Action Plan


1. Introductory Statement Convoy Community Playgroup is committed to promoting positive attitudes and quality services and values meaningful engagement of people with disabilities. This paper outlines a Disability Action Plan for 2013-2014 which sets out how Convoy Community Playgroup intends to develop standards of good practice in relation to building equality and inclusion into all services and activities on offer to people with disabilities who live, work or visit this region. We undertake the duty to tackle discrimination and disadvantage so that all people feel safe from harassment and have access to quality services. We endeavour to make disability equality a priority in policymaking, service delivery and employment practice; not just to meet legal obligations, but in effecting real change that will benefit all.

2. Convoy Community Playgroup –Aims and objectives / services Outlined below is the range of functions of the Convoy Community Playgroup Convoy Community Playgroup is a non profit community childcare facility. The functions of Convoy Community Playgroup are: •

To provide childcare for ALL preschool children aged between 2years 6months and 5years under the guidance of Donegal County Childcare Committee and the Health Board Executive.

MISSION STATEMENT Convoy Community Playgroup are committed to providing quality childcare for all children in our service. It is our intention to make Convoy Community Playgroup genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We are dedicated to the continual development and


training of our staff to ensure that we are offering the children in our care the best service possible. We operate the NCCA framework of Siolta and Aistear under the guidance of HSE and DCCC.

The Organisation Structure Includes:

Committee Chairperson

Committee Secretary

Playgroup Manager Room Leader


Playgroup Assistants

3. Commitment to effective implementation Convoy Community Playgroup is committed to full implementation of this action plan. In annual operational planning we will allocate resources (in terms of people, time and money) in order to implement actions where appropriate, to build on objectives and targets relating to disability equality. We will put appropriate internal arrangements in place to ensure that the disability obligations are complied with and that the impacts of this action plan are effectively monitored. The designated employee, named below will take lead responsibility for implementation, review and evaluation of the Disability Action Plan and will act as the main point of contact within the organisation. Lisa Doherty Manager Convoy Community Playgroup, Milltown, 3

Convoy, Co.Donegal, Ireland. Tel: 0749147792 / 0852144669 Email:

The Plan will be available in alternative formats (large print, computer disc), on request It will also be available as a download from our face book page. Please contact the person above to discuss requirements. We will ensure the plan is communicated to all staff / volunteers and Convoy Community Playgroup will provide the necessary training and guidance on disability equality to support the implementation of this plan.

4. Effective engagement and consultation Convoy Community Playgroup is committed to carrying out meaningful consultation on the development of our standards of good practice in equality and inclusion. In doing so Convoy Community Playgroup is keen to bring about change for disabled people and we are therefore focusing on the issue of involvement and participation in drafting, implementation, and review of this Plan. The following groups have agreed to be involved in the development of our Disability Action Plan. We have given them a choice on the level and method of their involvement. •



Convoy Environmental Committee

Rev. Stephen Wright – Childrens Bible Club

Emmet Ryan – Donegal Occupational First Aid Services

Mr. Victor Holmes- Gospel Group

An executive summary of the Disability Plan will be sent to all consultees on list. Consultees can decide whether or not they wish to respond to and can indicate if they would like to obtain the full document. People on the consultation list who request alternative formats will be given information in the format of their choice. 4

Responsibility for implementing, reviewing and evaluating this Disability Action Plan and the point of contact within the Convoy Community Playgroup will be: the person Named in Section 3 The annual review of this Disability Action Plan, will inform future planning and targets that reflect consultation and feedback gathered from parents/guardians and employees.

5. Action Measures 5.1

Convoy Community Playgroup works from the perspective of the social model of disability. This

understands disability as a problem of exclusion from everyday life, requiring a change in society's values and practices in order to remove attitudinal and environmental barriers disabled people can face. Convoy Community Playgroup works in partnership with, and values the advice of disabled people recognising that changes made for disabled people impact positively on the whole community. Convoy Community Playgroup has made substantial investment to create new opportunities for disabled people involvement on their own terms as parents, volunteers and employees. We recognise that a high proportion of older people can experience similar attitudinal and environmental barriers that may adversely affect their engagement with Convoy Community Playgroup Convoy Community Playgroup has previously taken a number of measures; Including engagement in the Change a Little Change a Lot campaign alongside our own research which has led to [the following positive steps being implemented:  Awareness and attitudes Employees were trained in Disability Equality to provide a friendly, welcoming experience Policies were reviewed to eliminate inadvertently discriminating people with disabilities. Disability Action Plan devised and ongoing implementation  Communication Our Childrens Sign In sheets were all converted to large text as we had found (as our awareness had been increased by Change A Little, Change A Lot) that some of the grandparents collecting children were finding it difficult to read the text. All information is offered in large text and is available on our facebook page.  Information Observations were made that advertisements and publicity materials rarely state provision for people with disabilities. All posters, flyers etc for public display now advertise our accessibility. 5

ďƒ˜ Physical Barriers We have had an appraisal our premises/buildings and are aware of potential barriers for people with disabilities. Ongoing improvements are scheduled as part of our maintenance programme.


The following are the measures which Convoy Community Playgroup intends to take in order to sustain our commitment to progressing towards best practice in disability equality and inclusion. The Action Plan outlines key performance targets for the year 2013-14.

Action Measure

Performance Indicator

Time frame for completion by


Lisa Doherty

( &indicative budget)

Attitudes and awareness Publish and promote the disability equality scheme

Disability Action Plan posted on facebook and made available in a number of alternative formats

March 2013

Produce an annual report

Formal Annual Report on progress against Disability plan

12 months

Lisa Doherty Manager

Review policies, practices and procedures from a disability equality perspective.

Disability proof policies to ensure no aspect of these discriminates against people with disabilities


Lisa Doherty Manager

Annually, March 2014

Lisa Doherty Manager


Lisa Doherty

Provide refresher Increased awareness training on the of disability equality disability equality to all issues amongst staff staff.


Training delivered by an appropriately skilled and experienced disabled trainer.

Induction training for new staff to include disability equality/

Increased awareness of disability equality issues amongst staff

Manager 6

awareness. Provide specialist training for line managers and Board members

Decision makers more informed on disability matters

At term committee meetings etc.

Ensure all communication activity takes account of disability equality A strong evidence base highlighting where disabled customers experience barriers


Lisa Doherty Manager


Lisa Doherty Manager

All publicity and marketing materials are provided in appropriate formats for all our customers

All customers will receive information in appropriate formats at the date of issue


Lisa Doherty Manager

Facebook and other material is accessible and publicise facilities and services for people with disabilities

Facebook and other material information will be reviewed every year or as appropriate

12 mths

Lisa Doherty Manager

Achieve statutory regulations Part R / Part M

Align objectives with Annual maintenance & HS Plans and budgets

Lisa Doherty Manager

1.We intend to put the final layer of tarmac on our carpark when funds are accumulated (optimistically summer 2014)

Chairperson Lorraine Ryan

Communication Review external and internal communication Continue to use / or develop statistical analysis to identify areas that need improving

Chairperson Lorraine Ryan Lisa Doherty Manager


Built Environment Improve physical access to and egress from the building.

e.g Follow good practice through achieving excellence as set by BS8300. Physical changes suggested in the Accessibility Review carried out by Change a Little, Change a Lot.

1. Designated Disabled Parking spaces will be paint lined in our carpark. 2.The walls of our public toilet will be painted a contrasting colour in line with


suggestions in the Accessibilty Review.

2.We have tendered to have our building painted in August 2013.

6. Publicising and Promoting the Disability Action Plan

Our plan will be available to download on face book and a hard copy will be available at reception on request. We welcome your comments on our Disability Action Plan and appreciate your input in the ongoing consultation process. You could download or request a comments feedback form, or contact Lisa Doherty, directly by phone: 0749147792 or Signed : Lisa Doherty Lisa Doherty Manager Compiled on: 21/03/13

Reviewed due: March 2014



Disability Action Plan  
Disability Action Plan  

Our Commitment to Disability Equality