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Convocco Web Interpreter Review The latest service launched by Convocco Limited In 2013 is its WebInterpreter online video interpretation service. WebInterpreter is a web-based tool that can be run on any browser and is accessible via your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

 The WebInterpreter product has a number of

distinct advantages compared to anything else on the market. In fact, the service can be said to be pioneering and the first to market in the nascent video interpretation segment.Some of the product’s salient features include:

 Enables access to Convocco’s database of over 6000 experienced and sector-

specific interpreters. The company’s network of interpreters in addition to being fluent in multiple languages are also trained to be culturally sensitive and literate

 Users can choose from one of over 250 available language options for

interpretation – including British Sign Language

 Saves you both time and money on transportation, lodging and other expenses

that would otherwise be incurred for a traditional conference – not to mention helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage as compared to conventional conferences

 Using the service costs a flat fee as opposed to multiple levels of expenses when

hiring out international translators (among other additional expenses)

 No software needs to be downloaded. A simple web code is provided in order to

initiate a video session online

 Unlimited free training for all service users to help master the service  Allows live-sharing of documents and other files (like slide-shows) on-screen  Video sessions are fully secured and encrypted, ensuring user privacy. Additionally,

remote location of interpreters ensures zero conflict of interest and complete anonymity for users

 On request, a video record or transcript can be provided to

users after a session allowing for improved training, screening, reporting and complaints handling

 If granted permission, Convocco’s assessors can review and

evaluate the performance of its interpreters during sessions to ensure quality-control

 Convocco’s stringent quality controls and operating

standards are ensured – with full ISO 9001 and UKAS hardware/software compatibility

 With this latest product, Convocco is banking

on the future and hopes that more and more businesses and individuals adopt web-based technologies to solve their conferencing requirements in place of more costly and cumbersome conventional face-to-face conferencing methods.

Convocco web interpreter review  

With this latest product, Convocco is banking on the future and hopes that more and more businesses and individuals adopt web-based technolo...

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