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Converge Enterprise CRM integrates GoToMeetingapp to give online meeting and video conferencing facility to its users

Converge Enterprise CRM users can now collaborate and communicate effectively across their business ecosystem via the CRM. Using the GoToMeeting app, they can carry out their business operations with reduced travel and communication expenses.

Dublin, CA April 14, 2014 Converge Enterprise today announced the integration of GoToMeeting with Converge Enterprise CRM. GoToMeeting is an online meeting and collaboration solution that lets you conduct unlimited online meetings, including screen sharing, HD video conferencing and audio conferencing. Post this integration, Converge Enterprise CRM users, can meet with customers, clients, colleagues or business associates via the Internet in real time.It will give them the convenience of working better together, getting more people involved and moving the business faster. ‘’We’ve extended the capability of Converge Enterprise CRM by integrating GoToMeeting with it. Users who take advantage of this amalgamation can analyze meeting patterns, centralize meeting source and improve meeting management through the CRM’’ - said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of Converge Enterprise. Why GoToMeeting has been integrated in Converge Enterprise CRM? The choice of GoToMeeting is based on its several features:    

Advanced communication architecture Industry-standard SSL and U.S. government-standard 128-bit AES encryption Firewall Support Proprietary bandwidth-adaptive compression technology.

Having been awarded with titles namely - Best Media/Visual Communication, Internet Telephony Product of the Year and Reader's Choice for Best Web Conferencing Solution,

GoToMeeting is indeed the easiest-to-use collaboration product that enables meeting and face-to-face group video conferencing in high definition.

‘’With the aim to enable our clients SELL MARKET SERVICE & COLLABORATE in a bigger and better way through Converge Enterprise CRM, GoToMeeting integration is a significant step towards the accomplishment of this goal. Exploring through multiple third-party apps available, we have chosen GoToMeeting considering its array of features. Similar to our CRM product, GoToMeeting also stands for maximum security, performance and reliability while simultaneously optimizing organizational revenue.’’

GoToMeeting is the latest third-party application integrated in Converge Enterprise CRM. Highlights of the Converge Enterprise CRM and GoToMeeting integration include: 1. Round-the-world meeting:Converge Enterprise CRM users can invite up to 25 attendees to join a business-grade web conferencing session irrespective of their geographic locations. Meeting participants (clients, employees, business associates) do not necessarily requirehaving accounts in GoToMeeting. By clicking on the invitation link (sent by the user), inviteescan view and joinmeetings instantly. 2. Meeting management: Converge Enterprise CRM users can       

Schedule/create meetings for now/later Update meetings Delete meetings Start a meeting. End a meeting. Retrieve meeting history Retrieve meeting attendees.

Additionally, they can make use of   

Integrated Toll-Free Audio Service Desktop viewing High-resolution video conferencing streams.

3. Meetings analysis: Converge Enterprise CRM users can monitor meeting schedules and active meeting status. They can download the meeting data for a more thorough analysis of meeting patterns. They can analyze meetings’ types, meetings’ durations along with the number and names of attendees per meeting. Meeting attendee information can be stored intoConverge Enterprise CRM for business operations convenience. Leveraging all the meeting information, users can    

Eliminate unnecessary meetings Combine duplicate meetings Ensure all required attendees join mandatory meetings Ensure an appropriate time is spent per meeting.

How will Converge Enterprise CRM users generate value from this integration?

‘’We understand that businesses do not have the time forsystem integration or streamlining data siloes. This is precisely why we have optimized Converge Enterptrise CRM as comprehensive web-based Business Growth software for sales, marketing, service and collaboration that enables fast-growing small business to get more customers and grow sales. Using Converge Enterprise CRM, our clients can carry out a host of organizational activities through one broad application than juggling between multiple discrete systems which have to be cobbled together.’’

Using GoToMeeting through Converge Enterprise CRM, users can:    

Execute online presentations to engage their target audience and qualify leads. Give impromptu demonstrations of products to prospective customers Share any application on the attendee’s desktop, irrespective of the fact whether the application is installed or not on the attendee’s computer. Follow up with clients instantly viaweb conferencing.

As a result of the above-mentioned GoToMeeting functionalities, Converge Enterprise CRM users will experience:   

Increased organizational sales Increased productivity Reduced operational costs.

Pricing and Availability GoToMeeting integration withConverge Enterprise CRM is available free of charge. Instructions for the integration can be found at Converge Enterprise CRM application is available in three versions, namely – • Lite - $9.00 per User per Month • Professional - $29.00 per User per Month (most popular) • Premium - $59 per User per Month Free Trial is also available for 30 days, which can be upgraded to paid membership during that period or afterwards. To know more about Free Trial, check or call Converge Enterprise at 510.924.1683

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About Converge Enterprise Converge Enterprise is a long established company privately held and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Founded by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs, it has launched Converge Enterprise CRM - powerful all-in-one web-based Business Growth software. The objective – to enable users connect with their Customers, Partners and Employees through social and mobile cloud technology. The CRM application is specifically designed and developed to enable the small and medium sized businesses drive higher revenue by running all sales, marketing and customer-centric activities from a single integrated application.Customer service management, multi-channel marketing, business process automation, document management, partner collaboration, and dynamic reports and analytics are a few of the benefits rendered through Converge Enterprise CRM(featured in Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, and The Miami Herald). For more information about Converge Enterprise and Converge Enterprise CRM, please visit

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