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July | August  2011

Publisher Brenda Jane Johnstone

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5 WCSA and NACS Address Nutrition and Obesity Getting the skinny on obesity and making it a national (and natural) discussion. 7 A Closer Walk with Tea Angela Altass discovers how diversified the unique drinks market is rapidly becoming, as savvy retailers seek out alternatives to the sugar pop blues. 9 Ice, Ice Baby Angela’s back and this time she’s craving something a little colder and bolder. 15 Getting Through the PCI Tornado You protect your home, why not outfit the financial security of your business in a similar fashion says Shekar Swamy. 23 Can Your Pressure Washer Clean Interiors Too? It’s green, yet clear. It’s affordable, yet priceless. Clearly, it’s steam’s turn now asserts Ryan Salkaln. 25 In the Nick of Time The spirit of St. Louis is firmly ensconced in the reliable machines of PDQ equipment, which have helped Wallis Companies wash away the competition, writes David Dougherty. 29 Winks Special Feature 69 When the Smoke Clears Carter Hammett learns that there’s much more to electronic cigarettes then meets the nose... 72 North Meets Need Despite widespread and longstanding social problems and poverty, our neighbours to the far north are among Canada’s most generous people. What’s up with that? 74 Fleet Managers Feel the Pressure Technology to the rescue again, as automated fuel management services offer you more control instead of letting your profits go with the flow. DEPARTMENTS 3 Publisher’s Message 4 Upcoming Events 19 What’s Up Down Under – Taxes and tobacco packaging conspire to eat C-store profits says David Burton. 53 UKBA Journal 76 Announcements 78 News Releases CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


Publisher’s Message Summer Time and The Living is Easy?

With summer heat just about ready to launch its blazing attack, now’s the perfect time for C-stores to start gearing up for a change of season, rolling out new merchandise and ramping up stock to include cold treats. What’s that? Need some assistance, you say? Require a fresh pair of eyes to help re-evaluate your offerings? Acquire cutting-edge new products? Lose some stale sellers? Well, fear not! Help is on the way! Our key story this issue features none other than that bastion of support itself, Winks. This banner program, offspring of industry leader Couche-Tard, managed by Macs, Winks brings unparalleled buying power to retailers, through the sheer size of its membership. Furthermore, a stellar in-store support program that includes assistance with visual displays, trend spotting and obtaining just the right equipment to ensure a smooth running C-store, Winks puts the value in “value-added.” We’re thrilled to be able to put them front and center this issue. Another service that Winks offers is product placement, which of course, helps to maximize impulse purchases. Summer’s an exceptional time to arrange frozen products near the entrance so consumers can grab products like ice cream and frozen fruit bars while “on the go.” It’s another component that guarantees summertime sales get amped up as people run in and out on their way to the beach or cottage. And what would summer be without the opportunity of quenching your thirst with a cold one? Well, okay, most of us will have to wait a long time for beer sales to become a reality in our stores, but in the meantime, why not consider a unique beverage? This is one sector where people are being drawn to new drink experiences, including those perceived as healthy or flavourful. With unique juices, teas and other bevvies carving out a niche for themselves, Convenience & Carwash Canada has the lowdown on what you need to keep your customers coming back. Speaking of returns, the second annual Western Convenience Store Golf tournie was an unqualified hit this year, a completely sold-out success, with a rousing good time had by all. I want to thank all of our attendees and sponsors that helped make this smashing good time that it was. With sales peaking so fast, I’d strongly encourage you to pencil in July 5, 2012, the target date of tournie #3, so you can stake your claim in the game too. Registration forms will be available mid-July on and the WCSA web sites. Watch this space for further details. And with that, we’re off to the races! We hope you have a wonderful season filled with fun, family and refills! Now get out there and get your summer on!

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July | August  2011

NACS Global Forum:

WCSA and NACS Address Nutrition and Obesity Gone are the days where C-stores were perceived as junk food distributors. Now they have a valuable role to play as socially-conscious purveyors of healthier choices. At the NACS Global Forum held in Vancouver recently, Hank Armour, president and CEO of NACS , and Wayne Hoskins, president WCSA representing WCSA and CCSA, discussed approaches to nutrition and obesity in North America. NACS agreed that it all comes down to choices…. “better choices” and how we can work together to educate our customers. In Canada, we tend to be more jurisdictional and inclusive with health issues, with our provinces and territories driving the agenda until we can agree on a national position and course of action. Collaboration and unity of purpose is the issue here, and being able to use the existing resources of all stakeholders, including manufacturers, brokers, distributors, levels of government and others, to form “partnerships with purpose”. We should be able to use what we already know to demonstrate where we need to go? Various non profit health service providers are already at the table. We now are too, and we

are inviting all suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to join us together to address something that is as simple as “choices” and knowing which are better for you. In BC, Premier Christy Clark has committed to a “Families First” agenda which dovetails perfectly with “better choices” for government to support the people they were elected to serve and hopes it will be a template for other jurisdictions to adopt. In 2010, WCSA embarked on a similar discussion with Kevin Falcon, then Minister of Health and Ida Chong, then Minister of Sport and Healthy Living about declaring war on obesity. We started talking about fountain drinks and cup sizes initially and quickly moved to what goes in the cup. The myth about fountain drinks is that the ice added reduces sugar. But why focus on just one part of the equation? We took a broader look at all we consume and added in a way to burn the calories to be effective. The perception of C-stores being purveyors of “junk food” has changed

as over the last decade we have emerged as food service outlets.

Gone is the image of: • A coffee and donut stop for breakfast as we now offer healthier products like granola, yogurts and fresh fruits • A hot dog and pop for lunch as we now offer wraps, pitas, savoury pockets, salads, soups, eat in or take out • A sugar hit and a coffee on way home for dinner as we now offer eat-in or take home meals from our in-store kitchens. We need to focus on education and our ‘better for you ‘assortment and WCSA has committed to helping identify these products and all stores that sell them. We will have more to announce in the coming months, so stay tuned and if you want to join the Healthy Convenience Stores Initiatives Team, email me




July | August  2011

A Closer Walk with Tea

By Angela Altass

More and more retailers are diversifying their beverage lines with healthier and unique alternative potables, proving you can be a savvy retailer and still get your zen on.

Whether quenching a thirst, grabbing a quick drink on the go or looking for a drink to share with a special friend, people are attracted to new drink experiences, especially those boasting new flavours or health benefits. “Consumers are always looking for new products and flavours, especially functional products which help them to get nutrients,” says Martin Demers, brand manager, A. Lassonde Inc. “Unique beverages are growing in popularity in Canada. Consumers of all ages are looking for a way to increase their daily intake of nutrients.” Lassonde just launched four juices, Orange NFC, Apple NFC, Black Cherry-Blackberry and CranberryLemonade, in 300 ml bottles in the refrigerated section under the Oasis brand that meet the growing demand for single serve formats, says Demers, who suggests retailers might consider offering combination specials, such as a salad and smoothie or a muffin and smoothie for the busy consumer on the go.

“Everyone is looking for the next innovative fruit or fruit combination and the best way to deliver the freshest beverage experience possible,” says Paul Parolin, vice president of sales with Happy Planet Foods Inc., “which is why our mission statement starts with to astonish your taste buds.” Happy Planet Foods is working on some new beverage creations that the company hopes will be ready to launch early next year. “We just launched two new and unique antioxidant juices across Canada,” says Parolin. “The first is our Organic Acai Berry Bliss juice, which comes in a 1.89L carton and contains the antioxidant goodness of acai, blackberry and blueberry. This is the first fresh acai juice in the dairy section and it is also organic, which adds to its uniqueness and delicious taste. The second new offering is our Pomegranate Anti-ox Smoothie in a 325 ml grab and go format with our proprietary berry boost to help battle those pesky free radicals.”



laxation aids made from a proprietary blend of botanical inThe unique beverage market has been extremely comgredients in a zero calorie, sugar-free, berry flavour formula. petitive with what seems to be new players every week, comThe convenience beverage market has come a long way ments Parolin, who says that to fit into the unique category a since the days when it consisted only of a couple of flavours beverage has to provide the consumer with a unique experiof carbonated drinks, notes Blair Wankling, vice president of ence by having one or more unique ingredients or a unique sales with Harlan Fairbanks, which features frozen cappucproduction process. cino, frozen hot chocolate and fruit flavoured smoothies as “A good example of this would be not from concentrate some of its newer products along with its popular ICEE froBlood Orange Juice pasteurized with HPP (high pressure paszen beverages. teurization),” notes Parolin. “This would provide the consumer with a truly unique beverage experience. It would be like “ICEE is huge in the United States but is relatively new to drinking the Blood Orange Juice on the day it was pressed.” Canada,” says Wankling. “While frozen slush beverages are a summer time ritual, they sell amazingly well year round as well.” Relaxation beverages are gaining increasing attention from those consumers who are looking to wind down a busy, Harlan Fairbanks distributes products such as ICEE in fast-paced daily grind. Western Canada, from Thunder Bay to Vancouver Island. “We live in a high-stress, amped-up, always-on-the-go soWankling advises retailers to know their area and the deciety, which is why energy shots mographic profile of their conhave grown into a huge catsumer-base. egory,” says Paul Fuegner, chief “Take a look at who your cusmarketing officer, ViVa Bevertomers are,” he says. “Is it adults ages LLC. “We see tremendous coming home from work or high opportunity in alternatives to all school students and target your those energy drinks by helping marketing to your core customer people relieve tension and ease demographic.” their minds. There’s no question Wankling says having signage that relaxation beverages are Palacios suggests that retailers make the healthier outside can attract customers into gaining traction among con- flavourful beverages that consumers are seeking easy a store for particular products and to find with eye level displays in a location where sumers.” then it is important to have signs Marley Beverage Company is customers can see them when walking into the store. in store to direct those customers manufacturing and marketing drinks in a joint partnership with ViVa Beverages. Marley’s Mellow Mood, which was released in Canada in 2010, is a new line of 100% natural relaxation teas and sodas created in partnership with the family of singer-songwriter Bob Marley. Available in the two varieties of lightly carbonated sodas in berry and citrus flavours and ready-to-drink cold teas, including green tea with honey and black tea with fruit flavours, the Marley family has crafted natural botanical ingredients sourced from around the world into the Mellow Mood relaxation beverages. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Marley’s Mellow Mood goes to, the Marley family non-profit initiative that supports charities that empower youth, protect the planet and promote peace. “With the intense competition both in the relaxation category and in the broader lifestyle category, it’s important to be vigilant about the brand’s authenticity,” says Fuegner. In addition to Marley’s Mellow Mood, ViVa Beverages intends to launch a ready-to-drink coffee through its partnership with Marley Beverage Company. The ViVa Beverages portfolio also launched Quick Beverages SLEEP and Quick Beverages RELAX in March, which are liquid sleep and re8 

July | August  2011

to what they are looking for. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and are looking at ingredients and the functionality of beverages, says John Palacios, director, sales & marketing, Planet E Beverages Inc. “We created the UrbanZen Tea brand in 2005 and it has been growing across Canada since then. UrbanZen Tea is freshly brewed infused whole leaf green tea with juice. We freshly brew hand picked premium whole leaf green tea, spring water, honey, jasmine flower in an actual real brew. Then we add juice, natural flavour-essence, and a little cane sugar which goes right into the bottle. We do not use any tea extracts, powders or concentrates in our manufacturing process.” Palacios suggests that retailers make the healthier flavourful beverages that consumers are seeking easy to find with eye level displays in a location where customers can see them when walking into the store. Beverages can catch the consumer’s eye with promises of unique characteristics such as exciting flavours and healthy ingredients. Stores just need to let their customers know that they are available so they can decide which unique beverage they want to try next.

By Angela Altass

Ice, Ice

Baby! Looking something different to satisfy that craving for cold? Sample some of these diverse delectables….

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold delicious treat on a hot summer’s day? Frozen novelty items remain popular with all age groups, even during those days when there’s less heat to beat.



people are interested in trying our new products because they offer a healthy alternative to sugary products.


July | August  2011

“When potential franchisees or distributors speak to our franchisees, they are pleasantly surprised to learn that sales occur during the winter as well,” says Linda Kamm, president of Happy & Healthy Products Inc. “Our bars can be easily enjoyed on the beach or around a roaring fire during the holidays.” Even the economy doesn’t seem to impact on frozen novelty sales. “The market has not changed very much during the economic slowdown,” says Kamm, whose company produces Fruitfull Bars, Fruit Goodness Bars, and Happy Indulgence Decadent Dips. “Due to their price points, frozen fruit bars and other novelties remain an affordable option for every family to enjoy in the home or on the go. As the economy rebounds we anticipate the market to only get better.” Happy & Healthy Products Inc. offers products made with 100 percent all natural ingredients with large pieces of real fruit in every bar and Kamm feels the trend to healthy products will continue as retailers stock products that connect their brand to the healthier food and snack options that consumers are requesting. In Canada, the company cur-

rently has a distribution agreement with Natural Fruition Inc., located in Ontario. “We think that consumers are looking at three things – taste, nutrition and cost,” says Kamm. “All of our Fruitfull Bars are gluten-free. The gluten-free trend seems even bigger in Canada than in the United States from what we have observed. In the frozen fruit bar industry, we find that people are interested in trying our new products because they offer a healthy alternative to sugary products. Our watermelon bar even has the seeds in it because it has whole chunks of watermelon. Consumers love that!” Frozen fruit bars do incredibly well near the front entrance and by the checkout counter at convenience stores because they are an impulse buy, says Kamm.

“People see them as they’re leaving, crave one and can grab one or two for a small amount of money,” she says. Although they sell year round, frozen novelties hit their peak during hot weather. “Novelties for the most part are an impulse purchase,” says Joe Kelsey, co-owner, Twirlees Ice Cream. “This is why sales are often much higher during the spring/summer and drop off dramatically during the winter, especially with freezers in variety stores. Most people are not thinking about purchasing an ice cream in the middle of February when they run into a convenience store to get some lottery tickets.” Novelty sales in Canada are much lower than scooped ice cream and soft serve, says Kelsey. “I personally think the novelty market is oversaturated,” says Kelsey. “The United States has much more exciting novelties produced by numerous companies. Canada is ready for exciting new novelty products. We wanted to bring a product to market that had the simplicity as a prepackaged novelty but with sales like soft ice cream and we

Phone: 800 871-7770 or



You need to offer a super premium bar, a cone, a sandwich and a water ice product.

found the solution in individually portioned soft ice cream. It’s very much like the Tassimo concept where we can go from one flavour to the next all from one compact machine. To be called ice cream legally in Canada there must be at least 10% milk fat in the product and our product is real quality ice cream.” Frozen novelties are consumed by everyone, says Gina Kiroff, senior brand building manager, Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever Canada. “As the warm weather approaches we are always looking for new ways to enjoy and beat the heat – frozen novelties is one of the best ways to do both,” says Kiroff. “The overall frozen novelties market is underdeveloped in Canada. We are always working on new and exciting products but right now we’re most excited about the Canadian launch of Magnum ice cream. As of May 12, Magnum ice cream has achieved full national distribution at grocery and convenience stores from coast to coast. In Canada, some of our other frozen novelty brands are Ben




July | August  2011

& Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike and Popsicle.” Frozen novelties are more popular than ever because they bring excitement with many new flavours and formats introduced each summer to delight consumers and meet their cravings, says Kiroff. “What we know is that out-of-home ice cream consumption is motivated by a craving and tends to be an impulse purchase versus planned,” says Kiroff. “Location of the freezer cabinet in the store is the key to driving ice cream sales. The ice cream needs to be visible and accessible for when the craving hits. Therefore, the ideal placement is near the cash register and near other confectionary products like chocolate, candy and chips.” Although a wide variety is not necessarily important, it is necessary to have the right mix of product in-store, says Melissa Coughlan, TransCold Distribution Ltd., a wholesale distributor for various brands as well as the manufacturer of Sara’s Premium Ice Cream. “You need to offer a super premium bar, a cone, a sandwich and a water ice product,” says Coughlan. “By offering this selection you will have what your customer is looking for. The newest, coolest and most exciting in the frozen novelties market this year is Magnum Ice Cream. Real Belgium chocolate covering Breyers vanilla ice cream – this is the ice cream bar of the season. Consumers love innovation from their trusted ice cream manufacturers.” Although consumers are always interested in new products, they tend to compare them with what they already know, says Debbie Josephs, marketing associate, Kisko Products, which has added Welch’s 100% Juice Ice Bars and Kisko Plus Freezies with added Calcium and Vitamin D to its product line. “Frozen novelties is becoming very competitive as

more healthy alternatives hit the market,” says Josephs. “The line of products has expanded to include those with smaller serving sizes and low calorie counts. Consumers still love frozen desserts and snacks. Our freeze pops are still regarded as a seasonal product but the 100% juice freeze pops are becoming more of a mainstay in a lot of healthier diets.” Canada, however, still only offers a portion of the mega brands that other countries, such as the United States, have available, says Gino Polo, director of sales

Frozen novelties are items that don't generally get consumed in 30 seconds. They are seven-10 minutes of a very satisfying treat – Canada, The Jel Sert Company. “We have Kool Pops, which are soda pop flavoured frozen treats, and our Hawaiian Punch freezer bars are selling well,” says Polo. “We use real concentrates for all of our licensed products.” The three words ‘cold’, ‘wet’ and ‘sweet’ sum up what consumers, whether children or older “closet freezie eaters,” are looking for, says Polo. “Consumers are always looking for the fun element in a frozen novelty item,” he says. “Frozen novelties are items that don’t generally get consumed in 30 seconds. They are seven-10 minutes of a very satisfying treat that can bring back some great memories of being a child.”



Going Through the PCI Tornado

By Shekar Swamy

You protect your home…your business needs protecting too! Confusion, anger, bewilderment and indifference used to be the typical reactions to PCI compliance in the U.S. and Canada. I am not surprised by any of these reactions when I see them while working with hundreds of retailers in many markets. What I am seeing now is fear, trepidation and a sense of resignation. There is no question in my mind that many C-store operators, petroleum marketers and retailers think that PCI compliance is too hard and perhaps not worthwhile. It is hard, it is difficult to stay compliant and yes, it can be expensive. All of these are true and as a C-store operator it may be difficult to come to grips with. So the question is, should you even bother? Can you get away without doing anything about it? Is there a quick fix - like ‘PCI compliance in a box’? There is no way around it and there no such thing as ‘PCI compliance in a Box’. It requires heavy lifting. Get ready to go through the PCI Tornado! PCI compliance requirements are global. It is the same set of data security standards for all countries. Compliance requirements do not change even in a ‘Chip and PIN’ environment like Canada and Europe.

You are responsible for compliance at your stores At the end of the day, the only questions I believe that are relevant are how important is your business to you and are you prepared to

protect it? A credit card breach can kill your business. If you haven’t lived through a breach – then you cannot possibly know what it’s really like. Believe me, it is not pretty. So there is no way out. Learn to go through the PCI tornado and get after it. To be sure, PCI compliance is more about security practices that a merchant should have in place regardless of the stipulation by your acquiring bank or the major card brands. It is similar to securing your home. Most of us have secured our home with security systems and employ a firm to monitor our home. Protecting retail systems and data at your stores are no less critical in this increasingly fraudulent climate. Protect your business and your brand. Now is the time to do it. Some c- stores and marketers we have talked to are under the impression that their major oil company or card processor will take care of compliance. Some have been told that if their POS systems are designated as compliant then, they are all set. Others think that if they have a vendor come do an external scan of their systems, then they are PCI-compliant. To be sure, each retailer is responsible for maintaining PCI compliance. If you own the merchant ID, assume that you will bear the brunt of the financial exposure in the event of a breach. Depending on the extent of the breach, you may not survive the breach. Even if the major oil company owns the merchant CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


ID, a marketer bears financial liability if the breach occurred at a retail site operated by a C-store or marketer. To complicate matters further, laws are being enacted to protect nonpublic customer information including cardholder information breaches. Beyond the fines imposed by the acquiring banks, you may be liable for additional fines. If you are a retailer or a marketer, it would be prudent on your part to become familiar with the laws of your province to get a far better understanding of the potential financial exposure you have in the event of a breach. Can you imagine the paperwork and time consuming support you have to provide to the forensic auditors, lawyers and financial institutions to deal with a breach? Firms that have experienced a breach will tell you that it can consume many months of work to get through the process – long after a breach has occurred. And, they have to behave like a large retailer and go

through an extensive annual compliance audit.

What Is Your Merchant Level? There are four levels for merchants: Level 1 Merchants who process over 6 million transactions annually of MasterCard or VISA Level 2 Merchants who process between 1 million to 6 million transactions annually of MasterCard or VISA Level 3 Merchants who process between 20,000 to 1 million transactions annually of MasterCard or VISA Level 4 Merchants who process less than 20,000 transactions annually of MasterCard or VISA All merchants have to be compliant with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), regardless of their merchant

level. In addition, Level 1 and Level 2 merchants need to be prepared to get an external assessor to conduct a security audit and submit a Report on Compliance (ROC). Each card brand has its own minimum requirements and you need to talk to your acquiring bank to determine their requirements for you. Don’t be surprised if the person you are talking to at your acquiring bank is not able to properly guide you. Many of their representatives are clueless and may give you bad information. The smart thing to do is to verify.

What is an SAQ? SAQ or Self-Assessment Questionnaire is the form that you need to fill out to demonstrate compliance and then sign the attestation form to confirm that you are compliant with PCI DSS. There are basically two forms you need to be concerned with: SAQ C – this is the shorter form with 80 questions. It is simpler to fill out if

Fuel Dispenser Solutions for EMV Chip and PIN

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July | August  2011



6/10/2010 9:03:03 AM

you qualify. My opinion is that it is hardly worth the trouble. SAQ D- is the long form with 286 questions that you need to answer and then sign the attestation of compliance. Most multi-location c-stores have to complete the SAQ D. Just remember that regardless of which SAQ you fill out, you still have to be compliant with the entire data security standards.

Are You Compliant If You Fill Out the SAQ C? Highly unlikely is the short answer. PCI is not about completing forms. It about securing your stores! The short form just makes it a little easier to fill out and submit. You are still agreeing to be compliant with all of the requirements of PCI DSS – yes, all 286 questions! This is the tornado I am referring to. You might as well be compliant with SAQ D and fill it out completely It can be daunting and it can be frustrating. You really should get help from people who do this all the time. Trying to do it yourself is not easy and certainly not prudent. You also may not know if you filled it out correctly. Even the questions may seem like trick questions. Some people may tell you that you don’t need to maintain logs if you qualify for SAQ C. That is absolutely incorrect. You still have to have proof of compliance and all the PCI requirements apply.

How Do You Get Through the PCI Tornado? The most important thing to keep in mind is not to panic. It is possible to achieve and maintain PCI compliance for any retailer, once you have made a commitment to become compliant. PCI compliance is achievable without hiring additional staff or blowing your budget. The key is to go through three steps: 1) Do a PCI readiness assessment: You can do this yourself or have a security strategist do it for you. This should not be a long process. All you are looking

for here is to get an understanding of what you need to do to become compliant and then determine the gaps. This will also help your senior management understand the extent of your compliance issues and risks. At the very least, start with external scanning of your retail site and home office to see what vulnerabilities are showing up. Then, attempt to answer the questions on a self-assessment questionnaire to see where there are

gaps and if you can provide evidence of compliance. There are online systems available to help you do this easily. The most important outcome of this readiness assessment is to develop an understanding of the extent to which you are non-compliant. As part of this assessment, determine what merchant level category you belong to. MasterCard now requires Level 2 merchants to do an onsite audit. So the rules are changing all the time.



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2) Find a solution to help you determine where your systems are in terms of compliance and fix any issues: The solution should allow you to constantly know that you are protected and close to being compliant. It’s impossible to be compliant all the time. • You should do PCI-certified external scanning, internal scanning and have the ability to fix the issues that these processes find. • Knowing where your gaps are is a start but having a system to fix the problems you are finding is far more important. Trying to manually patch your computers, track and log is next to impossible because it is a complex process. • No matter what you do as a retailer or marketer, you have to make sure it adds only a minimal amount of work to your staff’s responsibilities. If you have to add several people to do the work you are not approaching this correctly. • Remember, this is an everyday process and not just a one-time event. Scanning your systems internally for security gaps and looking for changes on a weekly basis will allow you to stay complaint and surely


July | August  2011

you can derive business benefits from secure systems that are always up-to-date. • It is not easy to fix the problems manually, one machine at a time, especially if you are a multi-store operator. There are automated solutions available as a service or installed at your home office to take care of monitoring, patching, logging and reporting and secure remote control. 3) Have a person independent of the company that did your systems assessment come back in to make sure all requirements have been met. Once you have a solution in place to manage and maintain compliance, it is a good idea to review both your practices and your system by someone who is an expert on compliance. This person or firm need not be an auditor. More importantly, an independent assessment of your systems and processes will give you the confidence that you are following sound practices. The senior management of a retail chain or marketer needs to be solidly behind the PCI compliance initiative and should know the risks involved in not becoming compliant and maintaining compliance. The fines are the

least of your worries. You cannot escape compliance. Do not take lightly what you need to do to protect your business and your stores. Once you go through the process, it would be a lot easier to do it the next year. Shekar Swamy is the president and senior security strategist at Omega ATC, a recognized provider of industryleading data security solutions that accelerate compliance with PCI DSS. He is the vice chair of the Data Security Committee of National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), PCI compliance speaker in SIGMA conferences and represents Omega ATC as a participation organization in the PCI Council. Shekar graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS degree in Systems and Management Sciences and an MBA degree. He can be reached at Shekar.

By David Burton

Troubles Down Under Proposed carbon taxes, tobacco packaging, obstacles to Aussie C-store profit

For our readers here in Canada (and around the world) Convenience World Editor David Burton takes a look at the issues facing the convenience channel in the Australian market. The sector is not alone in facing some of the trading challenges however, there are some unique obstacles in the way of achieving benchmark profitability that are exclusive to the P&C channel The conspiring forces include proposed government legislation on tobacco packaging restrictions and a carbon tax which are federal government initiatives. For our Canadian friends who know from firsthand experience about governments’ losing confidence motions in parliament, it should be noted that ‘down under’ we have a minority Labor government that governs



Coles supermarkets which also runs the Coles Express fuel chain, started a price war on fresh white milk in late January. This put the comparison between the private label brands at $1 per litre to the brands sold in P&C at around $2.50 per litre making the convenience channel totally uncompetitive

with the support of a handful of independents. The other issue around tobacco is loss of market share from the convenience channel to the supermarkets and the illicit trade. Then on a state government level there are issues, as commented on in a recent issue of Convenience World by Nick Moulis, general manager at the Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association [ACAPMA] regarding conflicting mandatory requirements by state and federal legislators for biofuels. Such confusion makes it hard for national and regional fuel operators, both the national chains, and the regional distributors to plan for the future. Moulis is calling for our federal government to develop a transport energy plan

Major Concerns for Aussie Household Budgets Back to the government, which in my mind is not always helpful to retailers. The proposed carbon tax, ahead any similar legislation in just about every major global economy, where shoppers like the ones who come into your convenience store, or stop by the get the Cadillac or Honda spruced up in the carwash, will raise fuel prices. In Australia where we sell regular ULP by the litre Woolworths CEO Michael Luscombe cited, in his Q3 results briefing, an average pump price of 136.0 cents per litre compared to 125.4 cents per litre for the corresponding quarter in F10. The cost at the bowser is already rising due to middle east uncertainty with the motoring public paying around 146 cents per litre in May. And, there is a multitude of voices (including the opposition and would-be government, the Liberal National coalition) saying that a carbon tax will add another two- to-five cents to the litre price. Higher cost for fuel- less discretionary money for shop purchases.

Supermarket Giants in Price War Australia has a supermarket industry dominated by two major chains, Woolworths the current strong market leader and Coles, the supermarket division of conglomerate Wesfarmers, which contains minerals and energy, insurance and other general retail divisions. They hold an 80 per cent share of the grocery market. As is the want of many supermarket operators globally, both Woolworths and Coles have petrol divisions, and link fuel discounts to their supermarket purchases. Coles supermarkets which also runs the Coles Express fuel chain, started a price war on fresh white milk in late January. This put the comparison between the private label brands at $1 per litre to the brands sold in P&C at around $2.50 per litre making the convenience channel totally uncompetitive. In late April Woolworths’ 3Q results showed that shop sales through its petrol division grew at 9.7 per cent while supermarkets (Woolworths report combined Food and Liquor division) grew at 4.6 per cent. I can hear readers asking ‘but isn’t that good for the convenience channel?’ The answer is a ‘yes, but!’ Over the years the supermarket duopoly has built up an unassailable position to the detriment of independents and the small supermarket chain, Franklin’s. There is every chance that, as sites become available, they will edge the independent fuel sites out of business in an attempt to dominate the petrol convenience segment.


July | August  2011

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The Regulator There have been calls for the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission to investigate the supermarkets for predatory pricing in the P&C segment for the use of limited time, extra fuel discount offers of up to 10 cents per litre for buying particular offers. ‘Spend $30 on produce and get 10cents of fuel’ was one. Others have included liquor, and spend $200 in total, to get the bonus saving. To date, the ACCC has refused to act. And, in relation to the milk discounting, the ACCC was criticized in a Parliamentary Inquiry as being a ‘toothless chihuahua’ So the nonsupermarket chains and industry bodies aren’t holding their breath in the wait for action.

The Next 12 Months Looking ahead, the issues that will shape up how the retailers and suppliers fare in P&C can be summarized as follows: > Increased pressure on consumer budgets from higher fuel and utility costs > Competition from supermarkets for traditional C-store sales driver categories

> Tobacco sales lost to supermarkets and illicit trade > Lack of NPD from major suppliers > The battle between tobacco manufacturers and government over loss of brand equity So down here in the antipodes, we are in for one heck of an exciting eight months as the balance of the year plays out. Industry bodies will be lobbying, interest groups will be countering, politicians will continue to get re-elected or thrown out of office. But the one thing that counts most for a convenience store or service station owner is turning a profit. Making sales is what counts, so let’s hope the obstacles built by government aren’t too high. Feedback David Burton is the Editor of Convenience World, the magazine for the convenience channel in Australia. He is also Consulting Editor for Retail World magazine which is the major source of industry news for supermarkets and grocery stores. Both magazines are published by Retail Media David has a background in sales and marketing in the food industry and was previously the Executive Director of the Australian Food Brokers Association.


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By Ryan Salkaln

Can Your Pressure Washer Clean Interiors Too?

The Steam Revolution Has Begun Steam is proving itself to be a viable alternative to traditional carwash cleaning methods. Affordable, green and user-friendly, it’s a method that’s finally here. Take everything you thought you knew about steam vapor machines and forget about it. A new breed of steam machines exist. Capable of cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors, steam machines are quickly becoming a fixture at car washes. In the auto industry, we refer to them as steam car wash machines. Imagine pre-rinsing a car during the winter without producing waste water. Steam quickly loosens brake dust, bugs and salt. Imagine using the same ma-

chine to remove grime and salt stains from floor mats, leaving them dry within seconds, not minutes. Steam quickly and effective penetrates upholstery without leaving it damp. Imagine adding an express detail to your car wash with minimal effort. Quickly clean both interior and exterior windows, door jambs, trunks, trunk gutters and perform spot stain removal. Using a steam car wash machine, you can do this and more. Steam car wash originated in South

Korea in 2003 to accommodate auto spas operating in the winter. The frozen run-off produced by traditional pressure washers became a liability for property managers. To prevent businesses from shutting down, Korean pressure washer manufacturers began manufacturing steam car wash machines, eliminating waste water altogether. In the U.S., steam car wash machines first became popular among mobile car wash operators for their cost saving benefits. For a mobile detailer, a steam car wash machine eliminates the need for a pressure washer, a waste water reclamation mat, a hot water carpet extractor, air compressor and various other tools and chemicals. Steam car wash machines consume very little water, allowing a mobile car wash operator to downsize their water tank requirement and improve fuel consumption. For tunnel wash operators, steam car wash can be incorporated into several stages of the car wash. The first stage is the pre-rinse. Steam will quickly break-up and loosen bugs, brake dust, ice, mud, and salt that has accumulated on the vehicle’s surfaces. An operator can prerinse a car in the middle of winter without producing waste water or getting clothes or shoes wet. The end result is much



cleaner car, a reduction in water consumption, and a comfortable employee. Steam quickly revives floor mats that have hardened due to salt stains and grime. First, remove the floor mats from the vehicle. Second, apply steam to the floor mats or use a combination of steam and general upholstery cleaner. Third, quickly vacuum the floor mats to remove loosened contaminants and absorb excess moisture. Unlike traditional injector/ extractors, floor mats will be dry within seconds, not minutes. Steam car wash machines can also be applied to the “express detail” stage of a car wash. Steam will clean both door jambs and trunk gutters quickly; without using chemicals. Steam can eliminate the need to dry a vehicle using an air compressor. Using steam and a chamois, an operator can dry the vehicle surface and remove any remaining contaminant that may have been missed by the tunnel wash. Simply spray and wipe. The

surface will be dry. This method will not remove wax. The sanitizing ability of steam is an unseen benefit but extremely marketable. When was the last time your customer sanitized their vehicle interior? What chemicals effectively kill bacteria and mold? Do you offer sanitation services? Steam kills bacteria on contact without the use of chemicals. Bacteria accumulates wherever food or beverages remain. Easily clean residue from inside cup holders; remove gum from upholstery and the greasy feeling from steering wheels. No chemicals necessary. In the last decade steam technology has improved substantially. Industrial steam car wash machines now produce continuous steam pressure and are built to endure. Standard features on many steam machines include dual hoses, continuous water feed, adjustable moisture control and hose lengths that exceed 65 feet. The long preheating times that

plagued many older steam machines are now a thing of the past. Steam car wash machines can now be operational in less than two minutes. Steam car wash machines truly benefit both the car wash operator and customer. The simplicity and cleaning power of steam allows a car wash operator to decrease chemical and water consumption and increase customer menu options with minimal effort. The customer benefits by receiving a much cleaner vehicle, both inside and out. With certainty of growth, early adapters will benefit from a competitive edge and greater customer satisfaction. Ryan Salkaln was first introduced to steam car wash machines in late 2007 while working overseas. He has traveled extensively to research and promote the development of the steam car wash industry. Ryan is now a sales manager at Steamericas Inc., a Korean steam car wash manufacturer.

STEAM CAR WASH Can your pressure washer clean interiors too? Use “Steam” as a Revenue Generator. > Easily add an express detail > Enhance pre-rinse using less water and chemicals > Clean and sanitize floor mats > No reclaim system required > Eco-friendly car wash


July | August  2011

By David Dougherty

In The Nick Of Time To help enhance its growth in the St. Louis car wash market, Wallis Companies relies on equipment from PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.



Ten years may seem like a long time, but when recalling the rate of passage of those years, the description of how the former millionaire lost all of his money often comes to mind: Little by little—then all at once. In the retail car wash industry, 10 years is a critical block of time since most pieces of car wash equipment can be expected to perform reliably, efficiently and economically for that time span. It’s when the conclusion of a decade— where did all that time go?—of reliable service approaches that car wash operators have to begin reassessing the peformance of their equipment, as well as evolving customer wash habits and market demographics, and decide whether repair, replacement, upgrade, or a switch to a new supplier with new, cutting-edge wash technology is the best way to head into the future. Wallis Companies found itself in that position in 2001. Founded in 1968 in Cuba, MO, located 80 miles southwest of St. Louis, when Bill Wallis, and his wife Lynn, purchased a small gasoline distributorship there, Wallis has grown to become one of the Midwest’s leading distributors and retailers of petroleum products under the Mobil, BP, Conoco and Phillips brand names. As a top distributor for ExxonMobil since 1996, Wallis has converted many of its C-store locations to ExxonMobil’s “On The Run” concept, which was introduced in 2000. In 2001, the 10-year in-service window for most of the equipment at Wallis’ 30-plus retail car washing sites, many of which are situated in the St. Louis metropolitan area, was closing. In assessing the performance of its touch-free in-bay wash systems, Wallis management determined that it wasn’t 100% satisfied with the performance of the current equipment in place and began looking for a new equipment supplier that could help it “reload”—to use the Wallis vernacular—its sites. 26 

July | August  2011

The Challenge Saying you need a new supplier and finding the right one are two completely different things. On top of that, as Wallis began its search, it noticed how much more sophisticated car wash equipment had become, with a slew of technological advances entering the market, all of which promised to deliver a cleaner, more satisfying wash experience—but at what cost? “As car wash equipment has gotten

more technologically advanced, the equipment has become more challenging,” explained Chad Wallis, general manager of Wallis Companies. “Challenging in a good way in that you’re getting top performance and the most advanced equipment with improved services, but along with that you’re challenged with increased cost of operation and cost of ownership. It’s become a balancing act.” A pivotal component in achieving that balance is the customer. A car

Branching Out

While 2001 was the year that Wallis Companies began reloading many of its car wash sites with new equipment and systems from PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., it was also a pivotal year for the company’s business portfolio. It was the year that Wallis founded the Great River Wash Company, headquartered in Pacific, MO, about 30 miles from St. Louis. Great River Wash is a full-line distributor of car wash services, equipment, chemicals and supplies. As fate would have it, at the time Wallis was bringing Great River Wash online, PDQ was having some difficulties making inroads into the St. Louis wash market. But with Wallis Companies on board as a prominent new user of PDQ wash systems and Great River Wash ready to begin business as a car wash equipment distributor, the timing couldn’t have been better for PDQ to renew its efforts to make

a push into the St. Louis market. “Knowing the reputation of PDQ and knowing our connection with the St. Louis market, we thought it was not only a good opportunity to reload our sites with PDQ equipment, but to then go out and sell their equipment to the market,” said Chad Wallis, general manager of Wallis Companies. Since its inception, Great River Wash has distributed in-bay automatic car wash equipment from just one company: PDQ Manufacturing, Inc. Having success in using the PDQ equipment has also paid dividends for Wallis on the distributor side at its Great River Wash subsidiary. In fact, being both a user and a seller of PDQ equipment has created a mutually beneficial relationship between the two facets of the Wallis operation. “It’s been a good situation for us in the sense that we’re able to really

know the business from both ends of the spectrum, and that’s challenging for a lot of retailers to know,” said Wallis. “Car washing is not an atmosphere that is conducive to the equipment that is used—with all of the water, the electrical connections and the harsh chemicals, it’s hard to keep a car wash operating correctly all the time. On the retail side, it allows me to understand and have some compassion with the site operator that the equipment will not work 100 percent all of the time—and that’s the case with all brands of equipment.” In the end, the story of the relationship that has developed between Wallis Companies and PDQ is the result of a coincidental—and ultimately fortuitous—confluence of circumstances that came together a decade ago, one that has benefited both companies in the ensuing years.


What are car wash owners saying about the Washworld Razor?

use they have the “We bought the Razors mostly beca latest technology. antage because The Virtual Attendant is a huge adv s. Our hine mac the t y-si bab you don’t have to ing them in our putt for us ked than e hav rs ome cust wash.” Greg Thompson Mass Avenue Car Wash ple and service are “The machine is awesome, the peo excellent piece of an is second to NOBODY. The Razor equipment.” Scott Ford Soapy Sadies Car Wash

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It’s the Why the rave reviews for Razor? h Razor features that come standard wit that make the difference...

need to be on site •Virtual Attendant®– eliminates to reset the wash • Smooth radial arch motion & side application • FlexPass® system – One pass top ; increases arch ugh thro go of anything that can thru-put a clean treadle free • VS2® – Vehicle Sizing System, design mal front & rear • Triple pass technology for opti cleaning es need for tires & • Belt drive technology eliminat inner tubes

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wash can have all the bells and whistles, but, in the end, if it doesn’t produce a vehicle that has been cleaned to the customer’s level of expectation then it will drive that customer away, as well as limit the number of new customers that might frequent the wash. So, that was the mindset that Wallis carried into its search for a new car wash equipment supplier.


While bad word-of-mouth can chase car wash customers away, some good word-of-mouth eventually helped Wallis decide on a new supplier for its in-bay automatic car wash equipment—PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., De Pere, WI, the world’s leading manufacturer of touch-free car wash systems. The first model of PDQ equipment to grace Wallis’ wash sites was the LaserWash® 4000, which PDQ had introduced to the market in 1989 and had subsequently watched grow into the standard-setter in touch-free in-bay automatic wash systems. Since equipping its washes with the original LaserWash 4000, Wallis has gone on to take advantage of the advancements in wash technology that PDQ has introduced over the ensuing years. Other PDQ touch-free in-bay systems that have graced Wallis sites include the LaserWash® M5, which is designed to be simple to use, easy to maintain and affordable; the LaserWash® G5 S-Series, which features real-time system monitoring, valueadded wash options and a customerfriendly, energy-efficient design; and the new-and-improved LaserWash® that offers Smart 360™ Technology designed to make the machine more responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay, resulting in increased up time and an optimized wash process. 28 

July | August  2011

Now, fast-forward (see, time does fly) to 2010. The end of another car wash equipment cycle is approaching and Wallis is beginning the reassessment process to determine which of its sites need to be reloaded. They find that there is an exciting new option from PDQ, which has developed and released the Tandem® RiteTouch Vehicle Wash System to the market. Billed as a wash that allows you to “differentiate your site from the competitors,” the Tandem® RiteTouch revolutionizes car washing by providing customers with a bright, wide open and inviting wash bay while providing a superior wash. The Tandem® RiteTouch has been designed to provide full-body detergent coverage with two-brush, two-bridge engineering that delivers consistent cleaning performance with minimal brush contact, allowing the system to actually touch the vehicle 70% less than the typical three- or five-brush friction-wash system. The result is a wash system that touches the vehicle as little as possible, but still supplies the proper amount of touch to provide superior wash quality. In addition, the Tandem® RiteTouch is designed with no floor treadle or guide rails, allowing customers with the largest SUVs and trucks to enter the site with ease…an important factor with new and existing customers. This happens to be just what Wallis is looking for as it assesses the state of its wash systems and the needs of its customer base. Wallis is also always on the lookout for growth opportunities, so any new sites that may be in the offing, or any acquired sites that feature car wash operations, will also be candidates for a reload with the Tandem system. “We used to be completely touchless, but since PDQ introduced the Tandem machine I became a big fan because it does such a great job of

cleaning all types of vehicles,” said Wallis. “We recently loaded a new-toindustry site with a Tandem and the customers really like the cleanability of the machine. At that point, with all the features the system has, I recognized the benefits and decided to look at Tandems for every single car wash we have where we’re reloading or putting a new wash in.”


What began in 2001 as a way for Wallis Companies to improve the operations at its retail car wash sites has grown in the ensuing decade into a partnership that not only has produced numerous benefits for it and PDQ, but also happier car wash customers and more satisfied car wash operators. “We’re very happy with PDQ, they’re very good to us and I’ve really enjoyed the relationship we’ve had with them,” said Wallis. “The dependability of the LaserWash® 4000—the machine we started with, which was the industry standard in touchless cleaning—and PDQ’s continued efforts to advance the technology from an in-bay automatic perspective, as well as the introduction of the Tandem® RiteTouch system, has convinced us that PDQ is the best in-bay automatic car wash company to partner with.”

About the author: David Dougherty is the senior product manager for in-bay automatics at PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., De Pere, WI. He can be reached at

WINKS WORKS Winks has made gains in the Canadian C-store marketplace by celebrating the independent nature of the industry and showing the way with best practices

THE WINKS TEAM (L-R): Yvonne Richards, Jeff Poulin, Trish Deeprose, Dene Hargreaves


usiness is tougher than ever. Daily, Canada’s C-stores battle against competitive local markets, rising costs of doing business, and tricky operational details. Margins are sometimes slim and as a result somewhere around 500 convenience retailers close their doors each year. With this in mind it has become essential to have good people in your corner. Enter Winks, a Banner Program operated by Mac’s and its parent, C-store industry leader Couche-Tard, a multi-national player with the kind of clout and business acumen that keeps stores on the right side of the ledger. “We bring the added value that makes a real difference to retailers. When you are part of the Couche-Tard family you are never alone thanks to the power of more than 6,000 outlets in the US and Canada,” says Dene Hargreaves, Director, Winks Affiliate Program. He mentions that the sheer size of Couche-Tard and its business units brings buying clout that few manufacturers and distributors can ignore. However, Hargreaves mentions that Winks is so much more than a buying group. “This is just one aspect, albeit a powerful one. Winks truly offers a complete store support program where retailers can turn to us for help on things like creating winning in-store displays and obtaining the right equipment and systems to stay on top of evolving trends. We touch every aspect of the convenience store environment

ks n i W o t ons i t a l u h, t t a w r o g r n g o C ed u n i t n o c r, on their r bread partne u from yo akeries. B Weston

and, given our history and current scope, we do so with a studied professionalism few others in the industry can touch”. According to Hargreaves, the beauty of the program is that it allows entrepreneurs to maintain their independence while receiving the benefit of solid business advice and programs. “We don’t dictate. We understand that in most cases it’s the operator that has the best understanding of their unique needs and their individual markets. For example, the operator decides if they want to go with a Winks marquee or stay with their own signage. The group strives to fill in the gaps and make good businesses even better by enhancing the tool set. Stores aren’t joining a franchise here – the operators make the decisions on how to run their store. We are there to assist them to become better independents by sharing our decades of C-store knowledge and access to funds and support that they would not normally have access to as a single unit operator”. How did Winks get its start? According to Hargreaves, the concept was born of a desire to strengthen the industry. “Our company could see that a strong independent convenience store sector was important for the industry as a whole. When operations are poorly run and the sector is seeing a lot of closures it’s bad for everyone. The Winks Banner was created as a move to enhance the professionalism in the trade and help stores meet the changing realities of the market and the larger economy,” he says. “We never forgot our roots as a single-unit convenience store, and recognize the importance of helping the small convenience operator to keep a foothold in an increasingly competitive market place.” With these goals in mind, Mac’s Western Division teamed

Congratulations to Winks on the signing of your store From your friends at

Thank you for making us part of your success.

We understand that in most cases it’s the operator that has the best understanding of their unique needs and their individual markets.

Want fresh?

Count on us..

Core-Mark is proud to be the core supplier to the Winks network. Congratulations on your success as the premier Independent Convenience retailer program in Canada.

Contact your local Core-Mark office Ontario 1-877-864-0285

NW Ontario/Sask. 1-800-665-7575

Manitoba 1-800-982-7552

Calgary 1-800-242-8402

Vancouver 1-800-663-9963

The Winks team now services over 530 independent convenience operators, helping to build their sales and increase their earning potential using Mac’s philosophy of operating as a “chain of one�.

up with a number of its core suppliers to create Winks Independent Affiliate Program. Since its inception in 2003, the Winks program has been steadily growing in both number of affiliates and supply partners in a move to become Canada’s leading independent affiliate Banner. Winks is most prevalent in the west with 427 Affiliates. “BC is our largest group, whereas Alberta Winks outlets tend to have stronger per unit sales. Saskatchewan and Manitoba have a combined total of 77 Winks Affiliates” says Hargreaves, adding that there are a further 101 outlets in Ontario, a province that is seeing a lot of impetus thanks to rapid gains in banner signup. Winks has also recently entered into the US market, with Affiliates in California and Missouri. Altogether, the Winks team now services over 530 independent convenience operators, helping to build their sales and increase their earning potential using Mac’s philosophy of operating as a “chain of one”. Program support encompasses all aspects of C-store operations, from store layout to reduced pricing for monthly promotional features, and volume rebates

previously unavailable to independent convenience operators. Moreover, Winks supply partners include all the major national and regional brands in the DSD (direct store delivery) channel. Through its strong relationship with its suppliers Winks is able to provide preferred pricing, volume rebates, and service assistance to its members that was once available only to the chain convenience stores. In June 2006, Winks became the go-to-market program of choice for full service wholesaler Core-Mark International and this relationship continues today with great results. According to Core Mark International’s Corporate Account Manager Mike Jeppesen, the relationship is all about helping to provide greater choice and opportunity to the independent retailer. “Winks partnership with Core-Mark offers Independents a wealth of attributes; from order tracking and auto distribution to monthly promotions. Core-Mark provides rack programs with Smart Stock and even has a unique confectionery program called Cable Car Candy.

It’s not a matter of the retailer following rules – our Affiliates take our information, absorb it, and utilize the things that make sense for their unique business unit.

One of the exclusive benefits we are now offering through the Winks program is the Core-Mark Rewards program, which allows Winks Affiliates to accumulate points that they can use towards over 25,000 reward items. As Winks members, they are able to get bonus points as well on things like promotional items, distributions, and pre-packs. He reports further that they bring significant logistics to the table. For instance, Core -Mark is working to reduce DSD by third parties. “This reduces problems associated with large truck deliveries taking up room in parking lots. “We try to deliver in one load with trucks that have three temperature zones to accommodate a full range of items,” he says, commenting that Core-Mark offers 6,500 SKUs in their warehouse and can provide 24-hour turn around with a two-hour delivery window. “With hundreds of stores in the group we can offer preferred pricing to Winks Affiliates that others can’t match. Really, the whole idea is to make businesses successful. Both Winks and Core-Mark measure our success by the growth and gains of the stores. If they succeed, we succeed. And, while Jeppesen has remarked that they are working to reduce DSD, Winks has partnered with front line manufacturers that are regular parts of store service. For example, Old Dutch Foods utilizes owner operators (O/O’s) who offer a personal touch to bring goods and product knowledge straight to the retailer. Last year Winks made the move into Ontario and, according to Jeff Poulin, Program Manager for Winks Ontario, the

Congratulations Winks on your 500th Store from

growth has been amazing. In just over one year Poulin and his team have brought over 100 independent operators to the Banner and more are in the wings with pen in hand ready to sign. “The big thing is value, education, and training as well as access to great pricing and product assortment,” he says. “Nearly everywhere we look, Winks is doing better that the industry average.” As a total package Winks offers guidance in recognizing what the right products are to offer their unique customer base, and merchandising those items the right way. “Before we came along these independent operators were very reactionary to market trends. Being in their stores 24-7 made it difficult to know what was going on in other retail sites around them, so when they WERE able to visit other stores, they would grab on to marketing and merchandising concepts without thought of whether the offering was truly what their customers were looking for. By providing timely industry information through our Winks Links Newsletter, retailers are now better able to take advantage of the right opportunities as they arise and I think most if not all would agree that Winks has given them an edge in the market.” Understanding that the customers are not located within the four walls of an office, both Hargreaves and Poulin are constantly talking face-to-face with Independent retailers while on the road each week, meeting Affiliates and speaking to potential Winks retailers. Add to this, seven Ontario CoreMark field reps and 22 Western Canada Core-Mark field reps and it is easy to see the breadth of activity that is helping to

CHOOSE GLOBAL PAYMENTS PAYMENT PROCESSING SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE STORE Global Payments and Winks are pleased to offer you a full-service payment processing package for your convenience store. Choose Global Payments for custom-tailored solutions and a preferred rate for Winks affiliates. For more information, contact your local Winks representative, or contact: NHL and the NHL Shield are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. ©NHL 2011. All Rights Reserved. Hershey’s is a registered trademark of Hershey Chocolate and Confectionery Corp., used under license; © Hershey Chocolate and Confectionery Corp.

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Winks offers guidance in recognizing what the right products are to offer their unique customer base, and merchandising those items the right way.

deliver that edge. “By getting out into the stores you become part of the business in a very real way. It’s the only way to truly understand the Independent business and stay on top of what they need to help them grow their business.” says Poulin, remarking that the program is always evolving and adapting to suit the everchanging needs of convenience retailers. “By listening to our retailers needs, we are able to bring new opportunities to our program, for instance, recently we have been able to negotiate an extremely competitive dairy program in the Ontario market, and we are currently looking at training sessions where we bring retailers up-to-date on things like loss prevention and inventory control. We also partnered with Global to offer a reduced transaction fee for retailers who accept debit/ credit cards, and now provide free membership to Canada’s convenience store associations like the OCSA (Ontario Convenience Stores Association) and the WCSA (Western Convenience Stores Association). It’s all part of a total package that

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some suggest is too good to be true. I say the proof is in the rapid increase of Winks Affiliate locations across the country; evidence that operators are seeing very real benefits.” “What we provide to the Independent retailer makes good business sense – it’s not a matter of the retailer following rules – our Affiliates take our information, absorb it, and utilize the things that make sense for their unique business unit. Some items simply do not work for a particular store may be a lifesaver for a store across town. We help the retailers to review all the options, and the majority take advantage of the entire package that Winks has to offer.

Building Relationships

Cameron Smith and his wife Deneen Stebbings know a thing or two about relationships and meeting customer needs. The pair had operated a quick print shop for 20 years before settling in to run a couple of C-store locations in Saskatoon. They regularly saw how customers could be demanding. “If you can meet these demands you are away to the races no matter what business you are in,” says Smith, who remarks that it was Winks ability to walk the talk that got he and Deneen involved with the Banner in 2010. Smith reports that his wife had been operating a convenience retail site for a couple of years before they decided to join Winks. “We were involved with Gas Plus and they told us about Winks. When we met and Winks showed us the rebate program, the breadth of products, and things like delivery and store support from live representatives, it took about an hour

500 Morris National would like to congratulate Winks on reaching its 500 location milestone. With a true spirit of partnership we would like to wish Winks success & continued growth.

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Says Old Dutch Foods’ Account Manager, Dave Gorgenyi, their service has helped Winks Affiliates double sales of potato chip and corn snacks in just the past three years. “We work with nearly everyone in the convenience sector where we sell them goods or call on the store. We have seen the advantages of Winks and how it’s helped grow sales through professional business systems and solid understanding of the basics like merchandising.” Gorgenyi remarks that the Winks move into Ontario has greatly aided Old Dutch in its entry into the Ontario market as well. “At the beginning, Old Dutch O/O’s were finding retailers who were selling only competitors’ products when they went in to service accounts. “We could see this was wrong thinking because it left out those customers who preferred more choice of product. We showed that by having both Old Dutch and competitors’ products in their stores it was better for everyone, and the overall category sales increased for those retailers. Now we are working on promotions and assortment in a way that keeps the section fresh and new for customers. For instance, we are very big on cross merchandising and show retailers that with strong tortilla chip sales in July they should be adding salsa to the mix and of course, we have products to fill that need,” he says.

Dave Gorgenyi, Old Dutch Foods’ Account Manager

to decide and we have been glad ever since,” he says. Indeed, Smith and Stebbings looked at other programs and came to Winks with experience from an earlier C-store Stebbings ran in Pine Point. “What we found in Winks was a program with a dedicated rep that hits all the stores and works with each operator. For example, we just signed on for a Cable Car Candy display that has 20 skus of candy products. Our Core-Mark rep set it up and has been refilling it each time he comes in. Core-Mark is very hands-on and this is fine by us.” Smith is also looking to expand his offering and products assortment. For instance, he is having a lot of success with his foodservice section, noting he has just installed four Taylor slush machines. “Winks handled the ordering and the install for both stores. All we have to do is maintain them and ring in sales,” he says, pointing to Mother Parker’s Coffee service as another example of Wink’s customer responsiveness. “We wanted to upgrade our coffee program and Winks was able to obtain Mother Parker’s Exclusive line just for us.” Recently, Smith sought to expand selection and moved

into light grocery with canned soup and health and beauty products. “If people want it, we will bring it in. This is what convenience is all about, and Winks has helped us keep our promises to our customers - that helps us build relationships. For us relationships mean business and Winks has been a key player in helping us achieve this.”

Ready for Opportunities In Kelowna BC, Bill Meads and his family have been operating Pandosy Food Basket for almost a quarter century. So, when he looked around for programs that would help his business grow, Meads knew what he was looking for. “We were already dealing with Core-Mark and when they suggested we consider going with Winks for their programs we gave it some thought,” says Meads, who joined the Winks Banner in 2005. “I began to see how the small independent operator was getting a smaller share of the pie and felt that an alliance might be a good thing. For example, we were really relying

The Western Convenience Stores Association

WCSA congratulates Winks on signing their 500th store to Winks Affiliate Program Winks was a founding member of the WCSA in 2002 and provides outstanding service to retailers across Canada. All retailers participating in the Winks Affiliate Program are automatically members of the Western Convenience Stores Association and we invite you to visit for information on our training programs included with your membership.

on things like trade magazines for a lot of our information on trends. By joining with an organization like Winks we could obtain better data and trend studies and be in the running to take advantage of new things when they come along. For instance, when a new chocolate bar hits the market we have to be there with the item while it’s still news. Winks distribution agreement ensures I am the first on my block to automatically receive new product as soon as it is available.” Mead’s store is focused on supplying the host of apartment buildings that fill the residential area. He comments that at his 1500 square foot operation he offers about 6000 skus in smaller formats that work for his customers. “We don’t carry four liter milk because our customers tend to live in small apartments and we don’t see the large families. Our product mix has to be responsive to customer needs and this is one area Winks and Core-Mark have helped,” he says noting that he stocks more traditional grocery items than most C-stores and has added pastry and quick meal solutions as well as a greater assortment of fruits and veggies to complete a well-rounded mix. “I don’t carry a lot of extra inventory, and having good reps means I can stock almost on a ‘Just in Time’ basis because of the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery.” Meads comments that they wanted to maintain their independence and not brand their store with a corporate banner. “Winks understood this and since we signed up they have been offering us everything else. We get in-store signage to help us merchandise, assistance with layout and product assortment, first-to-market on new and limited edition products. They even help us obtain new equipment. For instance,

when we put in new shelving three years ago we were able to get a five per cent discount on more than $10,000 in equipment. This made a big difference for us.” According to Meads, they receive drop shipments every month. These are items on special promotion from CoreMark. “You are not required to take the goods, but we have only cancelled a couple of times over the years we have been in the program. This is all part of the flexibility of the system,” he says, pointing to the rebate program as another case in point. “Every quarter we get a rebate based on sales. We have always got money back and this can go to pay the quarterly fee Winks charges. The rebate has always covered this fee, so I guess you could say Winks costs us nothing to use. For my money, that sounds like a pretty good deal.”

Maintaining Independence When Manu and Harry Sohanpal wanted to create a stir in the local market with a banner that gave instant recognition, they came to Winks. This was in 2004 and Manu Sohanpal reports they turned to trusted friends and family for advice. “We were looking for a name that could stand out. We knew people who had a Winks banner and they told us it enhanced their visibility and created a certain recognition in the community,” she says, adding that brand identity was only one of the points that attracted them to Winks. “The banner helped at start-up, but we could see there could be other advantages to being part of a group. There is merchandising support and we get good pricing on products and equipment. We could also see that there was a possible down

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When Manu and Harry Sohanpal wanted to create a stir in the local market with a banner that gave instant recognition, they came to Winks.

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“We wanted to upgrade our coffee program and Winks was able to obtain Mother Parker’s Exclusive line just for us.”

side. For instance, if the chain could not deliver on promises or had problems, everyone would be in the same boat so I suppose you could say it offered a bit of leveling effect on the industry,” says Manu. She reports that Cochrane is in the midst of commodityfueled recession and they have seen their sales slide by 40 per cent in the town north of Calgary. “2007 and 2008 were boom years for us. Now things have declined quite a bit in the region and we are waiting for the economy to pick up.” While they wait for Alberta’s gas fields to start pumping again, the Sohanpals are expanding their offering with a stronger presence in foodservice. Tobacco is still number one, but now they are seeing growing sales from things like fried chicken, sandwiches and wraps as well as slushes. “For us the best thing was that my husband and I could work together. When we first started we did a daily commute from Calgary and this was hard. Now we are here in the community and close to schools and home. This is so much better and even though the hours are long and business is tough right now we are enjoying the experience,” she says, noting that even with organizations like Core-Mark and Winks behind you, success in C-store means dedication and drive. “The people at Winks and Core-Mark have allowed us to be an independent business where we make the decisions. We control the inventory and we decide the programs that go into the store. Yes, they are there with advice, but it is us that decides how to run our business. The affiliation is really the best of all worlds and having the banner has made a lot of sense.”

known name in the community, so we appreciated that we did not have to rebrand as a Winks.” In Navan, people tend to shop in larger centres for big grocery orders, so Bradley saw the opportunity to be there for them with cigarettes, DVD rental, bread, milk and liquor, a product range they sell from a dedicated 500 square foot LCBO outlet. “We are getting more into grab-and-go food items like Schneider sandwiches, Jimmy Dean products and we are looking at getting a roller grill. We get a lot of truck traffic coming through so it makes sense to have light meal items on hand for people on the go.” Bradley remarks that they are also looking at fresh flowers, thanks to a relationship with an Ottawa-based florist who lives in the community and drops off goods everyday on their way home. “In addition, we offer fresh cheese curds that come in four times a week and have local maple syrup in season,” says John, adding that Winks has really let them do their own thing. For example the Bradleys brought liquor into the mix in 2002. “This gives us great incremental sales with people coming in for a case of beer and picking up some chips or other snacks at the same time,” he says, noting that the liquor section is roughly 25 per cent of floor area. For the Bradleys it’s all about independence and having the ability to run the operation as they see fit. “Winks has been nothing if not highly flexible. They have recognized that we know our market and have a name that has lasted in this community. For us, they have been a tremendous resource that is continuing to be part of our profit picture as we move forward.”

Local Flavour The Bradleys have been shopkeepers in Navan, Ontario for well over 100 years. In that time they have become the goto place for staples and a bit of over-the-counter conversation that is characteristic of small town retail. The family opened the store in 1898 as a general merchandise and grocery outlet for the small town near Ottawa. During the early 1990’s the grocery property was run by an outside group as a Red & White store before John Bradley took it back and reframed the business as a convenience outlet. Certainly today’s, JT Bradley’s is different from the store John worked at as a boy, but the nature of the business is much the same with community and independence as cornerstones. “We joined up with Winks about a year ago because we felt we needed some fresh ideas and liked the advantages of membership,” he says, pointing to the rebate program, the breadth of products offered by Core-Mark, and the merchandising assistance from Winks. “We are very independent with a well-


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Creating a United Front

연방 및 각 주정부와의 적극적인 대

화 추진으로 소상공인 입지 강화 필 Small business owners need to strengthen 요 their positions by pushing ahead with 캘거리의 유월 날씨는 예년과 달리 aggressive talks with federal and provincial 현세를 살아가는 우리의 삶인듯 햇 governments. 살과 빗줄기가 변덕스럽게 오락가 Calgary’s fickle weather in June, as unpredictable 락 하며 총연합회 일행을 반겨 주 as our lives, has greeted us. By John Bok, KCCI 었습니다. Thanks to the enthusiastic caring help from President Calgary chapter president Mr. Shin and stake캘거리 지역협회 신익수 회장 이하 임직원들의 적극적인 협조와 holders, we completed the 2011 Annual General Meeting 따스한 보살핌 속에 2011년도 정기 총회를 별다른 어려움없이 치 without difficulty. The Calgary chapter is a growing association 루게됨에 감사드립니다. 캘거리 지구협회는 남부 알버타주와 남부 which covers the southern part of Alberta and Saskatchewan 사스캐치완 주를 관장하는 협회로 약 300여개의 사업체가 등록되 with about 300 registered members. According to the an어 활성화되고있는 협회입니다. 현지 회장단의 발표에 의하면 긴 nouncement by the chapter’s president, the chapter has paid 축재정 운영으로 자체건물의 융자금을 전액 상환하고 새로운 발돋 off the mortgage of their building by carrying out a tight financ움을 하기위하여 내실있게 준비중에 있다고 하여 반가웠습니다. ing policy, and it was good to hear that they are making prepa2011년도 정기총회에서는 여러 지역협회의 신임 회장단이 참석 rations for internal stability and improvement. 하여 공동관심사를 논의하였고 또한 각지역협회의 현안 및 미래에 At the AGM, new executive members from various provincial 발생될 수 있는 공급사와의 유대관계를 어떻게 유지할 것인가 하 chapters participated, discussed shared interests and pending 는 의제로 토의 하였습니다. issues, and how to maintain relationships with suppliers in the 특히 올해 처음으로 총연합회에 가입하고 총회에 참석한 New future. Brunswick 주의 이혁제 회장과 김대진 이사께 감사를 드립니다. Special thanks to president Hyukje Lee and Daejin Kim, di회원수 약 60여개 업소의 캐나다 동부 도시 St. John 에 본부를 rector of the New Brunswick chapter, who participated in the 두고 활동하는 NB주 협회 회장단과 회원여러분들의 신규 회원가 AGM for the first time since joining the association. We wel입을 지역협회 회장단 모두와 함께 환영하는 바입니다. come all members in the New Brunswick chapter. 이번 회의중에 논의된 주된 의제는 과연 현재의 불경기가 우리들 The AGM’s main agenda was the current recession’s dura에게 얼마동안 지속될것인가 와 향후 경기의 흐름은 어디로 갈것 tion and the economic outlook. 인가 하는 것이었습니다. Five suppliers have not presented distinctive sales, and the 5개 공급사가 설명한 영업실적에서도 뚜렷한 실적이 없었음은 economy continues a downward trend in sales without im아직도 경기는 하향곡선에서 맴돌고 상승세를 타지못하는것 같았 provement. 습니다. The association has a plan to take on the project of promot총연합회에서는 올해의 주된 사업으로서 주정부 그리고 연방정부 ing continuous contacts with provincial and federal govern와의 만남을 계속 추진할 예정입니다. 이러한 회의를 통하여 우리 ment officials. Through these meetings, we will present our po들의 입장을 전달하고 그들로 하여금 소상공인들에게 부합하는 정 sition, and aggressively press governments to adopt a policy 책을 택하도록 적극 촉구할것입니다. that corresponds with small business owners. 그들이 정책을 세우는 과정에서 대형업소들의 등장이 소상공인 In the process of establishing policies, we should have govern들에게 미치는 영향을 반영토록 해야 합니다. 대형업체의 등장이 ment officials reflect on the impact of mega stores on small busi계속될 경우 향후 몇년 후엔 소상공인의 입지는 더욱 좁아질 것이 ness owners. If mega stores are built continuously, it is obvious 불을 보듯 뻔하게 될 것입니다. that it won’t take long for small business owners will lose ground 공급사와의 대화에서도 총연합회를 통해 우리가 협력하면 점진 in the market. 적으로 새로운 분야의 리베이트 창출이 가능함을 감지 하였습니 After having discussions with suppliers, we sensed that we 다.한가지씩 대화를 통하여 점진적으로 늘려나갈 때 사라져 가는 can eventually get newer kinds of rebates one-by-one from 리베이트 제도를 부활 시킬 수 있을 것입니다. our united negotiations through the association. In fact, major 실제로 대형체인업체의 경우는 년간 수백만불의 리베이트가 정기 chain stores regularly get several million dollars of rebate per 적으로 지급됩니다. year. 이러한 혜택을 저희는 보지 못하고 있으며 이를 쟁취하기 위하여 We have tried to obtain rebates, but have not been suc일해 보려하지만 우리들 자신의 응집력과 조직력이 약해서 결실 cessful due to our own lack of cohesiveness and team power. 을 보지 못하는 것입니다. 전문가의 영입과 회원의 단합이 절실하 Employment of professionals and unity among members are 게 요구됩니다. 반드시 우리는 이문제를 해결해야 할 중요한 시기 desperately needed. We are at a critical period for solving this 에 와 있습니다. problem for sure. 각지구협회와 총연합회가 화합하여 조직과 운영을 대폭 수정하도 With united efforts from chapters and the association, we 록 하여야 합니다. 바쁜 시간을 쪼개어 봉사하는 회장단 그리고 이 should make a drastic change in our organization’s operating CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


부산 벡스코 제10차 세계 한 상대회 등록 서둘러야

제10차 세계 한상대회(the 10th world Korean Business Convention) 등록비 할인기간이 7월31일까지로 정해짐에 따라. 캐 나다 한인상공실업인 총연합회(회장 복종한:이하 총연합회) 에서는 참가에 관심이 있는 회원들의 단체 조기 등록을 추진 하고 있다. 오는 11월1일부터 3일까지 3일간 부산 벡스코에 서 재외동포 경제단체가 주최하고 재외동포재단과 부산직할 시, 경상남도, 매일경제신문, mbn 등이 주관하는 제10차 세 계 한상대회 등록비는 7월31일까지 1차 등록시 국외는 미화 로 350달러, 국내는 10만원으로 할인되고, 9월30일까지 2 차 등록 및 11월1일 대회 당일 현장 등록시는 국외 미화 450 달러, 국내 15만원으로 늘어난다. 총연합회에서는 또한 대 회 참가전 3일간의 일정으로 중국 베이징 관광 후 한상대회 에 참가하는 별도의 옵션을 준비중에 있어 단체 등록에 관심 이 있는 회원들은 각 지역 실업인 협회를 통해 소정의 신청 양식과 해당 신청금액 수표를 총연합회 이봉섭 부회장(전화 1-514-605-3001, 이메일에게 기한내 에 송부하면 된다. 세계 한상대회의 개별 등록은 온라인 으로 하고, 본부 사무국과 사전 협 의된 단체 등록은 소속단체를 통해 일괄 등록한다. 등록 관 련 문의사항은 세계 한상대회 본부 사무국 전화 82-2-34150150, 팩스 82-2-3415-0118 로 하면 된다. 등록 취소를 원하는 경우 환불 요청서를 대회사무국에 제출시 9월30일까지는 전액 환불 되나 10월1일 이후는 환불이 안되 며, 환불은 대회 종료 후 은행 수수료를 공제한 후 송금해 준 다. 세계 각국에 진출해 있는 한국 교포 경제인들을 연결해 중국 화교들의 화상에 못지 않은 한상 네트워크를 구축하자는 목 표 아래 지난 2002년부터 매년 한국내에서 개최해 온 세계 한상대회는 등록 참가자에게는 3박4일간의 숙식 일체를 제 공하고, 숙소와 행사장간 교통편 및 한상 기업 디렉토리 북과 기념품 등을 지급한다. 제109차 세계 한상대회는 11월1일 오후 6시부터 개최되는 개막식 및 환영만찬을 시작으로 2일 식품, 외식, 뷰티, 첨단, 섬유산업 등 각 분야의 재외 동포 경제인과 해당 분야 국내기 업간 정보 교류 및 수출입 활성화를 모색하는 업종별 비즈니 스 세미나와 사전 예약에 의한 일대일 비즈니스 미팅, 3일 각 분야의 성공사례 발표로 사업 정보와 노하우를 교류하는 멘 토링 세션 및 투자/취업 설명회, 일대일 비즈니스 미팅이 이 어지고 오후 6시 페막식 및 환송연을 마지막으로 공식 행사 는 종료된다. 그밖에 산업분야별 기업 전시회와 재외동포 출입국 및 체 류, 병무, 수출입 통관 절차 및 관세 관련 정보, 재외 동포 의 료 상담, 한민족 경제 네트워크 사업 상담 등의 재외 동포 민 원상담은 대회기간 내내 이루어 진다. 별도의 참가신청과 등 록비 납부시 10월31일 오전 비공식적인 행사로 열리는 세계 한인골프협회 주최 제6회 세계 한상 골프대회도 참가할 수 있다. 또한 10월31일과 11월1일 대회 시작전에 별도의 자격 을 갖춘 회원들만 참가하여 비공개로 열리는 영 비즈니스 리 더들의 모임과 리딩 CEO 모임, 운영위원회도 개최되어 명실 상부한 세계 한민족 경제의 중심 네트워크 역할이 기대되고 있어 재외동포재단 경제사업팀 한상대회 사무국에서는 해외 동포 경제인들의 적극적인 참여를 당부하고 있다.


July | August  2011

structure. There are limits in using volunteering executive committee members who take time out of their busy schedules. Weaknesses in this model include frequent changes in the status of volunteer executive members and directions of the organization. We have also experienced a decline in team power caused by these changes several times in the past. Why don’t we employ professionals after making a wise judgment? Now the association has become a nationwide organization connecting east and western Canada. Let’s push forward with united powers. Stay healthy during a busy summer. Thank you!

John H. Bok U.K.B.A. & UKCIC.

사진의 역량은 한계가 있습니 다. 그리고 이러한 조직의 단 점은 단기간의 봉사기간이 끋 나면 다음주자에 의하여 그 방 향이 바뀌고 우왕좌왕하며 조 직의 힘을 분산시키는 것을 우 리는 과거 수차례 경험하였습 니다. 총연합회의 현명한 판단아래 전문가를 영입하는 방침은 어 떻할지요 ? 이제 저희 총연합회는 캐나다 의 동부에서 서부까지 전국을 연결하는 협회로 거듭나게 되 었습니다. 이러한 결속을 계기 로 힘을 합하여 총매진 합시 다. 분주해지는 여름 성수기에 건강하시기 바랍니다. 감사합 니다. 복 종한 John H. Bok 캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연 합회 회장 U.K.B.A. & UKCIC.

제11차 캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회 총회 성료

6월17일 캘거리에서 UKBA 복종한 회장 및 지역협회장, 임원 등 14명 참석 RBH, Nestle Ice Cream, Harlan Fairbanks 등 5개 공급사의 사업설명회도 열려

제11차 캐나다 한인 상공실업인 총연합회 정기총회가 6월17 일 캘거리 블랙푸트 인 회의실에서 복종한 총연합회 회장 및 이혁제 NB 주 한인 실업인 협회장 등 5개 지역협회장과 임 원진 등 14명이 참석한 가운데 열려 2010년도 결산보고서와 2011년도 사업계획 및 예산안을 승인했다. 이날 회의에서는 올해 총연합회에 새로 가입하고 총회에 참 석한 New Brunswick주 협회 이혁제 회장과 김대진 이사에 대 한 환영인사와 60여 회원으로 2009년 출범한 NB주 지역협회 소개에 이어 각 지역협회장 등의 성공적인 지역협회 운영사 례 소개와 총연합회의 ATM 사업과 POS 사업, Convenience & Carwash 잡지와의 협회보 발간 및 광고사업, 지역별 상품전시 회 일정과 지역협회 차원의 장학사업 및 지원사업 등의 2011 년도 신규 사업과 지속사업 등에 대한 설명 및 승인, 2010년 도 결산보고서 승인, 5만 달러 규모의 2011년도 예산안 심의 및 승인 등이 이루어 졌다. 이어서 부산 벡스코에서 11월 1일부터 3일간 열리는 한상대 회 공동 참가신청 및 지구협 세미나 개최 등에 대해 협의하 고, 2012년도 정기총회는 New Brunswick 주St. John에서 내년 6월중 개최하기로 잠정 결정하고, 상세계획은 회장단에 일임 하기로 했다. 또한 이날 임기가 만료되어 사의를 표한 복종한 회장 이하 총 연합회 회장단은 임페리얼 토바코사와의 관계 약화와 불경 기 등으로 총연합회 각종 사업이 어려워진 사정을 감안해 각 지역협회장들이 만장일치로 재선임 함에 따라 2년간 유임하 게 되었다. 한편 회장단이 바뀔 경우 원활한 업무 인수인계를 위해 퇴임 지역협회장과 총연합회 회장단 및 임원으로 출마 자격이 제한되어 있는 현행 정관 규정을 잔여임기 1년 이하 의 지역협회장도 출마 자격을 주고 현 회장과 신임 회장의 임 기를 1년간 겹치게 하여 공동으로 회장 업무를 수행하게 하 자는 복종한 회장의 제안에 대해서는 총연합회에서 개정안을 마련, 오는 11월 부산 한상대회 기간중 임시 총회를 개최하 여 토의하기로 하였다. MB주 김혁 감사의 불참으로 공석이 된 감사에는 김연철 캘거리 협회 부회장과 김대진 NB주 이사 가 공동 신임 감사로 선임되었다. 이번 정기 총회 기간중 Harlan Fairbanks, Jack Cash, Direct Plus, Nestle Ice Cream, RBH등 5개사가 사업설명회를 개최하고 총

연합회 및 지역협회와의 유대 강화 방안 등에 관해 의견을 교 환하였다. Harlan Fairbanks사는 118년 전통의 보이드(Boyds) 사 프리미엄 커피 프로그램과 Icee, Smoothies 등 냉음료 기 계, Perfect Fry기계 소개와 함께 2개월간 렌털 후 기계 구매여 부를 결정하는 자사 프로그램을 소개해 지역협회장의 관심을 끌었고, Nestle Ice Cream사도 오는 9월부터 캐나다 한인상공 실업인 총연합회 회원들만을 위해 자사 초코렛 브랜드인 킷 캣(KitKat), 에어로(Aero) 등 초코렛 구매금액도 아이스 크림 구매금액에 포함해 리베이트를 지불하는 프로그램을 시작하 겠다고 발표해 환영을 받았다. Jack Cash사는 회원들에게 3년 계약조건으로 무선 인터넷을 사용하는 최신형 한국제ATM 머신을 무상 설치해주는 프로그램을 소개했고, 임페리얼 토 바코사의 프로그램에 반발한 소규모 편의점 업주들의 협조로 반사이익을 얻고 있는RBH사는 각 지역협회장들의 적극적인 지원 요청에 대해 회원업체가 MSA DATA를 자사에 제공하는 경우 판매증진 효과를 파악해 적극 검토 하겠다는 반응을 보 였다. MSA DATA는 회원사들이 코스트코나 Coremark, Wallace & Carey사 등 대형 공급사를 통해 RBH 담배를 구매하는 경우 각 회원사들의 RBH 브랜드별 담배구매 현황을 RBH사가 파 악하는 시스템으로 회원사가 지역세일즈 담당자에게 요청할 경우 정보를 공유할 수 있다고 한다. 총연합회의 이봉섭 부회장은 각 공급사들의 협회 지원금을 원활하게 확보하기 위해서는 공급사들의 신년도 예산안이 확 정되기 전 각 지역협회별로 상품전시회, 골프대회, 송년 파 티, 세미나 등의 행사일정을 종합 수립해 9월말 이전까지 각 공급사들에 통보하고 협조를 요청해야 하므로 각 지역협회 의 조속한 행사 일정 수립 및 통보를 요청하고 지역행사시 공 급사들에게 런치 미팅이나 자사 사업설명 세미나 기회를 제 공해 지원금액을 높일 수 있도록 당부했다. 이날 회의 참석자는 캐나다 한인 상공실업인 협회 복종한 회 장 및 이봉섭 부회장, 김영필 상임고문, 한용 재무이사와 신 기묵 홍보 이사 등 임원진과 New Brunswick주 이혁제 회장, 김대진 이사, 퀘벡주 협회 김광인 회장 및 장승엽 부회장, 윤 태덕 이사장, 마니토바주 협회 노현수 회장, 캘거리 협회 신 익수 회장 및 김현철 부회장, BC주 한인 협동조합 실업인 협 회 허형신 협회장 등 14명이다.



스트레스 완화용 건강 음 료 등 신제품 출시 러시

갈증을 해소하든, 바쁘게 돌아다닐 때 마실 음료를 사든, 특별 한 친구와 마실 음료를 찾든, 사람들은 새로운 음료, 특히 뽐내 는 새로운 맛 또는 건강에 좋은 음료를 경험하고 싶어한다. “소비자들은 항상 신제품과 새로운 맛, 특히 영양분을 얻는 것을 돕는 기능적인 제품을 항상 찾고 있다,” 라고A. Lassonde Inc사의 브랜드 매니저인Martin Demers씨는 말한다. “캐나다 내에서 독특 한 음료부문이 성장하고 있다. 모든 연령대의 소비자들은 일일 영양섭취량을 증가시키는 방법을 찾 고 있다.” Lassonde사는 막 4가지 종류의 쥬스제품, Orange NFC, Apple NFC, Black Cherry-Blackberry 그리고 Cranberry-Lemonade를 일인용 제품의 형태에 대한 수요의 증가를 충족시키기 위해 Oasis의 상표 하 에 냉장 제품의 부문에서 300 ml용량의 병으로 출시했다,라고Demers씨는 말하며 또한 소매상인들 이 바쁘게 움직이는 소비자들을 위해 샐러드와 스무디 또는 머핀과 스무디와 같은 특별한 묶음상품 을 제공할 것을 고려해 보라고 제안한다. “모두는 다음의 혁신적인 과일 또는 여러 과일이 배합된 제품 및 최대한 신선한 음료의 경험을 제 공하기 위한 최선의 방법을 찾고 있다,”라고Happy Planet Foods Inc.사의 판매담당 부사장인Paul Parolin씨는 말한다, “그것이 우리 회사의 강령이 귀하의 미각을 깨운다로 시작하는 이유이다.” Happy Planet Foods사는 내년 상반기에 출시하도록 준비되기를 바라는 새로운 음료의 창조에 노력을 기울이고 있다. “우리는 캐나다 전역에서 두 종류의 새롭고 독특한 노화방지 쥬스를 막 출시했다,” 라고Parolin씨 는 말한다. “그 첫번째는 자사의 Organic Acai Berry Bliss juice인데 1.89L의 종이상자로 포장되어 있 으며 아싸이(acai), 블랙베리 및 블루베리와 같은 노화방지제품의 장점을 포함한다. 이 제품은 유제품 의 진열대의 제품중 최초의 신선한 아싸이 쥬스이며 또한 독특함과 맛을 갖춘 유기농제품이다. 두번 째의 신제품은 자사의 석류 노화방지 스무디(Pomegranate Anti-ox Smoothie)인데 귀찮은 활성산소 ( 생체조직을 공격하고 세포를 손상시킴)와 싸우는 것을 돕도록 자사독점 상품인berry boost와 함께 휴 대가 간편한 형태인 325 ml의 제품이다.” Parolin씨는 독특한 음료 시장은 매주 신제품의 출현으로 경쟁이 극도로 심하다고 말한다. 그는 또한 그 독특한 범주에 해당하기 위해 음료는 한 개 이상의 독특한 성분 또는 독특한 제조 과정을 가져 소 비자에게 독특한 경험을 제공해야 한다라고 언급한다. “독특함의 좋은 사례는HPP (고압력 저온 살균법)으로 살균된 것으로 Blood Orange Juice농축액에서 나온 제품이 아니다,”라고Parolin씨는 언급한다. “이는 소비자에게 정말 독특한 음료를 경험하게 할 것이다. 그날 바로 짠Blood Orange Juice를 마시는 것과 같다.” 긴장을 완화시키는 음료는 바쁘고 빠르게 돌아가는 일상사에서 긴장을 풀기를 원하는 소비자들의 주의를 점차 얻고 있다. “우리는 에너지 음료가 많이 판매되는 부문으로 성장한, 스트레스를 많이 받고, 긴장이 고조되고, 항상 바쁜 사회에 살고 있다,”라고ViVa Beverages LLC 사의 마케팅최고책임자인Paul Fuegner씨는 말 한다. “사람들이 긴장을 완화하고 마음을 편안하게 하는 것을 돕는 에너지 음료에 대한 대체제품의 성장의 기회가 많음을 본다. 긴장완화 음료가 소비자들의 관심을 끌고 있다는 것에는 의심의 여지가 없다.” Marley Beverage Company는ViVa Beverages와 공동으로 음료를 제조하며 마케팅하고 있다. Marley’s Mellow Mood제품은2010년에 캐나다에서 출시되었으며, 100%의 천연의 긴장을 완화시키는 차 및 탄산소다의 신제품이며 가수며 작곡가인Bob Marley의 가족과 공동으로 사업을 하여 탄생한 제품 이다. 베리와 감귤류의 맛으로 약간의 탄산가스로 포화시킨 소다로써 두 가지의 종류로 제공되는데 꿀이 가미된 차가운 녹차, 라스베리, 시계꽃 열매, 복숭아 맛이 가미된 홍차가 준비되어 있으며Marley의 가족들은 전세계에서 구한 천연 식물성 원료를 사용하여 Mellow Mood relaxation 음료를 만들어 냈다. Marley’s Mellow Mood제품의 판매수익의 일부는 청소년에게 힘을 부여하고 지구를 보호하며 평화를


July | August  2011

By Angela Altass

조성하는 자선단체를 후원하는 1Love.org에게 돌아간다. “긴장 완화 제품부문과 더 넓은 생활방식의 범주에서의 강 력한 경쟁때문에 상표의 독창성에 대하여 주의를 기울이는 것이 중요하다.,”라고Fuegner씨는 말한다. Marley’s Mellow Mood제품뿐 아니라, ViVa Beverages사는 Marley Beverage Company사와 공동으로 즉석커피제품의 출 시를 예정하고 있다. ViVa Beverages사 는 또한 3월에 0칼로리 의, 무설탕의, 베리맛의 식물성 원료의 혼합제품으로 자사독 점의 수면 및 긴장완화를 돕는 음료인Quick Beverages SLEEP 및 Quick Beverages RELAX제품을 출시했다. 편의점의 음료 시장은 탄산음료의 맛이 몇 개밖에 안된 초 기 이후에 크게 발전했다라고Harlan Fairbanks 사의 판매담당 부사장인Blair Wankling씨는 언급한다, Harlan Fairbanks 사는 frozen cappuccino, frozen hot chocolate 및 과일맛의 스무디를 인기상품인ICEE 프로즌 음료와 함께 신상품의 일부로 특색을 이루어 갖추고 있다. “ICEE는 미국에서 판매가 잘되고 있으나 상대적으로 캐나다 에서는 신제품이다,” 라고 Wankling씨는 말한다. “프로즌 슬러시 음료가 여름상품인 반면, ICEE는 일년내내 놀랍게 잘 팔린다.” Harlan Fairbanks사는 캐나다 서부의Thunder Bay에서 Vancouver Island까지 ICEE같은 제품을 배급한다. Wankling 씨는 소매상인들이 업소가 위치한 지역및 소비자의 시장의 인구의 윤곽을 파악하라고 조언한다. “고객들이 누구인지 관찰하라,”고 그는 말한다. “직장에서

C-32 법률 규정에 맞는 20 팩 리틀 시가

퇴근하여 집에 가는 성인들인가 아니면 고등학생들인가. 주요 고객의 인구조사에 맞추어 마케팅의 목표를 잡으십시오.” Wankling씨는 업소 외부에 간판을 설치하는 것이 특정제품을 위해 고객을 업소 내부로 끌어들일 수 있으며 고객들이 찾는 제품이 있는 장소로 고객을 이끌 문구가 업소 내에 설치된 것 이 중요하다라고 말한다. 소비자들은 더 많이 건강에 신경을 쓰며 음료의 성분과 기능 을 본다고Planet E Beverages Inc사의 판매 및 마케팅 이사인 John Palacios씨는 말한다. “우리 회사는 2005년에 UrbanZen Tea 상표를 만들었으며UrbanZen Tea는 그 이후 캐나다 전역에 서 성장하고 있다. UrbanZen Tea는 쥬스와 녹차잎을 신선하게 끓이고 우려내어 만든 녹차를 혼합한 제품이다. 우리는 실제 로 손으로 딴 최고 품질의 녹차잎, 생수(스프링 워터),꿀,재 스민 꽃을 넣어 신선하게 끓인다. 그리고나서 음료수 병에 바 로 투입되는 쥬스, 천연 맛의 추출액 및 사탕수수 설탕을 추 가한다. 우리는 제조 공정에 차의 추출물, 가루 또는 농축액 을 사용하지 않는다.” Palacios씨는 소매상인들이 고객들이 업소에 걸어 들어올 때 볼 수 있는 위치에 쉽게 찾을 수 있도록 눈높이로 건강하고 맛이 있는 음료를 진열할 것을 제안한다. 음료는 자극적인 맛과 건강한 원료로 된 독특한 특징을 약속 하여 손님의 관심을 끌 수 있다. 업소들은 다음에 어떤 독특 한 제품을 마시길 원하는 지를 결정할 수 있도록 단지 그 업 소에서 손님들이 제품을 구입할 수 있음을 알게 할 필요가 있 을 뿐이다.


6 가지 브랜드가 새로 나왔습니다. 지역 도매상에 문의하세요. 풀 플래버와 리저브, 박하향 멘쏠의 폼폼 브랜드, 오리지널과 실버, 박하향 멘쏠의 산타페 브랜드를 C-32 법률 규정에 맞춰 20 팩으로 새로 포장했습니다.



자기! 차가운 것, 차가운 것 달라구! 차가운 것을 먹고 싶은 열망을 만족시키기 위해 뭔가 색다른 것을 찾고 있나요? 이러한 다양한 정말 맛좋은 것들의 몇가지 제품을 시음하십시오….

무더운 여름날에 차갑고 맛있어서 기쁨을 주는 것을 즐기고 싶어 하지 않는 자가 있을까? 프로즌 신제품은 아주 덥지 않 은 날에도 모든 연령대의 사람들에게 인기가 있다. “미래의 프랜차이즈 운영자 또는 배급업자가 우리 회사의 프랜차이즈 운영자에게 이야기할 때, 겨울에도 판매가 이루어 진다는 것을 알게 될 때 기뻐 놀란다,”라고 Happy & Healthy Products Inc 사의 사장인 Linda Kamm씨는 말 한다. “우리 회사의 bar제품은 바닷가 또는 휴일의 활활 타는 벽난로불 주위에서 도 쉽게 즐길 수 있다.” 경제도 프로즌 신제품 판매에는 영향을 주지 않는 듯하다. “불경기동안에도 시장은 많이 변화하지 않았다,”라고 Fruitfull Bars, Fruit Goodness Bars, 및 Happy Indulgence Decadent Dips을 생산하는 회사의 Kamm씨는 말한다. “그 제품들의 기 준 소매 가격때문에 프로즌 과일 바 및 다른 신제품들이 집에


July | August  2011

서 또는돌아다니는 중에 모든 가족들이 즐길 수 있는 알맞은 가격으로 선택할 수 있는 제품으로 남아 있다. 경제가 회복되 기에 우리는 시장이 나아지는 것만 예상한다.” Happy & Healthy Products Inc사는 모든 바제품에 100 퍼센트 완전 천연 원료에 진짜 과일의 큰 조각을 추가하여 만든 제 품을 제공하며Kamm씨는 소매상인들이 브랜드를 소비자가 요구하는 더 건강한 음식 및 스낵의 옵션으로 결부시키는 제 품들로 채우므로 건강한 제품을 원하는 추세가 계속될 것임 을 느낀다. 캐나다에서 이 회사가 온타리오에 위치한Natural Fruition Inc.와 현재 배급 계약을 맺고 있다. “우리는 소비자들이 3가지 측면을 고려한다고 생각한다 – 맛, 영양 및 비용,”이라고 Kamm씨는 말한다. “우리회사의 모든Fruitfull Bars 제품은 글루텐이 포함되어 있지 않다. 글루 텐이 포함되지 않은 제품의 유행은 우리가 관찰한 바에 따르면 미국에서보다 캐나다에서 더 대규모이

다. 프로즌 과일 바 업계에서, 설탕이 든 제품 대신에 건 강한 대체제품을 제공하기 때문에 사람 들이 자사의 신제품을 먹어 보는 데 관 심이 있음을 발견한다. 자사의 수박바 는 수박덩어리가 들어 있기 때문에 수 박씨도 포함한다. 소비자들은 이를 좋 아한다!” 프로즌 과일바는 정면 출입구 근처 및 편의점의 계산대 근처에서 충동구매 로 놀랍게 잘 팔린다라고 Kamm씨는 말 한다. “사람들은 업소에서 나갈 때 그 제품 을 보고 먹고 싶어하며 적은 돈으로 하 나 또는 2개를 구입할 수 있다,”라고 그녀는 말한다. 일년내내 판매되지만 프로즌 신제품은 무더운 날씨에 판매의 절정을 이룬다. “신제품의 대부분의 판매는 충동 구매 로 달성된다,”라고Twirlees Ice Cream 사의 공동 소유주인 Joe Kelsey씨는 말한다. “그래서 냉동고를 갖추고 있는 잡화 점의 판매는 종종 봄/여름에 더 많고, 겨울에 현저히 떨어진다. 대개의 사람들은 복권 몇 개를 구입하러 편의점에 뛰어 들어 가는2월중순에 아이스크림을 구입하는

것을 생각하지 않는다.” 캐나다 내의 신제품 판매는 주걱에 퍼서 판매하는 아이스크림 및 소프트 아이스 크림 판매보다 훨씬 낮다라고 Kelsey씨 는 말한다. “나는 개인적으로 신제품 시장이 과포 화상태라고 생각한다,” 라고 Kelsey 씨는 말한다. “미국은 여러 회사들이 생산한 더 자극적인 제품을 갖고 있다. 캐나다는 자극적인 신제품을 받을 준비 가 되어 있다. 우리는 미리 포장된 신제 품으로 단순함을 갖춘 제품을 시장에 출시하기를 원했다. 그러나 소프트 아이스크림과 같은 것의 판매에서 1인분의 소프트아이스크림의 해결책을 발견했다. Tassimo의 개념과 아주 유사한 것으로 하나의 소형 기계 를 사용하여 한 맛에서 다음의 모든 다 른 맛을 먹는 것이다. 캐나다에서 적법 하게 아이스크림으로 불리우려면 최소 한 10% 우유의 지방이 제품에 포함되 어야 하며 자사의 제품은 진정한 품질 의 아이스크림이다.” 모든 사람이 프로즌 신제품을 먹는다라고 Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever Canada 의 수석 브랜드 구축 매니저인 Gina Kiroff씨는 말한다. “따뜻한 날씨가 다가오기 때문에 우 리는 항상 따뜻한 날씨를 즐기고 더위 를 이기는 새로운 방법을 찾는다. 프로 즌 신제품은 둘 다 할 수 있는 가장 최 선의 방법 중의 하나이다,” 라고 Kiroff 씨는 말한다. “전반적인 프로즌 신제 품 마켓은 캐나다에서 발달이 불충분하

다. 우리는 항상 새롭고 자극적인 제품 을 개발해 왔으나 지금은 캐나다에서의 Magnum ice cream의 출시 때문에 가장 흥분되어 있다. 5월 12일부터Magnum ice cream은 동부에서 서부까지 캐나다 전국의 식료품 및 편의점에서의 배급을 달성했다. 캐나다에서 우리의 다른 프로 즌 신제품 브랜드의 일부는Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike 및 Popsicle이다.” 프로즌 신제품은 많은 새맛과 형태로 소비자를 기쁘게 하고 그들의 욕구를 충족시켜 많은 자극을 가져오기에 이전 보다 인기가 더 높아졌다라고Kiroff씨 는 말한다. “우리가 아는 바는 집밖에서의 아이 스크림 소비는 열망에 의해 자극되고 충동구매 대 계획된 구매의 경향이 있 다,” 라고 Kiroff씨는 말한다. “업소 내 의 냉동고의 위치는 아이스크림의 판매를 촉진시키 는 요소이다. 아이스크림은 먹고 싶을 때 눈에 띄어야 하며 접근하기가 쉬워 야 한다. 그러므로, 이상적인 배치는 계 산대 가까이에, 쵸콜렛, 캔디 및 칩과 같 은 설탕이 들어 있는 제품 근처에 하는



것이다.” 광범위하게 다양한 제 품을 반드시 중요한 것 은 아니지만 적합한 제 품을 혼합하여 매장 내 에 갖추는 것이 필요하 다라고 다양한 브랜드의 도매 배급업체이며Sara 사의 Premium Ice Cream 의 제조업체인TransCold Distribution Ltd사의 Melissa Coughlan씨는 말한다. “최고급bar, 콘, 샌드위치 및 water ice제품을 제공할 필요가 있다,” 라고 Coughlan씨는 말한다. “ 이 제품들을 제공함으로써 손님이 찾는 제품을 갖추게 될 것이다. 올해의 프로즌 신제품 시장에서 가장 최 신의 멋있고 자극적인 제품은Magnum ice cream이다. Breyers 사의 바닐라 아이 스 크림을 덮는 정품의 벨기에 쵸콜릿이번 여름의 최고의 아이스크림이다. 소 비자들은 그들이 신뢰하는 아이스크림 제조업체의 혁신적 제품을 사랑한다.” 소비자들은 항상 신제품에 관심을 보이 지만 신제품을 소비자들이 이미 알고 있는 제품에 비교하는 경향이 있다라고 Kisko Products 의 마케팅직원인Debbie Josephs씨는 덧붙인다. Kisko Products사 는 Welch의100% 쥬스로 된 아이스 바 (Ice Bars) Kisko Plus Freezies를 칼슘과 비 타민 D 를 첨가하여 제품 종류에 추가 했다. “프로즌 신제품은 더 건강한 대체음료 가 시장에 출시되면서 경쟁이 더 치열 해지고 있다,” 라고 Josephs씨는 말한 다. “제품의 종류는 더 작아지고 저칼 로리로 된 것을 포함하도록 확대되었다. 소비자들은 여전히 프로즌 디저트와 스 낵을 사랑한다. 우리의 freeze pop 제품은 여전히 여름 상품으로 간주되지만100% 쥬스로 만든 freeze pops은 건강 식품 중에서 주요판 매상품의 하나가 되고 있다.” 캐나다는 그러나 여전히 미국과 같은 다 른 나라에서 구입할 수 있는 최고 인기 브랜드의 일부만 제공한다라고Canada, The Jel Sert Company의 판매 이사인Gino Polo씨는 말한다. “우리는 소다 음료맛의 프로즌 음료 인 Kool Pop제품을 갖추고 있으며 자사 의Hawaiian Punch freezer bar가 잘 팔린 다,” 라고 Polo씨는 말한다. “우리는 모든 허가를 받은 제품을 위해 정품의 농축액을 사용한다.”


July | August  2011

‘차갑고’, ‘물기 있 고’ ‘달 다’는 세 단어는 소 비자, 어 린이나 나이가 든 “몰 래 숨어 서 얼음 음료를 먹는

사람,”이 찾는 것을 요약한다,” 라고 Polo씨는 말한다. “소비자들은 항상 프로즌 신제품에서 즐거운 요소를 찾는다,”라고 그는 말 한다. “프로즌 신제품들은 보통 30초 내에 먹을 수 없는 품목이다. 어렸을 때의 좋 은 추억을 불러 일으킬 수 있는 매우 만 족스러운, 먹는 데7분에서 10분이 걸리 는, 기쁨을 주는 것이다.”



웨스턴 오일 서비스 주식회사 1950년 설립

청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤 유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니 링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 아래배관 회사노즐 제품을 리 시스템 청소 우리는 펌프 탱크 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘 공급합니다: 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌 OPW Containment Solutions 프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시 GPI Coencorp All-Flo 템 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노 Morrison Bros Kraus Gasboy 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스 OPW Engineered Systems 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 Dixon Lind Alemite Pappi 홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 Postguard Ryko Milton Gasoila 청소 펌프 탱크Duro 배관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤 Hosebun SVI Regal Viking 유 시스템 모니터링Highland 시스템E.J. 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 Ward 관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니 링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 리 시스템 청소 펌프 탱크 배관 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘 방지 윤활유 시스템 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템 청소 펌 19840 57A Avenue Langley BC V3A 6G6 탱크 배관604-514-4787 노즐 스위블 터빈 박스 맨홀 넘침 방지 윤활유 시스 Telephone: Fax: 604-514-4688 모니터링 시스템 연료 관리 시스템

해서 워시월드사의 레이저 시스템에 대 요? 세차장 오너들은 무엇이라고 할까

기술이라서 구매했습니다. “우리는 레이저 시스템이 가장 최신 nt)은 기계를 직접 옆에서 계속 원격관리 시스템(Virtual Attenda 장점입니다. 고객들도 이 시스 지켜보지 않아도 되기 때문에 큰 템을 하고 있습니다.” 설치한 것에 대해 저희한테 고마워 매스 애비뉴 세차장의 그렉 톰슨씨 서비스도 최고입니다. “그 기계는 정말 대단해요. 직원들과 레이저 시스템은

스 세차장의 스코트 포드씨 정말 뛰어난 설비예요.” 소피 새디

초고속 세차 시스템과 레이저 초정밀 세차 시스템중 선택하시기가 어려우시다고요? 그러실지도 모르지만 한가지 좋은 소식은 저희는 나중에 다시 도입하려고 하면서 현재의 세차 시스템 공급을 중단하지는 않겠습니다. 귀하께서 항상 선택권을 가지신다는 것은 좋은 일입니다. 워시테크에 전화 주시면 귀하의 올바른 선택을 도와 드리겠습니다.

Is the choice between High Velocity and Razor going to be difficult?

호평을 레이저 시스템에 대해서 왜 이렇게 할까요? 그것은 레이저 시스템을 이기 돋보이게 하는 이러한 특징들이 표준 때문입니다.

ant®)- 세차 • 원격관리시스템(Virtual Attend 설비조정을 위한 현장 입회 불필요 • 부드러운 원형 아치 세차 동작 를 통해 일회 • FlexPass® system – 아치형 설비 통과로 상부와 측면 동시 세차 시스템으로 차량 • VS2® - 차량 사이즈 자동 측정 위치 조정 불필요 로 완벽 세차 • 차량 앞과 뒷면은 3회 왕복 기술 움직임 불필요 • 벨트 구동 기술 적용으로 차량

품질 제일주의



By Ryan Salkaln

당신의 고압세차기는 차 내부도 세 차할 수 있습니까? 스팀(증기)혁명 이 시작되었습니다

스팀(증기)은 전통적인 세차 청소 방법에 대한 실행가능한 대안임을 스스로 입증했다. 가격이 적당하고, 환경 친화적이며 사용하기가 쉬운 방법이 마침내 여기에 있다. 당신이 알고 있다고 생각하는 수증기 세차 기계에 대한 기존 지식은 다 버려라. 새로운 종류의 스팀 기계가 존재 한다. 차량의 내부와 외부를 청소할 능력이 있어, 스팀( 증기) 기계는 신속하게 세차장의 고정설비가 되어 가고 있다. 자동차업계에서, 우리는 그 기계를 스팀 세차 기계 라고 부른다. 폐수를 만들지 않고 겨울에 차를 미리 한 번 가볍게 세차 하는 것을 상상해 보십시오. 증기는 신속히 브레이크의 먼지, 벌레 및 소금을 제거하기 쉽게 만든다. 동일한 기 계를 검댕이, 차바닥의 매트의 소금 얼룩을 제거하기 위 하여 사용하여 수분이 아닌 수초 안에 차바닥의 매트를 말리는 것을 상상해 보십시오. 스팀(증기)는 신속하고 효과적으로 매트를 축축하게 방치하지 않고 차내 양탄자 에 침투한다. 최소한의 노력으로 귀하의 세차장에 급행 정밀 세차서비스를 추가하는 것을 상상해 보십시오. 신 속히 내부 및 외부 창문, 문설주, 차 트렁크, 트렁크의 배 수로를 청소하며 얼룩제거를 한다. 스팀(증기) 세차 기 계를 사용하여, 당신은 이 기능과 그 이상을 할 수 있다. 스팀(증기) 세차는 2003년에 대한민국에서 겨울에 운 영하는 세차장에 제공하기 위해 고안되었다. 전통적 고 압 세차기에 의해 발생하는 흐르는 물이 얼어 재산상 책 임을 져야 했다. 비즈니스가 문을 닫는 것을 막기 위해 한국의 고압 세차기 제조업체들은 폐수를 완전히 제거하 62 

July | August  2011

는 스팀(증기) 세차 기계를 제조하기 시작했다. 미국에서, 스팀(증기) 세차 기계가 비용 절감의 장점 때 문에 이동식 세차서비스 운영자들 사이에 처음 인기를 끌었다. 이동 세차 서비스업자에게, 스팀(증기) 세차 기 계는 고압 세차기, 폐수, 폐수 재사용 매트, 온수를 이용 한 카페트 청소기, 공기 압축기 및 다양한 다른 도구와 화학 물질의 필요성을 제거한다. 스팀(증기) 세차 기계 는 물은 거의 사용하지 않고, 이동 세차 서비스업자가 물 탱크의 요건을 축소하고 연료의 소비를 줄이는 것을 가 능하게 한다. 터널을 이용하는 세차장 운영자들에게는, 스팀(증기)세 차장이 세차의 여러 단계에 일부로 편입시킬 수 있다. 첫 단계는 미리 세차하는 것이다. 스팀(증기)는 신속하게 차량의 표면에 누적된 벌레, 브레이크의 먼지, 얼음, 진 흙, 소금을 분해하여 제거하기 쉽게 한다. 세차장 운영자 는 폐수를 만들거나 옷이나 신발에 물을 묻히지 않고 겨 울에 차를 미리 세차할 수 있다. 최종 결과는 훨씬 깨끗 한 차, 물의 소비의 감소, 그리고 물에 젖지 않아 편안한 직원이다. 증기는 빨리 소금 얼룩과 검댕이로 굳은 차바닥의 매트 를 새 것처럼 만든다. 첫째 차량에서 차바닥의 매트를 제 거한다. 둘째, 증기를 차바닥 매트에 분사하거나 증기

및 일반 양탄자 세탁용 약품을 혼합하여 사용한다. 세번 째, 느슨해진 때를 제거하고 과다한 습기를 흡수하기 위 해 빨리 바닥용 매트를 진공청소기로 청소한다. 전통적 인 펌프/추출기와 달리, 바닥 매트는 수분이 아닌 수초 안에 건조된다. 스팀 (증기) 세차 기계는 또한 세차의 “특급 세차” 단 계에 적용될 수 있다. 증기는 문설주와 차트렁크의 배수 로를 화학물질을 사용하지 않고 신속하게 청소할 수 있 다. 증기는 공기 압축기를 사용하여 차량을 건조시킬 필 요를 제거할 수 있다. 증기와 셈 가죽을 사용하여, 기계 운영자는 차량 표면을 건조시키고 터널 세차에서 놓친 남아 있는 오염 물질을 제거할 수 있다. 단순히 물을 뿌 리고 닦는다. 표면이 마를 것이다. 이 방법으로 왁스는 제거되지 않는다. 증기의 소독 능력은 새로운 장점이며 매우 시장성이 있 다. 귀하의 손님이 그의 차량 내부를 마지막으로 소독 한 것이 언제인가? 어느 화학 물질이 효과적으로 박테 리아와 곰팡이를 죽이는가? 소독 서비스를 제공하십니 까? 스팀(증기)은 화학 물질을 사용하지 않고도 표면에 닿는 순간 박테리아를 죽인다. 박테리아는 음식 또는 음 료가 남아 있는 곳에 축적된다. 쉽게 컵 놓는 공간의 내 부의 찌꺼기를 청소한다; 양탄자에 붙은 껌과 자동차 핸 들의 번질거리는 느낌을 제거한다. 화학물질이 필요하 지 않다.

지난 10년동안 증기를 이용한 기술이 상당히 많이 개선 되었다. 산업용 증기 세차 기계는 이제 계속적인 증기 압 력을 생산하며 내구력이 있게 조립되었다. 많은 증기 세 차 기계의 표준적인 특징은 두 개의 호스, 계속적인 물의 공급, 조정할 수 있는 습기 조절 및 65피트 이상의 길이 의 호스를 포함한다. 많은 구형의 증기 기계를 괴롭힌 장 시간의 예열시간은 이제 과거의 것이 되었다. 증기 세차 기계는 이제 2분도 걸리지 않아 사용 가능하다. 증기 세차 기계는 진정으로 세차장 운영자 및 손님에게 다 이롭다. 단순성 및 증기의 청소력은 세차장 운영자가 화학 물질 및 물소비를 줄이는 것을 허용하며 최소한의 노력으로 손님이 메뉴에서 선택할 수 있는 것을 늘린다. 손님은 차량 내부 및 외부 모두에 훨씬 깨끗한 차량을 받 음으로써 이익을 얻는다. 성장가능성이 확실하므로 이 기계를 먼저 들여 놓는 업자들은 경쟁 우위 및 더 큰 소 비자의 만족으로 이득을 얻을 것이다. Ryan Salkaln 씨는 해외에서 근무하는 동안인 2007 년 후반기에 처음으로 스팀(증기)세차 기계를 알게 되 었습니다. 그는 스팀(증기) 세차산업을 연구조사하고 촉 진하기 위해 광범위한 지역을 여행했습니다. Ryan씨 는 현재 한국 스팀(증기) 세차 제조업체인 Steamericas Inc.의 판매담당 매니저입니다.

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그린 에너지 공급업체가 새로운 그 린 천연 가스 제품을 출시하다 천연의 매립된 쓰레기 를 재료로 사용하여, 에너지가 풍 부한 가스가 파이프라인 시스템에 주입되어 전력원으로 써 제2의 인생을 얻는다. 2005년에, 소규모의 그린 에너지 회사인Bullfrog Power 사는Ontario에서 사업에 착수했고 가정과 비즈니스에 100퍼센트의 그린 전기를 선택할 수 있는 서비스를 제 공하기 시작했다. 5년보다 훨씬 전에 회사를 시작한 후 에Bullfrog사는 5 개의 새로운 주로 회사를 확장했다— Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick 그리고 Prince Edward Island—그리고 전국의 8,000개 이상의 가 정과 1,200개 이상의 비즈니스가 현재Bullfrog 사의 그린 전기를 사용하고 있다. 그린 전력을 선택함으로써, 이 캐 나다인들은 환경에의 영향을 줄이고 새로운 재생가능한 세대의 개발을 후원한다. Bullfrog power를 사용하는 비 즈니스들은 또한 손님들에게 비즈니스 스스로 환경에 관심을 가지고 기후 변화 및 대기 오염에 대하여 의미 있는 행동을 한다는 것을 증명한다. 2011년 3월에, Bullfrog사는 캐나다인들이 그들의 에너지 사용의 다른 주요 구성 부분을 다시 생각하라고 요구했 다: 천연 가스이다. 보통의 천연 가스는 석유와 같이 화 석연료이며 재생가능한 에너지의 형태가 아니다. 가정과

비즈니스가 가전 제품에 동력을 공급하거나 난방의 목 적으로 천연 가스를 태울 때, 지하에 저장되었던 탄소가 이산화탄소로 대기에 방출된다. 결국 보통의 천연 가스 에 의존하는 것은 대기에 이산화탄소의 양을 늘리며, 기후 변화라는 전세계적 문제의 원인이 된다. Bullfrog사는 최근에 화석 연료에 기반을 둔 천연 가스에 대항하는 깨끗하고, 재생가능한 대체연료를 출시했다. 쓰레기 매립지의 부패하는 유기농 물질-달걀 껍데기, 오렌지 껍질, 잔디 자른 것-에서 나오는 그린 천연 가스 이다. 이 천연 물질이 부패하면 깨끗하고 에너지가 풍부 한 가스가 생성된 후에 파이프라인 시스템으로 주입된 다. 사용할 때, 그린 천연 가스는 천연 탄소 사이클의 일 부인 이산화탄소만을 방출하며 유기폐기물의 부패로만 생성된다. 다음 세대의 식물 및 동물이 성장하는 데 필요 한 바로 그 이산화탄소이다. 화석연료를 기반으로 한 천연 가스와는 달리, 그린 천연 가스는 대기중의 이산화탄소의 양을 증가시키지 않는 다. 비즈니스가 기후 변화에 기여하지 않고 가전제품을 사용하고 업소의 시설을 난방하게 하는 에너지원이다. Bullfrog사의 그린 천연 가스 제품은 또한 바로 여기 캐나 다 퀘벡의 쓰레기매립지 가스 사업소에서 생산된다CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


그리고 시설은 환경 문제를 전 문으로 하는 세계적 컨설팅 회 사인 ICF International에 의해 규 정된 엄격한 환경 기준을 충족 시킨다. 기관 및 가정들이 Bullfrog사의 그린 천연 가스 제품을 신청할 때, Bullfrog사의 생산자들 은 고객들이 사용하는 가스의 양에 맞추어 100퍼센트의 그린 천연 가스를 파이프라인 시스템을 통해 주입한다. 특별한 파이프나 장비가 필요하지 않다. 캐나다 전역의 많은 선두 기관들이 이미 그들의 시설 을 위하여 그린 천연 가스를 선택하고 있다. 그 기관들은 다음을 포함한다: Kraft Canada, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Moksha Yoga, Park Place Shopping Centre, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, River Café, Salt Spring Coffee, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Left Coast Naturals 그리고David

캐나다 유수의 대규모 육류가공 회사

최소 공간 소요! 최대 이익 창출! 단골고객 확보!

Suzuki Foundation이다.

귀하의 비즈니스가 환경적 영향을 주는 것을 줄이고 Bullfrog사의 그린 에너지와 함께 기후 변화에 대한 행동 에 참여하길 원하시면, 더 알기 위하여bullfrog 을 방문하세요.

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FlexPay 결제 시스템은 귀하가 어디에서든지 지불할 수 있게 해주며, 앞으로 EMV 칩과 비밀번호 사용 결제도 가능합니다.

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Deliver the Ultimate Car Wash Experience


performs great and the customers

notice the difference. We can select foam styles, colors, and adjust easily to cleaning conditions. With its ease of use and compact design, it’s an easy


choice over other products.


Frank Lash

–– Frank Lash, Car-Robics Auto Wash & Former ICA President

Ultraflex is a breakthrough. ®


’’ saved

Unique ambience in the wash.

‘‘ and




love creating a –– Bruce Arnett Sr., CEO A.C.E.S.

Bruce Arnett Sr.

us in both

chemical costs. With its ease of use and


environmentally friendly formulations it was an easy decision to convert to Lustra’s Ultraflex.

Jack Anthony


–– Jack Anthony, 7 Flags Car Wash & Former ICA President

With Ultraflex, you are in control. This system of advanced chemistry and equipment allows you to determine the type of cleaning, foam styles and color intensity to create your own unique car wash experience. From its ease of handling to the compact design, Ultraflex delivers performance and convenience while saving you money. Pair this with products that contain no HF/ABF, NPE or phosphates provided in 100% recyclable boxes and containers, and you have the ultimate car wash system. Find out how you can take advantage of the Ultraflex system by calling 800-225-2231 or visit Download a QR mobile app and scan this image with your smart phone for more information.


Car Care Products


The Healthier Alternative to traditional smoking... The #1 Electronic Cigarette Smoke NV uses an advanced microelectronic technology to provide smokers with real smoking satisfaction.

Kit includes:

Lithium ion battery with LED light 3 Canadian cartridges in 7 aromatic flavours, Canadian, American, Apple, Chocolate, Menthol, Peach and Coffee USB charger Wall charger Carrying case Membership card Instruction manual Smoke NV Magnetic Box

Does not contain: TOBACCO   TAR NICOTINE  Smoke NV is cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

exceptional quality, full bodied smoke, all the flavour of a real c igarette

toll free: 1-855-233-5454 Copyright 2011 Smoke NV Inc. All rights reserved.

By Carter Hammett

When the Smoke


As electronic cigarettes gradually start establishing a presence in the Canadian marketplace, controversy follows the product’s every move… When it was first introduced back in 2003, it’s doubtful Asian pharmacist Hon Lik would have recognized the impact his E-cigarette would have on the global marketplace. But that’s just what’s happened as a whole new product category has sprung up. And C-stores, anxious for alternate income sources as cigarette sales continue to decline, are hoping to exploit the vulnerabilities of smoke-free wannabes. For the uninitiated, E-cigarettes are actually electronic devices that attempt to simulate smoking via a vapour that’s inhaled by the user. The gadgets often mimic the flavor, nicotine, appearance and sensation enjoyed by many smokers.



In same cases, heat is used—in others, ultrasonics—to trigger the vapour in a glycerin based solution. The premise is similar to the way a vaporizer might work. One of the reasons for their purported popularity is because they not only resemble actual cigarettes, but the device’s components are often replaceable and disposable too. While this may be cause for celebration among smokers trying to quit, some pundits argue that the devices have proven to be controversial. For one thing, a 2009 study conducted by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and reported by the New York Times, demonstrated that nicotine levels contained in the gadget did not match the stated levels in products produced by two companies: Smoking Everywhere and NJoy. Further analysis indicated that cancer causing agents, including Diethylene glycol were present in some cartridges used by some E-cigarette manufacturers. The FDA, Health Canada and the World Health Organization have all issued public statements discouraging the use of E-cigarettes, citing a lack of effective evidence when used as a proper smoking cessation product. However, some studies, including two conducted in Boston and New Zealand, have concluded that E-smokes

One of the reasons for their purported popularity is because they not only resemble actual cigarettes, but the device’s components are often replaceable and disposable too.

containing moderate levels of nicotine, might be suitable as nicotine-replacement products. In the United States, the FDA continues its battle against the product. As with all new products, controversy continues, and Canada happens to be among the more strict of western countries. While E-cigarettes containing nicotine have been banned outright, similar products that are nicotine-free, manage to skirt the ban. They are also able to be advertised. Interestingly, the product is legal in South Korea, but heavily taxed. During this time, E-smoking products have continued to evolve and rapidly so. Some products, including one by Smoke NV claim a simple, two-part, nicotine-free product with components listed as Food Grade. Like its predecessors, it’s available in a variety of flavours. So, while it’s yet too early to determine the long-lasting benefits or potentially harmful effects of E-cigarettes, it’s clearly a product that’s generating both pro-and-con buzz in C-store circles and a category that will be interesting to watch as it develops and forms a presence in the convoluted Canadian cigarette market place. 70 

July | August  2011

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Registration & Housing Now Open Register now to get the biggest discounts. Full early-bird registration is only $295 for PEI members and $495 for non-members. Full registration includes admission to: • All of the education sessions • All three days of the trade show • PEI Industry Reception • NACS Welcome Reception. Special group discounts also are available to companies that bring five or more employees to the convention. This year, spouses also qualify for group registration discounts. The Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers is PEI Headquarters. Many PEI events will happen here, including the 10-Group Breakfast, the Young Executives Roundtables and Reception, and the After-Hours Lounge. Several other terrific hotels also have PEI room blocks reserved, including the Crowne Plaza, the Doubletree and the Hyatt Regency.

Early-bird are availarbates le for a limited t ime only. Make your reservatio ns early to get the best HOu OptiONssi.Ng

For more information and to register and reserve housing, go to or call 918.494.9696. 71 CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 

North Meets Need

The North’s needs are many. Retailers and others have stepped up to make it easier to help with fundraising and program support. Northerners are Canada’s most generous charitable givers. Consider that the average for Canadians is about $250 per year to needy causes while those in Nunavut contribute double that figure, revealing a decade-long trend at the top of the Statistics Canada list. Behind this generosity are two prin-

Canada’s Northerners, among the nation’s poorest, are also among the country’s most generous donors to community initiatives. The results speak for themselves. cipal factors. On one hand, northerners live in a region with the highest expenses and so donations to local causes like food banks and youth athletics require deeper pockets to make an impact. On the other hand, northern peoples have had to face famines, regional pandemics, extreme environment and a host of other incredible difficulties unlike any other group in Canada and as a result have developed a culture of sharing and giving that is second to none. “It’s how we survive,” one elder said at a recent gathering in Winnipeg. “We know how hard life can be and so we try to share the burden.” Indeed, this spirit of generosity and community has been a way of life in the North long before European settlement. This continues today, with people and businesses coming forward with needed programs and support. For example, the North West Company (NWC), the region’s major shopkeeper and service provider with grocery/ convenience and gas-bar locations (145 Northern, North Mart and Quick Stop locations) from Pan72 

July | August  2011

gurtung to Alaska, contributes a set a McGill University study, 56 per cent percentage of sales to assist those in of northerners are challenged when need. it comes to food availability because “We have established that we have of high costs. In Arctic Bay, Nunavut, a responsibility to the people and residents there noticed that people the communities we serve. Towards were selling off their personal posthis end we contribute 1.5 percent sessions to pay for food that tends of our net earnings ($1.3 million last to be three times the cost of food in year) to support five areas,” says the south. Several residents sought a NWC spokesperson David Lui. Here, solution and organized a local food he mentions sports and recreation, bank. Now organizations like the loculture and arts, healthy living, the cal Taqqut Co-op have stepped up environment, and education. For ex- to assist. ample, NWC has assisted 500 youth The Co-op is part of Arctic Coopwith new sports equipment and ap- eratives, a group of first nation-run parel as well as helping organizations outlets across the northern territosuch as the Canadian Diabetes As- ries. The co-op donated food to help sociation (CDA) with a $500,000 do- the bank set up and then organized nation. “All funds a sale of homeraised in the North made muffins and “yes, it’s good stay in the North,” doughnuts. The business to support says Lui, comment$350 proceeds local charity ing that alongside were used to buy initiatives, but the Aboriginal Diameat to augment it’s also just the betes Initiative and the selection at way people are in the CDA, they have the settlement’s the Arctic.” says launched programs distribution facilRoberts targeted to healthy ity. Organizers eating awareness. report that there “Certainly on one had been a previlevel our thinking ous food bank in is that if the community is healthy it’s the community, but a lack of support good for business.” forced a closure a few years back. Other projects on the go at NWC Certainly, the need to have organizaare things like association with tions like the co-op contribute assisFrontier College, a major distance tance underscores the fact that witheducation institution that promotes out support these initiatives would adult literacy and training, an arts fade and leave the hungry hopeless. program in Alberta that encourages Another initiative of Arctic Cooperyouth to come south to create theatre atives is a scheme to fund recycling. and stage productions, and environ- Recently announced, the program mental initiatives where NWC is ask- will ask customers to pay a 0.10-cent ing people to use fewer plastic bags. levy on plastic bags. This money will “Our stores also do collections at the go to assist the group in its drive to till for other programs that require recycle aluminum cans. This would funds,” says Lui. allow sports teams and others to One of the major areas where fund- raise funds by collecting cans and ing and support is needed is in the then filling sealift containers with the area of food banks. Currently, reports aluminum packaging. According to

reports, a container will hold $1500 worth of cans that would be sent south to recycling facilities. The 0.10cent levy would support the transport of the materials. Another type of fundraising is taking place in northern Alberta and the North West Territories. In this area, CFWE, an aboriginal radio station that promotes first nation culture, is growing thanks to the support of Bingo enthusiasts. To date the station has paid out close to $7 million to people in communities and has been able to expand its operations to small hamlets that previously had no radio station. At his Slave Lake Winks outlet, Jesse Roberts does a roaring trade in Bingo cards for the weekly event that has people sitting near radios in close to 15 communities as well as major centres. “We’re like a community service centre,” says Roberts. “We handle things like payment for swimming lessons, after-hours banking and Bingo cards for the CFWE program.” Altogether, much of what happens in the North regarding charity is done by Northerners like Jesse Roberts in Yellowknife or Inuvik’s Peter Carrington of The News Stand. Both are important lynchpins of the local economy with vibrant C-store operations. Both are also frontline supporters of programs such as food banks where they collect money with countertop cash boxes. “This is the North and we have to stand together if we want to make it,” says Roberts, concluding that yes, it’s good business to support local charity initiatives, but it’s also just the way people are in the Arctic. Here, it’s all about community and being ready to lend a hand.”



Fuel Management:

By Peter J. Cochefski

Fleet Managers Feel the Pressure Automated fuel-management services can be a boon to the bottom line for fueling-facility operators As soaring oil prices drive the cost of fuel higher and higher, they are also wreaking havoc with companies’ fuel management programs and creating huge budget challenges. This is especially true for those where processes are not automated and the fuel data management is decentralized. There are several examples of how non-automated fuel management is impacted and the ownership of this outdated system of fuel management falls directly on the site operator. Examples include fuel management at retail, cardlock or commercial fueling sites. For years, every day at 9 a.m. the operator has been “sticking” his fuel tanks in order to obtain their inventory level. Sure, it might not be the most accurate way to measure product levels, but it has generally let the operator know how much fuel he has left in 74 

July | August  2011

the tank and when it is necessary to place the next order. Over the years, there have been a few instances of fuel run outs, or the need to haul back fuel because too much was delivered, but these issues were probably due to circumstances beyond the operator’s control and the business didn’t really seem to be affected. At a non-retail fueling site, the operations manager knows and trusts his drivers (heck, he hired them!) and is confident that they will accurately write down the amount of fuel pumped into their company vehicles. The operations manager is also certain that when the gallon total is passed on to the accounting department it will be manually entered correctly into the company’s accounting system. But we’re all human. With our extremely busy schedules, forgetting to write down a fueling

transaction or transposing a number due to workday distractions can - and does - happen. And if there’s ever a problem with the equipment, an alarm condition, or compliance issue, he contacts a local vendor to come out and fix the problem. To the operations manager, his way may be “working,” but, in reality, there are enough inefficiencies in this approach that may be costing his company thousands of dollars a year in fuel, equipment maintenance, liability and compliance costs. Additionally, the operator may be faced with financial losses due to extensive dispenser downtime or, in a worst-case scenario, an environmental disaster. These examples are just a portion of the operator’s responsibility, but at the same time their cost can be significant. Furthermore, these costs are increased exponen-

multiple facilities. The answer to these concerns can be found in the technology that is driving today’s advanced automated Fuel Management Services.

The Challenges

tially when managing multiple facilities in different geographic regions. Another consideration is bad publicity and subsequent injury to a company’s reputation resulting from environmental issues. While the cost of these may not be easily measurable, ultimately they can be substantial in lost business. Centralizing the management of daily operating functions creates greater success in management of

The No. 1 priority of any fuelingfacility operator should be to know, at any moment, just how much product is in each of the site’s storage tanks. Sticking tanks may still be popular with many companies, but the accuracy of this process is highly questionable, especially when compared with the new-age, computer-aided tankgauging technology that is available in the market today, technology that can measure and record product level to the tenth of an inch. It goes without saying that fuel is the lifeblood of any business with fleets of vehicles, so why live with in-

accurate inventory levels when technology has been developed with ultra-accurate inventory measurement in mind? As mentioned, the main fear concerning inventory is running out of fuel, which can disrupt an entire business. Less common, but still costly, is the haulback that occurs when a misread inventory level leads to too much product being delivered with no place to store it. This results in having to return the leftover fuel to the facility from which it came and store it until it can be used. The cost associated with not being able to accommodate all of the fuel being delivered is $275 a day for storage at the rack and $1.50 per mile traveled by the transport, fees that could quickly escalate for just one incident. Another challenge at many fueling facilities is identifying exactly who will be responsible for monitoring and re-



cording inventory levels. While many protection, air quality, and the prescompanies with fuel-storage-tank ence of hazardous substances at a operations have a national footprint, fueling site. Too many companies, however, do the management overseeing those operations is typically regionalized, not place the right amount of focus with the fuel-management segment on complying with these regulations. Again, compliance of the business demanagement often centralized. This can falls to someone often lead to a lack who is not specifiof coordination and cally trained in that communication bearea. These days, tween the respecthat inexperience tive parties, resulting can be costly. Fines in additional, often for being out of unnecessary or recompliance are indundant reporting creasing, and once processes that can The No. 1 priority of any a regulator sees a drain company re- fueling-facility operator problem at one fusources, as well as should be to know, at any eling site, the rest open the company moment, just how much of a company’s fuel up to greater risks product is in each of the site’s storage tanks may and liabilities. storage tanks. come under inThe proper knowlcreased scrutiny. edge and experiService costs can also be a drain on ence in managing fueling operations is also becoming more and more im- a facility that does not have the most portant as strict compliance regula- advanced fuel-management program tions are enforced. Federal, state and in place. Many sites rely on a local serlocal authorities are becoming much vice provider when any maintenance more vigilant and their regulations or alarm issues arise. Whenever an are becoming increasingly complex equipment breakdown occurs, the with regard to release detection and normal reaction is to call a local serreporting, spill prevention, corrosion vice technician while not knowing

ANNOUNCEMENTS Tom Moher has been appointed to the role of Vice President, Operations Central Canada for Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc., a Couche-Tard company. Tom will oversee the operation of the entire business unit which currently has 580 stores in Ontario. Tom joined Mac’s in 2006 as a Regional Director of Operations and was promoted to the Director of Real Estate and Business Development in 2008. Tom began his career in 1996 and worked his way up through various management and multiunit management roles in the retail pharmacy industry and was the Business Manager of Operations for Pharmasave National when he joined Mac’s in 2006. Tom is a Certified Management Accountant and also has an MBA from Queens University.


July | August  2011

exactly what the problem is, or if it can be fixed in-house. This can lead to increased costs, especially if the call is made during off-hours or if the problem occurs at an out-of-the-way location. A speculative “something’s not working” call most likely will lead to two service trips: the first for the technician to assess the problem and the second, to bring back the parts needed to fix it. Another challenge in the area of service and maintenance is keeping an accurate record of when repairs occurred. Is there an identifiable trend in the repairs? What parts were replaced? Were the parts under warranty and what are the terms of any new warranties that may now be in place? Not being able to proactively identify recurring maintenance issues can result in increased costs brought on by needless service calls. Again, too often this tracking task is assigned to an employee who has no expertise in this area, or has 10 other job responsibilities that he or she considers to be more important. In fact, some companies don’t even know which bucket maintenance costs go into from an accounting standpoint. Don’t miss our next issue when valuable solutions are presented!


Terra International Food Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of Mr. Gary Hoskins as the Director of Sales & Marketing effective May 2nd, 2011. Gary brings over 25 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry and has held successful executive level positions throughout North America. Gary has a proven track record that includes international success in Canada and the USA. The achievements were accomplished by developing products and distribution channels through consumer focused marketing programs. Continuous sales growth was attained with an inclusive partnering approach to meet and respond to consumer demands.

Business development is Gary’s mantra and companies like Preisco Foods, Jentash Marketing, National Cheese, Arla Foods, and Liberte Brand Products would all attest to this. Terra International Food Inc. is pleased to welcome Gary’s knowledge, leadership and experience to the Terra Team. We have made a significant addition towards ensuring we achieve all our goals and meet the expectations of our consumers, customers, principals we represent and supply chain partners.



t the end of the business day, you look at wash counts and ask questions. Were my customers

happy with the quality of their experience? Did I experience downtime? Was I profitable? For more than 35 years, Ryko has been helping business owners thrive with superior integration, end-to-end clean vehicle solutions, environmentally safe chemicals, local service and customer marketing programs that deliver a competitive edge for your car wash venture. With Ryko, you get

the answers – and profits – you’re looking for.


NEWS RELEASES Istobal USA Makes History at 2011 Car Care Expo June 3rd, 2011 Istobal USA introduced the new M’NEX 22 at the ICA Car Care Expo in style by running a live car wash with water, chemicals and on board drying system. President Kevin Collette said, “We were very pleased with the response to our historic live exhibit from the attendees whom visited our booth”. The M’NEX 22 has tremendous technical and environmental advantages. When you combine it with the Istobal glass enclosure, it’s a winning combination so it was worth the effort”. The M’NEX 22 combines the highest quality wash with an innovative and attractive new design. A rollover with great possibilities thanks to the modular philosophy of its design. This unique feature means a long list of optional extras can be added to the standard M’NEX 22 to make it the most complete machine on the market. Eric Wulf, president of the ICA said “Istobal’s introduction of the M’NEX 22 at The Car Care Show was a highlight for many attendees. This was the first time for the show to feature actual ‘wet’ car washing, and the display absolutely grabbed attendee’s attention.”

The healthier alternative to traditional smoking...

Optima Steamer now available in Canada through InnovaSteam.

Smoke NV is the hottest and newest smoking device. It emits a harmless vapour that simulates the smoking sensation. Smoke NV offers smokers the option to satisfy their desire for cigarettes in a safer way while retaining the same physical qualities of traditional cigarettes in a fashionable hi-tech device. Smoke NV cartridges come in seven aromatic flavours. Smoke NV is Nicotine & Tobacco Free! More information contact us at 1-855-233-5454 or you can also visit us on the web at www. or

Steamericas, Inc. and SJE Corporation, the manufacturer of the Optima Steamer- the world’s best selling steam car wash machine, recently announced a distributorship agreement with InnovaSteam of Quebec. “Eastern Canada always has been a hot spot for the Optima Steamer, and we are very happy to have a distributor in Canada to serve customers locally,” said Yujin Yoo, the General Manager of Steamericas, Inc. To learn more about the Optima Steamer in Canada, contact Michel Asselin of InnovaSteam at 450-645-9595.

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