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Mentor, Manager, Maven – Kim Trowbridge takes a shot at retirement after 30 years in the trade.


은 조언자, 매니저, 전문가인Kim Trowbridge씨가 업계에 30년 종사후 퇴임식에서 사진을 찍다.

Cigars – Still lighting up profits

시가 – 아직 수익을 내고 있다

Dairy – Got Sales?

유제품 – 판매 잘 되죠?

Snack Happy

스낵제품이 주는 행복

Unattended fueling solutions

무인 주유소의 해결책

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With pump ‘n run’s growing more frequent as gas prices rise, we look at new fueling control systems that are helping to curtail the problem.


5 The 2012 State of the Industry Report shows that c-stores have no time to rest given the opportunities and challenges facing Canada’s convenience retail sector. 10 Key Player – Over his 30 years in Canada’s c-store sector, Kim Trowbridge has been a guiding light that has lit the way in a business sector amid great change. 16 Where There’s Smoke – With five percent of Canada’s tobacco sales, cigars hold a small but important share of dollars for c-store. 20 To Dry or Not to Dry – J. R. Klemmer of Proto-Vest looks at the trends in carwash drying technology. 27 Milking the Dairy – With sales of more than 2 billion litres of milk up for grabs, c-stores continue to show themselves as the places to go for dairy. 31 Snack Happy – Innovation continues to drive sales in c-store snacks where gains are up by four per cent this year in a $235 million convenience market. 35 Unattended Fueling – With pump ‘n run’s growing more frequent as gas prices rise, we look at new fueling control systems that are helping to curtail the problem. 40 Shoplifting – Who’s doing it? You may be surprised. 42 Mac’s Receives International Award for Crime Prevention – The best gets recognition. DEPARTMENTS 61 What’s New – The latest in product and personality news CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


Publisher’s Message

This issue we say goodbye to Kim Trowbridge who has retired from the industry after a long service with Mac’s Convenience Stores and Couche-Tard. Kim has moved on to other exciting new adventures however we do welcome him back to the Board of the Western Convenience Stores Association. I would like to say a very fond farewell to Mr. Wayne Hoskins too. We enjoyed Wayne and Carmen’s company during the WCSA’s State of the Industry fundraising evening. I am happy to let everyone know that Wayne is doing great. We’ve just enjoyed the WCSA State of the Industry fundraising evening at the Lazy S and would like to thank everyone for their support. Take a look through the collage of photos. Congratulations to Mr. Randy Bulloch of BIC Canada, the grand prize winner of a $2500 travel voucher As we move forward into 2013 I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and everyone at Convenience & Carwash Canada would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

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4 November | December 2012

With the 2012 SOI tabled, much work lays ahead for the CCSA and its team

No Rest

The 2012 State of the Industry (SOI) report is now completed and the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA), as well as the industry at large, is looking forward to bigger and better things ahead. Presented to an assembly of stakeholders at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre on September 10, the 2012 SOI carried the torch from previous CCSA events. Indeed, the 2012 edition follows on the heels of previous information gatherings that had their start in Montreal back in 2009. “The SOI shows the impact that the industry has on the Canadian economy and society. I believe the document really opens a lot of eyes,” says Alex Scholten, CCSA president. He comments that prior to their annual report they would go to government and suggest industry issues and concerns. “Without the data generated from the SOI reports, we weren’t able to answer government questions of where or how we were impacted and we lacked solid credibility. With the SOI and other research work that the association has undertaken we have been able to offer the answers,” he says,

noting that they found that the industry was saddled with as many as 517 separate federal and provincial regulations that directly impact c-store operations. “This will be a very important piece of information that we can present to government.” Also sobering is the fact uncovered by the SOI that while Canada’s c-stores collect more that $16 billion in taxation from tobacco, gas, and other products for federal and provincial coffers, the industry only earned slightly more that $1 billion last year. To put that into perspective, consider that the Canadian auto industry, Canada’s largest non-food retailer, delivered much lower revenue to the government, made more profit and sees far less intrusion from regulators. Moreover, the auto industry received hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to assist it when the economy faltered in 2008. The c-store industry was not so fortunate. CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


“Through our benchmarking we are now able to show the true costs to retail,”

“We know that not all legislation and regulation is unnecessary. We are merely asking that we be part of the decision making process and work alongside says Scholten. He reports legislators to crethat they will also now be ate a healthy, profable to look at the cost of itable, and socially over regulation to both responsive sector society and to the industry. of the Canadian economy. When we see legislation that is not effective and efficient in regards to our industry we will challenge it,” he says, pointing to tobacco display bans as a good case in point as an ineffective measure that fails to achieve its desired goals and hurts business in the process. The industry was not consulted when this legislation was implemented with little or no evidence to back it up. And the available evidence since then indicates that such display bans have had little to no impact other than to cost retailers thousands of dollars to comply. Now with a four year slate of state of the industry data at their fingertips, the CCSA will work to refine the process and zero in on key aspects that require benchmarking. “For example, our credit card data will prove to be very valuable in our efforts to convince government to address the issue of ever increasing credit card costs. Through our benchmarking we are now able to show the true costs to retail,” says Scholten. He reports that they will also now be able to look at the cost of over regulation to both society and to the industry. “Over the next two years our economists plan to really drill down on the numbers to demonstrate the challenges the high costs of too much regulation create. We have already ascertained that too many government rules cost the industry approximately $225 million annually or $9,796 per store. We want to understand this problem more completely of rules and regulations that are ineffective.” As the CCSA moves along, its plan is to expand on their abilities. For example, they want to ask, “Are the regulations in place the ones that are achieving the desired goals?” Here, Scholten points to gas taxes that are collected with each

6 November | December 2012

litre of fuel sold at c-store gas pumps. “We want to see whether the taxes are being used for the stated purpose of transportation infrastructure development. Instead, we believe these gas taxes are going into general revenue and we want to get the government to look more closely at this practice. We believe the same is true with tobacco where the taxes that were supposed to support consumer education or awareness are in reality are directed to treasury. If it’s a tax, call it a tax and see if constituents agree with the need for more taxes” Are Scholten and the CCSA completely satisfied with the SOI and its ability to benchmark? Not completely, states the association president. “We will likely never be satisfied. Good information often leads to further questions. We don’t want to shy away from asking those questions. To do this we must be in a state of constant improvement.” To get to this place the CCSA needs the assistance of its stakeholders. “We need to obtain the best data available from our retailers and distributors. Without the kind of on-the-street market intelligence these businesses can provide we can’t reach our full potential,” he says, remarking further that the information gleaned from the studies is also very valuable to those that participate as it gives them a means of comparing how they are doing with the rest of the industry. “What we are able to do that other market intelligence doesn’t is offer data from retailers that is current and real. Over the years we were surprised to discover that many organizations tasked with researching the industry seemed to be drawing conclusions based on inference and estimates. We believed we could do better and have worked to create a meaningful research package our members can take to the bank,” he says, adding that last year the SOI allowed the CCSA to establish how economic, regulatory, and social factors were impacting the trade. “As such we were able build a strong case for support from regulators and other stakeholders.” The bottom line is that with better information at its fingertips the association and the industry itself is in a much better position to gauge the future and its challenges. Expect more from the association as it continues to dig into the numbers, the issues, and the opportunities in one of Canada’s leading business sectors.

WCSA State of the Industry event 2012 “THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO ATTENDED THIS YEAR’S STATE OF THE INDUSTRY EVENT. Despite the unpredictable weather we had a great turnout of over 230. It was a great evening of dining and socializing to the music of the Groove Academy, followed by a fun evening of betting against the house at our Fun Money Casino night.   For those of you who attended the dinner last year, this year’s event was a special treat as many responded to the invitation to bring their spouses or partners to enjoy the evening. I was delighted to have Wayne and Carmen Hoskins join us and to see that Wayne is back to health and looking very well indeed!    The State of the Industry report presentation was put off once it became clear that the audience had already split into the various rooms. However, those who registered will receive a full copy of the State of the Industry report. Congratulations to the Randy Bulloch who won the $2,500 travel voucher from the Flight Centre. Many thanks to Brenda Jane Johnstone for organizing the event and special thanks to our generous sponsors for making this event possible.  We took some risks and tried something a bit different this year. If it wasn’t quite perfect, it was nonetheless very good and I’m looking forward to a real treat next year.” Andrew Klukas President, WCSA



WCSA State of the Industry

event 2012



Key Player

For more than 30-years, Kim Trowbridge has been a guiding hand in an industry that has been fraught with challenges. His efforts raised the tide line for all.


Kim Trowbridge is the first to admit his attempts at

retirement are a dismal failure. Last year he ended a 30-year career in convenience retail. Almost immediately he signed on as president of Vancouverbased Icon Wines and Spirits. This was in addition to his work with Integrated Training Management Inc. (ITMI), a cutting-edge digital training platform he is working on with a core product brand called Training Den. “Retirement is not something I’m cut out for. I can’t see myself sitting on a porch or just parked in front of a TV somewhere. I have too much to do,” he says, adding he gets involved because he still gets excited about things and can’t sit back as a spectator. Certainly the convenience industry has been the beneficiary of Trowbridge’s considerable energy. He began back in 1983 as an area rep for Mac’s at a time when the chain was undergoing rapid expansion. At “retirement” earlier this year Trowbridge held the post of vice president, Special Assignments, and was based in the Calgary offices of the Mac’s division. Over his years he has headed up the western and central divisions of Mac’s as vice president operations. Along the way, Trowbridge has mentored a wealth of both management and operational level employees who have come away with not just his insight, but a buy-in of a philosophy of challenge and renewal. “To be really successful I believe we need to un-clutter our minds and make something new. You can’t just sit back and rely on things that may have worked in the past.” A good case in point is his creation of Store 2000,

a major innovation in convenience retail. Much more than a new décor package and product assortment for Mac’s outlets, Store 2000 changed the culture of convenience retail in such a profound way that it has been the source of study in business schools, as well as among competitors. “We looked at the division that was in decline and saw that to get it back we would have to ‘blow it all up’ and start fresh,” he says. “I was able to take the concept of Store 2000 to the company and they let me run with it. We could see that if it worked it would be a saviour and if it failed we would all be out of a job. One of my greatest points of satisfaction was when my team elected to put their careers and jobs at risk to fight for change and success in the company. I will miss many of these people greatly.” The power of Store 2000 was a willingness to accept that people want to do the best they can and will succeed if they are given the right tools in an entrepreneurial environment. Under this framework Mac’s stores become centres in their local communities with customers calling stores “My Mac’s.” “We created a retail setting where both customer and staff had a relationship of partnership and belonging. This is one reason the Store 2000 concept is so hard to replicate for others where the corporate culture does not allow for this type of initiative.” It is this demand for new solutions and innovation that had Trowbridge looking closely at the creation of a broader association for the industry. Already there was an Ontario Convenience Stores Association and a group in Quebec, but regionally the west lacked industry presence. According to Trowbridge, his employers at Mac’s could see the value in an industry association and were interested in pushing the matter forward and allowed him the time and scope to work on the Western Convenience Stores Association (WCSA), an organization that was founded in 1995. “We were facing a lot of restrictive legislation at the time and there was no party from the industry side offering our experience on things like security, best practice, and safety. I was also having difficulty obtaining industry specific information that was not proprietary. I could see we needed an authoritative voice and so I worked to help create one in the west,” he recalls. Seven companies came together to be the founding members of WSCA, but Mac’s and 7-Eleven’s Len McGeough, did much of the heavy lifting. Len McGeough remembers the energy of the time. McGeough is a past president of 7-Eleven Canada, and outgoing chairperson of the WCSA. He thinks back and notes a time when Trowbridge was able to rally the retailers and create a constituency of which government took notice.



McGeough remarks at the time there was a powerful issue that was coalescing the industry. A female Subway foodservice worker had been murdered in Alberta. The thinking from the government was to force 24-hour service industries to have two workers on staff during night shifts. “We discovered that there was no science to their thinking. We could see that people generally, as well as government lacked understanding of the convenience sector. The regulations were without any foundation and so the WCSA was able to take up the gauntlet. At that time Kim had us drop the day to day issues and focus strictly on security and then take our facts to government,” he says commenting further with-in the context of an association market rivals could shelve their differences for the better of all players. “We could see there was a need for an industry group. It was Kim that made it happen through action,” he says. Current President of the CCSA Alex Scholten suggests that recent moves by the association to lessen red tape for the industry underscores the need that Trowbridge first saw back in the 90s. According to Scholten, the CCSA has been undertaking a period of review and developing solid metrics to benchmark the industry. “What we found was that there were 517 provincial and federal regulations that were directly impacting our business. Some of these rules went back to a time before our organization, and were the result of wrong thinking on the part of legislators who were operating blind to a large extent because there was no voice to speak on our behalf. Kim gave us this voice and today we are seeing our efforts to reduce red tape bear fruit. We have a government in Ottawa that is anxious to reduce paperwork and now we have the data and indices to show them the how it can best be achieved with-in our sector.” Steve Pinard is another person who saw the value of the CCSA’s hard work to get the message out. Pinard is head of Trade Marketing and Distribution for Imperial Tobacco. He reports that ITL is among the industry’s largest vendors given the prominence of tobacco products in convenience retail. As such they are grateful for the efforts of Trowbridge and the staff and executive at the CCSA. Under Trowbridge’s direction as chair, the CCSA developed a concerted plan to combat contraband tobacco, a huge and growing problem. Here, it comes as no surprise that the country’s largest cigarette manufacturer would be displeased by illegal “smokes,” but the CCSA was able to demonstrate these counterfeit products were hurting Canadian society as much as its leading corporate tobacco players. The CCSA has shown that the contraband activity is not only a source of poor quality products, but is a source of revenue for a wide range of crime groups. More, the association and its members are actively involved in best practices at the store level where youth are questioned about age if they ask for cigarettes or cigars at the counter, something that doesn’t happen at first nation “smoke shacks.” “Under Kim’s leadership we saw a reduction in these illegal products such as those that were entering from the First Nations community near Cornwall, Ontario,” says Pinard. “In fact, the efforts of the association have gone a long way to sensitiz-

ing the federal and provincial governments regarding the issue and getting an agenda on the table.” Another agenda that Trowbridge was instrumental in pushing forward has been the third option for Workplace BC’s rewrite of safety standards at the province’s retail locations. The redrafting of the act came about following the tragic passing of gas station worker Grant DePatie who was run over and killed following a theft at his store back in 2005. According to WCSA president Wayne Hoskins the government’s enacting of Grant’s Law, a workplace health and safety regulation passed in DePatie’s memory, forced retail operators to undertake some tough operational actions such as dividing barriers between customer and counter, and pay-before-you-pump regulations. “The result of the initial Grant’s Law was a 30 per cent decline in late night store sales. With Kim’s help we came up with a ‘third’ option,” he says. According to WCSA Chairman Doug Hartl, the third option was a big accomplishment that worked to challenge the established views at the time. Hartl, is manager of Security and Government Relations for Mac’s in western Canada, and as such he has seen the various reports that point to the correctness of Trowbridge’s third option. Under the plan, retail locations that trained staff in safety and security and undertook eight controls from time lock safes to limiting access to store interiors to monitored emergency transmitters would be able to use a single staff person during overnight shifts. Those that didn’t buy into the plan had to operate stores with at least two workers. “This third option worked to obtain a best practice scenario while the other solutions went against the concept,” he says. “If it had not been for Kim’s knowledge, experience and industry respect I don’t know that we could have got this initiative through. I think this is yet another example of how Kim raised the bar in one area only to see standards improve widely.” According to Kim this was behind the organization of the association right from the beginning. “Our mandate was to work for the entire industry not jut the big chains. We could see that if we could raise up the smaller players to a higher standard of service the entire industry would benefit from enhanced professionalism and everyone would become more profitable as a result. I think it worked.” Alex Scholten could not agree more. “When the chips have been down, Kim has stepped up with not just a willingness to take on challenging roles in the organization, but lend his experience as well.” Concluding, Scholten remarks that in his view Trowbridge’s power spanned from a seemingly bottomless pit of integrity where he challenged himself and others to stay true to the course and his ability to slice through clutter to get at the meat of an issue. “He could look at a problem, determine what was important, and then move forward on it. I don’t think his success in the industry and in other areas is a coincidence. His success is one built on things like keen operational knowledge, loyalty, and a can-do attitude that takes no prisoners. There is no doubt that his ability to communicate our industry needs to government and his collegial nature has gained us the respect we now enjoy.”



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This document is not intended for consumers. / For use by tobacco wholesalers and retailers only.

Tobacco Where represents There’s the largest in store Smoke category for c-stores with national averages showing tobacco represents

With five per cent of tobacco sales, cigars represent a small but important sector for c-store profits.

26.2% of sales and 12.9% of profits.

16 November | December 2012

Fewer Canadians might smoke cigars than other forms of tobacco, but this does not mean operators should pay less attention to the segment. Certainly the tobacco category is one fraught with challenges, the largest being cigars and cigarettes are sold in a dark market where government regulations disallow normal merchandising of product, and selection must stay hidden away from consumers. Still, tobacco represents the largest in store category for c-stores with national averages showing tobacco represents 26.2 per cent of sales and 12.9 per cent of store profits. Of these totals cigars represent roughly five per cent of sales, or about $27 million. According to Dave Clark, Mac’s Convenience Stores Western category manager, who manages tobacco for 310 stores from Manitoba to B.C., merchandising the category is challenging. Government restriction mandates that product must be hidden from customers and any signage is tightly controlled. “Legal-age customers who ask about tobacco may be offered further information and this could include a discussion about new products, established brands, and product attributes such as price. We have worked to make sure our staff at all our stores are knowledgeable about tobacco,” he says.

Higgs lists Colts Mild amongst the best selling traditional cigars in Canada. Also included in this group are Colts Rum & Wine, Colts Sweets, Colts Whisky, M by Colts Cream, M by Colts Café Moka, M by Colts Café Latte as well as Café Crème and Café Crème Blue.

This is essential to strengthening cigar sales, adds James Higgs, vice president Marketing with full service tobacco company Scandinavian Tobacco Group Canada (STGC). It is through efforts such as staff training for product awareness that has helped the traditional cigar sector to remain stable over the past year. “Twelve months rolling [ending June 2012] has seen the traditional cigar segment [with brands like Colts, M, Café Crème etc.] broadly stable with import volumes at the same lev-

els versus the previous year,” he says, noting little cigar imports for the same period were around four per cent down versus the previous year. “Little cigars have experienced growth, and are up around 18 per cent, with a notably strong performance in central and western Canada.” This trend toward little cigars is not surprising to Ken Storey, director of sales at House of Horvath, Canada’s largest independent cigar distributor with a tradition that goes back to 1932.

“We are continuing to see an adult preference toward smaller cigars that take less time. Pom Pom Mini continues to be the first choice for an increasing number of adult cigar smokers that shop in convenience stores,” says Storey, remarking the introduction this year of Swisher Sweet Minis was a great complement to the mini segment. “Swisher is one of the most recognized names in cigars, and the addition of the Swisher Sweet Minis to our portfolio has been a great addition to our wide assortment of cigars,” he says pointing to a line that includes quality, mass market and premium cigar manufacturers in the Canadian marketplace, as well as cigars made in their own facility in Toronto such as Bances, Bandi & No 263 brands. In fact, House of Horvath is the place to call for mass market brands such as Swisher, Pom Pom, Blackstone, Agio, Panter, along with premium entries including Toscano, Toscanello, Aurora, Leon Jimenes, Punch, Casa Magna, Tributo, Torano, Loyal, My Father, My



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Colts Café Moka, M by Colts Café Latte as well as Café Crème and Café Crème Blue. “Single cigar propositions are also stimulating and growing the traditional cigar segment,” he adds noting again retailers should make sure they don’t have stock outages. “Single cigars are an additional source of revenue for your store as smokers will trial cigars and act on impulse. Try and encourage your store clerks to offer traditional cigars “Cigars make up the largest [when they have validated that part of the the consumer is other tobacco an adult smoker category and of legal age].” On the mass accounts for market leadapproximately ing single cigar five per cent best sellers at cof our overall stores are Colts sales mix. Sweets, M by Profit margins Colts Cream, M by Colts Moka, on cigars and Colts Whisky. are typically Most recently, stronger the traditional than that of cigar segment saw the launch cigarettes of Colts Menthol and other and M by Colts segments Mint. These are within the two distinctively category, different mint propositions that target two very different con“Try as well to stimulate growing sumer profiles. Launched to satisfy consumer demand for newer brands, the growing demand for menthol and like M, an accessibly priced range of mint smokers generally, Colts Mentipped cigars that are flavoured to thol and M by Colts Mint are the first appeal to a new generation of cigar traditional cigar menthol propositions smokers, who want smooth, mild, to enter the Canadian market, and are available in pocket packs and singles. adult flavours like coffee.” At Mac’s Convenience Stores cigars Higgs lists Colts Mild amongst the best selling traditional cigars in stand out as an important category Canada. Also included in this group segment. “Cigars make up the largest part of are Colts Rum & Wine, Colts Sweets, Colts Whisky, M by Colts Cream, M by the other tobacco category and ac-

Father Bijou, Tatiana, Tabacalera, Calixto Lopez, Mac Baren, 7 Seas, and domestic options Bances, Bandi, Factory Seconds, Gold Band Cabana, No. 263, and V-Series. Altogether, the good news for gas and convenience retailers is that traditional cigars are generally out-performing the market, says Higgs who advises keeping stocks of leading cigar brands like Colts.

counts for approximately five per cent of our overall sales mix. Profit margins on cigars are typically stronger than that of cigarettes and other segments within the category,” says Clark. “We carry all of the major brands of cigars that would be typically found in the convenience and gas channel. We focus more on products at the low to mid tier price points. These make up the bulk of category sales,” he says, adding there is a wide range of products available in the cigar category at varying price points, from low cost individual cigarillos, to multi-packs, to premium high-end cigars. “It’s difficult to offer everything to everyone. I believe that it is very important to have the right mix of products, and to always have these products in stock. Operators should definitely develop a strategy that meets the needs of their customer base, and then stick to it.” At Havana House, Canada’s only licensed distributor of Cuban cigars, National Sales Manager John Cyr suggests the trends now are moving toward price point. The company offers 27 brands and 300 skus with leaders being Habanos’ Montecristo #4, and Romeo & Julieta #2 ruling the roost. “Smokers appear to be looking most often for a good cigar in the $10 range,” he says, noting that Corona and Robusto products are still selling well, an indication that Canadian tastes for a discriminating puff are not diminishing. Certainly a retailer has to know who they are in the market and who their customers are. The result is a better ability to meet customer needs. Without question, the art of the making the best of this business will be found in overcoming the merchandising challenges and letting customers know about selection. Cigars and other tobacco might be only five per cent of category sales, but the opportunities for those who can take advantage are substantial.



by: J.R. Klemmer Vice President & General Manager

To Dry or Not to Dry

Is this even a question? Let’s face it, dryers are important! They are the final touch in the car wash experience and one of the main elements in producing a clean, spot free vehicle. They are also the end component that leaves the lasting impression of your operation with your customers. And, we all want happy customers. It just makes good business sense.

20 November | December 2012

Before purchasing a new system it is helpful to ask dryer manufactures questions such as ‘why are their dryers different from the competition?’, ‘how effective is their dryer?’, and ‘is there any after sales support offered?’

So, what makes a happy customer? Simply, customers respond to a good product. In the case of car washes, it’s the areas they see after the wash is finished. The main areas of concern are the front windshield, front hood, driver’s side window, passenger side window, then the rear window, backseat passenger windows, and trunk of the car. If those surfaces are looking clean and dry, your customer won’t feel obligated to work further on their car, leaving them happy with their wash purchase. Happy customers equal repeat business, and of course increased revenue. Moreover, having an effective dryer not only generates happy customers, but can reduce overhead and labor costs. So how do you find the right dryer for your facility? There’s definitely not one type of dryer for every kind of operation. The best way to obtain the right drying system for your wash is to be as informed as possible. Being aware of a dryer’s capabilities, materials, decibels, energy usage, and general operation will allow you to make the most educated decision on which dryer(s) will provide the greatest results. Before purchasing a new system it is helpful to ask dryer manufactures questions such as ‘why are their dryers different from the competition?’, ‘how effective is their dryer?’, and ‘is there any after sales support offered?’ After the initial cost, a high quality product will provide a return on investment year after year, increasing bottom line profits. The ideal dryer uses low horsepower, is well thought out, highly engineered and is designed for efficiency and longevity. The type of carwash installation expenses should be evaluated even before purchasing a drying system. The greater number of motors the greater the incidental costs will be for additional starters, conduits, discon-

22 November | December 2012

nects, labor and lines of current. Also, existing carwashes will have predetermined threephase voltages of 208, 230 or 460. Installation costs of the 208V and 230V are significantly higher than 460V due to due to increased material cost and labor incurred by a lesser voltage supply. Keeping in mind proper installation is vital for dryer performance, most dryers may be assembled without professional aid. However a certified electrician should be consulted when connecting three phase power to motors and control wiring to starters. There’s no way around it, carwashes are very demanding on their equipment. Indeed, machinery is constantly exposed to chemicals, continuous water flow, and agents necessary to the washing process. This is why the materials used to compose dryers will determine the systems maintenance, aesthetics, safety and ultimately equipment life. It is also important to consider the location of the motor/blower assembly within the wash. Any type of equipment placed above a vehicle poses a potential safety risk. Operators need to ensure that their dyer assemblies are properly mounted and overhead equipment should be regularly checked. This situation can easily be avoided by purchasing a dryer with the motor/blower assemblies located on the floor which will eliminate safety concerns and allow for ease of maintenance. Noise continues to be an important consideration for carwashes. Lower sound levels protect employees, customers and the surrounding community while improving



Even when using the best drying systems, operators may not always achieve desirable drying results. Often, it is the wash process that aids in the best outcome. Cleaning products work together and work best when pH balanced.

your company image. Industrial dryers are usually the loudest equipment in the washing process with levels measuring from 75 decibels to above 100db. This sound level becomes a problem when OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) monitors noise levels anywhere at or above 85 decibels. As a solution, certain manufacturers provide dryers with quieting packages and also offer after market silencers that can be integrated with an existing system. Another option is a custom application that places the blower/motor assembly in a remote room. Traditionally industrial dryers devour energy. However, some company’s have evolved their dryer technology to use the least amount of energy while delivering maximum

24 November | December 2012

drying power. This means lower energy demands, lower operational costs and in turn larger profits. The trick is not to compromise performance for horsepower. Anyone can put a 15hp blower together and call it a dryer, but whether it dries a car is another story. The best way to measure dryer performance is through air velocity. This does not necessarily mean using more horsepower for greater CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) discharge; instead it is the amount of force in which the air travels to the vehicle’s surface. Efficient impeller and discharge designs, such as nozzles and bags, increase the amount of velocity that reaches the vehicle, drying the car efficiently without consuming more energy. Staggered starts, VFDs (Variable Frequency Drive) and other motor load control devices also help minimize demand rates and improve energy efficiency between vehicles. When using any of these it’s important to make sure the dryer is back up and running before the car enters the dryer so the system is able to operate at full capacity. Even when using the best drying systems, operators may not always achieve desirable drying results. Often, it is the wash process that aids in the best outcome. Cleaning products work together and work best when pH balanced. When there is too much alkaline in the

wash process, water tends to lay flat and sheet instead of breaking on the surface inhibiting the drying process. There are many variables that affect the balance of the wash process such as climate, humidity, season, regional air qualities and road surface conditions. Consulting with your regional chemical supplier is recommended to assist you in making your system properly pH balanced to obtain the right chemical levels in the wash process allowing for the cleanest, brightest and driest results. In the end, an informed dryer purchase combined with good chemical balance will provide proficiently dried vehicles at a lower cost leading to a great business investment and a carwash that makes both you and your customers happy. J.R. Klemmer With his uncle George Grabenhorst being one of the founders of the self serve carwash in 1962, J.R. is definitely no stranger to the automotive industry. After serving in the United States Air Force from 1981-1985, J.R. began his career in car washing business in Detroit, where he worked his way up from employee to owner. From 1987 to present J.R. has been associated with Proto-Vest, Inc., where he currently resides as the vice president and general manager within their Glendale Arizona office.

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EXPAND WITH THE THE U.S. CAT CATE EGORY L LE EADE ADER •TheProTeinDrinkcaTegoryisoneofThefasTesT growingcaTegoriesinU.s.Beverage •M UscleMilk®isTheDoMinanTleaDerofTheU.s. ProTeinDrinkcaTegory •M UscleMilkhas85%MarkeTshareinU.s.convenience •M UscleMilksalesgrowingaT25%inU.s.convenience



By Angela Altass

Milking Dairy For Profits When it comes to succeeding in the dairy segment, sticking to the basics is one of the best ways to keep the profits flowing “You need to have milk and bread at the corner store,” says Chuck Arcand, Corporate Director of Canadian Marketing with Core-Mark, a key distributor and store service provider to convenience stores from Ottawa to Victoria. “Dairy is a destination item for the Ontario market and in the west it’s a definite necessity that stores need to have in stock.” This need has pushed sales upward. According to the Canadian Dairy Commission sales of fluid milk increased from 2010 to 2011 to reach almost 2.8 billion litres. Most popular is 2 per cent milk with sales of 1.3 billion litres. Chocolate milk has shown the strongest growth with sales increasing from 196 million litres in 2010 to 209 million litres in 2011. Cream sales increased from 281 to 303 million litres from 2010 to 2011. Sales gains aside, dairy is really a very traditional market where there is little in the way of change. For example, basics such as product freshness, the needs for selection and brand continuity all remain as key elements that have remained largely untouched. “Freshness is essential and so we are focused on working with our retailers to create a more effective consolidation. When we make more trips to stores we increase our ability to deliver fresher products,” states Arcand. He adds that



For More Information Contact: The Canadian Trade House 1-800-829-4098 or 403-237-8829

“Genuine Muscle MLK 414 ml ready to drink beverages provide 25 grams of protein derived from milk,” explains Nederhoff adding that Muscle MLK light beverages include half the fat, are sugar-free and provide 20 grams of protein.

while there is not too much in the way of change he is still seeing innovation in products such as protein shakes and other new items. Here the Canadian Dairy Commission sees Canadian consumers seeking foods with health benefits that taste good and dairy fits the bill. “Nutrition plays such an important role in everyone’s overall lifestyle,” says Michael Nederhoff, Country Manager with CytoSport, a US-based company that is currently building distribution for its Muscle MLK products across all channels in the Canadian market. CytoSport is the largest sport nutrition company in the United States and offers a line of protein-enhanced powders, shakes and bars. It has an 85 share in convenience retailers in the U.S. (Nielsen). “Genuine Muscle MLK 414 ml ready to drink beverages provide 25 grams of protein derived from milk,” explains Nederhoff adding that Muscle

MLK light beverages include half the fat, are sugar-free and provide 20 grams of protein. Yogurt consumption has been steadily increasing over the past 20 years, says the Canadian Dairy Commission. From 205 to 2010 average yogurt consumption grew by 22%. Average cheese consumption per capita has grown from 12.04 kg to 12.66 kg from 2005 to 2010 with most growth in the cheddar and fine cheese categories. “Cheese is growing in popularity as consumers learn to understand the goodness inherent in cheese,” says Ted Lawson, Vice President, Marketing, Saputo Dairy Products Canada. “It takes approximately 10L of milk to make 1kg of cheese so cheese could be considered concentrated milk in terms of its composition as there are very few additional ingredients added, he says reporting that Saputo has been reducing additional ingredients

such as sugar and sodium in some of their dairy products. “We now offer reduced sugar chocolate milk and French vanilla coffee whitener and we have reduced the sodium in our cottage cheese by 25 per cent. In addition, we always want to keep consumers excited about our products by updating our packaging and offering variety in terms of flavours and formats. This past year we invested in new sliced cheese packaging that features an improved re-seal zipper and consumer friendly pouch. ” Saputo’s Armstrong cheddar cheese lineup, a favourite at Canada’s c-stores, features different formats, such as slices, snacks and processed cheese while their branded cheese lineup features a variety of Italian specialties. Saputo’s milk can be found under the Dairyland (west), Neilson (Ontario), Nutrilait (Quebec), and Baxter (Atlantic) brands. “Our milk brands are local to each region because our milk is locally sourced and packaged,” says Lawson. “You can also find many of our bottled dairy products like Milk2Go/ Lait’s Go flavoured milks, which are designed to be consumed when you are on the run. Other bottle products include our line of Neilson and Cadbury milkshakes, Sunny Delight and our new Ultimate Recovery Beverage, which comes in a 325 ml re-closable shelf stable bottle in both chocolate and vanilla flavours.” According to Lawson, Ultimate Recovery has been designed to be consumed following any type of tiring activity such as a heavy sports workout. “It has all the goodness of milk with



When it comes to coffee and tea whitener, Saputo has the market covered with their International Delight flavoured coffee whitener products.

the additional recovery benefit of 16g of added dairy protein per bottle.” When it comes to coffee and tea whitener, Saputo has the market covered with their International Delight flavoured coffee whitener products. Widely available in Canada’s convenience retail sector, International Delight comes in 473 ml and 946 ml bottles for both take home consumption and to support in-store coffee programs. “We also have individual portions of our new Creamizer dispenser system.” Creamizer dispenser systems fea-

ture two and four head units that allow operators to service clientele with not just flavoured coffee whitener, such as French vanilla or hazelnut, but with two per cent milk and 18 per cent cream as well. “Another product line that is very popular with c-store clientele is our sour cream based Heluva Good dips,” notes Lawson. “Last year we launched these dips in 250 ml sizes, which are ideal for consumer trial before they trade up to a larger size.” Lastly, once the selection and freshness is secure, make certain dairy is

merchandised in a clean and odourless refrigerated cooler. “Dairy needs to be kept cool, around four degrees Celsius,” says Lawson, adding that retailers should keep products in stock and neatly displayed from eye to thigh so that the time starved convenience shopper can find what they want when they need it,” he remarks. “An even bigger opportunity for convenience retailers is the impulse purchase or add-on sale. Many of our products can be cross-merchandised or bundled with other complementary items in order to take advantage of this opportunity for incremental sales and profit,” he says concluding that keeping staples like dairy products fresh and in stock remains a key ingredient in the convenience store recipe for success.

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10/12/12 1:42 PM

Snack Snacks might be little, but with more than $2 billion in sales they represent big money for Canada’s convenience retailers. We have busy lifestyles and products that assist us with our fast paced routine are likely to be winners at the till. Not surprisingly, the convenience sector has hitched its star to snacks in its efforts to meet the needs of its time crunched customers. The result is a sector that is holding 2.8 per cent of sales with tallies of $236.3 million last year with gains in the range of four per cent. Snacks are indeed a rising star. Listed as number

five amid the c-store parade of product hits, snacks stand out as both impulse and destination purchase. Across the country margins range from a low of 28.8 per cent in Quebec, to above 45 per cent in Ontario, making these items strong profit performers. According to Joel Gregoire at NPD, a national market tracking service that looks at grocery, convenience, and foodservice, while health is a strong determiner for snack product

purchase (10 per cent of occasions) taste still rules as the main consideration when making a snack food selection. Leading this demand for taste is the teen consumer, a group that delivers 15 per cent of all traffic at Canada’s c-stores. When teens visit a convenience store, they are most likely to do so for a snack in the afternoon or the evening (73 percent of their visits). Adults 55+, who are more concerned with health, are more likely to vis-



Snack it a convenience store in the morning (over 30 per cent of their visits). However, the p.m. snack segment is still the most popular daypart for adults 55+ at over 45 per cent. Typically, most of us would consider a snack to be any food that is eaten outside of meal times. One spokesperson at Health Canada suggested that snack foods should not exceed 500 calories with anything over this value crossing the line into a meal offering. As c-stores Typically, most of us would enhance a product consider a snack to be any range that typicalfood that is eaten outside of ly includes potato meal times. One spokesperson and corn chips, at Health Canada suggested nut, seed and that snack foods should not exceed 500 calories with any- dried fruit prodthing over this value crossing ucts, meat snacks like jerky, cereal the line into a meal offering. bars and other g o o d - f o r- y o u products, the list of snack items continues to grow with fresh items, such as fruit and veggies, frozen heat n’ eat items, new products in confectionery, and even beverage items. Novel here is PepsiCo’s Tropolis, a fruit-puree-in-a-pouch trial product that treads the line between solid and liquid food that is the result of a teaming between the company’s Tropicana, Quaker, and Gatorade units. According to industry reports PepsiCo Chair and Chief Executive Indra Nooyi sees this test product as a trend where food and drink sub-brands merge as part of a larger industry trend towards combination foods. Already PespsiCo offers a fruit, dairy, and grain smoothie in Europe under its Naked brand. “We see the emerging opportunity to ‘snackify,’ beverages and ‘drinkify’ snacks as the next frontier in food and beverage convenience,” says Nooyi amid media comments that this could be the first step to new foods like tube32 November | December 2012

shaped soft serve Doritos. In the meantime expect trends to show a more traditional line-up that includes new products that combine salty and sweet flavours, as well as healthy snacking components, says Greg Jones, consulting partner of b2b Solutions LLC, during the AWMA CMetrics Convenience Industry Outlook Forum at the 2012 NACS event in Las Vegas. In the U.S., Jones saw more than 2,500 new product introductions last year, including 382 potato chips entries with many featuring international flavors. In the U.S. salty snack sales have been on the climb as they have in Canada. In fact, Jones reports total c-store salty snack sales increased 24 per cent over the last five years with margins up 35 per cent over the same period. Gross profit dollars were also up nine per cent. Here in Canada salty snacks account for more than half the market with new product innovation in cooking style, flavour, and packaging helping to drive the purchase of everything from corn bugles to shrimp puffs. Overall the salty segment was up last year by six per cent with total C&G sales exceeding $1.4 billion. Chips themselves earned a seven per cent gain with sales sitting above $765 million or about half the sector. Meeting trends head on, the Old Dutch mainstream potato chip lineup in early 2012 started to feature the “Quality Lives Here” logo and highlight products as gluten free with natural flavours and colours. “We introduced four skus of Dutch Gourmet Thick Cut Premium Potato Chips in a 360 gram format with a zipper pack to maintain freshness and portion control for the consumer. The Dutch Gourmet feature natural flavours, low sodium, have no MSG, and

According to Kellogg Canada National Sales Director Mark Ritchie, 40 per cent of consumers are interested in better-for-you snacks, and Nutritious Portable Foods(NPF) is seeing some of the biggest dollar growth in the snack category.

are also gluten free,” says Scott Kelemen of Old Dutch Foods. He reports that they are building on the mainstream by adding sector leading products Rip-L Cut, Rip-L Sour Cream and Dill to the Dutch Crunch Kettle Cooked Potato line-up. To assist c-store with merchandising efforts Old Dutch is launching a new concept to retail to bridge the gap between large single-serves and take-home products. Old Dutch Toobulars offer a unique format, flavours, and offer more snacks with a Toobular merchandiser that effectively merchandises 48 units in under a two square foot footprint. “As space continues to be a concern and we see more clean-store footprints we are challenged to develop new merchandisers and concepts,” he says. Another important sector that is trending well is meat snacks. Here the leader is McSweeney’s, an all-Canadian alternative that is high in protein, low in fat, and bulky in profits. Distributed by Direct Plus Food Group, the product line represents a 40 per cent share of the country’s meat snack sector with a vast line that includes six varieties of beef jerky, a range of Steak Nuggets, kippered beef products, as well as pepperoni sticks, and sausage rolls, not to mention Pep N’ Cheds and Pepperoni Cheese Bread. “Meat snacks tend to be a higher ring item that delivers a stronger profit to the retailer,” says Blair Patterson

of Direct Plus, a full-service direct-tostore distributor that offers services to more than 12,000 outlets coast to coast with a fleet of more than 100 trucks. He notes that a $6 sale of beef jerky can earn a c-store operator more than $2 in profits. “You have to show them to sell them,” he says, suggesting the number one reason people don’t buy a meat snack product is because they aren’t easily visible. According to Kellogg Canada National Sales Director Mark Ritchie, 40 per cent of consumers are interested in better-for-you snacks, and Nutritious Portable Foods(NPF) is seeing some of the biggest dollar growth in the snack category. “For the independent looking to improve their business even more, I would suggest starting with a review of the snack offerings within the store. Are opportunities being missed because the consumer is not looking for indulgence? Is there a smarter and healthier snack offering?” he asks, noting examples such as Kellogg’s

Rice Krispies Square Bars that moms may be more inclined to purchase over other snacks. He views the Kellogg lineup as good cases in solution-based innovation that are the result of listening to the market. “This means offering smart, great tasting healthy snacks such as AllBran, Nutri-Grain, Special K, or Kashi bars which address specific daypart needs. We also look for opportunities to bundle Snacks with other items in-store such as coffee, water, even slushy, as they represent bundling opportunities that create incremental sales opportunities. Promotion-specific POS and suggestive selling at cash not only improve the category but overall store profitability as well. “Snacks are just good business,” concludes Margaret Howells, manager of Jessie Mae’s Gas & Snacks, a small Petro Canada outlet in Kenaston, Saskatchewan, a town some 100 kilometres south of Saskatoon. The business offers everything from reverse osmosis water to bus depot to coffee bar complete with cappuccino. “In a small town you have to offer more. We’ve got all the usual products that people expect at a gas bar and then we offer things like muffins and danishes that get people through the front doors. They might come in for gas but we try to sell them a little something extra like a muffin or a bag of chips to go with their coffee. For certain this is an essential part of our business and I think it’s a part that our customers really appreciate.”



by: Steve Stewart

Looking To Add Unattended Fueling? As Regional Distributors continue to broaden their Canadian fueling operations, here’s a look at some fuel-control systems that can ease the move into unattended fueling There is no doubt that the retail-fueling market in Canada to the Kent Group/M.J. Ervin study, this upward trend is has been undergoing a steady change over the past a consequence of long-term rise in petroleum demand, two-plus decades. The most obvious difference is in the coupled with the long-term decline in the number of number of actual retail fueling locations that now exist in Canadian retail outlets. the country. There has also been a steady change in Canadian Retail Gasoline According to the 2011 National Retail Pethe retail landscape in terms of how gasoStation Population troleum Site Census, which was compiled line is being sold to the consumer. In 2010, by The Kent Group/M.J. Ervin & Associ20,360 only 16% of all gasoline stations were under sites ates, and is the most recent comprehensive the price control of one of the three “mastudy of the Canadian retail-fueling market, jor” oil companies in Canada—Shell, Suncor 12,710 the country’s retail gasoline station populaor Esso—while 26% of all retail fueling sites sites tion peaked in 1989 with 20,360 sites. Since were under the control of one of Canada’s then, that number has declined steadily and nine (down from 10 in 2008) refiner-marketstood at 12,710 at the end of 2010, an overers. The remaining three-quarters (74%) of all 38% drop in retail fuel sites from 1989 and Canadian fueling sites are now price-conan average annual decline of 1.8% trolled by a combination of individual outlet Despite this consolidation, however, the proprietors, who generally operate from one average retail provincial gasoline throughto 15 fueling sites, and non-refiner market1989 2010 put rose to 3.22 million liters (850,604 galers, who are simultaneously scooping up relons) per year, up from a provincial throughput average tail sites from the consolidating refiner-marketers and of 1.5 million liters (396,258 gallons) in 1990. According small individual operators who are leaving the business.



Diversify and Conquer Within the non-refiner marketer class, a growing force is known in Canada as the Regional Distributor. These independent marketers operate a number of retail outlets that carry a well-known fuel brand, the supply of which is obtained “at arm’s length” from the actual refiner through a supply and licensing agreement. In the United States, these types of operators are often referred to as “jobbers.” These multi-site Regional Distributors are also finding that there is great success to be had in diversifying their operations. With that in mind, many are also developing wholesale fuel operations in which they purchase fuel from a refiner and then sell it to independent operators who do not have a supply contract with a recognized brand. Another area in which the Region-

36 November | December 2012

al Distributor is expanding is as a supplier to and operator of fleet-fueling facilities. These are oftentimes unattended fueling sites—typically a commercial or municipal operation—that rely on cardlock technology in order for the fueler to access supply. While unattended fueling is a necessary and important operation, it comes with its own unique set of operational characteristics and concerns. Chief among them is having the ability to know exactly how much fuel is being used, when and by whom. While attended fueling locations obviously have the benefit of an employee actually being on-site in order to monitor fueling operations, unattended fueling sites bring with them the opportunity for fuel theft or unreported site damage that can lead to costly product spills.

Therefore, any marketer who is operating an unattended fueling operation must be 100% certain that the site is not susceptible to any fuel loss or theft issues.

Tending to the Unattended For more than 50 years, Hodgkins, IL, USA-based OPW Fuel Management Systems (part of OPW Fueling Components), has been providing effective, cutting-edge fuel-control products that have become the industry standard for the smallest fleet to the largest retail-fueling operation. The heart of many of OPW’s fuelcontrol systems is the FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller. The FSC3000 gives Regional Distributors and fleet

owners the ability to conveniently track and report fueling transactions by driver and/or vehicle. The FSC3000 possesses the ability to interface with many authorization and commercial fueling networks, as well as proprietary network cards. This allows the user to set fueling restrictions that limit specific vehicles to the type of fuel used and quantities purchased, thereby assuring complete fueling-system accountability and control. The FSC3000 also provides various methods for controlling fuel dispensers, which may feature both mechanical and electronic pumps, along Gilbarco CRIND and Wayne CAT in-dispenser card readers. The capabilities of the FSC3000 in Canada reached a whole new level in 2011 when OPW-FMS and Kardtech Incorporated, Brampton, Ontario, entered into a marketing partnership agreement for the Canadian market that included the launch of the Kardall Remote Fuel Access Technology. The Kardall system streamlines fuel data-transaction capture, resulting in savings of time and money, as well as increased system security for the site operator. Canadian fuel marketers are now able to install an FSC3000 unit that has been outfitted with the Kardall network option, which features a “Cloud” operating system that can store an unlimited number of authorized users and track an infinite number of fueling transactions in real-time. As Canada’s Regional Distributors continue to diversify their businesses by adding fueling operations such as unattended fueling sites, some questions may arise when determining the proper fuel-control system to employ at a specific location. Here is a broad overview of some of the fuel-control systems offered by OPW, from the most basic technology to the most sophisticated. Keegard ® Fuel Control System. Keegard is a performance-engi-

neered, solid-state, automated fuel-control system that delivers maximum fuel security and accountability. The Keegard activates a fuel dispenser with a high-security, registered individual key. The system’s basic master unit can hold up to 30 keys and counters, while its modular design allows expansion of the system to suit the operator’s needs. The Keegard reliably tracks usage with non-resettable, tamper-proof counters that can accurately record up to 100 liters or gallons per minute to the nearest tenth. AFC™ Fuel Control System. The

AFC is a turnkey fuel-control system for small to mid-sized fleets. With the AFC, fuel-site operators will no longer have to wonder when vehicle maintenance is due, which vehicle gets which type of fuel, or where the fuel or vehicles are going. The AFC features durable, weathe r- r e s i s t a n t , stainless-steel construction for many years of uninterrupted service with one stand-alone terminal able to control from two to eight hoses. Its modular design eases maintenance, resulting in less downtime and reduced operating costs. FIT500™ Fuel Management Sys-

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tem. The FIT500 combines leadingedge technology with solid stainless-steel durability, creating an unmatched 24-hour fuel-management system. The FIT500 accepts the widest selection of fueling network and major bankcards, and contains a customizable screen. It has an integrated FSC3000 Fuel Site Controller for unattended installations where no building is available, with the capability to remotely download any FSC3000 software upgrades that may become available. K800™ Hybrid Fuel Control System. The K800 Hybrid, which contains an integrated FSC3000 unit, is ideal for small, private fleets that require a low-cost fuel-management system. The system features 16 quantity-restriction levels and 16 productrestriction combinations while it is also compatible with OPW’s optional


38 November | December 2012

PetroLink™ RFID system, which allows vehicle ID, mileage and other information to be automatically captured through the fuel nozzle at the vehicle’s fueling pipe. C/OPT™ Fuel Control System. The C/OPT, which offers the flexibility of having the FSC3000 unit installed within the Fuel Island Terminal (FIT), is the best solution for 24-hour fueling sites that accept major commercial fleet or bankcards. The C/OPT allows individual drivers and vehicles to be grouped into accounts for easier control of group restrictions and lockouts. The FSC3000 allows the system to control up to eight FITs with a maximum of 32 hoses per site. It is designed with a fiberoptically lit keypad and LED backlit display for easy fueling at night while a “smart” weather shield automatically closes to protect card readers

and the receipt chute during inclement weather. PetroLink™ Wireless Fuel Control System. PetroLink is the newest addition to OPW’s fuel-control family. It monitors and records vehicle ID, mileage and other important fueling information solely through the use of RFID technology, which eliminates the need for wires or other equipment that can break or be damaged. The PetroLink system is comprised of four components, two of which are installed on the vehicle with the other two installed at the fueling location. The result is the highest level of fuel security, accountability and control; no need for special wires, swivels or fuel-authorization cards; and accurately captured data without the need for driver intervention.

Conclusion As the Canadian retail-fueling market simultaneously contracts while at the same time the style and type of its marketers and their operations diversify, one thing remains paramount: the need for fuel-control systems that can accurately and reliably track fuel usage, often in realtime. The importance of this need is elevated even more when you’re talking about unattended or cardlock fueling sites. Rising fuel costs mean that site operators cannot be cavalier in the tracking of their fuel deliveries or usage. Recognizing the necessity for the best in fuel-control and – tracking systems, OPW Fuel Management Systems has made a commitment to the retail-fueling market in Canada. OPW’s suite of fuel-control systems have been designed to meet the needs of all fuel retailers – especially those with unattended operations – with special emphasis placed on the growing ranks of Regional Distributors who are playing an increasingly prominent and important role in the market.

Steve Stewart is Canadian Sales Manager for OPW Fuel Management Systems, which is part of OPW Fueling Components. He can be reached at (519) 822-2197 or

OPW is the global leader in dispensing products, environmental systems, secondarily contained fuel delivery systems, fuel management systems and clean energy fueling products, including dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, LPG, Hydrogen and CNG; swivels, breakaways, valves and fittings; underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping; tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems. OPW is part of the Dover Energy™ Segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).



Shoplifters What do they look like? Who shoplifts? Most people picture a shoplifter as being that young person wearing baggy clothing or the street person looking to steal something and make a quick dollar. The truth is every person from every walk of life is represented in shoplifting statistics. In order to protect your company’s assets more effectively you must not have that stereotypical attitude when it comes to identifying a potential shoplifter. Shoplifters are separated into three categories and their methods of operation vary, but their common goal is the same – to get something for nothing. The first type of shoplifter is The Professional. Professional’s target items of high value

40 November | December 2012

and most often use sophisticated methods to commit the theft. The Professional shoplifter steals for a living and does so for pure profit. They are patient in their ways and are the most difficult to identify, as they fit in very well and do not take chances. The second type of shoplifter is The Amateur. The Amateur is someone who shoplifts on occasion and takes things for his/her need. This type of shoplifter may steal under peer pressure to impress others or receive a thrill from taking something that does not belong to them. The Amateur shoplifter is the easiest to identify. The third type of shoplifter is The Drug Addict. The Drug Addict shoplifts

to support a drug or alcohol habit. This type of shoplifter will take a chance even if they think they were observed. This shoplifter is very dangerous and may resort to violence when approached.

How Do You Prevent It? Shoplifting is a reality for C-Store businesses everywhere, but you can manage it! The best way to reduce shoplifting is to acknowledge every customer. Employees should make eye contact with each customer as they enter your store; walk out from behind the counter and offer assistance. This is not only an excellent deterrent to theft, but also a great customer service approach.

If you suspect someone has stolen an merchandise, NEVER attempt to make an apprehension or create a physical confrontation. Use phrases like “do you need a bag” or “are you ready to pay” for the concealed merchandise. This will alert the Shoplifter you are aware of what they are doing and encourage them to pay or put the item back without confrontation. It is highly recommended that employees NEVER chase suspects or leave the safety of the store to pursue shoplifters. Employee safety is the watchword. Call the police and be a good witness. Always remember, good customer service is the best way to deter shoplifters!


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CRIME PREVENTION Business of The Year

Mac’s Convenience Stores Receive International Recognition for Their Crime Prevention Initiatives The Mac’s Central Loss Prevention Team has been acknowledged as world leaders in Crime Prevention at the 2012 International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) Conference in Las Vegas. The award acknowledges the innovative, customer focused and community driven approach Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. (Mac’s) has taken to make crime prevention an integral part of their corporate responsibility. Taken together, Mac’s initiatives demonstrate the chain’s continued commitment to the overall safety of their employees and communities in over 600 locations across Ontario . Mac’s was nominated by the Ontario Provincial Police for initiatives such as Operation Freeze/Operation Heat positive ticketing program – Lock

42 November | December 2012

It or Lose It auto theft prevention program – AMBER Alert partnership – Provincial Robbery Prevention program – SAFEGuard Ontario and the introduction of their social media MacCrimeBusters. Now with this award Mac’s Convenience Stores and the Loss Prevention Team have been put in front of the world as leaders in Crime Prevention. “I am proud of the Loss Prevention Team and what we have accomplished over the years, it is truly a team effort,” says Sean Sportun, ICPS Manager, Security & Loss Pre-

vention. “The dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity of the team to ‘get things done’ is being used as a model for others worldwide to follow – which is humbling”. The Loss Prevention Team is comprised of Sean Sportun, Robert Balecki, Dion Angelini, Jenny Thompson and Chloe Brumbaugh (pictured above) all of whom have contributed to the continued success on the Department. Together they were accorded acknowledgment at the October 10th gala where awards included:

Presented to Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. – To annually recognize the outstanding crime prevention programs of a profit-making business that have made the most significant contribution to the prevention of crime for their organizations or for their community. Toronto Police Officer Scott Mills and Toronto Crime Stoppers were first to congratulate Mac’s and Sean over social media. These two awards further complement the Department’s successes. Already Sean Sportun had been recognized by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) at their October 4th gathering. At that time Sportun was handed the 2012 Security Practitioners Award for the MacsCrimeBusters social media initiative as well as the 2012 Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services Ovation Award. By working together with the community, youth and Police Services; Mac’s Convenience Stores plan to continue to make a difference in the prevention of crime at their locations and in the many communities across Ontario.

Volunteer of The Year Presented to Sean Sportun, ICPS Manager, Security & Loss Prevention – To annually recognize the outstanding contributions made by crime prevention volunteers whose exceptional dedication and commitment to crime prevention has enhanced crime prevention initiatives at local, state-province, and national levels.

January/February 2009


캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회보 U.K.B.A C.C.I.C


The Best Things You Never Realized About ATMs

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Blurred Lines – Diverse Markets Mean Declining C-Store Revenues

불분명한 유통업계 경계선- 유통업계의 다양화는 편의점 매출 감소 의미 Other People’s Money The awful truth about where those pesky credit card fees actually go.

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캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회보

캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회보





캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회보









Change Brings Challenges

Servicing The North Country has its own set of rules Pump Up the Volume: The Humble Gas Pump is Not to be Taken Lightly 주유소 개스 펌프기 변천사 : 개스 펌프기가 단순해 보인다고 가볍게 보아선 안된다

Western Convenience Stores Association Tells Us The State of Your Industry 서부 캐나다 편의점 업계 실태 보고서


변화에는 도전이 따른다

Bullfrog Croaks Up Big Energy Savings 맥스 편의점의 대대적인 에너지 절감 방안

북쪽 나라에서의 서비스 사업에는 그 지역만의 룰이 있다


The Carwash Trilogy Packaged and Bundled Just For You

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카워시 3부작(Trilogy)




Best Editorial Package











귀하를 위한 맞춤형 서비스



Serving the Convenience, Carwash, and Petroleum industries If you want to reach diverse new markets advertise with us! Call Cody Johnstone at 416-838-4674 or email

March/April 2009




Hot and Cold Beverages and Their Various Taste Sensations 냉·온 음료들과 다양한 맛의 세계

Bottled Water:

Prepaid Cards are Here to Stay 선불 카드 정착 단계 진입

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Carwash Technology: Greener, Meaner, Cleaner 세차 기술 : 보다 친환경적이 고, 솜씨좋고, 깨끗하게

The Top Ten Ways to Wash Up Profits For YOUR Carwash


WARNING: Growth Opportunities May Be Closer Than They Appear



Mid Island Co-op: Celebrating the | Lance Sullivan | Concept Photography

Big 5-0

Hello, All the members across Canada!

2012년 대내의 경제 위협요인과

My name is Bong Sup Lee and I have been 카나다 한상 회원 사업과 경쟁력 elected as your next terms president. I am cur회원 여러분 안녕 하십니까 ? rently in the midst of gathering information so 세계경제위기 속에서 벚어나지 못하고 있는 현실 that we can make a smooth transition of the associations work and with board members 속에서 회원 여러분의 사업과 가계에 미치는 영향은 and executives across Canada as we move into 실질 경제 지표에 배가 더한것 으로 사료 됩니다. 2013. 2012년도 또한 이 위기의 터널을 벋어나기 어려 As I begin my new role I would like to state 울 것 같아 걱정이 앞섭니다. that I promise to faithfully perform in my new 대내외 경제위협 요인을 볼때 첫째 유럽 재정위기 role with commitment and take responsibility for bong sup lee 지속과 물가 불안 지속. meeting both the associations and its members’ ex둘째 세계경제둔화. 수출입 부진 . 셋째 유가.원자재가 상승과 pectations. I pledge that I will endeavor to acknowledge and 소비위축 으로 이어져 투자감소. 금리상승 을 꼽을수 있겠지요 incorporate both advice and ideas of our membership so that 위와 같은 요소들이 우리 한상의 경제활동 둔화 뿐 아니라 우리 we can continue to build on our strong commitment as an as회원 80% 정도가 소매점을 운영 하고 있어 바닥 경제를 실감 하 sociation. 실것 입니다. As the global economy situation becomes more and more chaotic, I recognize that the economic chaos also affects your 이런 가운대도 눈에띄게 변화 하고 소비와 구매가 증가 하고 있 businesses greatly. 는 것들이 있어 사업성이 어떤지 보고져 합니다. During the general meeting and meetings with respective lo식품중 식단의 변화속에서 웰빙.고물가.싱글용. 간편함. 이른바 cal executive members held last year, a heated discussion was 똑똑한 식단이 많다는것으로 조사 되었습니다. made for countermeasures and ways to vitalize businesses. In 소비.구매 증가율을 보면 건강 식.음료.차.커피 는 112%~5% this crisis, we should help one another, and have the wisdom to 까지 소비가 증가 된것으로 나타 났고. 무가당.유기농.요쿠르트 제 react immediately according to the new business information or 품 또한 7% 증가 하는 등 경제위기와 고물가로 외식이 감소 했음 the consumers’ needs. The association needs to provide high 에도 지속적으로 소비와 판매가 늘어난것을 보면 간편식과 건강 quality information that allows members to switch their busi식 식품군들로 이루어져 있습니다. nesses ideals to new ones. 이에 우리나라 음식이 건강식으로 알려 지기도 하여 세계속으로 To pursue this goal, the association and local chapters are 많은 제품이 진출된 것을 볼수 있지요. working in various areas, and we decided to hold a newer general meeting next year with the seminar that introduces new type 물론 생필품이나 공산품또한 판매가 증가한 것들이 있습니다. of businesses as well as the Korean Canadian business forum 이렇게 소비가 증가 하고 판매가 오르고 구매가 많이 이루어 지 day, and to transform the general meeting as a place for informa고 있는 패턴들은 소비자의 욕구와 써비스를 충분히 제공 하는 시 tion exchange. Thirty one of our members attended the World 스탬을 갖춘 프랜챠이즈 형태의 사업들을 많이 볼수 있지요.우리 Korean Business Convention October 15 – 18, 2012 where we 나라또한 재래시장이 도퇘 되어 가고 중소 쇼핑쎈터와 프랜챠이 were introduced to new business ideas and new products. 즈화 된 편의점등 새로운 시설과 소비자의요구에 편리한 써비스 During the Convention members gathered information and 를 제공하는 대로 구매자가 몰리고 있으며 미디어에 힘으로 건강 enjoyed one-on-one business meetings while participating in 에대한 인식 변화가 위와같은 품목들에 매출 증가를 볼수 있게 했 various programs to discuss working with new Korean franchises 다고 봅니다. ready to do business in Canada. 저희 카나다내에 한상 식품업 3500회원의 85%는 독립적으로 We also push ahead to have mutual Cooperation Agreements 운영하는 개인 사업이며 15%정도는 프랜챠이즈화 된 사업으로 (MOUs) with respective hospitals to provide good quality medical services with special fees for physical examinations to mem운영 하고 있습니다. bers’ family members. We also confirmed working relationships 소비자 만족도나 써비스 면에서 개인 사업으로 운영 하고 있는 with many dental clinics in Korea to provide a 20% discount to 곳은 체계적이거나 전문성에서 프랜챠이즈 형태에 사업경쟁력이 our members for good quality dental treatment. Additionally we 뒤떨어질수 밖에 없겠지요. signed the MOU with Kwangju Chamber of Commerce and In이에 대한 우리의 인식 변화도 요구되며 각지역 협회와 총연합 dustry where the World Korean Business Convention will be held 회에서는 대책과 사업 패턴의 변화를 요구하는 여러형태의 접근 in 2013. Based on the MOU, we agreed to prepare for participa과 연구를 해야 할것이며 홍보.세미나.포럼을 통해 정보를 교환해 tion in the next year convention by exchanging mutual business 나가야 할것 입니다. information. 한국에 있는 토종 프랜챠이즈 사업들이 미주나 동남아로 진출하 UKCIA and respective local chapters’ executive members 여 성공적으로 큰성과를 올리는 사업 소개와 카나다내에 여러 사 should do their best to promote members’ businesses’ success 업의 변화등 모든 상공인들이 유익하게 정보를 교류 할수있게끔 and provide good quality services to members with a sense of purpose by such activities. I ask your cooperation and advice, I 최선을 다해야 할것 입니다. 또한 카나다 현지 상공인 과 정보교 will make efforts to create practical benefits, and do my best in 류를 통해 우리 2세들의 카나다내 경제 활동을 뒷바침 할수있는 taking a role as the bridgehead for local chapters’ development 토대도 마련 하는데 깊은 관심과 노력을 해 나가야 할것 입니다. and new takeoffs. 본 총연합회와 지역 실협은 위와 같은 인식을 공유하여 한걸음 I pray for peace and prosperity in your family, and look forward 발돋음 하는 올 한해가 되도록 노력 할것입니다. 회원 여러분들 to reporting on our successes within the next newsletter. 의 성원과 협조를 당부 드리며 항상 건강 하시고 사업 번창을 비 Thank you. 옵니다. Bong Sup Lee 카나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회 ( UKCIA of Canada ) Vice President, UKCIA of Canada 총부회장 이 봉섭

44 November | December 2012

UKCIA of Canada 뉴스 UKCIA of Canada 한상 소식 지난 10월 15일~ `18일 사이에 개최한 세계 한상 대회에 본 협회 단체가 31명이 참가 하여 새로운 사업 구상과 새상품의 정보를 접하였으며 프랜챠이즈 사업(한국 프랜챠이즈)의 캐 나다 진출의 교두보를 마련코져 여러프로그램에 참여 하여 정 보 수집과 사업별 미팅을 가졌다. 또한 협회원 가족 건강진단 한국 진료의 스페셜 가격 제공

을 위해 각병원과 협의 하여 양질에 의료 써비스를 받을수 있도록 병원별 협약을 추진 하고 있습니다. 전문 치과 그룹 과 20% 할인 금액을 제공 받을수 있게 여 러 치과 와 협의 하여 계약 하기로 하여 보다 낳은 양질에진 료 써비스를 받을수 있도록 하였습니다. 한편 내년도 광주 세계한상 대회 개최지 상공회의소와 본 협회간 MOU를 맺었으며 이를 토대로 상호 사업 정보를 교 환 하여 내년도 한상 대회 참가 준비를 해 나가기로 협의 하 기도 했습니다

재외동포 재단 사업 이사와 UKCIA 회장단 과 미팅후 기념촬영

복종한 회장과 이봉섭 부회 장이 MOU에 앞서 의논 하 며 준비 하고 있다

광주상공 회의소와 캐나다 한인 상공 실업인 총연합회와 MOU를 맺었으며 이때에 각 지역 회장단 이사 들이 참석 하여 사업 정보교환과 새로운 사업의 발굴에 적극 동참 하기 로 했다

김경근 재외동포재단 이사장 과 환송 오찬을 마치고

강남에 치과 전문 그룹 과 UKCIA of Canada와 할인 프 로그램에 합의 후 기념촬영. 왼쪽부터 노현수 MKBA 회장 이봉섭 총연 부회장 . 치과원장. 복종한 총연회 장. QKBA 김광인 회장

이 봉섭 총 부회장 주선 으로 양 협회간 MOU를 맺었음 복종한 회장의 MOU의 목적과 중요성을 설명 했으며 .내년도 한상 대회 준비와 큰 성과를 낼 것을 다짐 했다

각 협회별 참가자들은 각자 부스운영과 상담 기업 미팅 을 하며 분주히 한상 대회에 임했으며 이중 몇가지의 품 목은 캐나다에 소개 하여 수출 될수 있도록 광고와 현 지 법인을 만들것을 제안 받아서 큰 성과를 거두었다. CONVENIENCE & CARWASH CANADA 


스낵이 주는 행복

스낵은 가볍게 즐기지만 캐나다 편의점 소매업자 들에게는 매출액에서 20 억달러 이상이며 큰 돈을 벌게 한다

46 November | December 2012

우리는 바쁘게 살아가며 우리의

트). 건강에 더 신경쓰는 55세이

큰 산업의 경향의 일환으로 합치는

바쁜 일상생활을 돕는 제품들이 매

상의 성인들은 아침에 편의점을 들

추세를 보이는 것으로 여긴다. 이

상을 올려줄 가능성이 많다. 당연

어올 가능성이 더 많다(방문의 30

미PespsiCo사는Naked의 상표로

히, 편의점부문은 시간에 쫓기는

이상). 그러나,오후 (p.m.)에 스낵

유럽에서 과일, 유제품 및 곡물 스

손님의 수요를 충족시키려는 노력

을 구입하는 부문은 여전히 55세

무디를 제공한다.

으로 스낵의 매출에서 성공을 노린

이상의 편의점방문의 45퍼센트이

“우리는 음료를 “스낵화”하

다. 스낵부문은 작년에 전체 매출

상을 차지하는 가장 주된 시간대

고 ‘마시는’스낵의 새로 생겨나

액중 2.8퍼센트를 차지했으며 매


는 기회를 음식 및 음료의 편리함

출액은 2억3천6백3십만달러였으 며 4퍼센트의 이익을 올렸다.

보통, 대부분의 사람들은 스낵을

의 부분에서 다음의 개척자로 여긴

식사 시간 외에 먹는 음식을 스낵

다,”라고 Nooyi씨는 튜브모양의

스낵은 확실히 유망상품이다. 편

으로 생각한다. Health Canada의

부드러운Doritos 와 같은 새로운

의점의 히트상품중 5위에 오는 스

대변인은 스낵은 500 칼로리를 넘

음식을 향한 첫번째 단계가 될 수

낵은 충동 구매 및 특별히 구매하

지 않아야 하며 이를 넘으면 음식

있음을 언론과의 대화에서 말한다.

는 상품으로 두각을 나타낸다. 국

이라고 제안한다. 편의점들이 포테

그러는 동안 유행은 짜고 단 맛

내 전역에서 수익은 퀘벡에서의 낮

이토 및 콘 칩, 너트, 씨 및 말린 과

을 결합한 새로운 제품과 같은 전

게는 28.8퍼센트에서 온타리오의

일 제품, 육포와 같은 육류로 된 스

통적인 제품의 구성과 건강한 스

45 퍼센트 이상을 보이며 스낵제

낵, 시리얼 바 및 다른 몸에 좋은

낵제품을 함께 보인다고 라스베가

품을 고수익제품으로 만든다.

제품등 제품의 범위를 확대할 때

스의 2012 NACS 이벤트에서의

국내의 식료품점, 편의점, 외식

스낵제품의 종류는 과일, 야채와

AWMA C-Metrics 편의점업계

산업의 시장을 관찰하고 추세를 추

같은 신선한 제품, 냉동 데워먹는

의 전망 포럼에서b2b Solutions

적하는 서비스회사인을 NPD 사의

제품, 새로운 과자류, 및 음료 제품

LLC 사의 컨설팅 파트너인 Greg

Joel Gregoire씨에 따르면, 스낵

으로 계속 확대된다.

Jones씨는 말한다

제품을 구입하는 데 있어서 건강이

신제품은 PepsiCo사의Tropolis

미국내에서 Jones씨는 작년에

강력한 요인이다(10퍼센트). 맛은

인데, PepsiCo사의Tropicana,

다양한 국제적인 맛을 특징으로한

여전히 스낵을 선택하는 데 있어

Quaker, 및 Gatorade 연구팀이

382개 이상의 포테이토칩을 포함

서 주요 고려 사항이다. 맛이 중요

팀을 이룬 결과물인 고체와 액체의

하는 2,500개 이상의 신제품의 도

한 세대는 십대층이며 캐나다 편의

음식의 경계를 넘나드는 주머니에

입을 보았다. 미국 내에서 짭짤한

점의 전체 왕래고객의 15퍼센트를

든 과일퓨레의 시제품이다. 업계의

스낵판매는 캐나다내에서와 같이


보고서에 따르면PepsiCo 사의 최

상승세에 있다. 사실상, Jones씨는

고 경영자인Indra Nooyi씨는 이

편의점내의 짭짤한 스낵의 총매출

후 또는 저녁의 스낵을 먹으려 올

시제품이 음식과 음료의 덜 유명한

이 지난 5년간 24퍼센트 층가하고

가능성이 높다 (방문의 73 퍼센

상표가 음식의 결합을 향하는 더

수익은 같은 기간동안 35퍼센트

십대들이 편의점을 들어올 때, 오



스낵이 주는 행복

상승했다고 보고한다. 총수익액수 도 또한 9퍼센트 상승했다.

Rip-L Cut, Rip-L Sour Cream

캐나다내에서 짭짤한 스낵부문

and Dill을Dutch Crunch Kettle

은 콘꼬깔콘부터 새우맛퍼프까지

Cooked Potato의 종류에 더함으

구매를 자극하는 것을 돕기 위해

로써 주요 시장에서 점유를 늘려가

요리 방법, 맛 및 포장을 새롭게 혁

고 있다고 보고한다.

신하여 시장의 반이상을 차지한다.

전반적으로 짠 스낵부문은 작년에

편의점의 상품판매의 노력을 돕

식료품 및 편의점시장의 총매출에

기 위해Old Dutch사는 대형의 일

서 14억달러를 넘으며 6퍼센트 향

인용 및 가정용 제품의 차이를 메

상했다. 칩은 이 부문에서 7억6천

우기 위해 업소에서 새로운 개

5백만달러 또는 반이상을 차지하

념을 시작하고 있다. Old Dutch

며 매출에서 7퍼센트의 이익을 얻

Toobulars는 독특한 형태, 맛을


제공하며 2평방피트내에서 48개

유행을 정면으로 충족시키기 위

를 효과적으로 진열할 수 있는,

해, 주요업체인Old Dutch의 포테

Toobular 진열대를 통해 더 많은

이토칩제품은 2012년 초반기에

스낵을 제공한다.

“높은 수준의 삶-Quality Lives

48 November | December 2012

그는 그 부분의 선두제품인

“공간이 계속해서 문제가 됨에

Here”이라는 상징을 특징으로

따라 우리는 새로운 진열대와 개

삼고 제품을 천연의 맛과 색깔을

념을 개발하기 위한 빈 공간을 확

가진, 글루틴이 들어 있지 않은 제

보하기가 어렵다,”라고 그는 말

품으로 강조하기 시작했다.


“우리는 신선함과 소비자들이

유행하는 또다른 중요한 부문은

양을 조절할 수 있도록 360그램

육포부문이다. 육포의 선두제품은

이 들은 형태로Dutch Gourmet

McSweeney’s이며 단백질이 높

사의 두껍게 썰은 고급포테이토

고, 지방이 낮으며, 수익이 높은 완

칩 (Thick Cut Premium Po-

전 캐나다산 대안상품이다. Direct

tato Chips)을 4sku로 소개했다.

Plus Food Group이 공급하며, 제

Dutch Gourmet사는 천연의 맛,

품은 6개의 다양한 육포, 다양한

저염분, MSG없는 것, 그리고 또한

스테이크 너겟, 훈제한 소고기 제

글루틴이 없는 것을 특징으로 삼는

품, 페퍼로니 스틱, 소세지 롤, 유

다,”라고Old Dutch Foods사의

명한 Pep N’ Cheds and Pep-

Scott Kelemen씨는 말한다.

peroni Cheese Bread을 포함한

다양한 제품을 갖춘 라 전반적인 업소의 수익

국내 육포부문의 40

성을 향상시킨다.

퍼센트의 시장 점유

“스낵부문은 간단히 좋

율을 나타낸다.

은 비즈니스이다,” 라고

“육포는 소매업

Saskatoon에서 남쪽으로

자에게 높은 수익을

몇백 킬로미터 떨어진 지

제공하는 고가의 제

역인, Saskatchewan주


의 Kenaston 시에 위치

대 이상의 트럭으로

한Petro Canada Petro

동부에서 서부까지 12,000개 이상의 업소에 서비스를

제공하는 풀서비스를 제공하는 직배 기회를 잃어버리고 있는가? 더 현명 공급업체인 Direct Plus사의Blair

하고 건강한 스낵을 제공하는가?”

Patterson씨는 말한다. 그는 육포

라고 그는 질문하며, 다른 스낵보다

한 제품을 $6에 판매하면 편의점 운 엄마들이 더 구입하는 경향이 있는 영자는 수익으로 $2이상을 얻는다

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Square

고 말한다.

Bars 와 같은 예를 든다.

“육포를 보이는 곳에 진열해야

그는Kellogg사의 제품들을 시장

팔 수 있다,”라고 그는 말하며 사람 의 의견을 들은 결과로 나온 해결책 들이 육포를 사지 않는 첫번째 이유 에 근거한 혁신제품의 모범 사례로 는 쉽게 제품이 보이지 않아서라고

본다. “이는 구체적으로 낮시간의


필요에 부응한All-Bran, Nutri-

Kellogg Canada사의 국내 판매


에 좋은 스낵을 찾고 있기에 판매의

Grain, Special K, 또는 Kashi

담당 이사인 Mark Ritchie씨에 따

bars와 같은 현명하고, 맛있는 건강

르면, 소비자의 40 퍼센트는 몽에

스낵을 제공하는 것을 의미한다. 매

좋은 스낵에 관심이 있으며, 영양가

출의 기회의 증가를 창출하는 끼워

있는 휴대용 음식 (NPF)이 스낵부

판매하는 기회를 나타내기에 우리

문에서 매출이 성장하는 부분중의

는 또한 스낵을 업소내 다른 제품 예

하나라고 말한다.

를 들면 커피, 물, 심지어 슬러시와

Mae’s Gas & Snacks의 매니저 인Margaret Howells은 결론을 내 린다. 이 비즈니스는 버스 차고를 위한 역삼투 물부터 카푸치로를 포함한 커피전문점까지 제공한다. “작은 도시에서는 더 많은 제품 을 제공해야 한다. 주유소에서 손 님들이 기대하는 모든 보통의 제품 을 갖추고 있으며 정문을 통해 들어 오는 손님을 위한 머핀 및 대니쉬같 은 제품을 제공한다. 손님들이 기름 을 넣기 위해 들어오지만 커피와 함 께 머핀 또는 칩을 추가로 판매하려 노력한다. 확실히, 이는 우리 비즈니 스에서 중요한 부분이며 우리 손님 들이 진정으로 고마워하는 부문이라 생각한다.”

“비즈니스를 더욱 개선하기를 기 끼워 판매하는 기회를 찾는다. 끼워 대하는 체인점이 아닌 편의점은 업

판매하는 것을 선전하는 구체적인

소내 스낵제품을 검토하는 것부터

POS와 계산대에서의 판매 제안은

시작하라고 제안한다. 소비자가 몸

이부문의 판매를 향상시킬 뿐 아니



매번 운동을 올 바르게 끝내세요 에너지의 지속 • 영양이 가득한 휴대용 병 • 운동후 단백질 섭취

이제 캐나다 에서 구입가 능합니다.

미국 프로틴음료의 선두업체와 함께 성장합니다 • 일회용 프로틴음료는 미국 편의점업계에서 가장 빠르게 성장하 는 품목중의 하나입니다 • 는 미국의 일회용 프로틴음료를 처음 만든 선두업체입니다 • 는 미국 편의점업계에서85%의 시장 점유율을 갖고 있습니다 • 의 매출은 미국 편의점에서25% 성장했습니다.

마셔요. 근육을 키우세요 정보원: 를 마지막으로 하는 지난 52주. 은 보다 지방이 50% 덜 들어 있습니다.

By Angela Altass

유제품에서 이익을 얻기 우유와 유제품은 편의점및 소비자의 가정에서 중요 상품이다.

“동네의 구멍가게에는 우유와 빵이 꼭 있어야 한다,”라고 Ottawa 에서 Victoria까지 캐나다 전역의 편의점의 주요 배급업체 이며 업소에 대한 서비스 공급업 체인 Core-Mark 사의 캐나다내 마케팅담당 법인이사인 Chuck Arcand씨는 말한다. “유제품은 Ontario 시장내에서 특별히 고객 들이 찾는 제품이며 서부에서는 분명히 재고로 갖추어야 할 필수 품이다.”



우유의 판매는 2010년에서 2011년 사이에 거의28

수 있는 음료제품은 우유에서 추출한 25그램의 단

억리터에 달했다고 캐나다 유제품 협회는 말한다. 13

백질을 제공한다,” 라고 Nederhoff씨는 설명한다.

억 리터의 매출을 보인, 2% 우유는 캐나다 내의 마

“Muscle MLK의 성분을 줄인 라이트 음료는 지방을

시는 우유중 가장 인기 있는 제품의 위치를 유지한

반으로 줄였으며, 설탕이 들어있지 않고, 20그램의 단

다. 쵸콜렛우유는 2010년의 1억9천6백만 리터에서

백질을 제공한다.”

2011년에는 2억9백만 리터로 매출이 가장 많이 증

요거트의 소비는 꾸준히 지난 20년간 증가해왔다

가했다. 크림의 매출은 2010년의 2억8천1백만리터

고 캐나다 유제품 협회관계자는 말한다. 2005년에

에서 2011년의 3억3백만리터로 증가했다.

서 2010년 사이에 평균 요거트 소비는 22% 증가했

“유제품은 유제품냉장고에 일관된 브랜드의 제품

다. 1인당 평균 치즈 소비는 체다 및 고급 치즈부문에

을 갖추는 것이 중요하다,”라고 Arcand씨는 말한

서 가장 높은 증가를 했으며12.04 kg에서 12.66 kg

다. “신선함이 매우 중요하며 신선함을 유지하기 위

로 증가했다.

해 소매업자들과 협력을 강화하여 업소에 더 자주 배

“소비자들이 치즈의 고유의 장점을 이해함에 따라

달을 한다. 항상 신선한 유제품을 갖추는 것이 매우

인기가 증가하고 있다,” 라고Saputo Dairy Prod-

중요하기 때문에 우리가 자주 배달을 갈수록 우리는

ucts Canada사의 마케팅 담당 부사장인 Ted Law-

제품의 신선함을 증가시킬 수 있다.”

son씨는 말한다. “1kg 의 치즈를 만들려면 약10L의

유제품 부분은 수년간 많은 변화를 보이지는 않았 다라고 Arcand씨는 말한다. “유제품냉장고의 끝에 달려 있는, 시장에 새로 선 보인 프로틴(단백질)셰이크 및 다른 종류의 제품들이

우유가 필요하다. 따라서 추가의 원료가 거의 들어가 지 않기 때문에 그 구성요소에 있어서 치즈는 우유가 농축된 것으로 고려될 수 있다.” Saputo사의 제품들은 캐나다 소비자를 대상으로 하

많은 것을 제외하고는 최근에 유제품에서 많은 변화

며 캐나다내 편의점에서 그 회사 제품들을 많이 볼 수

가 있었다고 생각하지는 않는다,”라고 그는 말한다.

있다라고Lawson씨는 말한다.

캐나다 유제품 협회는 캐나다 소비자들이 맛이 좋 은 건강에 좋은 음식을 찾고 있다고 말한다. “영양이 모든 사람의 전반적인 생활방식에서 매우

“소비자들은 맛이 좋고 고품질의 바로 먹을 수 있 고 건강한 제품을 찾고 있다,”라고 Lawson씨는 말 한다. “우리 회사 유제품의 일부에서 설탕과 나트륨

중요한 역할을 한다,”라고 캐나다 전체 시장내의 모

(소금)을 줄이고 있다. 우리는 현재 설탕을 줄인 쵸콜

든 종류의 업소에서 Muscle MLK제품의 유통을 현

렛우유와 프렌치 바닐라 커피 크림을 제공하며, 자사

재 구축중인 CytoSport사의 국내 매니저인 Michael

의 코티지 치즈의 나트륨(소금)을 25퍼센트 줄였다.

Nederhoff씨는 말한다. CytoSport사는 미국에서 가

또한, 우리는 제품포장을 변화시키며 맛과 구성 방식

장 큰 스포츠 영양음료 회사이며 프로텐이 강화된 파

의 측면에서 다양성을 제공하여 소비자들의 흥미를

우더, 셰이크 및 바제품을 광범위하게 제공한다. 글루

항상 유지하기를 원한다. 작년에 개선된 다시 봉할 수

틴이 들어 있지 않은 냉장/선반에 진열하는, 바로 마

있는 지퍼와 소비자가 쓰기 편리한 주머니를 특징으

실 수 있는 음료를 포함한 Muscle MLK제품은, 많은

로 하는 새로운 슬라이스 치즈포장에 투자를 했다. ”

주유소의 편의점에서 찾을 수 있다. Muscle MLK제

Saputo사의 브랜드를 갖춘 치즈가 다양한 이탈리

품은 미국내 편의점내에서85퍼센트의 시장 점유율을

안 전문치즈를 특징으로 하는 반면에 Armstrong 체

보인다 (Nielsen사).

다치즈제품은 슬라이스, 스낵 그리고 가공 치즈와 같

“Genuine Muscle MLK 414 ml의 바로 마실

52 November | December 2012

은 다양한 형태를 특징으로 한다. Saputo사의 우유

ml와 946 ml크기의 병제품과 업소내 커피 프로그램을 위한 제품을 보유하 며, 신제품인 Creamizer 공급 시스템 을 위한 일인용 제품을 갖추고 있다.” Creamizer은 기계를 작동하는 직원 이 프렌치 바닐라 또는 헤이즐넛, 또는 2퍼센트 우유 그리고18퍼센트 크림과 같은 고급 크림을 손님들에게 제공하 는 것을 허용하는, 2개 또는 4개의 꼭 지를 가진 디스펜서를 특징으로 한다. “편의점 고객들 사이에 매우 인기 있는 다른 제품은, 사워크림이 들어 있는Heluva Good dips이다,”라고 Lawson씨는 언급한다. “작년에 우리 는 소비자들이 더 큰 크기를 구입하기 는Dairyland (서부), Neilson (Ontario), Nutrilait

전에 많은 다양한 맛을 시도해볼 수 있

(Quebec), 그리고 Baxter (동부)의 상표로 제공된

는 데 알맞는250 ml 크기의 인기있는 딥제품을 신제


품으로 출시했다.”

“자사의 우유가 그 지역의 우유를 사용하고 포장

필수의 안정적인 유제품은 깨끗하고 냄새가 나지

되기 때문에 자사의 우유 상표는 각 지역에 따라 고

않는 냉장고에서 잘 진열되어야 한다라고 Lawson씨

유하다,”라고 Lawson씨는 말한다. “휴대하여 마

는 말한다.

시도록 디자인된 자사의, 병에 들은 우유 제품인

“그 제품들은 시원하게, 섭씨 영상4도정도로 유지

Milk2Go/Lait’s Go flavoured milks 을 또한 많

해야 하며 눈에서 넓적다리정도의 높이에 유지시켜

이 볼 수 있다. 다른 병에 들은 제품들은 Neilson과

시간에 쫓기는 편의점고객이 필요할 때 찾는 제품을

Cadbury milkshakes, Sunny Delight 및 자사의 신

찾을 수 있도록 항상 재고로 보유하고 깨끗하게 진열

제품인, 쵸콜렛과 바닐라맛으로, 다시 닫을 수 있는

해야 한다라고,”Lawson씨는 말한다. “편의점 소

냉장고에 넣지 않아도 되는 325 ml의 병에 들어 있는

매업자들에게 더 큰 기회는 충동구매와 추가판매이

Ultimate Recovery Beverage을 포함한다.”

다. 많은 자사 제품들은 판매 증가와 수익의 기회를

Ultimate Recovery은 모든 종류의 스포츠활동 또 는 운동 후에 먹도록 고안되었다. “한 병당 우유로 된 단백질을16g 의 양으로 추가

활용하기 위해 관련상품을 함께 팔거나 다른 보완 제 품과 끼워 팔 수 있다.” 꾸준히 팔리는 유제품을 신선하게 재고로 유지하는

로 공급하는, 단백질을 보충하는 장점을 가지며 우유

것은 편의점의 성공의 주요 요소이다. 신제품을 제공

의 모든 좋은 장점을 갖추었다,”라고 Lawson씨는

하려 시도할 때에도, 업소내 냉장고에 장기적인 필수

말한다. “귀하는 또한 우리 회사가 공급하는 Inter-

적 구비제품으로 항상 판매되는, 핵심 비즈니스의 품

national Delight사의 커피 크림제품을 편의점에서

목으로 유제품을 손님의 눈에 보이도록 제공하는 것

찾을 수 있을 것입니다. 우리는 가정에서 사용할 473

이 중요하다.



Colts Menthol은 페퍼민트의 상쾌함과 결합해 진정한 시가의 맛이 무엇인지 느낄 수 있습니다. 새로 출시되는

낱개 판매도 가능합니다.

이 신제품에 대해 더 자세한 것은 저희 직원에게 문의하세요.

또다른 신제품M

by Colts Mint는

달콤하면서 입안을 휘감는 그린 민트향을 첨가해 신선하고 부드러운

맛을 체험하기에 그만입니다.

낱개 판매도 가능합니다.

이 신제품에 대해 더 자세한 것은 저희 직원에게 문의하세요.

연기가 나는 곳’s Smoke 담배판매의 5퍼센트를 차지하는, 시가는 편

의점 수익의 작지만 중요한 부문을 대표한다

소수의 캐나다인만 담배의 다른 종류인 시가를 피우지만, 업소 운 영자들이 시가에 주의를 덜 기울이라는 것을 의미하는 것은 아니 다. 담배부문이 어려움이 많은 것을 확인이라도 하듯, 가장 큰 어려 움은 정부의 규정이 시가제품의 진열을 허가하지 않고 소비자들로 부터 숨겨놓아야한다고 명시해 업소의 어두운 부분에서 판매한다 는 것이다. 여전히, 전국의 편의점에서 평균적으로 담배는 26.2퍼 센트를 차지하며, 업소내 수익의12.9퍼센트를 차지한다. 이 총계에 서 시가는 매출의 약 5%를 구성하며, 액수로는 약 2천7백만달러 이다. Mac’s Convenience Stores 의 서부 부문 매니저로 Manitoba 에서 BC까지 310개의 업소를 관리하는 Dave Clark씨에 따르면, 이 부문 의 제품을 판매하는 것은 어렵다. 정부의 규정은 시가제품들이 손 님에게 보여서는 안되고 안내문구도 엄격히 규제할 것을 명령한다. “담배제품에 대해 질문하는 적법한 나이의 손님에게 추가의 정보 를 제공할 수 있고 이는 새로운 제품, 이미 알려진 유명상표와 제 품의 가격과 같은 특징에 대한 대화를 포함할 수 있다. 우리는 우리 업소내 모든 직원들이 담배에 관한 아는 것이 많도록 교육하기 위 해 노력해 왔다,”라고 그는 말한다. 이는 완전한 서비스를 제공하는 담배회사인Scandinavian Tobacco Group Canada (STG)의 마케팅담당 부사장인James Higgs씨는 덧붙인다. 작년에 고유의 시가부문이 안정적인 판매를 보이는 것을 도운, 제품 인식을 위한 직원교육과 같은 노력을 통해 이루어진다. “12개월의 기간 (2012년 6월을 마지막으로) 에 전통적인 시가 부문은 (Colts, M, Café Crème등과 같은 상표) 작년에 비교하여 동

56 November | December 2012

일한 수준으로 수입량에 있어서 대략적으로 안정세를 보 였다,” 라고 그는 말한다, 작은 시가의 수입은 동일한 기간동안에 작년에 비교하여 약 4퍼센트의 하락을 보였 다고 또한 언급한다. “특히 중부 및 서부 캐나다에서 작 은 시가부문이 성장했고 약 +18% 상승했으며 현저하게 많이 판매되었다.” 작은 시가를 구입하는 경향은 1932년부터 영업을 시 작한 캐나다의 가장 큰 독립 시가 유통업체인House of Horvath의 판매담당 이사인 Ken Storey씨에게는 놀라운 일이 아니다. “우리는 성인이 시간이 덜 드는 작은 시가를 선호하 는 것을 계속 본다. 편의점에서 시가를 구입하는 시가 애 연가들의 수가 증가하면서Pom Pom Mini 를 계속 제일

이제 작은 크기로 제공됩니다

많이 찾는다,”라고 Storey씨는 말하면서, Swisher Sweet Minis 를 올해 도입한 것이Mini부문에 큰 도움이 되었다. “Swisher는 시가제품중 가장 유명한 상표중의 하나이 며Swisher Sweet Minis을 제품의 종류에 추가한 것은 우 리의 다양한 시가제품의 모음에 큰 보탬이 되었다,” 그 는 Toronto내의Bances, Bandi 및 No 263상표와 같이 자체 시설내에서 제조하는 시가뿐 아니라 캐나다의 시장내의 고급시가를 찾는 수요가 많은 시장 및 고급 시가 제조업 체를 포함하는 제품의 종류를 지목하며 말한다. 사실상, House of Horvath 는 대중적인 상표인Swisher, Pom Pom, Blackstone, Agio, Panter; 고급 제품인 Toscano, Toscanello, Aurora, Leon Jimenes, Punch, Casa Magna, Tributo, Torano, Loyal, My Father, My Father Bijou, Tatiana,

세계 일등 브랜드

인정된 명성 입증된 크기 보장된 판매

6팩 및 낱개(싱글)로도 제공됩니다.

이 문서상의 정보는 담배 소매업자/도매업자만을 위한 것임. 광고용이 아니며 소비자들에게 보여줄 수 없음.


끝부분이 부착됨•TIPPED

수마트라산 천연 포장재


오리지널 파이프 담배

Honey T사의Tipped Originals시가는 세계에서 가장 담배가 잘 자라는 지역의 고급 담배만으로 제조된다. 이 시가에 사용 된 특수 혼합물은 Honey T상표의 높은 기준에 부합한다. 이 러한 고급의 끝부분이 부착된 시가의 독특한 특징은 자사의 Original Pipe Tobacco Blend제품의 부드러우나 완전한 맛이 나 체리, 럼주 또는 포도주 맛을 가미한, 유명한Original Blend 맛으로 설명된다.

오리지널 파이프 담배

검정색 및 금색


오리지널 혼합물



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정보는 소비자들에 대한 담배 제품 광고로서 사용하기 위해 제공되는 것이 아니다. 소비자들에 대한 담배 제품 광고는 법으로 금지된다. 소매업자및 배급업자들에게 그들이 판매하는 제품에 관해 정확한 정보를

제공하려는 목적을 갖는다.

Tabacalera, Calixto Lopez, Mac Baren, 7 Seas; 그리고 국내제품인 Domestics Bances, Bandi, Factory Seconds, Gold Band Cabana, No. 263, V-Series을 모 두 취급한다. 전체적으로, 전통적 시가제품이 다 양한 종류로 대체로 더 많이 판매되고 있다는 것은 주유소/편의점 소매업주 들에게는 희소식이다라고 Colts와 같 은 선두적인 시가 상표를 재고로 갖추 라고 Higgs씨는 조언한다. “부드럽 고, 순한 커피맛과 같은, 성인이 좋아하 는 맛을 원하는 시가를 피는 새로운 세 대에 호소하도록 맛을 낸, 적당한 가격 의, 다양한 종류의 맛을 시가끝에 갖춘 M과 같은 새로운 상표의 제품을 갖추 어 또한 소비자의 수요의 증대를 자극 해 보라.” Higgs씨는 Colts Mild부터 시작하여 캐나다 내에서 가장 잘 판매되는 전통 적인 시가의 이름을 든다. 다음으로 잘 판매되는 제품은 Colts Rum & Wine, Colts Sweets 및 Colts Whisky이다. 이러한 선두제품 다음으로는 M by Colts Cream, Moka, M by Colts Café, Latte Café 그리고 Crème Original & Blue이 있다. “낱개로 판매하는 시가 부문도 또한 전통적인 시가 부 문에서 활발해지고 성장하고 있다,” 소매업자들은 재고 가 떨어지지 않도록 확실히 해야 한다고 덧붙여 말한다. “애연가들이 다른 시가를 시험삼아 구입해 보고 충동구 매하므로 낱개로 판매하는 시가는 귀하의 업소의 추가적 인 수입원이다. 귀하의 업소의 직원들이 전통적인 시가 를 손님들에게 제안하도록 노력하고 격려해 보십시오 ( 단 손님이 합법적인 나이의 성인인 애연가인지를 확인해 야 한다).” 캐나다내의 쿠바산 시가를 공급하는 허가를 받은 유일 한 공급업체인 Havana House사의 국내 판매 매니저인 John Cyr 씨는 현재 추세는 통일 소매 가격으로 움직인 다고 제시한다. 이 회사는27개의 상표와 300 sku를 제공 하며 가장 많이 판매되는 제품은 Habanos’ Montecristo #4 Romeo & Julieta #2이다. “애여가들은 보통 $10대의 좋은 시가를 찾는 듯하 다,”라고 그는 말한다Corona Robusto의 제품들이 여전 히 잘 판매된다; 캐나다인들의 고급 시가에 대한 선호는

줄어들지 않고 있다는 것을 나타낸다. 편의점에서의 낱개로 파는 시가중 가 장 많이 판매되는 제품은Colts Sweets, M-Cream, M-Moka, 그리고 Colts Whisky 이다. 최근에는, 전통적인 시가 부문에서Colts Menthol 와 M by Colts Mint제품이 출시 되었다. 이 현저히 다른 두 민트 제품은 두 개의 다른 소비자층을 목표로 삼는다. 일 반적으로 menthol 및 mint제품에 대한 애 연가들의 증가하는 수요를 만족시키기 위 해 출시된Colts Menthol 및 M-Mint 제품은 최초로 캐나다 시장에 들어온 (전통적 시 가인) 멘톨제품이며, 주머니 크기용 포장 과 낱개로 구입 가능하다. Mac’s Convenience Stores에서 시가는 중요한 부문으로 두각을 나타낸다. “시가 는 기타 담배 부문에서 가장 큰 부문을 차 지하며 전체 판매 통계의 약 5퍼센트를 차 지한다. 시가의 수익률은 담배 및 기타 담 배부문보다 보통 높다,” 라고 Clark씨는 말한다. “우리는 보통 편의점 및 주유소에서 찾을 수 있는 주 요 시가 상표를 모두 취급한다. 우리는 낮은 가격에서 중 간대 통일 소매 가격의 제품에 더욱 집중한다. 이 품목 매 출의 대부분을 차지한다,” 라고 그는 말하면서 시가부문 에서 다양한 통일 소매 가격으로, 낮은 가격의 낱개의 시 가릴로(가는 담배), 여러 종류를 하나로 포장한 멀티팩에 서 고급 시가까지 다양한 종류의 제품이 제공된다고 덧 붙인다. “모든 손님의 기호에 맞게 모든 종류의 제품을 제공하 는 것은 어렵다. 고객이 찾는 제품을 섞어서 갖추는 것이 매우 중요하며, 이 제품들은 항상 재고로 갖고 있어야 한 다. 업소 운영업자들은 분명히 고객의 수요를 충족시키는 전략을 개발하여 계속 추진해야 한다.” 분명히, 소매업자는 공급업체와 고객층을 알아야 한다. 그결과 손님의 수요를 충족시키는 능력이 향상될 것이다. 문제없이 이 비즈니스에서 이익을 최대한 창출하는 기 술은 진열하여 상품판매하지 못하는 어려움을 극복하고 제품의 종류에 대해 손님들에게 알려주는 것이다. 시가 및 다른 담배제품은 전체 담배 매출의 5퍼센트만을 차지 할 수도 있지만, 판매의 기회를 최대한 활용하고자 하는 사람들에게는 상당한 가치를 지닌다.



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60 November | December 2012

WHAT’S NEW Zep Inc. to Acquire Vehicle Care Division of Ecolab Zep Inc., a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions, has announced that it has entered into a definitive $120 million agreement to purchase all of the assets of Ecolab Vehicle Care, a division of Ecolab Inc. Sales and adjusted EBITDA for Ecolab’s vehicle care division for the trailing 12 months ending June 30, 2012 were approximately $66 million and $13 million, respectively. Pending regulatory approvals, the purchase is expected to close later this calendar year. Once approved, the combination of Ecolab’s Vehicle Care division, Zep’s existing North American Sales and Service vehicle wash operations, Niagara and Washtronics will create a new platform, “Zep Vehicle Care,” representing approximately 13% of the Company’s net sales. Zep Vehicle Care – to be based in Minnesota – will be a leading provider of vehicle care products, including soaps, polishes, sealants, wheel and tire treatments and air fresheners to professional car washes, convenience stores, auto detailers, and commercial fleet wash customers. The products and services offered by Zep Vehicle Care will combine leading brands such as Zep® Enviroedge™, Niagara National™, Washtronics and Armor All Professional™ with Blue Coral®, Rain-X® and Black Magic®. The new entity will be led by Steve Nichols, the current General Manager of Ecolab Vehicle Care, who will assume the position of President, Zep Vehicle Care, upon closing of the transaction. Zep Inc., with fiscal year 2012 net sales of $654 million, is a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and consumer end-markets. Zep Inc.’s product portfolio includes anti-bacterial and industrial hand care products, cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, disinfectants, floor finishes, sanitizers, and pest and weed control products, as well

as high performance products and professional grade chemical products for the automotive, fleet maintenance, industrial/ MRO supply, institutional supply and motorcycle markets. Founded in 1937, some of Zep’s brands have been in existence since 1896. Zep Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information visit:

P.D. McLaren, President / CEO of P.D. McLaren Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Burton to the position of Sales/ Marketing Manager for Carwash in Western Canada. Ian comes with extensive knowledge in both retail and wholesale of Petroleum Equipment and in the Carwash Industry. His experience includes working at the end user level, employment at distribution in both Petroleum Equipment and Carwash, and most recently Vice President at the carwash manufacturing level. This creates a tremendous opportunity for P.D. McLaren Limited to expand our carwash and petroleum business in Western Canada. Ian can be reached at or (604) 817-6173

Unitec Launches New

Product: C-Start Latest System to Hit the Market Designed for Petroleum Market Operators ELKRIDGE, MD ¾ Unitec announces the launch of C-Start,

a new car wash payment entry system, designed to simplify and automate the transaction process for car wash customers and site owners alike. The new “cashless” unit accommodates C-Store and petroleum market operators who wish to collect payment through credit card or wash codes, while implementing comprehensive customer loyalty and marketing programs. C-Start features an ergonomic 12-inch touch screen user interface that is easy to understand and operate, with wash and pricing options presented on a single screen. The system’s marketing capabilities, including customizable promotions, video advertisements, coupons and the availability of loyalty, pre-paid, fleet and subscription accounts are designed to help car wash owners grow their business and maximize revenues. C-Start’s remote access tools allow site owners to monitor daily activity, be notified of system alerts and generate reports from off-site locations. “C-Start offers a win-win for site owners and car wash customers. It is designed to accommodate the business owner who wants to streamline payment processes, and the car wash user who

prefers a cleaner, easier-to-use system that can be managed through a simple swipe of their credit card or input of a code,” said Richard Carpenter, Director of Product Development for Unitec. “This unit offers a solution for those who would rather not handle and manage cash.” Further information about C-Start, including a downloadable version of the product sell sheet, is available on Unitec’s web site at About Unitec Unitec develops, designs and manufactures reliable, innovative point-of-sale entry systems for the car wash industry. In addition to selling complete systems, system components and parts, we develop custom applications for high-volume resellers and retailers, providing owners of automated car wash facilities the right equipment, tools and marketing opportunities to increase revenues while improving customer loyalty. Tracy M. Fitzgerald 410-692-5480 (o) or 443-910-3575 (m) (email)

Ad Index Access Cash/EZEE ATM .............................................................. 2 Bulloch Technologies ................................................................. 37 Containment Solutions.............................................................. 36 Canadian Trade House.............................................................. 28 Direct Cash.................................................................................... 64 Distribution GVA ................................................................... 18/58 Gourmet Chips ........................................................................... 63 House of Horvath ............................................................... 17, 57 Muscle Milk .......................................................................... 26, 53 MI Petro ........................................................................................ 34 PDQ Manufacturing .................................................................. 23 PEI .................................................................................................... 12 ProtoVest ....................................................................................... 21 Pumps & Pressure ..................................................................... 25 Scandinavian Tobacco Group........................... 14/15, 54/55 Washtech........................................................................................ 41 WPMA............................................................................................. 30 ZCL .................................................................................................. 38



1. sign in 2nd story window, 2. man standing beside building, 3. handy cap sign on street, 4. gold ornament on roof between buildings, 5. red shapes front of dove, banner on main building, 6. vent main building front, 7. horizontal telephone line above buildings, 8. white basket in doorway – green, 9. numbers on street signs righ to main building, 10. “Building 1923” main building.

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