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Online Business Project Management Platform

In this world fast moving teams need a dynamic project management solution. There are thousands of companies in this world which are using Convask for managing complex projects and provide you with business solutions. This project management or task management help the team to work together and in streamline and organized way. This help you to connect with the customers and to collaborate with the team members more efficiently.

Work With Any Team

Whether you are working in office, or any project or even it is your next family vacation, Convask provides you with the tools that help you and your team organized.

Productive Platform

You can integrate with your team which directly into the workflow. You can a real time online feed where you can meet all your team and their unique business needs.

Synchronized Data

No matter on whatever device you are using Convask is helpful to collaborate with your team members. No matter where they are whether on the bus or siting on a beach you can collaborate with them anywhere.

Keep the Goals Focused

You can set the priorities and align your team in order to work faster and smarter across your organization over this project management software. Business is moving faster and collaborate and exhibits more number of remote workers every day. This platform provides you with the plan and help you get adjusted to your real time on a go.

Faster Real Time Feeds

Convask provides you with real time collaborative platform where team can discuss, manage and work over the project and all the details will be compiled in the history which is taken by the employees.

Many other features this task management platform provides are:

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User Invitation Project based connection Realtime messaging and notification Customer and relationship management Unlimited free projects Cut down the chaos Increases team productivity Help you to meet the deadline Improve business communication Helpful in sharing ideas, images, files and videos Provides simple, fast and linear task creation Helpful in storing all the project related important documents and media at one place Provides report of every instance of the project and flexible reports as per your need Simple dashboard for creating projects in seconds Let you assign and name the task and build timer to have log work and plan your goals

Convask provides the organization a simple way to have consistent and efficient to complex integration of people, content, workflow and transactions. It is an efficient tool for both the business management process as well as case management. It even enables the customers get dynamically manage all the case workflows and help to streamline and automate complex business processes via a single platform.

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Online Business Project Management Platform  

There are thousands of companies in this world which are using Convask for managing complex projects and provide you with business solutions...

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