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Group A - Atmospheres containing acetylene.

Hazardous Locations as defined by the National Electrical Code Handbook…The degree of hazard is normally indicated by a three-part designation: "Class-, Divison-, and Group-." Class I, Divison I, Group A denotes the most severely and continually hazardous condition.

Group B - Atmospheres containing hydrogen, or gases or vapors of equivalent hazard, such as manufactured gas. Group C - Atmospheres containing ethyl-ether vapors, ethylene, or cyclo-propane.

Class I Locations - Are those in which flammable gases or vapors are or may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

Group D - Atmospheres containing gasoline, hexane, naphtha, benzine, butane, propane, alcohol, acetone, benzol, lacquer solvent vapors, or natural gas.

Class II Locations - Are those which are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust.

Group E - Atmospheres containing metal dust, including aluminum, magnesium, and their commercial alloys, and other metals of similar hazardous characteristics.

Class III Locations - Are those which are hazardous because of presence of easily ignitable fibers or flyings, but in which such fibers or flyings are not likely to be in suspension in air in quantities sufficient to produce ignitable mixtures.

Group F - Atmospheres containing carbon black, coal or coke dust. Group G - Atmospheres containing flour, starch, or grain dusts.

Division I - Locations in which hazardous concentrations in the air exist continuously, intermittently, or periodically under normal operating conditions.

For information, specifications, installation instructions and engineering help with any Bindicator product, contact Bindicator or your local authorized representative.

Division II - Locations in which hazardous concentrations are handled, processed, or used, but are normally confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only in case of accidental rupture or breakdown.

Bindicator offers a complete range of Level and Material Handling Controls Electro-Mechanical Level Controls Roto-Bin_Dicator® Mini-Roto-Bin-Dicator® Super-Safe-Plus-Roto-Bin_Dicator® Model A Bin-Dicator® Auto Bin-Dicator® Bantam Bin-Dicator® Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® Tuning Fork Level Controls Pulse PointTM

RF Capacitance Level Controls RF-4000 RF-6000 RF-8000 RF-8200 RF-9000 RF-9100 RF-9200 RF Capacitance Remote Level Controls RF-10000 RF-11000 RF-12000 RF-17000 RF-18000

DRY FLOW Bin-Flo® Flo-GuardTM Flo-CommanderTM Plumb-Bob Bindicator Yo-Yo® Capacitance Cap-Level® II & IIA Super-Safe-Plus-Roto-Bin_Dicator® Continuous Level MS 2000 Series Liquid Level Controls Leveldata Mach OneTM Celtek Phase Tracking Phase TrackerTM i-Level Inventory Manager Software

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LIQUID LEVEL BIN-DICATOR Pressure Sensitive Point Level Control for Liquids LAG 180180 Rev. B

LIQUID LEVEL BIN-DICATOR Point Level Control for Liquids

Pressure Sensitive Point Level Control For Liquids

HOW TO ORDER Order by model number from this table:


For automatic control choose our Levelite dual float controller.

GLL100000 Dual Float Controller

Non-contact Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® control indicates high and/or low liquid levels; automates filling and emptying of containers; actuates overflow and low level alarms.

Low Cost Pump Control 120 VAC or 240 VAC Operation Compact Design Advise maximum temperature at the control housing if in excess of 160° F., (71° C). Advise if the air above the liquid is other than at atmospheric pressure and, if so, to what extent.


FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS A. Housing and Cover: Polyester - Coated Aluminum Casting

B. Pressure Chamber with Integral Riser Polyester Coated Aluminum Casting 1" NPT Standard Mounting Diagram

C. Diaphragm: Teflon® - Faced Neoprene

D. Switch:

OPERATION It is a low-cost, floatless, pressure sensitive, diaphragm actuated switch requiring 5" of head pressure on the riser for actuation. Long, trouble-free performance is assured because none of the few moving parts come in contact with the liquid. A standard 1" pipe is all that's required for top of vessel mounting on almost any size or shape container.

Standard SPDT Snap Action Switch (Dry contact) Rated: 15 amp resistive @ 125, 250 or 480 VAC 1 H.P. @ 125 VAC 2 H.P. @ 250 VAC ½ amp @ 125 VDC ¼ amp @ 250 VDC

Can be mounted on side of vessel by using a standard 90° aluminum pipe elbow with 1" NPT and a standard aluminum coupling of 1" NPT. Unit must be mounted in upright position. All Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® controls are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. and Canadian Standards Association. The weather-proof models are listed for nonhazardous atmospheres. The explosionproof models are listed for use in hazardous atmospheres. Class I, Division I Groups C and D; and Class II, Division I Groups E, F, and G. See back page for class designations.

E. Shipping Weight- 7 lbs.


120 VAC or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 Watts Control Elements: 1 or 2 reed switches or floats (customer supplied) Sense Voltage: 5 VDC Sense Current: 6 mA Output Relay: SPDT, 10 Amps at 240 VAC, 10 Amps at 30 VDC, 1/3 HP at 120 VAC, 1/2 HP at 240 VAC Operating Temperature: -20° F to 150° F (-28° C to 65° C) Electrical Connection: Screw terminal block Dimensions: 4.6” x 4.3” x 1.8” (16.8mm x 109.2mm x 45.7mm)

Contact: Toll Free: (800) 975-8063 Email:

(0° C. to +71° C.)

Spartanburg, SC 29306 g (864) 574-8060 g (800) 778-9242 g Fax (864) 574-8063 g g

General Specifications

For more information on

F. Temperature Rating: 32° F. to +160° F.

Venture Measurement g 150 Venture Blvd. g

The Dual Float Controller has been designed for use with customer supplied floats. It can perform single or dual channel pump control and is a very economical way to monitor your system.

Venture Measurement g 150 Venture Blvd. g

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Specifications and Ordering Information Electronics:






Operating System: Microprocessor-based ultrasonic level sensing system Operator Interface: Four- (4) Digit Alpha-numeric Display with Four (4) Tactile Response Push Buttons: (1) Program, (1) Select, (1) Increment Value, (1) Decrement Value Programming: All Entries Via Operator Interface Configuration Completely Menu Driven; Values Protected in EE Prom (No Battery Back-up Required) Power: 18-35 VDC (125 mA/3 Watts @ 24 VDC) or 18-26 VAC (280 mA/7 Watts @ 24 VAC) Output(s): Analog, Sourced by Mach One: 4-20 mA into 350 Ohms, isolated (500 Ohms @ 24 VDC, non-isolated) Analog, Sourced by User: 4-20 mA into 600 Ohms @ 24 VDC Supply

Insertion Length (00 = Std.) Spec. Inches (See Note 2) Mount Material A = PVC B = CPVC C = PVDF (Kynar®) D = 316 S.S. E = Carbon Steel F = Teflon® 0 = Sanitary Only Mounting 03 = 3” 150 lb ANSI 04 = 4” 150 lb ANSI 00 = Sanitary Only Sensor Type A = PVC/Buna N B = CPVC D = 316 S.S. E = Teflon® S = 3” Sanitary Teflon® (See Note 4) Additional Mounting Hardware is Required for the Sanitary Sensor, Consult Factory


Transducer Materials: PVC w/Buna-N Face, CPVC, Teflon® ; 316 Stainless Steel Sanitary Transducer Materials: Teflon® Flange Mountings (3 or 4 Inch, ANSI 150 lb): PVC, CPVC, 316 Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; PVDF (Kynar®) Temperature: PVC 0° to 135° F (-10° C to 57° C), CPVC -40° to 165° F (-40° C to 74° C), Teflon -40° F to 165° F (-40° C to 74° C), 316 S.S. -40° to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)


Metal Transducers: 100 psi @ 80°F (7Kg/cm2 @ 26° C) 50 psi @ 165° F (3.5Kg/cm2 @ 74° C) Plastic Transducers: 60 psi @ 80° F (4.2Kg/cm2 @ 26°) 40 psi @ 135° F (2.8Kg/cm2 @ 57° C)

A Product Line © 2005 Printed in U.S.A.

Electronics 1 = English, 4-20 mA 2 = Metric, 4-20 mA Enclosure 1 = NEMA 4X General Purpose 2 = NEMA 7/9 Explosion-proof, CSA (See Note1) 3 = NEMA 4X General Purpose, Remote (See Note 3) 4 = NEMA 7/9 Explosion-proof Remote, CSA (See Note 1 & 3) Mach One Notes: 1. 316 Stainless steel sensor must be used for NEMA 7/9. 2. Order Standard (00) unless mechanical obstruction exists, such as: nozzles, floor grates or tank reinforcements. 3. Remote Cable Assembly GUS210003 (50 Ft./1.5m Max.). 4. The “S” Sensor Type Includes the Teflon® Mounting and “0” for mount material in the model code. Accessories: 24 VDC Power Supply, NEMA 4X, 20 VAC powered (Part number GFS 210-000).

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Design Factory Assigned

Program Modes: Run (% Level, Range, Echo Amplitude, Echo Count, Temperature) Diagnostic, Min/Max Range, Echo Rate, Average Count, Loop Test, Loop Failure, Lost Echo Delay, Temperature Offset Signal Processing: Echo Discrimination System (EDS) for Dynamic Elimination of Errors Caused by Agitator Blades or Other Obstructions Output Dampening: Averages Output to Eliminate Variations Due to Lever Movement. Configurable from 2-15 Transmit Pulses Blanking: Adjustable, Both Minimum and Maximum, from 12 to 480 Inches (0.3m to 12m) Span Range: 0.10 to 300 Inches (2.5mm to 11.8mm), Full Scale

Transducer /Mounting g:


Software Version Factory Assigned

NOTE: Analog Output Selectable for Isolated, Non-IIsolated, Direct/Reverse Acting, Sourcing at Mach One or Sourcing by User (Simulates a Two-w wire System). All Output Types and Options Available on All Models.

Measuring Range: 14 to 300 Inches (0.35m to 7.6m) Measured from Transducer Face Minimum Range: 15 Inches (381mm) From Transducer Face for Analog Output Accuracy: ± 0.5% of Range Repeatability: ± 0.25% of Range Cone Angle: 10° Half Angle (360° Radius, Measured to 3 db Out) Operating Temperature: -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C) Approvals: Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for Class 1, Div. 1& 2, Groups C, D, E, F, G (Integral and Remote Versions Using Stainless Steel Transducer and Metal Mounting Flanges Only) Enclosure: NEMA 4X or NEMA 7/9 - Cast Aluminum, Polyester Coated. Both Integral and Remote Electronics Available


For information, specifications, installation instructions and engineering help with any Bindicator product, contact Bindicator or your local authorized representative. GUS280000 Rev. B

Mach One


MACH ONE™ Mach One™... Solutions for Non-C Contact Level

Applications Sewage Lift Station Inventory Control of Food Products Chemical Storage

EDS Echo Discrimination System

Echo Averaging

The basic Mach One™ system consists of an integral smart transmitter. Unlike competitive products, this is a blind (no external display) unit that can perform all measurement functions. It is ideal where only a 4-20 mA output is required and saves the expense of a display. The output can be shown on a PLC, computer, display, or other data acquisition device used for inventory information or control.

This patented software-d driven system allows the Mach One™ system to discriminate between true target information (level) and false echo returns (obstructions or noise). It allows the Mach One™ sensor to be mounted near tank walls (and not falsely target tank welds) or mounted above an agitator (and ignore the agitator blades and drive shaft in most instances).

Echo averaging is used to flatten or smooth the output of the Mach One™ system when the liquid surface is irregular. By manually increasing the average count at the operator interface, the Mach One™ system output will be the average of a number of return echoes. This makes the output much more usable for display at a meter or for control purposes.

A second addition to the system is multiplexed Mach Ones. In other words, a number of units can be connected to a computer, making data gathering, historical trending and graphical information easily available.

Unlike competitive units that simply accept the first echo or attempt to "map" fixed obstructions, the Mach One™ system actively determines the true level by performing an analysis of the return echoes. This is done using only the echoes with the best "repetitive" quality. Consequently, the Mach One system uses an active rather than passive system of target identification.

The Advantage of Ultrasonics

A Diverse System to Meet Your Application Needs

Since the Mach One™ sensor does not contact the material, it can be used in liquids that would cling to or jam mechanisms on other types of sensors. These include:

Measures Liquid or Slurry Level Without Contacting the Material Controls Pumps Performs Inventory Management

Floats - Floats can be rendered inoperative by floating debris or sticky liquids. Capacitance Probes - When a probe is coated it can cause errors, i.e., the instrument reads the coating and not the true level.

Prevents Spills

Hydrostatic Systems - Since these systems are mounted at the bottom of the tank where debris and rust can collect, the measurement port can become plugged.

F eatures and Benefits Non-ccontact Measurement to 25 ft. (7.6m) Non-Contaminating Not Affected by “Dirty” Materials Isolated 4-2 20 mA Output Sourcing or Sinking Type EDS-e echo Discrimination Software Ignores Agitators/Obstructions Corrects for Mounting Errors Inventory Management Menu Driven Programming Program Security Diagnostic Analysis On-board Display No “Pots or Dipswitches” Automatic Temperature Compensation Automatic Gain Control Range Blanking Ignores Unwanted Objects at Minimum or Maximum Ranges Non-V Volatile Memory No Memory Loss at Powerdown Two-Y Year Warranty PVC, CPVC, 316 S.S. or Teflon® Transducers Measurements in Most “Low Vapor” Liquids and Slurries

Bubblers - Bubblers use air to perform a measurement. If air is lost or debris collects around the outlet, the bubbler will quit.

The Basic Mach One™ The transducer transmits a 40k Hz signal at programmed time intervals. This transmitted sonic signal is reflected by the liquid or slurry at the speed of sound. By knowing the amount of time required for the signal to travel to and from the liquid surface, we can determine the distance to the liquid. It is important to note that this transmit time is affected by the air temperature. The Mach One™ system has a built-in sensor to measure and compensate for the air temperature when calculating the level information. The processor does a number of important things with the raw level information before it is displayed or transmitted, including: automatic gain adjustment, EDS echo discrimination, unwanted signal blanking, and echo averaging.

Minimum and Maximum Range Blanking Unlike the EDS, which is automatic, the range blanking is manually entered through the operator interface. Once entered, the system will only act on level changes within the window entered by the operator.

Incoming return signals are digitally stored in memory and contain the start time, end time, and signal strength of each return echo. It is common to have up to 10 return echoes for every transmit pulse, and gathering the "fingerprint" of each echo is very important for later analysis. The true returns signal (or valid level signal) is chosen based on this analysis. Only the return signal that is repetitive and of superior strength and pulse width is accepted. This process takes place hundreds of times a minute and guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the Mach One™ level measurement.

EDS and Blanking Ignores Obstructions

Mach One™ Typical Hook-up + L1 - L2


Process Window Interface


The 4-digit display onboard the Mach One™ provides ease of configuration and diagnostics. By displaying the echo count, echo amplitude and target distance, the correct mounting orientation and success factor of the application can be determined. For example: if the Mach One™ is mounted on a sloped roof and the return signal is marginal, the installer can align the sensor using the echo amplitude and echo count indications to give the best response. This is extremely helpful in solving "misapplication problems" which can plague other ultrasonics. This is just one of the many advantages provided by the Mach One™ system and operator interface.





Mach One™ “Smart” Transmitter

6.88 (174.8) Ø2.8 (38.1)

2.88 (73.2)


5.64 (143.3)

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1.5 (36.1)

5.0 (127)

6.46 (164.1)

1 g


Mach One™ Installation

2.82 (71.6)

Venture Measurement



2 (800) 778-9242


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Venture Measurement


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MINI-ROTOTM “Low Cost” - “High Value” Product Highlights P             

For Small Bins and Hoppers Impact Resistant Injection Molded Housing Performs in Low Density Materials 3/4” NPT Mounting 1/2” Conduit Connection Optional Sensing Paddles Optional Mounting Plate Heater for Low Temperatures (Standard) Adjustable Sensitivity External Alarm LED Screw Terminals SP/DT 10 Amp Switch Output Shaft Extendable

The COMPACT Injection Molded Impact Resistant "Mini Roto" has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers where mounting space is a premium. This compact yet rugged level sensor included adjustable sensitivity allowing it to be used in materials with densities between 5 lbs/cu ft and 65 lbs/cu ft. NO FALSE ALARMS will occur because of material build up. It is not sensitive to material build up by static which can cause false alarms with other types of sensors.

The RED LED allows operators to determine when the sensor is in the alarm condition (material presence) up to 50 feet away. No need to guess when the unit is in the alarm condition with the externally visible Alarm LED.

IDEAL FOR SMALL BINS The 3/4" NPT mounting threads, 1/2" NPT conduit connection, the screw terminals and the normally open or normally closed 10 amp switch make this sensor the best choice for either High or Low level sensing in small hoppers. WIDE OPEARATING RANGE Designed to operate in a wide temperature range and includes a heater to allow its use to -400 F (-400 C). Operating temperatures to 2000 F (930 C) make this sensor perfect for Plastic Injection Molding Hoppers. IDEAL FOR USE IN LIGHT DUTY APPLICATIONS Such as small Dry Bulk Packaging Hoppers • Compact Feed Bins • Seed Packaging Bins • Spice Bins • Sugar Feed Binds • Cereal Surge Bins.

Specifications: Motor: Permanent-Magnet Synchronous, 2 watts 120/240 VAC + 10%, 2 watts 24 VAC + 10% Voltage: 120/240 VAC, 24 VDC or 24 VAC Switch Rating: SPDT 10 A 125 VAC; 10 A 250 VAC; 1/2 A 125 VDC; 1/4 A 250 VDC Enclosure: Corrosion resistant, weatherproof (Nema 4,4X,5) Enclosure Material: Housing and cover; Injection Molded MinlonTM Paddle Material: Injection molded NylonTM, RytonTM, or food grade PolysulfoneTM Shaft Seal: TeflonTM/VitonTM LipsealTM rated 1/2 micron @ 30 psi (2.1 kg/cm2) @ 4000 F (2040 C) Mounting: 3/4” NPT Clutch: Prevents damage to motor gear train Conduit Opening: 1/2” NPT Drive Shaft Assembly: Precision shaft with 2 RulonTM bearings Circuitry: Designed to shut motor off during presence of material; turn on red LED, 1 watt heater to eliminate moisture in 120 VAC or 240 VAC units only. Paddle: NylonTM, RytonTM, or PolysulfoneTM injection molded “insertable” or “4 vane” and “2 vane” (PVC only). Screw Terminals: For power and switch wiring Shaft Extension: Available in PVC or 304 S.S.

ISO 9001 Registered Company 150 Venture Boulevard  Spartanburg, SC 29306 Tel: (800) 778-9242  (864) 574-8060  Fax: (864) 574-8063 E-mail: Electro-Mechanical Level Controls Roto-Bin_Dicator® Mini-Roto-Bin-Dicator® Super-Safe-Plus-Roto-Bin_Dicator® Model A Bin-Dicator


Auto Bin-Dicator® Bantam Bin-Dicator® Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® Tuning Fork Level Controls Pulse PointTM

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RF Capacitance Level Controls RF-4000 RF-6000 RF-8000 RF-8200 RF-9000 RF-9100 RF-9200 RF Capacitance Remote Level Controls RF-10000 RF-11000

RF-12000 RF-17000 RF-18000

DRY FLOW Bin-Flo® Flo-GuardTM Flo-CommanderTM Plumb-Bob Bindicator Yo-Yo® Capacitance Cap-Level® II & IIA

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Super-Safe-Plus-Roto-Bin_Dicator® Continuous Level MS 2000 Series Liquid Level Controls Leveldata Mach OneTM Celtek Phase Tracking Phase TrackerTM i-Level Inventory Manager Software

For information, specifications, installation instructions and engineering help with any Bindicator product, contact Bindicator or your local authorized representative. LMR180000 Rev. B

LP - 30

Low cost vibratory switch

Dual conduit housing

SPDT output relay

LP - 200

LP - 100

External function test using fob


External LED operation and alarm lights 

DPDT output relay

Remote version of LP-100 High temperature applications up to 248째F (120째C) High vibration or difficult access conditions

2 Venture Measurement

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For Bulk Material Handling and Process Control


RF Features Two Year Warranty Red “Alarm” Light Green “Status” Light

Bolt-On Cover with “Captive” Bolts NEMA 4X Enclosure (See Note 1) Polyester Coating 1-1/4” NPT Aluminum Mount (shown) or 3/4” NPT Stainless Steel

Insulation Materials: Ryton®, Polysulfone, Kynar® and Teflon® - Coatings Available PRO-GUARD®

316 Stainless Steel Sensing Element

Calibration/Test Fob


Note 1: Explosion-proof Enclosure with Intrinsically Safe Probe Available


The Standard in Dry Bulk Level Control



point level control

Application Considerations

1 Venture Measurement


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YO-YO Inventory Management Systems For Dry Or Liquid Materials ®

Bindicator GP (General Purpose) Yo-Yo Continuous Level Sensor

GP Product Highlights G g g g g g g g

Accurate Measurements Fast, Pushbutton Operation Silos Up to 75 ft. (23m) Up to 1 Mile From Readout Enclosure Designed for NEMA 4 Air Purge for Dusty Vessels Many Different Weights

The Bindicator GP Yo-Yo® is the answer for a low cost inventory management system. Where level information is required, the GP Yo-Yo® can supply the information fast and accurately with just the push of a button at the Bindicator Readout. The Bindicator GP Yo-Yo® will satisfy operator requirements for determining material usage, material on hand and reorder levels. The Bindicator GP Yo-Yo® measures, on demand, the level of fine powders, granular or lump materials, liquid and liquid/solid interfaces in open or closed vessels. Whenever you need feet-to-product or feet-ofproduct level in bins or tanks, just push a button. The Bindicator Readout will activate the GP Yo-Yo® sensor and display the level. Once the weight returns to the ready position, it shuts itself off automatically. The readout is displayed until the command is given for another measurement.

GP Yo-Yo® Ordering Information The GP sensor includes a plastic watertight enclosure with 3" mounting hub, plastic sensing weight and 75 ft. (23m) of polyester cable. The sensor is equipped with an auxiliary cable wiper, bellows seal against the weight, terminal blocks for connecting wiring and 3/4" NPT conduit connection. The optional air purge connection is a 1/4" NPT opening for an air line connection.

GP Yo-Yo® Sensor - How To Order Product Code LBY206065 LBY206066 LBY206067 LBY206068 LBY206069 LBY206070 LBY206071 LBT206072

Description Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Standard Sensor Heater

With Heater (Metric) (Metric) With Heater With Air Purge With Air Purge/Heater (Metric) WIth Air Purge (Metric) With Air Purge/

Note: Heater required for Operation Below 30° F (-1.11° C)

GP Yo-Yo® Sensor - Mounting Mounting Flange

Product Code LBY221622 LBY221625 LBY221626

Note: The Bindicator Yo-Y Yo® Readout is a separate item. Please contact the factory or your local representative for ordering information.

GP Yo-Yo® - Specifications: Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4 Enclosure Material: Frame - Minlon. Cover - Low Density Polyetheylene Weight: 13 lbs. (5.85 kgs) Mounting: 3” NPT Female Threads Quiescent Power: 120VAC, ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 4 Watts Operating Power: 120VAC, ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 50 Watts (With Heater, Add 10 Watts to Above) Temp. Limits: 32° F to +120° F (0° C to +49° C) Pressure: Atmospheric Sounding Rate: 33 Ft./Min.Minimum (10 M./Min) 56 Ft./Min. Maximum (17 M./Min.) Maximum Range: 75 Ft. (23m) Resolution: ± 0.1 Ft. (± 1.0 Cm.) with Readout ± 0.05 Ft. with Pulsed Output Repeatablility: ± 1 Count (0.05% of 75 Ft.) (23m) Measuring Cable: Polyester (90 lb. Test) Sensing Weights: Polyethylene bottle (To Be Filled with 20-25 oz. of Material); S.S. Float Weight, S.S. Bob Weight

Description 3” 150# ASA Flange, Aluminum 3” 150# ASA Flange, Mild Steel 3” 150# ASA Flange, Stainless Steel


Product Code LBY231020 LBY231030 LBY231090 LBY231100 LBY231110 LBY231120

Description 3” x 12” Aluminum Standpipe 3” x 3” Aluminum Standpipe 3” x 3” Stainless Steel Standpipe 3” x 12” Stainless Steel Standpipe 3” x 3” Mild Steel Standpipe 3” x 12” Mild Steel Standpipe

For information, specifications, installation instructions and engineering help with any Bindicator product, contact Bindicator or your local authorized representative.

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LBY280177 Rev C



The Bindicator® Yo-Yo® is a reliable continuous weight and cable level measurement system designed especially for dry bulk materials.






Resolution: 1cm (0.39 inches) Silos up to 100 ft Isolated 4-20mA output (reversible) with adjustable span Distance measurement or volumetric conversion for cone bottom silos Remote NEMA 4X display with keypad - 4-line x 20 character backlit LCD display - Programmable sensor names and ranges - Enable/disable network addresses RS-485 (MODBUS) communication Up to 99 sensors connected to a single display and/or local computer Optional integral telephone modem available on sensor or Remote Display Adjustable measurement cycle from 2 minutes to 1 week Assorted sensing weights for solids, liquids or liquid/solid interface External contact closure prevents sensor from being cycled on demand

How the Yo-Yo Works H ®

The Bindicator® Yo-Yo® is an electromechanical sensor which is mounted on top of a vessel. The sensor contains a weight....... A suspended by a cable. .B. with movement provided by a motor drive....... and controlled by associated electronics. C The measurement cycle is initiated either on demand or on a timed interval and causes the sensor to lower the weight to the material level. As the weight is being lowered, the length of cable dispensed is measured in 1cm (0.39 in) increments. When the weight reaches the material level, the unit reverses and the weight is drawn into the stored position in the sensor. The distance measurement can then be transmitted via 4-20mA to a PLC, DCS, or other device and/or via RS-485 MODBUS network to the Remote Display.

1 Venture Measurement

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Diaphragm Point Level Controls For Use With Dry Materials At Atmospheric Pressures

BIN-DICATOR® Applications Bin-Dicators eliminate bin overflow, empty bins, clogged conveyors, choked elevators and resultant damage and waste in chemical, mining, plastics, ceramics and other industries.

Bindicator Diaphragm Controls These controls are often used to meet certain mounting conditions such as limited space clearance or vessel size, chutes, conveyors and bucket elevators, etc., where protruding parts within a vessel are not feasible.

Many variations are available for use in a wide range of dry materials and conditions of temperature, corrosion and moisture. Diaphragm Controls are not normally used with bulk materials which are extremely light, sticky, or of large, lump size. In-vessel pressure variations (as caused by pneumatic loading and unloading) will cause false signals due to control sensitivity. Roto-Bin-Dicator Controls are recommended in these applications.

Operation It is a low-cost, pressure sensitive, diaphragm operated switch. The diaphragm senses the pressure from any dry, free-flowing medium to heavy weight material. The switch can control the visual or audible signal as well as bin filling and emptying machinery.


Features Simple, rugged construction permits mounting the entire unit outside the bin at a lower installation cost. Simplicity of the operating mechanism makes the entire unit readily accessible for inspection or repair resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Specifications Frame: Cover: Lever Mechanism: Diaphragm Back Plate: Diaphragm Washer: Gaskets: Diaphragms: Switches:

Switch Temperature:

Polyester-Coated Aluminum Casting Standard-Durable ABS White Plastic Brass Steel, galvanized Steel, polyester Fiber Neoprene, Teflon, Silicone Canvas, Fiberglass General Purpose snap-action, explosionproof snap-action, or Mercury

How To Order Order by Model No. from this table

See How to Order chart. Optional General Purpose snap-action switches are available in either 250° F (121° C) or 800° F (427° C)

Mount Exernally Can be mounted on underslopes up to 45° Shipping Weight: Aluminum 10 lbs. Specify if all metal parts exposed within the bin need to be stainless steel. Specify high temperature switches, if required. IMPORTANT: Diaphragm and high temperature switches must be compatible in ratings.

CAP-LEVEL® II SERIES Four-Wire Continuous Radio Frequency Level Transmitter Product Highlights P Continuous 4-20 mA Continuous and 1 or 2 Relay Outputs Output Dampening - Standard Teflon, PVC, and 316 S.S. Probes NPT or Flange Mounting AC Powered

Cap-Level II is an excellent choice for level monitoring and control. The "industry standard" 4-20 mA output is provided with a selectable dampening function to stabilize readings where severe agitation is present. Simple zero and span adjustment make calibration easy.

Options Lead/Lag Controls Single or Dual Pump (Conveyor) Control Alarming Two Independent Alarms Adjust Alarm(s) Anywhere on Probe Failsafe Logic Relay Deadband Fully Adjustable TYPE “D” PROBE (316 S.S. CABLE & WEIGHT)


5.64 (143)



(190.5) 7.5 “D” PROBE 8.19 “I” PROBE (208.0)

2.82 (72) 2.88 (73)

The Probe Configurations and materials offered allow you to custom fit Cap-Level® II to your application. Designs, such as the type “E” and type “H” Tie-Down, allow use in tall silos and include a unique cable tightening adjustment.

6.88 (175) ADJ. LENGTH 15.0 MIN (381.0) 20.0 MAX (508.0)

3/4” N.P.T. “D” PROBE 1 1/4” N.P.T. “I” PROBE 7.5 (190.5)

MIN 36.0 IN(914.4) MAX 1200.0 IN (30480.0)


1 1/4” N.P.T. MOUNTING


MIN 36.0 IN (914.4) MAX 167.0 IN (4241.8)

MIN 36.0 IN (914.4) MAX 1200.0 IN (30480.0)

6.0 (152.4)

(274.6) 10.81 “D” PROBE 9.25 “I” PROBE

DIA .50 (12.7) “A” - PROBE .75 (19.0) “B” - PROBE .67 (17.0) “M” - PROBE


DIA .88 (22.4) “D” PROBE 1.31 (33.2) “I” PROBE

The Relay Logic circuitry offers the flexibility to control multiple pumps, conveyors and alarms. Each relay can be set to turn your equipment on and off at any selected point on the probe - without any external latching devices. Failsafe selection gives the security of fault indication and/or conveyor stop if power is lost.


1.31 DIA (33.3)


Two-Wire Continuous Radio Frequency Level Transmitter Product Highlights P Two-Wire Operation Heavy Duty Industrial Design Continuous Process Measurement Hazardous Areas/FM Approved Senses Practically Any Liquid Mountings: Sanitary, Threaded, Flange Electronics: Remote, Integral and Extended Chemical Compatible Probes Probes can be Rigid, Weighted or Anchored Cap-Level® IIA uses the proven method of capacitance change to determine the level of product in the vessel. This translates into an accurate and dependable measurement device for your process. Simply, stated, as the level of product in the vessel wall changes, the capacitance between the probe and the vessel wall also changes. The solid state electronics of the Cap Level® IIA continually monitors and compares this change to a very stable reference circuit, and provides an accurate and dependable output signal (4-20mA) proportional to the vessel contents.

Two-Wire Operation Saves Money. The Cap Level® IIA uses only one twisted pair of wires for both the power (24VDC) and output signal. This “Loop Powered” method of installation lowers your wiring costs and installation time. Hazardous Areas. The intrinsically safe design of the Cap Level® IIA, when used with approved barriers, provides the documented safety required for flammable media. Whether the Cap Level® IIA is installed in water or food products, the two-wire loop powered operation will provide long lasting results. When used with simple digital panel meters or connected to sophisticated control systems, the Cap Level® IIA can offer inventory management, multiple alarm schemes, and pump control. Sensing Probes. Cap Level® IIA offers sensing probes in 316 Stainless Steel with the option of a PFA Teflon or a PVC armored jacket. The Cap Level® IIA can be installed with a 3/4” NPT process connection or 1.5” through 4” 150# flange option.Probes can either be solid rod for lengths up to 14 feet or flexible cable assemblies for lengths up to 100 feet. Cable probes can be configured with a bare or jacketed weight for static tanks or an insulated tie-down assembly for agitated tanks. The Cap Level® IIA electronics can also be remotely mounted up to 20 feet from the probe, for those applications where high temperatures or excessive vibration exist.

Broken Bag Detector and Flow/No-Flow Switch

Digital Tribo-Electric Technology Why it works better. A “Dust” Monitor and Flow Switch

LexanTM Light Guide

Sensing Probe

Magnetic Test “FOB” will verify operation without cover removal

Other flow switches rely on an unstable capacitance principle or use an old analog triboelectric (charge transfer) circuit to detect dust or flow. This makes them unstable with temperature changes and difficult (or impossible) to calibrate. The Flo-GuardTM uses a patented floating alarm point reference and a digital triboelectric micro-controller system to eliminate instability. To prove system reliability, the Flo-Guard'sTM externally driven function test and indicating lights allow visual verification of readiness. The result, the best broken bag and dry flow switch available...we guarantee it!

Temperature Stability Dry flow switches must detect very small electrical signals to sense the flow of dust. The Flo-GuardTM uses a micro-controller and a patented floating reference to detect these small signal levels. As temperature changes, the setpoint of the unit changes with it; constantly readjusting to prevent false alarms. Only the electrical charge caused by flowing material can alarm the Flo-GuardTM with this unique system.

The Bindicator Flo-GuardTM offers two modes of operation. It is a stable and reliable Broken Bag Detector for Bag House applications and a Flow/No-Flow Switch for dry powdered and granular material. Whether you use it for detection of bag rupture in your bag house or to sense the presence or absence of flow, the Flo-GuardTM will give you better performance than any flow switch you have used in the past.

LeveldataTM Hydrostatic Two-Wire Level Transmitter for Top-of-Vessel Mounting Underwriters Laboratories, Inc®

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

True DP Level Measurement 4-20mA Output Over Twisted Pair Low Installation Cost - 3/4” NPT Mount Sensing Range To 30 Feet Automatic Compensation For Pressurized Vessels Temperature Compensating 316 S.S. Air Reservoir Mount Without Emptying Tank Non-Fouling Sensor Design Rigid 316 S.S. Impulse Tube Simple Zero (Null) And Span Adjustment 0-4”, 0-28”, 0-140” and 0-420” H O, Standard Ranges 55 Gallon Drum Design Available Compatible With Most Liquids And Slurries FM Approved (Intrinsic Safety) UL Approved (General Purpose) 2

This low cost, two-w wire transmitter determines the liquid level by measuring the liquid head pressure. It is very similar to a standard bubbler system, but with an important advantage; the LeveldataTM does not require a compressed air supply. The head pressure of the liquid is sensed at the reservoir located at the bottom of the system and transmitted up the impulse tube. The impulse tube, in turn, transmit this pressure up to the differential pressure transducer (DP) located inside the top-mounted enclosure. This pressure is then converted by the DP transducer and control electronics into a 4-20mA signal for display to a PLC or a process meter. The LeveldataTM offers many other advantages, including: static pressure compensation, temperature compensation, and intrinsic safety. A patented technique is used on the LeveldataTM to compensate for both temperature change and static pressure. Temperature compensation is provided by the reservoir assembly. Without the "calibrated tube", the LeveldataTM output would be very unstable with temperature change. Static pressure compensation is accomplished by having two measuring ports in the 3/4" process connector; one for the level measurement and the other for any pressure above the liquid. This is important where tank blanketing is used to maintain product purity or to prevent ignition. Installation is easy. Since all mounting is done from the tank top, no emptying or modifications are normally required. Only a small rigid tube is lowered into the tank keeping the electronics above any moisture and minimizing the chance of instrument damage or tank leakage. If installation is required in a hazardous area where ignition is possible, the LeveldataTM is Intrinsically Safe (IS) when installed with approved barriers. The LevedataTM is an excellent choice for use in water, waste water, hydraulic fluids, and other non corrosive applications. If low cost and continuous measurement is desirable, choose LeveldataTM.

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