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We solve chimney problems. The All Season Control Cover, chimney top fireplace damper system, is perfect for new construction, or to repair or replace your current chimney caps or fireplace dampers. Choose from our standard units, or have your All Season Control Cover custom designed and built to suit your chimney.

Custom Chimney Cap Work

Custom designed and fabricated split lid dual control All Season Control Cover with stove pipe support ring

I have included a few more pictures. One is a shot looking down the chimney. You can see the split which I hear is called a "Y" design. There are 3 fireplaces, 2 on one side and one on the other. However, there is a belief that there is a 4th one that was covered up years ago which would explain why there is a "Y" design. These 300 year old houses have a lot of mystery.

More Photos:

Custom Chimney Cap Work This customer wanted two standard All Season Control Covers, but he wanted to operate them from the outside of the chimney with a decorative chain and hardware, rather than through the chimney flue by cable down to the fire box as is the normal arrangement. The drawings and photographs provided by the customer facilitated our design work and fabrication. Custom work by craftsman Scott Kempton provided Mr. Schwager with the solution he desired. Click here to view drawings provided.

Contact Us For more information about the All Season Control Cover, or to place your order by phone, please contact Benson Energy: President: D.W. Crosby Address: 2940 East 4430 South Salt Lake City, UT 84124 Phone:

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All Season Control Cover Chimney Cap