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What Are the Different Hosting Packages and Which One Does Your Business Need? There are many different hosting packages available to cater for individuals and also larger corporate clients. It is important to choose the right one, in line with your financial budget and your individual needs/corporate needs. There are different hosting packages dependent on the website, data traffic/transfer monthly, email accounts and any virus/spam filters. Shared Hosting Many people chose the shared hosting package if they have just set up their own website. It is very cheap and people do not need to worry about managing their web hosting account. Prices start from around £1.50 per month. Shared hosting is ideal for those setting up a blog or a small site which does not receive a lot of traffic. There are many hosting providers in the market place and clients should investigate the best providers before choosing one. Dedicated Hosting As the name suggests, this is a dedicated server for a client’s website. This means that there is only one client’s content on the server. It is ideal for big businesses who want complete control over their content and host server. Dedicated hosting is cheaper than managed hosting in terms of financial cost, but they will need to spend a lot of time monitoring it.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Also referred to as a virtual dedicated server (VDS), this is a mix between a dedicated and a shared hosting package. It is a server than runs within another server and is ideal for clients who want to share the resources of the server without the large investment. A client shares the physical server hardware with other websites. The server space is divided in allocated percentage, meaning that not one person is using too much bandwidth. Many small businesses use VPS as they cannot afford a dedicated server. Managed Hosting Large organisations choose managed hosting option as there is a dedicated server as well as maintenance support for the hosting. Nowadays you do not need to be technically minded to run a large website and avoid it crashing. There are many managed hosting providers in the UK with a dedicated support team. Managed hosting means the client has the entire server for their website. It is important to have managed hosting when a client has a big site with millions of visitors monthly, otherwise the website site would crash. A site with less than 10,000 visitors a day will not need managed hosting. Contact Control Circle on +44 (0)845 459 1111 for more information on our Datacentre and Hosting options

What Are the Different Hosting Packages and Which One Do You Need  

Understand what hosting packages are available for different sized business and ultimately discover what is best for you and/or your busines...