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Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland Newsletter July – 2010

Calendar of Events 7/13/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

8/10/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM


Current Officers

Current Appointments

President – Ro Chabot 1st Vice President – Keith Lawson 2nd Vice President – Jeff Fechner Corresponding Secretary – Duane Welte Recording Secretary – Lin Fechner Treasurer – Lorraine O’Malley

Society Grandfather: Ralph Hayford Historians: Lorraine O’Malley & Chris Stoltman Website: Branden Lawson Newsletter: Branden Lawson & Ro Chabot Store Keeper: Keith Lawson

Web Site Check out all the changes to the web site. Branden has been working very hard to bring the web site up as a usable tool for the society.


54 Family Aid O-Sa-Wan As always we are looking for donations to be Pow Wow disbursed through the Indian community. We Will County Fair Peotone, IL

9/14/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

10/12/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

all know that every little bit helps so if you can, please help out. If you know of a food pantry, clothing depot, a reservation, or any group or persons that we would be able to help, please let us know.

54th O-Sa-Wan Notes Date: August 14th & 15th , 2010 Where: Will County Fairgrounds, Peotone Setup: Friday, August 13th, 2010 Friday evening meal will be served for setup staff. Saturday morning breakfast will be served for staff. Saturday evening meal is provided by the Society for all those participating in the pow wow. Make sure to register and get your meal pass. Sunday morning breakfast will be provided by the Canyon Singers in honor of Leonard Nels. All Society members – please bring a dessert for the Saturday Evening meal. Questions?: call Jo at 708-798-9550

Pow Wow Chair: Ro Chabot Drum Coordinator: Ralph Hayford Traders: Don Gatske Chairman of the Executive Board: Byron Loehman

Happy Birthday To the following Society Members: Jeff Fechner – July 6 Bill Stefanech – July 9 Mark Thiel – July 10 Linda Fechner – July 11 Joel J. Vargo – July 11 Ro Chabot - July 23 Carol Hannig – August 1 Susan Kenney – August 18 Betsy Sine – August 20 Byron Loehman - August 23

Happy Anniversary To the following Society members:

Don & Pat Gatske - July 31 Mike & Lynne Boothe - August 21 Jeff & Tammy Thompson – September 2 Dar & Smoky Loquist – September 20 Frank & Betty Rice – September 25 Pierce Van Auken – September 25

If you care to share your birthday & wedding anniversary (month and day) with us, we’d be happy to wish you a happy day as well. Please send dates to

New Venue for the O-Sa-Wan One of the 2 signs on the fence outside the main gate of the fairgrounds You enter the fairgrounds from the West where the main parking lot is. There is additional parking to the North of the fairgrounds – but that will be reserved for participant camping and parking.

Covered Arena The Arena for this year’s O-Sa-Wan is a covered pavilion with a sandy floor. The sides of the building are open on all sides. This year we will have the Southern drums in the center of the arena and the Northern drums to the West end of the Arena. This picture is facing East – the main entrance to the Arena.

Covered Trader Area Trader area will up to 24 10’x20’ booths with a 10’aisle in the middle. They will be broken down to 12 on each side of the center divider. There is a 12’ aisle dividing each half of the building. The arena is the building to the right of this picture – 30’ of grass divides the two buildings.

2010 O-Sa-Wan Committee Assignments Committee Pow Wow Chair: Arena Directors: Trader Chair Physical Arrangements Publicity Front Gate Evening Meal Late Nite Auction Drums Hospitality Giveaway


50-50’s Security Set up & take down Buttons Flyers

Contact Ro Chabot David Sage Jeff Glaser Don Gatske Duane Welte Keith Lawson Jo Chabot Tom O’Malley Bob Arfman Ralph Hayford Jeff Fechner Barb Loehman Lorraine O’Malley Jo Chabot Lin Fechner David King Candi Kleindorfer HF Football Team Russ Loquist Everyone Ro Chabot Branden Lawson

If you are not currently assigned or have not volunteered to help, please contact any one of the committee chairs and offer your assistance. If all the members can spare just a couple of hours over the two day event, this will make all of our jobs easier and more enjoyable. Remember to bring a dessert for the Saturday evening meal. If you have any items for the Auction or Raffles please bring them – give Jo Chabot a call at 708-798-9550 and tell her what you are bringing so that she can coordinate with the raffles staff and the auction staff.

Invited Dignataries MC Head Veteran Head Man Dancer Head Lady Dancer Water Boys

Mark Denning Teed Howard Mark Thiel Sue Prifogle Gatske’s Drum

Drums Host Southern Host Northern

Strongheart Wisconsin Dells Singers Canyon Singers Common Road Singers Night Eagle Chicago Association

Mel Hoefling Elliott Funmaker Ralph Hayford Jorge Pena


54th Annual

Honoring all Veterans

A Traditional Pow Wow Presented by the Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland

August 14 – 15, 2010 Will County Fairgrounds ~ 710 S. West Street - Peotone, IL 60468

PUBLIC WELCOME Host Southern Drum: Strongheart Singers: Mel Hoefling, Head Singer Host Northern Drum: Wisconsin Dells Singers: Elliott Funmaker, Head Singer Guest Drums by Invitation only Head Veteran: Teed Howard, Nashville, IN Head Lady Dancer: Sue Prifogle, Ridgeville, IN Head Man Dancer: Mark Thiel, Waukesha, WI MC: Mark Denning, West Allis, WI Arena Director: David Sage, Leslie, MI Jeff Glaser, Batavia, IL

Pow Wow Info: Ro Chabot

• You, your family and your friends are invited to attend the 54th O-Sa-Wan Pow Wow to experience a little of the rich Native American culture! There will be singing, dancing and colorful native outfits. Vendors will be showcasing native crafts and foods which are available for purchase onsite.

Directions to Pow Wow: Take the Peotone exit 327 on I-57, travel east until you reach the Main Gate.

Trader Info:

Don Gatske

708-798-9550 630-859-2554

Check our websites for the latest information: &

• Be there for the Grand Entry when the dancers enter the arena to honor our flags and all Veterans! (Sat. 1:00 PM & 7:00 PM – Sun. Noon.) • Intertribal dances – everyone can join in and learn to dance. • Free onsite camping (Electrical extra for motor homes & campers) • Tipis welcome – Free Saturday evening meal for participants. • Great activity for all ages and youth groups. • Late night auction open to all.

Host Hotel: Howard Johnson located just 6 miles away in Manteno, IL just off I-57 – Phone: 815-468-8657. Make sure to mention the Pow Wow for the special rate!

Adults: $5.00 ~ Seniors 65+: $3.00 ~ Youth 4-16: $3.00 ~ Tots: Free ~ Singers & Dancers: Free The Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland, Inc. is not responsible for accidents, injury, theft or loss of property. Security on premises. Pets, drugs, alcohol and weapons prohibited.

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