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Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland Newsletter May – 2010

Calendar of Events 5/11/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

6/8/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

7/13/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

8/10/2010 Society Meeting 7:30 PM

8/14-15/2010 54th O-Sa-Wan Pow Wow Will County Fair Peotone, IL

Current Officers

Current Appointments

President – Ro Chabot 1st Vice President – Keith Lawson 2nd Vice President – Jeff Fechner Corresponding Secretary – Duane Welte Recording Secretary – Lin Fechner Treasurer – Lorraine O’Malley

Society Grandfather: Ralph Hayford Historians: Lorraine O’Malley & Chris Stoltman Website: Branden Lawson Newsletter: Branden Lawson & Ro Chabot Store Keeper: Keith Lawson

Educational Programs We are having educational programs as part of the monthly meetings starting with the March meeting. The meeting format will change slightly with detailed discussions being tabled to their respective committees which will shorten the general meeting allowing for educational programs. The following sessions have been scheduled:

May, 2010 – Bob Arfman Quillwork – Part 2 June, 2010 – Byron Loehman & Bob Arfman Northern & Southern Pow Wows: Differences, Drums, Customs July, 2010 Pow Wow Etiquette August, 2010 Types of Pow Wows If there is a topic you would like covered as part of the Educational Programs, please contact any of the officers or the Pipesmoke. We will attempt to find a presenter on the subject or put you in contact with resources and individuals that may be able to help you.

Pow Wow Chairs: TBA Drum Coordinator: TBA Traders: Don Gatske Chairman of the Executive Board: Byron Loehman

Happy Birthday To the following Society Members: Hayna Sine – May 11 Jo Chabot - May 12 Mike Hayford – June 2 Elizabeth M. Ackerman – June 5 Pat Gatske - June 13 Carol Baxter- June 13 Smoky Loquist – June 21 Mike Boothe - June 22 Ralph Hayford - June 23 Don Gatske - June 25 Jeff Fechner – July 6 Bill Stefanech – July 9 Linda Fechner – July 11 Joel J. Vargo – July 11 Ro Chabot - July 23

Happy Anniversary To the following Society members:

David & Mary Bulkley – June 22 Don & Pat Gatske - July 31

Family Aid As always we are looking for donations to be disbursed through the Indian community. We all know that every little bit helps so if you can, please help out. If you know of a food pantry, clothing depot, a reservation, or any group or persons that we would be able to help, please let us know.

If you care to share your birthday & wedding anniversary (month and day) with us, we’d be happy to wish you a happy day as well. Please send dates to

Janesville Workshop – Indian Events From Linda Hayford: Lakota Workshop The Lakota Workshop was a huge success! We had many newcomers to our event and many groups that have been with us for years! The craft area was buzzing with activity the entire day and the evening powwow had everyone dancing....even our first-timers! I want to take this time to thank our volunteers who donate their time and talents to make this event happen! We had over 55 volunteers who attended this event! That in it self is amazing......where do you ever see 55 volunteers in one area!!! Now, for a commercial break! Next year the Lakota Workshop will be one week later due to the Easter Holiday. Our event will take place on April 29-30 and May 1 2011. Please help us to advertise this event within your communities. Be sure to check out the 2010 workshop photos at! Thanks so much to everyone! Linda Hayford, coordinator

From a bystander’s point of view: Set-up … well, as always, a chore but when it’s done with friends it always ends up going smoothly and with little stress. Good team work makes for an easier job. For those participants that were there the Cracker Barrel seemed to be a big hit. Saturday morning. Breakfast over, tables cleared from the delicious breakfast that was served we saw the activities begin with a vengeance! The sessions appeared to be full of attentive ‘students’, ready, willing and most eager to learn. Kids (scouts & scout leaders), parents and spectators were very engrossed in all of the activities available to them on Saturday, 4-24-2010 in Janesville for the Workshop. Some were so engrossed that they stayed over the session to complete the projects they had begun. Questions galore were asked and a wealth of knowledge was imparted to the participants and spectators. In that respect alone, it was a huge success! The instructors were wonderful and so generous in giving their time and talents to such a great event. I am sure that there will be many returning next year for more of the same! Before any one knew it …. It was lunchtime. Tables were cleared and made way for a delicious lunch of Hot dogs, beans, chips, drinks, etc. with lots of discussion as to what had been done and what some wanted to complete before the day was over. Tables were cleared / cleaned and everyone was talking and ‘chillin’ and waiting for the afternoon workshops to begin. Second session seemed to provide the same amount of enthusiasm from everyone! Before you knew it, and to the dismay of many, the sessions were over …and it was dinner time. Again, a great meal was prepared and to tell the truth, the ham and potatoes etc. were gone in record time! The cooks sure do know how to put on a wonderful meal! AND, once again it was time to clear everything away BUT this time the tables were cleared, cleaned and dropped in anticipation of the impending powwow. The MC was fantastic in explaining the rules/regulations of the Powwow. The actual tone of the powwow was one of education and much humor. This really got the crowd up and going. I have never seen so many of the participants so eager to get in and dance. This year it seemed that there were more (youth & adults) just waiting to get into the arena and dance – and dance they did! As a bystander, everyone in attendance certainly appeared to be having a GREAT time! The drums did an amazing job and kept everything hopping and jumping! The competition was wonderful. All the dancers gave ‘all they had’ and more. It was a wonderful powwow and I am sure many will not forget what happened any time soon. There were comments made all day long about coming back next year… and I sincerely hope the attendance will continue to grow as it has in the past. See you next year! New Date – Same Place – Check with

Report to Mascoutin Society: OACR sessions at Indian Trails I led four special sessions on Order of the Arrow ceremonies regalia and related issues, which I believe achieved moderate success, and with some easy tweeking, I think they will be worth repeating in the future. All of them focused on historic Midwest regalia to meet the needs of OA ceremonies. However, the 2nd session also had potential value for other groups (although I don’t think any others attended). These are the four sessions, which were held in this order: 1. OACR Overview 2. OACR Design & Paint (hands-on) 3. OACR Research 4. OACR Props & Sites Four to six persons attended each session, most of who were older youth or adults from three (Chicago, Milwaukee, Racine-Kenosha) of the 20 lodges in the targeted a 200-mile radius. Some attended all four sessions and a few attended just one session. Attempts were made to get the publicity to all OA lodges by email. But one reported they had not received the message whereas both Greg Bergenske and Chuck Stellmacher reported that in their lodges, they made strong but unsuccessful attempts to secure representation (Madison-Janesville, Waukesha). Both lodges are nearby and we know they could use the training, so it is a mystery as to why they did not attend. In September I will present a condensed version at an OA conference for the southern Wisconsin and northeast Iowa lodges. At that time I hope to reach some of those not represented at Indian Trails and to find out why. That presentation will omit the hands-on segment for two reasons: 1. Mascoutin paid for the hands-on materials 2. By not sharing everything, I have a carrot to attract OA teams for next year For next year I would like to target smaller crowds of six persons condensed into two three-session sequences (one AM and one PM) held in a corner of the dining hall instead of a separate building. To do this, I would combine the 3rd and 4th sessions. This would allow participants to get the message and still participate in other related sessions as well as I think it would encourage some other participants to take advantage of the 2nd hands-on session, which was complemented Liz’s session on bandolier bags. Since the primary instructional mode is power point, the background noise in the dining hall would not be a problem and I think that I would be able to handle six sessions, especially if I recruited an assistant. Mark Thiel


O-Sa-Wan (“This is the Place”)

A Traditional Pow Wow sponsored by the Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland

August 14 – 15, 2010 Will County Fairgrounds 710 S. West Street - Peotone, Il 60468

PUBLIC WELCOME New Location! – Will County Fairgrounds – Peotone, IL Native American Dancing Tipi & Craft Contest Late Night Auction Saturday Evening Meal (Dancers & Traders) Children’s Activities Camping Raffles / 50-50’s

For more information:

Pay Your Mascoutin Society Dues ____ email me the Newsletter $10.00 ____ Snail mail me the Newsletter $16.00

Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City, ST Zip: _______________, ___ ________ Email: _________________________________ Send this completed form and dues payment to:

Mascoutin Treasurer % Lorraine O’Malley 1323 S. Gates Street Montgomery, IL 60538 Society dues increased to $10 effective 1/1/2009

Mascoutin Society of Chicagoland c/o 469 Vanderwalker Lane Homewood, IL 60430

In this issue: ¾ General Member Information ¾ Educational Programs ¾ Indian Events Workshop ¾ Great Regalia = Great Ceremonies ¾ 54th O-Sa-Wan

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