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CURIOUS? Discover how this visual forms part of a rebranding campaign for a ÂŁ50+ million international company and more inside.

Photography by Lincoln Fann


A £50+ million guitar amplifier brand that works with some of the world’s most influential music bands such as The Killers, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath and others, sought a new identity to rejuvenate the brand and to support business growth.

Insight & Strategy

Exhaustive research and analysis identified the need for a radical creative strategy to capture new audiences and rekindle past relationships by injecting youthful excitement and mystique of British Rock ‘n’ Roll back into the brand language.


The newly developed brand identity is a bold reiteration of company’s previous identity with a motif design that prominently shows off the company’s British heritage and Rock ‘n’ Roll credentials.


Unveiled at NAMM 2012, an international music instrument tradeshow in California, USA, feedbacks of the new brand identity from consumers and international business partners have been extremely positive. Combined with successful product launches and high profile sponsorship deals, the new identity has empowered the company to confidently expand in Latin America and Asia Pacific markets, and spread the excitement of Rock ‘n’ Roll to over 80+ countries.


An integrated marketing communications planning project to increase public footfall and attract inward investment to Custard Factory, an arts and media production centre with retail, dining, exhibition, music venues, events and office/studio rental offerings in Digbeth, Birmingham City, UK.


Extensive research and analysis into Custard Factory’s business environment, brand strategy and communication landscape, along with fact finding meetings with local businesses established: • Custard Factory and Digbeth quarter have a lot to offer, but cannot compete due to it’s proximity to the Bullring shopping centre • Possess negative publicity for crimes • High number of vacant retail spaces • Too fringe to attract mainstream appeal

• Incoherent digital presence • Disjointed brand architecture • Strong bohemian identity • Already play host to innovative IT, media and design companies


Change narrative. Complement rather than compete. Attract mainstream audience whilst retaining its unique heritage. Develop a distinct and purposeful identity. Utilise Custard Factory’s unique business assets and local businesses partners to promote and attract new visitors. Promote Digbeth quarter as a unified offering to attain the desired results Custard Factory sought.


Rebrand Digbeth as the fresh and energetic Media & Creative Hub of Birmingham City to redress the bad publicity and start a new chapter. Supported by outdoor, vehicular and digital awareness campaign lead by high media coverage brand advocates

(Birmingham celebrities) to reintroduce Digbeth back into public consciousness. Art installation and/or signage in key locations around Birmingham City to draw interest and direct potential visitors to Digbeth. Unified content-rich web portal listing businesses and services available in the area. Promote and support boutique retail offerings that complement rather than compete with nearby Bullring shopping centre. Shift in events hosting paradigm with more focus on mainstream and high media coverage events to garner more exposure and visitors. Implement a social media strategy that promotes local businesses, events and activities to generate conversations and engagement.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Birmingham Made Me is an exclusive annual design expo in Birmingham City that promotes West Midlands’ leading brands which commands significant UK press coverage. Seizing this unique opportunity, I negotiated the inclusion of Laney Amplification to garner brand exposure to wider audiences and association with other iconic West Midlands’ derived brands. Laney Amplification was prominently featured among Jaguar Land Rover, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Royal Shakespeare Company, Dunlop, AGA Rangemaster, Emma Bridgewater, and many others. Content generated from the event was also deployed in company’s digital and social media channels, along with strategic editorial placement in industry press to generate further brand exposure and online conversations.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Brief With changing market conditions and consumer trends, a new web presence was needed. Insight Research into company’s existing web presence looked into user trends, SEO, content, brand engagement, CMS, social media and more. Subsequence analysis identified the need for a new website with features consumers has come to expect. Strategy & Solution Based on clearly identified consumer trends. I devised a bespoke website proposal that incorporated the latest social media apparatus, seamless interface, pertinent and unique content, bespoke e-commerce capabilities and content management systems. Proposal was successfully pitched to senior management to attain funding, leading to the development and launch of the website in September 2012 to positive public feedbacks and analytics results.

BRAND ARCHITECTURE I manage brand and communications for six international brands, requiring clear knowledge of brand values, synergy relationships and business offerings of each brand. Headstock Distribution – UK Exclusive distributor of contemporary music instrument brands in UK and Eire Laney Amplification – UK Premier guitar amplifier brand steeped in rock music heritage HH Electronics – UK Pro Audio brand founded in Cambridge in 1968 Tama – Japan The strongest name in drums Ibanez – Japan Premium guitar brand known for its playability and ergonomic qualities Zildjian / Gen16 – United States World’s leading cymbal maker



Designed by Lincoln Fan A seasoned international marketing executive & graphic designer with over 6 years of experience MA Design Management - 1st Class BA (Hons) Graphic Design



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