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Sign a confidential and secure contract with online Contract services It’s incredible to think how we have gotten where we are today with technology. It was only a dream, or something from a science fiction novel that we would be walking around with devices that not only enabled us to have conversations with loved ones anywhere, but that these same devices would allow us to watch movies, play games, conduct business, and even continue those conversations we were having face to face. Smart phones are a true miracle in our day and age. It seems there is little that can't be accomplished from these tiny devices. Today's SAAS (software as a service) model gives us global access to pertinent information and daily work processes from our fingertips. The application market of both Apple and Android has opened up hundreds and thousands of new job possibilities for us and our future generations. Next thing you know, Captain Kirk really might say "beam me up", and with a click on our phone we might find ourselves sipping on margarita on some desert island. Often we take for granted the miracle of modern day technology. We have access to so many great tools, and a plethora of digital entertainment right in our pockets. Everything from business applications to television can be accessed anywhere and at any time through SAAS, cloud technologies. Its really a wonder how we conducted life before the onset of these new mobile devices. As an example of how critical these devices have become; on the verge of closing a business deal the other day, I left work with high hopes of a lucrative conclusion to an agreement, when I was randomly sent an email from my client informing me that they were considering moving in a different direction. Take back by the complete 180 from an earlier conversation in the day I quickly opened a GOTO meeting application on my smart phone and connected with the client. With the help of this application I was able to present the exact information needed in the moment to save the deal. Today's technologies really are nothing short of a miracle. A world of information sits at our fingertips just waiting to be accessed. The evolution of business processes have been accelerated by cutting edge software and cloud based SAAS (software as a service) technologies. Processes that once took cycles of days to accomplish can now be completed in hours or even minutes. As an example of this progression, most industries use contracts for a number of purposed. Everything from non-compete or nondisclosure contracts to employment and termination contracts. Typically these contracts are completed on paper. The average contract cycle requires signature from at least two parties, which often means mailing documents and waiting for those documents to return. Cloud technologies eliminate the long drawn out process, and inaccuracies that paper can create. By moving the contracts to a secure online location, where all parties can sign the documents can greatly increase document completion and help eliminate in-completion and other human error. As an added bonus, moving to paperless solutions keeps a friendly eye on our environment while saving on expensive shipping and supplies. For more information about our compliance services like software as a service or SAAS, visit our website:


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