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BIOGRAPHIES Metro Vancouver 2013


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Who benefits from Contractor Biographies?





Our Objective

Owners are more organized, reducing future costs and enhancing building appeal, condition and value. Contractors are open to an opportunity in building long term relationships while helping their customers attain higher operating profits, ultimately to achieve future success.

What We Do

The Contractor Biographies organizational structure has been created to help these end users find better contractors. The contractors within this resource have been selected and studied through a series of avenues and criteria to be chosen as a premier provider, from a pool of top local companies. Detailed information is then collected for the chosen contractor of each trade and becomes part of the local portfolio. Our no-obligation maintenance system assists managers with their future planning, staying connected with engineers when necessary to asses more in depth capital projects. Contractor Biographies schedules a free maintenance planning package that will have a seal of approval from a reputable engineering company if required (for a fee), but more importantly, managers have a system in place prioritizing and implementing their specific maintenance strategy. Contractor Biographies personnel can suggest options and ideas for future maintenance and will connect end users with historically reputable contractors. We provide free quotes to help better outline costs for future budgeting of capital projects and maintenance dollars. As well as this free service, Contractor Biographies supplies free organizational tools to these managers to help track their ongoing projects. These tools include: calendars, desk organizers, erasable job tracking charts and free in-depth contractor portfolios. It is our job to simplify the decision maker’s daily operations, broadening their understanding in regards to the condition of their properties and introducing them to reputable companies with new concepts in their industry.




Westcoast T-bar Ltd. Services:


T-bar ceilings Drywall suspended ceilings Speciality ceilings Acoustic wall panels Metal linear ceilings Wood linear ceilings Seismic upgrades & installation Old ceilings Restoration work

7-30941 Peardonville Rd Abbotsford, BC V2T 6K3 T: 604.720.6796 F: 1.866.609.3089

Description: Whether you want to install a new ceiling, hide an existing ceiling, create a more dramatic visual effect, or boost the acoustical effect a suspended ceiling can do all that and more. Westcoast T-bar is the leading acoustical company for installation, design and price. We focus on providing you with the best possible service and strive to surpass your expectations in every way. Your ceiling job is our business!

Previous work performed: Job 1: (right) Forty Grill. This stylish ceiling was installed by Westcoast Tbar in this high end restaurant exceeding the owner’s expectations. Work was completed within the allotted time period and gives a stunning over all look to this restaurant.

Job 2: (left) Westcoast T-bar is fully knowledgeable with just about any ceiling system. In this case a metal drop ceiling was installed to help give this restaurant a new age look. The ceiling panels used have a durable surface that can be washed and maintained with ease.

Job 3: (right) Mary Bray Elementary School. The contract to install a drop ceiling in Mary Bray Elementary School was awarded to Westcoast T-bar. The ceiling was to be installed in the library of the school with special attention to work around the items within the room during the project. This drop ceiling was installed, finishing work around the ceiling was completed and Westcoast T-bar finished another project to the customer’s satisfaction.



Sea-Jae Builders Ltd. Contact: Services:

Unit 106 3077 188th street Surrey, BCÂ V3S 9V5

- Concrete Forming Specialists - New Build - Bridges - Water Features - Concrete Steps

T: 604 318 8225 F: 604 560 4006

Description: Sea-Jae Builders Ltd. is active in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Since opening in 2002, Sea-Jae has established an excellent reputation in the field. We are proud of our long lasting customer and supplier relationships, which are based on our commitment to act fairly, with integrity and respect at all times. When we start a new job, our target is to deliver a product or service of highest quality, on time, on budget, and in a safe and professional manner. That's what Sea-Jae's success has been and will continue to be based upon.

Values: The long-term, continuing success of Sea-Jae depends upon consistent, excellence for our customers combined with a safe, sustainable and enjoyable working environment for employees. For this reason, the company's core values that relate to customer service, employees, management and communication are: Integrity Fairness Respect Transparency Excellence High quality Flexibility



J.C. Crete Concrete Specialists Services:


Concrete Finishing Swimming Pool Restoration Acid Staining & Etching Concrete Overlays Stamped Concrete Concrete Sealing Exposed Aggregate Driveways & Patios

#305 South Tower 5811 Cooney Road Richmond, BCÂ V6X 3M1 T: 778.838.8199

Description: JC Crete is a locally-owned, family-run business with 30+ years of experience in the concrete business, and specializes in decorative concrete. We take pride in our skill and craftsmanship. We surpass your expectations with our quality, artistic concrete work. We do jobs ranging from residential drive-ways to large-scale commercial projects, and everything in between. Based in Richmond, British Columbia JC Crete services the entire Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Previous work performed: BC Hydro (Above) BC Hydro required a new slab to be placed on grade with an additional slab suspended above, JC Crete is highly knowledgable with these type of projects. University of British Columbia JC Crete placed and finished all concrete for this new water feature located on the campus of the University of British Columbia. Building a swimming pool at a private residence in Vancouver




ACME Pro Concrete Lifting Inc. Don’t tear it up! Raise it up & save money



Darin Park, President Aldergrove, BC V4W 0A6

Pool Decks Driveways Garage floors Patios Sidewalks Steps Basement floors

T: 604.626.4930 E:

Description: Why replace? Save now by repairing. ACME Pro Concrete Lifting specializes in raising sunken driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, patios, pool decks, stairs and basement floors. Instead of wasting money replacing sunken concrete we will save you both time and money by raising it. Work by ACME is guaranteed.

Previous work performed: Job 1: (right) The project featured below is a large driveway that would have required a costly removal and replacement. ACME was hired for the job and the driveway was restored for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. Servicing metro Vancouver, and providing estimates with no obligation.

Job 2: (left) This project is a large residential entrance stairway which has sunken on one side causing potential safety and liability issues. Replacing this stairway would have been costly, not to mention the increased time and effort involved to complete the work. ACME restored the sunken stairs within hours, replacing would have taken day to produce the same results. Servicing from West Vancouver to Chilliwack, and providing estimates with no obligation.

Testimonial: "I was completely unaware that this type of service existed. My husband and I were ready to have someone just tear up our driveway and pour a new one. We received an ad in the mail and we called ACME. ACME fixed our driveway for a fraction of the cost and within the same day, it was just like new again." Darlene, Surrey.



Genesis Restorations Ltd. Services:


Building envelope

Metro Vancouver Head Office #29 – 19257 Enterprise Way Surrey, B.C. V3S 6J8 Phone: (604) 533-3440 Fax: (604) 533-3426

Water ingress assessment Air washing & purification Fire damage mitigation Flood damage mitigation Hazardous material containment Mould identification & remediation Asbestos identification & removal

Call Toll Free – BC Wide 1 888 533 3440

Smoke & odour control Art & electronics restoration

Description: In 1990, Graham began Genesis Carpet and Upholstery Care with a desire to provide the highest service level possible. With a philosophy of “learn and grow”, he took course after course until he became one of the most respected technical minds in our industry, both locally and across North America. In the meantime, Genesis grew from a small home based carpet cleaning business to a multi-branch company and one licensee. Key to Genesis’ success to date has been Graham’s passion for every aspect of Restoration and Remediation, with the Environmental aspects of this business being particularly close to his heart. As a result, special people with superior skills have joined this company to create an outstanding team that believes in “Creating Order From Chaos”.

Testimonials: Fire Damage - “Genesis has done work for our company on many different occasions. The type of work varies from odour elimination due to fires to acid cleaning of our patented aluminum van body construction. His work has always been fast and efficient with prompt service to accommodate my customers with less down time.” - R. Van Seters, Service Manager, Intercontinental Truck Body Carpet Cleaning - “I want to let you know how good a job the fellow did on the carpets. I’ve used bigger ‘name’ firms in the past who did an adequate job… but today’s work is far superior…as he was able to remove problems which others could never do. Plus, he didn’t try and tack on other treatments which I don’t feel I want. He was polite, quick, informative and thoroughly professional. I’ll call Genesis again.” - B. Forst, Richmond, June 2007



Mike’s Carpet & Flooring Contact:


4193 McConnell Drive Burnaby, BC Phone: 604.420.9817 Toll Free: 1.877.644-8817 Fax: 604.420.2317

Carpet Laminate & tile Hardwood Engineered wood Vinyl & bamboo Cork & rubber Leveling Painting

Description: Mike's Carpet and Flooring provides the best quality, fair price and professional service for all your flooring needs. We provide supply and installation for new construction, property management and insurance claims; both commercial and residential in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We also provide flooring restoration services. Our main goal is to make your floors look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Previous work performed: Job 1: (top left) Mike’s Carpet installed 2000 sq ft of this solid hardwood in one day. The old carpet and baseboards were removed and disposed; 4 1/4" x 5/8" baseboards were installed. Job 2: (right) For this property there was an order to install 2000 sq ft of new carpet. Eight pound 1/2" underlay was used before installing new carpet. The newly installed carpet is protected with Scotchgard and is stain resistant. The old carpet was removed and disposed. Job 3: (left) Mike’s Carpet installed 2500 sq ft of this laminate in one day. The old laminate was removed and disposed. Three millimetre, 73 per cent rating, rubber sound proof underlay was used before installation of the new laminate floors. Old baseboards were removed and disposed. New 4 1/4" x 5/8" baseboards were installed.

Testimonial: “Mike's Carpet is simply the best. My laminate floors were installed in one day. I have a two bedroom 2500 sq ft apartment full of furniture and old carpet. His team performed like a well-oiled machine. Everything went smoothly from the first contact to the finishing touches on the new baseboards, which look amazing. He even supplied a painter that did the whole place, I mean everything... walls, doors, frames, molding, closets, bathrooms and kitchen for a great price. Mike's Carpet deserves an award. Thank you for all your work and advice Mike.” - Morad. 08


Better Image Property Maintenance Inc. Services:


Litter control Curb sweeping Janitorial services Lighting services Graffiti removal Lawn & garden maintenance Pressure washing Handyman repairs & maintenance

Nelson Cabral 113 - 2922 Glen Drive Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P5 Phone: 604.682.1800 Fax: 604.648.8175

Description: Better Image Property Maintenance has been providing common area and grounds maintenance services to retail, commercial and industrial landlords and property managers for more than 20 years. We are a full service maintenance company taking care of all our customers’ needs, starting from a base of one of the following core services: common area janitorial, litter patrol and landscape maintenance.

Previous work performed: Job1: (right) This strip mall in Richmond is maintained seven days per week. Services for this customer include litter patrol, curb sweeping, replacing garbage bags and keeping the exteriors clean for all public waste receptacles. Better Image Property Maintenance carries out other grounds maintenance issues as necessary for this location.

Job2: (left) Better Image Property Maintenance looks after this business park in Surrey five days per week. Services carried out for this customer include litter patrol, curb sweeping, waste receptacle emptying and cleaning, and window and exterior fixture cleaning. Assistance with fall clean up buildings engineer when requested.

Testimonial: “Nelson and the Better Image crew have provided our firm with reliable and cost-effective service for more than 20 years. They are able to deal with almost any maintenance issue and greatly assist us in providing a ‘better image’ for our many properties, the tenants and our clients.” - Mr. K.R. Schuss, Senior Manager & Vice-President. Dorset Realty Group Canada Ltd.



Sundawn Integrated Services Inc. Contact:

Services: Air conditioning Heating Ventilation Refrigeration Sales Engineering Service & contracting Preventative maintenance I.A.Q services

Stann Parzygnat 1606 West 5th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1N8 Phone: 604.739.3801 Toll Free: 1.877.250.HVAC Fax: 604.739.3804

Description: Sundawn Integrated Services has made it their priority to be the best provider of fully integrated HVAC service solutions to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets of Canada. The integrity of work, professionalism and service expertise that Sundawn provides to its customers today is a reflection of the founder who spent his entire life improving the industry standard for customer service. Embracing exceptional customer service response with the latest emerging HVAC systems service and technology, Sundawn has been serving your HVAC needs since 1957.

Testimonials: 1. “I just want to thank you for the great service! I called yesterday in the morning and your technician came very quickly. Your company was very professional, pleasant and did a very thorough job making sure our heating was working properly. Thanks again!” - Dawn Ehlert, HR & Office Manager. Novus Entertainment Inc. 2. “I received a call from Parkside Massage Therapy and they were passing along compliments for the guys who worked there putting in the new unit. They really liked the guys and said they were so thoughtful and helpful. She was very impressed with the way they worked and their good manners.” - Sharon Buschert, Property Manager. Realacorp Management Ltd. 3. “Over the last few years, Union Gospel Mission in New Westminster has had the privilege of Sundawn’s service in helping our centre relating to our air conditioning and heating needs. Thank you for your diligent, professional work and support.” - Bill Wong, Manager. New West Drop In Centre.



Panelex Industries

You need Panels, You need Panelex



Gregory Palamarz 15371 Knox Way Richmond, BC V6V 3A8 Phone: 604.241.3173

Panels & cladding Architectural coatings & sandblasting Structural components Miscellaneous steel Canopies & glass Insulated backpans Highrise railings & handrails

Description: Panelex Industries is a manufacturer of custom metalwork for the architectural industry. We specialize in panels and cladding in aluminum and composite. Flat or round, we can meet your custom needs. With our coatings division Primex, we are able to match the colours of our panels and flashings to your extrusions. We specialize in meeting custom needs of each client, open to innovation and design support to make it happen.

Previous work performed: Job1: (left) Panelex manufactured and installed round column covers for 88 columns with a custom textured finish in the renovated Vancouver Convention Centre in 2009, along with new interior banding around the lobby and ballrooms and panelwork around the concessions stands. There was also a good deal of custom stainless steel work called for. The last minute change of the fencing around the Olympic torch outside the convention centre, to the more photogenic style fence, was fabricated in a rush by us as well.

Job2: (right) Panelex manufactured the 46,000 sq ft of 1/8” Al panels painted in a AAMA 2605 specification Duranar finish for this Loblaws Cold Storage Facility in South Surrey in 2009. This job included coping on rounded features. We were provided a tracing of the precise curve required and asked to finish the design work.

Testimonial: “Working on projects with wide and varied requirements for different and unique paint finishes, as well as complex finished paneling, we never encountered a color or shape that Panelex wasn’t able to reproduce. The turn around and quality of these finished goods was second to none and form an integral part of the finished look of the buildings we’ve worked on. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Panelex throughout all future projects.” - Ryan Kennedy, Project Coordinator. Advanced Glazing Systems Ltd.



Winvan Paving Ltd.

Quality Contruction by Quality People

Contact: Services:

220 Edworthy Way New Westminster, BC V3L 5G5 Phone: 604.522.3921 Fax: 604.522.4524

Asphalt paving Concrete slabs Curb & gutter Milling & profiling Grading Asphalt supply

Description: Winvan Paving has been a service oriented road building contractor for more than 40 years. Winvan has its head office in New Westminster at the same location as its asphalt plant, recycle depot, barge ramp, testing lab, and equipment maintenance and repair shop. Annually, Winvan Paving has sales exceeding $50 million, performing approximately 400 jobs and employing 150 people.

Previous work performed: Job 1: (right) Along the Vancouver Port Authority, on roadways and parking lots, Winvan has undertaken projects involving the restoration of these paved areas.

Job 2: (left) The Patullo Bridge on average handles 67,000 cars and 3,400 trucks daily, or roughly 20 per cent of vehicle traffic across the Fraser river. Spanning 1,221 meters (4,006 ft) in total length, consisting of four lanes, the bridge connects New Westminster to Surrey. Winvan Paving was awarded the contract to resurface the bridge during the summer of 2009.

Job 3: (right) Parking lots, from big box retailers and large industries to small retail plazas and high rise buildings, Winvan paves them all. Winvan Paving builds all types of parking lots and roadways paving them quickly and efficiently with in-house construction materials.



Blue Mountain Services Ltd. Services:


Plumbing repairs & installations Boiler & furnace safety Inspections Boiler installations Furnace installations Drain tiles and water lines Sewer and drain cleaning Hot water tank replacement Circulating & sump pumps

Blue Mountain Services Ltd. #10 - 3051 Underhill Ave. Burnaby, BC V5A 3C2 Phone: 604.444.3711

Description: Our professional service technicians are licensed plumbers and gas fitters. At Blue Mountain Services, we use two-way radios to dispatch our calls which means quick response time for you, our Valued Customers. We take pride in the quality of services we provide on a daily basis. Blue Mountain Services realizes that in order for a company to be successful, customer service and quality workmanship must always play a major role .

Plumbing Back flow testing, dishwasher installation and repairs, faucet repairs, hot water tank installation and repairs, pump services, toilet repairs, water service replacements and repairs, water line replacement and water pipe repairs. Heating Baseboard heating, boiler installation and repairs, fireplace installation, furnace installation, gas services, heat pump and air conditioning services, hot air furnace, jetting pumps, radiant hot water heating, safety inspections of boilers and furnaces. Drainage Bobcat services, damp proofing, drain tile, drain cleaning of all size lines: toilets, sink drains, main sewer lines and drain tiles, drease trap servicing, high pressure flushing, hydro jet services, sewer line cleaning, sump installation and repairs, T.V. video pipe inspection and video camera services.

Blue Mountain Advantage: • Available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week • We serve the entire Lower Mainland from Whistler to Hope • Fast response time • Professional service and personal touch



Valley Power Sweep Contact: 1.888.423.8003

Description: Valley Power Sweep offers complete outdoor commercial cleaning solutions throughout south western, coastal British Columbia, including Vancouver Island, Whistler, Vancouver through to Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs and the Hope area. We offer a wide range of high quality equipment to not only clean but, in many cases, restore the original appearance of any job we are contracted to do. Let us prepare a regularly scheduled sweeping program for your parking areas and streets, which in turn, will help you maintain a fresh, clean appearance for your property while prolonging the life of your pavement and striping. Power Scrubbers • Removal of grease and oil from parking stalls and light debris as it scrubs. • Application of degreasing agents and agitate oil deposits to assist the power scrubber in their complete removal. • Specialist removal of rubber stains or build up on the concrete or membrane surface. • We power scrub all corners, edges and around columns using a walk behind scrubber. • Environmentally friendly detergents, water recycling and recovery

Power Scrubbing

prevent oil and contaminants from entering floor drains. • Fast and efficient, up to 10,000 sq ft per hour.

• Filtration system controls dust while operating. • Auxiliary side brush sweeps hard to reach places.

Power Sweeping • Removal of all litter, leaves and debris from blacktop, sidewalks, loading docks and entrances to buildings. • Sweeps and vacuums efficiently at a high sweeping speed. • Picks up sand and dust, prolonging the life of the swept surface. • Interchangeable brushes allow for specific surfaces and debris.

Power Washing • Use of portable, high pressure equipment, hot or cold water, detergents and various job specific nozzles. • Easy access to all areas, on the ground, below ground and high-rise areas. • Larger paved areas can be pressure washed quickly using whirl-away equipment.

Power Sweeping


Power Washing


Provincial Tank Lining and Inspections Inc. Contact:

Services: Domestic Hot Water Tank Lining

Pacific Office Suite 12 991 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1V3                               T: 1.877.626.2877

Tank Removal and Replacement Storage Tank Inspections

Description: Provincial Tank Lining and Inspections Inc. is the most established hot water tank lining company in Canada. Sean Russell, the company president has led his company for 18 years with the same statement to his staff, “Always do the right thing, treat the customer the way you would want to be treated and service the equipment we are working on as if it’s in the basement of your own house”.

Provincial Tank Lining Everything from hot water tank refurbishing, tank inspections, welding and site fabrication, sand blasting and epoxy coating, we've got you covered. Once you give us a call, relax, we'll take it from there. How Old Is Your Tank? Is your industrial hot water tank older than 15 years? Don't wait for a leak to happen and allow your entire building to be without hot water for days. Just one emergency repair can cost more than 15 years of proper maintenance. Care & Maintenance If your hot water tank is under 10 years of age, your first required servicing is due. If your tank is between 10 - 15 years of age, your first scheduled re-lining is required.

Testimonials: “Provincial Tank Lining has more experience lining hot water tanks than any other representative in Canada & the US. Because of their track record, we have modified our engineering manuals and training literature based on their experiences and know how.” Robert Boileau Pre-Krete Division Manager Pocono Fabricators “Honeywell Automation & Control has chosen Provincial Tank Lining & Inspections as their lining representative over the past 10 years. Their expertise as leaders in the tank lining field and assurance in using only certified materials is of great importance to our company and it’s customers.” Mike Flynn Condominium Sales Honeywell 15

12 - 991 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1V3



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