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Contents 01. Spring has finally arrived 03. Straight off the catwalk 05. Outfits for every occasion 07. The way we see it 09. Icy Pastels 11. Keeping it simple

SPRING 2014 In this months issue we discuss what’s going to be hot this spring/ summer, with the latest trends straight from the catwalk. We discuss colour schemes and patterns, which are going to be the ‘in thing’ this season. In this issue you will also be able to find out how to jazz up your casual wardrobe, with some help from this seasons runway shows as inspiration. You will also find a section dedicated to advice, as we know a lot of our readers want to recreate styles that they see within the magazine but feel like they don’t have the confidence to do so, we are here to help!

13. Girl Power

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Spring has finally arrived...

With the feeling of spring defiantly settling in here at Contour we couldn’t be more excited to say goodbye to our winter coats for a while and bring out the shorts and sunglasses! Here are a few tips for starting the season a-new.

(2) Spring clear out! There is nothing worse than a cluttered wardrobe. As slightly warmer weather is upon us (we hope) it’s time to put away the knitted jumpers and pull out your crop tops. So your wardrobe is full of clothes that will actually be worn.

1) Experiment with hairstyles! Here are a few that you should try out that we see being hot this spring 2014!

(3) Mix up your make-up routine We’re not saying you should put away your Smokey eye-shadow palette just yet but with spring on its way why not try out some new shades of lipstick? With orange seeming as it’s going to be the colour of the season various designers are using it in their shows such as DKNY. Another thing that is set to be hot this season is glittered eye makeup, using vibrant colours such as Azure blue, and slowly building it up until your happy with it.

Mermaid Waves: Good news for girls that don’t have the time to spend hours on their hair, try this simple look out by plating damp hair before bed, the more tousled it looks in the morning the better! Messy Plaits: for those of you who have mid-length to long hair will want to experiment with this look, it just keeps coming back each year, to try this simply make a plat as you usually would either to the side of your face or the back but make sure its tousled and textured to make it look effortless.


Straight off the catwalk

Some huge thins that we’ve seen on the catwalk this season includes a twist on a classic and much loved item, the white blouse. Which a number of designers have now tried to re-invent by adding such things as embellishments, asymmetric cuts and necktie detailing. This season we have also seen a huge twist in a theme which is athleticism bringing the theme of sports clothing to women’s fashion, as we know from the past craze of baseball blazers these next looks are set to be the next big thing, the designers have included such things as baseball caps and tennis inspired dresses with a variety of bold patterns overlaid on top, so I’d defiantly look out for items like these filtering through to the high street very soon! We here at Contour cannot wait.


We have also seen the arrival of a lot of culottes trousers on the catwalk, the street style is showing off your ankles in wide leg trousers that don’t quite hit the floor, they have been shown in a variety of different styles for example this seasons other trends of icy pastels, bold patterns and overlaying of different textures. These interesting trousers could be paired with a simple white crop top or blouse. This season we have also seen designers take metallic to a whole new level by presenting pieces that were not just iridescent but holographic making these pieces a different colour from every angle. They look futuristic and fun and are an exciting theme to add to any wardrobe. These new designs have been seen in such runway shows as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Christopher Kane. Set to be big this Spring/Summer, Keep an eye out!

Outfits for every occasion

Ever had a date or film night with friends but had no clue what to wear? We’re here to help! Here you will find some useful style tips to help you get ready. (1) Makeup If your going out with some friends and don’t want to look like your trying too hard try using minimal makeup, but make sure you have clear and glowing skin using your favorite moisturizer, or even use some tinted moisturizer for a little bit of coverage. (2) Shoes If your going somewhere and you know your going to be doing a lot of walking then heels are a no-go if you want to add a bit of height try some simple wedges, the higher the better in this situation isn’t necessarily true. If you were wearing shorts or a playsuit I’d recommend some classic lace up flats.

(3) The Outfit If your going on a day out for example the cinema I’d recommend to wear something comfortable and simple like a playsuit or high wasted shorts or even a white blouse, which has been seen in a lot of this seasons run-ways completely redesigned with neck-tie detailing, embellishments or asymmetric cuts. If it were particularly warm that day we would also recommend maxi dresses, which are simple but cute with a pair of flat sandals. (4) Hair For a simple day trip classic tousled curls are perfect and quick to be able to do. making it look more textured by using a mixture of hair spray and backcombing. If you have slightly more time on your hands you could try doing a mermaid braid, these look particularly effective if you make it slightly on the messy side using hair spray.


The way we see it

These days it seems the society that we live in are getting more and more judgmental, teenagers especially in their younger years are constantly being judged by what they wear, what’s acceptable and what isn’t. It’s in a way that we see them in our heads that character from their sense of style. But why should it be that way? Why should we feel pressured to dress like everybody else, because it’s seen as ‘cool’? Fashion is meant to be a way to express yourself, a way to show off your creative thoughts, where is the fun if everybody dresses the same? Where is the originality? On the other side of things there is confidence, we have heard from our readers ourselves, that they see outfits and designs within our magazine that they love, but they feel they couldn’t make them work, scared what everyone around them would think of them. We say rise above! Be the difference, be unique. Make you’re own style. Chances are you could start a trend within your friendship group.

Another thing we feel we have to mention is peer-pressure. As we said before, you shouldn’t’ feel pressured to dress a certain way, if you have ever experienced bullying because of the way you look chances are the said person are jealous that you are confident enough to express yourself.

If you have any questions or would like to put something forward to be discussed in a future issue you can find out contact details on the first page.


Icy Pastels


his season it seems ‘pretty pastels’ are making a come back, As seen showcased on multiple run way shows, from mint green blazers to powder blue skirts, you can even just soften up a look with some lilac lipstick!

As well as icy pastels you could also go for a softer look suitable for a day out with friends with an orchid pink skater skirt or keeping with what’s being seen on the catwalk a tea length skirt possibly paired with a crop top.

Fortunately designers have modernized the designs this season, so you won’t feel like you’ve gone Easter crazy, Already filtering through to the high-street stores are a variety of collections suitable for every occasion, for example just a normal day at the office or a day out with friend Pastels have been seen in multiple run-way shows this season including Jason Wu, Rag & Bone and Honor just to name a few.

As it’s coming into spring it’s always a good idea to switch up your makeup colour pallet anyway but this is a perfect opportunity to. Try out some matte pastel eye shadows with a white or gold corner; with this you could add a cat eye effect eyelashes to make the look that little bit fiercer

Mixing with other seasons trends you could try a blazer of a suit with a pastel colourscheme which could feature some bold patterns overlaying on the top,

To go with this you could pair it with some simple earrings and statement necklace also some cute flats such as ballet pumps or some simple lace up shoes.

For more ideas visit out website:


Keeping it simple

This season showcases some bold pattern trends, including some very bold print dresses that made an appearance at multiple run-way shows over the past few months. As usual for spring. florals have been an essential part of designs with themes such as hand printed, abstract and flat florals. We also saw Prada continuing on the expressive patterns trend in its spring collection using oversized portraits as the main print on many of their dresses, coats and bags, they openly credited the artists within the run-way show, as a way of saying how much of an influence artists are within fashion.

We also spotted designers using bold expressive patterns within designs, displaying aspects of spring in a unique and new way. For example Chanel created a colour exercise inspired pattern through many of its collection, which included over 150 different tones which was inspired by a 19th century oil manufacturer. We estimate by the end of the summer that art inspired t-shirts and clothing will be the item every girl has to have! With it soon most likely to start filtering through to the high street shopping scene.





Bring out your fierce side this spring with dark floral patterns. Let’s show the world who’s boss.

Model: Ruth Buckle Photographer: Hannah Goldsmith

CONTRIBUTORS This is one of our models for this issue Jasmine. She helped out on the more girly side of the photo-shoots, our team created some simple but cute outfits for her to wear at a beautiful seaside location where we photographed her in a way where she looked like she was free an relaxed at the beach, her photo-shoot represented a softer side of the magazine giving the readers some ideas for every day casual outfits.

This is our other model for this issue, Ruth. She helped us create a more fierce and editorial photo-shoot, showing the darker side of spring and that it’s not all about being girly. The location for Ruth’s photo-shoot was dark but beautiful; the photographs taken give readers ideas on how to dress a little bit edgier. The photos taken are strong and show that it’s all about girl power.

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