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Infuse your organizational strategy with improved visibility, alignment, accountability, and execution.

Infuse your organizational strategy with improved visibility, alignment, accountability, and execution.

The Pulse Organizational Improvement System (Pulse OIS) is an integrated platform designed to support executive leaders of complex enterprises who are responsible for overseeing strategic planning, performance improvement or transformation initiatives through: • • • • • • •

Proven Methodology Proprietary Assessments Helpful Tools and Resources Step-by-Step Guides Data-Driven Insights Advisory Support Online Access

What you don’t see can hurt you. Continuity Consulting created the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) to increase your visibility into the current health and performance of your organization. This proprietary assessment provides you with: •

Online dashboard helping you set baselines for measuring progress.

Recommendations based on expertise, experience and best practices.

Practical solutions focused on true root causes allowing you to prioritize opportunities to catalyze change in your organization’s performance.

Valuable input to your Strategic Planning, Organizational Performance Improvement or RiskReduction Initiatives.

Leaders need accurate and actionable information to make good choices. Our proprietary Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) is designed to assess an organization, division or team across six core categories: • Strategy • Leadership • Management • Operations • Culture • Workforce, with a special section on Employee Engagement


Results may be segmented and displayed in multiple ways: by organization or division, as well as from senior leadership, management, and staff perspectives.

Reflects the best and most recent industry research and best practices in strategy development and implementation, cultural health, organizational performance, leadership, team development, and employee engagement.


Will sometimes confirm the leader’s intuition. Will often expose and clarify previously unknown strengths and weaknesses. Always provides the leader with confidence in moving forward.

The Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) captures employee perceptions, evaluates key aspects of an organization’s health and performance, establishes clear baselines for measuring progress, and provides valuable input into your planning and improvement initiatives. This proprietary assessment measures organizational health and performance across six main categories: strategy, leadership, management, operations, culture and workforce. Within each category the assessment examines several specific competencies that research has shown to be vital to the success of healthy and high-performing organizations.

• Strategic Clarity

Senior Leaders:

• Strategy Development Practices

• Decisiveness

• Communication of Strategy

• Modeling

• Execution of Strategy

• Communication

• Evaluation of Strategy (Measurement, Accountability)

• Culture Shaping

• Strategic Alignment (Cascading Goals and Objectives)

• Motivating (Inspiration, Innovation)

• Commitment to Values

• Strategic Alignment

• Communication of Strategy

• Continuous Improvement

• Modeling

• Efficiency and Effectiveness

• Coaching

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Decisive and Action-Oriented

• Practices and Standards

• Performance and Accountability

• Resource Allocation

• Trust and Confidence

• Service Delivery

• Competency • Empowerment • Career Development Assistance

• Influence of Values

• Purpose

• Description of Culture (Current and Desired)

• Autonomy

• Healthy Conflict

• Appreciation

• Work Environment

• Special Section: Employee Engagement

• Collaboration

• Mastery

Mission is what your organization is trying to achieve. Strategy is how your organization will achieve it.

Strategic alignment is when all elements of an organization – including business strategy and the way the enterprise itself is organized – are arranged in such a way as to best support the fulfillment of its long-term mission. The Pulse OIS process provides you with the tools you need to bring your strategy and organizational effectiveness in line with your mission. : It begins with the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) which provides you with visibility into the health and performance of your organization across six main categories: strategy, leadership, management, operations, culture and workforce. Develop mission-aligned priorities that will generate the greatest impact. Your organization’s strategic priorities need to be few. Otherwise they aren’t priorities. And they need to be focused. Without focus, you will spread your resources too thin to accomplish anything of consequence. : Gain greater clarity and align your department or division with the larger strategic plan. Feel confident that your efforts are contributing to the Big Picture. : Pulse OIS provides you with tools and resources to help you cascade your goals and objectives throughout your organization and to develop an effective communication and socialization plan -- bridging the strategy to execution gap.

Advisors you can trust Continuity Consulting will assign a strategic advisor as the primary point of contact throughout the term of the engagement. Your advisor will support the leadership team with interpretation of assessment results and future improvement strategies. They will facilitate quarterly Pulse Performance Reviews to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Additional consulting services are available as needed for your specific project.

We take an intentionally relational approach, in which our clients work directly with principal consultants from day one. We believe that humancentered and high-performing go together, and that healthy, highperforming organizations don’t fall from the sky or rise up out of the ground. People build them.

Pulse Online Platform Pulse’s user-friendly platform features an online dashboard where you can view your OHA results and design strategies, action plans and track progress as you address key areas impacting performance and desired outcomes.

Clarity and Confidence

As an added bonus, your OHA results may be segmented and displayed in multiple ways: from organizationoverview to division to team, as well as from executive leadership, management and staff perspectives.

Good communication and socialization practices are embedded in the Pulse System, including:

Annual re-assessment enables you to measure and celebrate progress and make adjustments.

• Meeting Agenda Templates • Presentation Templates • How to Develop a Cascading Communication and Socialization Plan • Built-in Notification System to keep the team on track All within a clear, step-by-step process

• Continuity Consulting’s Pulse Organizational Improvement System brings visibility, alignment and accountability to your strategic execution.

: Based on the needs of your organization and your desired outcomes, you have two structured planning processes to choose from: the Strategic Planning and Implementation Stream or the Organizational Performance Improvement Stream. There are more details in the following pages. : Through the experience of leading numerous clients through this process, we have developed a systematic, four-phased methodology to guide you. The Pulse online platform provides even more help, taking you step-by-step through each of the four phases: Plan, Discover, Develop, and Implement. : Based on decades of management consulting experience, we have developed many helpful resources (tools, templates, and guides) for our clients. We’ve embedded the best ones in the Pulse system to help make you successful.

Choose the stream that best aligns with your desired outcomes.

Strategic Planning and Implementation is an intentionally planned, enterprise-wide effort to improve your organization’s clarity of purpose and missioneffectiveness. Pulse’s four-phase Strategic Planning and Implementation (SPI) methodology is a structured, yet adaptable, process to help you engage a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, encourage creative thinking and team building, create clarity about your preferred future and concrete goals, and establish processes for ongoing measurement and accountability within your organization. The Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) provides valuable input to your planning process. You will develop: • Clear Strategic Identity (Vision, Mission, and Values) • Mission-Driven Goals and Objectives

The Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) is at the heart of Pulse’s fourphase methodology, providing increased visibility into the gaps and challenges, strengths and opportunities before you.

The Organizational Performance Improvement Stream is ideal for leaders of complex, adaptive organizations who are seeking to improve cultural health and performance. Pulse’s four-phase Organizational Performance Improvement (OPI) methodology, which also includes the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA), will lead you step-by-step through the process of pinpointing strategic leverage points within your organization where the most significant impact can be achieved. You will develop: • A refreshing or recommitment to your Strategic Identity (Vision, Mission, and Values) • Strategic Focus Areas and Priorities

• Action Plans with owners and due dates

• Action Plans (including MiniExperimental Initiatives) with owners and due dates

• Communication and Socialization Plan

• Communication and Socialization Plan

• Methodology for Measurement and Tracking

• Methodology for Measurement and Tracking


Our four-phase methodology is a structured, yet adaptive, process to help you gain visibility into your organization, design and execute your strategy, and then manage the implementation and performance of your plan.

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Clarify the project’s purpose, drivers, and desired outcomes. Identify your planning team and key internal and external stakeholders. Conduct scope and kick-off meetings. Create a project charter and schedule. Complete the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) preparation activities.

Review current strategic plan and other relevant documents. Conduct Organizational Heath Assessment. Conduct interviews with key leaders and stakeholders. Hold facilitated Discover Sessions.

• Scope and Kick-off Meeting. • Completed Project Scope, Charter, Approach and Schedule. • OHA prepared for distribution.

• Organizational Health Assessment Results and Recommendations Report • Discover Session Summary and Highlights.

• You’re clear on the desired outcomes and what you hope to accomplish. • The team is rallied. • The project is launched!

Approximately 2-4 weeks

• As a result of the environmental scan, and the Organizational Health Assessment, you have a shared understanding of the present state of your organization -- gaps and challenges, strengths and opportunities. • As a result of the Discover Sessions, you have generated a lot of good ideas about how best to move forward.

4-6 weeks



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Craft appropriate level goals and objectives or strategic focus areas. Refresh or recommit to Strategic Identity (Mission, Vision, Values) Create a North Star Goal (OPI Stream) Create action plans.

Strategic Plan or Performance Improvement Roadmap, including: • Commitment to your Strategic Identity (Vision, Mission, and Values) • Goals and Priorities • Action Plans with owners and due dates

Begin implementation activities. Create a communication and socialization plan. Establish regular reporting and tracking schedule and protocol. Establish a procedure for reviewing and updating your plan. Quarterly Pulse Review with your Continuity Advisor.

• You have a clear and shared strategic identity and direction. • You have clear and concrete goals, priorities, and action plans. • Your teams become more focused on the organizations priorities.

2-4 weeks

• A plan for how you are going to communicate and socialize your Plan. • An established rhythm of communication, reporting, tracking, and updating the progress of your Plan.

• Execution of your organizations priorities. • Accountability for results. • Increased Alignment. Even in chaos, you are able to get refocused and back on track. • Everyone knows that all their hard work is contributing to a bigger shared purpose.

3-12 months

Continuity Consulting is a management consulting firm. We help leaders create healthy, high-performing organizational environments that deliver results. Our experience with diverse and multifaceted projects gives us an understanding of complex adaptive organizational environments. Our expertise in strategy, organizational health and performance, systems and design thinking, project and change management, leadership and team development helps our clients to achieve both business results and promote human flourishing. While every client engagement is unique based on the needs of the leadership team and organization, the most common solutions we provide are consulting, advisory subscription, and assessment services. Do you want to learn more about the Pulse Organizational Improvement System? Contact us today to speak directly with one of our consultants. Continuity Consulting, Inc. Phone: 916-458-5151

Pulse OIS is available to our clients as an annual subscription service. Our team can also customize additional management consulting services to address unique needs and challenges facing your organization.

Pulse Organizational Improvement System  

Infuse your organizational strategy with improved visibility, alignment, accountability, and execution. The Pulse Organizational Improvemen...

Pulse Organizational Improvement System  

Infuse your organizational strategy with improved visibility, alignment, accountability, and execution. The Pulse Organizational Improvemen...