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Defining Your Values Step One

 Review the following list of words which describe various values. Circle the values that are important to you. Don’t worry about the number of words you choose and feel free to add any other words that come to mind to this list.

Step Two

 Review all the words you have circled and place a checkmark next to the words that are ‘most important’ to you at this time.

Step Three  Identify your top five values. We know it’s hard, but it’s time to whittle your list down to your top FIVE.

Step Four


 Write a one sentence definition for each of your five top values.

Value Accountability Achievement Acknowledgement Adaptability Aggressiveness Agility Appreciation Approachability Assertiveness Authenticity Balance Being the best Bravery Camaraderie Candor Capability Cheerfulness Civility Collaboration Commitment Community Competition Confidence Connection Considerateness Courage Courtesy Credibility Daringness Decorum Dedication Deliberateness Democracy Devotion Dignity

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Value Directness Discipline Diversity Duty Education Effectiveness Empathy Encouragement Energy Equality Excellence Expediency Expertise Exploration Expressiveness Fairness Faith Family Fearlessness Firmness Focus Frankness Freedom Friendliness Frugality Fun Genuineness Giving Global View Goodness Graciousness Gratefulness Growth Guidance Happiness


Value Hard work Harmony Health Helpfulness Honesty Hope Humor Imagination Impact Independence Influence Ingenuity Innovation Inquisitiveness Insight Inspiration Integrity Intelligence Intensity Investing Invigoration Judiciousness Keenness Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Liveliness Logic Longevity Meaning Meticulousness Mindfulness Moderation Modesty


Value Motivation Neatness Open-Mindedness

Openness Optimism Order Originality Peace Perceptiveness Perfection Perseverance Persistence Positivity Power Precision Preparedness Pro-activity Professionalism Prudence Reliability Respect Responsiveness Safety Stability Status Steadfastness Success Tactfulness Tolerance Trust Truth Understanding Zeal

Defining values worksheet  

This will help you clarify your personal or organizational values.

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