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Do you want to build a strong, loyal customer base? It's not that hard. One of the best ways you can do it is to thank them. Yep, you read that right: thank them. Think it sounds too simple? Well, it's a little more complicated than you might think. Here are three tips for making sure your clientele knows how much you appreciate their business: 1. Make it real. The last time you thanked someone, was it just an average "thanks" or a heartfelt "thank you?" What's the difference? Well, a "thanks" is when you just say it. "Thanks!" You might really mean it, but it's short-lived and doesn't touch anyone's heart. A heartfelt "thank you," now that's a different story. A handwritten note, some tasty baked goods, a testimonial written for someone whose work you valued, or even just a real conversation in which you tell the person not just that you appreciate them, but why. Make it real and authentic. 2. Go the extra mile. Another way you can thank your clientele is to provide them with exceptional service. Give them more than they expect. Over-deliver on what you've promised them. Give them time, care, and attention, and make sure they have everything you can give them. Go the extra mile and watch them shine. 3. Build in options. Build in options to thank your clientele. In addition to the heartfelt "thank you" and providing them with exceptional service, there are other ways to thank them. Reward or loyalty programs are a nice perk, though they must be combined with exceptional service to act as a real thank you. There are several ways to run a loyalty or reward program, so look to your favorite merchants and companies to see how they're doing it and design your own. Other options include sending out holiday and birthday cards to make sure they know you're thinking of them and finding ways you can help them outside your normal business involvement. Remember, as we start the New Year in a challenging economy, you'll want to put your very best foot forward so you stand out in a competitive marketplace. Make sure your clients know you appreciate them and build strong, lasting relationships that will bring a return for years to come.

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==== ==== Keep Effective Track of Your Clientele Information With This Easy to Use iPhone Application ==== ====

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