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Sounds and styles of the 1920s -1940s r emixed Continental Dr ifts is one of the wor ld’s leading exper ts in vintage r emix - a 21st Centur y r ewor king of vintage music, dance & ar t. We ar e the or iginator s of the inter nationally awar d winning Electr o Swing Club, have pr ogr ammed and booked many of the biggest names in this genr e and watched these new ar t for ms explode globally. We value the or iginal sounds and visions of the or iginals as much as the many hybr ids they have spawned. With this passion we ar e able to r espect the or iginals and r etain it’s authenticity. We can build in or ar ound your event anything fr om a speakeasy pr ohibition wor ld to the glitter ing ar t deco ballr ooms of the Gatsby’s.

Speakeasy to Ballr oom We can plan you a bespoke event fr om a simple DJ and VJ to a full ballr oom with chandelier s and 32 piece swing band. Live bands you could have include an electr o swing band or a jumping live swing/jive/jump band. Dancer s add a r eal wow to any event and we can supply a minimum of 2 dancer s who can r eally get the par ty going. They can also r un a pr e-par ty wor kshop. Ther e ar e, of cour se, many per for mer s who can enhance your show, fr om gr eat acr o-balance acts to fine tr apeze ar tists swinging fr om chandelier s. We like to use pr ojected black and white r emixed film clips as much as possible to cr eate an immer sive atmospher e . Wher ever possible we want your audience to feel that they have walked into another centur y. DĂŠcor is also key to cr eating a whole other er a.

Electr o Swing http://continentaldr e/33% 20% 20 Electr o swing is simply a ter m that r efer s to music that is a Remix of the or iginal sounds of the 20s to 40s. Over the last few year s this genr e of music and the r evival of vintage fashions, ar t and film have led to an explosion of inter est among audiences. Continental Dr ifts Music has been a global pioneer of this cultur e for over 15 year s, and have pr ogr ammed the likes of the legendar y Lost Vagueness and spar ked a massive r esur ge In bur lesque music to r unning and also star ted the wor lds fir st inter nationally awar d winning Electr o Swing Club. Alongside our par tner s White Mink we have wor ked with ar tists such as P ar ov Stella and Car avan P alace, as well as hosting debuts for many of the genr e gr eats at Glastonbur y, Bestival, Secr et Gar den P ar ty and many other major festivals


Ther e ar e so many styles and for mats under the vintage r emix and Gr eat Gatsby theme cover ing ever ything fr om authentic sounds of swing , jive & jump and Django tr ibutes to 32 piece swing bands. Athentic bands include: Top Shelf J azz, Har r y’s Tr icks, J ive Aces, Tr io Manouche, London Swingfonia Or chestr a plus many mor e. Electr o swing bands ar e constantly evolving, and we have a stable of bands fr om 2 piece acts like Odjbox and P ier r e thr ough to swing bands with decks like Swing Zazou and Electr ic Swing Cir cus plus Kor mac’s amazing Electr o Swing Or chestr a. Our DJ s play to thousands of people, and play ever ything fr om vintage to the latest r emix. For many mor e ar tists please visit our website http://www.continentaldr oswing http://www.continentaldr

Swing Zazou

Electr o Swing dance band Swing Zazou collide vintage 30’s & 40’s big band and gypsy swing with live-mixed beats - a footstomping r ecipe of soar ing hot-swingin' licks, dr iving swing-scat vocals, and vintage har monies that cr eates the fully-char ged and ir r esistible sound of live electr o swing. Expect to hear a kicking up-tempo live show with a full clar inet-led live band of tr umpet, violin, tenor sax, guitar , doublebass, dr ums and live-mixed beats... A dr iving toetapping vintage Swing sound, dr agged thr ough the decades and into the new Swing Club scene. Fr om or iginal Electr o Swing tunes to cover s of back-in-the-day classics, such as It Ain't R ight, Don't Fall Asleep, Sing Sing Sing andDiga Diga Doo

Electric Swing Circus •


The Electr ic Swing Cir cus, a 6 piece Electr o Swing band that fuses cool 20's swing with stomping electr o beats in a dazzling live show. Fr onted by the sassy Sister s of Swing with the addition of live dr ums, fr etless bass, gyspy jazz guitar , keys, synths and swinging samples. The Electr ic Swing Cir cus hotfoots its way thr ough ever ything fr om br eakbeat and house to jungle and dubstep, whilst keeping tr ue to their own unique style of swing. The Electr ic Swing Cir cus bur st out of Bir mingham in 2011 to take up r esidency of the Hot Club De Swing, and Electr o Swing Club UK wide. Their stunning live per for mance has ear ned them air time on the BBC big scr een nationwide and the coveted title of BEST LIVE ACT in the Electr o Swing P eoples Favor ite Awar ds 2011.

The Speakeasy Three •

THE SP EAKEASY THREE ar e an exciting all-singing all-dancing per for mance gr oup. Blending goldenage sounds with silver -scr een style and their own captivating per sonalities, THE SP EAKEASY THREE ar e r olling out their show-stopping, r oomswinging, after dar k agenda for your delight. The main per for mer s, Nastazja, Cor r inne and Elizabeth, showcase THE SP EAKEASY THREE's unique r ecipe of beautifully ar r anged har monies, infectiously sassy chor eogr aphy, stylish image and bags of down-r ight fabulousness. b-js00c40

PERFORMANCE Our P er for mer s come in many shapes and sizes. We have pr oduced entir e shows at Edinbur gh Fr inge, Vegas and mor e. Bur lesque has a massive r ole in all vintage r emix event and we have wor ked with the gr eatest, including Dita Von Teese and Immodesty Blaize. We find new ar tists in this genr e on a weekly basis. Immer sive - fr om pr ohibition ganster s to Flapper s ser ving staff who ar e tr ained cir cus ar tists we love to cr eate a 360 degr ee exper ience

• d sizes

La Luna •

La Luna is an innovative and beautiful concept in fr eestanding aer ial per for mance. Combining r evolving aer ial hoop, pole and classical ballet, cr eates an enchanting, elegant and tr uly unique and jaw dr opping per for mance. The r equir ements ar e ver y minimal which means it is suitable for almost any venue.olmost any venue.

Bongo Bolero •


Bongo Bolero per for m extr aor dinar y acr obalance and acr obatics. Their unique cir cus acts ar e both exquisitely beautiful and upr oar iously funny. Always stylish and of the highest quality, their shows ar e ideal for cir cus events, str eet festivals, cor por ate functions and cabar ets. Bongo Bolero ar e Nikki Andrews and Richard Durnford. They have developed an or iginal and contempor ar y style of per for mance that mixes cir cus, comedy, theatr e and movement. They seek to thr ill and enter tain audiences of all types the wor ld over . Since the mid-nineties they have pr oduced pr ofessional wor k of the highest standar ds and continue to per for m r egular ly in cabar ets, cor por ate events, festivals and cir cuses inter nationally. me.php

Roxy Velvet •

Different shows of classic burlesque almost any venue. The Birdcage - Magical Spectacular Roxy’s Bir dcage is one of the biggest and most dar ing pr ops in Neo-Bur lesque measur ing 10ft high by 8ft wide and fitted with an aer ial hoop and pyr otechnics. It has been installed in some of the UK's most elite ar t galler ies, hotels and ballr ooms since 2006. Dr awing on her diver sity of styles and skills Roxy wor ks with the Bir dcage to pr esent a tr uly unique show that will be a talking point at any event. Roxy Velvet per for ms her or iginal Bir dcage show, lavishly costumed in sequins and enveloped in feather s as she swings above you inside her beautiful bir dcage. Love for Sale (Classic Burlesque) Love for Sale is a neo-bur lesque str iptease stylistically influenced by P ar isian vaudeville. The show begins with a seductive fan dance with deep blue feather fans decor ated with cr ystals. Roxy r eveals her self in layer s of midnight blue sequins and feather s and per for ms a spellbinding and elegant str iptease while slipping 100 dollar bills into her admir er ’s hands. The cr escendo of the show sees Roxy take to her aer ial hoop and per for m a beautifully executed r outine. =XUDWxI2b6b8

Mooki •

. almost any venue.

Canadian-bor n Mooky r enowned for her sidesplitting physical comedy, Mooky is one of the funniest ladies wor king on the inter national cir cuit today. Ir r esistible and captivating, this quir ky comedienne has entr anced over a million spectator s wor ldwide in both Nor th Amer ica and Eur ope. Among her many talents Mooky is a pianist, puppeteer, mask maker, accor dion squeezer and chicken tr ainer. 'Is ther e anything she can't do?' we hear you cr y. Not likely. .asp

Gwendoline L'amour

Gwendoline is the UK’s most accomplished and celebr ated per for mer of classic bur lesque per for mance and the per fect choice for pr estigious par ties, launches and events. With thir teen year s exper ience of per for ming exquisite and r efined shows for inter national clients, Gwendoline has r epr esented Sir Elton J ohn, (9th White Tie and Tiar a Ball), Cointr eau, Cir que du Soleil for Naomi Campbell’s bir thday par ty, J asper Conr an, the Mar quis of Bath, Eddie Izzar d, The Sunflower J am (with Rober t P lant / and P aul Weller ), Matthew Williamson and Diesel to name but a few. Her alded by T he Independent on Sunday as the “Gypsy Rose Lee of our times,” and fr equently featur ed on T he Culture Show (BBC) among other TV and r adio shows, Gwendoline’s wor k is elegant and stylish, r eflecting her pr e and post gr aduate tr aining in theatr e and dance. A Lamour show is lavish, highly pr ofessional, exquisitely costumed and or iginal pieces of bur lesque theatr e. Gwendoline has wor ked all over the wor ld fr om Moscow to Madr id, London to LA and almost ever ywher e in between.


Dave Chameleon •

Dave is a char ismatic tr ickster , who combines high skills of the cir cus. Impr ovisation and comedy with a theatr ical style! This is a one-man str eet theatr e show, with a huge cr owd stopping capacity, and a Slack-r ope finale that has been enjoyed ar ound the wor ld. Dave also MC’s / Comper es cabar ets and music stages. Dave Chameleon Str eet Enter tainer Cabar et and Rope Walker html


Dance is a integr al par t of this theme The 1920`s wer e the r oot of all moder n and ur ban styles, when we r emix the musical styles of the 21st Centur y we tr y and find dance acts that can mix it up as well as pr esent a highly authentic or iginal. Swing Dance has exploded in par allel to electr o swing and we har dly do a gig without some Swing dance suppor t, it is instr umental in audience par ticipation .Flash Mob – Sometimes we will pepper the venue with dancer s and the audience doesn’t even know until we cr eate fake pr ohibition style dance off s P r

Bees Knees •

• •

This sizzling double act dance the nineteen-twenties in to the noughties. With sequins a-glint and fr inged hems vigor ously swinging, these chic show-gir ls cr eate a euphor ic par ty atmospher e. Their infectious Char leston steps make ever y foot feel tip-tappiddy-happy. MARVEL: at moves to make your mother shimmy. GASP : at the black bottom! (The dance made famous by J osephine Baker ) DELIGHT: in the speed, spar kle and spectacle of these thor oughly moder n Flapper s. At ever y kick and tur n the Bees Knees exude the quir ky exoticism, style and humour of an er a when knees wer e VERY exciting!


Swing Patrol •

Scott Cupit and Claudia Funder opened the fir st Swing P atr ol in Melbour ne, Austr alia in 1998. Their focus was teaching the joy of the dance! Students loved the new style of teaching and wor d seemed to spr ead quickly. After a few months over 200 students wer e attending their fir st venue. They soon r ealised that the best way to gr ow was to entr ust some of the teaching to other s and in 1999 Swing P atr ol announced its fir st teaching team, consisting of its most pr omising students. Many amazing people soon followed and it was the quality of people on the team that played a massive r ole in Swing P atr ol’s gr owth. Ever y per son that can say they ar e (or wer e) a “Swing P atr ol teacher ” has been absolutely pivotal to the Swing P atr ol stor y. Today, Swing P atr ol has one of the most exper ienced teaching teams in the wor ld who shar e the dance ever y weekend. h?v=xfb3c38SsPY

Twilight Players •

The super stylish ‘Twilight P layer s’ have collabor ated with some of the biggest names on the planet - Michael J ackson, Kylie Minogue, Geor ge Michael and Sophie Ellis Bextor (Mur der On The Dancefloor ).

Slick, shar p and dynamic! The tr io per for m their or iginal dance style with a heavy dose of showmanship to the super sounds of Soul, Ska, Latin and Electr o Funk.

‘The Twilight player s’ east LA meets cockney wideboy – The Face Magazine

Link: main.htm

Department of Brilliant, Smashed Up Soiree •


The Magic Wall is a por table video per for mance installation, suitable for adding visual pazzaz to DJ s or bands, or can also be used to pr esent other types of content for cor por ate events using a var iety of inter active audience contr oller s. It has been on an active tour of duty since 2008. Star ting life at our ver y own immer sive vintage knees-up Smashed Up Soir ee, it has since been seen out on the r oad in the UK and Eur ope with the impeccable White Mink, at var ious cor por ate settings in the UK and USA, at many festivals including Big Chill and Lar mer Tr ee, on stage with bands such as The Noisettes and P ublic Ser vice Br oadcasting, and at a select few weddings and bir thdays of some of our rtfolio/octacycle loveliest fr iends.

Costs Please contact us with details of your event for bespoke proposals and costs. All costs will be subject to VAT, artists availability and approval and may vary depending on number of artists/ costumes, required, location, timings, time of year and day of the week. Other costs you may be r equir ed to pay for include flights, excess baggage, all tr ansfer s outside of the UK, per diems, and hotel accommodation if necessar y.

The Great Gatsby vintage remixed 2013  

Sounds and styles of the 1920's - 1940's remixed

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