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WE EXIST TO YOUNG TRAV TO THE TIME THEIr LIVES. EVERY SECON When Contiki was born back in 1962 the story began with a van and a group of travellers they had a spirit of adventure, and the passion to make every second count. That ambition started our journey, and continues to drive us today. It’s an insatiable appetite for discovering new things in every corner of the world. A desire to connect young people through shared adventures.

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ND COUNTS. Never-ending excitement about seeing mind-blowing places, making new friends, and enriching our lives in the process. It’s about making every trip the greatest experience ever, creating epic stories and lasting friendships. All in all, it’s about making every second of being young count.

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MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT. We get one shot at life, but if you do it right, one is all you need. That’s why we always make sure that every moment counts. Our legacy, the story of Contiki, isn’t made up of the things we said ‘we would do’. It’s been built from things we’ve done. Delivering the best damn trips on the planet doesn’t happen easily - we choose to make the most of every opportunity, deliver on all the moments, and never stand still. Life is there for living. Make sure you never look back with regrets.


we’re about people. The connections and friendships made around the world are some of the most powerful rewards people take away from their travels. For the passionate, enthusiastic and creative people who are part of the Contiki team, these connections mean we work better together and have fun doing it. That’s why people are at the heart of everything we do. No matter if you travel or work with Contiki, it’s never a solo affair. The world is about people, not things. Great people make us the company we are: celebrate individuality, diversity, connections and a little bit of craziness. Contiki is a team. We’re proud to be part of it together.


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LIFE’S ADVEN We are adventurous in all that we do. And by adventurous we mean pushing the boundaries, putting ourselves out there and being open to new ideas. Adventure isn’t just something you do; it’s an attitude. It’s: • Getting outside your comfort zone • Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures


AN NTURE. • Seeking out and respecting different perspectives • Having the courage to go further And no one has ever ‘done it all’. We believe that you can find adventure anywhere. It can be something as big as travelling across the globe to a foreign land, or as simple as looking at the world from a different viewpoint.


WE ARE YOUNG. Contiki celebrates being young. After all, showing young people the world is what we do. But being young isn’t always about age. It’s about a state of mind. Being young is treating every day as a chance to live life out loud, utterly and completely. It’s about seeing every day as a chance to make the world a better place. Life is already filled with too much mundane - being young is about making the most of every opportunity to experience and learn something new. See the world through youthful eyes: a little bit of naivety and a truckload of optimism. The world is at your feet. Let’s go.

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CHALLE EVERYT “Wouldn’t it be good if we could…?” We have a history of innovation from our earliest days, like being the original youth travel people - we invented this category! We don’t take success for granted. Without a healthy disregard for the impossible we would be just another travel company, and that’s nowhere near good enough for us.


ENGE THING. An appetite for change helps drive us to challenge ourselves, to be more fulfilled with our achievements and deliver even more incredible experiences for our travellers. We will never stop.


DO THINGS WITH PASSION. One of the most important things we’ve learnt along our journey: do things with passion or not at all. Many companies provide good service. At Contiki, that’s never been enough. We do what we do because we love it. We inspire people through our absolute passion for what we do. We break down cultural barriers. We give people the time of their life. What’s not to love about that?



Tread Lightly We’ve been travelling the world for more than 50 years, and we’re not done yet. We know that if we’re going to continue travelling it is our responsibility to care for our planet, and minimise the impact on the cultures we visit. We achieve this through education, by providing support for sustainability initiatives, and by making everyone in the Contiki family accountable for their impact.


read ightly. It’s not about a sustainability statement in a brochure or on a website, it’s about a way of life that respects people & our planet.



BE PART OF THE STORY. Every team member and Contiki traveller has written a chapter of the Contiki story. We’ve been part of many incredible experiences and seen friendships born, and the exciting thing is the stories still to come. Now it’s your turn. Don’t sit on the sidelines - get involved. Play your part. You are the future, and you are ambassadors of the Contiki spirit. Every interaction you have with each other, our travellers and with locals in the places we visit, adds a new thread to the story. Your job is to continue the legend by living life out loud, the Contiki way. Act with trust and integrity. Protect the work of those around you and those who’ve gone before you. All our experiences come together to create the one epic story that is Contiki.


Contiki is born. Our first trip leaves London to explore Europe. Photo credits at Printed on recycled paper. 22

In search of more adventure we run our first transAfrica overlands, as well as expeditions through Europe, the Middle East, India and on to Kathmandu.

Contiki buys its legendary Château de Cruix in Lyon, France – the first of our pioneering Special Stopovers.

We say kia ora to our mates in Kiwi land and Contiki NZ startS.

Our American dream is born with the launch of Contiki USA. We say g’day to Australia as we run our first trips down under. Contiki acquired by the Travel Corporation and we’ve never looked back.

Our first trips venture north into canada. We bring the Contiki experience to Asia.

Our thirst for adventure takeS us to Latin America. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, the latest destinations on our journey. And so the story continues... 23

Contiki Little Black Book  

Contiki Little Black Book

Contiki Little Black Book  

Contiki Little Black Book