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More load. More volume. More value.

Truck Tyres Construction Durability, high mileage, long service life – three features that now take you even further. Developed for mixed applications, these tyres set new benchmarks in terms of tread pattern, compound and design. All in all, this means increased resistance to the extreme demands made by construction sites, plus enhanced economy of your vehicles.




For fast progress. Whatever the terrain. Construction tyres that offer the greatest flexibility in all circumstances – with extra performance reserves to handle maximum strain under tough loading conditions, providing optimum traction even in harsh off-road conditions

On/Off Steer q Optimum resistance to damage, plus high mileage thanks to new on/off-

road compound and new contour

q Fine-tuning to suit predominantly on/off-road use through tread pattern

with either four grooves (80 Series) or three (Standard cross-section)

q Best retreadability and structural durability thanks to reinforced belt design

and durable casing

q Very good handling characteristics on all surfaces


HSC 1 (80 Series)

On/Off Drive q Optimum resistance to damage plus high mileage, thanks to new on/off-

road compound and new contour

q High structural load level and very good retreadability, thanks to reinforced

belt design, durable casing and optimised tyre contour

q Outstanding traction through application-optimised tread pattern design

and high overall stiffness


On/Off Trailer q High mileage and very good grip in all conditions thanks to precise balance

of tyre geometry and new on/off-road tread compound

q Retreadability of the extremely durable casing, even when subjected to

higher load

q Preservation of the casing value through groove geometry designed to

reduce stone trapping


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