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The best way to get personalized hand stamped jewellery The kind of jewellery you wear can say volumes and volumes about you. Your personality has a lot to do with the kind of choices you will make in your life including how you dress, how you accessorize your wardrobe, how much of makeup to put on among other things. Just as this, your personality will determine the kind of jewellery you will wear. Wearing huge multicoloured jewellery can be used to mean an outspoken personality whereas a shy and reserved personality will lean towards small dark coloured jewellery. Buying good quality jewellery can be quite expensive. However, the cost should not bar you from accessorizing your wardrobe with the right kind of jewellery. Getting personalized and stamped jewellery is one of the best ways to get good quality jewellery without having to break your bank. With some skills, it should not be a problem to make your own hand stamped jewellery. To make own personalized hand stamped jewellery Assembly all necessary supplies you need to make your jewellery. For this project you will need among other things a pre-cut pendant ( depending on your needs you can get a gold, pendant made of copper, silver, nickel or even gold), metal stamps, hammer, mallet, marker, pliers, steel wool and a bench block. Select the design for your jewellery. Measure your pendant (make is across for entered stamping) and mark on the area you want your jewellery to be stamped. Ensure the stamping area is well centred to accommodate the word you want stamped. For instance, if you are to stamp a word like MERCY, letter R from the word should be on the centremost area. Then, work from inside going outward. This means you place letter C and E on both sides; and finally letters Y and M. To ensure effectiveness, it will be useful that you first draw your design on paper before you start the stamping process. Once complete, start the oxidation process. Any oxidation product can be used. Using the marker, colour the any depressions that may have resulted. While at it, ensure that the ink gets as deep as possible. If you desire to have multicoloured jewellery, you can get different markers of different colours during the oxidation process. If the marking process leaves any undesired marks, use steel wool to rub the pendant surface. This will remove the marks plus polish the jewellery tag. Get ready your pendant. Prepare the tag for insertion of the pendant. Use the punch pliers to pierce holes on the area of your choice. In the occasion that the tag curves, use the mallet to flatten it out. Again, get your steel wool and remove any marks left by the marker on the holed area.

Avail the chain of your choice and jump ring. Insert the chain into the holed area and fasten it. At this point, your personalized hand stamped jewellery will be ready for use. Let it sit for some minutes for the marker ink to fully dry.

The best way to get personalized hand stamped jewellery