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for the status quo, the company always redefines its core business in ways that open up new avenues for growth. For more than 35 years, The Scottie Broderick Team’s mission has been to redefine the real estate experience through innovation, integrity and collaboration with a strong approach to build and strengthen relationships with clients and achieving goals by providing exceptional results. Primarily specializing in the cities of Leawood, Overland Park and Fairway, Scottie has a team of seven agents and eventually hopes to grow that number to 12. “We don’t want to get too big, or we risk losing that sense of family,” she cautioned. Scottie is blessed to have among her talented team two of her daughters, Heather Broderick and Shannon Broderick. Heather has been working alongside Scottie for 18 years as an agent and Shannon brings to the table her prowess as a business analyst, helping the team to streamline its processes and forecast where it is headed in the next 10 years and beyond. “Shannon is teaching us to run our business like a business and identifying growth areas and mapping extended financial plans,” said Heather. This well-oiled machine enjoys a family-like atmosphere and most of their agents have been with them for many years. Team members are encouraged to discover their niches in the market and communicate with their clients and friends on a more consistent basis. This team does not focus on the selling, but rather on bringing useful information to the market in a fun and social manner. “We focus on goal setting and accountability,” expressed Heather. “Working with the team members to set their goals and seeing those goals on paper and what it will take to get us there is extremely motivating.” With a strong focus on growth and expansion, it is imperative to bring on the right team members who display passion for customer service, are driven, and understand team dynamics while simultaneously displaying a level of respect that this is a business for the entire group, not just a hobby. Team members include Kasey Bourk, Brent Arnold, Jason Willett and Lesa Simonson. “We enjoy working together and love to be able to take care of our clients, as they, too, become a part of our family,” said Scottie. “Our clients are extremely important to us. They understand just how much we care, and they also know that we will provide the best service possible. They are comfortable with us and have learned that we can and will help them with all of their real estate needs.” More than anything, Scottie and her team desire to instill trust in their clients, and they do so by pursuing excellence in all areas, surrounding themselves with the best in the industry, and making sure to fully understand the needs of their clients by listening first to understand and then to reply. While they utilize the best in technology to promote their listings and continually stay abreast of such trends, they also endeavor to place a premium on open and honest communication. They never want to lose that comforting sense of familiarity with their clients. “When we hand over the keys to someone who has found that dream home, it’s a highly personal matter, and we are not just a Realtor at that point; we are a friend…someone with whom the client has shared so much,” reflected Heather.

KCH&S November/December 2015