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Adding Joy BEST WAYS TO ATTRACT BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES TO YOUR GARDENS There is something about the delicate balance of what we see in nature that reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of bringing some small delight to each of our days. Maybe that is why our gardening takes on such meaning and purpose; because with it we unfurl beauty and invite in the tantalizing glimpses of the interconnectedness of life. Gardening is always a journey, and gardening with the hope of attracting butterflies and birds is one of the most delightful of them all, and much easier than most people think. Birds, butterflies and other wildlife have similar needs as humans, says Dennis Patton, Horticulture Agent at Kansas State Research and Extension, and when we meet those needs in diverse ways, you attract diversity. “If you are gardening with the hope of attracting butterflies, birds and other critters, you need to keep three things in mind,” he explained, “food, water, and shelter. If you provide those three things, you will attract wildlife.” Those basics are easily provided by the trees, plants and flowers in your yard, and by adding a simple birdbath. Exactly what you attract will depend on the diversity of your plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. C ISTOCKPHOTO/PAWEL.GAUL




July | August 2015

Kansas City Homes & Style July/August 2015  
Kansas City Homes & Style July/August 2015  

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